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Wednesday, July 01, 1998

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“Elias’ Intent”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nancy (Jsanelle).

Elias arrives at 11:14 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling)

NANCY: (Softly) Good afternoon.

ELIAS: We meet again!

NANCY: Yes, we do. I’m very honored by your presence in front of me to talk about my little, individual things. I just am honored, and I thank you before we start.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, but do not be discounting of yourself either, for you are a glorious creature and therefore are very worthy of this interaction!

NANCY: Thank you. I wonder if you would start off, Elias, by just telling me my family, my essence name, that sort of thing that everyone that seems to be connected with you speaks of.

ELIAS: I have offered this to you at our last meeting.

NANCY: That’s right, you did, but I’m not quite sure that I got my name. I didn’t have anything to write it down.

ELIAS: Very well. This is acceptable. You may be connecting with Michael after this particular session and he shall be offering you the information, and also you may inquire of him to be delivering to you our script of information pertaining to the essence families that I have already given, and this shall be helpful to you in identifying yourself and the qualities you hold within this particular focus.

I shall express to you that although it may seem in certain situations with individuals non-cooperative of myself to not be repeating myself, there is a purposefulness in this, in that there is an exchange occurring during all of these sessions that is within what you would term to be a subjective awareness. This is an inner, so to speak, communication between my energy and your energy, and in this you receive the tone. The reason that you do not hold an objective recall of what has been offered to you is that you are assimilating this information subjectively, and as you assimilate this information you also shall be allowing a bleed-through of that into your objective awareness.

Not all individuals are assimilating this information objectively initially or first. Some individuals are assimilating the information subjectively. Michael also moves in this direction of receiving this information subjectively first, and subsequently allowing the objective awareness. You also move in this type of direction. You allow yourself a time period – a few days, at times a week – to be assimilating the information first in a subjective manner.

Now; let me express to you that it is purposeful of myself not to be interrupting this process, so to speak, with you, for this may be causing of confusion objectively with you. This would be the situation of offering too much information in one time frame.

Therefore, there is an allowance for you to be assimilating the information within your own time framework and offering to you different information that you may also be assimilating, and then within your time you shall allow yourself the objective awareness and it shall merely “come to you,” so to speak. Are you understanding?

NANCY: Yes, very much so.

ELIAS: Therefore, Michael may offer you the information that I have already given to you, and you may take this physically with you, and in this action you may allow yourself time to objectively assimilate the information and to be connecting with this.

Therefore, you view presently the effectiveness of your creation within your own probabilities, not necessarily to be inquiring that I repeat this information for you, but that you have offered yourself the opportunity to be connecting with more of the information in connection to these essence families and yourself.

NANCY: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NANCY: Do you read my mind? How does the energy exchange happen and stuff? I can feel something in your presence, but I just wonder ... if it’s as simple as you can read my mind, then I’ll just drop everything that I’m thinking and just ... ’cause I know I still have a certain amount of my personality here, and I’d just as soon drop that and just go kind of like right for the good stuff, you know, and leave me out of it.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) But you ARE the good stuff!

NANCY: Oh! Okay! (They both laugh)

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within physical focus, this would be one of your inner senses, which you term to be telepathy. This would be the action of what you think of as reading another individual’s mind. In actuality it is a subjective communication that you hold with other individuals, that you allow yourself development of in recognizing the communication objectively, knowing what is being communicated.

I do not participate in this type of action. I am interactive with each individual in a subjective manner, but within an energy exchange. Therefore, there are no thoughts attached to the exchange in which I am participating with you. This be the reason that you speak audibly to me, and I speak audibly through Michael to you. That offers you the opportunity simultaneously to be engaging in objective awareness and understanding; asking questions and receiving responses to your questioning.

The reason for this objective exchange, that you speak and I speak, is that within physical focus, once you begin to be opening your awareness and opening to your periphery you become impatient, and you are wishing for your answers objectively immediately. Therefore, it is insufficient to you within your belief systems that there merely be a subjective exchange.

