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Sessions Overview 1
by Bobbi Houle.

Note: this covers Elias 02–500, Paul (Patel) 1–50. Go to Sessions Overivew 2: Elias 501–978, Paul (Patel) 51–55.

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Also, some files are not publicly available. Most are private sessions withheld by request due to personal reasons. Some contained high levels of static on the video tape that made the transcribing process extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Session 02, 4/29/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Christie, Laszlo.

Topics: Vicki’s description of the first interaction with Elias.

Session 03, 5/1/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Christie, Laszlo, Debbie.

Topics: purpose of manifestation, understanding negative events, importance of dreams, alien encounters, karma.

Session 04, 5/7/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Christie, Laszlo, Debbie, Ron, Donovan.

Topics: agreements prior to manifestation, epidemics, intro to belief systems, different dimensions, superstition, you create your reality, shifting focus, animals, living artfully.

Session 05, 5/10/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Christie, Laszlo, Debbie.

Topics: suicide, walk-ins, Debbie’s doubt, no separation, healing, sexual orientation, epidemics, Elias’ focus, past focuses of group members, creation of this dimension.

Session 06, 5/14/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Christie, Laszlo, Debbie, Julie, Bill.

Topics: origins, past focus info, you create your reality, dream imagery, fear, emotional focus, Elias’ focus of energy through Mary, Elias’ accent.

Session 07, 5/17/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Christie, Debbie, Bill, Julie, Elizabeth.

Topics: belief systems, past focus info, fear, fragments, “completion of circles,” shifting focus, out-of-body experience, Jesus, ghosts, final manifestations.

Session 08, 5/21/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Debbie, Christie, Laszlo, Bill, Julie, Ron, Aram.

Topics: duplicity, separation, belief systems, emotions, impulses, fragmentation.

Session 09, 5/24/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Christie, Elizabeth.

Topics: beliefs, dreams, impulses, fear, personal invalidation, duplicity, “Dave.”

Session 10, 5/28/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Debbie, Christie, Julie, Elizabeth, Carole.

Topics: basic elements of essence: political, religious, emotional, thought; connection to all, dreams, prayer, healing, impulses.

Session 11, 5/31/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Christie, Bill, Elizabeth.

Topics: importance of group interaction, the shift, importance of dreams, no divisions, duplicity, Debbie’s conflict, political focus affectingness of individual essences, good & evil.

Session 12, 6/4/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jim, Elizabeth, Julie, Debbie, Laszlo, Ron.

Topics: emotional-focus, thought-focus, shifting focus, fear, past focus info, Dave & manuscript, Michael’s projections, physical cycle, completion of circle (the shift).

Session 13, 6/11/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jim, Bill, Ron, Carole, Debbie, Ron 2, Jo, Cathy.

Topics: essence names, religious focus, the nature of essence, the shift, final manifestations, the nature of existence after the shift.

Session 14, 6/16/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Debbie, Julie, Jo.

Topics: weather, animals, other dimensional focuses, helpfulness in essence, personal invalidation, physical perception of Elias, dreams, political focus example, religious focus, past focus info, Seth.

Session 15, 6/18/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Debbie, Ron, Elizabeth, Jim, Jo, Christie.

Topics: good & evil, “bad” children, belief systems, negative expressions, effect of ingested substances, helpfulness to others, wider awareness, energy centers, past focus info, fragmentation.

Session 16, 6/21/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Carole.

Topics: fragmentation, other beings, possession .

Session 17, 6/25/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Elizabeth, Ron, Bill, Jo, Christie, Jim.

Topics: belief systems, you create your reality, dreams, nightmares, transition, dream interpretation, self-healing, past focus info .

Session 18a, 7/2/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Elizabeth, Debbie, Ron, Bill, Julie, Carole, Jo, Ken, Christie.

Topics: alternate selves, splinters, influence of belief systems from other dimensions, healing, transition, belief systems, the shift, fragmenting.

Session 18b, 7/2/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Christie, Elizabeth, Ron, Julie.

Topics: duplicity, anger.

Session 19, 7/6/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki.

Topics: personal info, group exercise message, Paul (Patel), Elias’ connection with Michael, phenomenon of energy exchange.

Session 20, 7/9/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Elizabeth, Ron, Bill, Julie, Jo, Jim, Carole, Christie.

Topics: imagination, animal exercise, picture exercise, splintering and fragmenting in non-physical focus, God, dream interpretation, Paul’s energy.

Session 21, 7/16/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Elizabeth, Ron, Jim, Jo, Julie, Christie, Gaylon.

Topics: blocking dreams, beginning of the Game, evolution, extinction, looking within, no karma, past focus info, the psyche, senility, coma.

Session 22, 7/19/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Elizabeth, Ron, Carole, Jo.

Topics: other dimensional belief systems, connecting with Paul (Patel), game connections.

Session 23, 7/23/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jo, Cathy, Carole.

Topics: psyche, shrines, conflict, psychology, past focus info, helpfulness, animal’s fear.

Session 24, 7/30/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Christie, Gaylon.

Topics: beginnings of life, beginning of religion, selfishness, impulses, personal responsibility, the universe & time, “ascended masters,” the shift, energy essence exchange phenomenon.

Session 25, 8/2/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Elizabeth, Tom, Cathy.

Topics: psyche (psychology), duplicity, geysers, dreams, meditation, past focus info, game connections.

Session 26, 8/4/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron.

Topics: game connections, fragmentation, connections, energy essence exchange phenomenon, regional areas.

Session 27, 8/6/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Elizabeth, Cathy, Jo, Tom, Ron #2.

Topics: psychology, impulses in children, alien phenomenon, game connections.

Session 28, 8/9/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy.

Topics: game connections, connecting with essence, group connections, Regional Area 2.

Session 29, 8/13/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Elizabeth, Jim, Tom, Guin, Jo.

Topics: dreams, sleep patterns, chakras (energy centers), game connections, animals.

Session 30, 8/16/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Elizabeth.

Topics: sleep patterns, dream interpretation, game connections.

Session 31, 8/20/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Elizabeth, Jo, Guin, Chris, Jim.

Topics: game connections, red energy center, past focus info, physical reactions to energy exchange, dream interpretation, spinning & aligning energy centers, crystals, color, consciousness of all, dimensional “rules.”

Session 32, 8/23/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron.

Topics: gender of essence, game connections, new agenda directions, physical focus connections, Regional Area 2, personal reality creation, shrines.

Session 33, 8/27/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Elizabeth, Jim, Cathy, Jo, Guin.

Topics: game connections, orange and yellow energy centers, past focus info.

Session 34


Session 35, 9/3/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim, Cathy, Tom, Guin, Ron 2.

Topics: game connections, secrets exercise.

Session 36, 9/10/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Elizabeth, Jim, Cathy, Jo, Guin, Ron 2.

Topics: inner senses exercise, game connections, message from Paul (Patel) to Elias via Ron, green energy center, blue energy center, illness, food, religious belief systems, viewing non-physically manifest essences, effortlessness, group connections.

Session 36, 1/2, 9/11/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki.

Topics: unfollowed impulses, interconnectedness.

Session 37, 9/13/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim.

Topics: healing exercise, connection with animals, becoming, doubt, sapling story.

Session 38, 9/17/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Guin, Ron 2.

Topics: essence names, moving through belief systems, concentrating exercise, group connections, purple energy center, white/black/magenta energy centers, dream exercise, game connections, god, Jesus.

Session 39, 9/20/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jim, Ron.

Topics: “blinking in and out,” focus.

Session 40, 9/24/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Guin, Jo, Elizabeth.

Topics: game connections, counterparts, splintering, tribes (families of consciousness), speaking in tongues, truths, personal info for Elizabeth, dream interpretation.

Session 41, 10/1/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jo, Ron 2, Jim.

Topics: season of consciousness, the shift, connecting with essence, “In our realization of self,...(Mary’s quote), disconnection, game connections, dream interpretation (Ron), counterparts.

Session 42, 10/4/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim.

Topics: connecting with essence, impulses, responsibility to self, conflict in concern for others, substance discontinuation.

Session 43, 10/8/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim, Cathy, Guin, Ron 2.

Topics: game connections, other focus info, OOB, beginnings of physical focus, Cathy’s past & future aspects, animals, game explanation, Paul (Patel) coming through Ron, sleep consciousness.

Session 44, 10/11/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim.

Topics: quality of essence names, transition in physical focus, transition, fun, conflict with children, education, gifts of Rose, Mattie.

Session 45, 10/15/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Guin, Jo, Tom, Jeri, Jim.

Topics: who are you?, past focus info, splinters, truths (tissues), Alzheimer’s, game connections, dream game (the city), dream interpretation.

Session 46, 10/18/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy, Guin, Jim, Ron, Elizabeth.

Topics: the city, conflict between others, oversoul, splinters, ASI equation.

Session 47, 10/22/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Guin, Tom, Jeri, Elizabeth.

Topics: “who you are” exercise, dream game, the city, game connections, “you are the center of the universe,” aspects.

Session 48, 10/28/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron.

Topics: personal trusting.

Session 49, 10/29/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Guin, Jo, Elizabeth.

Topics: game connections, sites, aspect personalities, trust in self, the city, aspects, Tweety.

Session 50, 10/30/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki.

Topics: Rose, splinters, the body as a vessel.

Session 51, 11/1/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy, Guin, Jim.

Topics: healing, mirror exercise.

Session 52, 11/2/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy, Christie.

Topics: fragmentation, splintering, trust, connections.

Session 53, 11/5/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Guin, Tom, Cecelia, Jim.

Topics: game connections, dream game connections (the City), remembering, creation of physical form and reality.

Session 54, 11/12/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jo, Tom, Jeri, Greg, Elizabeth.

Topics: game connections, inner senses, Seers.

Session 55, 11/15/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Guin, Jim, Elizabeth.

Topics: fragmentation of Ryan & Olivia, conceptualization, Oliver’s probabilities, dreams, alignments of energies, empathic sense, game connections.

Session 56, 11/19/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Guin, Jim, Jo, Tom, Jeri, Elizabeth.

Topics: game connections, thoughts as energy, focus on challenges (dragon analogy), acceptance of experiences, book & painting analogy, perception, fragmentation.

Session 57, 11/26/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Guin, Tom, Jeri, Jim.

Topics: draw of like energy, aspects, splintering & fragmentation, sequence of manifestation, thought-focus, emotional-focus, empathic sense, telepathy, focus intent, “name yourself” exercise, game connections.

Session 58, 11/29/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Guin, Jim.

Topics: Ouija board encounter, empathic experience, Rose, the shift, OOBs, imaginary friends, different energy.

Session 59, 12/3/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Jo, Greg.

Topics: “naming” exercise, intent and desire, counterparts and aspects, releasing negative experience, Michael’s stream visualization, mirror exercise, counterpart trust issues, game connections.

Session 60, 12/10/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Guin, Elizabeth, Cecelia, Jo.

Topics: drawing exercise, conceptualization, facets of essence, fragmentation, dream interpretation (Ron), dream interpretation (Elizabeth), game connections, nonacceptance of self.

Session 61, 12/13/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Guin, Jim.

Topics: lovebirds, healing animals, Elias’ awareness, aspects, “visual aid” of squares & circles, inspiration, dream explanation (Vicki), intent names, dream of babies (Mary), game connections.

Session 62, 12/17/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Guin, Jim.

Topics: trust in essence, intent, remembering, analogy of incorporating change to changing writing hands, letting go of conflict, game connections, game clarification.

Session 63, 12/30/95

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy.

Topics: Lawrence’s “wall” personal information to Vicki & Cathy.

Session 64, 1/3/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy.

Topics: dream interpretation (Cathy), channeling (Cathy), Christmas gift for Elias, dispersed essence, connection with Paul (Patel) & Elias.

Session 65, 1/7/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Guin, Tom, Jeri, Danny, Jo, Ed.

Topics: Regional Area 1, counterparts, conflict & distraction, the Now, vibrational tone, probabilities, truths, efficiency, pragmatism, game connections, energy fields.

Session 66, 1/14/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Guin, Jim, Tom, Christie.

Topics: essence energy exchange phenomenon, distortion, language, Ouija, schizophrenia, game connections, healing, fear, emotional & thought focus.

Session 67, 1/21/96

“The Essence Family Transcript”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim, Elizabeth, Christie.

Topics: essence families, dream interpretation (Cathy), fragmentation, alignment of vibrational qualities, Ron’s other self, game impression, Cathy’s phone call.

Session 68, 1/28/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Guin, Tom, Jeri, and ... Shynla.

Topics: clarification from Ruburt, essence families, Cathy’s energy presence, mischievous essences, psychic waves, Guin’s “keys,” dream interpretation (Vicki), common fragmentation from Twylah, symphony analogy, Jeri’s physical imagery.

Session 69, 2/4/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Guin, Elizabeth, Jim, Bill, Danny, Tom, Jeri, Keith.

Topics: focus as motion, the shift, other dimensional focus (Vicki), physical imagery (Jim), dream interpretation (Guin), fuzziness, game connections, twin counterpart action.

Session 70, 2/12/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, and ... Shynla.

Topics: conflict in sessions, energy swirl, pyramid connections, energy alignment.

Session 71, 2/14/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, and ... Shynla.

Topics: simultaneous time, inventions, blinking, seizures, dream interpretation (Ron).

Session 72a, 2/18/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Guin, Jim, Christie, Gaylon, Cecelia, Valerie.

Topics: dream walkers, beginnings, Seers, energy alignment, extraterrestrials, widening, game connections.

Session 72b, 2/18/96

Session 73, 2/21/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Guin, Jim.

Topics: time, Beethoven, lighter demonstration, pendulum/healing, creativity, parallel between Shynla & Michael, dream interpretation (Ron), Oversoul Seven connections, facets.

Session 74, 2/25/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Christie, Gaylon, and ... Shynla.

Topics: cultural & natural time, creativity, dreams, aliens, Seers, “if it is not fun, do not do it!,” essence names, game connections, children, Vicki’s alien connection.

Session 75, 3/3/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim.

Topics: Mary’s dog, intuition & intellect, hua fuas, game connections, Shynla’s gift to Rose.

Session 76, 3/7/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron.

Topics: conflict within forum, intellect vs. intuition, new agenda.

Session 77, 3/10/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim.

Topics: connection with nature, agreements with essence, game connections, the reality of animals, connections with pets, planets, game connections.

Session 78, 3/15/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron.

Topics: Pinocchio, Cinderella, the pyramid, Mary’s emotional dream, connecting to self, dealing with conflict, verbal expression of thoughts.

Session 79, 3/17/96

“Old Friends”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Bill, Jim, Jeff, Charles Sr., Charles Jr..

Topics: before the beginning, consciousness, shifting perception, visualizing probabilities, intuition & intellect, conflict, failure, past focus info, game connections, Katarina connection.

Session 80, 3/20/96

“The Game”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim, Elizabeth, Bill, Jeff, Darrick.

Topics: ghosts, Katarina info, game connections, past focus info (Darrick).

Session 81, 3/24/96


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cecelia, Charles Jr., Rex.

Topics: world view, fragmentation, Vicki’s difficulty in transcribing consciousness session, belief systems, time, remanifestation.

Session 82, 4/1/96

“NDE (Near Door Experience)”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron.

Topics: Mary’s illness, energy deposits, agreement between Michael & Elias.

Session 83, 4/3/96

“Cold and Flu”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jene.

Topics: mass events, belief systems about the body, reasons for illness, uncreating, disengaging as a final focus, tone, Oversoul Seven example, game connections.

Session 84, 4/7/96

“An Easter Scolding”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim.

Topics: problems in transcribing.

Session 85, 4/10/96

“Source Events”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim, Jeff, Jene.

Topics: Regional Areas 2 & 3, Source Events, natural disasters, healing, animals, myth, Daleah, dreams, sleep, personal information (Jene), simultaneous focuses, game connections, mirror exercise, animal picture exercise.

Session 86, 4/14/96


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jeff, Jim, Bill, Jene, Vikki, Joshua.

Topics: interacting with those in transition, hypnosis, recall of areas beyond RA2, the Pond, avoidance of certain terms, Regional Areas, developmental focus, game connections, Jaren situation.

Pop-in, Tuesday, 4/16/96

Session 87, 4/17/96

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jeff.

Topics: Jaren interaction, Katarina connection, channeling, probabilities.

Session 88, 4/21/96

“Other-Dimensional Beliefs”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jene, Jim, Cecelia, Charles Sr., Charles Jr..

Topics: Source Events, religious belief systems, terminology and capitalization request, other dimensional bleed-throughs, the shift, World View Library, energy, simultaneous time, affectingness, Michael’s sorcerer focus, game connections.

Session 89, 4/24/96

“A TFE with Paul (Patel)”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron.

Topics: Ron’s interaction with Paul (Patel), Mary’s fuzziness, Jene’s TFE, Ron’s TFE as reporter, probabilities.

Session 90, 4/28/96

“Source/Mass/Individual Events”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim, Jene.

Topics: Source Events, mass events, “exchange” for sessions, simultaneous time, game connections.

Session 91, 5/1/96


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jene, Jim, Rhonda.

Topics: game category of aspect personalities, personal information for Rhonda, healing energy, “didactic,” personal information for Jene, the City, desire & energy.

Session 92, 5/5/96

“The Objective/Subjective Self”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jene, and ... Shynla.

Topics: adjustment of terms, objective self, subjective self, tree analogy, mass events, dream state, personal information Jene, game connections, healing.

Session 93, 5/12/96

“Diversions of Mass Events”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim, Eric.

Topics: mass events, subjective communication, agreements prior to manifestation, affectingness of individuals, earthquakes in this area, diversion of mass events, explosive quality of consciousness, the agenda.

Session 94, 5/19/96


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jene, Guin, Becky, Gail.

Topics: mass events, WWII, personal information (Gail), strange energy in session, dream information (Guin), new agenda, game connections.

Session 95, 5/22/96

“Oh, Asker of Questions”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jene.

Topics: Mary’s physical pain, belief systems, energy, symbols, healing helpfulness, verbal communication, drama, “castle” exercise.

Session 96, 5/26/96

“Building Blocks”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim, Jene, Cecelia, Gail.

Topics: thought as building blocks, energy centers, effortless widening, instruction to Jene in her helpfulness to Mary, game connections.

Session 97, 5/27/96


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Carol.

Topics: The agenda, the shift, personal information to Carol.

Session 98, 6/5/96

“The Pregnancy Exercise”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jene, Jeff, Jim.

Topics: new agenda, manifestations of Rose, pregnancy exercise.

Session 99, 6/9/96

“The Trauma of Widening”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Cecelia, Gail, Julie.

Topics: the shift, trauma, belief systems, explanation of acceptance of belief systems, fables, hurtfulness and right & wrong, contradictions.

Session 01, Paul (Patel), 6/10/96

Topics: absolutes, no separation, effortlessness, choice.

Session 100, 6/16/96

“Male/Female Consciousness”

Participants; Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Gail, Julie.

Topics: the shift as a mass event, sexual orientation, language of essence, Michael’s conflict, twin affectingness, game connections.

Session 02, Paul (Patel), 6/19/96

Topics: trust in self, blocking, belief systems, change, progression.

Session 101, 6/24/96


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy.

Topics: agreements of experience and you create your reality, benefit of experiences, “twin” affectingness, belief systems as bird cages, moving through base belief systems, impulses vs. belief systems, inner voice, TFEs.

Session 03, Paul (Patel), 6/29/96

Topics: creation of reality, all things are now, language of essence, reality created by you, progression (hill analogy), all things come from within, effortlessness, listening to essence.

Session 102, 6/30/96

“The Belief Systems Exercise”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Gail, Julie.

Topics: perception follows beliefs, acceptance and awareness of belief systems, mass belief systems, trauma in widening, group interaction regarding belief systems engaged, game connections.

Session 04, Paul (Patel), 7/1/96

Topics: clarification of terms, Lanyah, blocking.

Session 05, Paul (Patel), 7/6/96

Topics: listening to one’s self, knowledge, no separation, blocking, intuition, thoughts of widening, moving through conflict.

Session 103, 7/7/96

“Mass Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Gail, Julie.

Topics: mass beliefs, conflict, engaging base belief systems, viewing alternate probabilities, no hurtfulness within essence, moving through blocks, Mary’s museum experiences, game connections.

Session 06, Paul (Patel), 7/9,11/96

Topics: individuality, Shynla, listening to self.

Session 104, 7/14/96

“The Allowance of Distortion”

Participants: Mary, Ron, Vicki, Cathy, Jim, Gail, Julie, Kevin.

