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Sunday, December 22, 1996

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“Essence Family Counterpart Action, Part 3”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Bob (Simon), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), Jene (Rudy), and Jim (Yarr).

Vic’s note: There was a somewhat unfamiliar feeling to this session, as if perhaps the energy present was slightly different than usual.

Elias arrives at 6:50 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling) As we continue with our discussion of counterpart action, we move to the action of the Borledim family.

Within the action of a Source Event, all of the families participate creatively. All of the families interpret into mass events their own renditions of elements of a Source Event. Each Source Event also is orchestrated by a particular family and its counterpart. There have been mass movements or Source Events previously within your history which have been orchestrated by other essence families. Within your shift, the Borledim family is very instrumental.

Now; this family is the counterpart family involved within this Source Event. As I have mentioned, one family will be mainly orchestrating a Source Event, and it shall work within cooperation of its counterpart. Therefore, another family initiates this mass event, which is a very large interpretation of a Source Event. And shall you offer an impression of the family that orchestrates this shift? (Following is an example of how very tuned-in we all are!)

JIM: Sumafi?


NORM: Gramada?


BOB: Ilda?


NORM: Milumet, then.


JIM: Sumari?


VICKI: It would have to be the Vold family.

ELIAS: Yes. These individuals belonging to this essence family are those responsible for initiating this shift. As I have expressed, all of the essence families play a part in the action of the mass events and the Source Events. Therefore, all of the families are involved within the action of this shift.

As to the Borledim family: “Before the beginning,” the intent of this family was to provide an earth stock. These individual essences were to be reproducing. Within your game, look to your Source Event which has been attributed to this family; for within Source Events, although your interpretation does not encompass the actual Source Events, this family was one orchestrating one of the other Source Events connected with your dimension and your planet. In this, the creation of all reproduction is including your planet, which has been reproduced also. All of your species of animals, and of plant life also, has been a contribution of this family. (The Source Event connected in our game is “The creation of all reproduction”)

“Before the beginning,” as has been stated, you did not reproduce as you do presently. Therefore, one family was designated to be introducing new essences into this dimensional framework. This would be the Borledim family, offering the action of fragmentation to be populating your planet. Within your present time period, members of this family serve continued in the area of providing earth stock and reproduction, but you reproduce yourselves. Therefore, within the knowing of an individual belonging to this family, there shall be a very strong desire and urging for reproduction. This shall be the main concern.

Now; as with the initiation of your religious time period, one essence chose to be initiating a movement within consciousness. This was an agreement with all essences familiarized with this dimension. This one essence manifest within three physical manifestations. Within your present time period, you approach a very large shift in consciousness. In this, the Borledim family has manifest one, in cooperation with the Sumafi, which has divided into nine manifestations. These are physically manifest presently upon your planet.

The objective, so to speak, of the Borledim family presently is to be producing new individuals more consciously aware, in your terms. Therefore, from the onset of their manifestation, they shall display unusual, to your way of thinking, traits. They shall display activity that you are not used to. Within the nine manifestations of the one essence, which has chosen through desire to manifest in this manner for this shift, each of these manifestations exhibit obvious inner senses working equal to outer senses.

These small individuals presently you may think of as paving your way. They, within consciousness, are being helpful to the accomplishment of your shift. As I have stated, each one shall exhibit unusual behavior; small things that you look to and notice as out of the ordinary. As these small ones grow and move more within consciousness into the action of this shift, they shall be very affecting. They shall also be very helpful within your shift.

For the same reason as within your initiation of your religious element, this essence also has manifest within more than one physical manifestation within one time period; for the action required, within energy and consciousness, to be moving of an entirety of your planet requires more physical manifestation than only physical expression. This shift you may view as larger, within a mass event, than your religious movement. It shall continue longer. It also is requiring of much concentrated energy. Therefore, not three but nine have been manifest.

This also is significant, for each of these nine are representative of each of the essence families. Therefore, each of these small ones shall belong to a different essence family. They are not manifest all as Sumafi or Borledim, aligned with different families. They have each chosen to be a representative of each of these essence families, in the effort to be concentrating energy in the direction of returning your intents of each family to that of your Dream Walkers. (Pause, during which you can definitely feel people about to burst with questions, and Elias is grinning) You may ask questions! (Much laughter)

RETA: I have a question. When you just said they were returned to like the Dream Walker, but in a flesh body ...

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Where it wasn’t before. The Dream Walkers were not before.

ELIAS: This is correct.

RETA: And just let me review that the three were Christ and John the Baptist and Paul. Who was Adam? The first?

ELIAS: There was no first.

RETA: You know, that ran through my mind all day today, the chicken or the egg. How do we say first with a human being? You’ve talked about the experiment. We aren’t apes, we aren’t monkeys, we are human. That is a perfect experiment. How do we have a beginning?

ELIAS: You have created, in actuality, no beginning, for you have no beginning!

RETA: Oh, that’s right! I shouldn’t have said that!

NORM: I have a question. Each one of the families are now represented in the original intent? Each one of these small ones will grow up and exhibit the capabilities of each one of the families, like Hearers and Tellers and Speakers, etc?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And they will be able to give us the appropriate direction? That is the intent? Is that ... Elaborate on that.

ELIAS: These small ones are not going to grow to adulthood, and all nine create a manifestation of world leaders. They shall not necessarily be known, each, throughout your entirety of your world. Their influence and their power, so to speak, lies within their abilities within consciousness. They shall each manifest the intents within a purity of each of the essence families. This is not to say that they may each be standing upon a soapbox shouting to your entire planet of their individual families, but within the action of the accomplishment of the shift, they shall be quite helpful. Each shall focus upon the individuals of that family and add, within consciousness, helpfulness to be moving into the action of the shift and widening awareness.

NORM: So they’re going to participate and have a great deal of influence in subsequent mass events?

