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Thursday, April 15, 1999

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“Religious Beliefs/Cause and Effect”

“Religious Beliefs/The Energy Exchange”

“Religious Beliefs/Death Is Not Paradise!”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Deane (Leland).

Vic’s note: Deane’s vocal tones are very similar to Jim’s (Marthowh).

Elias arrives at 2:38 PM. (Arrival time is 27 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

DEANE: Ah, my friend, Elias! I find great pleasure in our meeting once again, sir, and I send you my very best!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Received!

DEANE: Aha! My questions:

After my first session with you, I was quite elated. Then a week or so later, I started getting unpleasant feelings. A few days later – the day after Thanksgiving, to be exact – my wife and I were in a car accident. I lost the sight of my left eye, which they say can be fixed eventually, and there’s also a number of attendant problems, physical and otherwise, associated with this accident/event.

Why didn’t I prevent this? Why did I do this to myself? And particularly, what was the source of the bad feelings that came a few days before the accident?

ELIAS: Let us examine this situation and recognize the underlying belief systems which are affecting in this situation.

Now; although you hold to what you may term to be a new belief in what you identify as metaphysics, you also continue to align with and hold underlying aspects of religious belief systems.

Now; in this, you have jointly created this situation with your partner, in agreement with that individual. You are not solely creating of this situation yourself, but together you have created this particular event, for you share certain belief systems in this area.

Now; your partner holds these belief systems overtly – or what you would term to be objectively – quite expressly, but you have chosen objectively not to be acknowledging of these beliefs and expressing to yourself that you have moved beyond many of these aspects.

Although let me be reminding you that as we initially spoke, you engaged conversation as to your endeavor with your writing of your manuscript, and I expressed to you that the reason that you were not accomplishing what you were attempting to be accomplishing was that you were incorporating these types of beliefs into this work, so to speak, which was also contrary to the design of the work and the intent of the work and what it shall be accomplishing. Are you remembering?

DEANE: Oh yes! I have some questions in that regard later too.

ELIAS: Very well. As to this, subsequent to our engagement, this type of interaction shall bring forth surfacely different elements of those beliefs that are continued to be held, expressly those religious beliefs which conflict with this type of energy exchange. Therefore, following our interaction, you allowed yourself to be surfacing certain aspects of these beliefs which were quite influencing.

Now; let me express to you that within the context of religious belief systems, there is the element of the belief of cause and effect, and that if you are engaging certain actions which are contrary to the religious belief, you shall bring upon yourself certain unpleasantries, and this shall remind you, so to speak, that you are moving contrary to the ideal of the religious belief system.

In this, you also bring forth certain fears and uncertainties, but there is more occurring within this action than merely the surfacing of these types of beliefs. In this, your partner’s beliefs were reinforced and perpetuated with this joint creation that you have expressed, and you have offered yourself the opportunity to view certain aspects of these religious beliefs that you continue to hold, and the fears that are connected with them.

You also have engaged another element of this action in affecting of your physical sight. This is quite symbolic, and also follows quite efficiently in conjunction to the religious beliefs. In this, as you diminish your physical vision, it creates what you may term to be an outward blocking of vision. This temporarily serves its purpose in gaining your attention, that you may be turning your direction from viewing so intently outside of yourself – and looking for your fulfillment, so to speak, from outside of yourself – and becoming more attentive to your inward vision, placing your attention more inside than outside. As....

DEANE: Well, that certainly has happened, hasn’t it?

ELIAS: Quite, and as we have spoken previously, your attention was quite occupied with elements of your reality that lie outside of you.

DEANE: That is so correct!

Two recent EKGs have suggested an arterial blockage as the cause of an elevated systolic blood pressure, yet I have no chest pain, even under great physical stress. Do I have a problem here, or is this part of this new wave affecting so many that Mary was explaining to me?

ELIAS: This is a situation that – within your probabilities – shall pass and is not cause for alarm or what you term to be worry, for you shall be affecting of this physical situation yourself as this wave within consciousness diminishes. But let me also express to you that this particular wave in consciousness shall be continuing for a time framework. Therefore, I express to you, do not be viewing that this manifestation shall alleviate itself soon, although it IS temporary. But as it is a manifestation in conjunction with this wave in consciousness, it shall – within your probabilities – continue to be manifest throughout this wave.

