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Friday, December 27, 1996

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“The Beginnings of a Remembrance”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Vicki (Lawrence).

Vic’s note: This session was held at Mary’s request and reluctantly agreed to by myself. I must say, however, that I was very affected. I hadn’t had a private conversation with Elias for quite some time, so I had forgotten how different the energy feels when there are no other people around; no physically focused distractions, if you will. In my perception, this creates a direct stream of energy between Elias and myself that feels very different from the group sessions.

Elias arrives at 10:46 AM. (Time was twenty seconds.)

ELIAS: Bon jour!

VICKI: Hello.

ELIAS: You are experiencing frustration recently?

VICKI: Yes, a lot of frustration with the transcript this week.

ELIAS: This would be explainable, as you choose to not be listening presently. Therefore, within your isolation you experience confusion, for you do not allow interaction.

VICKI: I’ve been trying to allow it. I don’t get it!

ELIAS: Within your focus, you all at different moments express this same statement. “I am trying. I am attempting to accomplish within a certain direction.” When you are expressing this statement, for the most part at those moments you are also simultaneously isolating and blocking. Your thought process is motivated, for objectively you think in thoughts and concepts of wishing to be connecting and moving forward, in your terms; but at the same moment, within you, you are battling with your own forces.

Each of you reaches points, so to speak, within your consciousness that you find difficult to move through. You move in what you term to be a forward motion, to a point. Then you experience a stopping point, for you are unsure. You are confused and you do not understand your own movement. Therefore, in your confusion you pull back, allowing yourself what you term to be your breather, but you also objectively within your thought process continue a desire to be moving. Therefore, you create frustration, for you recognize your lack of movement objectively. These moments, as you have witnessed previously, are temporary, as you know; but you do experience frustration within the recognition of these time periods.

You wish, you and Michael, to be knowing of the frustration element. You wish to be analyzing your own movement and your own conceptualization. Therefore, you create more frustration, for objectively you halt temporarily your knowing of your subjective movement, although the subjective movement continues, but you confuse yourselves for you disengage part of your awareness of this movement. You do not understand what you are accomplishing. In a lack of understanding, you throw up your hands and express, “Enough!”

It is the same as a mathematical equation. You may be presented with a mathematical equation, and you may be working with this equation and not understanding how to accomplish the answer within the equation. You may be attempting over and over, seeing the equation before you, knowing it holds an answer, knowing you hold the ability to find the answer; but within your attempts and your inability to connect with the answer, within frustration, you stop. You throw down your chalk and you express “No more! It matters not! I shall continue without the answer!” But within you, you are nagged by the knowledge that you may accomplish the equation. Temporarily you move back from the equation within frustration. Eventually, you move forward once again to continue, picking up your chalk and accomplishing the action of the equation and allowing yourself to be connecting with the answer. You presently both are within your time period, your moment of throwing your chalk! You experience frustration, for you experience the equation. You are aware of movement. You are aware of occurrences, but you do not understand how these fit together to create the equation and how they formulate the answer. Therefore, you step back and you allow yourselves a time period to be experiencing your frustration.

In actuality, my dear Lawrence, this being no different from your experience that you both had in interpreting our one session with no sound. You experience frustration. You realize you may accomplish. You understand that you are not making your connection, so to speak. You remove yourself temporarily with the understanding that as you approach once again within a different moment, the elements will seem clear; but as within your interpretation of that particular session, within the moments of clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, over and over to be attempting to “get it,” much frustration ensued, until you reach your point that you “give up.” In this is your example of “I am trying so very hard,” but the more you are trying so very hard, the more you are narrowing your perception. You are closing in to pinpoint and not allowing your periphery. You also do not allow for a listening, just as within this example of that transcript you did not allow, within those moments of repetition and frustration, a listening to the inner voice which held your answer. It was necessary for you within that frustration to withdraw and allow yourself a loosening. In this, you allow an opening. The more tension that you incorporate, the narrower you focus your beam. (Pause, eyes closed)

Vic’s note: Mary had stated that she was going to try to move close and interact within this session.

Ah, so we shall perhaps partially be joined this day by Michael. Quite amusing, in such a desperate attempt! Once again, as I have expressed, such effort is unnecessary, but within your confusion and frustration you feel the need to be struggling.

VICKI: Effortlessness, when it happens, is a really wonderful thing, but it’s hard to figure out how it happens.

ELIAS: You are moving in this direction. Presently, within this present now, you hold a greater understanding of effortlessness than did you at the onset of our sessions. Therefore, you accomplish more frequently within your present now.

VICKI: Well, I’ll try to allow effortlessness! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: Ah! Trying, trying, trying! (Laughing)

VICKI: Physical focus!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Much frustration within this! I express to you all a concentrated direction of information with regard to physical focus, for this is the area that you occupy and for your understanding; for as you move into other areas of consciousness, you shall be more confused within your attempts to manipulate if you are not understanding the area that you occupy presently. Unfortunately, presently, for the most part, the individuals within our forum are not understanding of this yet, but they shall.

