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Sunday, April 18, 1999

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ďInteraction Between Physical and Nonphysical EssencesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marisa.

Elias arrives at 12:18 PM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling)

MARISA: Hi, Elias!

ELIAS: We meet again!

MARISA: I was just asking Mary if ... I didnít know if you would remember me!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And how goes your encounters with your individuals that you....

MARISA: (Laughing) Thatís why Iím here! I wanted to ask you more about my visitors.

Transcripts: reference session 324, September 23, 1998.

After we talked last time, I think it threw me for a big loop! You had said they were fast Ė like this (clapping once) Ė because of my fears. If I was fearful before, I was more fearful after we talked! I didnít see anybody for a long time, but I was okay with that. I was like, ďIíve just got to accept that, and then just think this all through.Ē And then I did get a visitor Ė for the first time a repeat visitor Ė and she was the 60ís chick, sitting on my dressing table smoking a cigarette, and I was like, ďIím still not ready,Ē and I turned around and went to sleep again. Thatís it for the visitors, but I think other things have been a lot stronger in my life, and thatís why I wanted a private session, to feel more comfortable talking about it.

You had said that all these visitors were me in other dimensions. However, one presence is so strong ... I donít even know if it was him I saw. I feel itís a Scottish gentleman. He talks to me. The only way I can describe it to you is, loud in my head ... a lot. Sometimes heís not there; sometimes he is. Heís like a constant presence, almost. Someone has told me that they felt him when they met me, and that heís very protective over me. He speaks to me like we were together at some point. I trust him completely. Sometimes he talks to me at the oddest times. I get flashbacks with him, like we were together. He speaks to me as a husband or a lover, and I really care for him deeply, and I just want to know who he is Ė if you can tell me more about him Ė and to understand him. I donít think Iím afraid of him. Itís just overwhelming, whatís happening.

ELIAS: Quite. Let me express to you that within physical focus, individuals hold very strong belief systems in these areas, and therefore are quite affected as they begin to allow these types of encounters. Now; let me also express to you that this type of activity is in actuality more common than you understand. What is occurring in this action is an interaction between two essences.

You are a focus of your essence, but you hold all of essence within you. Another essence has interacted with you as essence many, many times within physical focuses AND within nonphysical focuses ... or nonphysical area of consciousness. In this, in your physical terms Ė which is quite limited, but we shall address in this manner for your understanding Ė in your physical terms, you have established an interconnectedness in relationships, and in this action, you have created many physical focuses together and continue to be drawn to each other presently.

Now; this is difficult, to be offering an explanation that you may understand Ė but we shall attempt, in your physical terms Ė for it may be confusing to you. For you are one focus of essence, and all of your other lifetimes, as you term them to be, are other focuses of essence, and although they are you, they are also not you. They are independently themselves, creating their own reality and creating their own choices, holding their own family alignments, holding their own free will and personality choice. But as you are all of essence in each individual focus, you are also all of these other focuses. This is the confusing element of essence.

The reason I express this to you is that you may understand that these focuses are not linear. Within your thought process, you have created a linear time framework in this dimension. Therefore, you think of these focuses linearly, one lifetime following another lifetime, and that you Ė that you identify as you now presently Ė is participating in each of these lifetimes. This is the belief: that you are born into a focus, you continue through this focus, you die, you are born again, you continue, you die, you are born again, and so the cycle continues. In actuality, ALL of your focuses are occurring NOW. They are not linear. Therefore, in one respect, you ARE all of these focuses as essence. In another respect, you are this focus that you identify as yourself, and all of these other focuses are occurring now also. Therefore, they are each individually themselves.

Now; how this applies to you in this situation is that you are interacting with another essence. This is what individuals romantically refer to as soul mates. These are essences that choose to be interactive and engaged with each other throughout many, many experiences. This Ė within this particular dimension Ė creates an emotional quality which is expressed between you.

Now; within this present now, that essence is no longer physically manifesting. Therefore, you shall not meet that individual Ė in a manner of speaking Ė within this focus, within this lifetime, for that particular essence is no longer physically focusing. But simultaneously, other focuses that you hold in essence Ė and that that essence holds Ė are participating in relationships together.

