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Sunday, March 02, 1997

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“Seth 2”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Drew (Matthew), Bob (Simon), Julie (Lanyah), Jim (Yarr), Gail (William), Christy (Maka), Norm (Stephen), and Reta (Dehl).

Vic’s note: This was an unusual session. Very uncharacteristically, Mary began by asking everybody why they came to sessions; what, if any, positive, objective affectingness they were realizing in their lives. I say uncharacteristically because in my memory, Mary has never addressed the group in quite this manner before. This initiated several hours of conversation, which was prolonged in part by Ron engaging his own energy exchange with Paul. (Elias will not speak if another essence is communicating) I will attach this communication to this session. As a result, there was much group interaction.

The direction of this session is quite different than most, being that it is almost entirely devoted to explanation of recent events. One of these events is recent turmoil experienced by Mary in her personal life. One of these events is a question and answer session held last Monday, which was devoted to questions sent via computer. One of these events is recurring dream imagery experienced by four people that I know of, and probably others.

I would also like to explain that my questioning in the first half of this session was not my own; it was Mary’s. She asked me to present her questions in a challenging manner, and I did my best to relate her state of mind as she presented it to me. She was tweaked, and I did the best I could to relate that within choice of words and tone of voice. Sure wish you were here to ask your own questions, Mary!

Elias arrives at 8:57 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Grinning) So, you engage in personal interaction this evening, dealing with more unofficial information! Very well. We shall address to unofficial information this evening and to your concerns, or to Michael’s concerns.

(To Ron re: Paul) Acknowledging information already offered.

(To group) This presents an opportunity for you to view your singularity in thought and direction. This presents you with the opportunity to view situations objectively that you attach belief systems to and value judgments upon, as you do not quite understand the workings of probabilities and the interaction that you create and the affectingness that you hold. It also illustrates, once again, your deep belief in the duplicity of self.

Within recent time period, Michael has engaged activity with another individual whom you are all familiar with. In this, he has been struggling with belief systems and attempting to be engaging different thought processes and activities to be influencing of the situation within interaction. The objective within this situation, to Michael’s assessment, was to be understanding more clearly how you create your own reality and how this is influencing of another individual’s reality. Michael views presently that he has failed in his effort to be investigating this concept and actualizing this reality, but this is not a failure. You look to situations and scenarios in terms of positive and negative, and you look to situations in terms of finality. You view a situation as an end result. Each of you may relate to this same situation within yourselves and your own individual experiences.

Michael attempted to alter his perception in interaction with another individual, viewing that the altering of his own perception would also be altering of the interaction and the perception of the other individual. Point one: Expectation.

Within the attempt to be altering perception, accomplishment did occur. Information was gathered. Point two: Discounting of information drawn to self.

Information was assimilated in a recognition of other individual’s perception of reality and a knowing that their reality is reality, regardless of the difference that may be viewed between individuals and their creation of reality. In this, the other individual responded objectively in contrary manner to Michael’s expectation, within a limited time period. Point three: End result. You view short-term interactions with ending scenarios. This situation continues within probabilities.

Now I offer to Michael, affectingness has occurred. If you are viewing within small time periods, you may be deluding yourself into thinking that you have not accomplished positively. Belief systems of positive and negative enter heavily. In actuality, much affectingness has occurred. In standing as the straight sapling, belief systems have been brought to the attention of another individual which serve for this individual’s widening of awareness. This shall not occur immediately, but it has begun. The sapling’s roots are not being strangled! The sapling only views within very limited focus.

Many probabilities are being actualized. Many issues are being addressed within many individuals, not only one. You each view situations and hold an expectation of outcome, and as the outcome does not fit your expectation, you view this to be a failure. Elements extend far beyond individual situations.

Michael wonders, how may he be affecting within consciousness if he may not be affecting objectively within small circles of individuals? I express to you all that you are quite affecting of each other within your small circles, Michael also, and far beyond; and you do receive objective confirmation. It is not expected of you to be accepting of this information if this information is not objectively beneficial. You may not view immediately the benefit, but you will; just as within what you term to be your past you have also engaged situations that you did not view immediate results, but now you may see. Each of you incorporates this information with a knowingness that it is beneficial, not only conceptually but also within your objective knowing, for you do offer yourselves evidence.

