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Thursday, December 12, 1996

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“The Dream Mission”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Cathy (Shynla), and briefly, Ron (Olivia).

Elias arrives at 3:21 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. You have questions, Lawrence!

VICKI: We have questions! I’m gonna start with Michael’s questions. At the beginning of our sessions, you were comparing dream state to physical focus. In that comparison, would you say that it would be a fair correlation to make that the events that we create in waking state could be compared to dream imagery?

ELIAS: Yes. You create translations. In this, you identify within your dream state objectively, in what Michael is identifying as your imagery; your dream image or pictures that you are remembering. This is an objective incorporation. Therefore, it is a translation of subjective events. Waking consciousness is also a translation of subjective events. They may not correlate into the same imagery consistently, but essentially this is a comparable action.

VICKI: So, if you were to be viewing a spaceship, is that the same sort of physical matter as this cup?

ELIAS: Yes and no. This action would be likened to your dream imagery, as you are terming this presently, that would translate into your waking state the same. At times, you are translating into your dream imagery and you are creating the imagery to be translating also into your physical expression during waking state, as you view precognitive action. In this same manner, you translate within the moment into physical objectivity, although this is not created as you create a mountain or a tree or your ocean, which all may view.

Together, en masse, subjectively, you have all agreed upon certain organizations of energy which manifest into certain objects that you term to be matter. There are some manifestations that you do not all agree upon. Therefore, you may create the physical object, but this physical object is not permanent.

Now; I shall also express to you, there is more involved with this subject matter, for I have expressed to you that at times within your focus, there are bleed-throughs that you may physically view. Therefore, it is dependent upon the action. Within agreement, certain individuals may be open to viewing a bleed-through spontaneously together. Within other situations, individuals may create their own imagery and may translate this physically.

VICKI: I guess it’s hard to understand how some physical matter would be considered not permanent.

ELIAS: Just as I have spoken to you of your artifacts, your archeological finds, or your ancient ruins, the reason that these objects continue within physical existence, as you recognize this, is your attention; your agreement within your belief systems, and your attention within energy provided to creation of the object. As you continue to lend energy into a manifestation, it shall continue to exist. Within the creation of certain objects upon your world within your dimension, you all agree upon the manifestations. Therefore, you hold the energy. You continue with your attention, allowing for a continuation of the manifestation. Within certain areas, subject matters, you do not all agree within your entirety of your planet. Therefore, the entirety of the consciousness is not within agreement. In this, objects may continue to be created, but they shall not hold the energy for continuation of the manifestation. There is a difference between what you create, and what bleeds through.

VICKI: Okay. I’ll think about that. I don’t really understand it, but I understand part of it.

ELIAS: If you are all in agreement that a cup shall be this shape, you shall all create a cup this shape. This is not to say that one individual or even a group of individuals may not choose to create physically a cup which bears no resemblance to your officially accepted cup. It shall continue. It shall be created, but the energy lent to this is not en masse. It may be partially en masse, but the energy lent to the creation is not strong enough to continue to hold the focus, allowing this object to be recognized as official creation accepted; just as you and Michael experienced the creation of your creature. This is not imaginary. You have, in reality, in actuality, within the moment, created a physical manifestation. This creature does not walk upon your planet presently, for the energy is not lent to its continuation. (1)

Within the individuals that are creating of these objects or manifestations, the energy is not lent continuously; for within the mass belief systems, even those as yourselves that physically create before their objective vision do not entirely believe. There continues to be conflicting belief systems, for the mass belief systems are not accepting of this unofficial information. Therefore, the energy lent is not strong enough to be continuing with the manifestation.

This is not to say that you may not continue the manifestation if you are choosing. If all of the individuals amongst all of your cultures of this dimension were within agreement and accepting of unofficial information, and accepting this as official, it then would materialize and be. This is the object of your shift.

VICKI: It gets kind of confusing when you’re talking about stuff that is permanent and temporary mass. For example, this spaceship that people have been viewing for thirty years, I would wonder, are there people that could walk into the room where that spaceship is and not see it?

ELIAS: Yes. You accept what your perception and your belief systems dictate.

VICKI: So I would imagine that’s why there’s so much controversy around those sorts of things, because that happens sometimes.

ELIAS: It matters not that you be physically faced with information. You shall not accept information that you wish not to accept within your belief systems; and you may accept what you may think of as quite incorrect information, and you may create a perfect fit of incorrect information. Your mathematicians and your scientists accomplish this continuously, disallowing information which is true and accepting information which is distorted; but the distorted information will fit, for you will make it fit, and you will accept this as true, and you will accept no other explanation.

VICKI: Is that what they’re doing right now with viewing this comet and the “UFO” attached to it?