Therefore, you are engaging relationships with that essence in many other focuses in this dimension. You are beginning to allow an awareness of this relationship that you hold, for you in this focus have allowed yourself an openness to other elements of essence, and have not merely singularly held your attention to merely this solid reality. Therefore, as I have expressed to you at our last meeting, you allow bleed-throughs from other focuses.

Now; do not misunderstand. This particular encounter that you are experiencing is not a bleed-through, but you are allowing the energy of bleed-throughs of the interactions and relationships of other focuses to lend energy to you now to open yourself to receive a continued interaction with that essence, regardless that it is not physically manifesting. You merely hold veils and barriers between yourselves and different areas of consciousness for the reason that you believe there are barriers. Your beliefs are strong, and they create boundaries. They create limitations which, generally speaking Ė outside of the action of this shift in consciousness Ė prevent individuals from interaction with other essences that are not physically focused within an individual time framework.

Before the action of this shift, few individuals engaged interaction with any other focuses within any other time frameworks or any other areas of consciousness. Therefore, they did not access information or exchanges or experiences with that which you term to be past lives or future lives. They did not engage interaction with individuals that you term to be dead. They did not engage these types of activities, for their attention was held very singularly in this one reality Ė one focus of attention Ė not allowing any other focus to bleed through. Within the action of this shift in consciousness, this singularity is being loosened. The veils are dropping, and individuals throughout your reality are opening themselves Ė yourself also Ė to the realization that there is much more concerning your reality than merely what you view physically.

In this, you allow yourself in this now, in this focus, to be reconnecting Ė regardless of the veils and the beliefs Ė with this other essence, allowing yourself to continue an interaction and relationship in a different form or a different type of manifestation than other focuses of your essence hold, for other focuses of your essence hold physical interaction with that essence.

You within this time framework allow an interaction with nonphysical energy of that essence, and you draw upon the remembrance of other focuses to be creating physical imagery that you may identify with. Therefore, you view a physical form....

MARISA: Yeah! I had not before, and I was talking to Tamara and I was like, ďGod, I donít know what he looks like!Ē I could see us in a room in a cottage. In some focus, we were in Scotland. Iím so heavily drawn to that culture! I mean, anything, like even watching a movie on Scotland, Iím like mesmerized. I just like sit there and stare at it. Just what you had told me: I behave not like myself at times. And I was telling Tamara, ďBut I donít know what he looks like,Ē and that was kind of driving me a little nuts, and then just very recently in a dream ... it was the weirdest thing!

We were in a theater, and I was getting ready for something with another woman in a prop room, and we were just doing props. He was physical in this dream, but he was standing, you know, with all the seats in the theater and everything, just standing there watching me, and then I focused on that dream afterwards. I saw him Ė just what I thought I felt he looked like, but I didnít really picture him Ė red hair, blue eyes, tall, not necessarily a big man though. But then afterwards, when I focused on the dream, trying to feel like what that dream was about and trying to think more about it and see if it would continue on, it came to me then Ė we were walking Ė he was my escort. I donít know if it would be termed in physical life dating at that point, but we were walking along in the woods, and his hands were like this, proper Ė he wasnít supposed to touch me Ė and we were walking along home. And then I realized in that dream, or whatever it was, he was waiting for me to get done so we could walk home. I see us together a lot, but thatís the first time I ever saw HIM, but I know heís there. I could be picking up a sandwich, for Godís sake, and Iíll have like one of those things, and weíre riding these horses together, crashing through the field and kind of laughing at each other, actually trying to hit each other off the horses, and weíre swatting each other, things like that. And then I think, well, that could explain why Iím okay with horses now, because by all rights, growing up with my childhood, I should hate them and fear them, you know? I had horrible experiences growing up with the horses, and I just canít get enough of them.

Itís a lot for me to swallow! When I think of all that, thereís like these things, like when Iím going to bed, Iíll hear bagpipes playing. Iíll think itís the Equinox Hotel playing them for their guests, and Iíll hit Larry and Iíll say, ďDo you hear it? Do you hear it now?Ē And heís like, ďI donít hear a thing.Ē And Iíll actually run outside sometimes, saying, ďDo you hear the bagpipes?Ē Itís just like, in my culture now, Iím nuts, you know? I keep on telling myself that, but I know itís not true. I really am hearing these things!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Quite, and you are not experiencing lunacy, as I have expressed to you previously in our last encounter.