Topics: distortion of information offered, Rose, elements of essence, reality of physical focus, helpfulness, Paul’s/Patel’s energy, game connections, “those darned cats,” the pyramid, the twins.

Session 07, Paul (Patel), 7/15/96

Topics: inner knowledge, grounding, connections, William’s helpfulness, change, energy.

Session 105, 7/17/96

“The Expression of Essence”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Jene, Guin, Jason.

Topics: game connections, creating a change in physical body, expressing to others, Jason’s physical symptoms, game connection responses.

Session 08, Paul (Patel), 7/20/96

Topics: information between individuals, different presentation of the information, beginnings of beliefs.

Session 106, 7/21/96


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Julie, Jim, Jill.

Topics: time, perception, game connections.

Session 09, Paul (Patel), 7/23/96

Topics: intrusiveness, Qi-r-e, conflict.

Session 10, Paul (Patel), 7/27/96

Topics: Paul’s method of communication, sharing information, relationship between Patel and Rastin, Elizabeth’s incorporation in the group.

Session 107, 7/28/96

“Official/Unofficial Reality”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Cecelia, Rex, Jim.

Topics: “what is our world coming to?,” trust of self, changing realities continuously, unofficial reality, memory, difference in memory of a conversation between Vicki and Mary, noticing Elias’ energy, Life Cloud, game connections, transition, discerning the truth in a situation.

Session 11, Paul (Patel), 7/29/96

Topics: widening of Olivia and Michael, precognitive expressions, Yarr’s widening, blocking.

Session 108, 7/31/96

“Non-Physical Energy”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jim.

Topics: non-physical energy, no separation, example of “glass of air,” example of molecules of air within a room.

Session 12, Paul (Patel), 8/1/96

Topics: Michael and Elizabeth, Elizabeth and Paul (Patel).

Session 109, 8/4/96

“An Introduction to Probabilities”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jene, Gail, Julie, Bill, Rex, Jim, Carol.

Topics: “all things are created now,” probabilities, trauma of the shift, feeling out of control, uncomfortable circumstances, the shift, dream interpretation (Vicki).

Session 13, Paul (Patel), 8/6/96

Topics: Elizabeth and Michael.

Session 14, Paul (Patel), 8/8,9/96

Topics: trauma within the shift, probabilities, individuality, understanding concepts, Elizabeth and Patel.

Session 110, 8/08/96

Session 111, 8/11/96

“Probable Selves”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Bill, Cecelia, Jim, Brenda.

Topics: probabilities, probable selves, fragmentation, Michael’s visual aid, the pyramid, energy deposits, essence families, inner voice, Rastin.

Session 112, 8/14/96

“Something Doesn’t Feel Right”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Bill, Gail.

Topics: distortion, allowance of belief systems within material offered, energy of Ordin, healing.

Session 15, Paul (Patel), 8/14/96

Topics: distortion, allowance of belief systems within material offered, energy of Ordin, healing.

Session 113, 8/18/96

“The Intersection of Probable Selves”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Gail, Bill, Marie, Brenda.

Topics: probable selves, probabilities, intersection with probable selves, Cathy’s growling dog experience, game connections, expressing to others.

Session 114, 8/18/96

“The Hamster Wheel”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy.

Topics: Vicki’s imagery with Psycho Cat, personal responsibility, conflict in choices and essence expression, impulses, Mattie.

Session 115, 8/25/96

“Selectivity Within Probabilities”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Julie.

Topics: selectivity in probabilities, Seers, “beginning” of physical expression, why this information is important for transition and the shift, Gail’s and Mary’s parallel in objective and subjective expression, dream interpretation (Julie), probable selves, impulse game, game connections.

Session 116, 8/28/96

“A Nice Package with a Pretty Bow”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim.

Topics: probabilities, example of computer friends, fire and creatures, connections of experiences, no separation, Jim’s career choice, other channeled material.

Session 117, 9/1/96

“The Nose Knows”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail.

Topics: battling in moving through belief systems, blocks, inner voice, actualizing probabilities, acceptance, reacting to cruelty or violence, expressing from essence, trauma of the shift, game connections, psychics.

Session 16, Paul (Patel), 9/3,4/96

Topics: “Why did Mary react in the way that she did to Vicki’s TFE?,” essence within transition.

Session 118, 9/8/96

“Essence Family Intents”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Julie.

Topics: essence family intents, Seers, the city, gods, physical manifestation as an experimentation with consciousness, interaction with other essences.

Session 119, 9/9/96

“Is It Real?”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy.

Topics: Vicki’s energy exchange experience.

Session 17, Paul (Patel), 9/15,22/96

Topics: affectingness of new individual, fear, frozen lake analogy.

Session 120, 9/15/96


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Julie, Christy.

Topics: television analogy, Seer aspect, inspiration, intersecting with alternate selves and Seer aspect, ideas, game connections.

Session 121, 9/19/96

Session 122a, 9/22/96

“The Clarity Exercise”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Julie, Cecelia, Christy, Bill, John.

Topics: television analogy, alternate focuses, clarity exercise, game connections.

Session 122b, 9/22/96

“Heart Attack”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy.

Topics: empathic energy exchange affectingness, frozen pond analogy, helpfulness, clarity exercise, television analogy, pyramid movement, identification of energy in exchange, hurtfulness, essence expression, Sandi & Randy twins, interference of energy exchange.

Session 123, 9/26/96

Session 124, 9/27/96


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy.

Topics: connection between Uriel and Rameau, Mary’s computer salesman dream, clarity in energy exchange, subjective memory, counterparts, dream interpretation (Vicki).

Session 125, 9/28/96


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy, Gail, Julie.

Topics: clarity exercise clarified, personal information for Gail, Gail’s viewing of Chelsea.

Session 126, 9/29/96

“Your Purpose Is Experience”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Julie, Christy, Jim.

Topics: focus of essence as unplayed notes and trace motion, duplicity, children’s awareness, transition into physical, importance and validity of you, there are no mistakes, probabilities, physical body, game connections, the city game.

Session 127, 10/6/96

“Counterparts/Alternate Selves”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Julie, Christy, Cecelia, Jene.

Topics: counterparts, essence tone, game connections, personal information for Bruce.

Session 19, Paul (Patel), 10/10/96

Topics: personal information for Cathy.

Session 20, Paul (Patel), 10/13/96

Topics: personal information for Mary.

Session 128, 10/23/96


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Julie, Bob.

Topics: belief systems in conflict with ideas, personal information for Mary, counterparts of Elizabeth and Kyari and Sean, psychics.

Session 129, 10/27/96

“Energy Interference”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Julie, Christy, Cecelia, Jene, Charles Sr., Charles Jr..

Topics: counterparts, energy interference in the session, fragmentation, personal information for Melinda, dream interpretation (Bruce), symbols in dream interpretation, personal information for Bruce, dream information for Melinda, the city.

Session 130, 10/28/96 (a good introduction to the material)

“Movement Within Consciousness”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jene.

Topics: movement within consciousness, the shift, changes in the world.

Session 21, Paul (Patel), 11/01/96

Topics: intuition, imagination, SNI New Haven conference.

Session 131, 11/6/96

“Variations of Counterparts”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Jene, Norm.

Topics: types of counterparts, Vicki’s reluctance, accepting belief systems, translating information, personal information for Jene.

Session 132, 11/10/96

“Counterpart Encounters”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Jim, Norm, Reta, Laura.

Topics: counterparts, the shift, consciousness of energy, counterparts of Elizabeth and Kyari, dis-ease, AIDS, gender, discrimination, akashic records, truth, energy translation in sessions, Elias’ area of consciousness.

Session 22, Paul (Patel), 11/17/96

Topics: interference in energy exchange, information to Shynla about Rahm.

Session 133, 11/17/96

“Questions Upon Questions”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Julie, Christie, Jene, Jim, Norm, Reta, Laura, Daniche.

Topics: counterparts, belief systems, group questions, game connections.

Session 23, Paul (Patel), 11/23/96

Topics: new forum participants as antennas.

Session 134, 11/24/96

“The Lending of Energy”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jim.

Topics: lending energy in helpfulness to a sick animal, practice session in energy fields, healing.

Session 135, 11/24/96

“Energizer Norm”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Norm, Reta.

Topics: no masters, dream state, regional areas, mathematics, benefits of technology, other focus info, time, intent, tinnitus, OOB, helpfulness, dream mission.

Session 136, 11/24/96

“Group Counterparts”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Julie, Christy, Cecelia, Jene, Charles Sr., Charles Jr., Norm, Reta, Daniche, Jim.

Topics: group counterpart action, essence family counterparts, mass events, counterpart action of the shift, disengaging, final and initiating focus, OOB, geysers.

Session 137, 12/1/96

“There Are No Rules”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Christy, Jim, Jene, Norm, Reta, Daniche.

Topics: changing beliefs, truths, no right and wrong, question from an essence in transition, transition, children, Elias’ intent, personal information on Jim’s animal, inner senses, thought/emotional focus, dream interpretation (Cathy), impulses, dream information (Jim), personal information for Cathy.

Session 138, 12/8/96

“Essence Family Counterpart Action, Part 1”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jene, Gail, Julie, Christy, Norm, Reta, Cecelia, Tom, Sue, Bob.

Topics: essence family counterparts, essence family overview, game connections, dream triggers, essence tone, personal information for Bruce.

Session 139, 12/12/96

“The Dream Mission”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy, Ron.

Topics: imagery, permanence of physical manifestation, energy interference with sessions, dreams, emotion and thought, interaction between Michael and Elias, expressions of essence, Vicki’s questions about answering questions, “ringing true,” discrepancies in the game, preparation of pyramid individuals for the sessions, question about forum participants.

Session 140, 12/15/96

“Essence Family Counterpart Action, Part 2”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Jene, Norm, Reta, Cecelia, Bob, Tom.

Topics: Sumari and Ilda counterparts in communication, Gramada and Sumafi counterparts, Vold-Tumold counterpart action, before the beginning, time, personal information for Gail, Bob and Julie, game connections.

Session 141, 12/22/96

“Essence Family Counterpart Action, Part 3”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Bob, Norm, Reta, Jene, Jim.

Topics: Borledim, initiation of the shift, nine manifestations of Rose, essence names, lack of Vold interaction in sessions, dream interactions with dead people, action in viewing another channeler, recognizing truth, personal information for Jim, game connections, dream information (Reta), alien head joke.

Session 142, 12/27/96

“The Beginnings of a Remembrance”

Participants: Mary, Vicki.

Topics: frustration in transcription, other energy in sessions, Vicki’s and Mary’s obsession with music, remembrance of agreement, Vicki’s interaction with parallel focus of individual in transition, relay equation, imagery, transition, affectingness of energy exchange, Oscar Wilde focus.

Session 143, 12/29/96

“The Remembrance Continues”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Jim, Jene, Bob, Norm, Reta, Laura, Rose.

Topics: Reta’s family & friends essence alignment, intent name, reminder of “deeper concepts to grasp,” changes in the shift, other probable worlds, same essence names, energy, personal info (Bruce), acceptance, Vicki & Norm hearing Elias’ greeting, personal info (Jim), disease and energy.

Session 24, Paul (Patel), 1/3/97

Topics: conflict, seeing through to subjective interpretation.

Session 144, 1/4/97

“Value Fulfillment”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jene, Ron.

Topics: death of Jene’s dog, value fulfillment, personal information for Jene, transition, acceptance, repeatedly experiencing hurtful and traumatic experiences, importance of self, trust.

Session 145, 1/5/97

“Individual Issues”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Jene, Jim, Bob, Norm, Cecelia, Reta, Elizabeth, Sue, Greg, Darrick, Drew.

Topics: remembrance in individuals in forum, dream interpretation for Cathy (tree), dream interpretation for Reta (pyramid).

Session 146, 1/5/97

“You Create Your Reality”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Drew.

Topics: lack of abundance, concept of “you create your reality,” motivation, remembrance.

Session 147, 1/12/97

“Unofficial Information/Body Consciousness”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Jene, Jim, Norm, Reta, Cecelia, Drew, Frank, Carole.

Topics: unofficial information, body consciousness, choices within transition, explanation of contradictory answer to Catherine’s question, explanation of Lydia’s action with Tweety, game connections, essence, intent names, personal information for Gail (empathic sense), essence names.

Session 148, 1/14/97

“Unofficial Information/Schizophrenia”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Carole.

Topics: personal information for Carole, schizophrenia, empathic action, probabilities, dream interpretation for Carole (baby), awareness in physical focus, “relay the force pattern...,” back pain/holding energy.

Session 149, 1/19/97

“Unofficial Information/Value Fulfillment”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Jim, Jene, Bob, Norm, Reta, Drew.

Topics: identifying belief systems, addition to clarity exercise, noticing unofficial information, Norm’s intent name, Gail’s empathic connection with Lanyah.

Session 150, 1/26/97

“Before the Beginning/Rose/the Seers”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Norm, Reta.

Topics: Rose, nine manifestations of Rose, interaction of Seers, primitive man, prophecies of destruction, personal information for Norm (speed-reading), energy patterns, thought, energy centers.

Session 151, 2/2/97

“A Quiet Whisper”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Cecelia, Norm, Reta, Drew, Bob #1, Bob #2.

Topics: unofficial information, language of self, trust self, choice of manifestation, imagery, OOB, lucid dreaming, altering the past, dream interpretation (Drew, knocking), TFEs, personal info (Gail).

Session 152, 2/9/97

“Unofficial Information/Time”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Bob, Jene, Norm, Reta, Drew.

Topics: time, choice, links of consciousness, the equation, unofficial information, Jaren as an example of choices and unofficial information, love, cooperation, Vicki’s old woman at the bank, Bob’s OOB, probable selves.

Session 25, Paul (Patel), 2/16/97

Topics: Rameau’s fragmentation.

Session 153, 2/16/97

“Why Do You Not Listen?”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Gail, Jene, Bob, Drew, Norm, Reta, Jill.

Topics: unofficial information, choice, trust, probabilities, intent, psychic surgery, EEs, the nature of experience, happiness, coordination points, time.

Session 154, 2/23/97

“Unofficial Information/Questions”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Jim, Drew, Norm, Reta, Bob.

Topics: the Michael entity, energy exchange, types of energy exchange, Jim’s cat-like creature, Gail’s shadowy figure, dream interpretation (Norm, rock), personal info (Jim), sexuality, emotion and thought focus, personal info (Cathy), animals manifesting illness, manifesting a probable future reality, joyfulness, meaning and importance of experience, contradictions with Seth material, alternate and probable selves.

Session 155, 2/24/97

“Computer Questions”

Participants: Mary, Vicki.

Topics: dream interpretation (Linda, maintenance device), isolation wave of consciousness, counterparts of Melinda and Mary, mutual dreams of Melinda and Vicki, personal info (Bruce), personal info (Rameau), personal info (Vicki), personal info (Margot), dream imagery, personal info (Aileen).

Session 26, Paul (Patel), 3/2/97

Topics: sharing of information, “collaboration” in this session of other essence.

Session 156, 3/2/97

“Seth 2”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Drew, Bob, Julie, Jim, Gail,
Christy, Norm, Reta.

Topics: changing reality, affectingness of individuals, faith in self, “why do bad things happen to good people?,” differences in Elias’ energy exchange, Seth 2.

Session 157, 3/9/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Drew, Gail, Bob, Reta, Norm.

Topics: “other” substance use, energy of Rameau missing from session, other focus info (Norm), accessing world views, dream state, nine babies, personal info (Cathy), personal info (Drew), personal info (Gail), areas of consciousness, simultaneous time, dimensions of physical reality, parallel focuses of Drew and Mary, perceptions of time in other dimensions, transition (and Elias’ focuses), feelings of disconnection, stability.

Session 27, Paul (Patel), 3/14/97

Topics: information for Margot.

Session 28, Paul (Patel), 3/15/97

Topics: information for Margot on transition.

Session 29, Paul (Patel), 3/22/97

Topics: information for Margot, Zeta.

Session 158, 3/16/97

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Bob, Drew, Jim, Norm, Reta.

Topics: transition, change in energy exchange, dreaming & transition.

Session 159, 3/23/97

“Connections, TFEs, Suicide, and Death”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Bob, Drew, Norm, Greg.

Topics: other focus info (Vicki), other focus info (Margot), dream interpretation (Norm, nursery), disengaging, suicide, helpfulness to others, accepting TFE information, personal info (Drew), Elias’ awareness of areas of consciousness.

Session 160, 3/30/97

“The Shift”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Bob, Norm, Reta, Jim, Drew, Greg.

Topics: season of consciousness, the shift, personal info (Jim), belief systems, probabilities, business as a personal manifestation, Heaven’s Gate mass event, helpfulness, public sessions, Michael’s preparation for the new agenda and for sessions, helpfulness in support of the sessions, personal info (Drew), personal info (Gail).

Session 161, 3/31/97

“Another Pretty Little Bow”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy.

Topics: personal info (Uriel & Rameau), personal info (MJ), dream interpretation (Melinda, hole in film), Vic’s lady at the bank, Heaven’s Gate mass event, Ayla, dream interpretation (Cathy, Drew’s glasses), dispersed essence, Katarina’s lending of energy, the city.

Session 162, 4/6/97

“Inner Senses/Conceptualization”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Drew, Jim, Norm, Reta, Bob #1, Bob #2.

Topics: inner senses, conceptualization exercise, Mary’s headaches, truths, dream interpretation (Drew, OOB), scientifically measuring subjective activity, mass events related to the shift, empathic sense.

Session 163, 4/13/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Drew, Guin, Damaris.

Topics: counterparts and time frame works, probabilities, affectingness in consciousness, Drew’s TFE, trust in self and manifesting, dream interpretation (Drew, blare of horn), commonality of experience prior to sessions, dream interpretation (Mary, tiny puppy), counterpart info (Damaris), personal info (Sena, Guin, Cathy).

Session 164, 4/16/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Tom.

Topics: confusion in direction and information, purpose of information, focus upon self, acceptance, your “mission,” judgment, other focus info (Tom), acceptance of self.

Session 165, 4/19/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Bob, Drew, Tom, Norm, Reta, Guin, Carole, Christie, Donovan, Mary, Stella, Teri, Colleen, Gail #2.

Topics: goals, intent, trust in self, conflict, belief systems, healing, Elias’ activities, transition.

Session 166, 4/20/97

“Inner Senses/Differential Time”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Drew, Norm.

Topics: differential time, experiences with conceptualization exercise, empathic sense, differential time exercise, Vicki’s tiredness and the new agenda, energy exchange, sleep, dream interpretation (Norm, lost child), reality – “why we create the way we create,” value fulfillment, intent, blinking in & out, personal info (Jessele), personal info (Sena), personal info (Kaileen), Michael’s red visual during a session, Vicki’s sadness and the shift.

Session 167, 4/27/97

“Questions Upon Questions About Questions”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Bob, Drew, Reta, Norm, Donovan, Stella.

Topics: Vic & Ron’s computer imagery, conceptualization exercise results, Elias’ expression of emotion, Gail’s dizziness, Gail’s penny imagery, current emotional trauma with the group, Drew’s intent, Norm’s spider analogy, Norm’s mirror exercise, light as a truth, clarification of info on Damaris & Sena, quartz crystals, Michael’s fear of earthquakes, offering with no expectation, difference between essence & consciousness, essence & individuality, tone and multiple personality, Drew’s earthquake energy presence, dream interpretation (Drew, toys), Drew’s sleep projection, Vic’s aspects & alternate selves.

Session 168, 4/28/97

“Belief Systems/Impulses”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Drew.

Topics: sense of frustration & depression, intent & conflict, affect of subjectively held belief systems, impulses and good & bad, belief systems, duplicity, how to accept a belief system, release of energy, the “shadowy man,” energy deposits as ghosts.

Session 169, 4/28/97

“The All-Knowing Elias”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron.

Topics: response of Elias to different individuals, mirroring subjective activity and time element, boredom with sessions, interaction of Paul (Patel) and Bruce, message from Elias to Paul (Patel).

Session 170, 5/2/97

“Belief Systems/Counterpart Action”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jim.

Topics: personal info (Jim), duplicity, trust in self, counterpart with father, intertwined belief systems, ship analogy of continued counterpart action, acceptance of creature’s creations, subjective movement, body consciousness after death.

Session 171, 5/4/97

“The Secrets Session II”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Gail, Bob, Drew, Tom, Donovan, Norm, Reta, Carole.

Topics: time and conceptualization exercise results, “secrets” and attached belief systems, sociopaths, hurtfulness to others.

Session 172, 5/6/97

“Artistic Spirit/Acceptance”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Julie, Gail.