ELIAS: Yes, although this also is significant in movement within consciousness, of a recognition of the activity of this shift. I do not express to you that these events that you create are insignificant. They may only not necessarily be what you think that they are, and they may not be truth.

VICKI: So, this deal with the comet, it seems like that event, along with several other events, have been brought to my personal attention. Is there an acceleration right now of movement?

ELIAS: Absolutely. Yes, there is. This is quite noticeable. You each, within small incidents recently, will notice this acceleration also. Within our small group you will notice interference which is indicative of this acceleration. It is as consciousness, in your terms, underline your terms, is thrown into a state of confusion and chaos. The storm before the calm! Therefore, within this situation, much energy is released within consciousness and is creating of much confusion. This also creates much interference, allowing for interference of different transmission waves, and also interference within understandings objectively within interference of subjective activity; as there is much motion that to this point, you have become unfamiliar with. You have become comfortable within your belief systems and your official line of consciousness, which you have established. Now, you rock your boat! In this, you shall notice many occurrences, many confusions, many interferences.

VICKI: So that’s what I’ve been noticing in our sessions recently?


VICKI: Is there anything I can personally do, in the forum of the sessions, to be helpful in that regard?

ELIAS: Allow yourself an acceptance. Understand that there is much movement within energy. It is not important. The information which is being offered is not being distorted. It is being affected occasionally by energy interference. This in unimportant.

VICKI: Okay. Another question for Michael: Is all dream activity and waking activity filtered through belief systems?

ELIAS: No. This is difficult for your understanding, for what you view you shall translate through your belief systems; although within the initial actions of your translation from subjective to objective, it is not always influenced by belief systems initially, although it shall be influenced by belief systems subsequently.

VICKI: So if you have a problem-solving dream and wake up with the exact imagery that solves your problem, how does that fit in with the filtering through of belief systems?

ELIAS: This would not be a case of not being filtered or being filtered. It is very dependent upon the action and the interpretation. Also, be realizing that within actualization of any imagery, there is a filtration through belief systems.

VICKI: I guess the real question is, how come sometimes the dream imagery seems so clearly related, such as a problem-solving dream or a precognitive dream, and other dream imagery or symbolism is so difficult to interpret?

ELIAS: There are different reasons for this action. Within some individuals, the action of translation is mainly translated into objective awareness. Therefore, their dream imagery shall mirror their waking state. They shall, much of their time, within a remembrance of dream activity, within a remembrance of dream activity, they shall identify quite strongly with objective, waking imagery. Their imagery shall be translated into this type of imagery. This is for the reason that they are more comfortable with identification of objective imagery. These individuals also do not often remember unusual activity. At times, but rarely. They are very objectively focused. This is their desire. They are immersed within objective focus. Therefore, their dream imagery shall mirror this also. Their translation shall automatically be that of objective waking imagery.

Individuals that hold the desire to be seeking within, and allowing for a more objective knowing of subjective activity, shall experience dream imagery that is seeming strange. Your terms are that you experience dreams only symbolically. “There are no real images within my dreams!” This is intentional also, for you differentiate. You are not wishing to be creating imagery that is familiar to you within waking state. You are wishing to be understanding or investigating of subjective information. Therefore, you create different imagery. This is where you twins, and many others also, provide yourselves with much confusion, for you are very creative within your imagery of your dream state. In this, you shall not be repetitive of much of your imagery, and as Michael has noted, you may be creating many images for one action. This is a creative endeavor.

Within your waking state, you repeat actions. This is a familiar behavior. Within your waking state, if you are choosing to be walking, you walk upon your feet. You do not walk upon your hands, generally speaking! Therefore, you repeat actions continuously within your waking state. This is a familiar creation. This is how you have created your objective state. Within a wishing to be connecting with subjective information, you choose not to correlate with the action of waking state. You choose not to create the same environment. Therefore, when faced with the same action subjectively, you shall translate into your image differently. This is a recognition to yourself objectively, that you are making a distinction between objective action and subjective action.

VICKI: So I guess it’s kind of interesting that we sit around and call our dreams bizarre, and envy those who have precognitive dreams.

ELIAS: Quite amusing! Although I shall express to you also that these individuals that allow what you term precognitive dreams are allowing a bleed-through of subjective activity, in allowing an opening of inner senses, but continuing to translate within objective consciousness.

VICKI: So if you were to actually get behind the image and connect with Regional Area 2, would it be a feeling that you would be connecting with?

ELIAS: In your terms, yes. It is an action.

VICKI: And the action, we would attach a feeling to?