ELIAS: Let me explain that your Jesus, and also the other two manifestations of this one essence, did not in actuality physically manifest much of what you now, within your present time period, believe. These are belief systems that you have created. These are ideas aligned with the Source Event. No individual alone, one person or even three persons, would hold the ability to be moving the entirety of mass consciousness. It is agreement amongst you all. These are symbols that you have provided for yourselves. The ideas are much more powerful than the actual manifestation.

In this same manner, these individuals are representatives, just as the three were representatives. They are symbols. This is not to say that each of these individuals does not hold great power within consciousness, but they hold no more power than do you. They hold more intentional directedness within their intent. They are aware of their intent. Their powerfulness is no greater than your own. They are only more aware within a remembrance. Therefore, they hold a significance within the action of the shift, just as the three individuals held, in your terms, a significance within the action of your religious development; for they are symbols, and they remember.

RETA: May I ask the next question? From that, the shift with those three individuals into a religious consciousness seemed like it was progress for humanity. Would that be true, and would that allow us then to go on to this next shift, which is more awareness? Or was the religious shift necessary at all?

ELIAS: Absolutely, although necessary is a relative term. It was a choice.

RETA: A mass event choice by everyone?

ELIAS: Correct; for your experience.

BOB: May I ask a question? You said that the shift will be longer in duration than current religious awareness or religious phenomenon or something along that line, which is at this point at least a couple of thousand years. During the period of those few thousand years, the intents from these original three essences have been somewhat distorted. Can we expect less distortion from the events in this shift, or from the awareness created by the shift, over a period of thousands of years?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your definition of distortion. You may view your religious elements to be distorted, although you may also view them to not be distorted; for as you move through your time periods, you change continuously. Therefore, your interpretation of your physical world also changes continuously. Your psyche changes continuously. Your interpretations of mass events change. You may view this as a distortion. You may also view this as a difference in experience which you have chosen.

I express in this manner for you view certain concepts and ideas as being original; first; the beginning. There is no beginning. Although I have chosen to speak to you within a time framework, as I have explained this is only for your understanding, for in actuality there is no time framework. Therefore, when I express to you “the original” or “the beginning,” I am expressing to you concepts that you may identify with. I am expressing figuratively. These are not to be literally interpreted, for there was no “originally” within your essence families or within any of your events.

When I speak to you of movement of the intents into a closer alignment with the original intents of the Dream Walkers, I am speaking of this “blink in” time framework, which is not the beginning. It is this time framework segment.

BOB: A follow-up question then: Belief systems, to some extent, stemmed from these original intents. So rather than classify them as distortions, let me just classify them as the development of belief systems. Would you say that these nine and their intents will initiate awareness, or further belief systems, or belief systems of another kind?

ELIAS: They shall further awareness. Their action is not to initiate awareness, for the awareness has already been initiated. As you look to them presently, they are small babies.

BOB: All nine exist now?

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, you each are not paying much attention to nine small babies. You are also not listening within language to nine small babies. You are not learning objectively from nine small babies. But within consciousness these nine small babies spring from the essence of Rose, which is very, very knowing. They have much to offer within consciousness. They have much helpfulness to offer. The action has already been initiated within agreement. These nine will be helpful in furthering this action of the shift. As any individual may add within energy a momentum to others, in like manner these also shall be spurring, within consciousness, all of the individuals within your planet.

As to a furthering of belief systems, you shall always hold, to an extent, some belief systems within physical focus. You shall recognize belief systems as belief systems, within a wider awareness. Therefore, you shall stand not captive by these belief systems. Within the action of widening your awareness you shall also, in your terms, hold less distortion within your future time periods, for your awareness is widened. You shall be aware of your distortions.

BOB: Would you say that there will be more subjective interaction with these nine essences than there was with the original three? My thinking is that the interaction of the original three was more objective.

ELIAS: Incorrect. The subjective activity of these three also was tremendous.

BOB: Okay.

VICKI: I have a question. The essence who manifest into the three individuals, what’s the essence name of that essence?

ELIAS: Does this hold importance?

VICKI: I don’t know. I’m curious.

ELIAS: I think not. It is unimportant of these essence names. We have been indulgent, for you attach significance to these essence names. Presently, to an extent, you are understanding of the tone or the definition of an essence name which you attach to yourselves. In this, I may begin to be addressing you not by your essence names within our future time period presently, for I wish you not to be placing more significance on certain symbolizations than is necessary.

You are quite easily distracted by side issues. Essence names, names in general, are unimportant. I have expressed this statement from the onset of our sessions. You place importance upon these words. They are not names, in actuality. They are tones.

NORM: The action that the three essences started after they were manifest here slowly built up for about three hundred years, and then of course Rome accepted it as a state religion. Is the action of the nine babies going to affect the inner senses of all manifest people here, and will it take that long a period of time or shall it go faster than that? The probability of that occurring.

ELIAS: This is a probability. This is dependent upon all of you; what you are choosing within your probabilities and your manifestation. If you are wishing to be accelerating of the action of this shift, within cooperation you shall. The action of these nine shall not be establishing a government as the Romans, although within cooperation of all of you within consciousness, the action has already begun; in movement to less separation, upon your planet, of peoples.

RETA: I have a question. I’m highly involved in religion, and this is a teetering point with me all the time when we have our discussions. Some of the most brilliant people I know are also of my religion, and as I talk to them I don’t know how far I dare go with each individual accepting anything that I say or discussing anything that I say. Is there a good approach to discussing with others so that this awareness can expand? Is there a one two three approach, or is this just up to me?

ELIAS: I express to you to be cognizant of the individual’s belief systems, and what you term to be sensitive to this. This is not to be instructing you to be diverting or distorting of information as you may deliver to another individual, although hold no judgment as you offer information. Examine within you your reasoning for offering information. If you are offering information to be helpful, you shall offer correctly. If you are offering information for you believe another individual to be wrong, you shall be operating from your belief systems also. Trust yourself, listen to your intuition, and listen to your inner senses.