Topics: relationships and acceptance of self, duplicity, artistic spirit, acceptance mirror exercise, truths.

Session 30, Paul (Patel), 5/9/97

Topics: alignment of Kaileen.

Session 173, 5/11/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Gail, Bob, Drew, Jim, Carole, Tom, Hayley.

Topics: choices on entering physical manifestation, genetic qualities, physical family relationships, genetic choices of animals, belief systems carried over from other focuses, a bat ends the session .

Session 174, 5/17/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Carole, Norm, Reta, Mary Jane, Charles, Carol, Pam, Madelon, Janet, Tony, Molli, Joan, Roy.

Topics: genetic alignments, influence of other focuses, the shift, other focus info of participants, the “end times,” transplantation of organs, compulsive-obsessive disorders, after death experience, interpretation of Carole’s conceptualization experience.

Session 175, 5/18/97

Session 31, Paul (Patel), 5/24/97

Topics: issues with exchange, belief systems as bubbles.

Session 176, 5/25/97

“Genetics/DNA & RNA”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Carole, Drew, Gail, Norm, Reta, Stella.

Topics: viruses, genetic traits, plants, links of consciousness, earth pulse rate, cell memory, extraterrestrials, DNA-RNA, Darwinian theory, om, genealogy, least distorted religious belief systems, energy exchange affectingness, unusual sentence structure from Elias, personal info (Norm).

Session 177, 5/30/97

“Transition/Connections Within Essence”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Jessele, Howard.

Topics: transition within physical focus, relationships within forum, dream interpretation – 3 knocks, clues to Vicki’s African hut dream, pyramid conflict, essence tone of Uriel, Margot’s intent, connection with Lowell Thomas and Patel.

Session 178, 5/31/97

“Belief systems/The Shift”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Stella, Carole, Howard, Margot.

Topics: moving through belief systems in the shift, acceptance, conflict with others, duplicity, description of bleed-throughs, violence, personal info (Stella), art, intent, accepting a belief system, “it matters not,” playfulness.

Session 179, 6/1/97

“Genetic Encoding/Unrecognized Elements”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Bob, Drew, Reta, Norm, Mary Jane, Margot, Howard, Nicky.

Topics: unknown physical elements of genetic encoding, new species and extinction, “mythical” creatures, cloning, Norm & Reta’s help in expansion of sessions, other dimensional bleed-throughs, dream cult of Native Americans, the shift.

Session 180, 6/3/97

Session 181, 6/5/97

“Practicing The Action Of The Shift”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Nicky.

Topics: tone, responsibility of individuals with this information, interaction with essence, feeling disconnected, subjective bleed-throughs, fun, Hebrew charm, Rudy’s intent, parallel counterparts, coffee beans and pennies and “fragile” imagery, questions for Rudy & Yarr, David Tate.

Session 182, 6/8/97

“Genetics/The Fireworks Analogy/Dimensional Fragmentation”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Drew, Gail, Norm, Reta, Bob.

Topics: DNA encoding, focuses of essence as fireworks, Vic’s dream numbers, other dimensional fragmentation (star-borne), circle illustration, exchange of focuses, gnat imagery (Drew).

Session 183, 6/15/97

“Feeling Tones/Prophecies”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Reta, Tome, Drew, Leslie, Gail, Norm, MJ, Ron (#2), Carole, Paula, Laura, Ron, Virginia.

Topics: feeling tone, other dimensional bleed-through, resonance, secret code within the Torah, Elias/Rastin, prophesy, accessing lost session material, static in past session recording, remote viewing, subjective activity.

Session 184, 6/20/97

“A Family Reunion”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Bob, Bruce, Melinda, Linda, Leo, Vivien, Lois.

Topics: change of Leo’s essence tone, interpreting group subjective information, transition in physical, angels, lending energy in moving through issues, Vivien’s “voice” experience, Melinda’s lost tooth dream, Melinda’s intent, “cosmic drugs,” session interrupted when Mary “swallows sea water,” Essence Family info (Louis, Melinda, Vivien, Bruce, Rameau, Linda).

Session 185, 6/21/97

“Room 106”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Reta, Carol, Leo, Norm, Frank, Katherine, Paul, Bob, Andy, Mike #1, Mike #2, Jim, Kristin, Jo, Bunny, Donna, Louise, Linda (probably an incomplete list).

Topics: excessive water drinking, Elias’ introduction of himself, the shift, essence, emotion, accepting vs. changing beliefs, Sumari & Sumafi intent in the shift, destiny, probabilities, transition, body consciousness, aliens, religious belief systems, accepting belief systems, mental illness, Alzheimer’s, Vic’s connection with Katherine, connections to each other, Oversoul Seven, alien abduction, ascension, personal info (Mike #l), earth shift, analogy of child & chocolate as accepting belief systems, physical form after the shift, Christ entity, personal info (Kristin), personal info (Jim), tiles, essence families of participants, gender similarities between Seth & Elias exchange, essence tones of participants, information on Jim’s grandson.

Session 186, 6/22/97

“Room 106, Revisited”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Vivien, Bob, Mike #2, Jo, Dawn, Mike #1, Mary (#2), Kristin, Gail, Paul, Michelle, Jim, Sheri, Andy, Kat.

Topics: Vivien’s chicken wings, personal information (Bob), Atlantis, time of “sand and Pharaohs,” Ron & astronaut Bill Shepherd, Jo’s tile, Borledim intent, personal info (Mike #1, Dawn), Sumafi/Sumari counterpart action, personal info (Mary #2), personal info (Dawn), Kristin’s tile, helpfulness in energy to Mary, body consciousness, the devil, Elias’ name, tone, fundamentalist religious upsurge, Lemuria, Bob’s unusual time experience, sound, therapy, cave paintings, joy, Seth Two, Elias’ experience.

Session 187, 6/28/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Stella, Letty, Norma, Marcos.

Topics: Stella’s connections, choice of parents, final manifestation, guides, soul mates, conflict in family relationships, karma, carrot addiction, excess and belief systems, victims, recognizing belief systems, expressions of consolation, mass belief systems, accepting belief systems, purpose within consciousness, Elias’ perception of individuals, simultaneous time.

Session 32, Paul (Patel), 6/28/97

Topics: movement of the pyramid and the shift, Uriel, interpretation of concepts, impulses.

Session 188, 6/29/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Reta, Norm, Gail, Bob, Tom, Jim, Drew.

Topics: wants, definition of accepting belief systems, balloon analogy, description of a person who has accepted a belief system, example of expanded creativity, right & wrong, example of business owner & robber, closet analogy of accepting belief systems, Tom’s religious interest, pink energy center, changes in brain and body temperature, function of energy centers, death of Tom’s mother, dream info (Gail, rainbow energy center), personal info (Jim, healing a horse), healing, personal info (Sarah), personal info (Laurel), imagery info (Drew, spiders & large trucks), noticing, trip to Elmira, change in Bob’s essence tone, game connections, physical similarities of other dimensional focuses, dream interpretation (Jim, Elias on bicycle), dream interpretation (Drew, Elias in car & silhouette), fearfulness, Howard’s translation of tone into music chords, Gail’s helpfulness in energy to Mary, electrons.

Session 189, 7/3/97

“Another Package Tied with a Pretty Little Bow”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, David.

Topics: subjective bleed-through confusion, choices, belief systems, information on a relationship, purpose, blocks to creativity, David’s direction of attention, “Dave” connection to group, David’s OOB, expansion of Elias’ information, soon-ness.

Session 33, Paul (Patel), 7/4/97

Topics: a time of great movement, Mylo’s helpfulness to the group, ball rolling on hill analogy.

Session 190, 7/6/97

“A Wave in Consciousness”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Norm, Gail, Drew, Reta.

Topics: game connections, dispersed essence, Lazor, fragmentation of essences involved in sessions, Norm’s Big Sur building, Drew’s size imagery, feeling unfocused, wave in consciousness, hypnosis, Paul’s/Patel’s rolling ball analogy, cold & flu season, counterparts, swastika tile, Vivien’s back pain connection with Mary, dream interpretation (Gail, gender and mound of dead people), personal info (Cathy, airport scenario), Norm & Reta’s remanifestation, Elias’ interaction with David.

Session 191a, 7/10/97

“A Belief Systems Game”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy, David, Margot, Howard.

Topics: crib death, age of discernment, mathematical genius mental patients, Down’s Syndrome, first focus, stuttering, asthma, problems because of multiple pregnancies, twins & multiple births, animal remanifestation, creation of moon & solar systems, splintering and fragmentation, consciousness and essence, old soul, final focus, Margot’s fragmentation, Margot & Howard’s connection, information on connections with other individuals and essences, twin souls, Els, similarities between Dimin & Howard, length of transition, insomnia & jumpy legs, Howard & Merlin, information on book agent, Samuel, Jade, clues to David’s last focus.

Session 191b, 7/10/97

Session 192, 7/12/97

“Extraterrestrials as You”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Drew, Norm, Reta, Liza.

Topics: bleed-throughs from other dimensions, aliens, other dimensional projection, flying saucers, merging in a TFE, Cathy’s TFE experience (horse on the beach), tone and attraction.

Session 193, 7/13/97

“Duality and Change”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Bob, Norm, Reta, David, Peggy.

Topics: game connections, duality, change, opposites, control, operation separating the brain, personal info (Cathy, empathic experience), Elias’ channeler in Texas, David’s experience with another channeler, Dream Walkers, ancient Egypt, the shift, Roswell, aliens, dharma, feng shui, energy deposits, other channeled material, expectations, color, personal info (Kaileen, job), personal info David (ringing in ears), personal info (Greg, ankle), personal info (Guin, birth of puppies), other essences involved in sessions, Ramtha.

Session 194, 7/17/97

“Kids Create Their Reality Too!”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Debi, Cathy, David.

Topics: personal info (Debi, her son, her vision, job), Mylo & Debi’s connection, no methods, trust in self, parents and children, guides, counterpart info, Kabbalah, astrology, children create their reality, destiny.

Session 195, 7/18/97

“The Oubliette Analogy”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Nicky.

Topics: karma, violence, hurtfulness to self, dark-haired lady/alternate self, South American counterpart, Memo, Albert, move to Florida, focus upon the now, effects of the shift, communication with essence, oubliette analogy, re-listen.

Session 196, 7/20/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, /Ron, Cathy, David, Cecelia, Tom, Gail, bob #1, Drew, Norm, Reta, Bob #2.

Topics: game connections, AIDS, homosexuality, change, personal info (Gail, hands), energy interference in session, moving through belief systems, other focus info (Tom), personal info (Bob #2), helping others in empathic connection, healing, disease, Reta and her Elmira scientists, mass destruction prophecy, the shift, pyramid reference, Oscar Wilde focus, Vic’s medication imagery, counterpart action between Vicki & Cathy, personal info (Sarah).

Session 197, 7/22/97

Session 198, 7/23/97

Session 199, 7/24/97

“The Keyword Is Acceptance”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, David, Dennis.

Topics: spirituality, religious belief systems, religion and children, Dennis’ father-in-law’s death, acceptance, the “right path,” restricting belief systems, connections between David & Dennis, fragmentation information, other focus info (Dennis), dream interpretation (Dennis, tornado), the shift in China & Arab countries, Dennis’s son.

Session 200a, 7/27/97

“The Pyramid”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Gail, Bob, Jim.

Topics: pyramid color alignment, game connections, pyramid information, trauma of the shift, animal healing, Lori’s session .

Session 201, 7/29/97

“Balance Intellect & Intuition”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David.

Topics: intuition and intellect, conflict within pyramid and acceptance wave, connection and fragmentation of David’s friend, David’s experience of energy in his solar plexus, child abuse, pregnancy imagery, recognizing belief systems, acceptance of self, David’s loneliness, Essence Family connections (for people not present), draw to forum, creativity, subdivisions of essence families, essence family language, essence tone & name.

Session 34, Paul (Patel), 8/1/97

Topics: message to Uriel.

Session 202, 8/2/97

“Stella & Friends”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Stella, Letty, Marcos, Marisa.

Topics: sharing information, asthma, heightened senses, metaphysical protection, connections with Marisa, other focus info (Marisa), gender, choices after disengaging, Stella’s obese counterpart, desire for money, question about Larry, essence, no separation.

Session 203, 8/3/97

“Shifting Probabilities”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Gail, Bob, Drew, Tom, Dennis, Don, Bobbi.

Topics: game connections, acceptance wave in consciousness, the shift, uncreating prophecy, acceptance of non-acceptance, movement of forum, contradictory information.

Session 204, 8/8/97

“Trust Your Self”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Olga.

Topics: changing experience of sadness and suffering, purpose in life, abundance, inner peace, the shift, unhappiness at job, acceptance of self, dream interpretation (Olga, three men in car), altering negativity, tarot cards, evil spirits.

Session 205, 8/10/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Gail, Bob, Jim, Drew, Norm, Reta, Tom, Cecelia, Bobbi, Sue.

Topics: sequence of Dream Walker activity in creation process, game connections, dream interpretation (David, UFO), personal info (Kristin, relationship)(Howard, 6th point of pyramid), dream interpretation (Norm, tipped-over vehicle), personal info (Fromasch, mother)(Reta, goals), dream interpretation (Cathy, Mary in wheelchair), three aspects of “Dave,” philosophy, counterpart action of Frank & Mary, personal info (Cecelia, energies)(Jim, healing), dream info (Uriel, David/blond child), personal info (Melinda, Lillie Langtry)(Mary, draw to America)(David’s friend, sick baby)(Paul & Jo, move to Castaic)(Jim, Searcheron), Elias’ thought process, thought and physical reality, inner senses, tiles, dream interpretation (Drew, WWII focus).

Session 206, 8/14/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki.

Topics: unconsciousness vs. coma, body consciousness, fear of life, relationship of twins, David’s adjustment to the pyramid.

Session 207, 8/15/97

“Healing/Ghost Aspects”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jim.

Topics: eye sight, essence of Jesus/Paul (Saul of Tarsus) and the shift, tiger incident, large cat imagery, aspect of Seer, shoulder discomfort/counterpart action, trusting self, alignment of Borloh’s sister, Searcher, dream info (Jim, Seer), accepting of self, negative thoughts, negative expressions.

Session 208, 8/17/97

“Essence Family Intents/Creation of Physical Reality”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Gail, Tom, Jeri, Bobbi, Sue, Drew, Norm, Reta.

Topics: game connections, creation of this physical dimension, action and sequence of Essence Families in creation of physical reality, Dream Walkers, Dream Walker aspect of forum members, blinks of earth, Seth, probable selves, personal info (Vicki, viewing older woman), blinking out.

Session 209, 8/19/97

“This Be Your Choice!”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, David, Dennis, Tim, Wendy.

Topics: personal info (Tim, job), essence name, Tim’s connections with parents, focus as camera lens and television, energy exchange with Mary, essence families, Sumafi/Sumari counterpart action, fragmentation, materializing, Tim’s intent, no right or wrong, duplicity, consequences, Tim’s car, request for “parlor tricks,” connection with daughter, purpose.

Session 35, Paul (Patel), 8/22/97

Topics: the shift and its effect on other areas of consciousness, limitations of language, helpfulness to others during the shift, good and bad, individuality, perception.

Session 36, Paul (Patel), 8/23/97

Topics: the shift, coming changes in Elias sessions, doing nothing, tolerance.

Session 210, 8/24/97

“Essence Family Intents/Source Events”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Gail, Bob, Norm, Reta, Bobbi, Sue.

Topics: game connections, sciences before the beginning, Source Events, the shift and doom & destruction, population control, material channeled from 1952, center of your soul/tissue capsule, essence, chakras, entity, “you are imagery,” dream interpretation (Reta, paralyzing needle; brick wall), David’s instant remembrance, OOB interaction with Elias, Oscar Wilde focus info, anorexia, accepting belief systems, “a statement for your planet,” accepting belief systems, belief systems carried over from other focuses.

Session 211, 8/30/97

“Elias Bodreaux”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Drew, Bobbi, Christie, Stella, Letty, Linda, Valerie, Mario, Kim.

Topics: Elias’ physical focuses, the shift, belief systems about sexual roles, personal info (Letty, asthma), personal info (Gail, interaction with another focus), personal info (Christie, spiders), personal info (Vicki, dead mice and musician counterpart), personal info (Kim, essence name; final focus), disabled children, personal info (Stella, obese counterpart; Letty’s connections), choice of experience, dream interpretation (Gail, three places at once; viewing Seth), personal info (Linda, Jaupu), other focus info (Bobbi), fragmentation, personal info (Christie, death issue).

Session 212, 8/31/97

“Responses to Mass Events/There Is No Separation”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Gail, Bob, Norm, Reta, Sue, Mary Jane, Mike.

Topics: response to Princess Di’s death, mass events, acceptance vs. not caring, response to mass events, personal info (David, feeling good), challenge to Shynla, accepting belief systems, when will a belief system be accepted?, personal info (Sena, reaction to Di’s death), Cath’s & Debbie’s essence family info, personal info (Forrest, isolation)(Bob, artist MacIntosh).

Session 213, 9/3/97

“A Sense of Urgency”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Stella.

Topics: wasting time, other focus info (Stella, gypsy), counterpart with Vicki, counterpart with obese person, dream interpretation (Stella, Tijuana), personal info (Stella, mother).

Session 214, 9/6/97

“Mass Events/Statements/Responses/Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Drew, Sue, Mary Jane.

Topics: mass event of Princess Di’s and Mother Teresa’s death, final focus, Michael’s response, other focus info (Gail, Civil War focus), personal info (Tom, illness)(MJ, Rae), counterparts, personal info (Drew, neck pain), acceptance vs. desensitizing, attempt to influence attendance at the public forum, expectation, focuses of same essence meeting, dream info (Cathy, beach), personal info (Vicki, spinning).

Session 215, 9/7/97

“Essence Family Counterparts”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Gail, Norm, Bobbi, Sue, Jim.

Topics: game connections, Essence Family counterparts, question about earlier family counterpart list, “strange presentation,” personal info (Jim, tiger)(David’s friend, M.E.), blocking of medical advice, Princess Di’s and Mother Teresa’s response to final focus disengaging, other focus info (Bobbi, Pilgrim), book encouragement, other focus info (Jim from Elmira, Stephen Gerard), essence family info (Kristin’s French friend), personal info (Margo, Tobahnmoka; physical “acceleration”), dream interpretation (Carole, Princess Di).

Session 1,000,001, 9/9/97

“Public & Private Fear Issues”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy.

Topics: personal info (Cathy, public appearances), dream interpretation (Cathy, flying with dog), personal info (Cathy, alignment with Michael; empathic sense; blocking video camera in Elmira), personal info (Ron, “Powder”), fear of public forum, Gramalda, Oversoul Seven, David’s pyramid intent.

Session 216, 9/13/97

“Shift Happens”

Participants: Mary, Elizabeth, Darrick.

Topics: the shift, the game, personal info (Darrick, Mammoth).

Session 217, 9/14/97

“Acceptance 102 in Nine Easy Steps”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Gail, Bob, Drew, Norm, Reta, Bobbi, Stella, Marcos, Norma.

Topics: game connections, other focus info (Stella, Talmud), acceptance of other individuals–a method, personal info (Bobbi, friend’s son)(Gail, son)(David, friends in England), offering information to other individuals, “Acceptance” banner (to replace “Noticing”), other focus info (Stella, Lisa; Zulu) personal info (Reta, Martha; medical conference), dream interpretation (Drew, beckoning woman), Vicki’s response to Stella’s TFE, dream interpretation (Norm, spinning characters; car turns into a block).

Session 218, 9/15/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Marcos, Stella.

Topics: personal info (Marcos, sense of loss), relationships, guilt, personal info (Stella, Marta; Vincent Urea; direction), conflict, personal info (Paul, daughter), acceptance, drinking before bed, personal info (Stella, Lisa), alternate selves, understanding the information, dimensions within dimensions, The Art of Dreaming, other focus info (Gregoria, 17th century), personal info (Letty, Raoul).

Session 219, 9/17/97

“Psychological Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jan.

Topics: essence family info, inner voice, trust in partner, health, mirroring, personal info (Jan, father; mother; husband; weight; menstrual cycle; crooked toe; writing; mother’s phobias; husband’s cancer) (friends, LA), hypnotherapy, tools.

Session 220, 9/20/97

“Conscious Creation/Co-Creation”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Stella, Gail, Linda, Karla, Monica, Jeannie, Adriana.