You wish to hold answers objectively. In an understanding of this, I have chosen to be interactive with individuals objectively, allowing for their objective questioning and my objective interaction with them. But in actuality, more of the exchange occurs within energy. This is the element that you feel, the energy that you experience. Although you may not objectively attach thoughts or reasoning to this feeling, there IS an exchange of energy.

Within non-physical areas of consciousness, there are no emotional qualities or thought qualities that are projected. It is merely energy which is exchanged. You have created thought processes and emotional involvements within physical focus to be experiencing these aspects of reality. Therefore, you allow yourself the creation of these, and within this particular dimension these are your expressions and how you process information within this particular focus. My exchange does not move in the area of thought or feeling, which at times may be misinterpreted by individuals within physical focus, although it is purposefully projected.

I purposefully exchange with you through the individual of Michael, which offers you a physical form that you may identify with and feel comfortable with – in opposition to a ghost visiting you! (grinning) – and I also purposefully manipulate the energy to be expressive in the direction of emotion, for this is also what you create within physical focus and what you understand and may relate to.

Therefore, you view me as exhibiting emotional qualities, but this is a manipulation of energy, a projection, just as your films project an image that you may view. I am projecting not only an image, but also all of the qualities – or ALMOST all of the qualities (grinning) – that you exhibit within physical focus.

I do not move in the direction of non-acceptance as do individuals within physical focus, for this is not purposeful and is not in alignment with my intent and my communication with all of you. I also do not move in the direction of expressions that each of you view as negative, for I wish not to be reinforcing of your own belief systems in negativity. Therefore, I do not become impatient or angry or exhibit lack of acceptance. These are unnecessary expressions for myself to be exhibiting with you.

I may express also that although there is no waste of energy within the area of consciousness that I occupy, it may be considered to you, within your focus and belief systems, as a waste of energy for myself to be engaging in the responsiveness that are directly influenced by your belief systems, which I do not hold. (1)

NANCY: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NANCY: I experience these windows, what I call windows of reality. It usually happens before I go to sleep at night, when I’m in that crossover state. I’m well aware that I’m not asleep, and yet my eyes will be closing, and these like holes – so I call them windows – appear out of my field of vision, and I’ve been shown a reality that feels more real than this, even though it’s very brief. I just wonder what I can do to help sustain them ... or I don’t want them enough, so they don’t come to me? I guess I’d like to know what it is I could do, to maybe obviously gravitate in that direction?

ELIAS: Continue practicing with these windows of yours. These are focal points that you have allowed yourself in your own widening of awareness. But just as we have spoken at our last meeting of how individuals restrain themselves in the unfamiliar and in the area of their own fearfulness of the unfamiliar, let me express that although at times individuals such as yourself in this situation within physical focus may become excited in their discovery of new elements of their reality, you also hold to the familiarity of this particular focus.

Now; in this situation with yourself and your particular windows – your focal point – these are access points. Windows are a very good tone for these portals, for they do allow you access into the reality of other realities.

Mind you understand your own terms in your own expression: “I view these realities to be more real than this reality.” Here is your key as to your creation and why you limit your creation, for these are DIFFERENT realities, but they are NO MORE REAL than this reality. You have allowed yourself the opportunity to view within yourself a belief system which has been perpetuated through your society, that THIS reality is “less than,” that you are “working through the working plane.” This also is reinforced by your belief systems in reincarnation, which are belief systems.

In this, as you discount this particular reality and do not allow yourself the appreciation of the magnificence of this particular reality and acknowledge your exploration of it ... for it SEEMS mundane and it SEEMS that you are entirely familiar with this particular reality. Therefore, what be there to discover and what be there to explore, as you have already explored all the aspects of this particular dimension and reality? Therefore, other realities appear to be more interesting and more real.

In this, you set up a barrier for yourself, for you are discounting of one reality, and in this action of discounting the one reality, within essence you automatically block yourself from entering into other realities too fully, for that shall be reinforcing of your belief system within this reality to be discounting of this reality. Therefore, in this situation I express to you the suggestion that you recognize the wondrousness of this reality, and that shall helpful to you in allowing you more access to other realities.