We shall break.

BREAK 7:37 PM.
RESUME 8:04 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

Vic’s note: Jene expressed irritation during the break with Elias’ refusal to answer Vicki’s question about essence naming. She also said that this is the first time she has felt irritation with Elias during a session. I am sharing this for the benefit of folks who don’t attend sessions because quite often, information delivered after a break is directly related to conversation during the break.

ELIAS: Continuing: (To Jene) I shall offer, for your clarification and curiosity ...

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: ... essence family.

JENE: Okay. That’s cool.

ELIAS: For you are correct that we are focused upon the actions of essence families, and this holds significance. Therefore, I shall express the essence family. This particular essence in question, which was manifest within three physical manifestations, is of the family of Milumet.

As to a distortion, you are partially correct in that the manifestation within the intent of the family of Milumet was to be expressing of what you now term to be spirituality. In the actual expression, it was to be reminding you of your connections with essence. You are correct, in a sense, that this information has been distorted, although you have purposefully chosen the progression that you have created throughout your history, leading you within your progression of probabilities to this experience of your present shift. Therefore, you may in one respect express that you have distorted the information offered of essence, but within another respect you have changed the information for your own experience. This essence family, within initiating of your religious time period, focused upon the intent of a remembrance of no separation of essence. This was translated symbolically, physically.

As to essence names, I shall offer more information to Lawrence’s previous question of Rose; this being why I offer not this other essence name. Within our game, you do not refer to your pink column as your Borledim family. You refer to this as Rose, for you have identified one essence that you recognize as significant and manifest presently. I shall be offering you the name of this one essence which is manifest within three, and you shall identify this within your game within your red column. No. Names are not significant.

This one essence of Rose has chosen to play a significant role within the actualization of your shift, but is not the entirety of the Borledim family. In actuality, this essence of Rose is not Borledim. It is Sumafi, representing Borledim; but you also, in what you term to be unconscious, connect with a knowing of the action of this essence within this time period. Therefore, you identify with this essence; this being another influencing reason why you identify this particular family as Rose. Rose is one essence. There are numberless essences belonging to each family. Is this helpful, Lawrence?

VICKI: Yes, thank you.

ELIAS: You may understand that I may not offer a complete answer to your questioning within one time element, but I shall continue and offer you your answer. You may continue with your questions.

RON: I have a question. You said the Vold family was basically the initiators of the shift. I’m curious as to why the representatives of the Vold family have chosen to basically disengage themselves from this situation here. (Meaning our sessions)

ELIAS: Interesting situation, is it not? Although these individuals are aligned with the Vold family, you have not in actuality encountered a member of this family within our small group. This is significant in difference, as we have stated, in relation to the Tumold family.

These individuals aligned with the Vold family are fearful presently. They hold inner knowings of turbulence. This frightens them. They do not understand objectively the action that they recognize subjectively. I have expressed to you that these individuals are quite intuitive, and they also are cognizant of probabilities. Therefore, subjectively they identify with much. Objectively, they do not understand this activity. They view themselves presently to be changing more than usual. This becomes unsettling within objective focus. Therefore, they are unnerved.

Within this presence of this forum, that “ringing true” rings very loudly with these individuals, and this is frightening. They shall reconcile to this within the movement of the shift, with helpfulness of the individuals belonging to the Vold family. Not all of the individuals that are aligned with the Vold family which have visited our small group are in actuality Sumafi either.

NORM: The fearfulness of those members of that family, is that due to probabilities that could occur that would be worse than the situation that we have today, that we can destroy the earth?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is an inner nagging. I am expressing to you in language that you will objectively understand and identify with, for you have each experienced some time periods of these experiences within this particular focus. You feel unsettled. You feel restless. You feel uncomfortable, but you do not identify why. These individuals that are aligned with this family feel intensely these things. They do not understand why. They are inundated with your present psychology, which is more confusing. What they know is that they are uncomfortable when faced in reality with truth they already know. They do not understand this objectively, but they hold deep knowing subjectively.

Look to the individuals aligned with this family. It matters not that they participate physically within our small group. They move within consciousness, objectively and subjectively, in parallel to you all, regardless. This you may objectively witness. You may be within contact of the individuals who have participated with us that you know to be aligned with this family, and you may investigate for yourselves, and you shall observe the truth of this movement. They are very intuitive. They are very subjectively aware and involved with probabilities. They are active individuals. They are very emotional individuals. They move greatly. They also parallel, regardless that they do not hear Elias’ words. They exhibit an affectingness anyway.

NORM: They have their own Internet!

ELIAS: So to speak!

JIM: Would Jill, who participated, be of the Vold family? I’ve felt that for a long time.


JIM: She must be aligned with Vold.


NORM: Is Robert (not sure of last name) aligned with the Vold?


BOB: These are not game questions, right?

ELIAS: No! (Laughter) These are personal curiosity questions!

RETA: If I were to ask you how I would identify a Vold person ... I’m trying to think of people I know, people who get off the wall in a minute for anything. You’re telling me that sometimes it can be frightening for them. So they would react in a negative way to their life, to their experience right now?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Do not misinterpret and assume that the emotional focus of these individuals creates an objective, continuous expression of extreme emotion. This is not necessarily the case. You may objectively view more expressed outward emotion by individuals of Sumari than you may witness within the Vold family, although they also may be expressing quite emotionally if choosing to be. They interpret very emotionally. They are very empathic. Therefore, they experience what others feel, and may identify and interpret these feelings.

BOB: I have a question. So would that mean that instead of maybe the outward expression of fear, their reaction might be more of a draw for almost no action whatsoever? That they don’t necessarily show their fear, they just incorporate it and withdraw, if you will?

ELIAS: This is possible. Many individuals within this family express quite differently. Be remembering, these individuals are quite impassioned. They are reformers. Think of your revolutions within your history. These are backed by this family.