Speak, Lawrence! (Laughter)

VICKI: Well, it’s these kinds of statements where the questions come up. “You do have objective knowing of these benefits. You may not realize the benefits presently, but you will.” Those kind of statements are made in this information quite regularly, and there we go back to this question of faith, and this was one of Michael’s questions tonight. What about this issue of blind faith? “But, you will.” I have to have blind faith to trust that statement. And in that, this isn’t really any different from the kind of faith we were talking about earlier, whether you are incorporating a very religious point of view or whatever you choose to have blind faith in.

ELIAS: I do not speak to you of angels and gods that you may look to for your existence and faith. As you continue within your focus, you do objectively manifest.

VICKI: Objectively manifest what???

ELIAS: You objectively manifest your probabilities and you do offer yourself information. I express to you that the only faith, if you choose, that you are asked to incorporate is that within yourself.

VICKI: Well, in reality, that to me right now no different than having faith in this cup or in god or in Norm or in myself. It’s all the same thing. It’s just what you choose to have blind faith in.

ELIAS: You classify blind faith as that which holds no evidence of actuality, but you do offer yourselves evidence of actuality.

VICKI: Like???

ELIAS: You may express that you do not interact and hold remembrance within dream state, but you do. You did not, but you do now. You actualize. You actualize many elements. You discount these to yourselves, and you view them as unimportant.

You may look to yourselves and your manifestation and you may view many elements that you verify to yourself; not that I may verify to you or that a god of another realm verifies to you, but that you offer to yourself. I offer you information that you understand and that you know within you. You shall inquire of dream state and commonalities, as you have inquired of commonalities within sexual preoccupations. You also view commonalities within subjective activity, of viewing interaction with infants.

I offer you information, and you verify. I express to you that you are all connected, that you are not separate, and you verify. I express to you that you all hold knowings and interaction with all others, and you offer yourself the opportunity to verify. Within vast expanses of land mass and no physical contact, you share common experiences. This is not requesting of you belief within what you term to be blind faith. I challenge you to investigate and to verify.

This occurrence presently as it expands, of dream interaction with infants, may be classified also as a remembrance. You verify by experiencing information which is offered, and you do experience.

VICKI: This isn’t necessarily my issue right now, but it is Mary’s issue ...

ELIAS: I am understanding of this and this information is offered to Michael, for he also experiences greatly; but as do you all, he is discounting of his own experiences in favor of intellectual information.

In continuance of this dream commonality, I express to you that this remembrance shall expand and more individuals shall be experiencing this same imagery. This shall be experienced by those of you which are holding deep connections within this shift and its action, in the manner of what you may think of as the caretakers; not of infants, but of infant information; a new beginning which you have symbolized collectively as infants. These individual which create this imagery are holders of this remembrance of future shift. As it occurs within its infant stage presently, you identify with this action within a collective subjective activity and create very similar imagery.

As to verification of faith versus knowing, I express to Michael to be incorporating patience; to which I am quite sure he shall be impatient with! (Laughter) But he shall understand the probabilities which have been initiated. Not all actions are final, and as they may appear. Viewing any action as the result or ending places it into a different context than if you are viewing the event from the perspective of the center, for within the center there are other events to follow which are a continuation of the one event which change the one event, for all events change all other events.

Each of you holds great affectingness. I am understanding that you are not entirely believing of this, but as you allow yourselves to be noticing you shall offer yourselves the opportunity to view your own affectingness. If you are choosing to be believing that you are not affecting and continuing within your belief system of duplicity, you shall narrow your vision. You shall not engage your periphery and you shall not notice what you are affecting. If you are allowing yourself to view, you shall witness. There is an abundance of unofficial information that you do not pay attention to. (To Vic) Present argument!

VICKI: Well, I don’t really have an argument to present but I would like to present Michael’s question, and I’m sure a lot of people have this question, viewing their adult life as mostly a series of battles that they always lose. So, within that context, Michael’s question would be, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

ELIAS: (Grinning) Ah! So, he shall place himself within his briar patch of good and bad! I suggest that bad things happening is a matter of perception!

VICKI: It’s a matter of perception. It’s also real!!!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I may hear this quite loudly within the twin! It is unnecessary to be shouting! (I shout in my mind quite a bit!)