MARISA: But is it my opening thatís allowing these in, or is it also his energy sending me messages too?

ELIAS: Quite.

MARISA: Itís both of us working on it.

ELIAS: Yes. This is an interaction. You are allowing the energy to be accepted within your physical focus, within this physical dimension, and you are allowing yourself to be accessing, listening, interacting with, and you are attaching the physical imagery, that you may feel comfortable in your remembrance, for it is difficult for individuals within physical focus to be interactive merely with energy. Therefore, you identify the energy, you draw upon the remembrance of how this energy has configured itself within physical form, and you create the association of that physical form and you allow yourself to interact through that. But the energy is the same. The energy is quite real, and is being transmitted to you.

Now; let us move slightly beyond this explanation and offer a little more of an explanation to you. Many times, an action that essences may engage Ė if they are engaging within physical focuses together Ė is to continue an interaction in some manner, regardless that one may choose not to be manifesting physically any longer. Now; let me offer you an example.

This essence of Elias is no longer physically focusing. I no longer manifest physically within your physical dimension, although I have participated previously, in your terms, in that action. I have held many interactions and relationships within physical focus to Michael. I engage now an energy exchange with Michael.

MARISA: Whoís Michael?

ELIAS: The individual that you interact with that you term to be Mary.

MARISA: The one that I call Ian?

ELIAS: Mary.


ELIAS: That you have spoken with just prior to this session!

MARISA: Oh, Mary! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Michael is this focusís essence name, and I engage the entirety of essence. Therefore, I refer to this individual with essence name rather than merely the focus name. The focus name is Mary, but this is merely one focus.

In this, I have held many relationships and interactions with this individual. Presently, I engage an energy exchange also.

Now; our interaction in this particular focus is slightly different, but it is an example of a nonphysical essence interacting objectively with a physically focused essence.

In your situation, as I have expressed, this type of action is in actuality quite common. One of the essences continues within physical focus, manifesting; one does not; but this does not prevent the interaction. This does not negate the relationship. It may occur regardless, and depending upon the strength of the interactions and the number of relationships that you have held, it may be quite strong, as experienced by the individual within physical focus.

Now; the purpose of this action is that the non-physically focused essence moves into a position of being helpful and lending energy Ė for any given reasons Ė to that essence which continues to be physically manifest.

Now; within this particular time framework and your situation, you are allowing yourself to be open to the energy which is projected by that essence, and that essence is lending communication to you Ė information and energy Ė to be helpful to you in your sojourn within this focus, in widening your awareness and opening more to yourself, to consciousness, and to your own abilities and expressions, being helpful to you in your expression of acceptance and trust of self, offering little remembrances here and there, so to speak, to be helpful to you in your own acceptance of yourself and your reality, knowing within you that you are not experiencing lunacy. You are experiencing reality, regardless of other individualís opinions.

What you are experiencing is quite real, and as you allow more of an openness to this, you may engage this more fully. It poses no threat to you. It also poses no threat to your relationships within this physical focus.

MARISA: Yeah, I think sometimes I feel that way. Iím just like, ďGosh, Marise, youíre married!Ē But then, you know what? Iíve talked to Ian that way. Iím just like, ďGosh, I feel kind of bad and everything.Ē Heís like, ďItís not like that. Marriage is something that you guys have made up or whatever. It doesnít mean you love Larry any less.Ē And thatís very true. Itís just that Iím ... itís just another relationship that Iím having with someone else.

ELIAS: It is a different type of relationship and interaction.

Just as your relationship with your children does not threaten your relationship with your partner Ė your relationship within friendships does not threaten your relationship with your partner Ė neither does this relationship. It is different, but it has presented itself, for it is a relationship that you hold a feeling of comfort within, and trust, which lends to your expression of allowing yourself to be more trusting of yourself and your experiences, for you DO trust THIS energy.

