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Saturday, May 01, 1999

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“Kids, Monsters, and The Darkness”

“Transitional Playfulness”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Marisa (Glen), and a new participant, Claire (Keenan). (Claire is Marisa’s mother.)

Elias arrives at 5:00 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!


ELIAS: We meet again!

MARISA: I know! It hasn’t been that long!

ELIAS: And welcome to new essence!

CLAIRE: Thank you.

ELIAS: And you have inquiries this day, once again!

MARISA: Well, we were supposed to have the group thing, and that didn’t work out, so Mary decided it was fated to be. So we came up here to see you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you have drawn yourselves, not that Michael is instrumental in this. You draw yourselves to this information, for you are wishing for responses to your questioning.

MARISA: Well, the last time we met ... it’s only been two weeks, but a lot has happened since then! I’ve given a lot of thought to what you said about the horses, because that information is near and dear to my heart. I was just telling my mom, today I took Ricky out for a ride, and it went so much better because I just took everything else away. I was having trouble holding him in – he was very forward – and it was just like this control thing, and I’m not used to a horse that fast, but I went in with the attitude that I’ve done this so many times, it’s just fine, you know, and we’ve been together before. I couldn’t believe it, but he seemed to listen to me a lot more and be attentive to my signals, and we had the best ride we’ve had yet!

ELIAS: Very good!

MARISA: Yep, so I’m working on everything.

ELIAS: And how goes your experimentation in other areas?

MARISA: Well, I’ve been trying to be just open to everything, and I did have another dream. I felt it was like a remembrance. It was me, and we were on a farm, and it was a long time ago, and the barn had a straw roof and was kind of mud-looking – the walls were mud or stone or something – and Ian was in that barn doing work. For some reason, my father at the time ... and I don’t know what he looked like. I just remember the yelling, the fight. He didn’t want me to go there to be with him. Now, I don’t know what that meant. I took it to mean I wasn’t supposed to associate with him, and I remember I just got really mad and I rode off on my horse, and I was plopped in the woods in this little clearing, being angry and crying at the same time, and saying I was going to go see him anyway. I wasn’t there in the barn, but I could see him working with a pitchfork, and that was it. Usually I don’t have these things for a long time, and I thought it was good that I had one right after I talked to you.

ELIAS: For you are opening to your own remembrances.

MARISA: I think so. What I wanted to know is, what was my name when I was with him, my physical name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Margaret.

MARISA: Really ... hmm. And then, were we in the same clan?


MARISA: What was our clan name? (Pause)

ELIAS: MacMullen.

MARISA: Hmm. I don’t know if you would know this, but what were the colors of the MacMullen clan? (Pause)

ELIAS: Orange and brown.

MARISA: Hmm. Sounds more like a hunting clan with those colors. So, what do you think was happening in that remembrance? Could you broaden the scope?

ELIAS: You are merely offering yourself more information, that you may be connecting with more of the aspects of you. Therefore, you allow yourself to view different angles of other focuses, that you may have a clearer understanding of the emotions that you experience within this focus, and also that you may understand and move more efficiently within this focus, dealing with certain issues and certain types of creations. You choose this particular focus to be magnating to, for it offers you information in similarities to this present focus.

Within that focus, there are similarities within your emotional qualities and expressions. There are also similarities within your own fearfulness or resistance to certain movements, feeling not quite adequate enough for competition in certain areas.

You choose to be, in this focus, turning your attention slightly differently, and are choosing slightly different expressions that you may term to be competitive in certain areas. In that focus, it is an element of the culture which is accepted within the masses, that there are certain activities which are developed, so to speak, which involve what you term to be a certain quality of competitiveness.

In this, you also share – between that focus and this present focus – an underlying quality in which both manifestations are female. Both manifestations hold a tremendous drive, but both manifestations also rein back that drive, for there is an element within you and within her that expresses to you that other individuals may be accomplishing better. But the drive expresses to the contrary, that you are equal and that you may excel and that you may accomplish efficiently. You merely hold your own fearfulness in this area.

