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Wednesday, July 17, 1996

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“The Expression of Essence”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jim (Yarr), Jene (Rudy), Guin (Sophia), and a new participant, Jason (Jaren). Jason is Guin’s younger brother.

Vic’s note: On April 14, 1996, a seventeen-year-old boy named Joshua attended a session. Interestingly enough, his essence name is also Jaren. You may want to refer to this session (#86), as well as #87, for more information. This duplication of essence name is a first.

Elias arrives at 7:57 PM. (“Time” was 27 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! Welcome to not new essence! (Grinning at Jason) In an expression of fun this evening, we shall begin with our game!

CATHY: Okay ...

ELIAS: Ah! Shynla shall lead the way!

CATHY: In the new category of names and places of babies, I would like to connect Sean, with black, in Washington.

ELIAS: Issue two points.

CATHY: Blue, architecture, gothic.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Movies, Ordin, Dead Poet’s Society.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Okay, I’ll go. Places, with the Zuli family, Hawaii.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Places, with the Ilda family, The Bermuda Triangle.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Religions, with the Ilda family, Mormon.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Occupations, with Zuli, physician.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For Michael; mythical creatures, Sumafi, leprechaun.

ELIAS: One point. (Grinning at Cathy)

VICKI: Places, Sumafi, Olympus.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Religions, Sumafi, Metaphysics.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Directions, with the Borledim family, “away.”

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: That’s it for us!

GUIN: Okay, I’ll go. I’m a little rusty. Wars, World War I, Vold.

ELIAS: One point.

GUIN: Good and bad, in belief systems, with the Vold family.

ELIAS: One point.

GUIN: Star-gazing, as a hobby, with the Vold family.

ELIAS: One point.

GUIN: The Growing Tree, children’s stories, Vold.

ELIAS: Acceptable. And Sophia is a “little rusty!” (Grinning)

Vic’s note: Here, we lose five minutes of tape due to Vicki’s dyslexia. (Ah, those belief systems!) The question was regarding other focuses.

ELIAS: Even within the expression of your new game, you have connected with very few of your other focuses. I have expressed to you previously, you have more than you may number. Therefore, if you are concerning yourself and thinking of all of your other focuses as you incorporate an action, you need not be here! Your awareness has widened considerable, but you are not aware of all of your focuses. You are not even aware of the reality of all of your focuses. You are not even aware of the reality of essence! You are aware of the reality of this particular focus. Therefore, concern yourselves initially with this particular focus. In viewing that you incorporate an awareness of other focuses, you distract your attention from this particular focus. You presently discount your creativity within this one focus! Therefore, the task is at hand with this focus. (Pause)

JENE: I have a question. Rahsha would like a process of physical change in her physical body. How effective or efficient can I be in the suggestion to return to the consciousness prior to this dimension and alter a cellular structure; through her choice, I would just be the guide; to manifest her desire in a different physical construction within this dimension?

ELIAS: You may pursue this avenue if you are choosing, but I shall also express to you that this is unnecessary, for all time is simultaneous. Therefore, you may equally affect, within this present now, past and future, and be affecting of this focus. It is, in actuality, unnecessary for you to incorporate the idea of traveling through time dimensions to be affecting of this particular focus. This would be the same, in illustration, of physically walking across your street; as opposed to incorporating an airplane to travel around your entire country, landing near your street to walk across your street!

JENE: Does that hold true for Rahsha? She seems to need symbology in order to focus, having a belief system that is a bit thick.

ELIAS: You may incorporate symbolism, if you are so choosing. You may incorporate this action, allowing a clearer understanding that your affectingness is implemented from your present now focus.

JENE: Okay. Thank you. (Long pause)

VICKI: I have another question, if nobody else does, regarding the material on Sunday. You were talking about how we should be cautious with regards to expressions to other individuals. My question is, if somebody expresses to me, don’t I have a choice of whether or not to incorporate that expression, and to not incorporate confusion?

ELIAS: You always hold choices.

VICKI: Okay. I guess I’m not really understanding of the way that you expressed that information on Sunday evening. Maybe I need to read it again, but you made some statements about how some expressions won’t be helpful to other individuals. So I started wondering, how do you know what will and will not be helpful? And wouldn’t it be more efficient to just express everything, and let the other individual choose what is and is not helpful to them?

ELIAS: No. (Pause) You are moving into an area of consciousness, in awareness, where you have allowed yourself the ability to connect subjectively; therefore allowing yourself to more efficiently express through an alignment to essence. In this, all of your expressions are not within an alignment to essence. Many of your expressions are aligned with belief systems, which may be harmful or hurtful to another individual.

Within expressing from the angle of essence through your subjective self, expressed outwardly in cooperation with the objective self, you express through belief systems. This, I do not mean that you express through a belief system as expressing, “You are wrong”; this being not the expression I speak of; this being expressing through an expression of a belief system. Expressing through a belief system allows for the acceptance of the belief system, and an expression motivated through essence. “I understand your point of view. Presently, I do not agree, although I may, but I accept genuinely your belief.” Are you understanding the difference? If you are within a position of holding to belief systems, you will be expressing within these belief systems. Therefore, you also shall be not listening objectively to your subjective expression. Therefore, you may be expressing, and you may be hurtful. Expressions of essence are not hurtful, for hurtfulness is not acceptable.