Topics: mirroring of subjective knowing, the shift and life span, sleep, food, physical energy, white noise on session tape, personal info (Linda, Essence Family; other dimensional origins)(Adriana, essence family)(Gail, Becky), six minutes of no sound on tape, personal info (Linda, Jaupu)(Karla, essence family; Damien)(Adriana, job) (Jeannie, walk-ins; essence family; cat)(Monica, essence family; relationship), dream interpretation (Stella, Michael’s funeral), personal info (Linda, medallion), color vibration, conflicting “other” information, pink energy center, personal info (Monica, father)(Vic, laughing kids).

Session 221, 9/21/97

“Photons & Slits”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Norm, Reta, Drew, Bob, Sue, Bobbi, Laura.

Topics: game connections, Norm’s experiment, simultaneous time, essence selfishness, hurtfulness, Reta’s toothpick analogy, fear, tarot cards, ego, dream interpretation (Reta, parents)(Vicki, plumbing), Ron’s photo experiment, dream interpretation (Laura, stabbing), Edgar Cayce, consciousness of belief systems, belief vs. belief systems, “this essence” confusion, baldness, personal info (Reta, daughter) (Drew, grumpiness on Sundays)(Vicki, relationship with Mary).

Session 222, 9/27/97

“Focusing on Focuses”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Letty, Stella.

Topics: personal info (Letty, Jhondh), dream interpretation (Stella, Milumet; TV), the pond, personal info (Letty, Men’s cologne; women’s perfume; kicked in meditation), dream mission, dream interpretation (Vicki & Mary, Cathy’s dog), Stella’s scattered energy, duplicity, other focus info (Stella, Elias; Zulu; knives), personal info (Stella, mother), transition, dream interpretation (Stella, ex-husband, et al.), personal information (Stella, sister), other focus info (Stella, Dick), dream interpretation (Marta, holding head)(Stella, driving on hills).

Session 223, 9/28/97

“Sequential Creation/A Century of Change”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Norm, Reta, Bobbi, Gail, Mary Jane, Mike, Jim, Paul, Jo.

Topics: game connections, overview of this century, money & corporations after the shift, personal info (Jim, Maklaka)(Reta, pyramid)(Mary, pools of probability), cultural separateness, race, personal info (Jo, tile), Sai Baba, dream info (Bobbi, Diedre), spelling of “Lazor,” personal info (Betty, essence family), dream info (Jim, man with ponytail), Norm’s experiment, astral body, remote viewing, personal info (MJ, alignment).

Session 224, 10/1/97

“Dream Walker Interaction/Milumet

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Paul, Jo.

Topics: personal info (Paul & Jo, fragmentation; French connection) (Jo, Judea focus; Borledim alignment; allergies; Oversoul Seven connection), Gates of Horn, dream info (Paul, strangers; red ball; rote; purple crystal)(Jo, stone house), Milumet energy exchange, personal info (Erin, Wesley)(Jo’s sister, illness)(Jo, hands)(Paul & Jo, glimpses of consciousness)(Paul, father; Manson), alternate selves, Borledim/sorrow, dream info (Paul, hit the wall), personal info (Bill, Stone), Sethworks and Sumari action.

Session 225, 10/4/97

“Helpfulness from a Little Dog”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Bob, Vivien.

Topics: Seth, natural time, personal info (Viv, back pain; other focus relationships; son; vision; other focus info; husband; new business; snake imagery & dog; counterpart info)(Viv’s mother, migraines)(Viv, elevator imagery; train imagery; visualization of house; pendulum; Mary Rose; final focus; dog).

Session 226, 10/5/97

“Weird Group Energy”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Norm, Reta, Gail, Bobbi, Sue, Vivien.

Topics: game connections, Norm’s experiment, personal info (Linda, internal voice), dream interpretation (Reta, unreadable typed pages), personal info (Bobbi, alignment)(Sue, alignment)(Cathy & Viv, hypnosis)(Gail, viewing Elias)(Bill & Gail, similar tone)(Viv & Vicki, TFE), interdimensional projecting, rapid induction hypnosis, other focus info (Bobbi, pirate), Oversoul Seven connection.

Session 227, 10/13/97

Session 228, 10/18/97

“An Inner Landscape”

Participants: Mary, Cathy, Letty, Gail, Stella, Bobbi, Jeri, David, Tom, Lynn.

Topics: stepping sideways in consciousness, creating an inner landscape to view the future, responsibility of expressing from essence, Elias not healing Mary, personal info (Stella, the pond; Vincent; Zulu)(Letty, conflict at work), astrology, Milumet/Zuli counterpart action, personal info (Sarah, Zuli; caged rats), dream info (Bobbi, Thule;parking brake), other focus info (Letty, perfume), personal info (David, book), other focus info (Bobbi, Robert)(Tom, Cavalry & trapper), fragmentation, personal info (Jeri, mother)(Tom, final focus)(Letty, mother)(David, connection with work friend).

Session 229, 10/19/97

“The Reality of Reality Is Becoming a Reality”

Participants: Mary, Cathy, Ron, David, Stella, Gail, Bobbi, Reta, Norm, Drew.

Topics: Oversoul Seven connections, Mary’s illness, Ron’s illness, example of validity of the phenomenon, value of group interaction, personal info (Gail, picture of Bach; father in 1700s)(Cathy, mirror action)(David, white beads of light)(Stella, Zulu)(Reta, helpfulness to the information)(Bobbi, emotional experience), moving through conflict, communication, noticing information to ourselves, personal info (Drew, dirty hands).

Session 230, 10/22/97

Session 231, 10/23/97

“Engaging Periphery/Trusting Impressions”

Participants: Mary, Nicky.

Topics: acceleration of the shift, personal info (Nicky, essence names & family info of others), essence names, personal info (Rudy & Mike, focus as brothers)(Rudy & Nicky, shared focus)(Nicky, connection with Rico; Zev; Rico’s tattoos)(Mike, sets of numbers), tiles, viewing periphery, personal info (Nicky, Memo)(Rudy, stubbornness)(Nicky, daughter), comment from Elias to “scribes,” methods, “I’m in love with everything!.”

Session 232, 10/31/97

“The Halloween Session”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jim.

Topics: Elias dressed as a ghost, personal info (Jim, essence name & family; personal conflict; cancer; healing methods), essence and the subconscious, uncreating disease, personal info (Jim, business endeavor), unified field theory, time as a dimension, auras, energy centers, interpreting dreams, dream interpretation (Jim, uncle; Princess Di), near death experience, other dimensions, personal info (Jim, ex-wife), cancer in animals, energy deposits, Ayurvedic Texts.

Session 233, 11/2/97

“Glimpsing Future Probabilities”

“Taking Responsibility for Information”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Gail, Bobbi, Norm, Sue.

Topics: the shift, changing past probabilities, responsibility in connecting with another focus, the twins altering probabilities in meeting, personal info (Gail & Tom, connecting with other focuses), Norm’s experiment, personal info (Howard, physical symptoms)(Rob, trip to see Elias).

Session 234, 11/5/97

“Healing/Energy/Cosmic Advice”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jim.

Topics: connecting with other focuses, connecting with self, Otha, healing experiences, aging, trust and acceptance of self, table-tipping, natural time, tiredness and cultural time, plants for healing, Mary’s illness, suggestion to buy a new bed, affectingness of energy exchange.

Session 235, 11/6/97

“An Urgent Matter”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Stella.

Topics: personal info (Stella, nephew), dream info (Marta, drinking from a stream), personal info (Stella, canker sores; with Margot; Vincent).

Session 236, 11/8/97

“Acceptance 101, the Remedial Edition”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy, Drew, Bobbi, Stella, Letty, Linda, Gail, Tom.

Topics: acceptance of self, personal info (Stella, nephew), expression of condolence, personal info (Linda, job)(Letty & Marta, crocodile dream), pleasure, value fulfillment, conceptualization, personal info (Letty, altered state)(Bobbi, future focus; lucid dreaming)(Linda, Jaupu; Shaylan; similar tone between mother & child)(Cathy, Vic’s dream with her dog), energy in sessions, personal info (Letty, dancing)(Stella, other focuses)(Howard, beatitudes), “... just a belief system.”

Session 237, 11/9/97

“Dream Walker Interaction/Milumet

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Norm, Drew, Sue, Bobbi, Gail.

Topics: Milumet Dream Walker interaction, dreams, dream info (Norm, tires)(Gail, colors), personal info (Gail, TFE; tree), essence family belonging to/aligning, probable worlds, Norm’s experiment, Tweety, dream imagery, dream interpretation (Drew, silver car)(Sue, house).

Session 238, 11/16/97

“Dream Walker Interaction/Vold

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, Linda, Gail, Bobbi, Sue, Drew, Norm, Lisa, LaJoy, Sue, Rob.

Topics: Mary expresses feelings about being pressured by the group, game connections, Vold/Dream Walker interaction, hearing voices, subgroups of Essence Families, astral events, 4th and 5th dimensions, karma, cause & effect, Kip’s physics question: subatomic particles, Norm’s experiment, Drew’s fragmentation.

Session 239, 11/18/97

“Where You Are, You Are”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Rob.

Topics: essence family info, personal info (Rob, fear), connecting with essence, accessing other areas of consciousness, blocked alignment, acceptance of self, isolation, body as shell, physical symptoms, fugue state, dream info (Rob, leaving school; strangers; voices), telepathy, creation/intellect, acceptance by others and relationships.

Session 240, 11/20/97

“Blocking of Intent”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, David, Margot, Helen.

Topics: personal info (Helen, lost cat; intent; career; depression; influence of warrior focus; excess sleep; focus connections with David; Renee'; addictions; future children), Elias’ area of consciousness, other focus info (Helen & Elias, Jsenne; Helen, mother & father & Lisa), “take a walk,” personal info (Helen, medication; weight gain)(David, insecurity)(Vicki, other focus with Helen).

Session 241, 11/22/97

“Varieties of Imagery”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Stella, Margot.

Topics: dream info (Margot, meeting with computer friends; bank with Stella & Letty & Marcos; Dad & Egypt; pregnancy), personal info (Margot, counterpart; children; Rose; “Dead Guys’ Tricks”; sneezing & allergies; transition & thumping episodes; attempts on life; pain in shoulder; 1700s focus)(Howard, father; Abique; book cover; face) (Stella, electrical ears; other dimensional dream; mother; Russian focus; Vincent)(Jim, cancer), difference in previous session .

Session 242, 11/23/97

“Dream Walker Interaction/Ilda

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Bobbi, Drew, Norm, Helen, Mary Jane, Mike, Sue, Margot, Gail, Debra.

Topics: game connections, Ilda/Dream Walker interaction, extraterrestrials, physical evidence of UFOs, projecting interdimensionally, the shift, the game, fragmentation, personal info (Norm, Ed), dream info (Drew, Elias & piano), personal info (Howard, Abahque)(Vicki, Margot’s TFE)(Helen, Dan)(Melinda, fragmentation; twin-ship), counterpart & focus bleed-through, TFEs & intrusiveness.

Session 243, 11/25/97

“Addressing to Underlying Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, (Michael and Dawn: written questions).

Topics: personal info (Michael, changes;physical pain)(Dawn, job) (Michael, soft-spokenness; helpfulness to friends)(Dawn, distant friends)(Michael, low self-confidence)(Dawn, abundance)(Michael, brother’s song), Elias’ emotions, energy exchange as a hologram, imagery of an element missing.

Session 244, 11/26/97

“It Matters Not vs. It Doesn’t Matter”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Nicky.

Topics: salt, dream interpretation (Nicky, palmetto bugs), personal info (Nicky, Ishi; fragmentation & essence family; the number 4), expectation, personal info (Michael, Nov 22)(Nicky, Greg; “The Kiss”; counterparts; pet rock; back pain)(Vicki, guilt), “it doesn’t matter.”

Session 245, 11/29/97

“Do As I Say, Not As I Do!”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Stella, Letty, Marcos, Marissa.

Topics: personal info (Marissa, Ikisha; essence family; focus with Letty), dream info (Letty, airplanes), personal info (Marcos, recent illness; knee injury)(Stella, energy; Vincent), dream info (Letty, monsters), Marcos’ essence family, other focus info (Stella, Greece; Italy), personal info (Stella, ex-husband)(Letty, Danny)(Marissa, nail-biting), changing probabilities, personal info (Marcos, sense of loss) (Vicki, pain before sleep & sliced tomato dream).

Session 38, Paul (Patel), 11/28/97

Topics: interpretation of Vicki’s tomato dream.

Session 246, 11/30/97

“Dream Walker Interaction/Sumari

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Gail, Drew, Jim, Norm, Sue, Bobbi, Chris.

Topics: game connections, “one point” & “acceptable,” Sumari/Dream Walker interaction, duplicity in accepting information, irritation with Elias, viewing other focuses repeatedly, motion as a truth, personal info (Drew, viewing white triangle; tear in space), ancient rock-carvings, life in other dimensions, evolution, dream interpretation (Gail’s friend, motorcycles), expectation in healing, spin & compulsion, personal info (Sue, cat with asthma), creatures mirroring action, medical treatment, helpfulness vs. intrusiveness, universes vs. dimensions.

Session 247, 12/7/97

“Dream Walker Interaction/Zuli & Borledim

“Transition/Dispersed Essences”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy, Drew, Nicky, Gail, Bobbi, Sue, Norm, Lisa.

Topics: game connections, Zuli/Dream Walker interaction, Borledim/ Dream Walker interaction, Lisa’s essence family info, nightmares of the shift, personal info (Chris, laryngitis), transition, nine babies, remanifestation, peers info (Nicky, head-butt; daughter’s imaginary friend)(Sue, essence family info)(Lisa, 11:11), science, officially accepted reality, peers info (Sarah, counterparts), dispersed essence.

Session 248/a, 12/9/97

“Temperamental Artists”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Julie, Gail.

Topics: artistic personalities, creativity, “BE NOW,” mountain climbing analogy, Janis Joplin, personal relationship, Daniche, counterpart of Simian.

Session 248/b, 12/9/97

“Take a Bath!”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy, Stella.

Topics: physical symptoms of transition, “take a bath.”

Session 249, 12/11/97

Session 250, 12/14/97

“Dream Walker Interaction/Tumold

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy, Norm, David, Helen, Drew, Jim, Bobbi, Sue.

Topics: game connections, Tumold/Dream Walker interaction, belonging to & aligning with Tumold, Milumet, natural state, anger after death, transition, body consciousness, belief systems, dream inter (Helen, pregnant), personal info (Stella, transition experiences) (Jim, fatal car accident), expectation and playfulness.

Session 251, 12/18/97

“The Physics of Norm”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Norm.

Topics: Norm’s experiment, wave function, probable realities and aspects, consciousness, responsibility, blinking & veils, duplicity, Australian aborigines, “you are you".

Session 252, 12/21/97

“Oh When the Saints Came Marching In!”
“Jesus Help Me!”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, David, Drew, Norm, Reta, Bobbi, Helen, Sue, Gail, Stella, Lisa.

Topics: Christmas candles, game connections, Christmas season, religion, prayer, saints and miracles, consciousness, personal info (Drew, child aspect)(Helen, dream interaction)(Bobbi, family).

Session 253, 12/28/97


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Sue, Bobbi, Jim, Gail, Helen, Drew, Chris, Kristin.

Topics: game connections, requests for future session topics, fear, acceptance of self, difficulty in understanding transcripts, personal info (Vicki & Ron, imagery in movies).

Session 39, Paul (Patel), 12/31/97

Session 254, 1/2/98

“Your Own Individual Genie!”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jim.

Topics: Elias’ visual perception, dream interpretation (Jim, motorcycle; boat; grounded ship), personal info (Jim, cancer; eyesight), aging, blocking harmful energy, religious belief systems, world changes.

Session 255, 1/4/98

“The Sex Session”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Bobbi, Drew, Helen, Dennis, Gail, Norm, Reta, Sue, Don.

Topics: game connections, sex, substance use.

Session 256, 1/10/98

“Conflicting Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Sue, Bobbi.

Topics: conflicting belief systems regarding relationships, other focus info (Sue, Cornwall; Spanish doctor; Aztec woman; Japan), personal info (Sue, asthma & cat’s asthma; writing; housework), accepting belief systems, plants.

Session 257, 1/11/98


Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Bobbi, Sue, Lisa, Helen, Drew, Gail, Norm, Reta, Deina.

Topics: game connections, game discussion: imagery & pennies, dream interpretation (Norm, flying bulldozer), essence & focus, Dream Walkers, duplicity, personality, exchange, accepting belief systems, personal info (Cathy, dog’s ear scratching)(Gail, Becky), voice confusion in transcription, dream interpretation (David, bus)(Lisa, unknown friends) (Helen, sliding on floor), personal info (Gail, finger), accepting vs. ignoring belief systems, expectation & judgment in helpfulness.

Session 258, 1/15/98

“Computer Questions II”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Cathy.

Topics: personal info (Bruce, Sumafi/Sumafi)(Lisa, plateau)(Dale, essence info)(Howard, face problem; Chief Joseph; Melchizadek)(Linda, Anthony; pony-express focus)(Leslie, essence info; final focus)(Sarah, Roman focus; mother’s accident)(Vicki, Paul & Jo & walkie-talkies) (Margot, Mormon church; transitional experiences; Mary Ann)(Vicki, lack of discussion with Mary).

Session 259, 1/17/98

“Dealing with Issues & Challenges in the Now”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Drew, Linda, Stella, Adrianna, Letty, Jeri, Glenda.

Topics: dealing with issues in the now, little bird analogy, personal info (Stella, husband), challenges, personal info (Linda, Carolyn Jensen), other focuses, notice the NOW, personal info (Letty, asthma), death of a loved one, personal info (Adrianna, anxiety) (Linda, essence family), conflict, meditation, solar eclipse, dream interpretation (Letty, pulled by feet), personal info (Vicki, issue with session interaction)(Linda, new boss)(Stella, Italian focus; goofy), dream info (Cathy, mud), personal info (Linda, husband), dream info (Vicki, RA2).

Session 40, Paul (Patel), 1/18/98

Topics: Cindel, changing probabilities.

Session 260, 1/18/98

“Creature Consciousness”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Bobbi, Sue, Reta, Norm, Drew, Kaan.

Topics: game connections, animals, personal info (Vicki, aggressive dog)(Cathy, clicking & dog)(Kaan, rabbit)(Sue, choice of cat; squirrel)(Vicki, medicating cat), agreement within experiences, Elias’ perception of physical objects, fear in animals, personal info (Kaan, essence info), children & parents, personal info (Drew personal conflict), Mary pops back coughing, personal info (Kaan, belief systems)(Cathy, difficult dog).

Session 261, 1/22/98

“The Bobsey Twins”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Nicky, Jene.

Topics: rain-maker/dancer, Jene’s fall on stairs, connection with Elias, Nicky’s asthma, Sumari double-whammy, Sumari intent, Jene’s Jamaican experience, Jene’s intent, chairs, conflict with Sumafi, Mike, Jene’s connection with Rob and sadness and alignment, yellow, sleep, Jene’s battles, table, Kansas store, forum, Nicky counterpart with Michael, mass BS, game connection.

Session 262, 1/25/98

“Creature Consciousness II”
“Dragons and Unicorns and Bigfoot, Oh My!”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Bobbi, Chris, Sue, Kaan, Jo, Paul, Gail, Norm, Reta, Drew.

Topics: game connections, impulses in animals, Cathy’s BS about animals, animals, blinking in & out, mythological creatures, dream info (Jo, focuses)(Gail, cliff), pers info (Kaan, wife; conflict) (Bobbi, sister), empathic sense, dream interpretation (Cathy, wave)(Chris, aliens)(Paul, future focus), pers info (Nathan, crossroads)(Reta, business)(Kaan, children’s essence info), dream info (Vicki, interdimensional).

Session 263, 1/28/98

“Essence Is YOU”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Bobbi.

Topics: personal info (Bobbi, family essence info; other focus info; dream trigger; shoulder pain; family conflict), dispersed essence, belief systems in viewing other focuses, the nature of essence.

Session 264, 2/1/98

“Energy Centers/Intent/Value Fulfillment”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, Jim, David, Sue, Bobbi, Gail, Paul, Jo, Kaan, Reta, Norm.

Topics: game connections, Elias Ulloa, planetary balance, energy centers and subjective awareness, alignment of energy centers, conflict, intent, value fulfillment, Jo’s rose imagery, suicide, “concentrate on the now,” Norm’s computer imagery, auras, lucid dreaming, probabilities, essence and consciousness, fragmentation, change in energy in session, personal info (Jim, Spirit), favorite colors, sneezing, hiccups.

Session 265, 2/5/98

“Alba gu bra!”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Helen, David.

Topics: a shared focus of Helen and Elias, the now, dealing with depression and anxiety.