You are correct. Within your reality you have created these belief systems. Now you look to widening these belief systems. Ask yourselves why you incorporate these belief systems. Ask Michael, “Why do you hold these belief systems? What is their purpose?” They have served a purpose thus far within your physical existence, as you have created it. The purpose that they serve is to reinforce distrustfulness; for if you are trusting of self, what shall you be fearful of? And if you hold no fearfulness, why shall you incorporate your laws of right and wrong? And this is what you move into presently, within the action of the shift; a knowing that these belief systems are no longer necessary. You may trust yourselves! You may be trusting; and as you are trusting of self you are trusting of all, for you are all.

And within practicality of physical focus, you see no evidence of this occurring! (Grinning humorously at Vic)

VICKI: Sometimes, but there still is a basic question. As we were talking about earlier, I consider myself a good person. Mary considers herself a good person. My life has held very few conflicts. Very few “bad things,” in my perception, have happened to me. Mary’s life has been the opposite. Why do some people, like Mary, consistently create what they consider to be “bad things?”

ELIAS: Once again, this is your perception!

VICKI: I would imagine that it would be a pretty mass perception!

ELIAS: Presently, yes.

VICKI: And it still doesn’t answer the question!

ELIAS: You may alter your perception at any moment, and within this act the event may not be perceived as “bad.”

VICKI: I understand that, but I’m not going to deliver that to Mary as an answer to this question tonight! Not me! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) You may await and allow this essence to deliver this information, for this is true. Michael may alter his perception and in this act, what he views presently to be “bad” shall not hold that connotation any longer, which is the point! The point is to be altering your perception to be widening your awareness. Michael experiences many situations, for he draws these situations to himself to illustrate belief systems and to actualize into reality concepts for what you term to be “better understanding.” This may be viewed by some individuals as bad or negative or inefficient, although he moves swiftly within consciousness and holds a great understanding. His impatience moves in front of him! Therefore, he temporarily allows himself much frustration, but there is also much accomplishment; and he does realize, within this movement, information that he seeks.

VICKI: I’ll tell him you said so! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You may! (Grinning)

Some individuals choose, in your terms, “bad” events or experiences. In this, they may not be individually for themselves creating their own drama, but they may be offering themselves definite examples within experiences to clarify information. It is not uncommon, within what we term to be a “final focus,” (grinning) as you have chosen, to be offering a barrage of events that you may all view as negative or bad situations. It is not a rule, either! (Grinning at Norm) It is only not uncommon. It is a concentration of events, as you believe that faster is better! Therefore, you shall offer yourself much information within a small time element, for you believe this shall be more helpful to your transition.

As we continue within these sessions, an objective is that you shall all realize that you may be incorporating enough confusion and effort engaging transition within physical focus without creating additional trauma for your learning experience, within your terms; as shall hopefully Michael realize also!

I shall briefly break and I shall offer information to your inquiries also, for this shall be information to be incorporated by all.

VICKI: Thank you.

BREAK 9:53 PM.
RESUME 10:14 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

Vic’s note: The following explanation is in reference to session 155.

ELIAS: Continuing: Within this same time period as this confusion has been experienced with Michael, a session was offered for the answering of questions to other individuals. I express this to you in introduction to an explanation of essence.

Many of you present within this forum are familiar with another teacher, one preceding this one. In this, reference has been made to an event which occurred few times within the phenomenon. The event was viewed strangely and was offered no identification. Therefore, the individuals physically focused attached their own identification to the event. Their identification was labeled Seth 2. The event was explained. The individuals receiving the information and the individuals subsequent to the initial receiving of the information did not understand the explanation. I have offered you also small amounts of information within this same area, to which you have not understood also.

Within the action of the energy exchange which occurred within this recent time period of an answering of questions for individuals, it was noted that the energy exchange appeared differently. I shall explain to you a bit of this essence, that you may more understand the multidimensionality of your own essence.

This essence is many focuses. You, for the most part, encounter one focus, which speaks to you within an energy exchange. You have come to know this focus of this essence as Elias. You view this focus as holding certain qualities and personality. You identify this focus with the experience of a certain energy which you recognize. There are myriads of focuses of this essence, all of which are interchangeable. Each holds a minutely different tone, all of which collectively create one tone.

