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Sunday, November 24, 1996

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ďEnergizer NormĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Norm (Stephen), and Reta (Dehl).

Vicís note: This session was unplanned. Norm and Reta arrived a few hours before our regular session time to chat, and ended up chatting with Elias. And boy, can Norm chat! He certainly has no inhibitions about asking Elias questions! The energy was truly amazing.

Elias arrives at 4:28 PM. (Time was eighteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon, once again! (Grinning, as we had just had a private session with Jim)

NORM: Good afternoon. Weíre working you pretty hard, huh? (Elias chuckles) I really appreciate being able to talk in a private session like this. I had an experience as a teenager where I wanted to be able to do this sort of thing. When I was fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen, I looked at a lot of Eastern religions and attempted to do various things, and I think I probably also did an out-of body experience, but I kind of got worried that I really didnít have any direction from anybody, so I had some fear, and Iíve got to overcome that fear now that Iím able to talk to you. One of my questions would be, and what I wanted to do when I was sixteen, is to have the ability to talk to, say, a master, if I may call you that. Would it be possible to, and is it worthwhile for me to consider the ability to ask you questions on a basis of when I get stuck in my development of the ability to focus in other areas? Can I feel that I can come to you and get answers? All I want is a hint now and then to help me go in the right direction, because it is not trivial. So do you have any comment in regard to what I have said?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that I am always available for helpfulness if you are wishing to avail yourself of this. As to your question of a personal master, no. You may not refer to this essence as master.

RETA: Teacher?

NORM: Teacher. Are there masters? Are there teachers that would consider themselves masters?

ELIAS: No. I express to you, there are no masters. There are different areas of consciousness that you may be focused in, and there are different intents that you may hold, but no essence is greater than any other essence. Therefore, there are no essences greater than yourself.

NORM: Over the years, I quite often, not every night but probably four or five or six times a month when I kind of get stuck on various things, I will wake up at three or four oíclock in the morning and a word or an idea will be in my mind, and it is the answer to what I have been seeking. Is this the sort of thing that I should really promote as an opening of a channel to information from my entity, or from others that are outside of our focus?

ELIAS: I express to you that information that you receive during your dream state is information that you pull from Regional Area 2 to be helpful to yourself. This is an interpretation of your own individual language of essence to self or focus. You are in communication with your essence continuously. Within your dream state, you utilize this time element creatively to be translating your creations into objective awareness. You create initially within Regional Area 2 and you translate this into Regional Area 1, which is your objective consciousness. Your communication lies within your dream state. Therefore, your concentration upon this state of consciousness holds great importance.

Therefore, yes. Your concentration and your attention to this state would be helpful to you and instructional to you. Many times, you accomplish translating your subjective activity into language that you may understand objectively and promote within your waking state. All of the interaction and information that occurs within this state is translated into objective focus. You are not always aware objectively of the connection, but there is always a flow. You offer yourselves the opportunity to view, at times, the bleed-through with your own symbolism and translation into objective symbols that you recognize, that you may be accomplishing certain activity within waking state.

NORM: One question that I had is, in the Region 2 that you are in, there are many essences or entities that have finished their cycle. Iíve looked at all of the families, and it appears that nowhere does it state that there are scientists or mathematicians. The only family that I guess I could put them under directly would be the Sumari. Thereís two parts to this question. Are there engineers and scientists and mathematicians in Region 2 that are active in Region 2, and what family do they belong to?

ELIAS: In actuality, you have expressed many questions within this question! First of all, I shall clarify; I do not occupy Regional Area 2 of consciousness. This area of consciousness is the area of consciousness that is designated by you to be encompassing your subjective activity, individually and en masse. Therefore, it is directly connected with Regional Area 1, which is your waking consciousness; your physical focus.

Also, individuals that you view to be departed do not occupy Regional Area 2. As has been stated, this area of consciousness is directly related to your activity. It is all of your subjective activity. Therefore, individuals that have chosen to disengage physical focus, temporarily or otherwise, and move into an area of transition, move to what you may designate as Regional Area 3. This is different, within action, from the area of consciousness in which you create all elements affecting physical focus. This is Regional Area 2.

NORM: I understand. I think I understand that now.