Session 41, Paul (Patel), 2/11/98

Topics: personal info for Jo, white noise.

Session 42, Paul (Patel), 2/26/98

Session 266, 2/98

Session 267, 2/98

Session 268, 3/8/98

“Computer Questions III”

Participants: Mary, Forrest.

Topics: personal info (Viv, schizophrenic client)(Daryl, eye condition; essence info; Jonathan)(George, automatic typing; Yaglin; tapping world views; value fulfillment; framework)(Georgia, coincidence in subject matter)(Linda, mother)(Lisa, romantic involvements)(Carole, love)(Viv, Miriam focus; connection with Mary).

Session 43, Paul (Patel), 3/12/98

Topics: blocking in exchange, inconsistencies in previous Elias session .

Session 269, 3/19/98

“Computer Questions IV”

Participants: Mary, Forrest.

Topics: accepting belief systems, acupuncture/acupressure, alternate selves, probable selves, cremation, personal info (Bunny, Betsy) (Carter, fragmentation; connection)(Viv, Qui Feng; John & Anita; car accidents), ringing in ears, personal info (Mary, pendant), Elias and love, mathematics, Forrest’s essays.

Session 270, 3/19/98

“An Introduction and an Overview”

Participants: Mary, Forrest, Nathan, Diane, Richard, Laura, Robin, Erik.

Topics: introduction to Elias, the shift, terminology, belief systems; Mayan calendar, creativity, mental illness.

Session 271, 4/2/98

“Acceptance – An Unfamiliar Concept”
“Coordinate Points/Vortexes/Energy Centers”

Participants: Mary, Forrest, Nicky.

Topics: impulses vs. impressions, parallel action to Mary, actualization, assimilation of material, asthma, acceptance, job, coordinate points, personal info (Mike, other focuses; "unsettling"), universal information center, time, personal info (Nicky, focus with Elias)(Rudy, apartment dream; didactic quality)

Session 272, 4/5/98

“Non-Physical Transition”
“Is Schizophrenia a Disease?”

Participants: Mary, Forrest, Carole.

Topics: personal info (Carole, family’s essence info; mother’s death & transition; other focuses; merging experience; elbow; imagery of choking & reflux), “relay the force pattern…", blinking wires, Mary’s physical change in sessions, “everything is in me,” schizophrenia & mental illness, families of consciousness & belief systems, animals & sexual attraction, love, duplicity.

Session 273, 4/7/98

“Confusion and Conflict/Milumet and Zuli Alignments”

Participants: Mary, Forrest, Sara.

Topics: counterpart action, mental illness, personal info (Sara, fiancé’; cat; art or writing; counterparts; flea imagery; marriage; other focuses; imagery of Venus; fiancé’s employment, family conflict; other focus connections), Milumet alignment, acceptance vs. changing, cat, smoking, bleed-throughs, acceptance of self, love, helpfulness, essence helpfulness, Seth.

Session 274, 4/18/98

“The Belief Systems of Psychology and Duplicity”

Participants: Mary, Diane.

Topics: physical affectingness of energy exchange, personal info (hives; career; mother; purchase of house; mate; Kim), psychology, personal mentor.

Session 275, 4/23/98


Participants: Mary, Forrest, Nathan, Richard, Laura, Erik, Robin, Margot, Jennifer.

Topics: essence name, ways to access information, dream triggers, color, essence families, alignment of participants, dream interpretation (Robin, living smoke), truth, windows & focal points, pyramids, crop circles, love, widening awareness, why Elias doesn’t intervene in Mary’s illnesses, probabilities, noticing, acceptance & the shift, sexuality, awareness of final/first/middle focus, global group meditation, alignment of planets.

Session 276, 4/25/98

“Slippery Situations”

Participants: Mary, Forrest, Marcos, Marissa.

Topics: personal info (Marissa, other focus; anorexic friend) (Marcos, autistic nephew; shower accident; Vincent)(Marissa, other focus info), dream interpretation (Marcos, different job), Y2K problem, belief systems about food, pers info (Marcos, bond with Marissa) (Marissa, hurt toe).

Session 44, Paul (Patel), 4/26/98

Topics: Lawrence’s challenge, addressing to issues.

Session 277, 4/28/98

“The Investigation Continues”

Participants: Mary, Forrest, Vivien.

Topics: Miriam focus info, focus with Mary as twins, French focus with Elias, viewing of whale aspect, dream of Mary in England, other focus connections with husband & son, essence names & families of friends & family, shoulder pain, father, move to Florida, dream connection with Mary, dream interpretation (Jim, tunnel in mountains), channeling essence of Miriam, viewing of another probable reality.

Session 278, 4/30/98

“The Meaning of Life”

Participants: Mary, Tom.

Topics: Tiamo, RA3, probabilities with Sena, heart imagery, Abraham, the shift, detachment, communication with essence, thought, the pond, humor, “meaning of life".

Session 279, 5/12/98


Participants: Mary, Michael.

Topics: wait for session, other focuses, Elias, aspects, fragments, splinters, probable selves, current focuses, belief systems about weight, mass belief systems, dog attack, unicorns & dinosaurs & Bigfoot & Loch Ness, financial creation & manifesting, package lost in the mail, Ouija experience, flying dreams, connections with family members, Atlantis, future work situation.

Session 280, 5/14/98

“The Connective Tissue of Consciousness”

Participants: Mary, Forrest, Robin, Erik, Margo, Nathan, Jennifer, Darin.

Topics: communication through dimensions, Atlantis, dimensions, extinction & evolution, connective tissue of consciousness, DNA, science, “birth visions,” auras, essence families, game connections, “evil eye,” dream info (Robin, initiation).

Session 281, 5/17/98

“The Connective Tissue of Consciousness II”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, Cathy, David, Bobbi, Sue, Paul, Jo.

Topics: RA3, myth & prophecy, connective tissue of consciousness, Rose imagery, precognition, Nostradamus, earthquake, the shift, distortion and the booklets, pers info (Bobbi, Julia), game connections, judging game impressions, inconsistencies, Elias teases Vicki about talking on the phone, pers info (Jo, Judea focus)(Chris, final focus)(Sue, Italian focus)(David, issue with mother)(Paul, Harold)(Carter, location of the city)(Paul RA1; OOB), sapling story.

Session 45, Paul (Patel), 5/24/98

“Sensory Communication”

Topics: validity of the phenomenon, the information as a translation, learning, the shift and energy exchange information.

Session 282, 5/28/98

“What Is Spirituality?”

Participants: Mary, Leslie.

Topics: essence info for others, final focus & beginning focus, alternate selves, seeing faces when you go to sleep, smells, dream interpretation (car in ocean), bad dreams, interpreting dreams, dog & physical symptoms, new dog, agreements with creatures, work issues, spirituality.

Session 283, 5/29/98

Session 284, 5/30/98

“Strange Times”

Participants: Mary, Forrest, Carole, Tom, Monica, Betsy, Debra, Doug, Ellen, Fred, Joanne, Lee, Linda, Mari, Mary, Nancy, Pam, Rodney, Sally, Sharon, Suzanne, Tom, Tony.

Topics: effects of the shift, shift overview, waves in consciousness, death & transition, elation, duplicity, this dimension, acceptance, responsibility to self, bird cage analogy, choice vs. judgment, Sumafi group, preferences, thickness in energy, pleasure, Landmark, “hundred monkey” effect, time frame of the shift, spirituality, “what is to come?", reincarnation & disengaging, Elias’ previous energy exchanges, truths.

Session 46, Paul (Patel), 5/31/98

“Subjective Sensory Information”
“Reverse to Distraction”

Topics: acceptance, conflict, communication with self and symbols.

Session 285, 6/11/98

“Who’s Bad?”

Participants: Mary, Michael.

Topics: religious mass belief systems, projection of energy, fearfulness, possession, protection, helpfulness of others in acceptance of self, communication with the dead, RA 3, Ouija boards, essence family info.

Session 286, 6/14/98

“Be More Aware of YOU!”

Participants: Mary, Marcos.

Topics: pers info (Cindel, Vincent), dream info (airplane turbulence; tarantula), move of ex-wife and daughter, importance of acceptance of self, conflict with Paul, sexual role belief systems, pain in hand, pers info (Paul, ill dog), acceleration of the shift, very close to an acceptance of an individual belief system.

Session 287, 6/18/98

“Accessing Parallel & Alternate Realities”
“Why Do You Use THAT Voice?”

Participants: Mary, Forrest, Margo, Robin, Jennifer, plus four unknown new participants.

Topics: exercise to access alternate and parallel realities, game connections, The Starseed Transmissions and Visions, second coming of Christ, manifestations of Rose, acceleration of the shift, electricity, the sun, energy, astrology, transition, complaint about Elias’ voice, dolphins and whales, money, pers info (unknown participant, upcoming trip), Mars, bleed-through markers, Nazca lines, deforestation and pollution, wave in consciousness, energy centers, exercise in clarity.

Session 288, 6/20/98

“Old Souls/New Souls/Soul Mates”

Participants: Mary, Jennifer, Merrie.

Topics: truths, explanation of "as always!", Merrie’s anxiety, old & new souls, pot, smoking, Jen & channeling, first & final focuses, fragmentation, soul mates, transition, becoming, Jen’s work, pers info (Judy, birds).

Session 289, 6/23/98

“What Is My Intent?”

Participants: Mary, Sara.

Topics: Sara’s intent, NOW, duplicity, vision, control issues, acceptance, energy in Hawaii, future plans, recent illness, counterparts, fleas.

Session 290, 6/25/98

“No Magic Potions!”

Participants: Mary, Mike.

Topics: shared focuses with Elias, energy affectingness in sessions, other focuses & their alignments, fragmentation, focus info offered by Karla, Paul, essence info for family, financial imagery & probabilities, energy exchange dream, Paul (Patel) info, exercise for manipulating time.

Session 291, 6/26/98

“SNAP – A Beginning Course in Projection”

Participants: Mary, Betsy, Carole, Jim, Joanne, Mari, Monica, Nancy, Rodney, Sally, Sheila, Tom.

Topics: projection exercise, pleasure, laws of physics, astrology, fear of life, essence info for the group, projecting other dimensionally, duplicity, projection in animals.

Session 292, 6/30/98

“Dis-eases Affecting Gender Organs”

Participants: Mary, Jim.

Topics: holding an aspect of Seer, sensation in palms when offering energy, helpfulness in offering energy, expectation, Chloe, Gracie, pets, autism, prostate cancer & AIDS & female cancers, mantra, “feeling” energy centers, inner senses, Oscar Wilde focus, father’s dreams of flying, Borloh’s respiratory problems, medicine wheels, intent in offering energy, Carolyn Myss, Borloh & Malta.

Session 293, 7/1/98

“Elias’ Intent”

Participants: Mary, Nancy.

Topics: subjective interaction, “can you read my mind?", windows of reality, other dimensional focuses, Ramtha, Elias’ intent, belief systems about belief systems, sale of house & move, predictions of destruction, final focus & beginning focus, relationship with family, belief systems about children, love.

Session 294, 7/1/98

“The Energy Exchange vs. Channeling”

Participants: Mary, Sally.

Topics: focus with Elias, channeling experience, final focus, senility, intent of Elias’ energy exchange with Michael, discovery of intent, family imagery, acceptance of self, parenting belief systems, love & sadness, impulses.

Session 295, 7/8/98

“This Area of Psychic Prediction Is Dangerous!”

Participants: Mary, Peggy.

Topics: Elias not a medium, issues in this focus, meeting loved ones & pets after death, predictions for sons & grandchildren, Y2K, guides, inner senses, other focuses.

Session 296, 7/13/98

“A Temporary State of Consciousness”

Participants: Mary, Gail, David, Drew, Lisa, Jo, Paul, Vicki, Ron.

Topics: issues around Tom’s death, energy deposits, transition, dream interpretation (Gail, Jane dictating), personal info (Gail, difficulty verbalizing, rotating cube as focal point), area between physical focus & transition.

Session 297, 7/14/98

“The Creation of Critical Mass”

Participants: Mary, Tom.

Topics: personal info (Sena, ex-husband), belief systems as a bird cage, relationships, altering vs. accepting belief systems, desire, by-products of accepting belief systems, critical mass in manifesting, Tumold & voice, Oscar Wilde focus, affectingness of focuses on each other, essence families and focuses, final focus, essence info for family, change in tone, nonobjective interaction with Elias, the pond.

Session 47a Paul (Patel), 7/16/98

Topics: objective awareness of accepting a belief system.

Session 298, 7/16/98

“Rose/The Shift/Simultaneous Time”

Participants: Mary, Margo, Jennifer, Judy, Angela, Jim, John, Tamara.

Topics: the shift overview of Vold & Borledim action, Dream Walkers, Rose, nine babies, simultaneous time, the second coming, senility, personal info (Judy, birds), game connections, nonphysical transition, DNA, Lemuria & Atlantis, dreams of dying, personal info (female, empathic experience with tree), essence info for group, Vic’s note about dead bird imagery.

Session 299, 7/19/98

“Communication with Essence”
“Where Is Your Desire?”

Participants: Mary, Mari.

Topics: connection with Daisy, tearduct problem, other dimensional focus, improving self, change in job, other focus info, the source, book on fifth dimensional change, “Dimensions” script, husband’s physical problems, help for father, inner landscape exercise.

Session 300, 7/21/98

“The Not-So-Private Private”

Participants: Mary, Carter, Vicki, Ron, David, Paul, Jo.

Topics: fragmentation info for Carter & essence info for his family, dream info (Carter, Japanese woman), moving to aid in group’s agenda, other focus info (Jo, Carter; gangster; Aubrey Beardsley; Vyvyan Wilde), dream info (Jo, chicken & footprints), personal info (Paul, essence family puzzle), changing essence family, aspect vs. facet, Dream Walker aspects, personal info (Vic, shoulder pain), dead bird imagery, Vic’s awareness of Elias & book imagery, book connection with Cindel & Tyl, murder after the shift, personal info (David, England imagery).

Session 301, 7/25/98

“The Belief System of Relationships”

Participants: Mary, Frank, Merrie, Rodney, Monica, Tom, Rob, Edward, Ben, Christien, Jane, Kelli, Dan, Tony, Julie, Richard, and two unidentified participants.

Topics: current wave in consciousness, relationships, bird cage analogy, belief systems about relationships, dream interpretation (Kevin, snakes), schizophrenia, hurtfulness (bright yellow bird), religious figures, Milumet alignment & spirituality, essence info for some participants.

Session 302, 7/26/98

“Your Relationship with Yourself”
“Allowance, Penetration, Buffer”

Participants: Mary, Rodney, Arlene, Bob, Brian, Christina, Dan, Christine, Florence, James, Jerry, Karen, Kathy, Myrtle, Ted, Thom.

Topics: relationship with self, other focuses, acceptance of self, garment analogy, “allowance, penetration, buffer” exercise, fearfulness, personal responsibility, perfectionist, violence.

Session 303, 8/1/98

“Hurtfulness within Relationships”

Participants: Mary, Rodney.

Topics: cause & effect, analogy of being struck by a carriage, beliefs concerning relationships, duplicity, hurtfulness, beliefs about money, fearfulness & jumping into pond analogy, connection to Nancy’s father, hawk flying over car, gifts of Rose, deer experience, end note re: “George".

Session 304, 8/1/98

Ilda Alignment/Weight”
“Similarities within Differences”

Participants: Mary, Ellen.

Topics: essence info, overweight, Ilda alignment, marriage, Steve, natural time, problem focusing, judging people.

Session 305, 8/2/98

“Dream Walkers”
“Computers as a Mirror Image of Essence”

Participants: Mary, Michael, Dawn.

Topics: personal info (Dawn, Speaker aspect; spider imagery), Dream Walker aspect, compatibility in relationships, individuality, computers, personal info (Dawn, death of aunt)(Michael, dream about cancer; dream of "7 of 9")(Dawn, dreams of reading), essence info for friends, viewing auras.

Session 306, 8/9/98

“Recurring Dream Imagery”
“The Clinton Affair”
“Aspects of the Belief System of Relationship”

Participants: Mary, Margot, Howard.

Topics: Margot’s Vermont focus, counterparts of Hillary Clinton & Gennifer Flowers, personal info (Margot, dream of Elias; dream of Vic & Ron’s house), recurring dreams, Bill Clinton & the relationship wave & "The Bridge on the River Kwai", fluctuation in spelling of Margot’s essence name, splinters, personal info (Howard, road to Damascus dream; tumor; Aubrey Beardsley), relationship wave in consciousness, relationship to self, John Locke.

Session 47b Paul (Patel), 8/13/98

Topics: “accepting self, beliefs, acceptance, objective, subjective, awareness.

Session 307, 8/14/98

“Relationships – A Group Discussion”

Participants: Mary, Carole, Sally, Betsy, Joanne, Mari, Sheila, Sharon, Linda, John, Meryl.

Topics: accepting belief systems and emotions, relationships, Alzheimer’s, duplicity, overweightness, impulses.

Session 308, 8/21/98

“Individual vs. Mass Expressions”

Participants: Mary, Jennifer.

Topics: explanation of fragmentation, nine babies, relationship wave, bird cage analogy, trauma from individual vs. mass expressions, Tim’s last focus?, reason for Elias’ interaction, sex, soul mates.

Session 309, 8/22/98

“Alternate & Probable Selves”
“There Are No Absolutes”

Participants: Mary, Rodney.

Topics: nap/warrior doll experience, latent aspects of self, alternate selves & probable selves, awareness of dreams, dream imagery of earth & large equipment & cable & being propelled very fast, Enneagram & Meyers-Briggs System, cold showers, shared focuses with oldest daughter.

Session 310, 8/30/98

Session 311, 9/1/98

“Projection & Addressing to Beliefs”
“A False Sense of Helpfulness”

Participants: Mary, Tom.

Topics: Sena’s intent & near-sightedness, working with beliefs in other areas of consciousness, perception & belief systems, dream info (people in cages), false helpfulness, lending energy to the shift, expectation, impressions about & number of focuses, fragmenting from Malhai, counterpart of Sena.

Session 312, 9/2/98

Session 313, 9/11/98

“Empathic vs. Empathy”
“Connecting with Focuses of Essence”
“Probable/Alternate Selves”

Participants: Mary, Betsy, Carole, Joanna, Sally, John.

Topics: empathic sense, investigating other focuses, bleed-throughs, mirror exercise, viewing focuses after disengaging, personal info (Sally, thyroid), expressing thoughts & feelings, personal info (Carole, experience in Italy), aspects of self, Presidential scandal, essence info (John), connection between type of physical affectingness & issue involved, personal info (Betsy, lump in breast).

Session 314, 9/12/98

“At Play in the Battlefield of the Shift”

Participants: Mary, Marcos, Marissa.

Topics: increased energy of the shift, following yourself & intent, change in job, Marissa’s intent, Marcos’ Ilda alignment, dream interpretation (Marcos, Russian clams).

Session 315, 9/12/98

“The Belief System of Protection”
“Chakras/Energy Centers”

Participants: Mary, Rodney.

Topics: using a Ouija board, psychic protection, energy centers, other information, ringing in ears, focal points, aptitude in psychic abilities, hypnosis, dream of building filled with light forms.

Session 316, 9/12/98

“Creation/Uncreation of Dis-ease”
“TVs & Bird Cages”

Participants: Mary, Jen, Merrie.

Topics: illness-creating & uncreating, television analogy, Elias’ simultaneous interaction & experience, dream info (Jen, plane crash), empathic sense, Jen’s experience of another essence at last session, neutralizing belief systems, murder/killing, “energy junkie”!

Session 317, 9/13/98

“Belief vs. Trust”
“The Belief System of Rights”
“Physical & Non-Physical Transition”

Participants: Mary, Margot, Howard.

Topics: Howard’s new tone, Abique, John & Jesus, Howard’s book, Mary’s appendicitis & Margot’s asthma, B.J. Carlson dream, lost gold, the second coming, energy deposits of Margot’s parents, Banff & mountain in the city, first & final focuses, communication with those in nonphysical transition, Margot’s mother in transition, golden temple experience, “Gabriel is leaving,” the Liberty Bell.

Session 318, 9/15/98

Session 319, 9/17/98

“Shrines & Duplicity”
“Aspects of Belief Systems”
“Go Forth and Share!”

Participants: Mary, Gerhard, Elisabeth.

Topics: essence info for Gerhard & Elisabeth, shrines, Ilda alignment, duplicity, interaction with others, spirituality, pers info (Elisabeth, back pain; son), objective movement of the shift, Gerhard’s vision, belief systems and aspects of belief systems.