RETA: Would David Horowitz be one of those people who instigated a change, a movement?

ELIAS: This is instigating of a type of change, but would not be part of this particular family.

RETA: He’s not a Vold. I’m trying to get the question then, how I identify a Vold who would be influential enough to get the Borledim family to pursue that need or that empathy or that change that the Vold person started. Am I on the wrong track? The Vold person is the person who sort of instigates it, and then he gets the action people, who may be the Borledim people, to follow through with that action?

ELIAS: I shall express yes, you are on the wrong track! (Laughter)

RON: I think you’re putting it on too small of a scale.

ELIAS: Quite.

JIM: It’s an agreement within mass consciousness.

RETA: Yeah, I know, but I’m trying to think of a connection there with ...

ELIAS: As has been stated, the Borledim family is counterpart to all of the families, for these are those which physically reproduce. This is not necessarily in the manner of reproduction that you view presently, as has been stated; but their function, within intent, is to be creating of new stock, so to speak, within all species. Therefore, they are counterpart and within cooperation of all of the families. They move within a cooperation of desire with the Vold family in initiating your shift. All of the families are involved within the mass event of the shift. One does not begin, and relay the game to the next. It is not a race!

(To Vicki) Be reminding me within our futurely time period, and I shall be offering information of relay to you.

NORM: So the new stock that you’re talking about will be new babies born that have the innate ability of open inner senses? They’ll have the ability to use the inner senses with a great deal of activity?

ELIAS: It is not only limited to these new offspring, so to speak, for much influence is wielded by those around these new ones. Therefore, within consciousness this family is affecting of not only new offspring. In this, the parents of these offspring are quite instrumental; for individuals may be manifesting within the Borledim family, but if they are not manifest with helpfulness of individuals presently manifest as parents or teachers, their impulses shall be stifled, as you have stifled the impulses of the little ones previously, as each of you has been stifled within your impulses as little ones. There is an allowance within many manifestations, not only the small ones.

NORM: I somehow have the idea that you can turn a dial, or somebody can turn a dial, and the average individual, the average manifested focus, will now have a greater ease in getting the ability to use the inner senses. Is that what’s happening? That there is like a dial where the entire earth, all of the people on this earth, will have that ability?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes; this being your shift!

NORM: So in other words, the thickness is thinning, or something?

ELIAS: The thickness is in reference to your time element. Your time element shall remain.

NORM: When you come into this time element, you have to go through this thickness and disperse the energy to be able to talk through Mary. Is that right?

ELIAS: I do not disperse the energy. I focus the energy precisely.

NORM: But not all of it. Only some.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Because you have other focuses.

NORM: No, it’s because it would be too much for Mary’s body to take.

ELIAS: I may express to you that this is not the reason. All of your essence is not focused within this one manifestation. It is one focus. All of my energy of essence is not projected into this one exchange. You do not project all of your energy in one direction. I do not either.

NORM: There’s a limitation of energy that can be focused. There is an upper bound. Is there an upper bound to the energy that can be focused into a manifestation?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, within physical focus; for you may not manifest the entirety of a Source Event into physical manifestation. There is greater creativity than your manifestation within physical focus may accommodate.

NORM: Go ahead, Vicki.

VICKI: Are you done? It’s okay. We have lots of time!

NORM: I get into the physics part of this, and ...

RETA: ... it’s boggling when you’ve been a physicist all your life.

ELIAS: Which shall also be offered in small measure with information of your relay, futurely. (Getting curious about this relay!)

VICKI: Well, I just have some questions for Mary. First question: “When we make dream images of someone who’s dead, are we actually interacting with that person behind the dream image?”

ELIAS: It is dependent upon many elements. If you are creating dream imagery within a very small time element subsequent to the refocusing of an individual, or death, you quite likely shall be in actuality interacting with this individual, with this focus. Once an individual has actually entered an area of transition completely, you may create dream imagery of this individual, but behind, in Michael’s terms, the dream image you are not in actuality interacting with the focus itself. You may be interacting with the energy of the ideals of the individual, just as you may tap into a world view; a stored energy of the individual, within consciousness, of ideas, feelings, ideals. In this, you may translate into your imagery the image of the individual. You have not, in what you think of physically, actually contacted the individual per se, but you have intersected their energy.

If the individual is no longer within a state of transition, you may once again intersect with a projection of this individual, or what you may term as a portion of this individual’s consciousness. Therefore, this may be an actual intersection. As you see, it is dependent upon the action and the circumstances involved. It is dependent upon the area of consciousness of the focus.

VICKI: So what is Mary intersecting with in her present imagery with these two individuals?

ELIAS: This is not an intersection of the individuals themselves. This is an interaction with these individual’s energy. This has been offered for helpfulness in moving through very deeply held belief systems. In the effort to be accomplishing widening certain belief systems, the persistence continues in the intersection of this residual energy.

VICKI: So can I assume these two individuals are presently engaging the action of transition?

ELIAS: Both; correct. Therefore, an actual intersection, in what you think of as actual contact, is not occurring, but energy deposited is being tapped; just as within physical focus, you each deposit energy and create energy centers within your living space.

NORM: Is that similar to the world view? That in transition three they are creating their world view, and that is the energy that she is experiencing in the dream?

ELIAS: Yes, with a qualification. I shall explain for your understanding. The intersection, or the contact with energy, is what you may view as equivalent to the world view of the individual in question. This is not within Regional Area 3. The individual, the focus is within this Regional Area, engaged in the action of transition. Therefore, the intersection is not with the individual in actuality, but with the energy deposit of the individual, as likened to their world view.

VICKI: Okay, also for Mary: “There’s been a lot of unusual activity going on this week in dream and waking state. Do any of these things have anything to do with each other?”