MARISA: And thatís true, because Iíve gotta say, with the horses and everything, my biggest problem is my confidence, and people have told me, ďYou know, Marise, you ride so much better than you say you do,Ē or whatever. I just bought this amazing horse, whom I believe ... I recognize his energy. I mean, by all rights Ė I was telling Mary Ė I should not be able to ride him. Heís pretty much a handful! And I remember when I was driving to go try him out or just be with him and everything, I really felt this other ... I called it Ian, and Ian was with me. Iím like, ďI donít know why Iím doing this!Ē And heís just like, ďBuy that horse. Buy that horse, lass. Youíll do fine.Ē And I really trusted that. I donít know what it is, but when I got on him ... well, the second time I got on him, the first thing he did was buck, but I knew I was going to be okay. I donít know why I felt that, but Ian said he was gonna be with me and it was gonna be okay, and I just felt that. Ricky wonít let anyone touch him, and all of a sudden he lets ME walk up to him? I mean, thereís something else there! I donít know, but I really feel like I really love him, like I just want to swim in him, you know, and thatís why I just feel like even though I should be frightened of him, Iím not.

ELIAS: There is no ďshould be.Ē (Chuckling) I express to you that you are merely allowing yourself new freedoms, which you may express to yourself is wondrous, is it not?

MARISA: Itís a freedom Iíve never had, you know? I mean, after being conditioned to NOT Ė not being able to do this or never being able to achieve the goals that Iíve envisioned in my mind Ė itís just recently Iíve woken up and said, ďThere arenít any.Ē I was thinking about what you said the first time: you could be as good as you want. And I was thinking, what do I really want out of this, these horses and everything? I donít want to be famous. I donít want to be like, you know, the top rider and travel all over Europe. I want to be able to ride well and enjoy the horses and have some respect in my small field, and it is happening! I mean, Iím having people call me and ask me questions, and I was like, Iíve only been in the business two years! I was very surprised! But you had said that I have a natural talent with these horses. Itís all about listening to them. Thatís all it is.

ELIAS: And this is a drawing of energy of other focuses. This is the element of part of the bleed-throughs that I expressed to you previously at our last encounter, for you have allowed yourself to be accessing the energy of other focuses which bleed through to you, and you draw upon this energy to apply that energy to your expression presently.

Within the interaction that you hold with this individual in other focuses ... and you are correct, you hold several focuses in the physical location of Scotland ... but you also engage much activity in like manner, what you physically term to be training, racing, and sports activities with these particular creatures. Therefore, you now draw upon that energy, which has been accomplished in other focuses, and you apply that energy to your accomplishment in this focus. This is an activity that your essence holds a fascination with, and this particular type of engagement offers you great pleasure.

Pleasure within physical focus eliminates much of your thickness in energy and allows you to move much more freely through your physical focus. It is not creating conflict, and it is creating of an ease. Pleasure also lends to your acceptance of self. You equate pleasure with the idea of happiness, and if you are experiencing happiness, you are allowing yourself much more freedom and an ease within your focus, and therefore much less thickness in energy. This be the reason that I am advocating so very often of pleasure (grinning) and to be seeking out those activities or elements within your focus that offer you pleasure in your experiences, for this offers you freedoms, and you are allowing yourself to move in this direction. This essence is being helpful to you in your accomplishment of this.

Now; let me also express to you that many individuals may term this type of relationship to be what you express as ďguides.Ē I express to you, in actuality, within the context of belief systems, there are no essences which are in actuality guides, or what you may term to be ďspirit guides.Ē There are essences which interact with each other in different types of relationships which are helpful to each other, but no one essence is above any other essence.

Therefore, there may not be masters and guides, for this denotes to you that they are better or higher or greater than you, and they are not. They merely hold a remembrance and you do not, for you do not allow yourselves Ė yet Ė within physical focus, but you are altering that reality also within this shift in consciousness, and allowing yourself your own remembrances.

MARISA: I like it! I like it any place, and most of the time I feel itís in Scotland, and little things happen, and theyíre quite happy! They bring me happiness when Iím there.