You within this time framework express this in quite modern terms – in your psychological attachments to your expressions – and you would be labeling this as insecurities; slight elements, not overwhelming, but slight elements of inadequacies or inabilities to be competing adequately. There is also the fearfulness of failure AND success, not merely one or the other. The individual within that focus shares these same qualities. This be the reason that you draw that energy and that information from that particular focus, to be offering you insight to yourself within this focus.

Now; be remembering, all focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, although within your thought process this individual is you, and in a manner of speaking it is, in another manner of speaking it is not, for the individual holds her focus presently, as do you. You are merely within different layers of this dimension. Therefore, you are you, and you are creating your choices within your focus, and she is she, but you are the same essence.

MARISA: Does she see me?

ELIAS: Presently, no ... although this is not to say that this is impossible, for it is not. It is merely a question of the openness of the individual.

You occupy a different time framework in which your societies allow for more of an openness within your objective awareness. Within that time period and culture, this is discouraged, for there is much superstition which also is incorporated into the culture.

Another reason that you hold more of an awareness in this focus is that within this time period, as I have expressed to you previously, you are participating within this shift in consciousness. The entirety of your planet is participating within this shift in consciousness. Therefore, there is an openness within the whole.

In this, you allow yourself to access information of other focuses, but other focuses may not necessarily allow themselves the objective knowing of you or any other focuses. This is not to say that there are not focuses of your essence – past and future, in your terms – that do not hold an awareness, for they do.

This particular focus that you draw yourself to presently does not hold an objective awareness of other focuses, but holds the experiences of what you may term to be “hearing small voices,” as do you also. The difference between you two is that you, within your awareness, allow yourself the freedom of exploration in this area. The other individual does not, for this is unacceptable.

MARISA: So she doesn’t ... like when I see her, almost like through her eyes ... I never really see her, but I see through her eyes, but she’s not aware of me being there?

ELIAS: No, and let me explain what you are accessing in this action, for there are different manners in which you may access information of other focuses. You may allow yourself to view other focuses and watch as an observer in the same manner that within this time period, with your technology, that you may watch your motion pictures. You may also merge with another focus. This is a different manner of connecting and accessing information.

In this, if you are choosing to be merging – which you are allowing yourself this type of activity – you shall not necessarily be viewing as an observer, but you shall merge your consciousness with that of the other focus. You hold the ability to be accomplishing this, for you are the same essence. This be why I express to you that you are that focus, but you also are not.

MARISA: These other times when I’ve told you that I’ve seen these remembrances, like this latest one in the barn, or like, say, in the theater that we had talked about last time, or walking along a path, or in a cottage ... are these all the same focuses with Margaret?


MARISA: And I should try to like string them ... they’re strung together in some way?


MARISA: It’s not me in another focus and another focus. They’re all one individual?

ELIAS: You are connecting to one focus and you are allowing yourself the bleed-through of sections of that one focus, allowing you a diverse view of different aspects of that individual within different situations. Also, you are offering yourself the opportunity – which you have not quite grasped yet – within each of these experiences to be noticing the emotional qualities of that individual within all of these different scenarios. Many of the expressions are quite similar to your own. This offers you information, for it allows you to view more efficiently, in a manner of speaking.

Think to yourself of different situations that you encounter other individuals within this focus. You may view another individual and assess the situation that is occurring with that individual quite easily. You may evaluate clearly and with ease different choices that the other individual might engage to be altering the creation that they are participating in, for you stand as an observer, so to speak. You are removed from the experience in its entirety.

Many times, as you are expressing through your own beliefs and you are allowing the influence of your own beliefs within your focus, this may cloud your vision, and in this clouding of your vision, you do not always view all of the choices that are available to you. You also do not necessarily identify all of the reasons that you are responding to a given situation in the manner that you are. But if you are viewing another focus – even in the mergence of yourself to this other focus – it matters not, for you continue to hold the qualities of yourself within this focus. Therefore, there is an element that is removed.

MARISA: Do I mess her up by merging with her?

ELIAS: Not presently, no. Now; I shall express to you that I have offered information previously to other individuals in this regard, for in participating in activities often with another focus, you ARE affecting. Each time you are engaging in participation with another focus – not merely viewing – you are affecting of that focus and you are affecting of their choices. Therefore, I have offered cautioning to individuals to not be interfering.