ELIAS: Quite! Much movement is occurring presently. We have spoken previously of the movement within consciousness that you all are recognizing of. In this, you are moving yourselves objectively. You shall notice yourselves moving into areas of which you have spoken for much time, but have not actualized; for you dare to take a step now. You are engaging your belief systems. Therefore, you are offering yourselves the opportunity to view belief systems.

Within the example of Michael only, I shall offer you, this dream activity parallels waking activity. Belief systems are being engaged strongly within dream state. The action of moving through belief systems is being engaged.

Objectively, Michael engages what you term to be strange behavior! This would be a relative term, although you each engaged some strange behavior also, in cooperation with Michael objectively, within our present week! (Grinning at Vicki and chuckling, and much laughter)

This also being an exercise in engaging belief systems, for objectively you hold belief systems of the action that you viewed. This offers you the opportunity to widen your belief systems and allow yourselves to understand and to allow subjective bleed-through, which shall also be affecting of your tolerance and acceptance; that all individuals are individuals, and not the same. Therefore, they need not be you to reach their “path!” (Laughter)

RON: Does that mean you don’t hang out with Sananda?

ELIAS: (Laughing) And neither does this individual! (We all crack up) In addition ... (Here, the tape player clicks off) Ah! Electronic equipment! (Norm changes his tape)

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Michael has engaged more irrational behavior presently in acquiring more creatures, much to Lawrence’s dismay! Understand that these also offer examples of differences and opportunities to be engaging belief systems, not only for Michael, but for you also, for each of you holds belief systems and opinions (staring at Vicki) of such activity. Therefore, you create your value judgment, just as you create your value judgment of this individual; who does not hold company with these ascended masters! (Much laughter) Or sideways masters! Underneath masters! I like that! (Grinning widely, and we all crack up) (1)

GAIL: Then what was she doing?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This individual allows herself to engage a slight altered state of consciousness, not to the extent of your new game. You engage more of what you term to be an altered state within the action of your new game; but this individual, within a slight alteration of consciousness, tuning to essence and inner senses, which this individual has developed efficiently within your physical focus, listens to the inner language of essence. This is filtered through belief systems, and also symbolic imagery. Therefore, it is a translation in language as you listen, but the individual does allow for an opening within consciousness to be accessing some information from essence.

Do not be placing value judgment upon this action, for you are all knowledgeable. There is a trustfulness engaged upon this action with this individual of self, to be listening to subjective information. Although this information is translated distorted, this individual holds a trustfulness of self to attempt this engagement; which we do not view within our small group and forum! The individual is not engaging these masters. Namings are placed as identification filtered through belief systems. Information is also filtered through belief systems, but there is also an element of trustfulness occurring.

BOB: I have a question, then. In our attempt to experience her reality, or whatever it is that she was doing, we go, we listen, and obviously we form some sort of opinion. And certainly, our own belief systems are engaged as we do that, but just the act of going,

ELIAS: No, no, no!

BOB: No?

ELIAS: Of course not! (Very humorously) You hold no belief systems! You are Seers! (Much laughter) Continue.

BOB: How are we, or what ... Can’t formulate it, and it’s a really good question. I think you know what I want to ask, but I’ll try to ask it anyway. How are we to separate whatever subjective reaction we have to what was happening from whatever objective belief system- tainted reaction we had to what went on? Because I got similar feelings of what happened as what you just described, yet certainly part of my judgment was based on belief systems, not some sort of knowledge-based evaluation. So how do we know the difference? Or do we just accept whatever we feel, and if we’re wrong we’re wrong, and if we’re right we’re right?

ELIAS: You experienced what?

BOB: That what happened was not as she described it, but was something else.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, do not discount your inner knowing. You recognize. Just as we have spoken previously of a recognition of truth through belief systems, you shall recognize. You may not identify what is being actualized, but you shall hold the ability to identify truth or non-truth. You, within the session period, experienced a “lack of ringing.”

BOB: True. However, the girl who sat to my right, were she to experience a different reaction to what happened, that wouldn’t make it any more real. Is there an absolute ... As you’ve stated it, the action was what it was. So whether I view it one way or someone else in the room views it another way, it was what it was. So someone could view what she did and believe wholeheartedly that it was true. Someone could certainly view you and not understand anything that you’re saying. How do I know for me whether I’m one of the people who’s wrong or right, or aware or not aware? The other person thinks they’re aware too, so how do you keep from deceiving yourself in terms of your awareness?

ELIAS: There is no wrong or right! (Laughter) There is no absolute other than truth, and your interpretation of truth matters not.

BOB: To who?

ELIAS: To anyone! It will speak to you. You allow yourself to listen to Elias, for this is the forum that you have drawn yourself to for your attention, for this is what you shall listen to. Another individual shall find the same truth in other words.

As to the individual which occupied the session along with you, this individual is believing of the phenomenon. Within this individual’s belief systems, this is a true energy exchange. Although this individual does not identify in terms of energy exchange, essentially this is a held belief. The individual will glean information that is true and helpful.

JIM: I have a question. The uncomfortableness that I’ve been dealing with in my shoulder and having all kinds of fun with the last three or four weeks, would that fall in the category of which you were talking earlier, of drawing my attention to that of widening my belief systems within healing?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

JIM: How wide do they have to get before it goes away? (Laughter) That’s not the point is it, that it goes away!

ELIAS: (Also laughing) Very wide!

JIM: Could you perhaps offer me some insight as to what else ... a direction that I may, right now I’m in ten different directions with it but I am focusing a little bit, where I might go with that?

ELIAS: Look to your probabilities. This issue is connected with ongoing situations. We have spoken previously of this situation within probabilities, as you have manifest another physical malady previously in connection with this same issue, of foot and leg.

JIM: Foot still hurts too! That’s still there! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And you were identifying very closely with the reasoning for this manifestation. You now create another manifestation within the same issue.

JIM: Okay. So obviously I haven’t gotten there! I got some things to look at that I’ve been ignoring. Thank you.