ELIAS: As to your questioning of scientists or mathematicians occupying any area of consciousness non-physical, I express to you that scientists or mathematicians are relative to physical focus. Therefore, there are areas of consciousness that may hold deposits which have been designated as world views. These are areas of consciousness; concentrations of impression upon consciousness that are available to all to be drawn upon; information and knowledge in what you may think of as ďstoredĒ within areas of consciousness, although they are not archives! They are flowing action of energy which may be accessed by any individual within physical focus.

Each physical focus holds its own relative science, in your terms. Not all physical focuses use this word, for they each hold their own individual language; but within your terms and language, each different area of physical focus or dimension holds their own concept of science and mathematics, or an equivalent of these. Therefore, each is relative only to their individual physical focus. These are languages that you have created for your own explanations within physical focus. Mathematics is relative to this earth focus; this particular dimension. Within another dimension and physical focus, this concept, this language, holds no meaning. It holds meaning to you, for you have created this as a language. Scientists use mathematics as a language, for this is what it is.

NORM: The scientists and mathematicians in this focus have attempted to explain, and not very well, the true reality. I agree that itís a long way away from the true reality of this focus or Region 1, but we are attempting to understand the operation. Because of the operation of this physical focus, weíve developed a technology. One of the questions would be, has the technology that weíve developed here in this physical focus helped our species? But then, is there also a curiosity in Region 3 about the operation of how the physics of operation of Region 3 operates? And so there are two questions here. Has our mathematics and physics and engineering technology helped the species here in Region 1, and wouldnít there be an equivalent that would help in Region 3 also?

ELIAS: As to your initial question, your technology has benefited your species. You always benefit your species!

You create continuously. You view this in terms of progress. You view this in terms of linear movement, as learning and growing and moving forward. I express to you that this movement is an allowance of more of your creative abilities. As you widen your awareness of self and of consciousness and of All That Is, you also become more creative within your expressions. Therefore, you express more, and you express more creatively. This is not to say that you expressed inefficiently within different eras. You express efficiently within each given era. You choose certain experiences which you, within your linear time frame, may look at and see a history.

You, within your perception, may look to your past, so to speak, and you may make sense of your progress, for you may follow a progressive learning pattern of development. In actuality, this is not the physics or mechanics of what you create; although partially it is, for it is your creation! You have created this method quite efficiently; but within other terms, each century creates its own focus and its own inventions, so to speak, in accordance with its intent and desire.

Therefore, you may also look to your history linearly, and you may find inconsistencies. You do not view these, for you eliminate this from your thought process. Those elements that do not agree with your thought process linearly and historically are eliminated. Therefore, you block this information. If you are realistically looking at your history, you may find time periods, centuries, in which your achievements, in your terms, are equally great to those of your present time. You may view certain time periods of certain achievements that surpass present-day achievements, even with all of your technology!

NORM: Atlantis?

ELIAS: This is an alternate reality; not part of this reality that you experience. This information is a bleed-through of another dimension. Bleed-throughs from other dimensions occur continuously. This is how you obtain information of other dimensions that you do not view personally yourselves. Within your own dimension, you have held time periods in which subjective expression was allowed much more freedom, and in this, your accomplishments would now be viewed as miraculous.

RETA: Would that be the period of the pyramids?

ELIAS: This being one time period. There are several time periods that, if you are viewing these time periods, you may express to yourselves an inconsistency of a progressive, linear movement; but as I have expressed, you do not view this in your terms of rationale. You only allow for those elements of information that correlate to what you believe.

NORM: Did we have a focus, the four of us here, in those time periods, like in the Egyptian time periods? And does the word Gethsemane mean anything to me and my entity?

ELIAS: (Accessing) This word holds significance to you within the area of another focus.

NORM: In that time period?

ELIAS: Correct

NORM: In the Egyptian time period.

ELIAS: No. Within a time period of early manifestation of Christian belief systems. Therefore, this word holds significance to you.

NORM: Would that be before the Egyptian time period?

ELIAS: This would be (pause) subsequent to what you are viewing as your Egyptian time period. As to your questioning of your shared focuses, yes. You do hold shared experiences with these individuals also. You may be investigating of these within the forum of your new game. (Referring to what we call a TFE)

NORM: Getting back to Region 3 and the operation of Region 3, itís been stated that nobody knows everything, and everybody is using their creativity and their action to try to understand whatever region they are in. That is a true statement; that everybody, no matter what region they are in, they always have a problem understanding the operation of that region?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is dependent upon their desire and intent. Many individuals move through individual focuses non-questioning.

NORM: So they donít need to know the answers.