ELIAS: I may express to you also that were you to be engaging the action of physical travel to this physical location, you may also spark more of your own remembrances. Many times within physical focus, as individuals revisit Ė so to speak, in physical terms Ė certain physical locations, this facilitates more of their remembrance. Just as in your physical existence Ė so to speak, within mundane terms Ė if you are forgetful of an idea or of the placement of an object or of a direction that you had been intending to engage within a particular moment, you may engage a physical activity of moving yourself backward Ė retracing your steps, so to speak Ė and in this process, you shall express to yourself, ďOh, yes. Now I am remembering of what I was intending to be accomplishing.Ē

MARISA: Well, thatís one of the things I wanted to bring up. Thatís what I was thinking. When I see Scotland, like in a book, or I hear music ... I mean, how could I ... I start to dance with my kids! I donít know how to do this, but I canít help myself! And then like even in a book or a video or whatever ... and I feel such a longing for there, you know? If thereís a movie, Iím mesmerized in front of the TV. I forget to sit down. I just watch, you know?

ELIAS: And this becomes stronger.

MARISA: Itís almost to be point that itís painful to watch a video! I had put on, just yesterday, ďBraveheart,Ē and itís not the movie. Itís the scenery, itís the houses, itís the dress, itís the music! Thatís whatís almost to the point of painful, that Iím listening to it and Iím almost like there, but Iím still here. And I was even talking to Tamara and I was like, ďI want to go back to Scotland.Ē But in a way, Iím a little hesitant, because Iím worried that Iím gonna be so drawn, Iím gonna forget what I have here. Iím fearful for my life here, and my family. I have a family! I donít want to screw anything up here, and it made me afraid when Tamara told me a friend of hers did that. She went to Scotland and lost, you know, and she just forgot about her family here and just decided to follow her path there, and I was like, I donít want that to happen to me.

ELIAS: There is a difference. Let me express to you that you hold a knowing within you that although you may engage a physical activity of revisiting this physical location, what you seek is merely a remembrance, for the individual that interacts with you is not there. He is not physically manifest. Therefore, you shall not find the physical embodiment of this individual by engaging a trip to this location.

What you SHALL allow yourself is more of your own remembrance, which lends to more of your own trust of yourself and your abilities and your directions. It shall not interfere with what you have chosen within this focus. It shall merely enhance what you have chosen.

You have chosen relationships and physical locations in this focus quite purposefully, and you are not moving in a direction of altering those choices. Therefore, you are also not creating actions or events that shall threaten those choices. You are pleased with those choices that you have created, and you are comfortable with those choices. This is merely a remembrance, not an acquiring of a new relationship. You already hold the relationship, regardless of your revisitation of the physical location. The relationship has been allowed to continue regardless....

MARISA: Of location. It doesnít matter.

ELIAS: Quite. The physical revisitation is merely a validation to you of the reality of what has been experienced.

Many individuals allow themselves what you may term to be progressive thinking, and they incorporate ideas within your culture of adopting other focuses, other lifetimes, and expressing to themselves that yes, they hold a belief in this area. But underlyingly, there are many beliefs held en masse in this particular society that do not lend to that belief. Therefore, underlyingly there continues to be certain questionings and certain elements of what you term to be skepticism: ďI am experiencing this, but I am also occupying the time framework of nineteen hundred and ninety-nine, the end of my century and the end my millennium. I am quite enlightened. I am quite intelligent. I align with my scientific beliefs and my psychological beliefs, and this is ludicrous! Individuals do not hear voices and they do not experience interaction with nonphysical energies and they do not allow bleed-throughs of other lifetimes which they have not experienced, for there is no reality beyond this now reality physically.Ē Not necessarily! There is much beyond this physical reality, and you are allowing yourself these experiences, and you also battle with these experiences, for much within your officially accepted reality Ė your societies, your mass belief systems Ė express contrary to you, and it is difficult to balance.

MARISA: Itís hard to break the mold, growing up Ė Iím thirty-five Ė and taught all along that this is just not happening. I mean, I just admitted to my mother last week that I used to hear voices all the time when I was little, and I thought they were my toys talking to me, and I never said anything because I was in enough trouble! I wasnít going to say anything to get myself in more jeopardy! And I just kept quiet about it and never said anything, and for the first time, having some sort of justification, itís just like a sigh of relief! Itís like, whew! You know, just even when you said ... when I was afraid to tell the group that I was having visitors, and Tamara encouraged me. But in the end, if you had said, ďNo, there were no visitors,Ē I donít think I would have believed you either! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very good! I am encouraging of this, for I am encouraging you to be trusting of yourself and what you KNOW.