In the activity that you engage, you are not interfering with this other focus. You are merging temporarily and you are viewing, but you are not participating in altering choices of that individual.

MARISA: That’s good.

ELIAS: You are merely “riding along,” so to speak. (Smiling)

In this, you hold yourself in reservation in your participation, offering yourself the opportunity to view the similarities in responses, in behaviors, in thought processes, and in emotional qualities, and in this, you may apply this information to yourself. You may view the drive within that individual. You may also view the frustration in the non-expression of that drive – the lack of acceptance of self in that individual – and you may turn this view to yourself and you may alter your creations.

Now; in altering your creations within this focus, you are also affecting of that focus in lending energy to her accomplishments.

MARISA: I sense, especially after this last little remembrance ... when I have a dream, that’s a remembrance ... isn’t that what it is?

ELIAS: This particular type of dream imagery, yes.

MARISA: I sense there’s definitely a conflict going on there. I don’t know whether it’s a bigger conflict with the clans or if it’s a smaller conflict within my immediate family, and then what messes me up is that sometimes ... like in this last dream he was a worker, and then in another dream he’s in a cottage. I mean, what is he?? What is he, and what is the conflict? It feels like it’s swarming around me like bees, and it doesn’t have to be in a dream. I could be in my kitchen and I just feel it, just swarming. I don’t know if something terrible happened, or ... I know there’s some sort of conflict with me and my father in that remembrance, ’cause we were really laying it out, and he obviously didn’t like me being so outspoken like that. So, alright, but then what’s the bigger swirl that’s going on?

ELIAS: The conflict exists between the families.

MARISA: Which families? His family and my family?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARISA: I thought we were in the same clan, though.

ELIAS: The individual families.

MARISA: Then why ... it seemed like he was working in our barn. Why is he there if there is a conflict?

ELIAS: The conflict exists, and it matters not that the individual continues to be within employ. There are disagreements. There are different ideas and viewings of philosophies, in a manner of speaking.

MARISA: And politics?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. The individual that you view as intimate friend holds different philosophy and views the world – in a manner of speaking – differently from the individual that holds the position of parent to you.

Now; within this focus, you may view this type of action and you may express that this is not a large issue, but within the culture and the ideas within that time framework, they are very different and there is much greater affectingness. Individuals within these groups hold to an importance of sameness. This offers them their base, so to speak.

MARISA: And protection.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, physically.

You may express presently that these types of ideas and manner of existence is almost a type of code which is accepted and not deviated from. Therefore, if one individual is deviating within their individual philosophy, it is creating of great conflict, for it extends outward. It is not merely experienced by the one individual. Let me explain.

A clan is comprised of many families, but the clan is viewed as a family. These are individuals that may or may not be what you term to be blood relations, but they are all within the same group. Individuals may be accepted into this group that may not necessarily hold blood connections, in your terms, but they shall be an element of this group, which is the larger family, so to speak. Therefore, they view each other to be all very interconnected. They move as a whole, a collective. Their thought process moves as a whole, not individual.

In this, as one individual deviates and expresses a different individual philosophy within themselves, it is affecting of the whole. It is the scenario of tossing your pebble into a pond. The pebble penetrates the water and is affecting of much more of the water in its ripple than merely the spot, so to speak, in which it penetrates. Therefore, many individuals are affected by one individual’s deviation from the accepted reality.

This also offers you information. This offers you the opportunity to view the strength of one individual – that within consciousness, objectively and subjectively, one individual IS very affecting; not may be very affecting, but IS very affecting. You may view this and it may attain your attention if that affectingness holds conflict. You shall turn your attention to affectingness that holds conflict, but without conflict, you are equally as affecting within consciousness. You merely do not notice.

MARISA: Okay. I want to get in some questions about my son. First of all, I guess it was about maybe a year or two ago, he was laying in my bed about to go to sleep, and he said a man talked to him. He told me, “Mommy, a man talked to me in the bedroom and said to me, ‘Remember who you are.” So who was talking to Natty at that point?

ELIAS: This is a translation. What is occurring – and I may express to you that this also occurs quite frequently within the focus of small ones – what is occurring is a communication of another essence which holds what you would term to be closeness to the essence in which he focuses.

