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Thursday, June 05, 1997

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ďPracticing The Action Of The ShiftĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Nicky (Candace).

Vicís note: Nicky is new to the group, having attended one group session prior to this private session.

Elias arrives at 3:21 PM. (Time was thirty-five seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. (Smiling) You are wishing audience this day?


ELIAS: And what is your inquiry?

NICKY: Like, so much, so much, and I really donít know where to start. I guess Iím going to start with the name Candace. What is that representative of? What is it? What is a name?

ELIAS: I shall offer you brief information, and you may also acquire information which has been offered previously, which individuals connected with this forum may direct you to.

NICKY: Okay.

ELIAS: The name is a physical translation into your language. It is a tone which is held within essence. As you fragment and become your own essence, you choose a tone which symbolizes the entirety of your essence. This tone is held throughout all of your focuses, all of your manifestations.

NICKY: Really!

ELIAS: Therefore, all of your manifestations identify with this same tone, and you may be interchanging with them through this tone. This allows a familiarity between different focuses, which are all of the same essence.

NICKY: Okay, all right. I could research that one. The tones, the tones, thatís what gets me more than anything is tones. Tones ... itís an accumulation? Is it ...

ELIAS: No. The tone, as I have expressed to other individuals, is not what you think of as a sound, but it is also not a color. It is a tone, which is identified more as a vibrational quality.

NICKY: A vibration. Okay.

ELIAS: In this, as you become your own essence, which you are of your own essence, you choose a tone or vibrational quality to be expressing of the sum of all aspects and elements of your essence. This includes all of your alternates and all of your focuses, physical and non-physical. Therefore, it is the whole sum in tone of yourself.

NICKY: Okay. Where do I go to now? Thereís been a lot happening in my life, especially the past couple of years. Itís coming like to a culmination of becoming more aware of things. How am I connected to whatís going on here? Am I branch of something here? How did I end up here? (Laughing) So much! So, so much! And itís like all hitting, one, one, one. As soon as I have a question, thereís an answer. Question, answer, question, answer. And itís like thereís a lot of meaning behind here. I just lack the understanding at the moment.

ELIAS: This is common to many individuals!

NICKY: Iím noticing! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You have drawn yourself to this forum, as do many other individuals and as will many more individuals. This is a drawing to the information, within an inner recognition subjectively of the action of the shift which is occurring presently. Therefore, within this understanding, you now draw yourself to this forum to be offering yourself more information of your participation and your position within the action of this shift.

NICKY: What is my position? What part do I play ... if there is a part to be played? Iím not sure of those words.

ELIAS: Each individual contributes to the action of this shift. Within physical focus many individuals, within their belief systems and their thought processes, ask what their mission is within this focus and within the action of this shift. Many seem to be objectively disappointed in the information that they receive as to their participation, but this being only that they do not understand the importance and the relevance of each individual.

You have drawn yourself to this information to be understanding yourself and your belief systems, therefore allowing you the opportunity to be more aware and better equipped to be helpful within the action of this shift. Each individual which avails themselves of this information then holds the responsibility to be offering helpfulness and information to other individuals, in helpfulness in avoiding trauma and unwanted manifestations as this shift continues. Within this, the action that each individual engages and the responsibility that each individual assumes is much greater than they realize initially ...

NICKY: Really?

ELIAS: ... for you look to yourselves and you do not objectively view a drastic, tremendous, dramatic change within your lifestyle ... placing you within the throes of pubic forum, speaking to the masses of the elements of this shift ... but this is not the point. Within everyday life each individual, yourself included, comes into contact with many other individuals which are not privy to this information. In this, the task is more important within this type of sharing, for this is where the difference within consciousness shall be accomplished. Individuals do not realize the intricacies of this action, for it is not quite so simple as you are offered information and then you may be turning Ďround and offering information to all other individuals that you become in contact with, for all other individuals hold their own belief systems and shall not all be accepting of what you offer. In addition to this, you shall not be accepting of their belief systems!

Within this, the action of exchange is much more complicated than is initially viewed, for there is what you may term to be a process to being helpful and sharing this information. There is an efficient way to be offering helpfulness. This is to be understanding first of all of self, and accepting of self and of belief systems. In this, as you are approaching another individual you shall not be holding judgmental thoughts or attitudes and you shall be accepting of their belief systems, and within this you shall find the method of communication which shall register with these other individuals.

You may not speak to individuals and offer them helpfulness if you are speaking a different language! You must speak their language. You must approach from their objective belief systems and point of view ... in acceptance! You may not approach an individual within strong belief systems of Christianity or Hinduism with information that Elias presents solely within this language, for they shall not understand and they shall be rejecting of this information. But if you are offering the same information within the guidelines and framework of their own understanding, accepting that they are operating within their own belief systems, which is their reality, which is real, and allowing for their belief systems, you may find that all information may coincide and you may be helpful to all other individuals regardless of their belief systems. It matters not, for you all have agreed to this shift in consciousness within your globe. Therefore, it is only a matter of efficiently communicating to each other and practicing the action of the shift, which is acceptance.