ELIAS: Some individuals question, some do not. It also is dependent upon your manifestation. There are many elements that you may consider to be involved within the reasoning of this action of which you speak, but it is not necessary that every individual questions the area of consciousness that they occupy. It also is not the case that all individuals question. Some individuals question.

As to your questioning of Regional Area 3, this is an area of consciousness of transition. There are other actions that occupy this area of consciousness also, but within your understanding and your awareness of action, you may be more closely aligned with the notions of the action of transition for this area of consciousness.

As to the idea of the mechanics of this area of consciousness, or the physics of this area, or the mathematics, or method (pause, grinning)

NORM: Operation.

ELIAS: of this area of consciousness, you are thinking in terms of physical focus. You are attempting to reach into another area of consciousness, and translate the action of that area of consciousness into this area of consciousness; which, they are different actions. They are different languages. There are some translations, but these translations also, in some elements, hold distortions; for you automatically translate into terms that you understand.

NORM: Iím looking at group analogies here, group characteristics of operations in Region 3 and Region 1. The operations there could be entirely different, but there still could be a characteristic of those that could be the same. Iím just trying to tie it together in terms that Iím aware of.

ELIAS: This is correct. All areas of consciousness translate, although you may not understand the translation, for they are all connected and intertwined. There are actions that occur within Regional Area 3 that are connected with this Regional Area 1.

NORM: But theyíre also connected ...

RETA: Let me ask a question. If you say Area 3, Region 3, is more or less for transition, then what is Region 4?

NORM: Transition to what, is really the question.

RETA: No, transition is ...

NORM: Itís a transition to what ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) This area of 4 is the area of consciousness that Elias occupies.

RETA: There you go! I understand that.

NORM: Itís Region 3.

RETA: No, 4. Transition meaning from life to death? Change?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Transition is 3 where you change, and 4 is where Elias is. I had that one right.

NORM: Oh, I see. Okay.

RETA: How about 5? Or 6? Am I going too far? (Elias is grinning)

NORM: It goes on and on. Is that true?

ELIAS: Infinite.

NORM: And Mary, as Michael, is a facilitator of your communication from Region 3 and 4 to Region 1. Then there would be somebody in your region that can communicate to Region 5 and 6, like Michael is doing here?

ELIAS: There are many differences. There is not the thickness within these areas of consciousness that you hold within your time element within physical focus. You not only hold your time element or dimension, but you also hold your singularity; and in this, you create a thickness of consciousness. Within other non-physical areas of consciousness, this thickness is not a concern. Therefore, it is unnecessary for a medium for crossing over other areas of consciousness. I presently am focused within many areas of consciousness.

NORM: Iíve wanted to develop a lot of capabilities, and I always felt that one of the capabilities that I should do is to be able to be like a medium, because when I get up in Region 3 or Region 4 or wherever, I should have that capability there too, and I want to prepare myself to do that, but evidently itís going to be easier to do it if I get there.

RETA: Once you get there.

NORM: Once I get there, or whatever.

ELIAS: I shall express ... the term of ďeasierĒ may be misleading! (Laughter) It shall be different.

NORM: It shall be different, but youíll have the experience and the confidence that you can do it. That helps, to have that experience.

ELIAS: This being the reason that you engage Elias presently; for your desire in accomplishing the action of transition, and also an action of engaging the shift within this physical focus; therefore preparing yourself previous to what you think of as departure from physical focus.

NORM: I want to ...

RETA: You want to do everything all at once!

NORM: I want to do everything! (Laughing)

RETA: Well, we just have to expand ourselves!

NORM: One of the concepts that Iíve had, and you have been in physical focus, is the simultaneity of time and the concept of now, or everything is converging into a now from all over. Does the analogy work with you that time is like one of the dimensions that we have in this physical focus, but if youíre outside of this physical focus, you can just look down the axis of time and see it from infinity in one direction to infinity in the other direction? Can you actually do that? I mean, can you look down the axis of time?

ELIAS: There is no axis of time.

NORM: Can you just view into time?

ELIAS: Time is a dimensional creation of physical focus. Therefore, within non-physical areas of consciousness, it holds no significance.

RETA: Isnít that wonderful?

ELIAS: There is no line that you may look to one end, and extending to another end.

NORM: Okay, that doesnít work! (Laughing)

RETA: So in your time, in Eliasí Region 4, thereís no change. Youíre just there, and experiencing it.

ELIAS: There is continual change.