ELIAS: They are the same. There is not an attachment. It is not translated within this state. Therefore, they are synonymous. You within objective consciousness translate into “an action creates a feeling” or “a feeling creates an action.” This is a translation.

VICKI: So, can this dream mission be accomplished in physical focus?

ELIAS: To a great extent, yes; although I express to you that you endeavor to accomplish what few have accomplished within your physical dimension. (Pause)

VICKI: Oh well, that’s okay! (Laughter)

ELIAS: It is not impossible. (Smiling)

VICKI: Would you differentiate between a feeling and an emotion?

ELIAS: Ah, we shall enter the wide world of semantics! No. I shall express to you that you may partially differentiate, but my reasoning for expressing “no” is that you allow belief systems to influence your separation with terminology. Therefore, you offer yourselves another area to be separating, and to be dissecting and pulling apart and sectioning. In actuality, there may be expressed more areas or a wider definition of your word of feeling, although this may also be challenged. Therefore, I express to you that emotion is not a feeling distorted. Emotion is a feeling. The thought that is attached to the emotion is the distortion.

(Grinning) As I was wishing to be interjecting with your conversation of yester eve, I shall express that the emotion is not the negative creation of a pure feeling. An emotion is an emotion. It is a feeling. What you attach within your belief systems to this emotion, within thought processes, is what differentiates; but the emotion, within itself, is not distorted.

VICKI: The one dream that Michael had where he experienced a feeling or an emotion of euphoria the next day in waking state, I’ve wondered since he told me about that if he connected with the feeling within the subjective activity, and the feeling of euphoria the next day was an expression, an emotional expression of that connection. Is that a partially correct way to think about it?


VICKI: And if one were to connect with that sort of subjective activity in dream state, would this be what we would call the norm, to experience this euphoria?

ELIAS: Yes, in combination. This shall always be what you might term as underlying. It may be the more encompassing feeling, as you term it, or it may not be; but it shall always be accompanying all other feelings within the activity. The activity and the feeling are not separate entities. (Pause)

VICKI: Oh, I understand. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Oh no, you don’t! (Grinning)

VICKI: What about this concept expressed by William last night, of thought being the same as feeling in Regional Area 2, or in subjective state?

ELIAS: Thought, in your terms, is a creation of physical focus.

VICKI: So this would not be a correct statement.

ELIAS: No, although it is intimately connected; for the translation and the creation objectively may not be made without the incorporation of this element of your consciousness and being also; but within the activity of subjective events, thought would not be the action. Thought is an objective creation. It is a translation.

VICKI: And sometimes individuals in Regional Area 3 would experience thought?

ELIAS: Yes, many times.

VICKI: Another question for Michael. What am I trying to notice with all of your interaction with me lately? Interesting question!

ELIAS: (Smiling) As we speak of feelings and emotions! This being a quite evasive question, for the feelings of uncomfortableness prevail within your creation of wondering and embarrassment, although I find this quite amusing that Michael continues to exhibit embarrassment with this essence! (Chuckling) I express to Michael that he is allowing himself a remembrance. He has already noticed. He now moves into an area, as connected with his dream mission, of a remembrance of interaction of these essences. Therefore, he experiences many feelings, as you term these, that seem unusual to him, and he is confused as to this action. There is much for Michael to be remembering. He is beginning to allow this action to bleed through. (Pause, waiting for more, but nothing is offered)

VICKI: Okay, one other question for Michael. Within his objective conversations with Kasha recently, it’s been confusing to try to figure out what an expression of essence would be. Do you have anything to offer in that area? When a person is really irritated, what is an expression of essence?

ELIAS: I shall clarify for you each; this being also an addition to information offered to Lawrence, as in regard to blocking small impulses. (Humorously) You believe that now you have been instructed of ways of essence. (Laughter) Therefore you believe, within your new “religion,” that this is your new creed! We have changed our creed from “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” to “Express from essence at all costs, and deny all impulses and all expressions of what we term to be ... negative!” It is that evil word! (Very dramatically, and we crack up)

I shall express to you, Lawrence; within physical focus, the term of “turn the other cheek” is not meant literally in many situations. Each situation is its own creation within its own moment; and if I, Elias, come to you, Lawrence, and stomp upon your foot, I shall be quite amused if you are expressing to me, “This is fine!”

You are endowed by yourself with emotion, not to be denied; just as you are endowed by yourself with your intellect, not to be denied. These are elements of your being to be responded to. This is not to say that you should be punching each individual that is arousing emotional responses within you! You must be incorporating both. As we have stated many times previously, expression of only intuition or emotion is incorrect. Expression of only intellect and denial of emotion is equally incorrect. They are unbalanced. You must incorporate your entire being. Your rationality is not “bad!” Your emotional responses are not “bad!” They must be evaluated and working together. The emotional response is natural. It is a response to action. Your intellect is created to add evaluation; to temper the emotion. This is not to express that you may over-intellectualize and allow no expression of emotion!

