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Saturday, November 21, 1998

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“The Camouflage of Helpfulness”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marcos (Marta).

Elias arrives at 2:37 PM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Greetings! (Smiling)

MARCOS: Hello, Captain! It’s a pleasure to talk to you once again.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you have inquiries this day?

MARCOS: Yes, I do. I have a few questions, Elias, that I’d like to ask you, the first two or three having to do with out-of-bodys that I’ve been experiencing lately. The first one had to do with a wonderful, wonderful out-of-body I had where I met this person, this woman that I completely, completely fell in love with, but in a way that is so different, that I’ve never experienced before. It went way beyond a feeling or a sexual kind of love. It was just total, and I wonder if you could tell me about that, as much as you want to, as many details, because not only did I see her, I think it was more of an experience in that out-of-body. But I also saw places, a city, and I don’t know if it was a past or future kind of focus, in our terms. Anyway, I was just overwhelmed with that out-of-body, and if you could talk about that, I would appreciate it immensely.

ELIAS: Very well. I have offered this information to be relayed to you to Cindel previously, but I shall offer this to you individually also. I have expressed that this particular experience of out-of-body was the experience of meeting yourself in the presentment of physical imagery. Now, let me explain.

At times, within certain aspects of consciousness, an individual may present themselves with an image that they translate into a physical form of another individual, and this expression of energy may be the expression of essence, and in this it may be producing of a different type of experience and emotional quality than you are familiar with within physical focus. In this experience that you have presented yourself, as I have expressed to Cindel previously, the tone of your essence is expressed in physical terms through the word of Marta.

In this, there is an identification of female quality. Although essence holds no gender, there is a translation into your physical objective terms of male or female, which is the designation of the type of expression or leaning of that particular tone in qualities that you identify in physical terms as male or female; the designation of the rational or the intuitive.

In this, your essence tone translates into your physical dimension with the overall tone of female, which leans more in the direction of the intuitive rather than the rational or intellectual.

You have presented yourself with a translation of energy which has configured itself into the form of another individual, that being female as identified by your essence, and this female is the presentment to yourself of your essence, therefore stimulating you into new experiences of emotions and also physical sensations that are unfamiliar to you within your physical experiences objectively.

The reason you have offered yourself this experience of this presentment of essence to yourself is that we have interacted with each other objectively, and I have offered you much information in the area of acceptance of self and your own personal issues with personal responsibility. In this, you have assimilated much of the information that I have offered you, and have begun to move in the direction of addressing to these issues and moving more in the direction of your own acceptance of self.

This is acknowledged to you by the presentment of essence, that you may be validating to yourself the wondrous qualities of self, and also that you may present yourself the knowing that all that you seek within your desires, even within physical terms of relationships with other individuals physically, lies within your relationship to yourself and your acceptance of self, and this shall facilitate the interaction of yourself with other individuals, in offering you that which you desire. Therefore, you have allowed yourself to be connecting with your own essence.

Now; let me also express to you that although individuals may be accessing communication with essence, it is not often that individuals may move in the direction of presenting themselves with the physical translation of energy into an actual form that is the presentment of their essence to themselves that they may be interactive with. Therefore, this is quite a movement within your subjective and objective widening of your awareness, to allow yourself this interaction and this presentment, and I am acknowledging of your accomplishment in this area.

MARCOS: Thank you! Thank you so much. It is beyond words, the feeling that I have every time I relive this experience, every time I think about it. And Cindel did tell me about your information, but very, very little. She said, “I think it’s best for you to have a session with Elias and get more information,” and I think that she was right. It’s just so great to hear it from you! Tell me, Elias, is it something, then, that as I move into more acceptance – which I believe I am moving in that direction, I know it consciously – are there probabilities created to have more meetings like this?

ELIAS: Yes. This would be your choice, to be allowing yourself to move in this direction, but I may express to you also that the allowance of yourself and your objective awareness to be interactive with essence in this manner may be quite beneficial to you, for it may be a very reinforcing experience to you and also quite validating to you. And also, it may be quite helpful in offering information to you directly that you may assimilate in objective terms, for within this out-of-body state, so to speak, you hold an objective awareness, and in this you may find that there is more of an ease in your translation of your communication with essence, as you are receiving the communication in objective terms. Therefore, the translation has already been accomplished and needs not be filtered through objective imagery.

In this, you may be choosing to be moving in the experience of this type of out-of-body connection futurely also, but I shall also express to you that the probability within physical focus is that within objective terms, this shall not be an ongoing, continuous action, for the presentment of essence is temporary, only for the reason of reinforcement and validation, and once fully experienced and accomplishing of this purpose, it shall discontinue in this manner, for it is unnecessary. You shall hold the objective memory of the interaction that you may draw upon futurely.

Therefore, I express to you encouragingly that you may be allowing yourself the expression of pleasure within these experiences, within the temporary allowance of the connection that you may be creating presently and within your near future.