NICKY: Okay, all right. In the past few years, especially the last three years, Iíve been experiencing something within that manifests itself physically as being ďsomething,Ē but I canít give it a word. I donít know whatís going on, but itís a strong inner thing. Itís a strong inner thing! And Iím becoming aware of different questions, I should say answers to questions, that I had since meeting Rudy, Mary, Jim or Yarr ... I donít know which ones to call them. But becoming more aware ... reading the transcripts, learning an awful lot. Itís like falling into place, getting my answers one right after another, but I still donít have an understanding of what happens inside of me. Thereís something thatís going on, and I would like a better understanding of it.

ELIAS: This is in actuality a recognition of the action and movement of the shift, which many individuals are experiencing presently and do not hold an explanation of what is occurring. What is occurring is what I have termed to be subjective bleed-through. You are allowing an objective awareness, that being your waking consciousness awareness, of essence and essence information. You are recognizing the more extensiveness and multidimensionality of self. This is not a ďspiritĒ (Nicky laughs) interacting with you, but this is the greatness of essence interacting with you, and your recognition of this greater self, which is ultimately multidimensional and more vast than your imagination may comprehend within physical focus.

NICKY: Yesterday was one of the experiences, the very first experience, that was dramatic for me. I was very fearful of it when it first happened. When this happens, I feel as though Iím in a trance-type state. I feel the very first time it happened, I was very fearful, very fearful. I thought I going into unconsciousness. I knew I was going to go into unconsciousness if I didnít stop it. I knew I would, and it was fearful.

ELIAS: This is quite normal, that you shall hold fearfulness initially. Now; register all this information that you experience, for this shall be valuable to you within your exchange of other individuals that you are offering helpfulness to, for they shall be experiencing the same elements and they shall hold no explanation. Therefore, they shall view themselves to be becoming insane ...

NICKY: Yes! Yes, thatís what I thought! Thatís what I thought, because everything that was taken ... tests ... I was healthy as a horse! Well then, what is going on?

ELIAS: ... or they shall within their belief systems attribute this activity to demons or possession.

NICKY: Right. The tendency is there, yeah.

ELIAS: Many negative elements shall be attributed to these actions, for it is unfamiliar. You do not understand that which is occurring. Now; in this, you are not being threatened.

NICKY: Iím learning that. Iím just becoming aware of that.

ELIAS: In this action, as you gain more information and recognize that this interaction is an objective encounter with your essence and the greatness of it, you shall allow yourself a welcoming, and in this action you shall be exceedingly surprised at the acceptance and loving joyfulness that it offers to you. It also offers you archives, in volumes of information. You hold the opportunity to be widening your awareness, within an acceptance of interaction with essence, to great extents. There is no limit to the accomplishments that you may allow yourself creatively in this exchange with your greater self, but as I have stated, it is quite natural initially to be fearful of this encounter, for it is unfamiliar and it is recognized within you as being quite vast!

NICKY: Oh, yeah! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Therefore, you view this tremendous energy which is affecting of you mentally, emotionally and physically, and you are overwhelmed. You now hold information as to what you encounter. Many other individuals do not, and experience these actions and are very fearful, and do not discuss these actions for fear that they may be labeled ...

NICKY: ... crazy!

ELIAS: Quite.

NICKY: Nuts! Yeah! You know, itís like thereís something wrong up here. Itís like, no, itís not up here. Itís in here! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Absolutely. This action is of what I speak within the framework of the movement of this shift, which is much more intricate than many individuals realize.

NICKY: So as Iíve been doing or wanting to do is to become more familiar with it, and thatís what Iíve been doing. As I learn, as my awareness goes this way, itís like Iím becoming more accepting of it. And yesterday was a real experience for me! I walked around glassy-eyed, not knowing ... knowing afterwards I should have just stayed put at home and let it happen. I wasnít sure what was going to happen, but I know now that I have to let it happen, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. Also be realizing that within the initial throes of this action, you shall be allowing significant amounts of bleed-through action to be occurring at once. Therefore, you shall encounter a certain time period that you may feel quite disconnected and you may feel as if you are losing control and touch with reality, for you shall be phasing in and out continuously. This shall dissipate as you become more familiar with subjective activity, and you shall regain your objective control of these states. But initially, it is as if you are opening a floodgate!

NICKY: Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

ELIAS: Therefore, the subjective activity rushes in as a dam which has been burst.

NICKY: Oh! This is overwhelming, but understandable. Yeah ...

ELIAS: You may experience, as I have suggested to other individuals experiencing this same type of activity, elements that you view temporarily to be distortions, which are not distortions, but as you do not quite understand what is occurring you may view them to be distortions. You may find yourself at times drifting within your mind, and you may look about you and all elements physically around you shall seem unfamiliar, or may in actuality change form and appear quite differently than within moments before. This is temporary and they shall reappear as recognizable to you, but this also is an element of these subjective bleed-throughs. You may be viewing a table or a chair, and within another moment it may appear to you to be from another century, and then it may appear to be itself once again. You may rub your eyes and express that they are playing tricks upon you! In actuality, these are bleed-throughs also; for within this subjective flooding, you are also open to intersections with other focuses of your essence, those which you term to be past lives or future lives. These bleed through also. You may also experience time periods of emotional activity which does not fit within this present now. These may be bleed-throughs of other focuses also. All of this is temporary, and as you hold information it is easier to be coping with these situations.