VICKI: The sessions themselves have been a little frustrating.

ELIAS: You are correct. You are offering yourself an opportunity for acceptance. This also you may view as a practice, for this shall continue. Individuals are quite imbedded within their belief systems. Therefore, it is difficult to be breaking through these belief systems with information that the individuals shall allow in an attempt to widen their own consciousness.

VICKI: In reference to the last few sessions, what does feel different to Mary and I?

ELIAS: This is understandable within you both that you would hold confusion in lack of recognition. As I have expressed, you presently, in your throwing of your chalk, are not listening; therefore are not remembering and not identifying. Michael now is experiencing along with you of energy that you may identify if you are listening. Michael now presently allows a small influx of energy identification, to which you may view as outside energy, although it is not outside.

I have expressed to you throughout our sessions and interaction that the energy of these essences present would be becoming known. You have identified this energy once before. These energies of Otha and Ordin are very instrumental. This energy of Ordin is very unfamiliar to you. In this, I shall express to you that the interaction of other energies may feel more familiar than this one, although this one is extremely interactive with you.

The energy chosen to manifest is different within tone. Therefore, it appears to be unfamiliar to you, although the essence is not unfamiliar to you. In filtering into an area of consciousness that you may identify any exchange of energy objectively, there occurs a transformation of tone. I have expressed to you that these essences of Otha and Ordin are wider. These energies do not occupy this area of consciousness. Therefore, more layers, so to speak, in your terms, must be passed through for an objective identification on your part. This may alter your recognition of tone.

It may appear temporarily to you that there is an interference or a fluctuation within Elias’ energy. This is not the case. It is only a recognition and a distraction, just as you may engage in conversation with one individual and off to your side another individual may be engaged within another conversation. Your attention primarily is with the individual to which you are conversing, but you slip into distraction of hearing bits and pieces of the other conversation. Therefore, your attention is scattered. The energy that you experience within our sessions is not scattered. It is not interrupted. Your attention is interrupted, which is unfamiliar to you, for you are used to focusing. Your attention is being diverted. Therefore, it seems that there is interruption.

This is not to say that there is not interaction which is affecting within our sessions, for within the mergence of energy which is filtered through there IS an affectingness within aspects of delivery of information. This is not the same as interference, although there is much interference occurring presently which has been explained. Do not discount this, for within mass you all hold much energy and power. Therefore, the interference of energy waves, so to speak, may be great. The exercising of energy put forth by this essence must be more concentrated to be allowing a continuation without major interference and interruption. Therefore, there is a more directed concentration. You experience within your objective witnessing what appears to you as the personality of Elias pausing, thinking, searching, concentrating. These are your interpretations. This essence is only directing energy at moments of interference more concentratedly. Be remembering of our x-ray machine. Within this example, at moments of great interference the x-ray machine must be adjusted more directly within the beam to be filtering through without the scatteredness of the energy.

Now; within this also, be remembering that there is an influx of energies of other essences which are merging. This is not interference. It is a mergence which is slightly, not much but slightly, affecting of verbal delivery.

VICKI: Merging with what?

ELIAS: This is difficult to explain for your understanding. Michael, within his movement within the engagement of these sessions, has learned the action of mergence to an extent with Elias. This has been in your terms a singular action, a mergence with one energy source within these sessions which also continues outside of these sessions, although he holds no objective awareness of this action. Within the open state of consciousness within the action of these sessions now, as the mergence has been accomplished in part, so to speak, it continues with a greater influx of energy.

Let me, so to speak, back up one moment. You shall be recalling our moment of tone alignment. At the moment of tone alignment, a momentary mergence occurred of all of these energies. In this action, Michael’s response was fear. It was, in your terms of speaking, overwhelming within an action of energy, to his understanding. Therefore, it was frightening. Subsequent to this alignment of tone, gradually within the process of this phenomenon, these energies have been filtering through slowly and partially accomplishing a mergence also. Eventually, in your terms also, this mergence shall be accomplished with all of these essences within our interaction. In this, they shall be one. This shall allow a greater interaction within energy within your sessions. It shall also provide more energy to be connected with subjectively by you within this forum for the accomplishment of movement within the action of this shift.

It is a process. This process has been occurring for much time, and continues. You shall continue to notice different fluctuations, interferences, differences within our sessions and without our sessions. These are all indications of the movement within consciousness of energy which is aligned with your shift. It is also instructive and instrumental within the action of transition.

VICKI: So this merging basically has to do with the intent of continuing within the action of the shift.

ELIAS: Correct. It may seems at times, to you viewing objectively, that there is incorporated confusion or scatteredness or even distortion. This is not the case. It is only a difference. You notice objectively. You do not understand the action behind, so to speak. Therefore, you may interpret in ideas that you know or that you may identify. These are not necessarily correct explanations, but as I have said, you may allow yourself to make anything fit!

VICKI: Well, that’s very interesting.

