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Tuesday, August 19, 1997

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“This be your choice!”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), David (Mylo), Dennis (Gaylord), and two new participants, Tim (Gerard) and Wendy (Jude).

Elias arrives at 6:46 PM. (Time was eighteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. Welcome to new essences this evening! And you are requesting audience, that you may inquire?

TIM: Yeah. Can you tell me what you know about me right now? What do you know about me?

ELIAS: What do you know of THIS essence?

TIM: I don’t understand. (Elias chuckles) I know this essence. What do I know about myself? Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS: You know of yourself quite well, and I know of THIS essence quite well, and know of yours also. But what may you express to this essence of myself? (Grinning at Tim)

TIM: Different?? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: What may I express to you that you do not already know of yourself?

TIM: I’m confused again!

DENNIS: Ask about your job.

TIM: Alright. I have this job and I’m thinking about quitting, but I’m not sure if I should quit or not because I need a job to pay for insurance -- I’m sixteen – for my car and all that kind of stuff. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to find a job quick enough. Do you think I should quit this job?

ELIAS: I would express to you initially that this be your choice within probabilities. I may also extend this and express to you that if you are allowing a trust in self, then you may not be apprehensive and worry of whether you may acquire another element of employment within a reasonable amount of your time framework. If YOU are trusting YOU, you shall draw to you those elements that you need or that you perceive that you need, for in actuality they are not needs; but if you are not projecting energy into worrying that you may not find another job within a reasonable amount of your time framework, you shall generate energy to draw to you the type of employment that you seek.

I express to all individuals that it is unnecessary for you to be placing yourself within a situation of uncomfortableness and engaging in activities that you do not “like!” (Grinning at Tim)

TIM: I understand that! Well, what is my essence name?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Gerard.

TIM: Gerard? Can I have the last name too? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) An essence name is not a name. It is merely a vibrational tone quality that identifies the whole of your essence and all of its focuses. It translates into your language within this dimension as a word; this being designated merely in your language. Therefore, it needs only one word, for it is a tone. It is not in actuality a name. Essence names are unimportant. They are merely a designation within your language as a symbol of a tone which is held in vibrational quality within non-physical areas of consciousness, which identifies you as the whole of essence. You presently, as you view yourself to be, are merely one focus of the essence. You are one focus of attention within the vastness of essence.

TIM: I’m one focus of ... what’s an essence? Vastness?

ELIAS: This would be expansiveness. If you view your shore ...

TIM: My shore?

ELIAS: Correct. Think to yourself of your shore at your ocean. View all of the sand upon your shore. Each grain of sand may symbolize one focus of essence, and the entirety of the shore is the vastness of essence.

TIM: Got that. When I’m an adult, when I get older, am I going to be successful? Am I going to have a good job, and have a wife and kids and stuff like that?

ELIAS: This would be your choice! (Grinning at Tim)

TIM: Sure would!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This would be dependent upon your choosing and the direction of your attention, and what you choose to be creating for your attention within your own value fulfillment within this focus. Within probabilities, the most probable probability is that you shall create these things, although you always hold the choice to alter probabilities and change your reality within every moment.

TIM: Did I know my parents in my past life?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Yes. I shall express to you initially that within essence, the essence focuses its attention into physical focuses in conjunction with other essences. Therefore, to your way of thinking, you hold past lives, so to speak, or future lives that you think of within a linear time framework. Therefore, you also identify these focuses as yourself; and in this thought process, essences manifest within physical focus in groups. Therefore, individuals that you interact with presently you have also interacted with within other focuses, although they are not past or future. They are now, for time is simultaneous, and therefore all of your focuses of essence occur presently. In this, you are presently also focused in other time frameworks side by side with these individuals that you now view as your parents. You have been within a different capacity of relationship within other focuses; not necessarily as son to parents, but in relationship as sibling to what you now view as your mother, and you have been in relationship of friendship, and also lover, and also reverse role of father ...

TIM: Reverse role?

ELIAS: ... to the individual you now view as your father.

DENNIS: (To Tim) So you were my father at one point.

TIM: And you were my lover at one point! (Laughter)

DAVID: Aren’t you glad you don’t remember?