DEANE: Okay. Now, regarding this manuscript that I’ve been working on. In our last session , you said, and I quote: “You shall notice my participation with you in objective terms, as you notice blue and also electrical occurrences during your participation with that manuscript.” When I finished revising the session portion of chapter one, I noticed a blue streak on the wall. Then, when listening to my stereo and trying to assess this, I noticed the same blue streak, vertical and off to my left. Was that you?

ELIAS: Correct. This is your objective validation of which I spoke with you, in offering you objective manners of being validated that I shall be interactive with you. In this, you may view objectively, in physical terms, the energy presence.

DEANE: Okay. As I continued my revision process, I experienced much tingling in my hands and fingers. This was with me day and night. Sometimes it was quite profound, scary, and often uncomfortable. Since I’m finished with this manuscript – with the exception of the title – the tingling has subsided, but not completely. Is this the electrical occurrences stuff from you that you mentioned, or one of the side effects that can occur with my eye medicine?

ELIAS: This would also be an electrical energy which has been expressed by this essence with other individuals also. This is quite efficient, for you shall pay attention to physical symptoms, so to speak, and shall notice particularly sensations of electrical impulses within certain areas of your physical form. This particular area of your physical body, hands or feet, are not disruptive to your production and your functioning. Therefore, it is also an efficient manner of expressing an exchange of energy.

It shall not worry you in the manner that you begin to doubt within your thought process whether you are contracting a sort of dis-ease. It shall merely gain your attention and be a physical manifestation that you shall recognize. Are you understanding?

DEANE: Yes, I am. Another question. How is it exactly that you help me write? Do you move my fingers – give me thoughts, ideas – and have I resisted your efforts? For I sense that I have!

ELIAS: Let me express to you that I do not offer you your own information. I am not manipulating your energy or your thought process. I am merely lending energy to your own creativity, that you may be efficiently expressive in this area.

YOU have chosen the intent of this project. You have allowed yourself to be accessing and connecting to information that shall be creating of this manuscript. I have offered energy to you that may be helpful and lend more of an ease in your accomplishment for your accessing of this information, but YOU have allowed yourself to relax your focus, and therefore also access the information that you seek to be completing this project.

Now; at times, you have blocked or resisted certain aspects of incoming, so to speak, information which you are accessing.

In this, within these particular time frameworks, you may also have noticed a shift in the energy, and this is my manipulation of energy to be helpful to you in allowing you to notice that you ARE blocking of your own accessing of information ... OR that you are moving off of your direction, so to speak, and moving once again into the direction of the beliefs. Therefore, I offer you energy merely in a directing manner and a helpfulness that shall lend to the ease of your own expression.

These are YOUR expressions which are created from YOUR creativity. I shall not be intrusive to you in the manner of creating an expression FOR you.

In this also, this would be defeating of the point within this shift in consciousness, which is to be offering you information, that you may be directing of yourselves and NOT creating a continued expression of interdependence upon each other, but recognizing that you hold great abilities individually, that you need not be allowing any other individual or essence to be directing of your focus.

You hold the ability to be accomplishing this quite efficiently yourself, and this IS an element of this shift in consciousness – your accomplishment of your own independent expression, in a manner of speaking.

DEANE: Okay. How high a probability is it that I will do a sequel to this book?

ELIAS: Within the line of probabilities that you are creating presently, this is quite a probable probability, for as you gain more information and as you allow yourself more of your own remembrance and more of your own widening of awareness and movement within the action of this shift, you shall also draw yourself into the creation of more of your own expressiveness within your creativity.

You hold a great ability in this area. Within your intent, as I have expressed to you previously, you hold the ability to be affecting of many individuals objectively and subjectively through your creative expression. Therefore, in following this intent within this focus, you create a line of probabilities which lends itself to this type of expression and creation. Therefore, once again I express to you that this is quite a probable probability.