You are each accomplishing well. These are difficult areas, for you still hold very strong belief systems of positive and negative. You still hold very strong belief systems of right and wrong. Therefore, it is unclear to you what your expressions “should” be, for you “should” express “rightly,” and you “should not” express “wrongly!” Anger is wrong! Aggression is wrong! Anger is an emotion. It is neutral. It is not right; it is not wrong. It is what it is.

The situation dictates. This is where your intellect works within cooperation of your emotion, understanding also that you work through belief systems. In recognition of these belief systems, you may stop yourselves temporarily and ask yourself of your belief system. If you are allowing yourself the awareness that you are blocking emotional responses in response to belief systems, you shall offer yourself more information to be expressing within an expression of essence, understanding that all of these expressions that you classify as negative are not negative.

VICKI: They seem negative to other people sometimes!

ELIAS: For you all hold this mass belief system! I shall request of you a brief break, and you shall continue with your questions. Acceptable?

CATHY: Quite.

BREAK 4:21 PM.

ELIAS: As to thought processes within Regional Area 3, this is ... shall we say confined to individuals within the action of transition, for there are other actions within this area of consciousness that are not transition, in which thought as being an objective creation would not be incorporated. Therefore, essences focused within Regional Area 3, within connection to physical focus in their intent and desire, as you have witnessed, do not incorporate thought processes. This a limitation to transition action. (Pause)

VICKI: So tell me, quite honestly, don’t you get a little frustrated sometimes when we just go on and on and on, developing new belief systems around all this stuff that you say?

ELIAS: (Grinning) It is a reality! (Laughter)

VICKI: Well, speaking of belief systems and forming new ones, I’ve been feeling a lot of frustration myself lately in trying to answer people’s questions, a great sense of inadequacy. In the middle of a sentence, I have to just shut up because I realize that all I’m doing is giving them another belief system, my present new one. So when you know that you’re doing that, how can you possibly be helpful to another individual?

ELIAS: (Smiling) I express to you that you exhibit the same behavior as you find amusing within Stephen!

VICKI: In what way?

ELIAS: Stephen expresses a wishing to be expressing without belief systems within physical focus. You view this to be amusing in your understanding that physical focus incorporates belief systems, but you incorporate the same idea, for you view answering individuals to be inadequate, for your answers are filtered through belief systems. But you are not “poofed away!” (Grinning)

VICKI: Granted. But within the forum of these sessions and this information, I’m starting to think that I should just keep my mouth shut when people ask me questions, because I could actually be less helpful than more helpful. They already have their own belief systems. They don’t need to hear mine too!

ELIAS: If you are recognizing that you are offering only your own newfound belief systems, you are correct. If you are offering helpfulness in information, in offering periphery or information not previously incorporated by the individual to which you are speaking, you may be offering helpfulness within exchange. I have encouraged each of you to be interacting and exchanging among yourselves within our group. Do you believe that I view your interaction with an understanding that no belief systems are exchanged???

VICKI: No. (Laughing)

ELIAS: You interact and exchange information, and in this action you allow yourselves an opening. You continue to filter through belief systems, but you also allow yourselves the opportunity to view through your periphery by incorporating more information, offering you another angle to view subject information. Therefore, you allow yourselves the opportunity to widen. In this, you also offer yourselves the opportunity to widen belief systems and be accepting of belief systems.

You shall continue to filter through belief systems. If you are experiencing much conflict in offering information to an individual in regard to our information, you have been offered the opportunity to be calling on assistance. Therefore you may, within any of your time element, ask, and you shall be offered helpfulness if you choose.

VICKI: Okay, then I’m going to ask about one specific sentence. I caught myself in the middle of a sentence, and I wrote it down so I would remember. I was talking with someone about this energy exchange and my sentence started, “The information is not coming from an external source. It is coming from ...” and I shut up because I realized I didn’t really know how to finish the sentence.

ELIAS: Correct. The information is not coming from an external source, but within your belief systems you may view the information as being provided by an external source, although in actuality it is not; for this would be an internal, inward action; an exchange; and as there are no separations, there is no “thing” outside of you. This is difficult for many individuals to understand. Just as we have stated previously, it is dependent upon the individual that you are speaking with also.

Essences deliver information which is all meaning the same within concept. Terminology may be chosen differently, as per the individuals present and their awareness and acceptance. Some individuals may not understand certain concepts. Therefore, they must be offered to them within terms that they may understand. I offer to you concepts that you may understand. I offer to you information that you may not presently understand, but also with the knowledge that you will understand. I do not offer information to you that you will not understand. (Laughter, as there is much that we do not understand!)

