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Thursday, July 01, 1999

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“Blocking the Orientation of Soft”

“Addressing to Fearfulness and Hurtfulness”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah).

Elias arrives at 3:23 PM. (Arrival time is 13 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

DARYL: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: We meet again!

DARYL: Yes, we do. I’ve been practicing the no-conflict scenario, although I’ve also been kind of straying into temper tantrums and duplicity and fear along the way, but I’ve been working on that since we last talked. (Elias chuckles) I’ve also, I think, encountered the depths of my “black hole-ness” feelings, which was kind of a shock to me, how deep and strong it was.

ELIAS: Ah! This may be a surprise to many individuals, for you are quite adept at camouflaging this type of situation with yourselves and not allowing yourselves to be exploring. But I shall also say to you that although you may be exploring inwardly and venturing into this vast chasm, you may also recognize the depth of yourself, and this may offer you wondrous new areas for exploration, for within this black hole also exists many of your abilities and freedoms that you do not offer to yourself objectively. Therefore, do not view this as a negative situation, for you may be allowing yourself to be acquiring much information in your viewing of this deepness of yourself.

DARYL: Hmm. I’ll check that out. That sounds good. I listened to a tape that described the orientations briefly, and I had a very big subjective reaction to it during the next couple of days. But I am unsure what my orientation is, and I wondered if you could tell me.

ELIAS: You hold the orientation in this focus of soft, although I shall express to you that there are areas of your natural expression in this orientation that you have blocked many times within your individual focus, and in this, you also experience conflict many times. Therefore, I express to you that in allowing yourself more of a free flow of energy in conjunction with your orientation – which is your natural expression, for it is the makeup, so to speak, of the entirety of your perception – in this, you shall allow yourself much more of an ease within your focus and much more freedom in your own expressions.

DARYL: Okay. Could you give me an idea of how I’m blocking that? ’Cause I don’t understand the orientations real well anyway, although I know that this is connected to mass events, and I am drawn to mass events in a way that other people don’t seem to be. Could you tell me a little bit about the orientation and how I’m blocking it?


Now; let me express to you that individuals presently and previously – and temporarily, futurely – confuse themselves tremendously in relation to these orientations, for your belief systems are held very, very strongly in these areas and your associations in conjunction with orientation is also very strong, but I express to you that your beliefs and your associations are very limited and are many times incorrect.

Therefore, let us view this orientation of soft and its natural expressions within physical focus and how you block certain aspects of this natural expression within your focus.

One of the expressions or components of this orientation of soft is your responsiveness to mass events, but this is merely one expression. It is an obvious expression that may be easily identified – in difference to the other two orientations – which may be offering you more ease in allowing yourself the identification of soft. But as I have expressed, this is merely one area of natural expression of this particular orientation.

Another very strong expression of this particular orientation is the draw to be interactive with other individuals continuously.

Now; in difference to the other two orientations, this particular orientation manifests in a direction that moves very purposefully and intentionally in conjunction with other individuals, and in this, if you are an individual that holds the orientation of soft and you are isolating yourself or not allowing yourself interactions with other individuals in relationships and in intimate relationships, you shall be experiencing confusion and conflict and distress, for you are moving contrary to your individual natural expression.

The other two orientations move within any particular focus and may be functioning within their focus in conjunction with another individual, OR they may be creating their focus singularly – objectively – if they are so choosing, and this shall not be creating of great conflict within their focus. But within the orientation of soft, as it is designed to be very interactive with other individuals and is objectively very interconnected with all other individuals upon your planet, it is quite contrary to your nature, in a manner of speaking, to be isolating.

Now; your belief systems en masse within your society moves you all into certain directions, expressing to you that it is healthy to be creating your reality – in a manner of speaking – singularly, and is very encouraging of you to be focusing upon self, but not in the manner that I express to be focusing upon self. I express to you to be focusing upon self in a selfish manner, offering you the definition of my terminology of selfish, which is to be looking to self in trust and acceptance of trust.

Your societal dictates move in the direction of your common definition of selfishness, which moves into the area of focusing upon self to the exclusion of all else, and that if you are allowing yourself to be moving in this type of a direction, you shall allow yourself psychological assets, in a manner of speaking – strengths – which you may not gain unless you are singularly by yourself.

I express to you that this may be helpful to some individuals in certain situations at times, but let us be remembering that much of your mass belief systems also gear themselves to the orientation of common, for the orientation of common is expressed more than any other orientation. Outside of the natural expressions of the orientation of common lie certain aspects of natural movement within the orientation of soft and intermediate, but these do not fall into the officially accepted reality. Therefore, they are looked upon as unacceptable behavior, and in this, these individuals attempt to be fitting themselves into the guidelines of the officially accepted reality, in which they do not fit.