Many of you have acquired information, through reading material, of Seven. Those of you familiar with this information, think now of the action of Seven; the ability to be merged and focused in any area of consciousness and to be that focus, while simultaneously holding the identification of self. This essence focuses in many different areas of consciousness. Activity occurs within many directions. Awareness and knowledge of each of these directions is held simultaneously. Tones may be interchanged at will.

There also, within your understanding, may be an identification of an oversoul, in your terminology, which may at very limited time periods speak as what you may think of as the whole. This is not diminishing of the focus, for each focus is all of the whole. Each focus incorporates different qualities. You identify these as personality within your definition of personality, for our definition of personality is different. You recognize this personality. You also recognize the absence of this personality. This is not the absence of the essence. It is an exchange of different focus. Therefore, it may appear unfamiliar, but familiar. It shall seem different, but it shall be known as Elias. Therefore, you may experience confusion.

Vic’s note: I sure noticed the absence of personality! I kept thinking that it was Elias, but it wasn’t, but it was. Very confusing, and not nearly as enjoyable as the Elias I’m used to!

All of you are the same within essence. You are all multidimensional. You all not only hold the ability to exchange and interchange with all of your focuses, but you do. You merely are not aware objectively, continuously. I express this to you as you are aware at times, although you do not identify the action or the feeling as an interchange with another focus. You identify the feeling the same as you identify the difference of Elias. It is Elias, but it is different. It is myself, but I am different. This being the same action which is accomplished quite efficiently, that you do not interrupt your flow of your focus.

As to the occurrence of the previous teacher, this may also occur within this phenomenon; not to this moment presently, but it may occur. This is recognized by the lack of emotional output, for this expression of which we speak moves through layers of consciousness from total subjectivity which does not incorporate physical focus of any type. Therefore, it is devoid of elements which are created for physical focuses.

This occurrence within this recent session was a change in direction of attention upon the part of this essence. Therefore, to prevent interruption of interaction, another focus moves into alignment. In this action, there is a slight but noticeable difference. This is not what you may term the first occurrence of this event within this present phenomenon. This has occurred previously, although there are different focuses which you may think of as more removed from this one than others. They are not, in actuality. They are all the same; but you within your thought process may view them as slightly more removed within tone, therefore holding more of what you view within an objective awareness in difference.

This was not another essence identified as Seth 2. It was/is the totality of tone allowed to flow through.

It may be expressed to you within these sessions, but merely for your entertainment, many different expressions within this one essence. If choosing, it may be displayed to you weekly different tones entirely, to the extent that you may view that Michael has retracted his agreement and established himself as his radio station! (Laughter) In actuality, there being only one transmission, but with different expressions for they are different focuses. Each of these focuses occupies different areas of consciousness and attends to different events which are all contributant to this becoming, as you presently occupy many areas of physical focuses which are contributant to your becoming. (Pause)

VICKI: So in that experience, I think you said that there was a redirection of attention. To what?

ELIAS: This focus redirected attention, allowing a different focus to be continuing within the energy exchange here, as this that you recognize completely addressed to another element within essence. If you are wishing to know of this action, I shall divulge to you, this particular focus was directed within consciousness to be interacting with another focus which you may think of in the movement stage, in your terms, of disengaging transition. In this action, helpfulness was required. Therefore, this focus engaged action with that focus in helpfulness. It is all one. It is all you. It is all I. But each is individual also, and independent.

VICKI: Could I assume then that whatever focus would be directed here, Mary’s experience would be only slightly different, as it was this week?

ELIAS: Correct. Michael will be noticing of fluctuations in energy. As you notice a difference and unfamiliarity in familiarity, so also does Michael; although he does not differentiate in the same manner, for the experience of energy encompasses the totality of tone. Therefore, the identification of this essence remains the same. He shall notice only a fluctuation within energy.

RON: Is that the same thing I experienced with Paul tonight?

ELIAS: No. This being, once again, a development of manifestation for your introduction of another essence energy; this being what you each have identified for the most part as viewing feminine energy, within our game, of yellow. Each one of these essences, as has been stated many times, shall be manifesting energy to be incorporating with you, that you may identify these energies. You have been exposed, in a manner of speaking, already to your purple, and you have identified your green, and also partially your red. Very much so, your orange. Of course, blue! (Grinning) Those remaining shall be offering identification of their energy, for it is a cooperative.