Be remembering, you are not upon a “learning plane.” There are no planes. There are no levels. Therefore, you are merely experiencing your attention within one particular focus of one dimension, and you now are allowing yourself the opportunity within a widening of awareness to be viewing the other realities that you also occupy simultaneously. This may also allow you the opportunity to acknowledge yourself in feelings that you hold, that you experience in feeling not quite entirely “rightly placed” within this particular dimension, and that perhaps there exists another dimension that you may fit more comfortably within.

The reason that you hold these feelings is that you allow yourself a closeness to other focuses that you hold within other dimensions. They have not entirely been allowed to bleed through objectively into this focus yet, although within the probabilities that you are creating, it is most probable that you shall allow this action. But presently, you merely allow yourself to move close to these other focuses that you hold within other dimensions, and what IS bleeding through is the FEELING of these other focuses in their familiarity, the knowing that you ARE participating presently, simultaneously, in other focuses within other dimensions.

Therefore, you hold a knowing of this, and you have thinned the veils between these dimensions. You have not eliminated them, but you have created a thinning of them to allow yourself to move more closely and be connecting with these other focuses. Before you may allow yourself to move into the direction of much interaction with these other focuses, you are allowing yourself to become comfortable with them, and comfortable with the knowing that they are also you. Therefore, you need not be fearful of them.

For in the actual encounter of other focuses outside of this particular dimension, the forms ARE unfamiliar. The creation of their reality is unfamiliar to you within this focus. Therefore, initially they may prove to be slightly frightening, for they ARE unfamiliar, and you may move yourself into the direction of expressing to yourself, “These are not myself, these are outside of myself, for this may not be me.” But it is! It is another aspect of yourself, and you are now presently allowing yourself the wondrousness of exploration within physical focus of connecting to other aspects of you which do not occupy this particular dimension, but are within focus simultaneous to you within this focus.

I am acknowledging of your movement in this area. Merely be remembering that in your excitement in your connecting with these focuses, they are all you, and therefore you may move at your own pace in avoiding fearfulness in this area and also not reinforcing belief systems held within this particular focus and this dimension.

For as I have spoken previously of this shift in consciousness: simultaneous to the opening to consciousness and the opening of your awareness in conjunction with the action of this shift, you also pull to yourself the awareness of the reinforcement of more and more belief systems, for one of the base line actions of this shift in consciousness is to be accepting of the belief systems which are held individually and en masse. Therefore, you shall be continuously and increasingly addressing to and noticing all of the aspects of belief systems that you hold, and in this recognition you shall automatically move in certain directions of not intentionally reinforcing these belief systems. You shall automatically “step in front of yourself” to be addressing to each belief system that may be blocking of your movement forward, so to speak.

This be the reason that you do not allow yourself, as I have stated, to move fully into the exploration of these other dimensional focuses, for you wish also not to be reinforcing the belief system of discounting THIS focus and THIS dimension. Be remembering that although they may seem alien to you, you may seem alien to them! And you are all the same, for you are all you!

NANCY: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

NANCY: I’ve studied under a teacher named Ramtha, and you seem to go beyond that, which is what I like. You talk more about how our only purpose here is to really just experience. It’s not to get anywhere else, it’s not to go anywhere else. It’s simply being and experiencing. I just wonder if you can give me some of your input on Ramtha. Is he a good thing to follow? I don’t mean follow in the sense of ... I don’t follow anything! But is he a good thing to stay connected with and try to move through some of this? I would really appreciate your personal take on my personal connection with that.

ELIAS: Let me express to you as I have expressed previously to many individuals, there is much information to be gained and much information offered by many essences, and also by many individuals within physical focus. I am familiar with this essence. This essence is belonging to a different essence family than myself. Therefore, the expression holds differences.