VICKI: I have a question. This is kind of where it gets confusing about stuff ringing true. I know we’ve talked about this very recently, but lots of things ring true to lots of people. To this other individual at this event the other night, this experience rang true to this individual.

ELIAS: The elements of truth.

VICKI: The experience that this woman had, that she described of watching an individual pull a ball of light out of his side and make her a light being, I felt her expression was very genuine and that this was an experience that she had. I certainly can’t discount her experience, and wouldn’t even try to. For her, that experience was genuine. But on the other hand, it was an interpretation, I would imagine. I don’t get it.

ELIAS: For you continue to look for absolutes that apply to all, which you may not apply to all within physical focus. You look for one method. You look for one path. You look for one truth. You look for the sameness within all of you, and variances are viewed as distortion. This is incorrect. Within physical focus, you filter through belief systems. You filter through belief systems. You glean what rings true. You draw yourself to the forum and the situation which will speak to you in truth, which you are seeking, and you shall hear. Another individual may pray facing east for six hours of your day and will glean truth as is needed for this individual to widen, within the agreement of the widening of awareness and shift in consciousness that you presently move into.

You each are unique and individual. Not one, not one shall be the same as another. Not one focus shall be the same as another. Therefore, not one interpretation shall be the same as another. (Firmly) You shall know truth. Those truths that you look for, in absolutes within physical focus, to you mean little. They are absolutes. They are of great value, but within physical focus and your understanding, they hold little meaning. You look for more profound truths. Dimension in color is not profound enough!

VICKI: It’s just confusing about this ringing true thing. (Sighing) Mary has another question here about ...

RON: Can we pause briefly first? (Time to change the tape)

VICKI: Absolutely.

ELIAS: I shall allow you a break.

BREAK 9:14 PM.
RESUME 9:34 PM. (Time was one second)

Vic’s note: Elias arrived amidst a lively conversation between Norm and Vicki, surprising both of them.

NORM: (To Vicki) And we’re now being listened to! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Continue! Dare not allow me to be interrupting of your discussion!

VICKI: I’ll wait for my discussion, thank you!

RETA: First of all, we’d like to let you know that this time of the year is very special to us because we can go out and buy out all the stores and exchange gifts with each other, and with a good feeling and a good spiritual thing, and we’ve brought you a card and we’d like you to look at that holiday card. It’s just a little love between you and I and him. (Indicating Norm)

ELIAS: (To Vicki) And within this season of this year time period, you may open this one initially, as opposed to fumblingness of Elias of last season at insistence of Lawrence to be opening of a gift, which was quite appreciated, although Michael is a proverbial stick-in-the-mud! (Laughter) (2)

VICKI: Okay. I shall this year, but not next year!

NORM: This is from Region 1 to Region 4.

VICKI: Posted with 100 CU’s.

NORM: Consciousness units!

ELIAS: You shall adjust this to LC, for our links of consciousness.

VICKI: I thought maybe they were levels of consciousness.

ELIAS: (Humorously) I instruct and teach and toil, and my students continue with levels! (Sighing dramatically) I am quite pleased that I do not experience disappointment within my focus! (Chuckling)

BOB: It sure looks like you’re experiencing something!

ELIAS: It is only an interpretation upon your part in perception!


VICKI: Your card.

ELIAS: You shall be reading this for our audience. Are you wishing me to be holding of this object?

VICKI: No, that’s fine. Next year!

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: “When you’re not here, there’s no “good” in goodnight without you, Elias. Love and respect, Norm and Reta.”

ELIAS: Many thanks. When I am not here, I am engaged in conference! You may continue with your questions, if you are so choosing.

VICKI: I’d like to finish with Mary’s questions here.

ELIAS: Excuse briefly.

VICKI: Certainly.

ELIAS: I shall be wishing to be welcoming of Lawrence’s other focus. (Much laughter) Essence name Lawrence! (Everybody cracks up) It is quite rude not to be acknowledging of each new essence participating. Pleasantly quiet, also! (3)

VICKI: Telepathic.

ELIAS: Quite! Continue, Lawrence.

VICKI: Well, this other question of Mary’s has to do with why she didn’t recognize an energy exchange in our experience the other day. I would imagine that would be because there wasn’t really an actual energy exchange occurring. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I imagine the last question would be explanatory too, but I’m going to ask it anyway. “If essences are not intrusive, why were you so pushy?” (Laughter)

ELIAS: I shall express initially that I was not being intrusive as there was no energy exchange occurring, in what you may view to be an exchange of another essence. (Humorously) Also, I express to you that my action of being pushy could not be helped! (Much laughter) Individuals spewing forth distorted information within certain areas were needing of correction which I, as always, was quite willing to be offering! It is acceptable to be offering slightly distorted information, but some information may appear more distorted than others, and as the individual began to engage subject matter of diseases or what you think of as disabilities, this is moving too far! I was only offering helpfulness in clarification. (Very tongue in cheek)

CATHY: It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if you had, though! (Elias was very close to “popping in” during our visit to the channeler)

GAIL: This is true!

BOB: So how was Mary able to keep you at bay, if you will?

ELIAS: Michael always holds the ability for choice. In the action of non-intrusiveness, I shall not move beyond Michael’s wishes.

BOB: To some extent, Michael knew we’d get our questions answered eventually anyway, so we didn’t need to have them answered that night. Or was he just being polite?

ELIAS: Michael holds belief systems of etiquette and personal responsibility. Therefore, in your terms, he shall hold Elias at bay in an attempt to be true to these belief systems. In his view, he views interaction of Elias within certain forum to be inappropriate. Not quite! I am never inappropriate! (Laughter) I also would not be hurtful to any individual. Therefore, although some individuals may have experienced an initial, momentary shock, Shynla also, (grinning) this would have been temporary; but it is not to be, for Michael holds belief systems that prevent this occurrence.

BOB: Well, Michael said that she would wet her pants! You don’t think that would have happened? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Admittedly, the probabilities would be of much shock element initially. But as I have stated, this would pass.