In this, view the time framework. This is a small one, and has manifest within this time framework ... which there is great movement within this time framework, and one of the objectives, in your terms, of this movement of this shift in consciousness is to be engaging the remembrance.

Holding the remembrance and acceptance of belief systems are two of the base elements of this shift in consciousness, which allows you to open and widen your awareness, which subsequently allows you to be accomplishing your creativity more fully and realizing your abilities more fully.

In this, what he has connected to is a reminder, so to speak, to continue to be open to his own remembrance within a very young age, so to speak, for I shall express to you that your mass beliefs are very strong and they are assumed by these small ones quite quickly.

MARISA: When he was younger and we lived in Seattle, it was very weird ’cause he was very attached to me. I mean, Mom could tell you! He always wants to be in the same room with me, and we didn’t have Lillian then, and it was just weird. But when I would take a shower, he’d be downstairs playing or whatever, and one time he came into the bedroom and he goes, “You see that man over there?” And I was like, “What man?” I didn’t want to say no, ‘cause my aunt had told me not to do that, just to be listening and receptive of him. And he goes, “Yeah, he plays with me all the time.”

And then it was weird, ’cause when we moved here – this is a couple of years past – I showed him a picture of what I remember as my physical grandfather, and I said, “What’s his name?” And Nathaniel started to say John, which is my grandfather’s name. And my aunt, who’s a psychic, she had told me that she thought that whatever the essence is that’s my grandfather was playing with Nathaniel and was down there occupying him, ’cause to me that’s very unlike Nathaniel, to be occupied down there for any significant amount of time and be relaxed doing it, you know? He would always want to be right by my side. So I’m very careful not to poo-poo anything he says.

ELIAS: Quite, for this is reality! I express to you that many, many small ones allow themselves to view much more of your reality than you allow yourselves to view. Individuals discount their expressions and discount their experiences, expressing to them that this is merely their imagination. I express to you, imagination is reality, and that these experiences that small ones engage are quite real!

MARISA: Well then, I don’t know how to cope with Nathaniel, and of course, that’s passed on to Lillian. He’s become very frightened at night, which is common in little children, and he had termed it as monsters at some point, and we had actually installed a bolt lock on his closet door, and I’m like, “Whatever it takes. If you think they’re in there, we’ll lock them in or whatever.”

When I told him I was coming to see you, and I actually thought you were coming to my house at that point, they wanted to sit in and ask you some questions, and he wanted to ask you about what was going on at night, because his fears are real, and now I really don’t believe it’s monsters at all. It’s something else. He said, “I don’t know what to do.” A friend of mine has even done imagery with him about “the darkness” – that’s what he keeps on saying – and imagining a bright light instead, and that didn’t work. And then just last week or earlier this week he said, “I don’t know what to do, Mommy. The darkness comes into my room and my brain goes blank.” How many times did he say that? “My brain goes blank, and I don’t know what to do.”

So I don’t know how to help him through this at this point. I don’t know what to do, ‘cause my daughter is starting to get afraid too. What is he seeing now that’s making him so afraid?

ELIAS: We shall engage together within your physical time framework at some point, I express to you, but I shall offer information to you within what you term to be the interim. There are several actions that are occurring in this situation.

I express to you that it is quite pointless to be offering imagery to this small one and expressing that he be turning his attention in a different area, for what you are essentially expressing to him is an invalidation of his experience, and this merely reinforces the experience. He is wishing for validation, not to be discounted.

This small one holds an openness that many small ones hold presently, although they are manifest into families and societies that are not quite understanding their openness. In this, it creates a lack of understanding within themselves, for they are viewing that other individuals discount their experience, and therefore they in turn – in a manner of speaking – are discounting of their own experience. But they may not necessarily entirely be discounting of their experience, for they hold a knowing that it is real.

Therefore, they battle and express to other individuals that they are experiencing fearfulness in terms that YOU shall accept. If he is viewing monsters, within your thought process this is quite normal, and you shall battle the monsters. But they are not monsters. They are elements of his own remembrances and aspects of himself that he is not entirely remembering. Therefore, it creates confusion.