Let me also express to you that within different essence families, essences may be choosing to move into the direction of creating an energy exchange and offering information, and ALL of the information is valuable to you within physical focus, for you draw yourself to the information that shall speak to you and that you may implement within your sojourn in your own discovery of self, in your experiencing within this particular dimension. Therefore, I shall not express to you that connecting with information which is expressed by that essence to be (is) incorrect or wrong, for it is not. It is offering you information and helpfulness in allowing you to be widening your awareness in the most efficient manner for you.

Therefore, I am encouraging of your continuation in accessing information that that essence offers, but I shall also express to you to be remembering that within different essence families, the energy exchange incorporates an action of allowance for belief systems. This is purposefully implemented, for information is offered in certain directions in conjunction with your belief systems, that you may understand and that you may assimilate objectively and that shall attain your attention.

Myself, belonging to the family of Sumafi, my choice in alignment with my intent in energy is to be creating of an energy exchange that shall be offering information with the least amount of distortion, which creates the situation that I shall not be aligning with the belief systems held within physical focus. Therefore, in the expression of my intent, I shall not be offering you information that shall be reinforcing of your own belief systems. I shall be addressing to your belief systems and exposing them to you, and offering you the opportunity to view your own belief systems.

There are no secrets within consciousness. Therefore, all is exposed regardless, and it is not intrusive of myself to be exposing what is already exposed, which is yourself; although at times I may NOT be expressive with you or with other individuals and allow – for a time period ONLY – your own continuation within very strongly held belief systems, and I shall not be challenging of that, for that may be intrusive in offering information to you that you may not be ready for, so to speak, objectively, for your time factor is not in alignment yet. But for the most part, with each individual and with yourself also, I shall be direct and I shall be exposing of your own belief systems and addressing to your own belief systems with you, for this offers you the opportunity to view them and to address to them yourselves. You may not be addressing to your own belief systems and moving through these belief systems if you do not objectively hold an awareness of them!

THIS is my intent, to not be perpetuating the already existing and held belief systems, but to be offering information that individuals such as yourself may move into the direction of noticing and identifying their own belief systems, which IS perpetuating of this shift in consciousness and allows you the ability to move more fully into this shift in consciousness, for you shall not be actualizing this shift if you are holding to your belief systems, for the action of this shift is to be accepting of your belief systems.

Once again I shall express: this is not to say that you shall be eliminating of your belief systems, but you shall be neutralizing them. You shall continue to hold belief systems and hold opinions in regard to these belief systems, but they shall not be affecting. There shall not be any judgment attached with them. Therefore, they are neutralized. Presently, you all hold many, many, MANY belief systems, and there ARE judgments attached with them.

As you move more fully into the exploration of acceptance of belief systems, you may also offer yourself the opportunity to view how very many aspects there are to each singular belief system. They are much more complicated than individuals view them to be!

But each little bird that you allow to fly free from the cage of the belief system serves you well to be moving you more fully into the acceptance, which allows you a wondrous new freedom, a liberation from old creations that no longer serve you well and into the new freedom of the exploration of your own creativity without the binding of the belief systems which hold to you and limit your own freedom and creativity.

NANCY: I’m pretty much aware that everything is a belief system ...

ELIAS: Quite!

NANCY: ... on this physical level. There are moments where it seems so clear to me and I truly understand that and seem to momentarily, as best I can, let go of it, but of course I fall back into it.

ELIAS: For this is familiar. But be remembering also, one of the reasons that you vacillate is that you create a belief system about belief systems! (Grinning) You create the perpetuation of the belief system of duplicity in addressing to belief systems, for you move in the direction of viewing belief systems as bad, as negative, and they are not. They are not good or bad. They merely are. They are expressions of influences in how you create your reality, but they are not good or bad, and as you place a judgment upon the belief systems themselves, you also perpetuate the belief systems, for you move away from the area of acceptance and you perpetuate the judgment.

Acceptance is the LACK of judgment, the acknowledgment that the reality merely IS. The thing merely is the thing in itself, but it is not good and it is not bad. It merely IS. This is the area of acceptance, and in this acceptance you allow yourself tremendous freedom, for there is no longer affectingness of the belief system.