RETA: Okay, thatís ...

NORM: But itís not with time, itís with action.

ELIAS: Quite. You view time to be the element of change. Time is an element. It is not the cause for the effect, for there is no cause and effect. It is a creative invention that you have produced; a dimension within your physical focus to aid your experience. It allows you a slowing of motion of consciousness, that you may view singularly; that you may view events and experiences singularly.

RETA: So we really should savor the moment. When weíre talking about stop and smell the roses, weíre talking about using that time to savor each individual moment.

ELIAS: Absolutely. You have created this dimension intentionally for its experience. Within non-physical focuses, you do not hold time elements. You are aware of the simultaneousness of all action and all consciousness. All elements occur at once.

(Intently) You within physical focus have chosen the experience of this cycle for the slowed individual singularity and purity of each experience; the clarity of each experience. You have created senses which create your experiences. Experiences outside, so to speak, as you view them, of your body do not occur, and then you notice through your senses. Your senses create the experiences.

RETA: What am I going to do without roses and smells in the other dimensions? Flowers ...

NORM: Do you remember your cycles on this earth with a great deal of pleasure or feeling or emotion?

ELIAS: Within the area of consciousness that I presently experience, there is no necessity for emotion. This is a translation into physical focus also. That which you view of Elias in expression of emotion, such as laughter or jovial, seriousness or very intense, these are expressions translated into this area of consciousness, for you understand these symbols. If you were to interact with this entity in its true expression, you would not listen.

NORM: I would not what?

RETA: Listen.

NORM: I would not listen!

RETA: When you get to level 4 like you are, do you gather all your counterparts back into one essence? Have you gathered everything together?

ELIAS: First of all, this is no level, for there are no levels.

RETA: I know, but the idea of that. Have you brought all of your focuses and counterparts back together to be one essence at that point?

ELIAS: Essence is essence. Each focus is not assimilated into essence. I am aware of all of my essence focuses, and am actively involved with each, and hold awarenesses beyond the individual focuses, but each focus is individual and holds its own integrity. Therefore, they are not assimilated into a ďthing.Ē

NORM: I feel that I have an intent, and I donít know if Iíve fulfilled the intent in my life so far, but you similarly have an intent.

ELIAS: Quite. Each element of consciousness, even to the links of consciousness, holds intent.

NORM: And of course, that would be difficult to explain, I suppose, in our focus, or would it?

ELIAS: True; but I shall express to you that your intent is being accomplished within every moment of your existence. Therefore, to express that your intent has not been accomplished within your lifetime as to this point is incorrect, for to this point, your intent has been fulfilled to its point. (Smiling)

NORM: I donít know how good, well, good and bad is something else, but at least I think Iíve done something. My intent has moved along. Iíve had some action in my intent.

RETA: What about the family? Did you ... Did he guess right on his family? Sumari?

NORM: Iím either ... Iím not sure what I am yet. Iím not sure.

RETA: No points!

NORM: No points yet! I guess Iíll have to say Iím Sumafi, with an alliance with Sumari, or the other way around. I think I am Sumafi.

ELIAS: Correct. You are Sumafi, and you align with ... ?

NORM: Sumari. No? Ilda, then. (Pause) Gramada?

ELIAS: One point!

RETA: Good for you!

NORM: Okay. I was extremely disappointed when I was in the Korean war, wanting to be a teacher of military people in the Korean war, and I was recommended by majors. All the classes that I took during the Korean war in technology, I did very well, and they wanted me to teach the technology of analog computers at that time, which hardly anybody realized, and I was not allowed to be a teacher and it was a great disappointment in my life, so I guess maybe that ... I could have been a college professor ...

RETA: Yeah, and I wanted him to be a college professor!

NORM: And I guess my Gramada, or whatever, did something else.

RETA: He still could be a college professor!

ELIAS: Quite!

RETA: Youíre just being difficult!

NORM: One question. I have been able to control most of my medical problems with objective science, and about three years ago I decided to look into the subjective world to control my life and how I will proceed for the rest of my life, and I wanted to be able to control how my body is being created by my mind, but one of the difficulties that Iím having is controlling the problem of tinnitus, which is a very high ringing in the ear. Iíve heard that, I believe it is, is it you, Ron? Some people can experience a ringing in the ear that is a result of a channel trying to get through to you. Now, is that the problem, or is it an idea that I had and a guilt feeling that I had in North Carolina when I was about twenty years old? Well, Iím trying to figure out how I can control the ringing in my ear. Do you have any comment in regard to that? It is very, very annoying.

