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Saturday, October 28, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Ron (Olivia).

This is private session, requested by Vicki, to answer a personal question which was asked, but not answered, at a regular session.

Elias arrives at 7:40 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Nodding towards Ron) Ron ...

RON: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: (Nodding towards Vicki) Lawrence ...

VICKI: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: So, you choose to have audience with Elias personally.

VICKI: This is the first time, I think. (It is the first time)

ELIAS: This is acceptable. (Pause, waiting)

VICKI: Last week I asked you a question that you said you would talk to me about personally, and that really is my main motivation.

ELIAS: Ah, but you did not ask me your question, for this involves an issue to which you have been unwilling to be exposing; this being also a difference, as my answer was a difference, from our usual engaging; and you have incorporated no helpfulness within yourself?

VICKI: I guess I really don’t know how.

ELIAS: You are presently focused upon what you would view as a path. You are moving in a direction of greater understanding of many elements of consciousness. You do not believe yet that you are understanding of these things, but within your consciousness, you possess an area of understanding. We have discussed the issue of personal trusting. This is part of the situation. You have not quite learned that yourself is worth trusting! (Smiling)

You are wishing for me to offer you instruction and answers, or direction. I am wishing you to be finding your answers and your direction, by incorporating your own trust within yourself. You both understand this more than all of our other individuals within our group. I also interact with each of you differently than I do with the others. You possess an understanding and an openness which is greater. You also block this understanding and trusting, to a degree, more so.

Truths have been offered, and have been accepted and incorporated. Now, you have come to points where you have stopped yourselves. You believe, in one direction, that you move forward, so to speak; and in one respect, you do. In another respect, what you accomplish is to divert yourselves, instead of completely allowing a truthful understanding.

I will express to you, also, that incorporating fear is also an element. I am understanding that I have spoken to you of this before, and you were not understanding what I was expressing; but you do listen, and as you listen, you do incorporate a greater understanding, in increments; just as you have engaged me before, but later understood a little more of what I was expressing to you. There are many times when I am expressing aspects of yourself to you that you may not understand instantly; but you will widen, and develop an understanding.

Remember that your base issue always reflects back to trusting; not me, but you.

VICKI: Well, you know, hence the question; because I really felt a trust in this particular area, regarding this particular issue. I thought I did.

ELIAS: (Smiling) This is the key; thought; is that you think you do; then you experiment, and you find that you do not.

VICKI: Yeah! That’s enough to make you mad!

ELIAS: Ah, then think of this; for within this expression, this may be motivating to you.

I am quite understanding of your reasoning for not wishing to be sharing. I am also quite aware that the issue is trust; just as other individuals, incorporated within our own small group, battle with their own issues and seemingly lose, this involves trust also. What you are forgetting is that you are not losing; for each encounter, you create the opportunity to view this, and incorporate more trust. Each individual may very easily look to themselves and say, “Ah yes, I am trusting myself,” but in reality, you are so accustomed to not trusting that this becomes your accepted “normal.” You do not even realize when you are not trusting, until it is slapping you within your face! (Grinning)

VICKI: It seems to slap me a little bit more physically than it does everybody else! (Laughing)

ELIAS: For you choose this.

VICKI: I suppose I do.

ELIAS: And have you viewed your other focuses?

VICKI: I can say that I think that maybe I’ve had some glimpses. That’s all I can say.

ELIAS: So may you speak to me and say, “Yes, Elias, I have heard your words to me in regard to trusting my essence. I have viewed, and allowed myself this incorporation, and I am ready”; and trust?

VICKI: It’s a little different from a few glimpses, isn’t it?

ELIAS: (Grinning) I will offer to you, that just as you and Michael have encountered this written material (Oversoul Seven) which has been presented to you, which parallels quite efficiently, incorporate an understanding. Neither of you have truly understood what I have presented. You are beginning, just beginning, to understand that these things are not merely a matter of “I believe this to be true or not.” Your probabilities may seem, in many instances, to flow quite easily and effortlessly; which for you, they do. Within reality, many elements are incorporated. Much is “going on,” so to speak. Many are involved.