(Grinning) I am aware that you will eventually merge subjective and objective knowing, and bleed through an understanding objectively. I offer information with a knowing of subjective activity; and also, these individuals have drawn themselves to this information for they will understand.

This is not to say that all individuals upon your planet objectively will be understanding of this information. Therefore you, without or with the least amount of distortion, within your knowing of your Seer, must be evaluating of information and incorporate the confidence within yourself to be rearranging the information without distortion, to be accomplishing offering information for understanding with other individuals; this being that of which we have spoken, within your responsibility within this action of this agenda. And you view now, this may not be quite so simple!

VICKI: Not quite so simple at all!

ELIAS: But you are creative beings. You hold much ability. I have expressed this to you many times. The exchange that occurs that allows the information that I offer to you is quite complicated. The exchange that allows information to others in helpfulness of this shift by you also requires effort.

As to your explanation; within an understanding that there is no separation, this exchange is accomplished inwardly. Within an understanding that although there is no separation within consciousness and also within essence, there is distinction of identification of personality. Therefore, Michael’s personality is not Elias. Elias’ personality is not Michael. There is no outside force, but they are not the same. They are not separate, but they are not one. (Oh, I get it now!)

VICKI: Okay, thank you. I’ll try to finish my sentence! Would you like to ask your question, Cathy? I’ve been talking for a long time.

CATHY: Is Jim Sumafi? (And Vic loses it)

ELIAS: Tsk, tsk, tsk. And you have continued this!

VICKI: It’s terrible, isn’t it? (Cracking up)

ELIAS: I shall express to my dear little Shynla that although we incorporate the concept of no right and wrong, you have been done a grave injustice with these little twins. (It was just a teensy little practical joke ...)

CATHY: Oh, you two jerks! No way! (Vic’s on the floor)

ELIAS: They are practicing, within physical focus, of their prank-playing of non-physical activity! Yes, Yarr is Sumafi, which has been stated.

CATHY: Oh, you guys! That’s it! This is war! (Vic’s gone)

VICKI: I have no explanation. The devil made me do it!

ELIAS: A correct expression of essence would not be to be unincorporating retaliation!

CATHY: I’ll just have to see how creative I can be! Did she even talk to you that night? When she said she got this profound information? (Didn’t think I could laugh this hard!)

ELIAS: No. I was not in communication verbally with Lawrence and Michael, this being a creation of their own invention!

CATHY: Oh, you guys! Sucked me right into that!

ELIAS: (Grinning) How playful! (Now Elias is laughing too)

CATHY: Oh, brother! Is Ron in on this too? (Elias stares at Vic)

VICKI: He wasn’t right away. Well, he’s not all the way in on it, actually ... (And Vic loses it again)

ELIAS: He is quite amused with himself! (Laughing) I shall express, Shynla, that Elias has been known, so to speak, to be quite playful also. Therefore, tit for tat! (Still laughing)

CATHY: Oh, that’s real special!

VICKI: Any other questions? (On the floor again)

CATHY: No, I don’t have any other questions!

VICKI: Well then, I do. I have few more. (As soon as I can stop laughing) So, this also came up in conversation, about this statement that you keep making that truth will be ringing true to an individual. A lot of things ring true to a lot of individuals at different times in their ... (And he cuts me off)

ELIAS: Incorrect!

VICKI: Well, this is the question. It seems that a lot of things do.

ELIAS: It seems. There is a difference! (Firmly) You shall know the difference between a belief system and truth. You may believe a belief system quite intensely, and offered truth, it will ring through.

VICKI: So if we were to bring a really hard-core Christian person to one of these sessions, that would be ringing true through their belief system?


VICKI: Really!

ELIAS: The individual may translate the truth into ideas that will be consistent with their belief systems, but your belief systems are based in truth. Therefore, you only place a judgment upon each other’s interpretation. Truth shall ring true, regardless of its words.

VICKI: Well, it does get confusing. I remember when I was very religiously-oriented earlier in my life. That seemed to be very true. That seemed to ring true to me. I believed that was true.

ELIAS: And you incorporate a religious individual within this forum.

VICKI: Yes, this is true.

ELIAS: And there is a recognition of ringing true. This is not to say that an individual may experience this information and be accepting of all of this information, as does not Lawrence or Michael! But you hold an inner knowing that rings true through your belief systems.

VICKI: I’ll pass this on to Uriel, and he can respond himself.