ELIAS: You choose certain manifestations for your attention. I shall express to you that you are partially correct within interpretation, in expressing that some individuals experience this type of action or symptom when preparing for interaction with another essence. You may also experience this same symptom when you are preparing to interact with your own essence. I shall also express that this action is quite common in the response to expansion of neurological pathways within your physical brain.

NORM: The logical pathways within the physical brain?

ELIAS: Within your physical brain, you hold neurological pathways, which you use little of. As you endeavor to widen your awareness, you also open, at times, some of these neurological pathways. You shall experience physical symptoms resulting from this action. Some individuals may experience discomfort that they express to be headache. Some individuals express this ringing or sound within their ear. This is an action of opening. These openings of neurological pathways are what you may view as temporarily uncomfortable, for it is an action that you are unfamiliar with presently.

NORM: But I donít need to really worry about it.


VICKI: May I interject for one moment? We need to either wind it up or change the tape, one of the two. Itís up to you guys.

NORM: Could we return for a few minutes afterwards?

ELIAS: Acceptable.

NORM: Thank you.

BREAK 5:20 PM.
RESUME 5:29 PM. (Time was one second)

ELIAS: Continuing.

NORM: One of the questions is in regard to the relationship of the brain, and not using parts of the brain, and our thinking mechanism. And then, what happens when we have out-of-body experiences in the waking state, and then we have out-of-body experiences in the dreaming state? It seemed to me that, and I think I did have an out-of-body experience when I was fifteen or sixteen years old, that I was able to think as well in that out-of-body experience. I looked down on my body and there it was. Iím trying to figure out what the relationship is between my physical brain and my real ability to think. It felt like I had some kind of a spiritual essence or a spiritual form that came out of my body and moved with me in my bedroom, in Sioux City, Iowa in 1945 or 1946. So is it true that my thinking has really nothing to do with my brain?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This engagement is quite amusing! Once again, we shall take your questions in order, of questions within one question!

RETA: Thatís how he talks all the way! (Elias is still chuckling)

ELIAS: You engage the action of what you term to be out-of-body experiences within waking state, within sleeping state, consciously, unconsciously, in your terms, within altered states, in your terms. You may experience out-of-body action, so to speak, within what you term to be a daydream. Within missing time, as you experience, you are experiencing an out-of-body. You experience this action much of your time. You are not aware objectively of this action, for you do not translate into your objective language the action that you are engaged in.

As to your thinking while you are engaged in this action of out-of-body; the action of physical thought is quite valuable if you may train yourself to be consciously, objectively consciously, aware within the action of out-of-body experience. Thought processes are a creation of physical focus. You think in terms of language, which is symbolic. Thoughts, within physical focus, are symbolic energy. They are symbols. They are a language. Therefore, it would be helpful to you if you allowed yourselves to train your objective consciousness, your thought processes, to mingle with your subjective activity and create an efficient language for translation of subjective activity into objective knowing. You do not remember your experiences out-of-body, for you have not created this language to be translating subjective activity. Therefore, you have no frame of reference within your objective, waking state. You then are left with ďblank space.Ē

NORM: Not even feelings or intuition.

ELIAS: You are attempting to translate non-physical, subjective consciousness action into objective consciousness; this being the same as what you expressed earlier within the action of Regional Area 3, and wishing to know the mechanics of this area of consciousness. You are attempting to label experiences which do not fit within this area of consciousness. Therefore, they must be translated. All that you view is a translation. All that you think is a translation. Within other areas of consciousness, thought is not what you ďthink!Ē

RETA: So we have to learn, or find steps to take, to get more of that subjective material into our life.

ELIAS: Notice Michaelís dream mission! This shall be your key.

RETA: Michaelís dream?

NORM: Dream mission.

VICKI: Could I ask one quick question about that? So our thoughts would be the same sort of translation process analogous to the dream imagery?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Not the language, the thought.

ELIAS: You also, Lawrence, are lending much energy in this mission; for as the twin, you engage the objective aspect of the translation, noticing the physical, objective motion of translation of all of your action and thought and probabilities. Michael endeavors to be discovering the subjective action. Together, these twins engage the same mission within different aspects, complementing each other and also lending energy to the accomplishment of this mission, so to speak. You are both accomplishing well.