In this, you within your focus have moved into certain directions at times [of] isolating yourself, viewing that this may be more of a healthy expression for yourself, and also that this may offer you protection from the expressions and experiences of other individuals. I express to you that within the orientation of soft, this is an unnatural expression, for this may be creating of more conflict than the conflict that you may experience in addressing to your individual issues in conjunction with another individual.

Now; this interaction and relationship that may be expressed is not necessarily accomplished by an intimate relationship in romantic expressions. It may be satisfactorily accomplished in relationships that you may consider to be intimate, but not necessarily in the direction of a partner, although I shall also express to you that within this particular orientation, individuals magnate much more to partnerships than they may necessarily within the other two orientations, for within the other two orientations, the magnating into the direction of partnerships is an action which is incorporated in conjunction with officially accepted mass beliefs, that this is an action that you “should” be accomplishing for different express reasons.

Within the orientation of soft, many individuals within this particular orientation hold an objective knowing that they do not seek out partnerships for the reasons that are expressed within the officially accepted mass belief systems, but they are drawing themselves into partnerships with other individuals for the reason that this creates a natural expression within their focus and creates an ease within energy in their focus, which eliminates much conflict.

Now; this is not to say that any individual within the orientation of soft may necessarily be drawing themselves into a particular partnership with another individual and remain within the same partnership throughout their focus, although many times these individuals DO create partnerships that hold what you term to be a lasting quality, but this would not be the point.

The point is that within this particular orientation, there is the express desire to be interactive continuously in intimate manner with other individuals, and therefore there is a magnating to the creation of intimate partnerships with other individuals.

At times, you within your focus have blocked certain movements in this area and have blocked your own natural expression in allowing certain issues that you hold in fearfulness to be presenting itself before you and preventing you from your own natural expression and movement in this area, holding yourself at bay from other individuals and not allowing yourself to become too close, in your objective terms, to other individuals for fear that they may be hurtful to you.

Let me express to you also, this is quite common within this expression of the orientation of soft, for you do hold a natural openness objectively to the interconnectedness of all of your reality: all individuals, all elements, all creations within your physical reality.

Therefore, in the knowing of your interconnectedness, you feel a vulnerability that other individuals may not necessarily express. The reason you feel this vulnerability is that you hold this objective awareness of interconnectedness with all of your reality.

Be remembering, another word for vulnerability is openness. This is a natural expression objectively within this orientation of soft, but many times this is also creating of holding to your own energy in the attempt to be protecting yourself, that you may not succumb to hurtfulness in interaction with other individuals.

I express to you that this may be also quite easily avoided, and you may not necessarily be protecting yourself from other individuals as you allow yourself to be trusting and accepting and KNOWING of yourself.

Once you are moving into these expressions and you are implementing this type of action, you shall find that it is unnecessary to be protective of yourself, for no other individual may be hurtful to you without your participation and without your permission. Therefore, it is merely a situation of recognizing that you are offering agreement to another individual if you are entering into a hurtful situation.

It may also be, as is the situation much of the times, so to speak, that you may be hurtful to yourself in agreement with another individual. It is not necessarily that another individual is hurtful to you, but that you are hurtful to yourself in your agreement with them and their opinion. This is the lack of trust and acceptance of self.

Now; I express to you that in addressing to your issues in the area of fearfulness, you may begin to move more freely into the expression of interactiveness in intimacy with other individuals, and this may be lessening greatly of your conflict within your focus. Are you understanding?

DARYL: Yeah. I know that I have spent a lot of my life isolated, and I also know that the fear has kept me there, and when I’ve tried to venture out, then the same thing with duplicity would happen, and hurtfulness and stuff. But it seems like I really do need to open to interaction again and keep on trying it, even though part of me is just sick of it ’cause of what’s happened in the past.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you are moving in a direction of pushing yourself into certain expressions and experiences to be reversing certain actions.

Now; this also is a very common misunderstanding of the information that I am offering to you, for it shall not be creating less conflict for you and it shall not be creating efficiency and ease of movement for you if you are forcing yourself to be creating actions merely for the reason that they are addressing head-on – so to speak, in your terminology – issues that you hold. (1)

Point in this situation: If you are moving in the direction of intentionally seeking out interaction with other individuals to be moving in opposition to your fearfulness, this shall not create the outcome, so to speak, that you are desiring, for you continue to hold the underlying expectation that this shall not work, and in this underlying expectation, you also anticipate the action of hurtfulness. Therefore, it matters not that you push yourself or force yourself to be engaging other individuals as you are continuing to hold these issues. I express to you, turn your attention to self, but allow yourself the openness for all that you draw to you.