MARCOS: Okay. I understand that perfectly. Thank you very much. Let me ask you something else. Years ago I had a dream, and I don’t know if there’s a connection to this or not, but it just seemed the right time to ask. I had a dream where I saw the Virgin of Medjugorje, and I was in a church, and it was probably this imagery to myself. Is there any connection to this out-of-body now?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are correct. But within the time framework in linear terms, you have offered yourself imagery in the area of the existing belief systems, and allowed yourself to be connecting with that particular type of imagery that shall be invoking of great lovingness and beauty.

In this, you may view that particular experience as a prelude to the out-of-body experience that you offer yourself presently. That experience moved within the confines of your belief systems and what you allowed yourself to be assimilating at the time. Now that you have widened your awareness to an extent, you offer yourself a clearer picture outside of the religious belief systems, and inter-activeness with self as opposed to an icon.

MARCOS: That’s great. That’s wonderful! I appreciate it. Thank you, Elias. I was in Houston again this week and I had another out-of-body, a very different one. It was just a lot of fun, flying around and doing somersaults all over the place. But there have been three out-of-body experiences I’ve had, including the one where I met with the Dream Walkers, and they’ve all happened in Houston. What do you think about that?

ELIAS: You allow yourself to move in this direction – offering yourself the mobility and more of a freedom of this type of experience in this location – for the reason that you are not objectively restraining yourself quite so strongly. Within your home location, so to speak, you allow different elements of your objective creating to be entering into your awareness and affecting of your mobility in certain manners. This restricts some aspects of your movement, for you are distracting yourself and not allowing your full attention in these areas.

Therefore, as you move to different locations, you also allow yourself to move into more of a freedom of expression, in like manner to many individuals, within objective terms, of their expression of holiday or vacation. As you choose to be creating of these expressions, you also disconnect yourselves, so to speak, with your mundane concerns and those issues of responsibilities that you hold objectively, and you suspend these concerns temporarily and allow yourselves to move more freely temporarily.

It is not merely this one location that you may allow yourself this type of freedom in expression, and also I may be expressing to you that as you are practicing with this action and these expressions, you may be becoming more familiar and at ease with this movement, and subsequently also allow yourself this freedom of expression within your home location.

MARCOS: Okay, that’s great! That’s beautiful. A different question now, regarding agreements that we make within essence. I’ve been talking about these with Cindel and others, and reading about them in transcripts, and is there a way that we can ... when we are here in physical focus and in a conscious sense, is it possible for us to remember or to regain the memory of these agreements and to carry out these agreements? I mean, how does that happen?

ELIAS: Most definitely! You hold the ability to be offering yourselves the remembrance, and also, within the action of this shift, this would be an aspect of this shift in consciousness, to be allowing yourselves the remembrance of essence. In this, you already offer yourselves much of your remembrances, and are beginning to allow yourselves more and more of your remembrances as you move into connecting with other focuses and also other areas of consciousness.

Now; as to agreements that you have moved into within consciousness, you hold the ability to access this information also. At times it may be helpful to you, within objective terms, to be offering yourselves objective triggers, so to speak, to be jogging of your remembrance.

In this, what I am expressing is that you may be accessing certain locations or actions or events or individuals within your physical focus that may be in connection to other focuses which relate to agreements that have been made within consciousness. You may also access the remembrance of agreements through dream interaction and through the accessing of other areas of consciousness in many different manners.

All of this information is available to you, and it is your choice which direction you choose to be moving into to be accessing this information. Different “methods,” so to speak – as you are so fond of methods – are accomplishing in these areas for different individuals. It is merely what you draw yourself to, within your individual methods that allow you to be connecting more efficiently, that shall be providing you with your remembrances. You may be choosing to access agreements through this out-of-body experiencing or through dream imagery, although you may also be connecting objectively with elements of agreements by allowing yourself to be revisiting certain locations in connection with other focuses, and this may offer you helpfulness in this area also.

MARCOS: Okay. Would you say that by following one’s intent, one can experience these remembrances? (Pause)

ELIAS: Your intent enters into all of your accomplishments.

Now; within an individual focus, your intent within that particular focus may be quite linked to a particular agreement which you have created within consciousness, in which it may be helpful to you to be offering yourself the remembrance, but the intent itself may not necessarily be facilitating the remembrance. It may motivate you in the direction of stimulating your remembrance in certain directions, but it is not necessarily creating of your remembrance. It is merely moving alongside of that action, and the remembrance itself may be conversely facilitating of more of an efficiency within the accomplishment of your intent within a particular focus. Are you understanding?

MARCOS: Yes I am, perfectly, and I think that’s what I was trying to say. As we follow or accomplish or carry out our intent in a very natural way, then I believe that would lead us to the locations or the individuals or the events in a very natural way, that would then trigger memory of the agreements.

ELIAS: Correct, for in this action you are following your desire, and this shall motivate you in the directions of your remembrances.

MARCOS: Okay. Now it’s becoming so much clearer when I go against my intent, because it’s always a choice, but many times I can tell immediately and now very clearly when I go against my desires or my intent, and it just becomes a much freer development of the intent, if you will.

ELIAS: Quite, for as you move in the direction that is not in alignment with your intent, you also shall be creating more of a thickness within your focus.