Session 320, 9/18/98

“Lessening Separation/The Elusive Element of Spirituality”
“Egyptian Tombs, Akashic Records, Crystal Skulls”

Participants: Mary, Erik, Richard, Laura, Nathan, Marie, Michelle, Sandi, Sandy.

Topics: Egyptian tomb in Illinois, pyramids, “oneness,” Akashic records, pers info (Richard, previous focus), investigating other focuses, bleed-throughs, game connections, crystal skulls, essence info for new participants.

Session 321, 9/20/98

“Time/Creation of Physical Mass”
“Intent vs. Intention”

Participants: Mary, Norm, Reta.

Topics: time, thought, verbalization, intention of thought, manifesting/materializing, intent & intention, Norm’s intent, science, links of consciousness, Norm’s desire to see 2075, blue words, dream interpretation (Reta, house on a hill).

Session 48, Paul (Patel), 9/20/98

“Bird Cages & Bookmarks”

Topics: interpretations of beliefs, bird cage analogy, beliefs as bookmarks in time, ocean analogy, nature of consciousness.

Session 322, 9/22/98

“Adolescent Confusion and Lack of Motivation”
“I Am Not Reading Your Mind”

Participants: Mary, Joanne.

Topics: encounter prior to session, noticing Elias’ energy, daughter’s conflict, adolescent frustration in the shift, medieval focus, Polynesian focus, reading tea leaves, psychics, counterparts, focus with Elias, seriousness, essence info on sons.

Session 323, 9/23/98


Participants: Mary, Leslie.

Topics: change from Rastin to Elias, essence info on others, putting a creature "to sleep,” first focus, understanding the information, acceptance, Leslie’s number of focuses, changing places with focuses, not liking essence name, Margaret focus, Milumet alignment, new creature, husband’s final focus, sharing information, interacting with focuses, draw to Seth, new business, medical belief systems.

Session 324, 9/23/98

“Probabilities/An Immaculate Puzzle”
“Relationships/Passion and Security”

Participants: Mary, Tamara, Beth, Catricia, Marisa, Mildred, Ronda, Shirley, and four unnamed individuals.

Topics: divine plan, other dimensional visits, relationships, visitations, healing.

Session 325, 9/27/98

“Look to Self FIRST!”
“Changing vs. Accepting Beliefs”

Participants: Mary, Jim.

Topics: energy centers & maladies, Borloh’s bleed-throughs & dreams, dis-ease, Jim’s shoulder pain, acceptance of self first, employment, duplicity in addressing to belief systems, Gracie, healing & bird cage example, horses & telepathy, “complete physician,” helpful essences, other focus info, Katie’s final focus & children’s essence names, moving into a balance of thought & emotional focus.

Session 326, 9/29/98

“Sexual Orientation”

Participants: Mary, Rob.

Topics: Sumafi & other focus influence, Rob’s religious focus & counterpart connections, Rob’s intent, dead birds, Rose, gender & orientation, AIDS, alcohol use.

Session 327, 10/3/98

“Healing/Relationship/Religious Beliefs”
“Your Belief Systems ARE YOUR REALITY”

Participants: Mary, Ben, Edward.

Topics: focuses together (12th century monks), pers info (Edward, interest in Catholicism & ancient Rome), energy blockages, relationships & hurtfulness, genealogy, belief systems are your reality, (Edward, 16th century bishop), God, (Ben, 11th century Argentine native), the shift & apocalypse.

Session 328, 10/3/98

“The Belief System of Duplicity”

Participants: Mary, Ben, Julie, Merrie, Rodney, Brendan, Danny, John, Val, Ana, Harry, Jerry, Lee, Wayne, and two unnamed individuals.

Topics: bird cage analogy, duplicity, perception & reality, changing vs. accepting belief systems, the shift, Mary’s question, mirror of technology, essence name & family info for group, (John, energy center nonalignment), Brendan’s final focus?, duality vs. duplicity, (Danny, 1832 India focus of Rah).

Session 329, 10/11/98

“There Is No Separation”

Participants: Mary, Norm, Reta.

Topics: links of consciousness, energy, essence families, no separation, consciousness.

Session 330, 10/11/98

“The Belief Systems of Religion and Control”
“Creating the Opposite of What We Wish to Create”

Participants: Mary, David.

Topics: conflict with mother, realism vs. idealism, religious belief systems, control, soul mate, mass expressions, David’s final focus, Ouija board experience.

Session 331, 10/16/98

“The Concept of Spirituality”
“The Beliefs of Control and Safety”
“The Analogy of the Stick and the Ball”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Bobbi, Jen, Cath, Dale, James, Mark.

Topics: spirituality, acceptance of self, duplicity, arrogance, pleasure, stoning of Mary Magdalene, sinful self, stick & ball analogy, vibration of different dimensions, bird cage analogy, emotion, choice, thought.

Session 332, 10/17/98

“Acceptance & Trust of Self”
“You Shall Be Accomplishing”

Participants: Mary, Dale, James, Vicki.

Topics: essence info for James & Spencer, essence families, Tumold alignment, James’ connection with Simon Peter, dream interpretation (Dale, wood specks in Mary’s eye), Wider Dale, acceptance of self, repeating affirmations, trauma in accepting belief systems, Spencer and abandonment, shared focuses of Dale & James.

Session 333, 10/19/98

“Addressing to Contradictions”

Participants: Mary, Vicki, Bobbi, Frank.

Topics: contradictions in information, alteration in essence name or family due to mergence, communication process of energy exchange, aspects of physical focus, aspects of Elias within the energy exchange, Forrest’s family info, fire analogy of mergence, Rose, situation between Michael & Forrest, soul mates, pers info (Bobbi, hypnosis experience), time, the shift, table-tipping, meditation, memory lapse, aspects – emotion analogy, pers info (Bobbi, thought-focused? & fragmentation).

Session 334, 10/21/98

“Healing/the Empathic Sense”
“Hauntings/Energy Deposits”

Participants: Mary, Katie.

Topics: essence info for friends, other focus info, final focus, connecting with other focuses through outer senses, healing, transition, interaction with mother, info on father, haunting.

Session 335, 10/24/98

“Relationships/Marriage & Family”
“Fanaticism as an Expression of Fear”
“Deja Vu”

Participants: Mary, Jennifer, Merrie, Brendan, Tim.

Topics: marriage, fanaticism, judgment, little sapling, profession of therapist, deja vu, Seth, “why Mary?", Jen’s conflict at work, the NOW, nonsession interaction with Elias.

Session 336, 10/27/98

“The Inner Sense of Tone and Touch”
“Is Elias an Infallible Source?”

Participants: Mary, Paul, Joanne.

Topics: website and distortion, Jo’s interaction with Cindel, Jo & Paul’s Judea focus, Paul’s French focus, Paul’s final focus & transition, other Sumafi energy exchange, this dimension, spirituality, inner senses of tone & touch, South American tribe with widened awareness.

Session 337, 11/8/98

“Probabilities/There Are Always Reasons”
“You Create Your Reality”
“Kids Create Their Reality Too!”

Participants: Mary, Norm, Reta.

Topics: Elias changes the topic presented by Norm, accident involving grandchild, personal responsibility, acceptance of self, relationship, duplicity.

Session 338, 11/10/98

“Creatures/Shrines/Medical Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary, Sue.

Topics: death of cat, change in probabilities, guilt, duplicity, Sue’s intent, shrines, asthma, conventional medical treatment, Vold alignment, dreams of dead bodies, draw to forum.

Session 339, 11/13/98

“The Shoe Analogy”
“The Game of Life”

Participants: Mary, Betsy, Carole, Joanne, Sally, Tom, Pat.

Topics: relationships & duplicity, fidelity, expectation, stick & ball analogy, shoe analogy, K-Y-C, Pat’s mother, other focus info (Sally, Eli), message for Bridget.

Session 340, 11/15/98

Sumari/Sumafi & Vold/Tumold
“You Always Hurt the One You Love”

Participants: Mary, Leela.

Topics: essence info, automatic writing, world view, magneting to Sumari & Sumafi, Vold alignment, Tumold, info on Edwin & W. & parents of friend, dream contact with Elias.

Session 341, 11/21/98

“The Camouflage of Helpfulness”

Participants: Mary, Marcos.

Topics: OOB experience with woman, presentment of essence, dream of the Virgin of Medjugorje, OOBs & Houston, remembering agreements in essence, intent, connection to great-aunt & Alexandra, self acceptance & personal relationships.

Session 342, 11/24/98

“Desire vs. Wants”
“Which Inner Voice Is the Voice of Essence?”

Participants: Mary, Deane.

Topics: essence info for self & wife, loss in options market & communication from essence, wants & desire, other focus connections, voices when dozing, “Transition” manuscript, belief systems & values & motion, eye problems, father’s money in Switzerland, grandson Matthew, Gandhi & George Washington Carver, energy exchange of Frances, wife’s physical problems.

Session 343, 11/29/98

“The Trap of Self-Righteousness”
“Security Is an Illusion”

Participants: Mary, Katie, Elizabeth.

Topics: mythical gods, Elizabeth’s focuses, essence info for friends, Katie’s concurrent and other focuses, dream of falling, dream of father, difficulty with roommate, energy prior to session, Elias’ intervention in asthma attack (in a session previous to this one).

Session 344, 12/5/98

“The Belief System of Accomplishment”
“The Intent of the Sumari
“The Trauma of the Shift”

Participants: Mary, Danny, Val, Len.

Topics: expectations of self, essence info for Len, examples of shift trauma, extraterrestrials, accomplishment, obstacles in creating, intent, fear of success, voice of essence, lessening agitation, Len’s situation with person in jail.

Session 345, 12/5/98

“Would You Like Some Cheese with that Whine?”

Participants: Mary, Ben, Brendan, Edward, Ellen, Frank, Harry, Julie, Merrie, Rodney, Wayne, Camilla, Guy.

Topics: creating and trust in self, remembrance of phenomenon, nonphysical transition, spirit rescuing, the shift, the now, centering, dream interpretation (Ben, fairy tale), disease, harmfulness, transition & final focus, Rodney’s transition experience.

Session 346, 12/9/98

“Fear of life”
“Blinking In and Out”
“Substance Use/Marijuana”
“Focuses vs. Aspects of Self”
“Dolphins & Whales as Essence”
“Murphy’s Law: You Manifest What You Expect”

Participants: Mary, Erik, Jennifer, Michelle, Nathan, Richard.

Topics: marijuana use, Jen’s work situation, fear of life, dolphins & whales as essence, aspects of self, bleed-throughs, similar expressions in fragmentation and manifestation, Marduk, blinking of earth, Atlantis, safe places in the shift, creating an energy deposit, Elias’ playfulness (mice).

Session 347, 12/11/98

“Working Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary, Carole, Joanne, Nancy.

Topics: dream interpretation (Carole, mice in suitcase), Elias’ info about Bridget’s possible child, “beneficial” belief systems, shoe analogy, affectingness of individuals, how to lend energy to the shift, personal info (Joanne & Carole, business venture), trust of self and tightly held belief systems, domino analogy of acceptance of self, extraterrestrials, Elias’ visual perception of individuals, Elias & Joanne’s husband.

Session 348, 12/24/98

Session 349, 12/28/98

Session 49, Paul (Patel), 1/1/99

“What’s Wrong With Me?”

Topics: opening to other areas of consciousness, emotional upset and withdrawal.

Session 350, 1/3/99

“Creating Your Own Crystal Ball”
“Creating and Diverting Probabilities”
“The Truth of You Create Your Reality”

Participants: Mary, Jan, Jim.

Topics: physical sensitivity and communication to self, probabilities, Jim’s swirling veil experience, trying too hard, seeing a wolf in meditation, Jan’s panic attack on airplane, awareness of diverting probabilities, Jan & sexuality, self acceptance & vulnerability, Jan & hypnosis career, holding the same fragmentation, imagery of Jan’s toe, affect of other focuses, Jim’s imagery: stiff finger & lawsuit, Elias’ laugh, description of Mary’s & Vic’s awareness of probabilities of an air crash.

Session 351, 1/3/99

“Spirituality in the Workplace”
“Guilt: A Waste of Energy”

Participants: Mary, Leela.

Topics: dreams of other people & places, healing & empathic connection with animals, automatic writing & Nicolai, how to open inner senses, impatience, fatigue, exploration of consciousness at work, guilt, personal responsibility, regression therapy, disturbances in session .

Session 352, 1/13/99

“The Belief System of Responsibility”

Participants: Mary, Kristin.

Topics: impasse in decision to stay in U.S. or go to Europe, “who am I?,” French focus, Philippine focus, gypsy focus, double alignment, healing aspect, intent, belief systems of responsibility, David, Kristin’s writing, suffering in the world.

Session 353, 1/17/99

Session 354, 1/26/99

“Lines of Probabilities”
“Underlying Expectations”
“This Would Be Your Choice”

Participants: Mary, Mike.

Topics: 23, exchange with alternate self, stuck, quick fix, truck imagery, wants, school & travel, negative inner voice, other focus info, viewing Elias, German writer, body-building, counterpart with singer, future focus, Candace’s famous focus, eye color, musical note of tone, car imagery, characteristics of Mikah.

Session 355, 1/27/99

“The Belief System of Sexual Orientation”
“Lending Energy with No Expectation”
“Where Do You Go, Elias?”

Participants: Mary, Erik, Jennifer, Laura, Michelle, Nathan, Richard, Katheryn.

Topics: Elias’ activities between sessions, shared focus of Laura & Michelle, trust in self & accomplishing, transferring energy, helpfulness & expectation, “sun cruisers,” waves in consciousness of duplicity and sexual orientation, Richard’s experience with animals after previous session, game connections, essence names of parents of some forum members, other focus of Michelle & Nathan.

Session 356, 1/31/99

“Energy Centers”
“Beliefs About Weight”
“The Creation of Disease”

Participants: Mary, Jim.

Topics: energy centers, animals & immune system, clarification of "2307,” multiple sclerosis, disease as a mass expression, healing, weight, Nataya, game connection, visit to psychic, feet, walking on water, current focuses.

Session 357, 1/31/99

“Too Good To Be True”

Participants: Mary, Lynda.

Topics: cresting experience, trust in self, comfort zone, color, names, Hawaiian focus, Harry, Scott, twin imagery, vulnerability.

Session 358, 2/1/99

“Weight, Shyness, and Mirror Actions”

Participants: Mary, Bobbi.

Topics: weight issue, acceptance of self, quietness, expressing outside of mass belief systems, mergence & mirror action, repeating numbers, current focuses, interaction between focuses, color & essence tone, dairy allergy & Kristin, game connections.

Session 359, 2/6/99

“Mathematics and Duplicity”

Participants: Mary, Rodney.

Topics: duplicity – example of mathematics, balancing intellect and intuition, reading transcripts, pleasure, dream interpretation (garbage truck; flying over water), focus with Elias.

Session 360, 2/9/99

“Dissatisfaction with Self”
“Balancing Intellect and Intuition”

Participants: Mary, Marcos, Letty, Stella.

Topics: migraine and exchange with essence, lower back ache, allergy as response to physical location, Casa Blanca affair.

Session 361, 2/12/99

“A Battle Within Consciousness”
“The Guise of Justification”

Participants: Mary, Betsy, Carole, Joanne, Tom.

Topics: wave of sexuality, gender vs. orientation, trauma, breast cancer, the shift as a battle, hurt feelings & automatic responses, game connections.

Session 362, 2/16/99

“Orientation vs. Sexual preference”
“Probable Realities”

Participants: Mary, Katie.

Topics: essence info for friends, counterpart with Marlin, Hal & energy centers, focus connections with Alexander, Celtic warrior focus, probable reality with David, exchanges with aspects of self, dreams of smoking, Katie’s orientation, bleed-through memories of abuse, final focus, other dimension connections.

Session 363, 2/21/99

“Nonphysical Actions of Essence”
“Discipline in Attention”
“An Easter Egg Hunt”
“Is Black a Color?”

Participants: Mary, Mike.

Topics: nonphysical relationships, identifying expectations, not holding a preference, German writer, final focus agreement, other focus info, final focuses, black.

Session 364, 2/24/99

“A List of Belief Systems”
“You Create What You Expect/Concentrate Upon”

Participants: Mary, James.

Topics: belief systems about money, teeth, Gospel of Matthew, duplicity and separation, the shift & duplicity, meditation experience with Simon Peter, list of belief systems, indigo.

Session 365, 2/25/99

“Essence Families, Color, and Intent”

Participants: Mary, Dale.

Topics: finances, Vold qualities, subjective interaction in sessions, essence tone, throat itching in meditation, North African focus, Shaker focus, sparkling ribbon imagery, difference in perception of prior script, info for Spencer: John & situation at school & connection with Scott, essence info for friend, tile, Vold channeling, Dale’s research, session interference.


Session 366, 2/28/99

“Becoming a Bridge to Yourself”
“Staying in the Actual Physical Now”
“Fear/Depression/The Sinful Self”

Participants: Mary, Lynda.

Topics: happy birthday, uncomfortable experiences, dealing with fearfulness, fun with Elias, “form letter” connection with Reta & Norm, Margot & Howard’s employee.

Session 367, 2/28/99

“The Energy Exchange”
“The Belief System of Sexuality”
“The Present Wave in Consciousness”

Participants: Mary, Nicky.

Topics: avoiding interaction with Elias, change in energy exchange, sexuality wave in consciousness, dream interpretation (grandfather & ring), not remembering dreams, coffee beans, “insurance,” Cadillac imagery, pain in back, aligning energy centers & quietness, asthma, temp job, connection with Lena Horne & Cleopatra & Alexander.

Session 368, 3/5/99

“Trigger Actions”
“Color and Tone”
“Table Tipping”

Participants: Mary, Jim.

Topics: table tipping, essence families & color & tone, bacteria/germs as triggers to illness, magnetites, energy centers outside of body, foot imagery, homeopathic medicine, essence names for friends & family, Rudy’s questions.

Session 369, 3/7/99

“Physical Affectingness/Healing”
“Stepping Outside of Mass Beliefs”
“A Balancing Act/Staying in the Now”

Participants: Mary, Margot, Howard.

Topics: Margot’s back & foot imagery, healing of self & mass belief systems, left & right, pain in hip, final focus, number of manifestations, current focuses, transition, Isabel, Howard & Elias’ name, Howard’s counterpart, Indian bleed-through, Howard’s book.

Session 370, 3/9/99

“The Belief Systems of Sexuality and Emotion”
“The Big Fat Bird of Aloneness”
“The No Conflict Game”

Participants: Mary, Cathy, Vicki.

Topics: dream interpretation (bird cage), interpretation of hospital TFE, duplicity & acceptance of self, the point of Elias’ information, no-conflict scenario, control issues, Greg & Ron, “I am a glorious being!", Elias’ comment to Vicki regarding being the grounded one.

Session 371, 3/12/99

“Issues of Adequacy”
“The Camouflage of Humor”
“The Belief System of Sexuality”

Participants: Mary, Frank.

Topics: view of self, heart condition, belief system of sexuality, camouflage, no-conflict scenario, bleed throughs from other focuses, Lillian Buseau, spirituality, pleasure.

Session 372, 3/16/99

“Moving Beyond the Quick Fix”
“Offer Compassion to Yourself”
“Objectively Choose No Conflict”

Participants: Mary, Nicky.

Topics: quick fix, moving through issues, noticing, focus upon self, connection with Jo, Mike’s experience at Paul & Jo’s, animals, energy in last year of millennium, no-conflict scenario, acceptance of self & justification, probabilities of moving.

Session 373, 3/19/99

“Kids, Adults, and Conflict”

Participants: Mary, Carter, Sarah.

Topics: Sarah’s problems at school.

Session 374, 3/19/99

“Dream Walkers/Seers/Fragmentation”
“Viewing Reality Singularly”
“Beliefs: Duplicity”

Participants: Mary, Mike.

Topics: difficulty connecting to focuses, seeing red, dream interp (Elias as artist), police imagery, quick fix, draw to New York, intent/Sumari, viewing singularly, being told what to do, celebrities, connections to forum & duplicity, Dream Walkers & Seers, military focuses, final focus quality, Joseph, energy exchange after Elias, Oscar bird, connecting with Elias, difficult in astral projection.

Session 375, 3/20/99

“Creating Your Reality Outside of Mass Beliefs”
“Creating Your Reality with No Conflict”
“Your Perception Creates Your Reality”

Participants: Mary, Tom, Monica.

Topics: difference between creating what we believe we must & what we want, creating outside of mass belief systems, want vs. desire, creating jointly and disagreements, no-conflict scenario, final focus, Rick, creation of wealth.