ELIAS: It matters not what each individual believes within their religious belief systems, or their political belief systems, or their social belief systems. They shall know truth. It matters not the intensity of their belief systems. The truth will ring within them. They may incorporate difficulty in reconciling themselves to a cooperation of some information as opposed to their belief systems, but they shall develop a “method” to incorporate the truth into their accepted belief systems. They may rearrange the concepts, they may change the words; but the truth shall be at its base.

An individual may incorporate themselves briefly within our presence and may be choosing to not be returning, for they experience conflict within their belief systems to which they choose to continue to hold strongly; but they will not deny the truth element of what is presented. They will not be expressing to you, “This is completely false.” You will not experience this, for all of you know, innately within you, what is truth. It is recognizable to you when it is presented to you.

Individuals create interpretations. You all create interpretations within physical focus. You all filter through belief systems. You have offered yourself this knowing within the action of your mission presently, but you still know.

VICKI: (To Cathy) Has this been your experience with Greg? (Greg is a friend of Cathy’s who came to two sessions and didn’t return)

CATHY: I was just thinking about Greg. I think that he knows, but he just seems to think he needs to see some tangible “parlor trick” to push him over the edge or something.

ELIAS: As I have expressed, individuals may hold doubtfulness, or what you term to be skepticism. They may experience conflict within an inability, within the moment, of reconciling information to strongly held belief systems; but they will not deny the truth.

VICKI: Generally, recently, within our game there seems to be a few discrepancies, things that haven’t happened before, duplications of game questions. This one response that you made to Cathy’s game question of trying to connect the Borledim family with caring; your response was that this would be an expression of all of the essences. I was curious why you didn’t say essence families, and if I’m making a distinction that I shouldn’t be making. There’s been, like I said, some discrepancies in the game, or what appears to be discrepancies.

ELIAS: “All essences” is more correct. To express “caring is common to all essence families” creates an idea, within your objective thinking, of separation, of families only connected with this focus; for these families are related to this focus.

VICKI: I guess my thought process immediately went to the nine essences that we have attached to the nine families, rather than all essences.

ELIAS: But this implies separation.

VICKI: So what about some of those duplicated game questions?

ELIAS: This is intentional.

VICKI: Well, I figured! I didn’t think you were just slipping up!

ELIAS: This is temporary and this is intentional, for your noticing! It has been allowed for your attention, which in your terms is slipping! (Laughter) Therefore, there has been an allowance within our game, for you to be noticing of your action. Within your game, you have become complacent. You have begun to view this game as mundane and easy. You may create logical connections now, for you incorporate much information within your game. Therefore, you have allowed yourselves to slip. You have allowed your attention to unfocus, and we have expressed an exercise of clarity! I have offered an addition to this exercise in clarity. You are unclear! You are unfocused. You are not paying attention! I do not incorporate this game to be a police action, expressing to you that you have already created this connection. This is your game. I need not this game. I do not require this practice. Therefore, the allowance has been made, that you may notice.

CATHY: Did it start way back with the owl-owl thing?


CATHY: That was different.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Did it start with the cabbage thing?

ELIAS: (Nodding) To which complete non-recognition of action has been incorporated, and non-listening to addressing of this action, and continuance of non-listening and attention in repeated action!

VICKI: I didn’t notice it.

ELIAS: And then you inquire how to be efficiently expressing to another individual of this information, and you do not pay attention yourselves! Here is your explanation. Elias has not slipped up. And, this is not a case of interference!

RON: I need to change tapes.

BREAK 5:07 PM.
RESUME 5:43 PM. (Time was five seconds.)

VICKI: So, for Michael, why did the dream imagery keep changing last night?

ELIAS: As was stated, this is an incorporation of a remembrance. We have explained that your imagery is a translation objectively. In much of your translation, you identify with elements that are familiar to you. In such cases, as identifying what you term to be extreme responses or feelings, in an attempt to be translating this into imagery that you may identify with, you may choose a remembered event objectively that you compare in feeling. Therefore, as in Michael’s imagery, objectively he does not remember and identify with the remembrance of what you term to be previous or other action; subjective action or other focus action. He holds no comparison, within his objective thinking, to this activity. Therefore, he does not identify with the remembrance. In the translation objectively of the activity of the remembrance, he translates into a remembered action or event, within this physical focus, that can be compared within intensity; therefore allowing him an identification of similarity in feeling. The imagery was changing for he was not identifying with an objective remembrance, but translating into objective awareness or familiarity; therefore, within objective consciousness, creating more of a reality of the action.

I express to you, each of you view other focuses in concept as a reality. I speak to you of interaction within other focuses and you accept this information, but it is concept. You, within your objective consciousness, do not remember these elements of which I speak. Therefore, if I speak to you of interaction shared between you and I within another physical focus, you may accept this in concept, but you do not completely accept this within reality, for you do not remember. In your terms, you accept this on faith. You do not accept this within reality, for you hold no objective remembrance of the event.