Now; in this, you are drawing to yourself, through your natural expression of your orientation, interactions and relationships with other individuals continuously. This is a natural movement that you create within your focus, but once drawing those situations to yourself, you immediately move into the expression of protection and barriers which isolate you.

Therefore, you are as the knight that seeks out the dragon and is continuously drawing to himself many, many dragons but viewing them all as being dangerous, therefore standing ready to be slaying each of them as they appear, never recognizing that these dragons may APPEAR ferocious but are not hurtful and may be engaged as companions and may offer great helpfulness to the knight, but the knight is very occupied within himself in the direction of slaying these dragons, and therefore offers no opportunity for interaction with them.

You present yourself with this type of situation and you move in the direction of seeking out more interactions, pushing yourself into situations in which you must be interactive with other individuals, but you are continuing to be slaying of them in your interactions, for your expectation is overriding your thought process in your direction.

Therefore, in this, I express to you, view yourself. Continue to be examining your issues in fearfulness, and in this, recognize that YOU are who is hurtful to you, not another individual. Another individual may express ANY type of expression that they may choose, and it is your choice as to whether it shall be hurtful to you or not.

In this, as you become more accepting of you and allow yourself to be trusting of you and recognizing – as I have stated to you previously – that you are worthy, that you are good enough ... once you are expressing this genuinely to yourself, you shall also allow yourself the vulnerability or the openness to be accepting interaction from other individuals, and in this, allowing yourself your natural expression in conjunction with your orientation.

Isolation does not suit you! (Smiling)

DARYL: Okay, that gives me a lot to think about.

I wanted to ask you about another thing. I read a transcript of you talking with Ruther, and you were talking about how she was not only creating her now, the reality that she was in, but she was also creating another event that was not taking place physically, and I wondered if that’s what I’m doing inside myself with my protective system, ‘cause it seems like that’s what I do, that I create this other event that is nonphysical, and it’s with me all the time.

ELIAS: You create an energy within you that holds an existence of its own. In this, you create objectively one expression and one interaction, and inwardly you create a different interaction.

Outwardly, you express this barrier between yourself and other individuals. This is one action that you are creating within the moment. The other action, which is occurring simultaneously, is your interaction with yourself, which you have projected into a mass of energy which becomes an entity of its own that you may be battling with, and may not be as elusive, so to speak, as the concept of battling with yourself.

Therefore, you hold even a feeling objectively that there is some “thing” that is within you. Although you do not objectively identify it, you hold the knowing of this thing that you are continuously battling with, and it is continuously distracting your attention.

DARYL: Yeah, it is. What would be an efficient way to decrease this or change things in that area? ‘Cause I’ve tried on my own, and I haven’t been able to stop it.

ELIAS: This returns us to this discussion presently, in turning your attention in the examination of hurtfulness itself – your definition and your identification of hurtfulness itself, for you look to the definition and identification of hurtfulness as some element of projected energy which moves towards you from outside of you.

In this, as you begin to turn your attention and look to the movement of energy, and begin to dismantle your definition of hurtfulness and redefine to yourself what in actuality is being created and occurring in the action of hurtfulness, you may begin to view that hurtful elements are being created within you, not outside of you.

And in this, you begin to address to the energy that you have projected into this entity, for all of the elements of hurtfulness and fearfulness – which move hand and hand, so to speak – are projected in energy within you to be creating of this entity.

And in this, as you turn your attention to it and to all of the expressions that feed it, you shall begin to stop feeding it and begin to starve it, and as you begin to starve it, it shall decrease in energy and it shall lessen its power.

And therefore, you shall begin to allow yourself much more freedom within your own movement, objectively AND subjectively.

Look to each experience that you feel hurtfulness, uncomfortableness, distress, anxiety, fear. All of these expressions are additions to the energy which feeds this entity.

Now; let me express to you, it matters not. You may begin practicing immediately in this area, for it matters not that you may or may not be interactive with another individual or situation, for within your own thought process and your own feelings, you allow the pulling to your objective awareness [of] projections of past and future, and you are creating of this quite often, in which you draw to yourself the re-experience, within thoughts and emotions, of events which have occurred pastly or the anticipation of events that may occur futurely, and you occupy your attention many times with these projections.

And in this, you provide yourself with what you identify as your duplicity, for you provide yourself with an experience of lack of acceptance of self, in that you feel hurtfulness. It may be a memory of an event past in interaction with another individual. It may be a recalling of an action that you have created within yourself or within conjunction to another individual that you chide yourself for. It may be an anticipation, a projection futurely of what may come, so to speak. It matters not. Each of these projections creates a feeling of uneasiness within you. It creates a feeling of upset, of anxiety, of guilt, of unrest, frustration, unhappiness. These feelings all feed and reinforce this entity.