NANCY: Okay. I’m going to go to a specific to see if you can help me with something. I recently sold my house. I know it was fear-based thinking that I should go elsewhere. It’s part of that Ramtha strategy that there’s going to be terrible earth changes around here and whatever, so my husband and I did go ahead and sell our house. We have a longing to be out west, and I’m just feeling so “nowhere” with it. I know I create my own reality, and with the probabilities that are out there, if you could help the small, personal Nancy here and give me some pearls of wisdom?

ELIAS: Personal invalidation! You are not the “small person of Nancy!” (Chuckling) Listen to your inner voice, and be remembering that the information that you have accessed offered by this other essence incorporates belief systems. Therefore, look to yourself ALWAYS. In your evaluation you may incorporate information of other essences, but also do not discount your own soft little voice within you, for this is your communication to you, your language to you of essence, which is directing you.

Individuals within physical focus express this to be their higher self, their intuition, their guide. They attach many different identifications to this soft little voice, but in actuality, this is YOU. This is your essence speaking to you, and it shall not offer you misinformation, and it also shall not offer you information within the confines of belief systems. YOU shall INTERPRET the information THROUGH your belief systems, but the information itself is not presented to you within the confines of belief systems.

Therefore, as you feel a draw to move physically, be acknowledging of yourself in your draw and recognizing that you are purposefully creating a line of probabilities. Your influence in your initial move to be detaching from your dwelling has moved in the area of fearfulness, aligning with information that you have received and accepting this information in fearful aspects.

Let me express to you: many, many predictions have been offered in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. Many predictions have been offered for much of your history and you view them to be coming to their culmination now, which in one aspect there is truthfulness in this, for you ARE moving into the end throes of this shift in consciousness and its accomplishment, but all of these predictions are probabilities. They are not set in stone, and you have the ability to be diverting of these predictions.

(Intently) This be another reason that I speak with individuals within physical focus, to be reminding them that you hold the ability to alter probabilities. It is your choice which probabilities you insert into your officially accepted reality.

In this, I offer information that masses of individuals may draw themselves to, and in this collectively direct their energy, yourself included, in the area of creating less trauma and diverting the probabilities of destruction and harmfulness that much energy has been lent to throughout your history.

Therefore, these predictions hold much energy and continue to hold much energy, and may materialize into your officially accepted reality IF they are continued to be lent energy. But you also hold the probability of diverting those predictions, those probabilities, and creating different actions.

It is unnecessary to be creating of destruction and doom and trauma. It is more efficient to be creating of ease, and the manner in which you create ease is to be listening to self and not accepting all of what is offered by what you perceive to be outside of self.

In like manner, I express to all individuals to not be following of this essence. I do not require disciples. I do not solicit followers. I am encouraging of every individual to be following of themselves, to be acknowledging of themselves, and to be recognizing that it is unnecessary for you to be continuing within your belief systems of authorities and other individuals that shall direct you.

YOU hold the ability to direct YOU! You do not need any other individual or essence to be directing your movement. You may direct your own movement, and create wondrous experiences in your own direction!

In this, I express to you that in your draw to be moving, recognize this as two-fold.

One aspect of you is recognizing of the draw and translating that into an objective physical movement in locations, which is entirely acceptable within your particular line of probabilities that you are creating presently. It is in alignment with your creation.

The other aspect of this situation is that you are also recognizing of tremendous movement within yourself, within those individuals that you view to be close to you physically, and within the action of this shift. You FEEL the movement. You have not translated that aspect of your knowing. You have merely translated the other aspect into an objective mirror image in physical location movement.

Let me also express to you that new adventures may be, within time framework, awaiting you within new locations, and I shall continue to be interactive with you regardless.

NANCY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NANCY: See, that whole dissertation that you just did, none of that was foreign to me. I don’t like the idea of following, or even attaching myself to anything that considers itself or looks like it’s in and of itself a whole. I don’t believe in that. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Be leery of expressions that move in that direction, for that is a perpetuation of religious belief systems, and within this shift in consciousness you are moving away from these held religious belief systems. Continuously be wary of ANY expression by ANY individual or essence that expresses absolutes, and also expresses that they singularly are “the way.” There is no singular way. YOU are YOUR way!