MARISA: Yeah, because when you said that you thought my visitors were me in other focuses, I remember after the session, I had spoken to Tamara and I was like, ďThat might be true, but thatís not true about this Scottish guy.Ē I said, ďI think we have a lot of the same beliefs. I feel that, because Iím a very loyal person. Loyalty is very important to clans, and Iím very willing to defend to the last drop of blood, and that was very important. But this is not me. I just know itís not, so thatís my next question, ícause I just know, itís just not true.Ē The other ones I could see, especially the 60ís chick, because I think sheís cool! I think I like her! (Laughing)

It started in Seattle, and it started with a black shadow hovering over me, and I woke up and there was this figure of just a shadow hovering over me, and the next morning I told my husband, ďIím not afraid. It shocked me, but Iím just wondering whatís going on.Ē But one time you can poo-poo it and go on from there, and thatís when Ian started talking to me too. It was a painful part of my life at that point, and I was just like, ďI just canít handle it.Ē And he had said to me, ďI donít want to see you unhappy, and if my presence here is going to make you unhappy, I will go.Ē And I didnít hear from him for a long time, and I really ... once I got over that hump, I felt bereft, like I was empty. I missed his presence.

And then, thatís when I started seeing more visitors. I could see this in myself, what you said. I saw a woman dressed as a pioneer, no face. I never really see a face. Itís like a blur. I remember when I was moving out to Seattle, I told my mother, ďMa, I can taste the dust behind a wagon. Itís so real. Iíve been out west at some point, I know.Ē But I could actually feel it, like walking behind a wagon and just tasting the dust, with the animals kicking everything up, and the wagons, and itís messy, and weíre just trudging along, and weíre tired, and the clothes are filthy. So, I could see myself in that visitor. And then, I donít know if it was Ian, but there was a man standing at the foot of my bed in full Scottish regalia by the moving boxes. We had just moved into my house, and I donít know who that was.

ELIAS: As a greeting!

MARISA: Oh really! Well, I never really have seen him again like my visitors, but I definitely feel him. My husbandís armoire was over there, and he would always stand by it, and then I moved it, which was a shame! He stands right by it, and heíll watch me. It doesnít have to be anything great. I could be reading a book or just making the bed, and Iíll look up and Iíll know heís there. But Aunt Vivian said, ďJust be aware of whatís around you.Ē

Like even in the living room last night ... I donít know. We were just watching a movie, and I was just like ... my husband was watching me turn around, and I was just like looking for him, you know? It was just weird. But the lights were flickering on and off, and I knew that was a signal from him, that he was just hanging out.

ELIAS: And your knowing of the energy presence.

MARISA: Yeah, and just to trust that more.

ELIAS: Quite, and in that, you shall allow yourself more of an interaction and more of an objective accessing of information from this individual. At times, it may merely be a expression of supportiveness.

MARISA: Thatís mainly what it is now. When Iím unsure of myself, he seems to come through a lot. At first, it was very confined to my house. I donít know why, but I think that was me, thinking that was our safe place.

ELIAS: Quite.

MARISA: And now, just recently, Iíve started to hear him outside. It doesnít matter where I am. I could be doing my horses two hours away, and if Iím feeling a little ... itís the group thing for me. Iím petrified of it, you know, being in the presence of someone thatís going to be looking at me, and I feel looking at my flaws while Iím riding or whatever, when Iím most insecure. Itís almost like heís pushing behind me: ďCome on now, lassie, you can do it.Ē Just like, ďCome on.Ē And I feel comforted by that presence.

ELIAS: And view how you yourself have opened to your own gained acceptance and trust of yourself in allowing this interaction.