DENNIS: Can I ask a question? Elias, in essence, what you’re saying is that there is no past, there is no future?

ELIAS: Correct.

DENNIS: Everything is on the same parallel plane?

ELIAS: Correct.

DENNIS: And your focus can either be focused here or focused there?

ELIAS: It is focused in all of these areas simultaneously. I have offered the analogy of your cameras and lenses. As you view through a lens of a camera, you view one focus, but the lens is only focused in a part of the entirety of the picture. As you view through your camera within this particular physical room, you shall not view the entirety of every element and detail of this room, for you shall focus within the lens to only a part of the whole which may be seen. Within essence, you focus many lenses in many directions and view within many different actions and time frameworks and dimensions and areas of consciousness, all simultaneously.

I also expressed an analogy of your invention of your television. You may view upon your television presently, within your technology and your inventions, that you may watch one picture upon your screen and you may also project several other pictures within portions of your screen and you may be viewing several channels simultaneously, at the same time. This is a similar action to essence; for all that you invent and create within physical focus is a mirror image of what you already know and accomplish within essence, within consciousness.

DENNIS: Why is it so difficult though in this focus to completely ... I know that in some cases, you think that you have a flash-back maybe of what you consider a past life, or maybe you have a flash-forward of what you consider something that’s going to happen. Why is it difficult? Probably it’s the belief system that we have ...

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Belief systems are influencing, but also, this is the design of this physical dimension and your physical focus. You have intentionally, purposefully created within this physical dimension to be singularly focused for the purity of your experience. Therefore, you focus your attention quite directedly, and you do not distract yourself with other information. This also, as I have expressed previously, is altering presently; for you are moving into the action of your shift and widening your awareness, and therefore you encompass more bleed-through elements of other focuses and also other dimensions. You allow yourself more freedom within your objective consciousness to be connecting with other elements of essence and consciousness.

TIM: Why did you choose Mary ... Michael’s body to go into? Why was her body a choice?

ELIAS: This be an interesting question! Initially, this essence was focused within this energy exchange with several physically-focused individuals simultaneously within this present now time framework. This was purposeful initially, for much preparation was still being accomplished with Michael to be accomplishing the extent of this exchange as you view this to be presently. Much time period within this particular focus has been devoted to the preparation of this individual of Michael, of Mary, within this time framework. Although Michael held no objective awareness of the interaction that was occurring subjectively for what you may term to be many years, much preparation was engaged, for this individual holds the ability to “step aside.”

Within your physical focus, most individuals hold very tightly to the direction of their attention. In this, they also hold what they view to be much control of their awareness. Michael holds the ability to let go, and in this, he also affords the opportunity for an energy exchange which may be accomplished without much interference of his own belief systems.

He holds the ability to step away, so to speak, subjectively within consciousness, and allow a pure exchange of energy, and allow this essence to move into the physical body consciousness without interference. Therefore, this essence may be manipulating of brain activity without thought processes, and manipulate the physical body consciousness to be expressing within your language, although not in the manner that it normally operates, as the subjective communication directs it. Therefore, there is little interference of Mary’s belief systems within this focus. This allows a more efficient exchange; for within the intent of this essence, being that of the family of Sumafi, there is great importance placed on the least amount of distortion within information. This may not be accomplished if the exchange is tremendously filtered through the individual’s own belief systems. (Pause)

TIM: Anyone else want to ask a question? I did mine.

WENDY: I have a question. You mentioned the family of Sumafi?

ELIAS: Correct.

WENDY: Can you elaborate on that? What is that?

ELIAS: Within this dimension, within this particular physical focus, there are nine pools of consciousness that may be designated as essence families. These nine essence families are directing of all of your reality, and each individual essence is belonging to one of these nine essence families. Therefore, you and you and you and you and you all belong to an essence family within consciousness which is directing of this particular dimension. Within other dimensions, other pools of consciousness are directing of their reality, and they are different. In this, one essence family of this nine is that of Sumafi; this being the essence family holding the intent of teaching, and also holding and offering information within the least amount of distortion.

WENDY: And we are all of this family, or we are all of different families within this pool?