DEANE: Regarding a title for this book, I have come up with a few examples, but none seem to really, really satisfy me. I seem pushed to use the words “pilgrimage” or “odyssey” or “journey,” but nothing seems to really, really click. I have, as examples, “The Inside Odyssey,” which I like the best; “Odyssey” itself; “Pilgrimage to the Future”; “Journey to Awareness.” Could you comment on those, please, and maybe tell me why the title is offering me so many problems?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, turn your attention to the terms, the words that you are incorporating in this. Be remembering that you have re-addressed to this manuscript for the reason of readjusting the contents to not be reinforcing the belief systems which are held en masse. Now look to your title, which holds words that are also reinforcing of these mass belief systems. You are not allowing the uniqueness of your expression to flow into your titling of this work.

In this, let us examine. “Journey” expresses the idea that you are moving through a learning process; you are moving through your walk through this dimension.

This is an experience. You are not upon this planet within this dimension to be learning, so to speak, but to be remembering what you are. You are not attaining to any “thing.” You are merely allowing yourself the becoming, within your awareness, of what you already are. You do not occupy a lower plane within consciousness. You are merely manifest within this dimension for the express purpose of the unique experience that this particular dimension offers within physicalness.

Therefore, look carefully to the choice of words that you may consider in this titling of this particular work.

“Odyssey” may be a type of term that shall not necessarily project the alignment with belief systems in the manner that other terms shall. “Experience” is a term that shall not align with the types of belief systems that you wish not to be perpetuating. There are many terms that shall be efficient, and incorporated into your creativity, you shall allow yourself to be creating an efficient title for this work. Merely be remembering that you shall be defeating your point if you are re-addressing to the body of the work, but reinforcing the beliefs with the title.

DEANE: I see. Of course, the presupposition here on my part is that the body of the work is finished. I know that you commented before that there were certain areas within that manuscript that needed adjustment and correction, and I think I have made all of those. Would you care to comment on that?

ELIAS: You are correct, and in this ... one moment. (Brief pause) I express to you that you may hold one more area within this manuscript that may be adjusted, and once you have created your title also, you shall be completed with this project and you shall be emerging into the expression of sharing this work with other individuals.

DEANE: Would you care to comment on the area? Because as I sit here now, I can’t think of an area that needs adjusting.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that you and myself shall pinpoint this particular area of this manuscript together. As you skim, so to speak, through your work, I shall be present with you, and at the point that there may be one last adjustment, I shall be interactive with you to be indicating to you that particular point, and I shall continue interaction with you as you are adjusting that point. I also shall be interactive with you as you are creating your final title, and offering my acknowledgment as you move into position of not aligning with reinforcing the existing beliefs. Is this agreeable?

DEANE: Oh, it certainly is! You force me from two beers to a whole six-pack now! (Laughing) In your honor, of course!

ELIAS: Ah! (Chuckling)

DEANE: Regarding an agent, I have a letter from a Charles Dellheim of the Laura Gross Agency written last year. Any suggestions regarding him or securing an agent for this work?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this is entirely your choice. You may choose to be moving in the direction of mass expression and you may be engaging this individual, or you may be engaging the action directly yourself of engaging your publications.

It matters not. There is no judgment placed in either choice that you are creating. It is merely a choice of your own comfort as designed within your own beliefs.

Let me express clearly to you. At times, individuals attempt to be moving outside of their beliefs, for they are placing a right or wrong or good or bad judgment upon their existing belief. In this, you are defeating your purpose, for you continue to lend energy to the existing belief, in creating a judgment and intentionally moving in directions of expressing contrary to that belief. It does not eliminate the belief or the affectingness of the belief, and many times may be creating of more conflict than may be necessary. Therefore, I express to you to be creating the expression which offers you the least amount of conflict and the most comfort.

DEANE: I see. Okay. And you know, it seems like I already knew that, and it was right before my face!

ELIAS: And you DO know these elements, but you do not entirely trust your own expression yet. Therefore, you inquire for the expression of validation, which is offered to you, that you may BE allowing yourself to be trusting and accepting of yourself and that which you know already.

DEANE: Okay. Regarding my intent, can you briefly shed some light on my intent in my present focus? Can you have more than one intent, or are they all offshoots of the basic intent?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within each particular focus, you hold two intents which move in harmony to each other. You hold the intent of the family that you are belonging to, and you hold an individual intent which is quite influenced by the family that you are aligned with. The alignment intent is that intent which shall be more overtly expressed within your focus. The underlying intent – or the detailed aspects of your intent – shall be the expressions of the family of which you belong.