It is not a singular act or event which you witness, although you witness what you may term within this particular phenomenon a singular energy exchange; essence to essence; but with much mergence and input from other essences.

VICKI: So this appeared as exhibiting less emotion because the focus is less interactive with physical focus, or what?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And that’s just a choice?

ELIAS: (Pausing) It is an area of experience and becoming within consciousness.

NORM: Does that require a dual phenomenon between Michael and Elias and Elias and the other?

ELIAS: It is automatic.

RETA: And did you say we may have that event ourselves? Or were you just describing the Seth 2 event?

ELIAS: Eventually, you may.

DREW: Would the information that we would receive from one of these other focuses be different in point of view or in content or perspective, or in any way different than the information we get from the focus which is Elias?

ELIAS: No; only in delivery. There may be a noticing of difference in what you view to be personality ... or the lack of! (Grinning)

VICKI: Vocal tone, I noticed.

ELIAS: This may also occur. As in your terms you think of focuses being more removed from physical focus or interactiveness with physical focus, there becomes also what you term to be a lacking of personality, which in actuality is a lacking of emotional quality; which in this, there is less affectingness of vocal tones, for within the incorporation of personality there is an affectingness of individual identification. Therefore, vocal tones are reflective of this. As the focus is removed from physical elements, it becomes devoid of any incorporation of these tones. In this, the vocal tone may audibly sound much the same as Michael’s voice. No affectingness or little affectingness shall occur within physical adjustment of tone. (I wouldn’t say that the vocal tone in this session resembled Mary’s at all, but it did sound obviously different at certain points throughout the session ; a higher pitch than usual)

RETA: Would you say that this other focus, the higher plane focus, would be classified in Regional Area 4 or 5? Would that be a classification? Or is that not even in the same terminology?

ELIAS: It is not relevant.

VICKI: I always assumed that Seth 2 was a wider awareness of Seth, but judging from my experience and from the explanation just given, this isn’t really what it’s all about. It’s another focus. Is this correct?

ELIAS: It is a wider awareness, just as I have expressed that within your thinking you may classify this as the oversoul of the focuses, the entirety of essence, the wider awareness; within one essence, not another essence.

NORM: It was my interpretation that Seth 2 had the responsibility of the creation of the blueprint for this particular focus, this particular reality that we are in here. Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: This is a difficult area, for as you enter this area you also move into notions that you are “less than” or that you do not create your reality for yourself. A focus is no less than the entirety. It is the entirety. There are differences within experience which is assimilated by the entirety of essence, but focuses experience different experiences. There are, within essence, elements removed from physical focus. These are difficult concepts, I am understanding; just as within our beginnings it was not accepted that you may be physically focused and non-physically focused simultaneously, for you are. There are elements of essence which are not choosing to experience any physical focus. These you term as wider awarenesses. In your terms of wider awareness, you believe these elements of essence to be more, or greater within knowledge. The experience is different. (To Reta) They are not occupying a “higher plane.”

NORM: Are there families of oversouls?

ELIAS: I use this word oversoul figuratively for your understanding. There are cooperations of the concept of oversouls which you may liken to your families of physical focus, although they are different.

NORM: There’s no end to oversouls of oversouls?

ELIAS: There is no end within consciousness! (Smiling)

DREW: Is this phenomenon of an alternate focus of Elias available to us this evening to interact with?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary.

DREW: For the experience! (Good comeback, Drew!)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You may not find this exchange quite as charming as this focus of Elias, dare I say? (Humorously, grinning at Vic)

VICKI: Absolutely!

ELIAS: For this focus holds much more charisma! Although you may be so graced futurely to be witness to another focus of this essence, much to your disappointment, I am sure! (Much laughter)

RON: Can I interrupt briefly to change tapes?

ELIAS: We shall disengage, and I shall bid you all this evening a very affectionate au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:05 PM.

Vic’s note: Several folks have asked me lately how and why I title the transcripts. I didn’t do this in the beginning, but then I had no idea that the scripts would become as voluminous as they have! Because we have no operative index yet, this is my attempt to index sessions by picking a title that indicates something I may want to find quickly a year from now. For example, I have titled this “Seth 2” so that if somebody asks for Elias’ explanation of Seth 2, I can find it more efficiently. And that’s all there is to it, folks!

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