MARISA: Oh definitely, because I was talking to my friend, actually she was my new horseís trainer, and I was like, ďHoney, if you had told me two years ago Iíd even touch that horse, I would have laughed at you. I was convinced he was a fire-breathing dragon when I saw you riding him.Ē It was the weirdest thing, Elias, when I made the mistake of going to the place to look for antiques and looked at the horses again. We always go in there to buy an antique and come out with a horse! And they were lined up at the fence, and I wasnít even really thinking about him. His forelock is down to his nose. You canít see his eyes. Heís very unruly-looking. The fact that the owner said he would allow me to touch him was amazing! And I just brushed his forelock aside and I said, ďYou know, I could love you.Ē And thatís what started it all. It was so weird. And the owner said, ďHe wonít let anyone touch him.Ē Meanwhile, Iím thinking, why me? Why me? Visitors, Ricky, Ian, you know? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) There is no ďwhy me?Ē You are merely who you have chosen to be, and you are choosing to be widening your awareness within this focus, and this is not unusual. This is occurring throughout your globe.

MARISA: Is it because of the millennium?

ELIAS: This is for the reason that you have chosen this shift in consciousness. The entirety of your globe is moving in this direction and is experiencing these actions and is opening to their awareness. I have offered much information concerning this shift in consciousness, which you may be inquiring of Michael, if you are so choosing, to be offering you this information.

But this is the point. This is the reason that you are experiencing all of these elements and opening your awareness, in like manner to all of these other individuals. You are all experiencing this action of this shift, and this is the point that you are speaking to me, for all of you have asked. You are requesting explanations for the experiences that you are creating, for the belief systems that you have created are so very strong that they blind you to your experiences and to the explanations of why you are creating certain experiences. This is what you are creating in this shift in consciousness Ė an opening of your awareness, a dropping of all of these veils within consciousness, a remembrance that there is no separation. All is interconnected. You are not individually separated. You are all interconnected. You are not separated by time or space or dimensions. These are perceptions. You are interconnected with all of consciousness.

You are also bored in the experiences that you have created to this point. You have experienced. You have created in the manner that you have designed previously. Now you choose to be creating in an expanded experience, allowing more of your awareness, more of an opening to consciousness, more of your own creativity and your own abilities, and you are discovering that your abilities are within physical focus limitless. You have merely limited yourselves as an element of your beliefs, but as you are also moving into acceptance of your beliefs, you are widening your awareness and you are allowing yourselves to view how many more abilities you hold and how very creative you are, and not creating your limitations with such severity. Those elements in your reality that have been thought to be impossible are not impossible!

Elements of your reality that within this particular century that have been thought as impossibilities have been shown to not be impossibilities. ďYou may not fly.Ē Yes, you may! ďYou may not communicate with all other individuals throughout your globe.Ē Yes, you may! (Smiling)

There are many, many abilities that you hold that you have not allowed yourselves to view ... and view the acceleration of your progress within this one century! And it continues to accelerate, and this is all an action of this shift.

I have expressed previously to many individuals, you have engaged the onset of this shift in consciousness at the entering of this century, which now moves to its close, and you shall complete this shift in consciousness within your three-quarter mark of your next century, the beginning of your new millennium, and within this present time framework, you are lent much energy for all of your accomplishments in what you term to be negative or positive. It matters not. You may draw upon a tremendous reservoir of energy, for much energy has been lent to this time period throughout your ages, your turning of your century and your millennium. Much prophecy has been expounded upon and much energy has been lent to this time period, and you may draw upon this energy in whichever manner you choose.

Therefore, if you are choosing to be drawing upon this energy for pleasure and exploration, you shall create much more of an ease for yourself in your accomplishments than you have previously. Much is before your fingertips presently, in your terminology. (Smiling)

MARISA: I need to ask a horsy question, then. Iíve had my first adult mare now for like two years, and I donít know. We connect well, I think, mentally, and understand ... ícause sheís like a fussy girl and not many people would like that. But I cannot get her to tolt Ė thatís that fourth gait that they have Ė and Iím wondering if thereís some sort of block. Why wonít she do that? One of the best riders got on her and she would not do it, and Iím wondering if thereís something else there with her, that she wonít do it.

ELIAS: Look to this creature. Engage your empathic sense. This is one of your inner senses in which you have allowed yourself great expression. This inner sense, empathic, is that sense which allows you to experience the experience of another creature or thing, so to speak, within your physical reality; not merely to be holding an idea of the experience, but in actuality to be experiencing their experience, for you ARE interconnected within consciousness.