ELIAS: This process, although this is quite an inadequate word, is quite intricate. It is much more involved within action of consciousness than may be explained to you. Much action occurs continuously, although in your words I attempt to offer you explanations of this action. (Smiling)

VICKI: I do have some questions for Mary, actually for both of us. What about this obsession with the music that she has, and my own obsession with the music that I have? What’s up with that?

ELIAS: You are both very close to a remembrance. Your desire is great. You have held a desire throughout our sessions to be remembering of this agreement. Therefore, although temporarily you may objectively lose sight of this desire, underlying, so to speak, it is always there. Therefore, it is always motivating. Within your subjective movement and your desire to be objectively connecting with this, you allow a bubbling up of subjective knowledge almost to your objective surface. You are quite near to your remembrance. Within your fascination and attraction to your musical compositions, you are remembering childhood feelings. These are within another focus.

Let me explain that all focuses are aware of the activity within all other focuses. Therefore, subjectively you are aware of the activity within your other focuses, just as the entirety of essence simultaneously is aware of all of its focuses. As I have stated, there is no reincarnation. Therefore, you Lawrence – Victoria – within this focus are not another focus. You have not experienced another lifetime previous to this lifetime. Therefore, you have not accomplished actions within another lifetime that you are remembering within this lifetime, for Victoria has accomplished actions within THIS lifetime, THIS focus.

VICKI: Okay ...

ELIAS: You do hold a remembrance of other focuses, to which you hold aspects of consciousness within those focuses, as they hold aspects of consciousness within you. In this, the action that is accomplished within another focus you hold a remembrance of as if it were your memory, for it IS your memory. In this, you are allowing this bubbling of subjective memory to the surface of objectivity. The trigger is your musical composition of childhood. You are remembering of relationships, which is your method, so to speak, of leading you to a remembrance of agreement. Within your analyzation, your attempt is to be remembering before the agreement; identifying the relationship first, and subsequently identifying the agreement within the relationship. Understand, as I have stated to you, this agreement was made not only within consciousness within your intermission time, but also within a specific focus objectively.

VICKI: And so the music is triggering a memory of that specific focus?

ELIAS: Correct. It is being helpful. Michael, on the other hand, connects visually. Although he also is choosing to be connecting musically in compliance with Lawrence within consciousness as a trigger for memory, he holds still to his visual trigger. Therefore, the appearance of the gown within his dream imagery is also a correlation to the imagery that he chooses to connect with visually within the theatrical performance. It is indicative of a time period. It is the same time period of the focus. This is what he is remembering.

VICKI: Is it the same focus that we connected with a long time ago?

ELIAS: Yes. This is why you hold this fascination. Just as many individuals, Michael also, experience dream activity of a repetitious nature connected with another focus, once identified, this shall discontinue. In this same manner, at moments within your focus you provide yourself with information or imagery that is triggering of another focus. This at times you shall objectively recognize. You do not understand what you are recognizing, but you shall feel strongly and be compelled to be continuing or investigating. Individuals may view a picture of another country and feel desperately compelled to be investigating, going so far as to board your airplanes and actually traveling to these locations to investigate why they feel this strange feeling. They experience a compulsion. It is an identification of another focus which is influencing of this focus, which all of your focuses are influencing, but you may remember objectively certain elements of certain focuses.

You do not generally remember all of your focuses within one focus. You do not necessarily identify with all of your experiences. You may hold a focus within your time period of your pyramids. You may hold no identification or feeling of attraction to this time period, but within certain actions and intent of individual focuses which may be common, you may identify with another focus which holds a common intent. As I have expressed, each focus holds its own intent and desires, although underlying they also align with the intent of the family that they belong to. Each individual focus holds its own pool of probabilities and its own intent. Some are more similar than others. Some, in a manner of speaking, may be “sequel stories” to each other. Therefore, although, as I have stated previously, no focus holds more significance than another and no focus is more influencing than another, you may hold objectively more of a remembrance of one than another. Therefore, this continued desire to be repeating of this action is an attempt to be triggering a memory. If you are continuing to pound yourself with this trigger you believe you shall remember, for you are being faced by your own action with information that is very similar to your memory.

A lullaby upon your musical composition shall strike you more than the others, for this is an identification of a remembered lullaby to which you knew as a child. It holds significance; in your terms, sentimental value. The imagery of the theatrical performance holds significance to Michael, for it is representative of the same time period. Therefore, he may objectively view what he has viewed before, in your terms.

Express to Michael to be remembering of his encounter within your new game and his remembrance of departure of physical focus within that time period, so to speak. In this, he may further identify with what he is viewing within this performance. Although the time period within your historical terms is slightly different, it holds the same action; the revolutionary uprising, the battle, the exit of physical focus within the manner chosen, the ambiance. There are differences, but there are enough similarities to be triggering of memory. Therefore, you each hold a nostalgic feeling. You parallel within your actions quite well! You do not always identify that you are paralleling each other within your movement, but you are.

