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Friday, July 09, 1999

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“Each Choice is Merely a Choice”

“Probabilities are Merely Choices”

“It Matters Not Which Choice You Engage”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marcos (Marta).

Vic’s note: Elias was unusually serious and intense in this session.

Elias arrives at 10:23 AM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning! (Smiling)

MARCOS: Good morning, Captain! What a pleasure to hear your voice!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And beginning your day with this interaction!

MARCOS: Yes, beginning a beautiful day here in Mexico City, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And what shall be your concern this day?

MARCOS: As usual, it appears that there’s one basic underlying issue as I’ve gone through my list of questions, but I’d like to start with a couple of dreams that I would like to ask you about.

The first one is, I had a dream a few nights ago with Isabel, and we were walking in this snowy mountain, and we were walking behind Big Foot – you know, Sasquatch. We passed a couple of travelers along the way on horseback. I believe that you were there – there was, I think, a brief encounter we had. But the interesting part about the dream was that when this creature turned around – and I was a bit scared – he intently looked into my eyes with these two very bright, bright lights of eyes, and I wasn’t scared any more. Would like to comment on that?

ELIAS: Very well.

Within this imagery, you have presented yourself with the viewing of the situation that lies before you presently, that you view to be quite large and that you view to be quite threatening initially.

Now; in this, you image yourself in conjunction with your daughter, and in this, you are moving together within unfamiliar territory and also viewing ahead of you or in front of you a very large threatening creature, which is not a creature but an issue. You also image other individuals briefly, and this is your symbology to yourself that other individuals do hold involvement in this situation, but that your concern lies mainly with yourself and with your daughter.

And in this, you are fearful of the confrontation of this immense creature or situation, but once allowing yourself to be facing this creature and addressing to it, you also allow yourself the knowing that you remain safe, in a manner of speaking, that you are unharmed, and that this creature may not in actuality be hurtful to you. It is merely your projection of expectation and anticipation that creates the fearfulness, but once engaging the actual issue and allowing yourself movement into that area, the situation is not in actuality as threatening as originally perceived.

I express to you that within physical focus, as you anticipate future events you place much energy into your expectations and anticipations of certain events and actions, which perpetuates conflict and discomfort in these areas much of your time frameworks.

And in this, this be the reason that I am so very often redirecting your attention as individuals into the now and addressing to your projections into past and future time frameworks, for these projections are what may be creating much of your conflicts, for you are not attending to the now, but are holding yourself within anticipation of future and holding yourself in guilt as to past.

MARCOS: Boy, that’s crystal clear! I’m not even going to ask you about the second dream because I know it’s exactly related to the same issue. You know, I have to say, these sessions with you are extraordinary in many, many ways, and yet sometimes you sound like a broken record. It seems that we come back to the same fundamental, basic, simple issues that Michael and I were talking about just before the session. Thank you. That is very, very illustrative.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Marta, this situation is very common within physical focus. This is directly influenced by your belief systems, which are also directly influencing your emotions, and in this, you are, in a manner of speaking, immobilizing yourself.

Let me express to you that within this situation, you presently are not moving. What you are actualizing presently is standing within one position.

You are viewing the situation before you of many windows. You are looking to all of your windows – that are all of your probabilities, all of your choices – and you are looking also to your feet, and you are expressing to yourself, wondering which direction you should point your feet to be engaging which window to move through.

But I express to you, all of your windows are the same. They are merely choices. It matters not. IT MATTERS NOT which choice you engage. What matters within your focus is that you engage – not which choice you engage, but that you engage a choice!

In this, you may express to yourself that you are viewing these windows, and you may identify these windows as one window as the relationship of yourself to your daughter, and you look to your feet and you express to your feet, “How shall you be affecting of my daughter if I allow you to move in this direction and move through this window?”

You look to your partner and you express to your feet, “How shall you be affecting of this partner if I am allowing you to move through this other window?”

You look to your feet and you look to another window and you express to yourself, “How shall you be affecting of my new partner if I am allowing you to be moving through this window?”

But the window is the same! ALL of the windows are the same. You have merely separated them and created different images of the same window that APPEAR to be different windows, for you identify each window in connection with a different individual or a different circumstance, but they are all the same. It is all one window with many panes, and you have separated out each pane to be creating of its own individual window.

Some of the windows are future projections – how shall you be interactive with many of these individuals if you are creating one particular choice that is not in agreement with them? – and this enters your personal responsibility issue.