Now; this creature offers a communication to you. Creatures that you interact with Ė as what you loosely term to be pets Ė mirror back to you elements of your reality that you are not necessarily engaging. Your creatures interconnect with you within consciousness. They do not hold the beliefs that you hold. Therefore, they move quite easily into interconnectedness with you in your experiences and your issues, and within agreement, they willingly express certain manifestations for you, to be gaining your attention and to be helpful to you.

Now; this particular creature refuses to be moving into a certain action. It shall move to a point, but it shall refuse to move further. In this, this particular creature is quite in harmony with you and is in agreement, expressing an objective action to be gaining your attention, that you may view yourself in the area that YOU refuse to move, and as you allow yourself an acceptance of self and incorporate an empathic communication with your creature, the creature shall disengage this action. Once you are within agreement that you are moving, it shall move also. It is quite simple!

MARISA: Well, I think thatís the truth! Sometimes when I get on her, Iím like, ďI canít be Heidi, I canít! I canít do this training thing!Ē And then I forget about that, and then Iíll get moments of gutsy-ness where Iím like, ďIf I know the technique, I can do it just as well as anyone else, and because she likes me, itís going to be better for us.Ē She knows I love her, and thatís very evident! And Iím just like, ďWhy shouldnít she do that for me if weíre together?Ē So youíre saying itís my own personal block. Oh God, I donít know! íCause you know, the thing is too, if she tolts and she goes well, that means weíre going to go to the show in August. If we go to the show in August, that means Iím actually going to have to perform in front of people and say, ďThis is what I created. No one else trained this horse except me, and is this going to meet with your approval or disapproval?Ē íCause in the end, thereís the judge.

ELIAS: And in the end, in your terms, you are laid open, are you not? And this creates fearfulness. Therefore, now view how the creature is in agreement to YOUR movement. There is no block with the creature. It is the refusal of movement within yourself and your own fearfulness, which the creature is mirroring to you in agreement, and as you move through this issue and create the elimination of your own blocking, the creature shall be within agreement also and shall perform what you wish. They are quite good at accessing your energy!

MARISA: Iím sure of that! I think we underestimate them!

ELIAS: Quite!

MARISA: Because if you see this new horse, the way he knew they had written him off, and when they said he wouldnít let them touch him, I was like, why should he? If you didnít talk to me when you came home after work, I wouldnít talk to you either! Itís the same thing, and they ignore that. She told me that her husband went to go brush his mane, kind of like being playful. Now can you imagine if someone is angry at you and is doing that, like tapping you on the shoulder? I donít know what he did, they werenít quite clear, but I think he like swung his head and tried to knock him away, like a ďdonít touch meĒ sort of thing, and they were angry with him for that, and I was like, I donít blame him for that! They have very bad energy there!

So I brought him home yesterday because I think he was unhappy there, with their yelling and screaming. Their unhappiness was reflected on him, and he was ready to come home, and I was like, ďI donít know what I have to do, but whatever it is, Iím gonna do it and get it done, like the fencing and everything, so he can come home to me, and Iíll deal with it.Ē Iím a nervous wreck! (Laughing) But something is going to happen with this expensive horse, and whatever happens, Iím going to see it through. Iím going to deal with it.

ELIAS: But view within yourself how you are also allowing yourself, in all of these expressions, to be trusting of your reality that you are creating, and trusting of yourself and recognizing that you have the ability to be creating your reality ... for this is what you do! (Chuckling)

MARISA: Itís a lot to think about.

ELIAS: Quite. I shall leave you with all of this to process within your thought process, and I shall also express to you encouragement in your interaction with this energy that you term to be Ian.

I express to you also that the reason that you connect to this particular naming is that this is the essence name that is held by that essence. That essence holds many different names in focuses, but this would be the essence name which is held. I am acknowledging of you, that you have allowed yourself to be accessing that essence name. Individuals within physical focus find great difficulty in accessing these essence names.

I offer to you this day great affection and encouragement to be continuing in your communications and your exchanges, for it merely lends energy to you within your own acceptance, and I offer this energy to you also.

MARISA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARISA: It was good seeing you again!

ELIAS: And I anticipate our next meeting.

MARISA: See you in May!

ELIAS: To you this day, I bid you a very loving au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:34 PM.

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