VICKI: I think it’s the hurtfulness part that I don’t quite understand, because it seems like it’s a two-way interaction.

ELIAS: This is quite correct; but as I have expressed to you all previously, it is not your concern of the other individual’s expression. It is your responsibility to be mindful of your expression; therefore affecting, within consciousness, all other expressions.

VICKI: Okay. So if an individual approaches me with a hurtful expression, within an expression of essence from the subjective self ... I don’t really know how to phrase the question. I understand about the expression offered up. The expression received is kind of where I’m confused.

ELIAS: If you are incorporating alignment with essence, you shall not receive hurtfulness; for you shall not separate and align with belief systems that create the emotional response which you view to be hurtfulness. You also are responsible for not influencing the action of this expression to be engaged within another individual. Within an understanding of belief systems, and acceptance genuinely of these belief systems as you move through them, not discarding but accepting of them, you will not be incorporating hurtfulness personally, for you shall hold an understanding of the expression, and also of the belief systems that accompany these expressions; this being why, within non-physical focus, there is no hurtfulness.

VICKI: I guess you just have to trust yourself that within alignment with essence somehow progressing, you will be able to identify which expressions are an alignment, and which would cause hurtfulness.

ELIAS: (Grinning) I believe I have been exposed to this concept previously! I shall search my information banks! (Laughter)

VICKI: It’s a difficult concept for me!

ELIAS: It is, in actuality, a difficult concept to actualize into reality for every individual within physical focus, for you hold belief systems. You accept these belief systems; and although you express objectively that you do not align with these belief systems, you also objectively do hold these belief systems, which becomes evident when you are faced with situations and circumstances that engage these belief systems.

Each time you express, “This individual should not ... I should not ... You should do ... ” Each time you express these statements, you offer yourselves examples of how you align and accept belief systems, mass belief systems. You may express, “I hold no religious affiliations. I have no religious belief systems. Murder is wrong.” You hold a religious belief system! You may express, “I do not hold to belief systems of good or bad, of right or wrong.” You may also express, “Individuals should not do this!” You hold a belief system, aligning with the mass belief system which is accepted, of right and wrong and good and bad. You also express these belief systems within yourselves continuously. “I could have accomplished better. I messed up,” in the present vernacular! (Laughter) These are alignments with individual and mass belief systems of good and bad. You do not mess up! You express and experience.

Quite probably, within our next session, we shall offer information related to the time connection. In this, you may also understand more implications of these expressions, these belief systems; expressions such as “I messed up.” These are expressions within a time element and are directly related, for all of your expressions are intricately related to time; be it an incorporation of physical focus, or tying your shoe. (Pause)

Therefore, I shall express to you, no; in conjunction with essence, listening to your subjective self, trusting your subjective expression, and uniting within cooperation the objective self, it is not always efficient to be expressing all things that you perceive. Be remembering, all things that you perceive are your individual reality. (Pause)

Just as you were presented with the example, in the incorporation of your connecting game, as Sophia presented you with the object, within this very room, that each of you attempted to connect and visualize with. During your weeks time period, it was presented upon your table. Individuals viewed this object to be yellow or orange. Each individual viewed their own creation of their own physical reality. Therefore to some, the object was yellow; to others, the object was orange. In actuality, the object is what you create it to be!

Each element that you view within physical focus, although you en masse agree upon basic accepted shapes and also incorporate an acceptance cooperatively of color and vibration, allowing movement or no movement, you each view individually, for you each create the object; just as we have spoken previously within our exercise of your cup. Therefore, what you express objectively is an element of your individual reality. This is not necessarily incorporated within another individual’s reality; this being the reason caution has been suggested to you.

VICKI: It’s gonna be a hard habit to break!

ELIAS: The most difficult habit to be breaking is the habit that you have all incorporated of not trusting of self, and not listening to self! Once you are accomplishing more efficiently this expression, all other habits shall seem as child’s play.

VICKI: That’s something to look forward to!

ELIAS: You may incorporate within this evening’s information also, that this information is also directed to our new friends, which I anticipate shall be sparking of question and debate. I also await this incorporation, and am ready! (Grinning)

VICKI: Speaking of our new friends, another one of our new friends has requested to know their essence name: Linda.

ELIAS: This individual holds this essence name presently.

VICKI: The same essence name? Linda? (Long pause) Are you talking about LifeCloud??? (This is a name that Linda connects to herself)

ELIAS: It translates to this. Shiktah. S-H-I-K-T-A-H.

VICKI: Translates to LifeCloud?

ELIAS: Within your present language. (Receiving a translation is a first within essence naming, at least in our group experience)

VICKI: And what language is Shiktah?

ELIAS: She shall investigate! (Laughter)

VICKI: Okay. Thank you.