ELIAS: Presently, within this present forum, all of the individuals here belong to the essence family of Sumafi. Not all individuals belong to the essence family of Sumafi. Many individuals belong to all of the other essence families and engage this forum within audience also at times, although individuals focused presently of essences belonging to the family of Sumafi draw themselves to this forum more readily presently, in recognition in consciousness of what you in physical focus term to be “like-spirit” ... although there are no spirits!

WENDY: No?? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Such disappointment, once again! I am so pleased with popping bubbles! (We’re all cracking up) Fun is very good! Be remembering of this! And if you are not accomplishing fun, disengage your actions!

DENNIS: Thoughts to remember! (Elias chuckles) I guess you play a game in some of your sessions, of being able to pick out traits of certain people and say they’re within a family. At the last meeting, I read the traits and I guess it was (reaching for his notes) Sumari, the Sumari family. I had to get the name of it. Now, Sumari and Sumafi are connected. I guess they’re all connected, but they’re connected in which way, Sumari and Sumafi?

ELIAS: These essence families hold a counterpart action; not in an opposite counterpart and not in a parallel counterpart, but in a different capacity, but hold counterpart action with each other. Therefore, in alignments within an individual focus, many individuals may be choosing to be aligned with the family of Sumari if they are holding or belonging to the family of Sumafi. This is quite common. It is quite common for individuals within a focus to be choosing to be aligning with the family which is counterpart to the family that they are belonging to.

DENNIS: Okay. The last time I had a private session, I asked you a question about Tim, my son, and I’m pretty sure you said he was a fragment of my essence. I guess mine is Gaylord. I just wondered if you could explain that to me one more time, exactly what that means?

ELIAS: Each essence is continuously engaging the action of fragmentation, for this is an action of consciousness. You are continuously within a state of becoming within consciousness, and exploration and expansion, for this is the nature of consciousness. In this, an action of fragmentation occurs continuously with ALL essences. This action would be that of what you would view within physical focus of an emergence of a new essence from what you think of as an existing essence. I am not attempting to be promoting separation, but within your physical thought processes, this action and this concept is very difficult to express within your physical language!

Therefore, view an essence. The essence holds myriads of qualities. Each quality of essence is an element of consciousness. This element of consciousness may express a desire to become its own essence. In this desire and in the agreement of essence of continual fragmentation, the essence fragments this element, which then becomes its own essence, holding its own tone and its own personality and therefore choosing its own independent experiences, but retaining all of the experiences and the qualities of the fragmenting essence. Therefore, there is no separation.

DENNIS: Okay. I understand that now.

ELIAS: It would be likened within your physical focus to you viewing yourself. You realize that you hold many qualities and many abilities. Choose any one ability and create a clone of yourself, merely from the desire of the ability to be its own self.


TIM: I’ve heard all about this new thing that Dad or David said, something about you saying that if you think something can be in physical form, if you really believe it, that it could be created, or something like that.

ELIAS: Correct.

TIM: How can you get yourself to believe that? (Good question!)

ELIAS: This is quite difficult, although you are moving into the action of your shift and you shall be presenting yourselves with more information, and also with objective imagery and bleed-throughs that shall validate your abilities and shall lessen your hold within your belief systems. You hold to belief systems very, very strongly.

Therefore, you may think and think and think, “I am concentrating on materializing a brand-new red vehicle,” and I suggest to you that a brand-new red vehicle shall not appear before your vision, for you truly do not believe that you may accomplish this act; although you may, but your belief systems block the materialization.

Within your time framework futurely, you shall be manipulating within your objective physical focuses in these manners, for you shall not be blocking your abilities with your belief systems and you shall recognize that you may accomplish any action that you choose to be accomplishing. It is merely a question of allowance and non-restriction within your belief systems.

TIM: Is there like a state of mind that you could get to in order to get past this block that blocks your belief system?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a state of mind, but a state of reality in acceptance of belief systems. As you attempt to eliminate belief systems and you direct your thought processes in this manner, you serve merely to reinforce the existing belief systems; for you may not eliminate belief systems within physical focus, but you may be accepting of their reality, and in the acceptance of the reality of the belief systems, you may neutralize their power, and in this you may also allow more freedom within your own abilities.