In this same manner, Michael holds no objective remembrance of interaction of these essences. Within subjective activity, there is a remembrance. I have spoken of this once before. In this remembrance, there is an objective translation to create more of a reality. Therefore, an event within this physical focus is recalled. It is translated into this dream imagery. The individual occupying the subject matter within the imagery changes, for it is fluctuating between objective and subjective identity. The objective identity is presented as a comparison within reality, within known remembered reality, to be offered alongside of subjective reality. It is a creation of offering an understanding to oneself of experienced events, and the feeling, which is the activity, which is remembered.

This would be a similar action to your new game. The difference is, the experience within this action is entirely subjective. Therefore, the translation is a combination within identity. The translation itself is objective. The identity of the translation is both. The action which was remembered is of interaction of Elias. The identification in translation is of another; this being an objective comparison for the purpose of incorporating more of a reality of the events.

VICKI: I think I’m a little confused about this feeling or this action, you said those were synonymous, that we would connect with were we to connect with the action behind the image. But then you’ve also stated several times that in non-physical focus, you don’t really experience emotion or feeling.

ELIAS: There is a differentiation. I have expressed to you specifically that this Regional Area of 2 is directly correlated to this physical focus.

VICKI: So in that sense, there would be a slight difference.

ELIAS: Correct. If you are speaking of non-physical focus, of essences within areas of consciousness non-physically focused, not incorporated with physical focuses, this is a different action.

This area of consciousness of Regional Area 2 is in direct relation to physical focus. Therefore, it is the creative area, within consciousness, of creation and manifestation of this Regional Area 1 of consciousness. Beneath your physical manifestation, beneath or inside of the action of translation of physical manifestation, is the action of the feeling within consciousness, which holds no form and is an action in energy. This is a specific creation for a specific focus. Other areas of physical focus also hold what you would term to be an equivalent of a Regional Area 2. They may not hold the action of feeling in relation to their physical focus. This is your specific creation within this specific manifestation.

VICKI: Okay. Thank you. Do you have another question, Cath?

CATHY: No, I can’t quite formulate it. I don’t get it! (Me either!)

VICKI: Well, I have one other little tiny thing about the game then. I’ve been noticing something that, quite honestly, irritates me slightly, and that is that people always refer to “the Rose family.” Nobody ever refers to the Borledim family. I don’t even know why it irritates me, but it does, and I’m curious if you have any comment on that.

ELIAS: Your source of irritation should be obvious to you. Within your incorporation of scribe and your dedication to the least distortion, you respond to all actions of distortion. In this, within this forum, there is an expectation of individuals to be not distorting, even within small elements. This is not the Rose family. Therefore, this statement is a distortion; a misinterpretation.

VICKI: Okay. I thought maybe I was missing something. (And I still think I’m missing something here. This is not a complete answer. Nobody does this with any of the other essence families!)

I think that’s all of my questions.

ELIAS: We are completed for this evening!

VICKI: There is no completion!

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence! Quite! (And we all crack up)

CATHY: What were you gonna ask about ... I can’t say his name.

VICKI: Oh, I forgot. I was going to ask a question about Seanead. Am I saying that correctly?

ELIAS: Seanead. (Shawn-ade, with accent on second syllable)

VICKI: It was interesting to note people’s responses to his energy. It was also interesting to note Shynla and Olivia’s responses specifically to his energy, and to note the opposite responses within William and Lanyah to Stephen and Dehl’s energy, and there seemed to be a four-way thing going on there. Was that some sort of a counterpart thing going on there?

ELIAS: No. This you have offered yourselves also, for your noticing and practicing. I shall express to you also to be noticing of your practice elements, for within the time period of what you would express to be four years previous to the engagement of these sessions, preparations and practice were occurring with these core individuals. You have been being prepared for much of your time. Within cooperation, you have prepared yourselves, and you have interacted within cooperation with this essence in preparation for these sessions. Within the engagement of these sessions from their onset, you have engaged within another preparation for this agenda. You have been offered and offer yourselves, both, opportunities to be practicing within different situations. You view a very tiny expansion presently. You are preparing. Not all individuals shall be amiable, but you shall be noticing your own responses.

Be not judgmental of interaction of other individuals, recognizing that they also are operating within their belief systems, but have drawn themselves to this information. Therefore, it is offered. Also, be noticing of your responses. You have offered yourselves opportunities several times now to be noticing of your responses to individuals. Evaluate your responses within your own belief systems, recognizing the affectingness of belief systems, therefore allowing yourself a widening within these belief systems, and an acceptance of individuals drawn to this forum. In this also, be trustful of self within your recognition of energy.