Therefore, as an example, I shall express that if an individual holds the family of Sumafi and is holding an alignment with Sumari in one particular focus, the underlying intent shall be that of the Sumafi family. The overtly expressed intent shall be the individual’s expression of the Sumari. Therefore, an individual may be an artist creating their own particular expression of this within their focus, and underlyingly they shall hold an attention to detail within that expression. They shall be lending themselves to the expression of offering teaching in this area and they may be concerning themselves in what you term to be a type of perfectionism in their expression, for the Sumafi and the intent of the Sumafi underlies the objective expression of the individual intent within the focus.

Now; within your focus, you may view qualities of your family and alignment as being expressed throughout your focus. As to your individual intent within this focus – as I have offered partially to you previously in relation to this expression that you complete now – your intent in this focus moves in the direction of offering your creativity as an expression to be bringing to the mass more of an understanding of this shift in consciousness.

Let me also express to you that in your particular intent individually, as you express objectively through your creativity, you also lend much energy to the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness, as it ripples, so to speak, within consciousness from your expression. Therefore, you are affecting objectively and subjectively in harmony to each other in not perpetuating the existing belief systems in the hold of their energy, and also in lending to the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness. Are you understanding?

DEANE: Pretty much so ... pretty much so.

The next questions I have are regarding some of my dreams and other areas of consciousness. Not long ago, I was sitting here at my computer. I’m not sure if I had fallen asleep or not, but I saw a man at a breakfast table outside on his patio reading his newspaper. He acknowledged my presence and said, “Good morning!” I felt good and not fearful whatsoever at this contact. Can you tell me more about that and what it was?

ELIAS: This would be an interaction with a probable self.

DEANE: With a probable self?

ELIAS: Correct. This be the reason that you have allowed yourself a momentary interaction and that you also incorporate the element of viewing color. There is a difference in the interaction that you may be sharing between another aspect or alternate self and a probable self. You may allow yourself more freedom in your expression with a probable self, as this shall not necessarily confuse you within the area of your personal identity. In the area of an alternate self, you may experience not viewing the individual in what you view to be a color spectrum.

DEANE: Okay. One night, about a month or two ago, before going to sleep, I asked for help putting all this new knowledge together. I had a dream where a strange-looking person was showing me around ... and what and what not to do. I awoke with this image of a small bird like a sparrow sitting on my shoulder, almost like a companion. Could you help with an explanation of this dream, or was it a dream? There were certain elements that made it seem like it wasn’t a dream.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this interaction has been a projection within consciousness – that which you term to be an out-of-body experience – and in this experience you have allowed yourself to be connecting and interacting with the essence of Rose, which offers manifestations objectively in the manner of birds. Rose is quite fond of this particular type of manifestation and chooses this expression almost as an objective signature, so to speak.

In this, you have interacted with this essence in conjunction to information concerning your interaction within this shift and your intent, that of which we have spoken within your previous question. This particular interaction follows within that same subject matter, and that essence has been interactive with you also, in different manner to myself, but has offered you energy expressions to be helpful in your accomplishment of your individual intent in this time framework. That essence is quite interactive within this shift in consciousness, therefore is also quite interactive with many individuals within physical focus in the promotion of this shift in consciousness.

DEANE: Well, that’s interesting! I have another one. I’m having fun with this! There was another one where I was in outer space by myself, and I saw this exquisitely blue bubble with a crab-like creature inside, and for a brief moment, I watched it as it was traveling. It was going someplace. Would you enlighten me about this experience?

ELIAS: This is dream imagery. You have presented this imagery to yourself to be expressive to you in your own communication with regard to what you would term to be your universe.


ELIAS: What you have offered yourself in this type of imagery is the viewing of an element that is quite unfamiliar but holds no fearfulness, and contrarily holds an element of fascination for you, and you view this quite joyously as you are appreciative of its uniqueness and of its aesthetic qualities.