Therefore, you may continue with your practicing in trusting, and do not be losing heartfulness in thinking that you have failed, for you have not. Be realizing that when I am speaking with all of you, the two of you may be understanding a wider degree of the concepts that I offer. There are many elements that I do not necessarily explain in depth within our sessions, for they would not be understood; but, as you think of all of my many, many, many words to you, within these many words are also many elements of information that you have “slid over.”

Within our discussion of counterparts, which has intrigued Ron, be realizing that your counterparts do not only exist within this physical focus; and just as you have discussed counterparts with each other, and the affectingness of them with you or you with them, realize, within this trusting also, that you engage counterparts also; this being why I offered to you to be investigating and viewing other focuses.

I also expressed to you all to know yourselves, to know your aspects; this, for you, being more important for your quest. If you were not engaging on a mission, this would not be of such importance; but as you are, then remember to be taking into account all of the aspects involved. Remember our little story of Ma-ah incorporating other focuses, not necessarily understanding, but trusting, and affecting, and also being affected; for there also is another being affected, and affecting your focus also. Within physical focus, all things are not always what they appear to be.

I would say to you that I would offer an expression, as you do within physical focus, of “I am sorry that you have not accomplished what you desired”; but I will not offer an “I am sorry,” for I am not sorry; for this offers you an opportunity to view, and investigate, (pause) and to be trusting. Understand that when I say to you that you be trusting of yourself, this means also to be trusting of all of your aspects, which also incorporates all of your counterparts. Every element of connection to your essence is an aspect of your self.

I look to you joyously that you have allowed yourself this opportunity. You have also afforded yourself the opportunity to view physical situations differently. There is no right, wrong, good, bad. There is no failure. All is an accomplishment, and all is a creation. Therefore, once again, you have created quite effectively! (Smiling) “Well done”; not “I am sorry!” (Silent pause) I will extend a great lovingness to Lawrence, though. (Very affectionately)

VICKI: (Very emotionally) Thank you Elias, and the same to you.

ELIAS: I am understanding that there are issues within physical focus to which, in actuality, it would be quite easy for me to be offering solutions to you, as it would be quite easy for me to offer solutions to Michael also; but within offering solutions to your challenges, you do not remember; and this is the point. Your widening is another term for remembrance; this being also why I have expressed, to Lawrence, a suggestion that you temper your hold on not remembering!

Your little game of calling each other on your “personal invalidations” was quite fun, but quite short-lived. Now, you may call yourself each time you hear your own words of “I don’t remember, I can’t remember, I am not remembering,” for you are reinforcing not remembering; and there are more things to remember than physical focus! (Pause) And remember this: You are very close! (Smiling)

Remember Cyprus’ words; and she also, who is not a she, does not offer answers, for she/he has not offered answers to any essence engaged in the process of widening or remembering, for if you wish to view this as a purpose, my answers would be defeating of this. Therefore, remember also, you incorporate all answers yourselves, but you also present yourself with opportunities to “jog” your memory. You set situations within your focus to be motivating, which you have done. Therefore, you face yourself with the probabilities of being motivated and continuing, or relinquishing your motivation. The choice is yours. (Pause) I have not known these essences to be turning from challenges, though! (Grinning, and Vicki laughs)

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: Now also, are you understanding why I was not answering your question within our session ?


ELIAS: You continue to remember; (turning to look at Ron) and this would not hurt within Ron’s focus also, but this will be another discussion! If you choose, on your orange feet, you may be remembering also, for you possess a connection within this situation; and I must say, you have both created this element, so to speak, quite effectively, for there does exist a cooperation. You may think of this; and, if you are still wishing audience, I may “pop back!” (Mary’s note: Elias whispers these last two words, as if he’s keeping a secret from me. Psych!) Adieu.

VICKI: Thank you.

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