It will be requiring much of your time element, for you automatically translate your thought processes and your understanding. Your perceptions are clouded. You automatically, without thinking, create these translations. You look automatically to those elements which you are familiar with; those elements that you know. You attempt to define consciousness in terms of mathematics and logic. You may not define illogical, irrational action logically! (Laughter)

RETA: Weíve got a ways to go!

ELIAS: You look for physical evidence. You hold physical evidence, but you view selectively and only in the actions that confirm your belief systems; just as throughout your history, you discount other centuries whose subjective action has produced elements as fine as your present technology. In this same manner, those elements which you do not incorporate into your belief systems, you eliminate. Therefore, you discount and you skim over much of your information.

NORM: Donít discount it. The ability to broaden your belief system and to have a completely open belief system is certainly a challenge. Before you finish the cycle here, should it be that you have a very good set of beliefs that do not conflict with each other? The main problem with belief systems, any belief system that you have, is conflicting beliefs within that belief system. Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: There are many belief systems that conflict with other belief systems, and you may hold different belief systems simultaneously that conflict with each other. You may not hold an awareness of all of the belief systems that you align with, and therefore you may hold underlying belief systems that conflict with those that you believe you align with objectively.

RETA: Itís a challenge.

NORM: Is there a categorization? Is there a logical way to align belief systems and then look at the conflicts? Conflicts are not good. Is that a true statement? Conflicts are not good in belief systems.

ELIAS: I shall request of Lawrence to be offering of our truths to Stephen.

VICKI: Presently?

ELIAS: Please. (Norm and Reta watch intently as Vicki proceeds to remove the various objects from the top of the tissue box cover, remove the cover itself, and then hand the box of tissues to Norm)

NORM: What do I believe that is? (Elias is laughing)

VICKI: This is our truths box.

NORM: Thatís our truths box?

RETA: Truths box?

VICKI: Yes. (Elias is still laughing)

NORM: You can take it and blow it and throw it away!

ELIAS: And this belief system, belief system, belief system, belief system, belief system, belief system! (Pulling out a tissue for each belief system and tossing it over his shoulder, as we crack up) (1)

NORM: I get your point! I think! (Norm and Reta got a big kick out of our truths box, and boy, did we laugh!)

RETA: He always asks his questions like heís right. He doesnít ask the question. He asks the question like heís right!

ELIAS: There is no right or wrong! (Here we go with the tissues again!) Wrong belief system! Right belief system! (Much laughter)

NORM: So how do I think???

ELIAS: Therefore, there is no better way that you are attempting to reach at your time of expiration! You are becoming within every moment. Therefore, you are accomplishing. There are no better or worse belief systems to be held at your time of expiration from physical focus, in your terms.

NORM: Elias, is there work that I can do with the rest of the group here? My wife and I, have we had experiences with the rest of the people here in other focuses?

ELIAS: As I have stated this evening to you, yes. You hold connections with these individuals within other focuses. As to the investigation, I shall reiterate that you may investigate these other focuses within the forum of the new game. As to this particular focus, you have drawn yourself to this forum within a knowing and a movement in your intent. As to that intent, you are initiating. Therefore, you may be facilitating in action within this forum. There are no accidents!

RETA: What are the best values that we can give to this group? Or how can we most help?

ELIAS: You shall, within communication of these individuals, realize your action and choose yourselves what you are wishing to be offering. Your intent is aligned with all of these individuals. You hold the intent of furthering movement within this shift in consciousness.

RETA: We definitely believe that, that we want to help this shift. (To Norm) Are you finished? (Norm says yes) If you donít mind, unless you want to leave right now, thatís up to you, I would like to ask you a personal question.

ELIAS: You may.

RETA: Iím having a great deal of ...

ELIAS: How is your red disc? (In reference to a question last week)

RETA: Itís still there! (Laughing) I still look at it and think itís supposed to be there, but I didnít put it there.

ELIAS: Does it still hold anger towards you? (Humorously)

RETA: I think it does!

NORM: It doesnít hold any anger toward you! (Laughing)

RETA: I think it does! We have a son whoís having a great deal of problems, and weíve tried to help him. Heís tried to help himself, but heís not doing well. Can you give us some suggestions on how to go on with this?