NANCY: Sometimes I feel so knowing, and approaching completeness. I’ve heard others talk about this being their last incarnation. How they know that, heaven only knows! I just wonder if you can give me any perspective as to ... you know, not that I want you to tell me I’m an advanced being. I already know that I am! I already know that, and I feel close. I just can’t quite seem to like drop the remainder of what’s in front of me, those veils. So if you can tell me anything about how far down the line that is, if this is my last incarnation? I’ll ask you directly, even though I’ve been skirting around that question!

ELIAS: You are the designation of the final focus. Let me express the explanation to you of this.

All focuses are simultaneous, and as I have expressed to other individuals in explanation, within the creation of focuses into any dimension, one is designated the beginning focus and one is designated as the final focus. This is the designation of the actions that these particular focuses initiate. It is not a designation of linear time. It is not an identification of one focus moving from focus to focus to focus to focus, over and over and over again. That is your perception within a linear time frame, but in actuality, within consciousness there is no linear time frame. All is simultaneous. Therefore, all of your focuses within all time periods are now. They are all occurring presently within dimensions inside of this dimension – time dimensions inside of this particular physical dimension – but they are all occurring now.

In this, one focus is designated as the beginning focus, for that is the initiating focus. Think to yourself of an atom, one singular atom, but in its movement it may be spontaneously exploding into many particles. The beginning focus is the initiating focus that splits all of the focuses simultaneously into action. It is the spurring focus, and the individual that occupies that particular focus shall hold a knowing within – regardless of their identification objectively of it – that they are new, that they are viewing a new, wondrous exploration of creation, and within their belief systems they shall feel within themselves that they have not manifest before, for this is the designation of the initiating of the explosion into a particular physical focus by this one focus, and its attachment to the belief systems which are in alignment with reincarnation. There is no reincarnation. They are all simultaneous.

But you are designated as the final focus. In this, the action that is designated to you as the final focus is that at the point or moment that you choose to be disengaging of this particular focus – at your moment of what you term to be death, your disengagement – all other focuses within this dimension that are belonging to your essence shall also disengage, or they shall be creating of the opportunity to be fragmenting and continuing as their own essence. But all focuses that are connected to your essence and choose to be remaining as focuses of your essence shall all disengage also at the time period that you choose to be disengaging. This is the designation of the final focus.

The reason individuals hold the knowing that they are the final focus is that they hold a knowing within them that they are finished, and in some situations they may experience within the final focus a tiredness or an element of boredom. These are all translations of the knowing that they are the designated final focus. An impatience is experienced within that focus, a feeling at times of hurriedness, of wanting to be disengaging and moving on. These are all different aspects of feelings that may be experienced within a final focus.

Many, many individuals that shall draw themselves to this particular information and to myself are final focuses, for they are moving into the action of this shift in its final throes and they are exploring widening of awareness and they are exploring the action of transition within physical focus and preparing themselves for moving more quickly through the action of transition, shedding these belief systems and moving into other areas of consciousness for new exploration. Not all individuals that draw themselves to myself or this information are designated final focuses, but very many of them are, yourself included.

NANCY: That was an excellent explanation! That was excellent.

The last area of my life ... as much as I can love my husband and my two boys, in my humanness seems to be my capacity to love, and part of my belief system tells me that I don’t need to stay with them to continue that love or any of that. I mean, I really can look at it very objectively that way. I just would like some information as to whether you can tell me, again just simply, is my husband a good fit for me? What significance might he have in my larger life, as well as my two children? Why did I choose them or why did they choose me, that kind of thing.

ELIAS: First of all, there are two different situations in play in this.

With your partner, you have mutually chosen each other to be interactive with each other. This is not to say that this is destiny or that you are locked into continuation with ANY individual in partnership. This is a choice entirely, and your choice continues merely for the time frame that that particular choice is serving you and benefiting you.