This individual is not harmful, but this individual, you are correct, is quite scattered within energy. This individual holds many belief systems which are quite influencing of the energy allowance. Therefore, certain individuals are drawn within an unknown fascination objectively to this individual, for she is acting as a receptacle. Therefore, there is a noticing upon the part of some individuals of energy fluctuation, or what you may term to be an energy flow into this individual, in your terms; for it is not outside, flowing in. At the same time, this individual holds very strong belief systems which are quite influencing of this energy. In this, the individual believes herself to be quite accomplished at manipulating energy. In reality, this individual is not very adept at manipulating energy within exchange. Therefore, there is an influx of energy in what may manifest as scattered exchanges; garbled communication; nonsense. Regardless, the energy flows, for the individual has chosen to be open as a receptacle. This causes interference.

This also shall be noticed as common; for within the action of your shift, many individuals shall be opening within consciousness and allowing more influx of unfamiliar energy and unofficial events. This is not “bad,” but it is noteworthy that you be attentive to the energy that you notice, for it may be interfering and interrupting. This is not affecting of this essence’s energy, but within the newness of the hold of Michael’s energy, and Michael’s understanding of this exchange, it is affecting. Therefore, within his wave, (2) he may feel a “wobbling,” which you shall experience as an interference. It may appear within what you view to be a pause. It may appear in what you view to be a word. It may appear in what you feel as a momentary change in energy. These are resultings of energy influx interfering with Michael’s hold.

As I have stated earlier within this meeting, these interferences are unimportant. They are not distorting of information. It is also temporary; for as you each learn to become more familiar with energy and are more trusting of yourselves, but also evaluating of your own belief systems, you shall be recognizing of these situations and lending energy in helpfulness to the exchange. This will be helpful. Also, as Michael matures within this exchange, he too shall learn to be more effectively manipulating his own energy in balancing.

VICKI: So it would be considered good practice to have an individual with this openness present at sessions?

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause) You offer yourselves many opportunities for practicing.

RON: So is cosmic paranoia just a symptom of the shift?

ELIAS: (Humorously) Cosmic paranoia! This would be an extension of a feeling, translated into an emotion, which is a distortion of the true feeling within mass consciousness! (Laughing, and obviously quite amused with himself!)

RON: That’s what I thought! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: I do not necessarily say that cosmic paranoia would be indicative of the shift, but if [you] choose to be creating this, you may!

VICKI: So then it would just be a “coincidence” that Cathy and Ron were really drawn to two people and repelled by one, and Gail and Julie were repelled by the same two people and very drawn to the one, all at the same time???

ELIAS: Absolutely! (Quite sarcastically)

VICKI: I don’t think so! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: One of those repeating coincidences, which we are aware that these are quite common and occur regularly! I suggest we eradicate coincidence from your vocabulary! (Grinning) It is a development and creation for you to be noticing and watching, and an opportunity for you each to be addressing belief systems; which you all commonly hold the desire to be widening of belief systems. Presently, you creatively offer yourselves the opportunity to be viewing what you think of as opposite reactions, allowing yourselves to view similar belief systems and widening them. You express to each other, quite frequently, that it is easier for you to view situations within other individuals. You have presently offered yourself the opportunity to be accomplishing this, and allowing yourself to be viewing your own belief systems simultaneously. Not all action is counterpart!

VICKI: Well, I think I’m finished for the moment. I do appreciate the opportunity to ramble on though, because I’ve been holding back during sessions.

ELIAS: And we are all “feeling” much better now? (Grinning) As to your subject matter of our sessions and your holding, for you view individuals to be monopolizing, individuals are being indulged, as were you.

VICKI: I understand that.

ELIAS: But you may be accommodated also, if you are choosing to engage your questions. I do not refuse your questioning. Therefore, it is the individual choice, and an exercise in patience! (Grinning) You might all engage your periphery, and experience the wonderment and the beauty of each of these individuals within their contributions.

I shall be departing and allowing your interaction presently, and I shall be engaged with you at our regularly scheduled appointment! To you all, quite lovingly, au revoir!

Elias departs at 6:22 PM.


(1) This is in reference to the “alien creature” that Mary and I created one day for a short time. In that moment, this creature was real. We can both vouch for that. However, in our officially accepted reality, it was a large plastic spoon!

(2) Mary says that her present experience within sessions can best be described as standing on the beach with a huge tidal wave crashing down on top of her. She concentrates on standing within this onslaught. Understand that her experience has changed many times throughout the last year and a half.

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