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Saturday, October 03, 1998

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ďHealing/Relationship/Religious BeliefsĒ

ďYour Belief Systems ARE YOUR REALITYĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Ben (Albert), and Edward (Colleen).

Elias arrives at 12:22 PM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling)

BEN & EDWARD: Good afternoon!

ELIAS: So, we meet again! (Chuckling, and laughter) And you have inquiries this day?

EDWARD: Yes, we do. Do you remember us? Do you recall us?

ELIAS: And shall I not? (Grinning, and laughter)

EDWARD: No, it didnít occur to me that you might!

BEN: We werenít formally introduced.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) It matters not.

BEN: I was wondering, the last time ... well, when we did meet, I had such a headache that day! Did that have anything to do with you being there?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Many individuals experience actual physical affectingness in their objective encounter with this energy exchange, and in this, this particular type of manifestation is quite common.

EDWARD: We were interested in our essences, and in relationship to that, weíve been very good friends for years, and we were wondering, were we connected in any previous....

BEN: In other focuses.

EDWARD: Other focuses, yes. I was trying to think of the right....

ELIAS: The correct terminology! (Chuckling) It matters not. I am quite understanding. Yes, you have been involved within several other focuses within this particular dimension, and you also hold focuses together within other dimensions. Therefore, your connection to each other, so to speak, within physical focuses bleeds through and lends energy to this relationship that you engage within this particular focus.

You may be investigating of these other focuses if you are so choosing, and I am quite encouraging of this action. I shall offer you a clue as to one particular focus that you may begin with in your investigation, and that would be of 12th-century monks. (Laughter)

EDWARD: What would be our essence names?

ELIAS: Essence name, and are you requesting families also?

BEN: Yes.

ELIAS: Very well.

(To Edward) Essence name, Colleen; C-O-L-L-E-E-N. Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Vold.

(To Ben) Essence name, Albert. Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Ilda.

BEN & EDWARD: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

EDWARD: Are the essence names connected to ... like you said Colleen. Is that a female essence, or do the essences themselves have an alignment with sexuality or gender?

ELIAS: Essences hold no gender. There are merely tones which translate into language words that you within physical focus attach gender to, but within essence, they hold no distinction of gender. This also is becoming a recognition within the action of this shift in consciousness, that within essence you hold no gender, and in dropping the veils, so to speak, of this particular physical focus and separation of essence, you are beginning to be recognizing that your choices in your creations of manifestation of gender are merely choices for experience, and not necessarily an absolute or a truth. They are experiences.

You choose to manifest within this particular dimension within one sexual orientation or another sexual orientation, and this is merely for the purpose of your experience. But within essence, this holds little meaning. It merely holds meaning in relation to physical focuses, but not within non-physical areas of consciousness.

EDWARD: Also, in my interest in this focus that I have now, I have a great deal of interest in the Catholic Church and a great deal of interest like in ancient history, in Rome and stuff like that, where itís like almost an obsessive interest in not following it. Is this a bleed-through from other focuses?


EDWARD: Like, was I involved in the Catholic Church other than the monk, or....

ELIAS: Yes, you have been within several different focuses.

Also, within THIS particular focus, not only are other focuses bleeding through and affecting of this particular focus, but you engage counterpart action with many other individuals in a religious vein in this particular focus. Therefore, your attention magnates to religious elements, to be lending energy not only to your own experience, but also to all of the counterpart action and other individualsí experiences.

EDWARD: So when you speak of the bleed-through from the focuses, so like Iím experiencing or Iím putting pressure on this one as it comes through? (To Ben) I donít how to ... do you know what Iím saying? (To Elias) Is it motivating me in this focus in a certain direction, the feelings of it?

ELIAS: Other focuses bleed through and lend energy to you. You translate this in creating fascinations with certain subjects or objects or places or time periods. Certain elements of your physical focus become a fascination to you. In this, the energy which bleeds through is lending energy to your own movements and your own choices. It merely emphasizes the choice that YOU have created in the direction that YOU have chosen to move within your particular pool of probabilities.