Therefore, it shall appear to you as the difference between moving through your air and moving through MUD. (Grinning)

MARCOS: Exactly! A different question on other individuals: can you tell me a little bit about my connection with my great-aunt? (Pause)

ELIAS: You hold connection to that essence in what we may term to be subjective terms. Therefore, there has also been a bleed-through into objective translation in the manner of certain knowings of connection with that individual focus and a draw in that particular direction.

In this, you hold a connection of mergence of tone, not in the area of fragmentation of your essence or that essence, but in the mergence of tone of those two essences, in conjunction with several other essences, to be creating of the action of fragmentation of another essence. In that action of mergence, there has been a creation of similarity in tone, and this is what you objectively recognize and translate into a knowing of some type of connection with that particular focus of that essence.

MARCOS: And is that essence or that fragmentation lending energy to several individuals here now, like Castille or Cindel or maybe even Isabel?

ELIAS: The fragmented essence lends energy to all of these individuals and several other individuals, in certain areas that all of these individuals concern themselves with commonly within their physical expressions.

MARCOS: Okay, I thought so. Thank you, Elias.

Can you briefly tell me about a connection that I have with a person at work called Alexandra? I’ve met her recently and there seems to be a very strong connection in some way, but I can’t figure out exactly how. (Pause)

ELIAS: You hold several focuses with this individual within this particular dimension. [In] all of these focuses that you interact within together, you have created relationships extending in what you would term to be more than acquaintances.

This is not to say that you have engaged in romantic relationships, for you have not, but you have lent energy to each other in addressing to different issues within several focuses, offering each other helpfulness in the relationships of friendships throughout these focuses, and you allow yourselves once again an objective meeting to be lending energy to each other in this type of expression in this focus.

MARCOS: Okay, thank you. One last question, Elias. Some time ago, you had offered information regarding a pattern of behavior that I was creating in regard to personal relationships with my former mate, and currently with Paul, that had been occurring quite frequently. I believe that as I have been able to free myself from certain restrictions, as I view them, that seems to be lessening.

It just seems to me – and I wanted to confirm this – is it really just as simple as self acceptance, and then that leads to just a freer acceptance of the other individual? (Simple?)

ELIAS: Yes. In your acceptance of self, you also automatically move in the direction of an acceptance of other individuals, and let me also express to you that in addressing to your own issues in the area of personal responsibility and acceptance of self, you also are beginning to move outside of these established patterns that you have created previously in these types of relationships.

Now; let me be reminding you that at times, this expression of personal responsibility for these individuals may be camouflaging itself in the guise of being helpful and concerned for this other individual, and within your expression, there is in objective terms a genuineness of wishing to be helpful with the other individual.

But this is also the camouflage that this personal responsibility has chosen to disguise itself with, for this offers you the ability and the opportunity to move in the area of reinforcing this type of expression, and also it allows you to be justifying to yourself your own helpfulness and your own genuineness, so to speak, within your expression. But this justification also rotates round and offers you the ability to be moving in the direction of non-acceptance of THEIR non-acceptance, for you are offering within helpfulness.

Now; in this expression, view how you have allowed yourself to move in this circle of expressions, which is the pattern that I have expressed previously to you.

You create an expression. You express to yourself that this expression is of genuine concern and helpfulness, and in response to this expression, the other individual may not necessarily be accepting of that expression, and in response to that, you are justifying of yourself in your own expression of lack of acceptance of them, for they have not been accepting of your expression!

These are all of the expressions within a cycle of reinforcing this issue of personal responsibility, but as you move in the direction of acceptance of self, you begin to recognize that as you are moving in the direction of self, you automatically are accepting of other individuals, lessening your conflict and also eliminating your necessity, so to speak, to move in directions of influencing other individuals and interpreting their lack of acceptance of your expression as an act of hurtfulness. Are you understanding?

MARCOS: Perfectly, and it really is as simple as self acceptance, but to accomplish that is sometimes extremely difficult! (Elias grins) Yet when you’re able to move in that direction, you can feel it and see it immediately.

ELIAS: Quite, and this offers you much freedom, and it also is eliminating of much of your conflict. This be the reason that I am expressing to individuals so very often that the key to this movement of acceptance, within ALL areas, is the acceptance of self first.

MARCOS: Absolutely! Well, I have no more questions today, Captain. Thank you so much, thank you as always, and thank you for your information. Thank you for being!

ELIAS: Ah, and you are very welcome, and I express to you, Marta, much affection and great lovingness. I also am quite encouraging in your endeavors with your out-of-body experiences and the presentment that you have offered to yourself of essence. Offer yourself the enjoyment and the pleasure of this experience, and allow yourself futurely the remembrance of these experiences. I offer to you the expression of my energy, and I shall continue to be in communication with you and offering you energy in your accomplishments, and you shall be validated in this as you allow yourself to be noticing my energy and the objective imagery that I continue to be presenting to you for your validation. To you this day, I express much affection. I also offer to you my greetings to be extended to Paul and to Isabel. To you, I bid a very fond au revoir.

MARCOS: Au revoir, and the same to you.

Elias departs at 3:21 PM.

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