CATHY: It would, wouldn’t it? (We’re losing it now)

NORM: Did it occur in another probability, though?

ELIAS: Yes. Very good.

RETA: Did she wet her pants? (We’ve lost it completely)

NORM: And did you educate the other individual?

ELIAS: All probabilities actualize. (Pause) You may be inviting this individual to our forum within your future time period, if you are choosing.

RETA: Would I be out of line in asking a game question right now?

ELIAS: We shall on to our game!

RETA: I met a gentleman that I thought was Milumet, and he had a dream that he explained to me. His name is Chris Walker. First, I want to know whether he’s aligned with Milumet.

ELIAS: Aligned.

RETA: Aligned, but not of that family.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: He wanted to know and we were talking about in the beginning, where in the essence family you are trying to create yourself. You’re making choices of your personality or your intent or whatever you’re doing, bringing your energy systems together to do that. He had had this thought before, not calling it the same terminology, but this is his thought before. He prayed a long time about it and tried to get an answer into his mind and it came to him in a dream state, or he calls it personal revelation, but it was in a dream state. He saw the world covered with cabbage fields, beautiful cabbage fields, and they’d been there forever and ever and ever. Finally these cabbages said, “How can we get out of this state and into the next progressive state?” They finally decided that they had to be consumed to get out of this state. That was all the time I had to talk to him about that. Can you give me some understanding of that?

ELIAS: Think to yourself, for this imagery within one layer is quite simplistic, what is the action that is occurring if the cabbages are consumed?

RETA: They’re making something else, some other form.

ELIAS: Correct. They are changing their structure.

RETA: Right, and that was their choice, and then the next one would have to be, where did they go with that?

ELIAS: There is an alteration in the action of consumption, just as each state of consciousness that you move through into another state requires an alteration. Within this state of consciousness, you manifest a physical body. In moving into another state of consciousness, you change your form.

RETA: Sure. I was thinking that he also was stating, that was their first choice, or your first free will, is to choose to be consumed. Of course, in my mind I was likening it to starting to progress to form yourself, whatever you’re going to be, from just an energy source. Now you’re going to tell me there’s no beginning, but at some time in our time concept you’ve got to form that personality, that essence, or all these essence families helping you to form that, but in his mind that was his first free will choice, to be consumed.

ELIAS: I understand that these are difficult concepts, but I express to you once again, you do not hold a first free will choice. You do not form essence from helpfulness of essence families. You are not created by essence families. You may align or belong to an essence family by choice, in the same manner as you may choose to manifest physically upon your planet as African with dark skin. You choose this manifestation. You choose to manifest within this country with light skin.

You are not a product of physical engineering. You have chosen within consciousness to manifest within a focus, which you are manifest. In like manner, you choose an essence family. You are not compelled by these families. You are not born into these families. You are not created by these families. You choose to be in cooperation with other essences of like intent, which creates the group or essence family. You do not begin and build essence. Essence is. You do not begin with one link of consciousness as you begin within physical manifestation with one cell. You are the entirety of essence, always. You think in physical terms. You view physically that you spring from one cell dividing, creating a physical manifestation, a body. Before this manifestation, you are.

RETA: But you just said I chose to align with a certain family. How did that energy system, my essence, make those decisions? My goodness! I don’t even know where to begin.

ELIAS: You choose through desire and intent. You magnate to other essences which hold the same desire and intent.

NORM: According to some of the books that were written by Jane Roberts and Seth, The Universal One And Whole, or he called it All That Is, was contained energy that attempted to figure out how to create other essences. It was a very frustrating time or action for him, The Universal One And Whole, and he finally figured it out, and out of that came all essences that had the similarity and some of the attributes that he has. I was thinking that the containment of the cabbage heads was like that in The Universal One And Whole, before the original creation of all the essences. Does that work?

ELIAS: Within early explanations, within this forum also, was offered very simplistic explanations of the action of essence creation, so to speak. This followed similarly, briefly, very briefly, to this explanation of which you speak. This explanation of which you speak was offered within an acceptance in consciousness that would allow only that information. It is similar in kind to your story of creation within your bible, of your Adam and Eve. It is an illustration for your understanding. This was held to, as I have stated, very briefly within this forum also, but has been moved through and expanded, that you do not view All That Is or The Creating Universal One And Whole as an entity. It is not. It is an action. There was in actuality no specific creation of essence, for essence always has been, just as consciousness always has been. There is no containment. To liken consciousness to the cabbage is to be placing a containment around an entity. There is no entity. It is all.

NORM: Action is everything too. Action is the universal dimension.

ELIAS: Motion. Change. Movement.

NORM: Creativity.

ELIAS: All of these words within your language signify action, which is all of consciousness. There is no separation. There was no “one before another.”

NORM: And all action is recorded in energy, one way or the other? (Elias nods) And there’s an unlimited amount of energy available?

ELIAS: Absolutely. This is an absolute. This is a truth!

NORM: (Laughing) Found an absolute! That’s fantastic!

ELIAS: We shall on to our game!

VICKI: I’ll start. For Mary ...

ELIAS: Once again, Michael chooses to participate!

VICKI: Yes! Personality types, with Zuli, Shirley MacLaine.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Hobbies, with the Zuli family, daydreaming.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Personality types, with the Gramada family, Einstein.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Physical pleasures, with Sumari, walking.

ELIAS: Less probable.

VICKI: Aspect personalities, with the Vold family, M. Bagen.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Elias says the first name, but I can’t spell it)

VICKI: For myself; physical pleasures, with Sumari, being alone.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Fictional characters, with Sumafi, Jimminy Cricket.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Fictional characters, with Tumold, The Tooth Fairy.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: In fables, with Vold, The Milkmaid And Her Pail.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: I’ll go. Belief systems, with Ordin, only the strong survive.