VICKI: Might be interesting for us to connect with each other’s musical trigger.

ELIAS: You may, within experiment, attempt!

VICKI: Very interesting.

ELIAS: Also you may offer to Michael that this is interactive also with his dream imagery, to which Elias has been quite interactive within these “behind the dream” actions. I have expressed the explanation within this action in your terms several times, to this point. He interprets within an emotional imagery, but this imagery shall prove through if continued.

VICKI: Which imagery are you speaking of?

ELIAS: Michael continues to create dream imagery of interaction of an individual which fluctuates, of Elias and another individual. This continues to this moment. It does not occupy the entirety of his dream imagery presently, but it continues, in part.

VICKI: I’m curious about the imagery of the stranger.

ELIAS: Which is the same.

VICKI: Regarding the dream imagery, when you’re tapping into a deposit of energy, as Michael has been doing with his mother and father, are these focuses aware of that?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. These individual focuses are not.

VICKI: What about interaction with individuals in the action of transition, such as my interaction with the individual in question? Is there a knowledge on the part of that individual, or is this interaction the same sort of thing, me tapping into an energy deposit?

ELIAS: You think in absolutes.

VICKI: I know! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You think singularly. You think of individuals as the entirety. You have tapped the energy of the focus which is in transition. You have also intersected the personality, not of the focus within transition but of another focus which also parallels that focus, which is part of essence, which holds the same information.

VICKI: Which is not in transition.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Then I assume Michael could do that also with his parents?

ELIAS: This is different. The essence is motivating the focus to be connecting with the energy deposit of the other focus. The action is initiated by the essence, not you. It is responded to, within cooperation and agreement, by you. Within the action that Michael moves into, he is engaging belief systems that he holds strongly. These belief systems within this focus are quite influenced by action which he identifies with concerning these individuals of his parents. Therefore, in his creativity he has chosen to be connecting with these energies to be helpful to himself in moving through these belief systems. This is initiated upon Michael’s part, so to speak, and motivated there. This is not a motivation of these individuals or their essences or their focuses to be communicating information to Michael. There is a knowing within essence that the information is being tapped. The focus is not necessarily aware, for the focus is consuming its attention within transition. The focus is not the entirety of essence. Therefore, other aspects of essence hold an awareness of this action of tapping this energy. There is not an exchange, to your way of thinking; this being in difference to the action of which you inquire of yourself.

VICKI: It’s complicated.

ELIAS: Very! It is quite complicated to explain within the layers of physical focus for your understanding. Your language is quite limiting!

VICKI: I can imagine so.

ELIAS: I shall be disengaging from you, for I an quite aware of Michael’s physical obligations, although he is not paying attention. (Mary was scheduled to work at 12:00 PM.)

VICKI: And neither was I.

ELIAS: I am. Therefore, I shall await your interaction and you may continue with your questioning, and I shall continue with my interaction with you at a later date, so to speak, if you are wishing. I am understanding of your frustration and of your inquisitiveness, and I am quite willing to be complying with this.

VICKI: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. You may “relay” the same to Michael. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:54 AM.

Because of a sense of incompletion, Mary and I decided to continue this session Sunday morning. (For the record, December 29, 1996)

Elias arrives at 12:51 PM. (Time was twenty seconds.)

ELIAS: Bon jour, my dear Lawrence.

VICKI: Bon jour.

ELIAS: I shall begin by offering an equation. Then you may continue with your questions. You may express thanks to your new friend for delivery of this dream equation, and you may deliver the equation to Stephen for his pondering. The equation is as stated: “Relay the force pattern as a source of tension.” (Pause, as I write the equation down, frantically trying to remember who to thank for it)

VICKI: This was from Carole’s dream? (I had to go through my email file to finally discover that it was Carole who sent this to me on December 9. I didn’t understand it at the time, and therefore didn’t pay much attention to it. Really tuned in, eh?)

ELIAS: This has been relayed to you by one of your new friends as a remnance of a dream. It is a message. The key words to be focusing upon within this equation are relay, force pattern, and tension, for their meaning is not as it appears. Now we shall allow the scientist to engage his scientific ciphering! (Smiling)

VICKI: Okay. I shall relay the message.

ELIAS: Very good.

VICKI: As to direction in questions, I guess I’m a little confused. But for Mary, do you have anything to offer her regarding this feeling of disappointment in this memory that she had the other night? (I was very embarrassed here, as I had started crying as soon as Elias appeared, which is most unusual for me)

ELIAS: (Softly) Express to Michael, he need not feel disappointment, although physically within his present orientation he may view this interaction as not in compliance with expectation. The connection has been stated many times. I have expressed to you that within the area of consciousness that I occupy, there is no expression of emotion in regard to what you identify with; but just as he may understand that absolutes such as color hold resonating dimension beyond your physical focus, there are elements of consciousness that resonate far greater than your imagination and your small interpretation within physical focus. Elements that you experience within emotion within physical focus are mirror images, translations of elements of essence. Therefore, what you experience within physical expression is far more limited than the expression experienced within non-physical consciousness.