Example: Within a given focus, if you are choosing of a particular type of direction ... let us express that you move in the direction of investigating of oriental history. In this, you allow all of the focuses that involve subject matter of this type to bleed through, and therefore lend energy to your quest and your direction. You assimilate the energy from these other focuses, and you incorporate this into your own direction of probabilities. You may hold other focuses which actively participate in oriental locations within different time frameworks throughout your history. Those focuses shall magnate their energy to you in a more directed manner, so to speak, than other focuses, for they lend energy to the same subject matter, the same interests, the same types of probabilities which are created. Therefore, they move in harmony with you.

Vicís note: Well, I guess Iíve been thinking about this backwards! I thought other focuses influenced our interests in certain areas, but it seems that Elias is saying the reverse: that we choose our interests, and other focuses lend energy and information to us in those choices.

All of your focuses are influencing and lending energy to all other focuses, as you are lending energy to all of your focuses, but certain focuses shall lend energy to certain other focuses in more directed manners, for they are interconnected in the manner of subject matter. Therefore, the experiences are in alignment with each other, and in this, they may efficiently lend energy to each other in their own respective choices and accomplishments.

This be the reason that you develop a fascination with religious elements, religious history and religious beliefs, for you hold other focuses that are bleeding through and lending energy to the direction that YOU have chosen to investigate, but their accomplishing is merely intensifying your attention. YOU have chosen. They have not pushed you in a direction. You have chosen the direction. They merely lend energy in the manner that brings more attention and more of an intensity to your own choice and your own direction.

EDWARD: At times, I have a problem with the idea of time, with the focuses. All the focuses are sort of happening at once, like Rome exists now as much as it did?

ELIAS: Correct.

EDWARD: Everything exists simultaneously.

ELIAS: Correct.

EDWARD: So, is it possible to see or to know a little bit more about some of the focuses that are in these religious beliefs, or....

ELIAS: Absolutely! This be the reason that I have expressed to you that I am quite encouraging of you to be investigating of these other focuses, for you hold the ability to step sideways at any moment and be viewing and interactive with these other focuses, and therefore offering yourself more information of yourself and your own directions and your own choices and the influences that you allow within this particular focus.

It is quite advantageous to individuals within physical focus to familiarize themselves with their other focus[es], and in THIS particular time framework, as you ARE engaging this shift in consciousness, it becomes MORE advantageous and important that you allow yourselves to move in the direction of investigating other focuses, for this allows you the opportunity to view the reality of the vastness of self and that you are not limited to merely this one focus. It also validates to you your own abilities in moving through consciousness, for you question yourselves and you do not express to yourselves that you hold great ability to be moving through consciousness so very effortlessly ... although you may!

EDWARD: Iím sort of curious. Any advice on how you step sideways a little bit?

ELIAS: I have offered much information in this area, in offering methods to individuals in their exploration, although you need no methods, but YOU believe that you need methods! Therefore, I have acquiesced and I have allowed what I may term to be exercises. In actuality, they are methods for you to be following, that you may engage these actions. You may inquire of Michael, and he may be helpful in offering this information to you.

BEN: I started a new health treatment thing yesterday, and I was wondering, are my current belief systems aligned with this treatment to where it would be beneficial for me at this time? One of the things I liked about it was that it seemed to deal with energy blockages, which is something that I know youíve spoken about before. So I was thinking, ďOh, this might be something that is good, in becoming aware of energy blockages and letting them go and becoming more healthy.Ē

ELIAS: It is efficient to be noticing energy that you hold and you create blocks with, but I may also express to you that as individuals hold energy and are blocking in certain areas and creating of physical affectingness, they are creating this in response to issues that they hold and to belief systems that they choose not to be moving through.

Therefore, you may engage your new healing method Ė your system Ė (grinning) and if you are moving in the direction of believing that this shall be affecting, it shall be. If you are not believing that it shall be affecting, it shall not be. It is merely a question of your own beliefs.

I am not expressing to any individual that they be NOT moving in any directions of their own methods in conjunction with their belief systems in the areas of healing. Individuals misunderstand and interpret that I express to them that their belief systems in these areas are bad. I am not expressing this! I am not expressing that ANY of your belief systems are bad. They may be affecting in what you term to be limiting directions and they may be blocking of your movement, but they are not within themselves bad.

I also hold an awareness that within belief systems, individuals magnate to the thought process that they shall not engage in their methods or their medical sciences, for they address to this as a belief system, and belief systems are bad, and therefore they shall not engage the actions of these belief systems. And they may be affecting of their physical form quite intensely, for they DO hold these belief systems!