In this, you present yourself with this imagery that there is much within your universe which is unfamiliar to you but is not threatening to you, and therefore you may move in comfort within all of the areas of your universe and hold no fearfulness, for there is no element that shall be hurtful to you.

You have presented within your dream imagery the feeling of safety within your universe that you may translate objectively to be allowing you more of an efficiency to be moving within consciousness as you widen your awareness.

DEANE: Okay. Another night, I asked about my feelings of dying. I saw a blank yellow area, which I took to be some sort of a map. Then I saw a red line begin to travel from west to east, and then drop straight down as I watched. Then I said, “Guam? (Elias grins) – I was referring to the island of Guam – and then I heard a voice which said, “I’m dying.” It sounded familiar, and I wondered if it was my own. I got scared and snapped myself back. Would you briefly explain this for me?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Let me express to you that this be another aspect of religious belief that you allow yourself within the safety of dream imagery to address to.

In this, you allow yourself to be connecting to this subject matter of death, objectively knowing that it may not be hurtful to you. You may be experimenting, so to speak, with this subject, and although you may be experiencing temporary fearfulness, you also realize objectively that you may discontinue this dream activity if you are so choosing. Therefore, there is no harmfulness.

In this, you image this particular island – of which you term to be Guam – as it appears quite unfamiliar to you. It also appears, within your beliefs and your thought process, to be quite foreboding, for it is not the choice of pleasantness that you may engage for recreational holiday!

Therefore, this particular choice of a physical location is the representation of knowing that this action of death is a movement into another location, so to speak, but that location is quite unfamiliar to you presently. In this, the religious aspect enters in your choice of this particular location, presenting that it may be – or possibly is – not quite the paradise that you assume it shall be through your beliefs!

There is a fear of the unknown, so to speak, and [of] which area shall you be projecting to once you engage the action of death.

In this, you offer yourself the opportunity to view these aspects of belief systems and recognize that you may be moving through these beliefs, and that it matters not your identification in physical terms of what you identify or think of as a place that you may be once you engage the action of death, for this is irrelevant. The area of consciousness that you shall occupy shall be WITH YOU.

Therefore, if you are engaging your trust and acceptance of self and you are joyful within self, it matters not what you choose to be manifesting as a “place.” THIS is the element of illusion.

DEANE: I see that now ... yes.

Okay, I have one last dream. I was watching absolutely huge African animals outside my window, lying dead. Some had gotten there and died. One was a lion as big as an elephant! Then an African lady crawled out from under what I think was the lion. Another person was squatting down, watching her do this, as I was watching both of them. I became sort of afraid and moved back from the window. Would you briefly explain this one for me?

ELIAS: This is your allowance within your imagery for you to be viewing different belief systems and the affectingness of them; also the largeness, in a manner of speaking, and the heaviness of these beliefs. As they ARE, within your physical focus, quite large, they are also quite affecting.

You allow yourself to view these elements of reality outside of yourself, so to speak, for this is less disturbing to you than to be viewing them within self. Therefore, you image these as very large, familiar animals. The creatures are familiar within your imagery, for the beliefs are familiar. You may be identifying of the beliefs, but they appear within your dream imagery to be much larger than you anticipated. This is your imagery concerning the largeness of the belief systems, and as you widen your awareness, you become more objectively aware of the immenseness of these belief systems and all of the aspects that they hold within them.

They also hold great power, and in this, you image this as back to yourself in viewing the weightiness or the heaviness and how they may be crushing of an individual if held upon them, but you also image individuals emerging from beneath them. This is your imagery to yourself that regardless of the weightiness of these beliefs, an individual holds the ability to be moving into letting go of these beliefs and neutralizing [them].

DEANE: Elias, I thank you again, my friend.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

DEANE: Surely you must sense the thankfulness that I have for what you do and for the help you provide, and I will just end on that. My very best to you, sir, in whatever I can give ... energy back to you, should you choose to use it! Again, thank you so very, very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

DEANE: I look forward to the continued revision of this.

ELIAS: I anticipate our next meeting, and I shall be continuing in interaction. I offer you encouragement in your movement and your endeavors.

I bid you this day great affection, and a loving au revoir.

DEANE: Thank you, my friend, thank you.

Elias departs at 3:46 PM.

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