I may express to you that you may be attempting to move in this direction, in practicing in allowing bleed-throughs in any area without fearfulness, for there is no thing within consciousness to be fearful of; and if you are allowing bleed-through activity, this shall validate to you that there is more beyond merely what you view, and as you validate yourself more and more within these areas, you may also experiment with your own abilities, and this shall be validating to you also. But within your belief systems, I express the likelihood of very small, little steps initially, for you may not be wishing to be overwhelming yourself all at once as does Michael at time periods!

I shall be expressing a break, and you may continue with your questioning if you are so choosing.

BREAK 7:23 PM.
RESUME 7:38 PM. (Time was three seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

TIM: Welcome back! What are my talents? Like, what am I good at? I know of some things I’m good at. Are there any other things I haven’t discovered yet that I’m good at or that I’ll discover later, that maybe you could help me out to discover a little bit earlier? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Within this focus, within your intent – as you develop, in your terms, for you are already developed (grinning) – in expressing of your intent, you shall be moving in pools of probabilities that shall allow you to express within a sensitivity and understanding with other individuals and their experiences, therefore allowing helpfulness to other individuals as they experience elements that they do not understand. You also hold an ability within communication skills that shall be helpful within this intent also. You hold creativity in the area of design of ideas and the ability to express and set forth ideas that may be helpful to other individuals. But presently and continuing futurely, the greatest ability that you hold within creativity and what you view to be talents would be that of being able to assimilate information efficiently and understand the presentment of information in experiences and also conceptually, and therefore being offering of helpfulness to other individuals who hold less of an objective understanding and less of an ability to be manipulating concepts and ideas to be helpful. Are you understanding? (Tim nods, and Elias smiles)

DENNIS: Okay, I’ll ask a question. (To Wendy) Shall I ask along the lines of what you were going to ask?

WENDY: I don’t know what you’re going to ask, so ...

DENNIS: Oh, okay. The question is: I think for some people, and this is just basic, the thought that there is no right or there is no wrong – the concept of someone taking another person’s life – that this is something, according to the conversations I’ve had with Mylo, this is something that was chosen for the experience. It’s hard for some people to grasp the concept that there is no good, there is no bad, there is no right, there is no wrong. Can you expand on that idea and what that means?

ELIAS: Within essence, there is no right and wrong; there is no good and evil. Within consciousness, these do not exist. You create everything within essence for the experience, in the action of becoming and exploring consciousness. I express these concepts to you that you may allow yourselves the opportunity to widen your awareness and allow yourself an expanded view of your reality and the action within it, and also to understand that you are multi-dimensional beings and not only limited to this one physical dimension. Within this one physical dimension, you have purposefully created these belief systems which have served you and shall continue to serve you. Therefore, I do not express to you to be eliminating of belief systems, only to be accepting, and widening your awareness.

Within this particular dimension, you have created an officially accepted reality. In this, you have created your concepts of right and wrong and good and bad. These concepts have been manipulated to extremes in limiting your own abilities. You have carried these belief systems to points that now do not serve you efficiently any longer. They are reality to you within this dimension, but only within this dimension. They mean nothing to another individual physically focused within another dimension, for they are relative only to this dimension; but they are your officially accepted reality. In this officially accepted reality, as you begin to move into the action of your shift, much more information is offered to yourselves. In an understanding of what you present yourselves with, I offer you information that is outside of your belief systems and outside of this one particular physical dimension. Therefore, you may better understand a greater reality and you may engage your periphery within this reality.

I am understanding that many individuals hold great conflict with this particular subject matter, although I may express to you also that it is unnecessary for you to be dwelling on this one belief system, for you hold many belief systems; and the purpose of your shift is not to be eliminating of your belief systems, but to merely be neutralizing their immense power. The belief system of good and bad and right and wrong is far more affecting than merely objective actions that you view within violent acts or unacceptable behavior. (Intently) You are much more damaging to yourselves within this belief system, for you are not accepting of yourselves.