Session 376, 3/21/99

“Final Focuses/Fatigue”
“Sexuality/Heart Imagery”
“Do Not Be Cosmetizing Your Abilities!”

Participants: Mary, Dale, Mary.

Topics: final focus & fatigue, sexuality wave in consciousness, telepathy, empathic sense, Dale & James mergence, Sumari & Milumet expressions, no-conflict scenario, Mary & John & Jerry, justification, essence info for Dale’s friends, Dale & stone circles & sphinx, dream walker aspect, Bobbi’s heart imagery, dream interpretation (Mary, driving with Dale), Mary & Dale’s relationship.

Session 377, 3/23/99

“The Camouflage of Responsibility”
“Soft/Intermediate/Common – An Introduction”

Participants: Mary, Paul, Joanne, Frieda.

Topics: essence info (Frieda), sexual orientation vs. gender, Jo’s Egyptian focus & job conflict, responsibility camouflage (mother & child analogy), Borledim alignment, final focus, transition & the shift, numbering of focuses & similarity in tone, purpose of veils, clarity of focus, aspects of Elias within a session .

Session 378, 3/26/99

“Soft/Intermediate/Common – An Explanation”
“Your Environment Does Not Create Your Perception”

Participants: Mary, Jen, Tim.

Topics: extremes in experience currently, sexuality wave in consciousness, orientation & gender; definitions of common, intermediate & soft; marsupial/mammal/egg-layer analogy, perception.

Session 379, 3/28/99

“Probabilities/Regional Areas/Mirror Actions”
“Manifesting a Turkey Dinner ... Or Not!”

Participants: Mary, Tom.

Topics: Sena’s line of probabilities/bleedthroughs/mirroring, Jenneph’s intent, connection with Nissah/Aldo, energy exchange with Muriel, RA 3 & 4, “parlor tricks” & the shift, dream interpretation (murder), hurtfulness form others, number of contemporary focuses, empathic sense & energy.

Session 380, 4/2/99

“Conflict in Relationships”

Participants: Mary, Gina.

Topics: other focuses, clanking sound & a presence, opening to energy, experience in garage, conflict, future focus, aspects of self.

Session 381, 4/9/99

“Sexual Orientation: What Is Sexuality?”
“Soft/Intermediate/Common, Continued”

Participants: Mary, Betsy, Joanne, Kaan, John, Arif, Aysquel.

Topics: sexual orientation, gender, differences between common/intermediate/soft, perception, wave in consciousness, marsupial/egg-layer/mammal analogy, conflict in not aligning with orientation.

Session 382, 4/12/99

“Focuses, Dreams, and Impressions”

Participants: Mary, Vivien.

Topics: number of focuses, fragmentation, focuses, alien focuses, essence names of Mary & Jesus, details of Jesus’ life, Michael’s Ft. Lauderdale counterpart, Abraham Speaks, toothache and lump on back, Egyptian OOB, dream interpretation (bird)(Jim, three dreams in a row).

Session 383, 4/15/99

“Religious Beliefs/Cause and Effect”
“Religious Beliefs/The Energy Exchange”
“Religious Beliefs/Death Is Not paradise”

Participants: Mary, Deane.

Topics: car accident, religious belief systems, heart symptoms and wave in consciousness, Elias’ interaction with manuscript, help with title of book, intent, probable self, dream interpretation (bird)(blue bubble)(yellow map/death)(dying African animals).

Session 384, 4/16/99

Session 385, 4/18/99

“Interaction Between Physical and Nonphysical Essences”

Participants: Mary, Marisa.

Topics: “visitors,” bleedthroughs, interaction with Ian, new horse, draw to Scotland, imagery with mare.

Session 386, 4/19/99

“The Camouflage of Helpfulness”

Participants: Mary, Letty.

Topics: asthma, physical symptoms, seeing ghosts as a child, helpfulness to Leezar & personal responsibility, dream interpretation (New Year’s; stone house).

Session 387, 4/24/99

“Orientation/Mass Events”
“Orientation vs. Preference”
“The Camouflage of Caring and Concern”

Participants: Mary, Ben, Brendan, Ellen, Frank, Frieda, Isabel, Merrie, Rodney, Stella, Craig, Dave, Eric, Janice, Karen, Vann.

Topics: final year of millennium, orientation and response to mass events, change, perception, duplicity, example of Mary, Vicki & Cathy and orientations, orientation and preference, conflict & helpfulness, working belief systems, mirror actions, emotion, the NOW, conflict with another, essence info for some participants.

Session 388, 4/27/99

“Becoming Bored with Not Becoming”
“Dolphins and Whales as Essence”
“Beliefs: Security/Protection”

Participants: Mary, Mike.

Topics: creative block, motivation & intent, no conflict in efficiency, ease of manifestation, new exploration/abilities within consciousness, negative/positive it matters not, repeating actions, becoming, motivation & belief, security & control, teaching elements, imagery offers continuous communication, joblessness, final focus, drunk focus influence, Elias’ definition of fun, being a dolphin focus, caged animals, dolphin’s choices and beliefs, subliminal tapes, dream triggers as portals, connecting with information, bike riding recommendation, lineage from essence to Dreamwalker.

Session 389, 4/29/99

“Elias/Ouija Boards”

Participants: Mary, Ken.

Topics: difficulty with phone connection, dream interpretation (Tibetan mandala), computer imagery, Elias & Ouija interaction, belief system about money, pyramid of acceptance & trust in self.

Session 390, 5/1/99

“Kids, Monsters, and the Darkness”
“Transitional Playfulness”

Participants: Mary, Marisa, Claire.

Topics: horse info, focus of Margaret, Natty & John, children’s fears, Claire’s parents, explanation of transition, essence info for Marisa & Claire.

Session 391, 5/4/99

“Healing/The Empathic Sense”
“Structure/Energy Exchange”
“A Different Angle of Approach”

Participants: Mary, Lissette.

Topics: experience with blue & green spirals, relationship with ex, setbacks, offering helpfulness in healing, Margarita & Ansor, back condition, intent & teaching vegetarian cooking, connection with family.

Session 392, 5/7/99

“Beneficial vs. Efficient”
“Viewing Reality as a Labyrinth”
“The Universe Is Not Necessarily Logical”
“Vulnerability and Openness Are Synonymous”
“Menopause/You Create What You Concentrate Upon”

Participants: Mary, Nicky.

Topics: tickle in throat, mirror action, judging self, efficient vs. beneficial, labyrinth analogy, menopause, not remembering childhood, Vince’s headaches, lost teeth, gibberish, coffee beans, impatience, Mark, Donna & Ken, Bahlah’s intent, singer focus, Rico & opposite expressions, Bebe.

Session 393, 5/9/99

“Soft, Intermediate, and Common”
“Thought and Emotional Focus”

Participants: Mary, Lynda.

Topics: Lynda’s dad, final focus, alignment, orientation, repelling, Jasper.

Session 394, 5/11/99

“Auras/Energy Fields”
“Probabilities/Probable Selves”
“Emotions/The Death of a Loved One”

Participants: Mary, Luanne, Marj, Ted.

Topics: essence info, other focus info (Ted), OOBs, C9, probable selves, acceptance of belief systems, nonphysical experience after disengaging, aura/energy field, Marj’s loss of a loved one, number of other focuses, Marj’s choices for the future, why we don’t remember other focuses, final focus & remembrance.

Session 395, 5/16/99

“Conflict Within the Now”
“Expressing from Essence”

Participants: Mary, Katie.

Topics: conflict with roommate, daughter’s question about disengagement imagery, transition, 1999, Tom’s question about illness, yellow pyramid tile, dream interpretation (Tom & melting glass; end of the world), essence info for sons, Tom’s question about effortlessness.

Session 396, 5/16/99

“Physical Manifestations”

Participants: Mary, Letty.

Topics: asthma, sinus infection, French focus, dream interpretation (someone in house; argument; Egyptian tombs) orientation, Leezar, Isabel & stomach pain.

Session 397, 5/18/99

“Objective Imagery of Subjective Movement”
“The Judgment of Good/The Reality of Fear”

Participants: Mary, Lynda.

Topics: message to self, right and wrong, change in job and living situation, San Francisco connection, fear, French focuses, use of energy centers, physical appearance.

Session 398, 5/18/99

Session 399, 5/19/99

“Individual Methods of Motivation”
“Perpetuating Separation”
“Shrines and Buttocks”

Participants: Mary, Lynda.

Topics: further fragmentation for Cynthia, connection with Cynthia, interconnectedness and counterpart action, shrines about appearance, drama, no one understands me, fragmentation.

Session 400, 5/20/99

“Fatigue/Sleeplessness/Lack of Appetite”
“Creating/Uncreating Disease”
“Permission To Be Receiving”
“Essences in Waiting”

Participants: Mary, Katie, Geri, Hal.

Topics: essence info for Geri, pers info for Hal, affectingness of sexuality wave in consciousness, Geri’s illness, dream interpretation (Geri, glass building), extra name on participants list and at restaurant with Michael, game connections, the city & celebrities, orientation of participants, Jasper, Geri’s energy centers & pain control, Hal’s move from West Virginia, ringing in ears, Katie & channeling.


Session 401, 5/23/99

“A Feeling of Disconnection”
“The Trickster God of Life”

Participants: Mary, Donovan.

Topics: communication with essence, Donovan’s analogy of the “little monster,” feeling of not connecting, Malita focus, bonfire trigger, relationship to women, dream interpretation (wearing black, scary make-up), sexual orientation, meditation experience of “trickster god.”

Session 402, 5/25/99

“Running Away form Conflict”
“Flushing Worry Down the Toilet”

Participants: Mary, Dawn, Michael.

Topics: essence info for family & friends, Dawn’s choice of employment in dealing with security, Michael’s physical symptoms & work, mass medical beliefs, Patricia, lack of motivation, other focus influence, toilet imagery, Eliana, different orientations in a relationship, reconnecting with old friends.

Session 403, 5/26/99

“Aspects/Who Is This Person?”
“Suicide/Where You Are, You Are”

Participants: Mary, Jen.

Topics: Miora, animal’s legs in meditation, king focus, interplay between focuses, new calmness, uncomfortable aspects of self, worry, effortlessness, helpfulness to others.

Session 404, 5/26/99

“Different Orientations in Relationships”
“Redefining Helpfulness”

Participants: Mary, Dawn, Michael.

Topics: holding different orientations in a relationship, qualities of common and soft, dislike of change, control issues, helpfulness to others, offering energy to grandfather, essence info for family, energy fields & Castaneda’s “Magical Passages.”

Session 405, 5/27/99

“Dismantling Shrines”
“Fear of Interaction”
“Automatic Responses”

Participants: Mary, Daryl.

Topics: fear of hurtfulness from others, shrines & automatic behaviors, eye condition, finances, other dimensional bleed-through, final focus & transition, South American focus.

Session 406, 5/28/99

“Orientation: Intermediate”
“The Moth to the Flame”
“Your Soul Mate Is Yourself”

Participants: Mary, Marcos.

Topics: Paul’s essence family, Mexico group & Patel, intermediate orientation.

Session 407, 5/28/99

“The Camouflage of Confidence”
“The Expression of Effortlessness”
“Trauma/The Coming Change in Currency”
“Influences vs. Ingredients of Reality”

Participants: Mary, Tom.

Topics: Sena’s probabilities, effortless creating, accepting aspects of belief systems, movement of time, perception and reality, exchange after the shift, trauma in accepting belief systems.

Session 408, 5/30/99

“The Creation of Physical Reality”
“Is Health a State of Mind?”
“Elias on All-That-Is”

Participants: Mary, Joe.

Topics: Avatar Meher Baba, All-That-Is, protection against negative thoughts, trust in self, origin of species, purpose of physical reality and probabilities, healing back problem, Fran’s essence info, health.

Session 409, 6/2/99

“The Belief of Monogamy”
“The Action of Transition”

Participants: Mary, Leslie.

Topics: accessing other focuses, releasing energy, transitional experiences, camouflage of helpfulness, obstacles in creating, intent, creatures and consciousness, barking of new dog, shoe analogy, Armageddon, unfaithfulness in a relationship & monogamy, foot imagery.

Session 410, 6/4/99

“Is Avoiding Trauma a Good Thing?”
“Productivity and Self Worth”
“You Shall Not Betray You”

Participants: Mary, Deane.

Topics: sending energy, trauma of the shift and helpfulness from nonphysical essences, OOB experience with Rose, blood pressure problems & current wave in consciousness, Deane’s book, eye problems.

Session 411, 6/7/99

“The Belief System of Parenting”
“Your Natural Expression of Self”
“No Cosmic Actions/No Cosmic Rules”
“Merging Information and Experience”

Participants: Mary, Jene, Vikki, Trish.

Topics: subjective movement and objective trauma, fear, separation and discounting of self, familiar and unfamiliar, natural expression of self, direction, worthiness of self, justification, differences in understanding (boating analogy), empathic sense, conflict with others, mirroring, Joshua, parenting, Vikki’s feet.

Session 412, 6/8/99

“Translations of Color”
“Defining a Natural State”
“Payoffs and Value Fulfillment”

Participants: Mary, Jim.

Topics: Vicki’s question about strangers in a restaurant, word tones for magenta and white, color and intent, white, color and mental state, natural state and disease, disease and trigger action, energy focus in body, payoff, Scottish aspect and Rose baby.

Session 413, 6/8/99

“The Intensity of Emotional Expressions”
“Free-Falling May Be Quite Pleasurable!”

Participants: Mary, Lynda.

Topics: energy surge & pyramid connection, projection & bump on head, trust in self, fear, control/containment.

Session 414, 6/11/99


Participants: Mary, Gail.

Topics: essence info for friends, yeast infection, fearfulness in intimate relationships, addressing issues in the now, questions for Danny, pressing on stomach, difficult reading at night, Drew’s question about his book, child abuse.

Session 415, 6/15/99

“Addressing to Beliefs”
“It Matters Not”

Participants: Mary, Mike.

Topics: awareness & processes of ‘death’, after death & belief systems, projecting & manipulating pseudo physical reality, hologram, the in-between state, intellect/intuition conflict, other’s influencing your choices, ‘shoulds’ and responsibility, ABC’s of letting the birds out of the cage, reactions/responses, addressing the beliefs = allowance, artist block, distractions, expectation and responsibility are aspects of beliefs, judging judgment, over analyzing these concepts, it really doesn’t matter, jobless, aspects moving into primary positions.

Session 416, 6/27/99

“Offering Helpfulness to Others”
“There Are No Absolutes”

Participants: Mary, Rodney.

Topics: back pain, helpfulness, perception, absolutes, creation of a cold, death of family member, dream interpretation (tethered to flying boat), tan/amber vibrational quality, Elias and dreams.

Session 417, 7/1/99

“Blocking the Orientation of Soft”
“Addressing to Fearfulness and Hurtfulness”

Participants: Mary, Daryl.

Topics: soft orientation, fear in interaction with others, fear entity, hurtfulness, mole, essence info for Susie, not remembering other focus details.

Session 418, 7/7/99

“Dispersed Essences”
“Objective/subjective Choices”

Participants: Mary, Bobbi.

Topics: experiences in projection, projection of consciousness vs. OOB, fragmentation info, other focus info, orientation and preference, dispersed essence, essence info for family.

Session 419, 7/09/99

Session 420, 7/9/99

“Each Choice Is Merely a Choice”
“Probabilities Are Merely Choices”
“It Matters Not Which Choice You Engage”

Participants: Mary, Marcos.

Topics: dream interpretation (Sasquatch), choice and windows analogy, stomach and digestive problem, acceptance of self vs. opinion of others, essence info for friends.

Session 421, 7/9/99

“No Absolute Definitions/No Cause and Effect”
“Opening to Other Areas of Consciousness”
“The One Issue of Trust”

Participants: Mary, Deane.

Topics: imagery of painfulness to hands, drinking, difficulty with agent, bird imagery, OOB with Rose, voice calling name, opening to other areas of consciousness, accessing information, trust in self, window analogy, eye condition, doubt, end note regarding Elias’ interaction and improvement in eye.

Session 422, 7/11/99

“Turning Your Attention”
“Life-Altering Choices”
“Creating the Shift”

Participants: Mary, Sue.

Topics: going back to school, the shift and changing directions in life, other’s perceptions of changes, disengagement of cat and new probabilities, essence info for friends, friend’s pregnancy.

Session 423, 7/14/99

“Religious/Metaphysical Beliefs”
“Acceptance/It Matters Not”

Participants: Mary, Joe.

Topics: metaphysical vs. religious belief systems, psychic healer vs. physician, noticing, effortlessness and fun, sister’s essence info, Kryon, “Conversations with God.”

Session 424, 7/15/99

“The Measure of Success”
“Knock Knock”

Participants: Mary, Jeremy.

Topics: knock-knock joke, move to California, intent, success, “whiting out,” dream trigger, Josh, other focus info, fragmentation, counterpart with Lacey, aversion to ribbon, dream interpretation (haunted house), OBE interaction with Elias, Lacey’s interaction with Elias, astral projection, “the fifth,” final focus.

Session 425, 7/15/99

Session 426, 7/18/99

“Complicating Simplistic Situations”
“You Create What You Concentrate Upon”

Participants: Mary, Letty.

Topics: remembering dreams, imagery, asthma, counterpart of Bruce, Leezar and new job, sense of smell, stomach upset.

Session 427, 7/19/99

“A Very Large Hamster Wheel”
“To Be or Not To Be?”

Participants: Mary, Anonymous.

Topics: overwhelming sadness and wanting to disengage, altering a distressing creation, dealing with consequences of a criminal activity, creating with another individual, personal worth.

Session 428, 7/20/99

“Chapter focuses”
“Other-Dimensional focuses”
“The Challenge of Focusing Upon Self”

Participants: Mary, Katie.

Topics: results of turning attention to self, fatigue, shared focuses with Tom, other dimensional focuses, interconnectedness and number of focuses shared, chapter focuses, 1700’s connection to all forum members, light body, projections, energy expressions of essence, number of focuses, focus with Mikah, dispersed, focuses with son and daughter, other focus connections, fragmentation, Dream Walker aspect, connection with Lisa, daughter’s other focuses, clogged drain imagery, strawberries and spirituality, personal intent.

Session 429, 7/21/99

“Intolerance of Difference”
“Fear/Resistance to Change”
“More Translations of Color”
“The Measure of One’s Worth”

Participants: Mary, Jim.

Topics: Mary’s situation with neighbors, change and fear, sounds and energy centers, orientations, ponies and colic, animal communicator, development of health center, “weightiness,” personal worth, Rudim and “Quick Clean.”

Session 430, 7/21/99

“Creative Expressions”

Participants: Mary, Jeremy, Lacey.

Topics: Lacey pers info (other focuses, imagery of Dick), Mikah and Elias Bodreaux, Candace and job, winning the lottery, Mikah and dragon, Jeremy and direction of career, dream interpretation (Jeremy, blue mist), the city, shared post-shift focuses, Jeremy’s connection with his characters, famous focuses, number of focuses, imagery: motorcycle, turtle, stuck key, minor annoyances; experience with Janette, fragmentation, Seer aspect, manifesting, table-tipping, Lacey and Dragonball Z.

Session 431, 7/23/99

“Step three: Addressing to Beliefs”
“The Orientation of Soft”

Participants: Mary, Frank.

Topics: addressing to beliefs too closely, window analogy, steps in moving through conflicts/belief systems, asthma, body and consciousness, mirroring issues, expressing anger, orientation, blocking of soft orientation, split-apart, chapter focuses.

Session 432, 7/28/99

“Personal Responsibility/Self Worth”
“From One Extreme to the Other”
“Not Quite Good Enough”

Participants: Mary, Julie.

Topics: breakup of relationship and kidney infection, essence info Drew, excitement in relationships, dream imagery of lions, Drew/Matthew and bird imagery, Ouija board experience.

Session 433, 7/28/99

“Different Orientations within Relationships”
“Natural Movements within Relationships”
“What Planet Are YOU From?”

Participants: Mary, Paul, Jo.

Topics: essence info for Stephen & Jeffrey, orientation Carter, different orientations in intimate relationship, responses of different orientations, exclusivity in relationships, marriage/partnership.

Session 434, 7/30/99

“Distract, Relax, and STOP”

Participants: Mary, Nicky.

Topics: counterpart action with Mary, affectingness of energy exchange, restlessness and boredom, relaxing, steps in accepting belief systems, connection with Fred, resistance to change, conflict in family, individuality, probabilities, influencing and chapter focuses, Egyptian focus, question from Rudim and Mikah.