Another window is your viewing of past behaviors and situations that you attribute solely to yourself, and incorporate guilt and personal responsibility.

Other windows involve personal responsibility for how you shall be dramatically affecting of other individuals’ reality in creating the choice that shall be the most efficient for you.

But once again, be remembering that ALL of these elements are all different panes of the same window, and in this, they are not actually separated out. You are merely looking to each different section of the same window and distracting yourself, that you may not allow yourself to actually move through the window itself.

Therefore, you distract yourself by examining each and every section of the window, each and every element of yourself that may engage the window, and in this process, you are not moving. You continue to stand before the window and not move. But the window itself, in like manner to this Sasquatch, is not the monster that you anticipate or expect it to be, and in your movement through the window, it shall not be hurtful to you in the manner of your expectation.

In your movement through the window, even within the possibility – not the probability but the POSSIBILITY – of your creating the actualization of your expectation and anticipation of the window crashing upon you, IT SHALL NOT CRUSH YOU, for it is merely a window, and it may not be so very hurtful to you.

It is merely a window, and you hold greater mobility and strength than the window itself. It is merely a choice.

This is an element that few people are understanding of presently, that your probabilities are merely choices. EACH CHOICE IS MERELY A CHOICE. It matters not!

It is how you are allowing those choices to be influenced by your belief systems and to be AFFECTING of you that matters, not the choice itself. The choice is merely a choice.

How you engage the choice, how you are AFFECTED by the choice – in conjunction with your beliefs, in conjunction with your attention and which direction you are holding your attention in, be it past or future, be it within alignment to duplicity and judgment, be it in the area of acceptance – it is how you are responsive to each of your choices that holds the importance.

THIS is the key, not the choice itself.

And you distract yourselves and you justify yourselves in your expressions of false concern for other individuals, for this is noble, to be concerning yourself with your great importance of self and your great power in how you are creating other individuals’ realities and how they do not hold choices within their realities, for you are so very all-powerful, and other individuals do not hold free will and they do not create their reality. Therefore, your choice itself is all-consuming and all-important, for it shall be not merely creating your reality, but it shall be creating the reality for all other individuals that you perceive to be holding involvement with that choice.

I express to you, view the falseness and the camouflage of this nobility, for it is merely a distraction in allowance for you to continue in your non-mobility, and it is a hold within your alignment to duplicity.

MARCOS: (Sighing) Well, this answers the next twelve questions that I had!

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA! I express to you, Marta, look to this issue that you view as ultimately pressing ... and you are quite aware of what I am speaking of!


ELIAS: And in this, look to each of the individuals that you view you hold personal responsibility with: your partner, your wife, your child, your family. All of these individuals are essences also. All of these individuals create their reality also.

You each draw yourselves together within this scenario to be offering each of you the opportunity to be presenting to yourselves different angles of issues that each of you hold. You each present yourselves with your own opportunities to view how you may be moving into more efficient expressions of acceptance of yourselves.

Each of you benefits in some manner from this situation and each of you has drawn yourselves into the participation of this situation for your own reasons, to be offering you each your own individual unique experiences.

You, Marta, are not creating the reality for all of these individuals, and your choice individually is not creating or dictating the choices for any other individual that holds involvement.

MARCOS: That’s very, very clear, Elias. It’s so difficult sometimes for this incredibly simple and clear information to sink in, but you are absolutely right. I know exactly, perfectly what you’re talking about, and it IS the answer to all these questions that I have. It goes without saying that this issue is relevant to this physical problem that I’ve been creating with my stomach and my digestive system, correct?

ELIAS: Correct! And view in this, why shall you create this type of physical responsiveness? For it is creating of painfulness, and this is an expression in two directions that you are creating.

One is the physical expression outwardly of the painfulness that you are inflicting upon yourself in NOT moving and NOT engaging the choice, and the other expression that you are creating in this physical affectingness is the projection outwardly of painfulness that shall be viewed by other individuals in sympathy.

And why shall you be creating of this type expression? But for the underlying reason of mirroring outwardly another expression and issue that is of great concern to you – which also holds you in your non-movement – and that is the issue of how other individuals shall perceive you if you are creating certain choices.

How shall you be perceived? How shall you be evaluated? How shall you be viewed by other individuals?