You hold great duplicity, which you reinforce continuously within the belief systems of right and wrong. This is not to say that this is inefficient, but it is ineffective in certain areas. The inefficiency is that you block your own abilities. You do not allow your own creativity, for you hold duplicity. You express to yourselves that you are not good enough, you are not accomplished enough, you are not directed enough. You are continuously discounting of self, and this springs directly from this element of duplicity which has been reinforced throughout your centuries through the belief systems of right and wrong and good and bad, and you do not trust yourselves and your impressions and your abilities; this being also why you look to other individuals to be directing of your reality, for you are trusting of other individuals more. (1)

You choose, within your societies and within your reality, to be setting certain individuals apart as leaders, as directors, as teachers, as priests, as knowing more than you and therefore holding more of an ability to direct your reality. As you move into the action of your shift, the point is for you to be creating of your reality in the direction that YOU choose, and engaging more of your creativity, and NOT looking to other individuals to be expressing HOW you should be creating your reality; for within essence, you shall create your reality within expressions of essence if the belief systems are accepted and their power neutralized, for you shall no longer feel a need to be creating of elements to be altering another individual. This is your officially accepted reality presently. This is what you automatically magnate to; altering another individual’s reality, changing another individual’s thought process, not accepting that whatever be their expression is reality and is no different from your own reality.

This element of duplicity within belief systems becomes exaggerated. If the belief systems are accepted and more of an expression and knowing of essence is allowed to be incorporated into your physical focus, it is unnecessary to be expressing of those elements that you deem to be negative, for you shall not be concentrating so intensely upon all other individuals and all elements outside of self. You shall be concerning yourself with self. Therefore, you need not be hurtful to another individual, for you shall be accepting of other individuals and their creation of their reality; and if you are accepting, you shall not be holding judgment, and if you are not holding judgment, you are not creating and adding to the creation of waves in consciousness to be opposing you.

Therefore, you look to an individual that you may view as a serial killer within your physical focus. You have viewed this action for centuries as very wrong. Therefore, in the judgment you lend energy to its creation, for as you hold the non-acceptance and the judgment of the action and hold judgment upon any other individual’s creation, you lend energy to the creation of the very elements that you detest.

Therefore, within the movement of your shift, you are altering the entirety of your reality. You are moving into a new era of allowance of more of your expression of your own creativity and an expression of essence, and also in an acceptance of belief systems, neutralizing their power. This shall also be eliminating of much of the activity that you view within your world and have viewed within your world for many, many, many, many centuries. This shall be altered, for you choose to alter the entirety of your officially accepted reality and be creating a new reality.

DAVID: So really then, all the bad things, as we call them, all the murders and all that, if we don’t lend energy to them, then really, they’ll never happen. They won’t exist ever again.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. An individual focus may choose, for the experience, within agreement, to experience this act; but you, within knowing and acceptance of belief systems and an understanding that this has been chosen as an agreement with full knowledge of the individuals engaging this action, you shall be accepting of this and not lending your attention to this and therefore not holding a judgment and lessening the creation of these actions, but you may not be within your physical focus entirely eliminating these actions. This be your choice. Within the action of the shift, if you are choosing to be entirely eliminating of these types of experiences, you may; although you shall experience these same types of experiences within another dimension, for they are experiences.

WENDY: Am I understanding that you’re suggesting that we simply accept what we detest? Or if we are not part of an agreement, then we are witness to perhaps someone else’s agreement? Is that the way this happens? Are we to accept what we’re seeing, rather than ...

ELIAS: You merely ...

WENDY: I’m having trouble with the idea of accepting that as something without consequence.

ELIAS: Ah! This may be popping strong bubbles, or not allowing the bubbles to be popped! For within this, I express to you absolutely, there is no consequence within essence. There is no karma.

WENDY: I’m more concerned with consequence within one’s physical reality; not so much with the essence itself, but with this grain of sand.

ELIAS: Correct. Within your physical reality, you create consequences, for this is your belief system.

WENDY: I do. You’re right. For someone who ...

ELIAS: You ALL do.

WENDY: ... does not perceive their action as inappropriate, for someone who creates an act, perhaps ending a life or causing someone’s pain, causing another grain of sand pain or anguish or harm in some way, and the entity causing this problem does not view it as inappropriate or wrong in any means, does that mean that there is no consequence?

ELIAS: Within your officially accepted reality, there shall be consequence regardless of how the individual views the action, for within mass belief systems, this is unacceptable.

WENDY: So the consequence this individual may experience, would that be of this individual’s own creation, based on their belief system rather than mine?