Regardless that they do not acknowledge them or move in the direction of not acting within them, they continue to hold these belief systems. Therefore, they are not affecting of any alteration merely by expressing that they hold a belief system in the area of methods and medical sciences and that they shall not engage this!

It is quite ludicrous that individuals move in the direction of ... let us express an injury for an example, and they shall break a bone within their foot and they shall not engage their physicians, for they shall express to themselves, ďI have broken a bone and I shall concentrate upon this bone and it shall mend itself and I shall not engage my physicians, for I do not believe in medical sciences any longer!Ē (Chuckling)

And their foot shall not mend, and they shall incorporate not only a bone broken within their foot, but their walking shall be affected and they shall be creating of great physical pain. Very good in accomplishing dramatically, but they have not altered the belief system and they have not eliminated the belief system. They have merely created viewing a different aspect of the belief system.

In this, I am acknowledging of belief systems that you hold and encouraging you to be moving in the direction of allowing yourself to engage your methods for a time period, as you learn to address to your belief systems and you allow yourself to notice the aspects of the belief systems that are affecting of you.

In this, as you move into the area of noticing energy which is held in different locations of your physical form, this may be quite helpful to you in noticing what behaviors and actions and issues that you hold that are affecting of this energy.

I may also express to you that you may incorporate movement with your energy centers in conjunction with your new method and this may be helpful also, for in aligning your energy centers and balancing these energy centers, you shall also lend energy to yourself in unblocking energy that may be held in certain areas.

BEN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

EDWARD: When I met you the first time, you had given a talk on relationships, and I took away some very, for me, positive information out of that. But when you speak about how other people do not affect us, we only affect ourselves, how do we ... I mean, I have a hard time sometimes breaking away from that, where itís not, ďOh, they made me mad. Theyíve done this.Ē When itís ME, if I took it correctly. Itís MY perception of the event. Itís my....

ELIAS: You are correct. These are very, very strong aspects of this belief system of relationships. These aspects have been accepted for centuries, and just as energy bleeds through to you from other focuses, which influences you in more of an intensity in directions that you choose to be moving into, energy also bleeds through in the area of belief systems.

You are not immune to all of your other focuses in the area of belief systems. You do not enter into a physical focus with no affectingness of the belief systems which are held within all of your other focuses, for they are all influencing of each other.

This is not karma! You are not moving within a linear direction. You are not repaying debts and you are not carrying over, but energy moves freely. Energy is consciousness; consciousness is energy; and there is no element that is not consciousness. Therefore, all is interconnected and there is no separation. In this, all of the energy is intermingled.

Your belief systems also are energy, for they are a creation within your physical focus. In this, these belief systems and all of the aspects of these belief systems are influencing throughout all of your focuses, creating a tremendous strength of these aspects which are contained within each of these belief systems.

You have generated much energy in the direction of the aspect of hurtfulness and your thought processes surrounding hurtfulness of one individual to another individual, and in this, as I have stated previously, you also incorporate your other very large, well-fed bird within this cage of justification. Another individual may project to you, and you perceive this to be hurtful, and you automatically justify yourself, for this is your defense.

These are interesting terms, justification and defense, and what need be the action of defense, as no other individual may be hurtful to you WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.

But YOU do not view this in this manner, for you do not view that you are giving of your permission. You are a victim! Another individual is thrusting upon you an unwelcome and unwanted projection of energy within a hurtful manner. Not so! Another individual may be projecting energy in this manner, and if you are experiencing hurtfulness, you have chosen to be accepting of their expression and to be responsive within your own defense.

(Intently) The reason you move in the direction of your own defense is that you do not accept and trust yourselves, and THIS be the base line of all of these actions, for if you are trusting and accepting of self truly, it shall not matter.

You shall understand that another individual may project energy in any manner that they are choosing, and you shall also understand that although you may create the allowance for their expression to be moving in your direction, you are not compelled or dictated to that you must allow a penetration of this energy into your energy field. You may be accepting of other individualsí expressions and belief systems and you need not be allowing the penetration of energy, for you understand, within your own acceptance of self, that it is unnecessary.