I have expressed a vested interested. There is a closeness within essence that may not be translated into physical terms. Express to Michael that the manifestation of physical expressions shall in no way compare to the expression to be experienced, which has been experienced also within non-physical. Therefore, it is not necessary to grieve of what is perceived to be lost, for what awaits is greater. This is a temporary response. It is a remembrance of physical manifestation and interaction which you identify with. The remembrance is enhanced by an incorporation of non-physical interaction, intersection, and intermingling. Therefore, the feeling seems quite intense. There will come an understanding of this, and this also shall pass. It is only an initial expression and response to elements remembered within a physical identification. Once Michael learns an understanding subjectively of these elements, he shall attach no longer to this sadness, for he shall realize the joyfulness of what awaits. (Pause)

VICKI: I must admit that all of a sudden, I feel very sad myself. I haven’t really been feeling very sad.

ELIAS: This is also a remembrance. You presently engage the presence of the energy, which allows a remembrance within feelings. You are correct, Lawrence, in your assessment of your identification, as in opposition to Michael’s identification. He shall connect initially subjectively and interpret objectively. Within your mission together, you employ the opposite action. Therefore, as Michael has allowed the remembrance, now you, within the face of the presence of the energy, shall begin to remember also, within feeling.

Remember this: Grieve not that this essence physically is not manifest with you, for its presence is with you more than if it were physically manifest. You only may not touch, but I may touch you. You may begin now a remembrance of great connection, not only of Michael and Elias, but also of Lawrence, and the enormity of the expression of love that has been transmitted through ages. This is cause for joyfulness, not sorrow.

VICKI: Then why does it feel so sad?

ELIAS: It is, within physical, what you term to be a missing. (Long pause, during which I attempt to pull myself together)

VICKI: Okay. Regarding Michael’s dream experience the other night, one of the questions is, how or why did Michael feel the emotions of other individuals so clearly when he is not those other individuals?

ELIAS: You begin now to experience elements of essence within your objective expressions and knowing, as you are engaging your action of transition. In this, you begin to experience unfamiliar elements, and you question.

I have expressed to you that you think very singularly. Although you are your own personality tone, simultaneously you are a focus of essence. Therefore, you incorporate both actions at the same time. You are greater than you understand yourselves to be. You create a physical manifestation of a physical body which is enclosed. It is an entity; singular. Therefore, this enhances your perception of individuality and singularness. This has been created purposefully, but within this action that you choose of engaging transition, you incorporate now a remembrance of more information. Therefore, you attempt to widen your awareness and view your periphery.

In this, understand that although you individually hold your own personality and are your own new creation, you also are all of your other focuses, for the entirety of essence is within you. There is no immense bubble of essence with tiny spots all around of focuses. There is each focus, which holds all of essence and the entirety of all focuses. It does not move outside in. The action is inside to out. (Demonstrating with hand gestures) Each focus holds aspects of consciousness in conjunction with each other focus.

Let me offer you a small example. Each link of consciousness, of which we have spoken previously, holds all knowledge of every other link of consciousness simultaneously. One tiny link of consciousness within one location, so to speak, within one dimension and universe, knows of one tiny link of consciousness within another dimension and universe, for it knows all. It knows all motion. It knows all intent. It contains all that all the others contain.

In this, you may liken this to Stephen’s scientific examples of your electrons and their behavior, that they simultaneously know and understand the movement of each other and respond accordingly. It is not that these elements or particles, whatever you choose to term them, communicate through space to each other faster than your speed of light. They know already. They hold an awareness. They are “awarized.” You are also, for all elements that your other focuses hold, you hold also. You are interchangeable, although you are unique to yourself. Just as you may sit presently as you do, and you may look about your room and you may view different objects, you continue to be you. You view different elements.

You are essence. This Victoria is one view of essence. It is looking at you. Its attention is you. Its attention also is focused on many other elements, just as you may look up and view many objects within your space simultaneously, knowing what each object is, knowing that each object is unique to itself, but is also contributant to the entirety of your field of vision.

In this manner, ALL things within all dimensions and all areas of consciousness are made up of links of consciousness. This would be including essence, for all is consciousness. In this, all of consciousness is aware of all of consciousness. You not only hold an awareness of your other focuses, but you are a part of them, as they are a part of you. You may not separate out certain cells creating blood vessels within your body. They contribute to the whole of the working of the body. They are you, although they are not you. Your finger is you, but your finger is not you, but it is not someone else! In this, you may intersect other focuses of your essence, and although they are not you, you shall identify with them as you, for you are a part of this consciousness.

VICKI: Then can you and do you also intersect with focuses of all essences?

ELIAS: You may.

VICKI: Would this be part of what was happening with Michael’s interaction with the essence in question?

Vic’s note: The “essence in question” is an individual who has passed on and is presently focused within the area of transition. Mary and I interact with this focus within different states of consciousness. In this case, the question refers to interaction within dream state.