Confusion also lends to fearfulness, for this is how you translate within your thought processes. All of you engage this same action. If you are not understanding of some element of your reality, you become confused, and confusion lends to fearfulness. Therefore, you view that you must be understanding. I express to you that it is unnecessary that you hold an understanding of all elements of your reality objectively, for you DO hold an understanding subjectively.

As to your interaction with this small one, I express to you the suggestion that you may be validating of this small one.

MARISA: So when he talks about....

ELIAS: Express to him YOUR understanding, for he is lacking his own. Express to him your understanding of this darkness. It creates difficulty in viewing. It creates a cloudedness, and that which he wishes to view becomes unclear, and this creates confusion and subsequently creates fearfulness.

Express a sharing with this small one in your own experiences, in your knowing that initially as you experience certain elements of your reality that you do not understand objectively, it may appear fearful to you, but as you allow yourself to be welcoming of this, you may also discover that you hold no necessity for fear.

What I am expressing to you is that you both hold the opportunity to be helpful to each other, and this be the reason that this particular behavior, so to speak, is being created. There is an expression manifest of a desire within this small one to be objectively connecting with you and receiving an objective validation that what he is experiencing is reality.

Do not express to this small one, “You see, you need not be fearful.” This is another invalidation! Walk through the experience together.

You are allowing yourself to be connecting merely within your thought process, and in this, you are evaluating and attempting to be seeking a method to be altering of his behavior.

I am expressing to you, be accepting of his behavior and walk with him in his experience, and in this, you validate the experience, and together you view that there is no necessity for fearfulness.

Presently, the darkness appears foreboding. It creates a thickness for viewing. Within your physical senses, you experience more difficulty viewing or seeing within darkness.

MARISA: Should I encourage him to almost like look through the darkness, and then there is something to look at, you know, past it?

ELIAS: You may. Initially, I express to you that this is unnecessary. You may chose to be incorporating this action subsequently, but initially, merely engage the darkness.

Touch the darkness. Feel the darkness. Allow physical senses to process information which is held by the darkness – your skin, your eyes, your smell. What do you hear?

In this also, feel emotion with this small one. Allow yourself to be empathically connecting with this small one. This shall offer an assurance within him that you are not discounting his reality and you are not attempting to “fix” it. It is not broken! It needs not be fixed. It merely needs to be attended to within your attention.

To this point, you have been attempting to fix the situation, and this be the reason that you are not accomplishing, for there is no “thing” to be fixed. Is your son broken? No!

He is merely requesting your validation of his experience within his reality, and he is attaching identifications to this experience, that it shall gain your attention, for if he is experiencing conflict, you shall pay attention!

MARISA: Okay, I’ll do that. Mom, do you want to ask your question? My mom came with just one question. Go ahead, you can do it! He’s just an eloquent gentleman!

ELIAS: Ah, thank you very much! (Laughter) Of course I am eloquent! (Chuckling) You may be inquiring, if you are so choosing. (Smiling)

CLAIRE: Well, my parents passed away – they died about ten or eleven years ago – and I just want to know if they are in heaven and if they’re happy, both of them.

ELIAS: Interesting question! Let me express to you that both of these individuals engage an action which we term to be transition.

In this action of transition, as an individual disengages from physical focus, or in your terms chooses death – which is not death, but merely an emergence into a different country, a different type of reality – as the individuals engage this action, they move from this physical dimension, which holds many, many, many beliefs.

In this action of transition, they shed the beliefs that are associated with this physical reality. This enables – in a manner of speaking – their consciousness to be moving into new areas of exploration that do not involve belief systems.

Now; within your physical terms, you think in linear terms in amounts of years. Therefore, you may view ten, twenty, thirty years to be an extensive time period. Within consciousness, there is no time. Therefore, it is not experienced in the manner that you experience time within physical form. In this, what you express to be these amounts of years may be to those individuals a mere blink.

As they have engaged transition, I express to you that within the initial movement of transition, many individuals do not necessarily shed these belief systems immediately, so to speak. Many individuals engage the action in which these two individuals are presently engaging, that of your mother more so than that of the other parent. This would be an exploration – in a manner of speaking, a playing with imagery. Within this area of transition, the individual focus holds the ability to be creating whatever type of imagery they are so choosing.