Therefore, in your practicing, each time you are experiencing these types of thoughts and feelings, I express to you to look to these. Disengage the emotional aspect. STOP momentarily, and within your stop-point, inquire of yourself why you view yourself to be so very monstrous. (Brief pause)

DARYL: Okay.

ELIAS: You may also express to yourself, within that moment, the questioning of whether you shall be projecting to another individual this same judgment were you to be faced with the same situation and the same expression by another individual, for I wager to express to you that you shall not be so very judgmental upon another individual as you hold judgment upon yourself.

DARYL: Okay. Another thing I wanted to ask you about is something that happened recently. In the past, I’ve definitely used moles and other expressions on my skin to express myself. I have a mole that’s on the top of the inside of my inner thigh. It has remained constant my whole life, but two days ago it changed radically and began to get firmer around it, and then it’s got a different pigmentation, so it’s darker, and between the mole and what’s happened, it looks remarkably like a nipple on my thigh, and I’ve been trying to understand this. Part of it, I think, is a statement to myself to understand that I do create my own reality, and I also think that I must be trying to draw attention to something about sexual belief systems.

ELIAS: Quite, and this also shall fit quite nicely into our discussion of this day, for this once again is a reinforcement of yourself in this area of isolating yourself, for this presents yet another expression that may be viewed objectively that YOU view to be unacceptable and distasteful and therefore also a deformation of yourself, which creates an unattractability with yourself, and therefore offers you another opportunity, another avenue to be isolating yourself and to be offering yourself an excuse to not be interactive with another individual in intimate manner, for what individual shall be desirous of this deformation?

DARYL: Does it have to do more with issues of intimacy than the belief systems of sexuality that are currently being reviewed?

ELIAS: Ah, but these are all within the same belief system.

DARYL: Okay, because sexuality has to do with how others view me.

ELIAS: Quite, and how you view yourself.

DARYL: Okay. So, would future changes in this area physically be indicators to me of what’s going on in my self acceptance then?


DARYL: It’s kind of a gauge that I could use?

ELIAS: Yes. You are allowing yourself to be using, so to speak, this creation temporarily as an indicator, in a manner of speaking, and therefore you may also view that as you move genuinely into more of an ease in your expression of acceptance of self, this also, in physical expression, shall display changes.

DARYL: Okay. We’re getting close to the end of my time. I just want to ask about one of my friends named Susie. I would like to know her essence name and family and alignment. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Sylva; S-Y-L-V-A. (sil’va) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Vold.

DARYL: Oh! That wasn’t what I was thinking she was. I think that’s interesting. She’ll appreciate getting that information.

Also, I have been trying to interact with this focus that you suggested – from 1719 from South America – and when I do get information, it seems like I forget it immediately. The only thing that’s kind of retained is some kind of symbol of a Spanish soldier, and I wondered if that individual has some kind of interaction with a Spanish soldier.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

Now; let me also express to you that it matters not that you do not entirely objectively hold a remembrance of all of the interactions that you connect to in relation to this focus, for you are allowing yourself subjectively to be assimilating, and in this, the point is that you allow yourself to be accessing and reconfiguring energy from that focus, allowing it to lend energy to you in addressing to these issues of fearfulness and these issues of inadequateness of self in the expression of duplicity, for each of you holds very similar issues in your individual focuses and may lend energy, as I have stated, to each other in your addressing to these issues.

DARYL: So I am getting results with what I’m doing now. I just don’t objectively get very much?

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: I am accomplishing in terms of interacting?

ELIAS: Correct. You are correct, and as I have stated to you, be not discouraged. It matters not that you are remembering objectively all of your interaction. You ARE interacting. You merely are assimilating the information and reconfiguring the energy which is lent. This offers you helpfulness in addressing to this situation of dismantling this shrine, which has become this “energy entity,” in which you are battling presently.

DARYL: Okay. Well, our time is up. I’ve really enjoyed talking to you, and I look forward to talking to you again soon.

ELIAS: And I anticipate also our next meeting, and shall continue to be offering energy to you in encouragement as you....

DARYL: Let me ask you, are you doing the light above my head turning off for fifteen minutes at a time?

ELIAS: Aha! Very good!

DARYL: Okay! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You are noticing, and I offer you one point! (Chuckling)

DARYL: Thank you. Well, at least I’ll know that that’s you!

ELIAS: I am offering energy and encouragement, and in this choose at times to be offering objective evidence, that you may be encouraged and remembering that I hold presence with you within energy, and you may be encouraged.

I express to you this day great affection, and I express to you that I shall continue to be lending energy. In this, as we meet again, you shall be offering the expression of your movement, and we shall both be encouraged! (Chuckling)

To you this day, very lovingly, au revoir.

DARYL: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 4:24 PM.


(1) I have changed the word “efficient” to the word “efficiency” in the sentence indicated.

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