ELIAS: Partially, and partially also as an expression of the mass consciousness. Let me express to you “base line,” so to speak.

Essences are not hurtful and are not intrusive, and it is unacceptable for hurtfulness within essence. Now; within focuses of essences within certain physical realities, you may create hurtful actions which shall be in some direction beneficial, which is not necessarily the same concept. You do things that are beneficial, but you may not view these as acceptable or what you term to be “good” or “right.” Within physical focus and within your belief systems, you may be quite hurtful. In essence, this is not acceptable; and as this shift progresses, this shall be a base line of information. You have created hurtfulness with each other for much of your time period. It is unnecessary to be continuing in this manner, but I do express to you that the consequence expressed shall be a combination of the mass belief systems and also what the individual shall draw to itself in response to belief systems also.

I may express to you though – not in the manner of karma or in the manner of cause and effect – as you begin to widen your awareness and you choose to be moving outside of your officially accepted reality, you shall draw what you view to be consequences to yourself. You shall create more difficulty for yourself within your movement of your focus. As you also widen and choose intentionally to be expressing contrary to essence in hurtfulness knowingly, you shall also draw to you more thickness in your energy, which shall be creating what you view to be consequences. They are not necessarily consequences in the respect of cause and effect, but they will be experiences that you draw to yourself in response to the energy that you have projected.

(Firmly) This is not karma! It is a natural expression of essence.

TIM: I have a question about my car. I have this car that my parents have given me, and there’s another car that I like better because of a bunch of different reasons, and I want to buy this car. I want to know if I should get one, or if I’m going to get one, or if I should sell my car to get one, or should I just take the car that I have, or what?

ELIAS: This would be your choice.

TIM: (Laughing) My choice??

DAVID: You don’t want to choose, do you? You want it to be told for you!

ELIAS: I express to you that contrary to your belief systems, this essence is not a soothsayer! (Laughter)

TIM: A what? A soothsayer?

DENNIS: A soothsayer doesn’t tell you the future. The answer is, you have the answer!

WENDY: There goes another bubble!

ELIAS: Quite! You hold your own answers, and you choose your own probabilities. Therefore, all is your choice!

TIM: Okay. I have a ... I don’t know if it’s really a question. I’ll just ask it. Could you, right now, create something? Get past your belief systems and create ...

WENDY: You mean get past YOUR belief systems!

TIM: ... an object, like a cup? Right now?

ELIAS: May you? (Grinning at Tim)

TIM: No, because I don’t know how to get past my belief systems!

WENDY: He needs a model!

TIM: Set me an example!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah, a role model! I shall express to you, I do not engage in parlor tricks! (Laughter) It is unnecessary, for it matters not that you accept this essence or hold a belief in this essence. I exchange to offer information, and it matters not to this essence that you accept this or not. It is your choice.

TIM: Everything is my choice!

ELIAS: Quite! (Chuckling)

WENDY: I have a question about our daughter. In what way were we connected, if at all, in the past or in the future?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Ah. This be not what you term to be a past focus. Within physical focus, you identify more clearly with other focuses that you think of as past, for you have designed this physical focus within a linear time framework in a forward motion. Therefore, you deny yourself connections with what you think of as future more than you do with those connections you think of as past, although they are equally accessible to you, for they are all simultaneous; but this has been purposefully designed within your reality. In this, you do not recognize future focuses.

This individual, within essence, has not created focuses of time frameworks within this reality of what you view to be past, and holds all of its focuses within this dimension futurely. Therefore, you view “newness,” for it is unfamiliar to you. You may also view this essence in your physically-focused terminology as a “new soul” – not being physically focused in very many physical dimensions and focuses presently – although this may alter, for you alter your experiences within every moment; but presently, within this present now within physical focus, the essence holds few focuses. You do hold a focus with this essence futurely, but this be not your connection that you view. The connection that you hold is within non-physical areas of consciousness and an intermingling of essences in helpfulness to this essence. Within non-physical areas of essence, you may view your essence to be the instructing essence to the new essence.

WENDY: Gosh, I’ve learned so much from HER!

ELIAS: Within this focus! (Grinning) I shall offer also essence names ... of the small one, of Vroissant.

WENDY: Vroissant?