Some individuals engage the action of transition quite seriously and attend to belief systems in what you would term to be immediately, and they are quite intensely focused in the shedding of their belief systems. Some individuals, conversely, as with the situation of your parents, hold a fascination with their ability to be creating of different types of imagery at will. Therefore, they do not concern themselves immediately with this shedding of belief systems, for in a manner of speaking, they are playing with their reality! (Grinning)

MARISA: Oh, great! I wonder what they’re doing! (Laughing)

ELIAS: In this playfulness, there is, many times, moments that the energy may be felt by individuals within physical focus, such as yourself. There is momentary periods in which individuals within physical focus may experience twinges or a knowing of a presence or certain unusual experiences that within physical focus you express to yourselves is merely your imagination and not necessarily reality.

I express to you, in these situations, the individuals – the focuses which are moving within transition – are not projecting themselves back, in your terms, to physical locations or physical reality, but in a manner of speaking, their energy in this playfulness is “spilling” and is felt by individuals within physical focus, for you are all connected. There is no separation. You merely view that there is a separation, for your attention is very singularly focused within physical creations, but there is a very thin veil – very thin – between yourselves and the individuals that you view to be dead.

I express to you that the area of transition within consciousness is a very closely related layer of consciousness to physical focus. You engage with myself, (grinning) and the area of consciousness that I occupy is quite removed from this physical dimension, but the reality and the possibility of engaging another essence and experiencing the energy of that essence, such as myself, is evident.

Therefore, why shall you be surprised if you are experiencing moments that you feel the energy of those individuals that you know, and you hold a knowing of the identification of their energy? They are within an area of consciousness that is, in your terms, divided from you by a very thin film.

Therefore, as to the response to your questioning [of] if they are happy, they are playful. Happiness translates differently within other areas of consciousness, but within a translation to your understanding, I may respond affirmative, yes, although it is a different quality within other areas of consciousness. It is a different experience.

It is likened, as I have expressed previously, to another country. If you are allowing yourself to be traveling to a different country in which you do not speak the language, you shall encounter many wonders, for it is very unfamiliar to you, but there shall be much to explore and you shall fit regardless, for you continue to be within your element, in a manner of speaking. You shall continue to be upon your planet with your species.

Within consciousness, you are you. It matters not that you manifest within a physical body. What is you and your identity far exceeds this physical manifestation. Therefore, you continue to be you within other areas of consciousness. You merely allow yourselves different experiences, different explorations.

And I express to you also, you may engage these individuals if you are so choosing, for you may be allowing yourself to be connecting with their energy, for they are not so intensely focused upon the activity of shedding beliefs ... yet! Is this helpful?

CLAIRE: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

I shall offer to you each this day, although not requested, essence names and families that you may connect to futurely.

(To Marisa) Essence name to you, Glen.


ELIAS: Glen.

MARISA: Glen, as in a man!

ELIAS: Essence family – to which your entirety of your essence which focuses in this dimension is belonging to – Milumet. Essence family alignment in this one focus presently, Gramada. You may inquire of Michael and he shall be offering you information as to an explanation of these families.

(To Claire) I offer to you essence name – which is the entirety of tone of your essence and all of its focuses translated into your language as a word – Keenan; K-E-E-N-A-N. Essence family, Gramada; alignment within this focus – flip-flop – Milumet.

Therefore, I express to you that you hold the opposites, so to speak, in your terms, of your families and alignments, but I may also express to you that these families and alignments move quite well together in their expressions with each other, and this offers each of you much lending of energy to each other in helpfulness to each other. (Pause)

(To Marisa) Be encouraging to this small one, and be accepting. And you may deliver a message from Elias, and you may express to him that I am anticipating our meeting objectively together, and I shall speak with him also.


ELIAS: And you may extend my affection also.

To you both this day, I offer great lovingness and encouragement to be continuing upon your sojourn, for you offer yourselves great opportunities.

(To Claire) Be open to this playfulness ... within yourself also! (Chuckling)

And I bid you each this day a very affectionate au revoir.

Elias departs at 6:12 PM.

Vic’s note: Elias was very gentle and affectionate in this session, more so than usual. And I gotta admit, his advice to Marisa about her son really affected me. I thought it was beautiful!

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