ELIAS: At times gone by, within your terms, I would have offered different explanations to you, but as you endeavor within this new mission of yours, I shall expand our explanations to you, for the actions that you engage presently are more complicated than simple dream interpretations.

All imagery is a translation – I shall state this first – but the actions engaged which may be creating of your imagery may be different, and some of the actions may be truer to the imagery. This you will notice as you experience within you a difference within different states of consciousness, just as you recognize dream state, in your identification of this state, as being different from other states, so to speak. Essentially, they are all the same. They only move to the side a step here or a step there.

Within this action that Michael engaged, this was not simply a creation of dream imagery. It was an engagement of remembrance in which intersections were accomplished with focuses. Also, there was an offering of understanding in connecting with energy of this individual. There was not an intersection of this individual, so to speak, as I have expressed previously, for this individual focus occupies the area of transition presently and shall not intersect with you as you understand it. The energy was intersected. This was to be providing of information within feelings that may be identified with. This was an allowance for an understanding.

The focus was intersected. The feelings were empathically “taken on,” so to speak. Confusion of this action ensued. Therefore, a comparison was needed. Just as within dream imagery Michael has created previously the fluctuation of Elias and another individual for comparison within feeling for identification and understanding, in this same manner he has chosen creatively to present himself with a comparison, subjectively identifying with the energy of this individual within transition. The comparison he offered to himself as an explanation of activity within feeling beyond physical manifestation.

I have expressed to you that you do not disengage physical focus, or die, and enter into this blissful world of all-knowingness. You enter an area of transition, in which you carry with you objective thoughts and feelings. I have explained to you that as an infant enters into physical focus, it brings with it within consciousness a continuation of subjective activity, which you interpret as a greater openness of small ones that you lose as you grow. My interpretation shall be different, but this is your interpretation.

In this same manner, I have expressed to you that as you pass into another area of consciousness, you also bring the remembrance of the activity that you are accustomed to. In this, the feelings are enhanced, for they are experienced more purely. These feelings shall not attach themselves to right and wrong identifications. They shall just be. This is not to say that you, within the experience of these torrents of feelings, may not wish to be disengaging many of them, but you shall not attach right and wrong to them. These continue, as belief systems continue, until you move through them, until you widen your awareness and accept them and allow them.

You continue feelings, for you attempt to disallow; this being the reason that you experience joyfulness and happiness briefly and sorrowfulness extensively, for you allow yourself to experience joyfulness. You do not attempt to disallow. Within feelings that you view as bad, you attempt to disallow. You attempt to “choke,” and as you create this action you perpetuate the feeling within consciousness, for you hold it. Within the area of transition, you shall not attach good or bad, right or wrong, to these expressions of feelings. Therefore, you shall allow yourselves to feel them and experience through them. In this, they shall dissipate and they shall not hold their attraction any longer; this being why I have stated to you to not concern yourselves overly with the emotion that you experience presently. This, to you both; for this sadness shall pass if you are allowing yourselves to acknowledge and experience through this emotion, realizing that it is bubbling up as an action of remembrance within the act of transition.

VICKI: And this essence that is in non-physical transition presently is basically incorporating the same action, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And this overwhelming feeling that both Michael and I have connected with of great loneliness, is that our interpretation?

ELIAS: And this individual’s interpretation also, although it also may be viewed not as an interpretation. It is a perception, but it is also a correct perception, for the identification of the feeling is not attached to yourselves. Within the area and action of transition, the feelings shall be empathically connected with. Therefore, you shall hold a greater awareness of those around you. You shall hold a greater awareness of consciousness and what it feels, and you empathically shall feel this also.

In this, you are not experiencing grieving for yourself. You experience an empathic sensation in connection with individuals focused upon, and you translate that within you. This also, if allowed to be experienced through, may be quite helpful to the individual being connected with empathically; for as you pull to yourself the experience of the feeling empathically of the individual, you may experience through within an allowance and understanding, and this shall be affecting and lessening of the physical experience and the non-physical experience of the other.

VICKI: Okay, I kind of understand. Not completely, but I’ll study. One question I have is regarding these comments that Mary made today, regarding Seth telling Jane that her body may be affected negatively by the incorporation of the phenomenon. Do you have anything to say about that?

ELIAS: This is a perception; negative. This is a correct assessment. I have reserved explanation in this area, as to not be creating conflict and fearfulness. It is, as many elements, quite complicated. Individuals choosing certain agreements aligning with energy exchanges are aware within the agreement of the probabilities that accompany, so to speak, the agreement. There are probabilities within a pool also surrounding each action that you choose to engage. Certain individuals engaging an energy exchange action choose to focus energy within many subjective ... (Here, we run out of tape because I didn’t listen to my impulse to check it about a minute ago)

BREAK 1:44 PM.
RESUME 1:57 PM. (Time was one second)

ELIAS: Continuing. So, once again, you do not listen! (Nope!) We were expounding on the parallel of individuals within catatonic and also coma states, which when engaged within these states for extended periods of time, the body consciousness responds in what you view physically to be atrophy and lack of motion, inability or what you call breakdown of tissue. These are what you may term to be natural occurrences of body function left to its own consciousness. In this, a continual communication occurs between your subjective consciousness and your body consciousness. There is a continual interaction and maintenance that is occurring.