Another individual may express to you, ďI am irritated with you. You have been bothering of me. I have moved in the direction of inquiries with you, and YOU have created negative attitudes with me. Therefore, I shall not engage inquiring of you any longer.Ē

And why shall you move in this direction? For you are expressing your own lack of acceptance of self and your own lack of trust of self, and as you express this outwardly, your creation is a defense.

You create a shield about you, but you view this shield to be the element that shall protect you and that no energy shall penetrate, but this is not the shield that shall be protecting of you, for all energy may pass through this shield quite easily, and does! But within the recognition of your own acceptance of self, you reinforce your energy field which surrounds you, and THIS may not be penetrated without your permission.

(Intently) Each time you move in the direction of defenses, you are offering your permission to engage another individual in the very manner that you do not wish to create. (Pause)

EDWARD: (Whispering) Thank you.

BEN: Iíve been doing some genealogy research, and I was wondering if that was within your ... if itís something I could ask about. Iím supposedly descended from a Native American tribe, and I donít really know very much about it.

EDWARD: Because itís not real! (Laughing)

BEN: Because itís not real? Is that what you said? (Elias chuckles)

EDWARD: Can I smoke?

ELIAS: It matters not.

(To Ben) This is an interesting subject, which I have offered information previously in this direction, in explanation of heritage or lineage.

Within one respect, you may physically view that one individual begat another individual, and you may trace this through what you term to be genealogy. You may trace, so to speak, within your linear time framework, your lineage. But there also is another aspect in this equation that is not so easily fitting into this picture, so to speak, for each manifesting essence that is merging into physical focus is choosing of their lineage. They are creating of their DNA. They are creating of their heritage. They are placing the pieces together, so to speak. They are choosing their own lineage, their own heritage, and what they shall align with and what they shall not align with. Therefore, this places an angle into your straight line!

In this also, you look to these heritages within a linear time framework, but within reality, they are all simultaneous. They are continuing and occurring presently. Therefore, your grandmother within the age of twenty continues to be twenty presently. Therefore, how shall you trace backwards what is present? (Chuckling)

It is quite amusing as to your question, and I shall be encouraging you to be investigating of your physical lineage, for you hold this ability, and this would also be in very similar direction to that which we have spoken [of] in investigating other focuses. This shall serve as good practice! (Grinning)

BEN: Yes! Thank you.

EDWARD: I want to see if Iíve understood something that youíve said here correctly, about our belief systems and the other focusesí belief systems and how weíre not immune to them. So if Iím understanding this correctly, if Iím aware of self and Iím comfortable with myself, this is how I would be able to make my belief systems change if I wanted them to? In an example like the mending of the foot: I decide that Iím going to mend my foot, and it doesnít work because really I havenít made myself immune to other belief systems of my other focuses because Iím not fully aware of myself? Is that correct?

ELIAS: You are moving in the direction of eliminating belief systems, and I am expressing to you that this is not the point.


ELIAS: You do not move in the direction of eliminating belief systems, but accepting belief systems, recognizing that within physical focus, your belief systems ARE YOUR REALITY. Without your belief systems, you do not engage physical reality. They ARE your reality. It is not a question of eliminating the belief systems, for in eliminating the belief systems, you eliminate the physical reality. Therefore, this is not the point.

You choose to be creating this physical reality for experiences, and within this physical reality, you hold belief systems. Acceptance of these belief systems neutralizes the belief systems. The belief systems are not good or bad, but as you place judgments upon the belief systems and upon all of the aspects of belief systems, you create much power within the belief systems, and therefore all of the aspects of them are very influencing and affecting of you, for they have been lent much energy. But if you are not placing judgment and you are accepting of the belief system, you are not lending energy to all of its aspects and therefore neutralizing its power, and in THIS action, you allow yourself tremendous freedom to be accomplishing much more of your creativity.

You may be concentrating upon your foot and your bone which is broken, and as you are placing a judgment upon any of the aspects within the belief system of healing and you are struggling and creating conflict in this, you shall not be concentrating upon this bone and mending this bone by your mere concentration. But if you are accepting of the belief system, you have neutralized its power, and it matters not. And in this, you may choose whichever direction you are wishing to be creating within, and it shall create. If you are choosing to be creating of healing through concentration, it shall be affected.