And this within physical focus holds GREAT influence and GREAT importance, for none of you wish to be viewed by another individual as bad or non-sensitive or uncaring or harsh or selfish or self-centered, and the list may continue on and on and on, for you place GREAT importance in the opinion and the perception of other individuals and you place LITTLE importance in the direction of your OWN opinion and perception in trust and acceptance of self.

You shall move much more quickly and easily into the acceptance of the discounting or the lack of acceptance in another individual’s perception and opinion than you shall move into the expression of your own acceptance and trust of self regardless of another individual’s perception, and in this situation, you view that certain individuals hold close relationship to you, and therefore their perception holds great weight, and in this, you wish not for their perception to move in any of these directions, for this shall merely reinforce yourself in your agreement with their perception.

But I express to you that if you are addressing to self first and allowing yourself the trust and acceptance of self, it shall matter not which direction other individuals move into, for you shall hold the knowing within you that you have moved into no conflict, and the reason that you have moved into no conflict is that you trust and accept self.

And I express to you in this once again – although I hold the awareness that you do not quite believe this expression yet, but this is for the reason that you have not moved through the window yet – it is an automatic byproduct of YOU, in your acceptance of self, that you shall automatically be affecting of other individuals in the acceptance of them, and in that expression of acceptance of them and their choices, REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEIR CHOICES ARE, this shall also be affecting of them in helpfulness in widening their awareness, for in this expression, you are actualizing the scenario of the straight little sapling.

MARCOS: (Sighing) Thank you seems like such a little thing, but I thank you so much, Elias! This is great.

ELIAS: I express to you, Captain, (chuckling) hold confidence within yourself and allow yourself the knowing that each choice is merely a choice, and the choice does not reflect to you whether you are a worthy individual or not, for you are! It is merely a choice.

And that in this, you create much more confusion and conflict for yourself and you are influencing much more in the area of confusion and conflict with other individuals, for in like manner to the straight sapling, the convoluted sapling is also influencing! What you project outward from within is affecting regardless.

Therefore, in your lack of choice, in your lack of movement, you are creating much more conflict within yourself and also in affectingness in influence with other individuals, for you shall be influencing in each expression regardless. You are not merely influencing in what you term to be positive or in your expression of acceptance of self and trust of self. You are also influencing in your lack of trust and acceptance of self. Therefore, be trusting of self!

You know already which direction you desire to be moving into, but you are offering yourself ten thousand reasons why you shall not engage this direction, and you are justifying all of those reasons as being influenced by duplicity and your own lack of acceptance and trust of self.

In this, you – in like manner to many, many, many other individuals presently within this time framework – are offering yourself the knowing that you ARE complicating the simplicity of your choice and distorting your perception of this very information, for you are turning this information into areas to be justifying your own shrines and issues – your issue in personal responsibility, your issue in how you may be viewed by other individuals – and you are incorporating this information to be reinforcing of those issues and creating more decorations to these shrines, which is a distortion of this information.

Therefore, I redirect your attention once again into the avenue of looking to self, acknowledging that which you ALREADY KNOW, and allowing yourself to be moving through the window and allowing yourself the trust and acceptance of self AND the trust and knowing that each other individual shall be creating of their reality in the most beneficial manner to THEIR individual value fulfillment.

MARCOS: Correct. Again, thank you so, so much, and let’s move on!

ELIAS: Hear hear! (Chuckling)

MARCOS: Two final quick questions. What is my assistant Ronald’s sexual orientation? Is she soft? (Pause)


MARCOS: Thank you. And one last question. Her friend Regina, what is her essence name, Elias? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Seavel; S-E-A-V-E-L. (see’vel)

MARCOS: Was that E-L at the end?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARCOS: Thank you very much. And lastly, her family and alignment, please?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Sumafi.

MARCOS: Great. That’s wonderful. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARCOS: Well, my dear friend, once again, I don’t know what to say, but I know what to do!

ELIAS: Very good! It matters not that you hold objective response with me, but it holds importance that you allow yourself the freedom of movement.

MARCOS: Yes. Well, thank you. As always, it’s been a tremendous pleasure, Elias!

ELIAS: And I offer to you much energy in encouragement, Marta, and shall continue to be interactive with you and offering you the expression of my energy in acknowledgment with you.

To you this day, I express great affection, and I bid you a very loving adieu.

MARCOS: Adieu.

Elias departs at 11:03 AM.

Vic’s note: Whew! I don’t know about you guys, but this one literally kicked my butt!

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