You view within your thought process that your body communicates to you certain functions: you are needing of energy supply, therefore you feel hunger, which is your body’s communication to you to be consuming sustenance; you feel urgings that you need be eliminating waste product from your physical expression, and you respond. In actuality, you subjectively communicate to the body consciousness on a cellular ... (Here, I start to crack up because I was very aware that Elias was getting ready to use the word “level”) I shall not express “level!” In a cellular communication, you express to the body consciousness elements of maintaining its function. YOU tell your body to function. It responds by expressing physically to your objective awareness. Therefore, you interpret halfway.

You view the body expressing information to you objectively. What you do not view is the initiation of the subjective consciousness which expresses the action to the body consciousness, to which the body consciousness responds. If you are removing the consciousness from the body consciousness, you are breaking communication. Therefore, the body consciousness becomes confused in its perfection of manifestation, which is natural, but it is natural in response only to your consciousness. Therefore, just as if you remove your attention from any physical matter it shall dematerialize, as you remove your attention from your physical body consciousness and discontinue a constant communication, you shall witness what you view to be breakdown in function.

Within an energy exchange of this type, understand this, for this was very similar to this individual in question. There is a great desire for subjective investigation and interaction and understanding. Therefore, the attention is diverted from objective expression inwardly to subjective expression. In this, the interaction within consciousness of maintenance of body consciousness and function is neglected. Therefore, breakdowns occur. As I have stated, this is not to say that you are not provided or that you do not provide yourself with enough energy to maintain all, for there is no limitation to energy, but I have also stated there ARE limitations to your attention within physical focus. In this, you do not understand how to balance your attention objectively and subjectively. You choose a greater attention in one or the other. If you are choosing the greater attention within subjective activity and also engaging within an energy exchange of this magnitude, you shall increase the rapid action of breakdown.

What was offered by this great teacher was information in helpfulness addressing this situation. This was not understood objectively by the individual in question, and more so by those surrounding this individual; for within your thought processes you shall automatically magnate to the thinking of, “If you are diverting your attention subjectively, stop it!” As with all consciousness, it is not quite that simple!

VICKI: Just so that I’m clear, when engaging this type of energy exchange, one is not communicating with the body consciousness at that moment? Is this correct?

ELIAS: Correct, and also at other moments.

VICKI: Well, that’s my question. So, we also do this other times.

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: Should we be viewing the engagement of this energy exchange as any more affecting than when we engage subjective activity at other times?

ELIAS: Once again, this is difficult for explanation, for I wish you not to be interpreting within negative terms and superstitious ideas, although within one respect I may express yes, for the intensity of the energy exchange is greater and the removal of attention is more dramatic. (Pause) I wish you to understand that it is only your perception, as it was and is only this individual of Robert’s perception, of negative. It is also Michael’s perception of negative, for within physical focus this is your belief system, although this is not a negative action. I understand that it is next to impossible for me to be expressing to you this concept in a manner that you will accept and understand, for your belief systems are strong.

VICKI: It will be next to impossible for me to explain this conversation to Mary, because she’s the one who’s having the feelings and the symptoms, so to speak.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that what Michael experiences physically is not imaginary, although I shall express to you that within your medical profession you will attain little helpfulness in alleviation, for their understanding is far limited. Be assured though that as this teacher was instructing, this present teacher shall continue to be helpful and instructing also. There is great receptiveness upon the part, so to speak, of Michael, and although he displays quite stubbornness, he also IS listening. Therefore, our exchange of information may appear slightly more successful.

VICKI: Just out of curiosity, were we to test Michael’s body while in session, would there be no pulse, no heartbeat, and no blood pressure?

ELIAS: No. (Smiling)

VICKI: I didn’t think so.

ELIAS: You would register functioning body capabilities.

VICKI: I would like to ask some questions about this parallel focus. Michael and I both have questions about this. It’s very interesting. For example, in your terms, would a parallel always be of the same essence? In other words, could Michael and I have this sort of parallel focus?

ELIAS: This would be different. Yes, you do, but this is a different action, for you have sprung from one essence. If you are expressing of the individual within question and this parallel focus, yes. This is of the same essence.

VICKI: (Fumbling for words) I don’t even know how to ask the question. How does it parallel?

ELIAS: It parallels within tone. It parallels within awareness and knowing. Just as presently within your present now you begin a remembrance, Michael begins a remembrance of another focus objectively, an awareness. He may view images. He may feel feelings of the individuals within the other focus. These he may connect with objectively, not only subjectively.

I expressed to you at our last meeting that some focuses continue each other as “sequels” of books. Are you remembering of this?