ELIAS: (Elias gives Ron one of those “looks,” and we all crack up. Ron made this connection recently) Less probable! I shall interrupt and be expressing to you all to be paying attention to your game, or you may disengage playing your game! Continue. Be listening to impressions and paying attention! This is the point! You are Seers! You hold responsibility! (Geez, you don’t have to yell!)

RON: Under physical pleasures, with Sumafi, altered states. (Talk about a “look!” We all crack up. Ron didn’t have a clue that he was offering impressions that he has already entered into the game)

ELIAS: Ditto! Shall we try again?

RON: How about in connecting essences, under clichés, for all the families, “There’s no time like the present.”

ELIAS: (Laughing) Acceptable.

RON: Movies, with Tomkin, Roots.

ELIAS: Less probable, for family.

RON: Poets, with Rose, Robert Frost.

ELIAS: Which family?

RON: The Borledim family.

ELIAS: Thank you. Acceptable.

RON: Personality expressions, with Tumold, eager. (I might have to call this a “dirty look!” Ron just didn’t have a clue)

VICKI: He’s confused.

ELIAS: Quite! (Much laughter) Continue, Shynla!

CATHY: Jo called me and asked if I would do a couple of game connections for herself and Ed. May I do that? (Elias nods) First, Ed would like to align himself with the Vold family.

ELIAS: Less probable.

CATHY: And Jo would like to align herself with the Tumold family. (And we all lose it. Jo aligned herself with this family about a year ago. Lots of examples of people not paying attention here!)

ELIAS: Continue! (Another “look”)

CATHY: That’s what she said! Just wanted you to know that I noticed! (Cathy is cracking up)

ELIAS: We may be discontinuing this game for this evening and allowing for your continued efforts in your impressions, within your least distortion of your Seers! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (To Jene) You should be laughing! You should be thankful you are not of the Sumafi! (We’ve lost it again!)

JENE: Every once in a while, I am! (Jene is Sumari)

BOB: You remind me of Christa!

ELIAS: One point! (Much laughter)

CATHY: Titles as concepts, The Never-Ending Story, with Sumafi.

ELIAS: As indicated this evening, I shall express acceptable!

CATHY: Occurrences of nature, sunrise, with Vold.

ELIAS: Avalanche!

CATHY: No, I didn’t say avalanche. I said sunrise!

ELIAS: Avalanche!

CATHY: Three places, huh?

ELIAS: Quite! We shall be accepting of nine avalanches! Less probable!

CATHY: How about the baby’s name, connected with Sumari, Austin Lee.

ELIAS: Less probable.

CATHY: Quotes, Gramada, “Put off today what you can do tomorrow.”

ELIAS: Less probable! (Laughing)

CATHY: I’m done!

GAIL: Aspect personalities, George Carlin, with Gramada.

ELIAS: Less probable.

GAIL: Is it the family?

ELIAS: No. This would be a category.

GAIL: Okay, on the baby ...

ELIAS: (To Bob) Very good impression!

BOB: I’m sorry. What? I don’t even know what it was! I should have been paying more attention.

GAIL: John or Johnny Lee, with Sumari.

ELIAS: Less probable.

GAIL: I’m giving up on this dang thing! (Very frustrated)

BOB: But Lee is right. But there’s another name along with Lee.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: I have one. Sculptures, with Sumafi, The Thinker.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: Continuing from a few weeks ago, in cultures, with connecting essences, Milumet and Zuli, aborigine. (Oops! Another repeat!)

ELIAS: Once again, ditto ditto!

JIM: Do we have a category of short stories? (Somebody says yes) Under short stories, Borledim, “The Little Cloud.”

ELIAS: Less probable.

JIM: In the same category, “The Little Tree,” Sumafi.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

NORM: Of our children, our youngest son Steven, I feel that he’s aligned with Milumet.


NORM: Our daughter Karen I believe is of the essence family Sumafi.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

RETA: You don’t know our children very well!

NORM: Well, you guess it then!

RETA: I’ve been trying to!

BOB: You’re not supposed to guess! (Now, children!)

ELIAS: It is not that you do not know your children very well. You only do not understand the families very well.

RETA: If I understood my children well, then I would understand the families, would I not?

ELIAS: Not necessarily!

RETA: I mean if I understood the children, I could place them in the family.

JENE: If you understood the families, then you could place them in the families.

RETA: When you have several children, it is possible, because it’s not genetic, the essence family, it is possible to have eight children and have eight different essence families?

ELIAS: Yes. It is, in your terms, unlikely, but it is possible.

RETA: The likelihood is that you’d be within two or three?

ELIAS: You would be more likely to be more closely aligned than opposite counterparts.

RETA: And the alignment might be within a group of three or two or four, rather than seven or eight? What is most probable, the amount of alignments in the same family?

ELIAS: Generally speaking, your most probable action of alignment would be within four. This is not to say that this is a rule, for it is not always created this way.

Very well. As for this evening, I shall be thanking you all for tremendous entertainment! I shall be, in spite of your irritation of Elias this evening, (grinning) I shall be wishing to you each, as do you to us, in your terms, your happiness in holidays within your season. I shall be anticipating our next meeting with more fruitfulness within our game! For this evening, a very fond au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:25 PM.


(1) These comments are in reference to an event that six of us attended this week. We went to see a “channeler,” which was a first for all of us, notwithstanding our experience with Elias. Mary especially has wanted to see somebody “channel,” as this is what people tell her she does. This was a fascinating experience, and we all left with the impression that the channel was very sincere and genuine, although nobody felt the “presence” of another essence, as is so evident while interacting with Elias.

(2) Last year we presented Elias with a Christmas present, which he actually did quite a good job of opening. It was a pipe, which he has smoked several times, but discontinued because Mary hates it.

(3) During the break, somebody placed a large alien head right in front of Elias on the table. I’d like to (sarcastically) say, I’m very glad that everybody got such a kick out of Elias’ joke!

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