Now; be realizing that you may benefit from situations that are not always what you term to be comfortable. Many individuals choose to be creating of very uncomfortable situations but are benefiting from those situations, and this be the reason that they continue in these uncomfortable situations. But at any moment that you choose to be altering of your choice, that is your objective indication to yourself that you are not benefiting from the situation that you have created and that you are offering yourself the opportunity to move on and move into new explorations; that you have experienced this and you have allowed yourself the fullness of the experience, and now you may choose a new experience.

With the situation of children, you do not choose your children. You merely engage in the agreement to be facilitating of their physical entrance into this focus. This is your participation. ALL of the rest of the actions are influenced by your belief systems.

The entering focus, the child, chooses. They are choosing of all: of their lineage, of their heritage, of their physical form, of their alignment with experiences in connection to the parents. They are choosing of all of the aspects that are in conjunction with their entering into physical focus. Your participation is merely to allow them physical birth, but you also move in the direction of belief systems which express to you responsibility and caring physically and emotionally and spiritually and intellectually for these individuals, taking personal responsibility for them, viewing them as “less than” for a time period and not holding the ability to be creating of their own reality, and NOT creating of their own reality! For the belief systems suggest that YOU create, as the parent, their reality for them until such time period that they may be creating of their own reality. Very, very incorrect!

They are creating of their reality from the moment that their essence enters their physical form, and from that moment they are creating every minute of their reality, for no other individual may create your reality except you, in every situation. But you also develop very many belief systems in these areas that YOU must be responsible.

I shall also express to you that as the mother, there are even MORE belief systems that are attached in the direction of these particular relationships of mother and children. Mothers in that role accept more responsibility and create more belief systems – and your societies create more belief systems that are attached to this particular role – than they shall with the designation of the role of father.

Your experience of the emotion of love is perpetuated by the belief systems, but [is] also a purposeful creation. You create the emotion of love with children for that experience, but it also is quite in alignment with the held mass belief systems. It would be quite wrong of you to not be loving of your children, would it not? This would not be acceptable at all, for the mass belief systems suggest, “This is our officially accepted reality and these are the rules! You as the parent shall be responsible and you shall also be loving of these children, and we would not be wishing for you to be moving in the area of abnormality and not be experiencing this!” (Grinning)

I am not discounting of your own expression, for I am recognizing that you are experiencing willingly the alignment with this belief system and that this is not creating of conflict for you. Therefore, it matters not. You are loving to your children and this is acceptable. It also allows you, in ANY area that you are expressing of this emotion of love, the opportunity to be expressing from essence, for this area of the emotion of love within physical focus is the closest interpreted expression that you may create within physical focus to the expression of essence.

NANCY: And that I knew, too.

ELIAS: All that I may express to any individual, and yourself also, you DO already know! I am merely reminding you of that which you already know. My purpose, so to speak, in interaction is to be facilitating of the remembrance. You already hold all of this information. You merely are requiring of a “little push,” that you may be remembering of all that you know.

NANCY: Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Are you wishing of more information this day?

NANCY: What I have left on my list is of no significance. You’ve put everything else in the right perspective, and so I will give you a break! How about that? (Elias chuckles) I thank you very much for coming to me.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I shall extend to you the invitation that you may access me at any moment that you are so choosing, and if you are wishing inquiry, you may express audience with me and I shall be compliant to this. I offer to you this day much affection and a surrounding of energy, to be encouraging to you in your choices in listening to your small voice within yourself and creating of your own probabilities. Therefore, I extend to you my energy that you may feel wrapping around you, and I express to you a very fond adieu.

NANCY: Thank you. Good-bye.

Elias departs at 12:36 PM.


(1) This particular “phase” that this energy exchange seems to be going through right now is definitely affecting Elias’ use of the language. I’ve observed other phases, but this one seems kind of backwards to me. I would think that his use of language would become “better” through time. However, sentences such as the footnoted one indicate not only an unusual choice of words, (responsiveness vs. responses) but also a present inability to use the correct verb tenses. Maybe it isn’t an inability at all; maybe it is a choice.

Digests: find out more about energy exchanges; Elias, Paul (Patel).

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