Session 435, 7/30/99

Session 436, 7/31/99

“Translations of Nonphysical Actions”

Participants: Mary, Rodney.

Topics: Elias’ nonsession activities, brother-in-law’s death, transition as a hologram, mother’s transition, dream imagery, Jane’s fear creature, other focus connections with B & E, exploring other focuses, number of focuses, Greek and Chilean focus.

Session 437, 8/3/99

“There Is Nothing to Learn”
Sumafi vs. Sumari Intent”
“A Dumb Question”

Participants: Mary, Joe.

Topics: dumbness camouflage, life as experience or lessons, info from other essences, remembrance, number of focuses, African & Canadian focuses.

Session 438, 8/4/99

“Turning to Self in Excess”
“The Definition of Spirituality”
“Choosing Your No-Conflict Scenario”

Participants: Mary, Jan.

Topics: essence info for family & friends, qualities of Sumafi, fragmentation, can’t let go, examination of self in excess, no-conflict scenario, artistic abilities, final focus exercise, man’s face in red, spirituality, other focuses, Datre, automatic writing, physical injury or illness as imagery, weight fluctuation.

Session 439, 8/5/99

“The Great Monster of Fear”
“Addressing to Beliefs”
“You Are Not Alone”

Participants: Mary, Daryl.

Topics: blocking soft orientation, duplicity and widening awareness, happiness, fear in interacting with others, acceptance of self & rose analogy, addressing to belief systems & Dragon analogy, connection to Rose, aspects of self, 1719 focus.

Session 440, 8/6/99

“Look to the Now”

Participants: Mary, Carla.

Topics: difficult relationship, fear, essence info for kids, odd occurrences in home, difficulty in exploring other focuses, orientation, new relationship.

Session 441, 8/6/99

“What Shall You Do with Freedom?”
“Why Shall You Complicate Your Creations?”
“The Entirety of Your Reality Is Altering!”

Participants: Mary, Jen.

Topics: freedom, number of focuses, other focus info, difficulty accessing other focuses, intensity, upcoming trip, connection with Tim, focuses with Elias & Mary, fear of death of others, marriage issue, neutralizing belief systems.

Session 442, 8/8/99

“A Discussion of Acceptance”
“And So, the Battle Continues”

Participants: Mary, Margot, Howard.

Topics: personal orientations, gender & orientation, asthma, acceptance, alleviating asthma symptoms, cat imagery, Leslie & energy surges, counterpart of Cile, dream interpretation (red sorrel horse), perfume smell, levitating car.

Session 443, 8/8/99

“Reconfiguring Energy”
“There Are No Absolutes”

Participants: Mary, Marisa.

Topics: visitors and imagery, Margaret, experience, identifying energy from other focuses, empathic ability, Ricky & Ian.

Session 444, 8/10/99


Participants: Mary, Joanne, Luanne, Marj, Ted, Marlene.

Topics: dream interpretation (sunlit room/flower-stone/little girl/coffins/ mystery man), the city and probabilities.

Session 445, 8/13/99

“Begin at the Beginning”

Participants: Mary, Anne.

Topics: feelings of confusion, conflict, acceptance of self, orientation, simultaneous time.

Session 446, 8/15/99

“Orientation vs. Preference”

Participants: Mary, Ben.

Topics: other focus info, chapter focuses, Monroe Institute, orientation/preference, dream interpretation (Ellen Degeneres), health issue.

Session 447, 8/17/99

“The Possibility of the Impossible”
“Experience Is the Key”
“Energy Exchanges”

Participants: Mary, Joanne, Marj, Ted.

Topics: C9 entity, exchanging with aspects of self, Gildae, tile, merging with chair, dream interpretation (Joanne, tree), Joanne’s intent.

Session 448, 8/18/99

“The Illusion of Confidence”

Participants: Mary, Jeremy, Lacy.

Topics: new job, confidence & knowing, impatience, other focuses (Jeremy); Lacy’s intent, number of focuses, orientation, Karen, vampire & werewolf imagery.

Session 449, 8/18/99

“Misinterpreting Your Inner Voice”

Participants: Mary, Gina.

Topics: other focuses, color tone, energy center alignment, intent, perception of projected energy, dream interpretation (hands), essence names for family, business venture.

Session 450, 8/19/99

“What Is an Expression of Essence?”
“People-izing Consciousness”

Participants: Mary, Joe.

Topics: charity, manifesting an apple, walking through walls, accessing other focuses.

Session 451, 8/21/99

“Creating Menopausal Imagery”
“Color as an energy Signature”
“Simultaneous Primary Aspects”

Participants: Mary, Letty.

Topics: numbness in hands, menopause, color as vibrational quality of essence, Janeau’s fear of being away from family & intermediate expression, new nephew, dream interp (young man & dying horse/glasses), perception.

Session 452, 8/22/99

“Manifesting Money”
“People-izing Creatures”
“The Key Is Individual Expression”

Participants: Mary, Lorraine.

Topics: essence info, manifesting money, relationship, need for acknowledgment from others, breast biopsy, “people-izing” animals.

Session 453, 8/22/99

“AIDS/Immune System Diseases”
“Distortion/Translations of Energy”
“Relationships/Different Orientations”

Participants: Mary, Jim.

Topics: white & magenta energy centers, immune systems diseases, game entry, musical tone & color, Jim’s color, probable reality connected with Sean, sounds & energy centers, health issues with ponies & goats, essence info for Jean, soft/common relationship.

Session 454, 8/24/99

“A Breakpoint in Belief Systems”
“Being the Example of the Sapling”

Participants: Mary, Nathan.

Topics: the Grand Cross, 1999 & breakpoint energy, helpfulness to others in conflict, Native American focus, clues to group focuses, psychedelic mushroom experience, fasting, nutrition, karma.

Session 455, 8/25/99

“The Language of Perception”
“Will Elias Dictate Books?”
“In Reality, It Matters Not!”

Participants: Mary, Paul.

Topics: question about session not getting taped, not formulating a question, different orientations in a relationship, interaction with others in conflict, freedom & confusion, creativity, personal trauma of the shift, waves in consciousness, belief system of “certain senses,” dream of Elias books.

Session 456, 8/26/99

“Rationale vs. Spontaneity”
“I Am Not Predicting the Future!”

Participants: Mary, Jeremy.

Topics: Mike’s question about his job, Six Flags imagery, spontaneity & surprise, Kyah, Tunasa, interconnectedness with Mikah, Sarah, Captain Bridger, Alluvia, orientation, essence info for family, number of female focuses, Hadiyah.

Session 457, 8/26/99

“Creating a Window into Self”
“Lost in the Labyrinth of Fear”
“The Camouflage of Nonexistence”

Participants: Mary, Daryl.

Topics: fear, box & window analogy, stick & ball analogy, control issues, Cedric, Robert, past merging experience, number of focuses, Dale & James’ orientation.

Session 458, 8/27/99

Topics: moving through belief systems (noticing+recognition+identification-+addressing+it matters not+acceptance), taking time to analyze, obstacles and expectations, triggers, what your choices are, intent vs. want, THE END OF MONEY/EXCHANGE, reasons for focusing on money, YOU are the primary element, justification for choice of direction, reasons for wanting money, exploring other possibilities, fame AND fortune.

Session 459, 8/27/99

“Y2K: Extremes & Polarizations”
“Engage Your No-Conflict Scenario”

Participants: Mary, Betsy.

Topics: Y2K, weather & global change in the shift, crossing over in acceptance & intolerance, predictions of trauma, marriage, no-conflict scenario & decisions, focuses with Elias, final focus.

Session 460, 8/28/99

“Actions of Disengagement”
“The True Identification of Worth”
“Twitches & Rashes & Bellies, Oh My!”

Participants: Mary, Rodney.

Topics: acceptance of self & individual worth, shared focuses in Greece, essence names for friends, emotional expression at friend’s death, energy deposit after death, creation of physical imagery after death, twitching lip, midriff weight gain in men, rash, dream interp (girls & taxi).

Session 461, 8/29/99

“Some Thoughts on Thought”
“Tapping into Energy Deposits”
“Parlor Tricks - Red Car Rising”
“Your Perception Creates Your Reality”

Participants: Mary, Howard, Margot.

Topics: levitating car, thought, decision process, mistakes/choice/perception, humming unknown music, question about disengaged family members, Ayn Rand & Victor Hugo, castration in times of Christ, memory.

Session 462, 8/29/99

“The ‘O’ Word - Opportunity”
“The Automatic Response of Defense”
“Your Perception Creates Your Reality”

Participants: Mary, Jene.

Topics: question about job choices, choice in interactions with others, automatic responses; imagery of cars, street names, broken tree limb, situation with niece, focuses with Mikah, Candace & asthma, Quick-Clean.

Session 463, 9/2/99

“Rape, Murder, and Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary, Joe.

Topics: silent witness to crime in relation to belief systems, interceding in devastating events.

Session 464, 9/7/99

“The Measurement of Self”
“Chapter Focuses”

Participants: Mary, Tom.

Topics: orientation, question from Jeneph, subjective influence in manifesting, Karen’s health difficulties, essence name & focuses of different tone, number of focuses, chapter focuses, future focus, differences in expression in orientations, music, essence info for friends.

Session 465, 9/9/99

“Dropping the Veil of Protection”
“There Are No Absolutes”

Participants: Mary, Daryl.

Topics: sneezing, differentiating from other’s energy, invisibility game, moving through fearfulness, light of self, soft orientation, analogy of moving & difference in perceptions of orientation, other focus info, essence info Trisha.

Session 466, 9/9/99

“Near Death Experiences/Spirit Guides”
“Blurring the Separation of Gender”
“Merging Spiritual and Physical”
“The Action of Remembrance”

Participants: Mary, Stephen.

Topics: meaning of essence tone, relationship with Nadia & Mona, essence family intent, near death experience, inner voice, remembrance, gender confusion, spirit guides, relationship with family, Zuli intent.

Session 467, 9/14/99

“The Empathic Sense”
“Energy Surges”

Participants: Mary, Gina.

Topics: oriental focus, empathic sense, connection with neighbor, dream imagery, “slipping” in widening, returning to school and creative direction.

Session 468, 9/15/99

“The Game of Invisible Friends”
“Even Death Is Not an Absolute”

Participants: Mary, Joanne, Marj, Jimmy, Mike.

Topics: Elias talks to children about their worries, emotional geysers, death, previous focus as a game; Joanne’s question about Didi, latent aspects of self, C9, Joanne’s husband’s choice of probabilities.

Session 469, 9/16/99

“The Responsibility of YCYR”
“The Sapling Story Revisited”
“Acceptance Is Not Elimination”

Participants: Mary, Joe.

Topics: Crizi’s lower back pain, acceptance of self and beliefs, acceptance of self and YCYR, little sapling/hole in sand analogy, essence info for others, Sheri’s orientation & Chilean focus, Swiss focus.

Session 470, 9/16/99

“Thoughts vs. Beliefs”
“Redefining Healing”

Participants: Mary, Katie, Jacob.

Topics: Jacob’s question about blocked actions, blue iced tea, definition of healing, Katie’s intent, energy of Mikaki in session, native focus, focus of Maya Richarden, focus in Alexander’s time, identify of final focus after transition, dream imagery of William.

Session 471, 9/19/99

“Moving from Childhood into Adolescence”
“Obstacles, Beliefs, and Acceptance”

Participants: Mary, Lois, Vicki, Vivien, James.

Topics: acne, final focus, Lois’ intent, job situation, financial freedom, pioneer focus.

Session 472, 9/19/99

“Expressions of Emotion”
“The Magic Cage of Duplicity”
“Color in the Beginning of the World”
“The Twin Birds of Control/Lack of Control”

Participants: Mary, Ben, Elisabeth, Gerhard, James, Vicki, Vivien, Pauline.

Topics: holding to vs. holding within energy, steps to acceptance, whirlwind of Step 2 of acceptance, duplicity, color in the beginning of the world, duplicity and emotion, sick elderly mother.

Session 473, 9/20/99

“Parental Responsibility Issues”
“Convoluting the Concept of Orientation”

Participants: Mary, Elisabeth, Gerhard, James, Vicki, Vivien.

Topics: orientation of Gerhard & Elisabeth, personal responsibility issue with son, acceptance of self, essence info for son, confusion in orientation concept, projections of energy.

Session 474, 9/21/99

“A Relationship with a Relationship”
“A Partnership without a Partner”

Participants: Mary, Jim, Vivien, Vicki.

Topics: ending a relationship, daughter’s marriage.

Session 475, 9/22/99

“Beliefs: Sexuality and Duplicity”
“Beliefs: Death and Reincarnation”
“Beliefs: Your Reality Creates You”

Participants: Mary, Carole, Elisabeth, Gerhard, Jan, Jim, Monica, Tom, Vicki, Vivien, Anne, Bert, Dale, Diane, Greta, Julie, Marguerite, Susan, and Susan.

Topics: sexuality wave in consciousness, energy in session, distinguishing energy from self or others, orientation and thought/emotion focus, a son’s suicide, “right” choices, dream interp Vivien (Julie in art gallery), death as a choice, reincarnation, higher purpose.

Session 476, 9/24/99

“Physical Affectingness of the Energy Exchange”

Participants: Mary, Vicki.

Session 477, September 24, 1999

Topics: Mary’s physical affects from the energy exchange, increased volume of energy in the exchange.

Session 478, 9/25/99

“The Strength of Automatic Responses”
“Dreams, Dreams, and More Dreams!”

Participants: Mary, Vivien, Elisabeth, Gerhard, James, Vicki.

Topics: Vivien’s physical affectingness from energy exchange, Elias’ interaction with James, dreams (oriental woman, two women, Elaine in boat, brother died, canals, sick husband, children in pink helmets, Disney gang), other focus info, channeling Miriam, black spidery thing, OOB experiences.

Session 479, 9/28/99

“Playful Energy Deposits”
Milumet Alignment”

Participants: Mary, Lisa.

Topics: essence info, gender preference of essence, dispersed essence & shift, Milumet alignment, essence info for friends, other focus info, energy deposit in garden, work situation.

Session 480, 9/29/99

“Expectations within Relationships”
“The orientation of Soft”
“Get Some New Shoes”

Participants: Mary, Sheri.

Topics: creating a romantic relationship, connection to Prann, backache, soft orientation, Ramona, essence info for friends, money, fragmentation, electrical greeting, dream of blue balloons.

Session 481, 9/30/99

“Aspects/Alternate vs. Probable Selves”
“Probable vs. Alternate Realities”
“The Big Picture is REALLY BIG”

Participants: Mary, Joe.

Topics: probable selves, Elias’ objective awareness in sessions, dimensions within this reality, aspect selves.

Session 482, 10/13/99

“YCYR - Concept vs. Reality”
“Other Beings/Cousins”
“Chapter Dreams”

Participants: Mary, Letty.

Topics: joint pain, asthma, eyesight and surgery, dreams of weddings, leaving conflicting situation, YCYR and others, four dreams of intimacy and relationships.

Session 483, 10/14/99

“Turn Your Attention to Self”
“The Camouflage of Self-Sacrifice”
“Alzheimer’s/The Action of Transition”

Participants: Mary, Marcos.

Topics: Alzheimer’s, transition, window dream, repulsive other focuses, choice and others, self-sacrifice.

Session 484, 10/14/99

“Moving Back Into the Storm”
“Beliefs: Pain and Death”

Participants: Mary, Daryl.

Topics: addressing to issues and beliefs, pain and distraction, sneezing, giving up and disengaging, addressing to issues after death.

Session 485, 10/16/99

“Creature Consciousness”
“Probabilities as Potentiality”

Participants: Mary, Lorraine.

Topics: orientation, essence info for friends, animals and death, consciousness vs. essence, missing dog, animal rights movement and the shift, shared focuses and question about Pete, action of the shift, imagery of chiggers, human vs. animal reactions, creatures and emotion.

Session 486, 10/16/99

“The Action of Fragmentation”
“Trauma within the Shift”
“On Automatic Pilot”

Participants: Mary, Ben, Joanne, Lorraine, Luanne, Marj, Rodney, Ted, Barbara, Darlene, Denise, Diane, Gary, John, Joyce, Kathy, Lidia, Marianne, Meira, Patricia, Regan.

Topics: essence info for all of group, essence family language, unusual death circumstances, numbness or insensitivity to trauma, fragmentation, impatience, haphazard choices, auto-pilot, speaking in tongues, hearing tones.

Session 487, 10/19/99

“More Info on Orientation”
“You Are Not Commodities!”
“Objective Triggers”

Participants: Mary, Lynda.

Topics: common orientation, about Millie, control, memory of Scotland, triggers to other focuses, balance.

Session 488, 10/20/99

“Explanations and Definitions”
“The Concept of Acceptance”
“Beliefs: Reincarnation”

Participants: Mary, Claire, Jennifer, Marisa, Tamara, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Hannah, Julie, Kerry, Leah, Natty.

Topics: Natty’s fear of the dark, reincarnation, manifesting in groups, soul mates, acceptance and detachment, forum format, RA1, communicating with animals.

Session 489, 10/21/99

“Domestic Creatures”
“Beliefs: Monogamy”

Participants: Mary, Lisa.

Topics: people-izing pets and a fearful dog, ex-boyfriend, monogamy, game entry.

Session 490, October 22, 1999

Session 491, 10/23/99

“Paramhansa Yogananda”
“Beliefs: Karma”

Participants: Mary, Rodney.

Topics: number of current focuses, value in meeting a focus in the same time frame, license plate imagery, essence info for friends, soft orientation, imagery of painful toes, focuses with Lorraine, Paramhansa Yogananda.

Session 492, 10/26/99

“A Temporary Identify Crisis”
“Essences Are Everywhere!”

Participants: Mary, Joanne, Luanne, Marj, Ted.

Topics: Michael’s mean teacher and his fearfulness, Jimmy’s psychic abilities, Didi and temporary splinter focus, Julianna, merging with other focuses, extra voices on tape, Dominique, Milumet activity, sense of anticipation, back pain, winning the lottery, bumps on hands, dream of giving birth, dream of sisters exchanging hair.

Session 493, 10/26/99

“Bridging Science and Religion”
“The Dream Mission/The Equation”
“The Remembrance Is Not a Memory”

Participants: Mary and Paul.

Topics: perennial philosophy, mysticism, “natural abilities,” dream mission explanation, subjective and objective imagery, individual language, the remembrance, feeling tone, the equation, dream/OOB with future Paul.

Session 494, 10/27/99

“Focuses as Mirror Images of Essence”
“Beliefs: You Do Not Create Your Reality”
“Being Physical and Nonphysical Simultaneously”

Participants: Mary, Leslie.

Topics: meaning of “as always,” questions about Elias, physical symptoms, blaming essence, final focus, dis-ease/death/probability, relationship with Elias, relationship with husband, liver imagery.

Session 495, 10/28/99

“Redefining Healing”
“Personal Responsibility Issues”

Participants: Mary, Jene, Mike.

Topics: other focus validation, Quick-Clean, intent, didactic ability in healing, concept of healing, color and musical not for Candace, speeding up metabolism, distraction, Step 2 to acceptance, personal responsibility, finding an interest, Australia trip.

Session 496, 10/29/99

“Noticing Automatic Responses”
“Beliefs: Cause and Effect”

Participants: Mary, Lynda.

Topics: writing, benefit of current situation, “real” jobs, influence of other focuses, relationships within group manifestations.

Session 497, 11/1/99

“Why Am I Blocking Happiness”
“The Elusive Concept of Acceptance”
“Create a Partnership with Yourself First”

Participants: Mary, Joseph.

Topics: looking for a life partner, accepting vs. eliminating belief systems, blocking happiness, astrology.

Session 498, 11/2/99

“Objective/Subjective Imagery”
“Creating Probabilities”

Participants: Mary, Jeremy.

Topics: a joke, questions for Carmel, group activity with Paul and Jim, dream interp (Mary and Alaska; table-tipping), probable selves, energy realignment, beliefs about stealing, probability of children in 2001.

Session 499, 11/4/99

“Exploring Probabilities”
“Creating What You Want”

Participants: Mary, Joe.

Topics: exploring probabilities, creation and thought process.

Session 500, 11/4/99

“Noticing Automatic Responses”
“Creating a New Direction”

Participants: Mary, Daryl.

Topics: box of fear creation, automatic responses, mole, waking up sneezing, length of subjective interaction with Elias, other focus info.

Session 50P, 2/4/00

Topics: a conversation between George, Ron, and Patel about the energy exchange, changes in the next decade, beliefs and ice/water/steam analogy, maggot on the keyboard.

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