ELIAS: They are continuations, so to speak. Although they are not accomplished linearly, you may view them as continuing chapters of the same story. In this, they would be considered parallel focuses. You may view within your new game many focuses in which you have held experiences quite different to each other. Then you may also view some focuses that are seemingly related. You are engaged with all of the same characters within a continuation of the same play. In this, these focuses may connect with each other objectively more easily. These focuses that have been referred to with this individual and its parallel focus are of this manner. Therefore, just as I expressed to you earlier that each focus holds the awareness of each other focus, this focus holds the complete awareness of the focus within transition. It also feels the focus in transition. It is in communication with that focus, just as now Michael is in communication with another focus. Therefore, desires within the focus in transition are transmitted to the parallel focus, which may project to you in cooperation with the energy deposit of the focus itself; this lending elements of the individual focus of its own consciousness and personality that you may intersect with and attach to, but also allowing a communication with a direction through the parallel focus. (Pause) Essence is quite complicated, is it not?

VICKI: Yeah! It is because of the way we think. We think one way or the other. Within trying to incorporate a concept of each focus being new, then it’s hard to think of the connections that could be present between focuses and how you could actually experience the feelings and the action, I suppose, of another focus and connect with that. I don’t get it, but I can start thinking about it. I’m sure there’s a lot of good questions in this area, but I’m having a hard time thinking of them because the questions themselves contradict each other, because I don’t really understand.

ELIAS: I understand. (Smiling)

VICKI: Just out of curiosity, do most of us in physical focus have focuses of our essence who have completed, so to speak, the action of transition that we interact with?


VICKI: And these parallel focuses, I would assume there could be many of them?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your creation within essence. As I have expressed, you may choose to be manifesting few or many.

VICKI: And could you have other-dimensional focuses that would be considered parallel?


VICKI: Okay. Interesting. I tried to write down some of Mary’s feelings today. She expressed confusion about how she could have possibly been so “off the track” regarding this agreement. (Pause)

ELIAS: This is understandable in considering physical manifestation, for you think within certain terms of your belief systems. In this, you do not think in terms of subjective activity. You do not think in terms of “disembodied spirits.” You do not think in terms of consciousness. You are beginning now, but within the confines of your belief systems and without information, you do not think in these directions. You think in terms of the dictates of your belief systems. In this, in stretching the imagination within what you view to be romanticism, you may go so far as to imagine yourself to be reincarnated with a lover, but this shall be as far as you shall carry this concept! Therefore, it is understandable that Michael expresses surprise at the remembrance of the agreement and the misconception of the manifestation.

I express also that in your terms of time frame, there was a time when this essence fluctuated between choices of remanifestation and discontinuation. Therefore, the interpretation is not entirely misunderstood. The choice was made as being more beneficial and efficient to be not remanifesting, for greater accomplishment may be held within the exchange as has manifest presently. He may view the eternal idealist crusading for the greater good, (grinning) but you also both hold an awareness of the mass and the affectingness of consciousness and the direction of your attention into more than only your own manifestation.

VICKI: Well, that’s good to know! (Laughing)

ELIAS: THIS is an expression of essence.

VICKI: Another basic curiosity question. In the beginning of our sessions, we had questions and some answers about this particular focus in which you were Oscar Wilde. As a result of some people’s curiosity, you told some of us that we were certain individuals in this focus. Recently, I find myself reading this very interesting book written by somebody named Desmond about his relationship with Oscar Wilde in that focus, and I feel personally very drawn to that person and that relationship, and I’m curious about that.

ELIAS: And once again, you view so singularly! I have expressed to you that you may enter a focus and manifest not singularly. And this essence’s name is?

VICKI: Lawrence. (In the book)

ELIAS: Lawrence also. Therefore, your draw. Not all of your other focuses are within different time elements.

VICKI: I guess I was assuming that.

ELIAS: You may choose to manifest more than one focus within one time period.

VICKI: Well, I’ll finish my book and do my own investigation. I was just kind of curious about it.

ELIAS: Very well. And as we move to what you term to be a lengthy time period of our sessions together, now you spark a remembrance in other areas also. Recognize, not only Michael is remembering relationships. There is not only one relationship. There is not only one focus. There are many. (Pause) Do you wish more questions?

VICKI: I don’t think I do, presently.

ELIAS: Then I express to you Lawrence, very much deep affection.

VICKI: And I express the same.

ELIAS: Be remembering that the depths of your sorrow in your remembrance cannot measure to the height of the joy that is its counterpart, to which I am aware and you shall be also, within a twinkling! Much love to you and Michael. I shall engage you this evening.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:35 PM.

Vic’s note: Whew! Talk about an emotional experience! This session was very emotionally affecting in the moment, and also during the entire transcribing process. I wish I knew how to convey this to all readers, but I don’t have a clue. All I can say is that the energy and tone of this session was very affecting, and I hope that somehow, it touches all of you. Much love, Vic

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