GUIN: Elias, I have a question. Is there any helpfulness that you can give Jaren with his physical problems, with his asthma and his allergies that he has created? Can you help explain? I’ve tried to figure out why he’s created this, obviously for the experience, but what else can be attached to it? (Vic’s note: Jason is fourteen years old)

ELIAS: There are other elements within this physical focus that you may attach to this expression, beyond the simplicity of the experience. These expressions hold underlying emotional responses to environment and situations. Individuals, especially individuals that chronologically within a specific focus are “young,” express their emotional response to elements of their focus quite often through physical manifestations, viewing an unacceptable element in expressing through verbalized thought. Many times, individuals, irregardless of age, feel that it would be unacceptable to be expressing of their true desires. Therefore, as with all energy, which must be expressed, they express within other elements of their reality.

These situations, or what you would term to be symptoms, are expressions of a non-alignment with physical environment; not wishing to be in the area of location that the individual finds themselves. Therefore, the expression is manifest. There is an element of acceptance of the choice of another to incorporate location, but within a feeling of inability to be expressing of the individual choice or desire, Jaren expresses otherwise; viewing himself to be small, less powerful, and also at the mercy of authority. There are desires which he is wishing to express, but feels powerless to do so. Therefore, physical manifestations are created, in this allowing an element of comforting; for the individuals focused with Jaren shall be partially comforting in the physical expression, if not in the true desire.

GUIN: Okay ... alright. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. You do hold choices, as does he also.

JIM: My impression this afternoon of a piece of my original intent in this physical focus, was that a correct impression, or a correct perception?

ELIAS: I will express initially, partially. I will also express to you all that you may share these elements with the other individuals within this company, as opposed to recent continual engagement of telepathic information and exchange; for all other individuals gain by your expressions. Also, no expression is secret, in actuality. Therefore, for reference to future, individuals may “feel” quite safe, within this forum, to be presenting of all situations which are a request for information, or what you view to be answers.

JIM: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: Be mindful, this information delivered presently is not directed singularly to Yarr. (Pause)

JIM: I know that. (Pause)

CATHY: Okay, I have a little question. I’m curious why exercise for Ordin, in physical pleasures, went from incorrect, too general, to acceptable?

ELIAS: Ah! You choose the probability to engage this question! (Chuckling) Think to yourself, Shynla! You arrived at this answer by incorporating what method?

CATHY: Oh, fine! Guessing!

ELIAS: No! Rationally evaluating!

CATHY: Oh, is that what I was doing at that particular time? I don’t quite remember.

ELIAS: This being why you have arrived at three of your delivered answers at the same time, correlating each individual color and which expression shall “fit best” within this color. Therefore, you incorporated the action of rationally evaluating these “answers,” and delivering them for acceptance within the game. You have been given acceptable for other answers, but I shall express, this was “pushing it!” (Laughter)

The point of our game is to be connecting with your subjective self and listening to your impressions; relearning your language. You do not relearn your subjective language and connect with this if you are focused upon the objective intellect and rationalization; this being why you may not acquire these answers for this game within your encyclopedias! (Grinning) Impressions are not elements that “seep into” your objective awareness as a slow-leaking dike! They are spontaneous, and they are spontaneously recognized by the objective self. They are also spontaneously discounted by the objective self! (Laughter)

JIM: Quite effectively, sometimes!

ELIAS: Quite! Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

GUIN: I’ll ask one quick question about this. Then how come when you get an impression that hits you like a ton of bricks, and you just know. You know! And then I say it to you, and you go, “Acceptable.” (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! We return to the good or “better!”

GUIN: Of course!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Acceptable is no less of a “better” response. It is only ... different.

GUIN: Okay ...

ELIAS: Do you each notice how you automatically discount this particular focus, even within the expression of our game? If you do not receive one point in the most probable expression, you view yourselves to have failed! (Grinning)

CATHY: It’s Vicki’s fault! She’s the one that said “acceptables” have another answer! (We’re all cracking up)

ELIAS: All of your categories, as we have expressed previously, have other “answers!” In opposition to viewing an expression of acceptable as being “not as good,” you may incorporate the concept that the answer of acceptable offers you the opportunity to connect more and also to widen more, for you are allowing more of your subjective information to be incorporated within your objective awareness.

VICKI: So, in physical focus, can you actually, in reality, move through and accept a belief system of right and wrong?

ELIAS: This being the element of your shift! Yes, you may!

CATHY: Wow! It’s so big!

ELIAS: Much more than you quite understand! (Pause, grinning)

Before departing, I shall extend to Sophia a very loving affection in once again encountering physical presence, and I shall acknowledge also your choice to be incorporating Jaren with you.

GUIN: Thank you. It’s nice to see you too.

ELIAS: I shall be offering (blows in Vicki’s face) information at our next session! Therefore, be prepared! Au revoir!

VICKI: Oh, great! (Much laughter)

Elias departs at 9:04 PM.

Vic’s note: When Elias blows in somebody’s face, he is “blowing you away!”

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