ELIAS: My suggestion to you is to be listening to self, and expressing as the straight little sapling. All that you offer and give, if given freely with no expectation, is accepted and helpful. If you hold expectation, then you thwart your effort. If your offering in helpfulness is only an offering in helpfulness, holding no expectation with this offering, it shall be useful within energy; but if you hold wishings, if you express that you wish an outcome, this is an expectation. In this, your energy turns and thwarts your effort. Are you understanding?

RETA: So I just need to be listening and offering? My expectations would be that he would surface and get on his feet.

ELIAS: Precisely. This is an expectation.

RETA: And thatís a hope and thatís a prayer, too. And my thinking is that itís going downhill!

NORM: The more we do, the worse it gets!

ELIAS: You have placed a value judgment upon an individualís choice of experience, for it does not align with your belief system. Therefore, you are unaccepting of their creation of their reality.

RETA: Right now, Iím unaccepting of his action. Right now, Iím unaccepting. Yes.

NORM: And so we treated it like a business deal. We gave him money and expected things in return. Thatís only part of it, but we expected him to accomplish things too, with the capability of all the money that we gave.

ELIAS: If you offer giving freely, you are expressing from essence. If you are offering freely with no expectation, your energy is lent. If you are offering holding expectation through your belief systems, you are placing value judgment upon another individualís creation. Essentially, you may accomplish the same by not offering.

RETA: That could put you between a rock and a hard place!

ELIAS: This being the expression of essence to which you both express that you are wishing to move into. ďHow may I widen my belief systems, Elias?Ē This is how. You are accepting; realizing your belief systems and accepting within practical, mundane life, within your every movement; holding acceptance of the belief systems that you recognize and allowing of your own creation and expression, and those of all others regardless of your belief systems, for there is no right and wrong. These are belief systems. Each individual, every element of consciousness, moves within intent to be value-fulfilled. They may choose actions that are, in your perception, contrary to your own choices, but they choose within their own intent. No choice is the wrong choice. Each choice is the right choice, within probabilities, at the moment chosen, within the awareness that is held at the moment.

RETA: Weíve always tried to make him, all the children, believe that we believe in them. Weíve always put a high trust in them, but they donít always come back with that high trust, that we believe that they should have.

ELIAS: This too holds an expectation.

RETA: Expectation of them ...

ELIAS: Of returned response.

RETA: Of a better lifestyle.

ELIAS: These are natural belief systems, quite widely held within your present physical focus; but they are belief systems.

NORM: If we give, we canít expect.

RETA: And if we donít give, he may fall flat on his face!

ELIAS: This would be this individualís choice and experience.

RETA: Okay.

NORM: Weíve been counseled not to give anymore because he has to ...

RETA: make the choice to get the experience.

ELIAS: It is not your choice to be choosing for another individual. You choose for yourself. If you choose through your desire, and are wishing to be helpful and giving, then you may be; but be offering without expectation.

NORM: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NORM: Thank you again, very, very much.

RETA: And weíll see you again in just a little while!

ELIAS: Quite! Good evening, Sari. (To Cecelia, who recently arrived for our regular session, along with several other people)

CELIA: Good evening.

ELIAS: I shall be returning once again, shortly. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 6:02 PM. (2)


(1) Last year, Ron asked Elias if he would list the truths that he had given us to that point in time. There was a box of tissues sitting on the table in front of Elias, which he presented to Ron as his very own truths box; pulling out some tissues, identifying them as a truth, and handing them to Ron, while also identifying others as belief systems and tossing them over his shoulder. I think this was the first time we ever saw Elias use a prop. We were all hysterical. Later, Ron made wooden tissue box covers for everyone in the group so we could all have our own very special truths boxes.

Digests: find out more about the belief system of truth.

(2) This was an interesting day. We were in session with Jim from 3:12 to 3:36 PM., then with Norm and Reta from 4:28 to 6:02 PM., and then we had our regular session from 7:07 to 9:31 PM. I think this is a first, having three separate sessions with three different groups of individuals consecutively. Mary was fried the next day!

Personal note: I would like to say that I learned a lot while transcribing this session. For example, I am a bit clearer on what I do and do not understand, in regards to all of the information that has been delivered. I realized slight shifts in my own direction of thinking about certain concepts. Also, I now have a greater understanding of why Elias chooses to deliver information in stages or phases, and what he means by the term ďskipping shells.Ē Iím still curious about what happens in Regional Area 26, but I understand that I wouldnít understand! Thanks to Norm and Reta for their energy and questions and enthusiasm. Much appreciated!

Digests: find out more about skipping shells.

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