EDWARD: Thank you.

BEN: So, you canít fix your foot by concentrating on it if your belief is that you canít do it. But if you decide, ďOkay, I accept the fact that I canít mend my foot myself,Ē then it will mend??


EDWARD: No, then you can choose the way you WILL then mend it.

ELIAS: You are continuing with a judgment.

BEN: Okay.

ELIAS: Listen to your own words and what you are expressing: ďI accept the fact that I cannot concentrate and mend my foot.Ē

BEN: And thatís a judgment.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

BEN: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You MAY mend your foot. You hold the ability, but you do not believe that you do.

BEN: But you also hold a belief that you canít.

ELIAS: Correct.

BEN: Stronger.

ELIAS: Correct, and you have created a conflict of beliefs.

BEN: Because you think you can and you think you canít.

ELIAS: And THIS is the belief system of duplicity, which is intermingled with ALL belief systems.

EDWARD: Sort of the idea of good and evil, that one can be good and one can be bad, and those are the judgments that we put on our belief systems? ďThis is a good one, this is a bad one,Ē and it doesnít matter. Thereís not a good one or a bad one.

ELIAS: Correct.

EDWARD: You should be moving in the direction of accepting the belief systems as they are for you.

ELIAS: Correct.

EDWARD: These are what they are.

ELIAS: Correct, and in this, it matters not.

EDWARD: Which puts a big kink in one of my major belief systems! (Laughter)

And getting back to ... is one of my focuses ... was it ever or is it a strong member or a strong theological member in like the Catholic Church or a religious organization? I mean....

ELIAS: Yes. Ah, now you prod in the area of more clues to be offered! Very well! I shall offer another clue of another focus which you hold within 16th century. This individual is a bishop, and this particular bishop travels much between his homeland and the Vatican and is quite influential within Rome, for other individuals lean in the direction of listening to this individual and valuing his opinions, so to speak. Now I have offered you TWO focuses that you may be investigating of and offering yourself much more information!

EDWARD: One of my main duplicitous belief systems, or one of the hardest things I have, is the non-acceptance of God and then this overwhelming feeling towards God, and it becomes very ... I donít know. It becomes very much like a war inside, almost.

ELIAS: This in actuality is an objective outward expression in mirror action to the duplicity that you hold within self, for God is a mirror image of you.

God is not a cosmic entity, sitting and passing judgment upon you from some distant area of consciousness! God is YOU. Your ideas, your concepts of God are all your own projections, mirror images of what you know yourselves to be, and you project this knowing outwardly in an objective manner and create the perception of an element outside of you which you term to be God, and as you battle with self, you also battle with God, for they are synonymous.

EDWARD: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

EDWARD: Well, that would explain a lot! (Ben cracks up) No, Iím just thinking that if time is simultaneous and the self is God, to me, that brings forth somewhat of an explanation, from the cave man thatís painting on the wall to the Egyptian who raises the pyramid to the person who builds the Vatican, that itís the ongoing battle with self projecting outward.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the creation of your gods.

EDWARD: When you were in your last physical focus, were you aware of your other focuses at that point? Were you aware of the other focuses?

ELIAS: Within that particular physical focus, no.

EDWARD: As you left the physical focus, the last physical focus Ė Iím not sure when that was Ė but when you left it ... and youíre in-between physical focuses at this time, by choice, right?

ELIAS: I have chosen not to be manifesting within physical focus.

EDWARD: At this point.

ELIAS: Any longer.

EDWARD: Oh, youíre ... oh! Is that a realization after leaving the physical focus, or was that part of your physical focuses, the choices you were making during them?

ELIAS: It would be the disengagement of the final focus within this particular physical dimension, and as that focus disengaged, all of the focuses of this essence also disengaged, and continue now within non-physical focuses. (Pause)

BEN: Well, Elias, since you were kind enough to give Edward a second hint, is this another focus that we also share, this bishop? Or can I have a second hint? (Elias chuckles)

EDWARD: Iím trying to figure out how you follow up the hint!

ELIAS: No, you do not share that particular focus, and I shall incorporate my crystal ball ...

BEN: Thank you!

ELIAS: ... and offer another clue! (Pause) Location of what you term to be South America, location of present country identification of Argentina, Native American, 11th century.