ELIAS: You may spell this as the same, only altering the initial letter, as your pastry ...

GROUP: Croissant! (Laughter)

WENDY: We can rhyme!

ELIAS: ... interestingly enough. And also, Jude.

WENDY: That would be me?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: What is my connection with this family? We’ve kind of known each other a long time, and there seems to be some kind of ...

ELIAS: Investigate, Mylo! (We all crack up)

DAVID: There’s no books to read on this family!

ELIAS: (Laughing) You hold the ability!

DAVID: Okay!

ELIAS: I shall be expressing to you futurely also, as you are allowing yourself to be thump-thumping as the fifth wheel presently, and you are needing of some air to be moving more smoothly within your connections and your interaction with the other points, who are patiently waiting for you to be to be connecting ... and you continue to be thump-thumping! (Much laughter)

DAVID: Well, that must be how it’s meant to be then, because I don’t want to thump-thump!

ELIAS: There is no “meant to be!”

TIM: It’s your choice! (Laughter)

ELIAS: It IS your choice!

DAVID: I don’t want to thump thump thump!

ELIAS: We shall be discussing this futurely! (Laughter)

DAVID: Oh, boy!

ELIAS: Be anticipating! (Pause)

WENDY: Purpose ... human purpose?

ELIAS: To experience.

WENDY: For what purpose?

ELIAS: To experience.

WENDY: For what purpose? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: (Grinning) We may continue on this hamster wheel for much time framework!

WENDY: Merely to experience? To gain knowledge?


WENDY: We’re here to teach? Am I correct? And to give information?

ELIAS: To offer information.

WENDY: To offer information. Our purpose is not to learn?

ELIAS: No. Your purpose is to be experiencing within all elements of consciousness, physical and non-physical, which allows you the accomplishment of your individual value fulfillment and your continuous exploration within the action of becoming. This is your purpose. Within each focus, you may term your purpose to be the following of your individual intent within that particular focus, and the accomplishment of your value fulfillment within your intent.

Each individual within each physical focus holds an intent – this being that which drives you within your desires of your creations and probabilities throughout the entirety of your focus – and if you are not accomplishing your value fulfillment within your intent, you shall merely disengage and experience elsewhere.

WENDY: Hmm. How pleasant. (Pause)

DAVID: Elias, if I, in my private times ... is it pointless for me to be talking to you and asking for guidance and help? Because you seem to say, “It’s up to you. I cannot do this for you.”

ELIAS: I shall not be creating for you, but you may be interacting with this essence and I shall be helpful.

TIM: She’s helping you make your choices ... he!

ELIAS: Thank you! Although there is no gender within essence, I am quite preferring the manifestation, within this physical dimension, of male. (Grinning, and a pause) Very well.

DENNIS: I think we’ve ... there’s a lot to think about!

ELIAS: Much to assimilate this evening! I express great affection to you all, and I offer the invitation ... (stumbling over his tongue) I am expressing quite choppy this evening! Interference with my student! Excuse me!

I shall express to you an invitation to be returning and interacting within this forum with this essence once again. The energy expression of essence is, in your terms, quite pleasant.

GROUP: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall engage you futurely ... be watchful for this energy! (Laughter) To you all this evening, a very loving au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:20 PM.


(1) The second sentence in this paragraph was originally stated:

“This is not to say that it is unofficial information, but it is ineffective in certain areas.”

I received some very strong impressions, (unofficial information!) while going through Margot’s transcription of this session, that the words “unofficial information” were incorrect. When I listened to the sentence on tape, I realized that the words were indeed correct, although Elias “bobbled” while saying them – my term for when Elias stumbles over his own tongue. At that moment, I received what I interpreted to be the correct words. This was an extremely difficult moment. I’ve always been aware of Elias’ interaction with me during the transcribing process, but I’ve never changed any words! After much deliberation and arguing with myself, I’ve decided to trust the interaction and insert the words I think I “heard.” Readers of this transcript can use their own discretion as to what rings true to them. And no, I haven’t asked Elias about this, nor do I plan to. I’ve decided to trust myself and my impressions and my interpretation of Elias’ interaction with me, and also your ability to decide for yourselves. (But this is really difficult!)

Love, Vic

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