BEN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

EDWARD: You and those ... (here, Edward uses a word Iím not familiar with, but I imagine he was referring to Native Americans)

BEN: Hey, if you got something you like, you stick with it!

EDWARD: Thatís what it seems like. It seems like our focuses many times line up with each other in certain ways? They have a tendency to share a great deal? Maybe Iím confused. Is there....

ELIAS: They are complementing of each other.

EDWARD: Complementing?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. In many different manners, your focuses ARE very complementing of each other, although they may not necessarily all move in the direction of choosing the same types of subject matters for experiences. They may be choosing many different types of experiences, but I may also express to you that it is not uncommon that essences choose within one particular dimension to be manifesting many focuses in similar subject matters. Some essences may choose to be creating in the direction of many, many different types of subjects and experiences, and other essences may move in different directions and choose to be experiencing similar focuses physically. It is merely a choice.

EDWARD: Because Iím trying to put it in lines that as we exist simultaneously, you know, that as we are in ... when you mention the dimension, youíre speaking of all time, physical time.

ELIAS: Correct.

EDWARD: Okay, so the 11th century, the 12th century, the 16th century, all these things are happening at once.

ELIAS: Correct.

EDWARD: That would seem to have some bearing then. Is that having a bearing on the shift in consciousness that we are now experiencing towards the end of this millennium? That more people in their focus now, in this particular time, are starting to realize the greater nature of their self?

ELIAS: Correct.

EDWARD: Does it look like or does it feel like itís going to require people that will move this forward as individuals, or is it more of a mass swell, like a ground swell of consciousness? I mean....

ELIAS: Both. (Pause)

EDWARD: Iím trying to like take in certain things you say, and itís like whoa! Because some of them are very alarming in certain ways. Not scary, necessarily, but....

ELIAS: This be the reason that I am speaking with you objectively within your physical focus, for this shift in consciousness is a great movement and holds the potentiality for great trauma, but it also holds the potentiality, dependent upon what you are creating and how you are moving, of eliminating the trauma.

EDWARD: So this could represent a great deal of ... in many ways, you know, thereís predictions, per se. Like you have the apocalypse of Saint John, and you have all these writings, and they speak of the coming City of God or whatever, which would really be their way of perceiving what they were seeing, as us coming to terms with ourselves as God.

ELIAS: Very good! (Laughter) Yes!

EDWARD: Itís the way they could express it ícause itís how they could see it for their focus.

ELIAS: Within their own objective imagery, yes.

EDWARD: Thereís a lot of responsibility there!

ELIAS: And you each hold much responsibility within self. This be another reason that I express to you that it is unnecessary for you to be moving in the direction of personal responsibility for other individuals, for you hold ENOUGH responsibility within self!

EDWARD: (To Ben, who is laughing) And you find that funny for what reason? (Ben doesnít reply, and Elias chuckles)

So that would point out why you can make the choices for the negative relationships you may enter into, that you allow them to, because again, it gives you a reason....

ELIAS: Within your duplicity, to continue perpetuating the energy of duplicity Ė discounting of self, lack of acceptance of self Ė and this is reinforced and validated, and you continue and you move round and round and round in the action of your familiarity. This is what you are familiar with within your creations, and you move much more readily into what you perceive to be familiar, albeit uncomfortable, than dare you move into unfamiliar areas regardless of their freedom!

EDWARD: Sometimes I enjoy unfamiliar situations because Iím free then to recreate myself at that moment, you know. If I walk into a room of people who know me, then Iím that person. But when I walk into a room full of strangers, sometimes the freedom involved for me is that I can just recreate myself. I donít have to walk into the room with the baggage that already ... do you understand?

ELIAS: Look to this very interesting imagery that you create, and this shall serve as an example to you in moving yourself into areas more fully of engaging the unfamiliar. (Pause)

We shall be disengaging this afternoon, for I wish not to be taxing of this physical form this day.

(To Edward) I am offering to you great affection and much lovingness and encouragement in your investigations.

(To Ben) I offer to you great affection and energy in playfulness in your quest in your genealogy!

BEN: Thank you!

EDWARD: Thank you so much!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I anticipate our next meeting. To you both this day, I bid you a very fond adieu.

Elias departs at 1:35 PM.

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