NICKY: Okay. I just thought of something when you saying this last part. Iíve not been working for the past couple of months now, and what comes to my mind an awful lot, plus previous to quitting this last job, was how can I be out there in the job force and all these things happen at the same time? Itís like, how do I juggle it? Itís more important for me to be experiencing what Iím experiencing and put the job to the side, but you donít hold very many jobs that way, you know? It doesnít pay the rent, and so forth and so on. But yet on the other hand I say to myself, ďWait a minute. The provisions are there. Thereís a meeting of all things as you go along, as you go forward.Ē So why am I even concerned about it? Right now Iím experiencing this and Iíve got to let it happen now that Iím becoming more understanding of it. Shall I hold that line of thought in front of me to continue, I call it going forward, opening, expanding? íCause this is more important to me.

ELIAS: You will objectively hold your focus if you are requiring objective focus for the accomplishment of your employment, but you shall also draw to yourself activities or employment which shall be allowing you the freedom to be moving within your direction that you have chosen. Continue to be focused within the now.

NICKY: Okay.

ELIAS: If you are focused within the now, and are not concerning yourself with what you view to be past which is not now or future which is not now, you shall be more efficiently accomplishing your choices. Also be remembering that within physical focus, there are individuals to be accomplishing every aspect of every job. Therefore, seek what you enjoy. Seek what is fun! It is unnecessary for you to be laboring within any element of your focus, any element of your focus, which is creating conflict. It is much more efficient to be allowing yourself the freedom to be experiencing fun!

NICKY: Whew! Okay. Speaking of ... No, I wonít go to that yet. I have a little charm that someone gave me. Thereís a Jewish inscription on it. No one can tell me what it means. All I know is that a girlfriend of mine gave it to me. She said she knew I had to have it, but she didnít know what it meant. (Holding it up) Do you see it? You probably donít need to see it! Itís a couple of Jewish letters, and itís a word, or itís something.

ELIAS: Hmm. (Pause) This is ancient Hebrew. This symbol is offered to new manifestations within the Hebrew faith. Individuals, as they couple and they produce a child, offer as a blessing this symbol to the baby.

NICKY: Oh, really! What does it mean? What does it represent?

ELIAS: It is an offering of blessing within the Hebrew belief systems, of the blessing from god to the new creation of the small one.

NICKY: Okay.

ELIAS: You will notice if you investigate that individuals within the Hebrew faith, as they have children, at the birth of each baby the rabbi is presenting this charm to the baby, in similar ritual to Christians ...

NICKY: Okay, thatís just what I was going to ask.

ELIAS: ... with their christenings.

NICKY: Okay, all right. So itís symbolic of a blessing on a new life thatís started on its way.


NICKY: Okay, all right. Thank you, Ďcause no one knew! I couldnít find anybody to tell me what it meant. And speaking of babies then, what is this with babies in the air? I hear babies all the time. I found another charm, that in an African tribe the mothers carry it around until their babies are born, and now youíre telling me this is representative of babies. And other babies, just different ways. Itís symbolic of what?

ELIAS: This is also symbolic of this action of the shift; for within this shift, the Seer essence of Rose has chosen to physically manifest for the first time, so to speak, within the incarnation of nine babies.

NICKY: Oh yeah! Thatís right! Rudy was telling me about that!

ELIAS: Therefore, you are connecting with this information.

NICKY: Oh! Like an awareness of that issue there, of the babies? Are the babies being born? Is that what it is?

ELIAS: These nine have already all been born. They are all quite small within this present now. The youngest has in your time framework become one year ...

NICKY: Oh, okay.

ELIAS: ... but they are all within a small time period of each other. Therefore, they are all very close within age group.

NICKY: So I just happened to be aware ... Because Iím overwhelmed, especially now that you told me this Hebrew one. I thought, ďWhy am I getting a baby? Iím too old to have babies any more!Ē (Laughing)

ELIAS: It is a confirmation in recognition of this shift.

NICKY: Now the babies, where do they fit in with the shift? What is their intent in this shift?

ELIAS: To be helpful and directing within consciousness in the movement of the shift, within the least distortion. They shall be, as they grow, dispersing themselves throughout your planet, and they shall be instrumental within consciousness in helping the accomplishment of this shift. Already, all of these individual children display unusual abilities.

NICKY: Oh, oh. So theyíre going to cover a greater distance within a shorter period of time as we know it, because theyíre more aware?

ELIAS: Essentially, yes.

NICKY: Essentially. Oh, that is just too awesome! Okay, Rudy and I. What is the connection between Rudy and I?

ELIAS: These two individuals have shared other focuses together, and within this particular focus you have drawn yourself once again to this individual to be offering yourself information in regard to your intent within this focus, which is centered also within the furthering of this shift.

NICKY: Okay, all right. How about with my son? My son and Rudy seem to have ... He had a dream, a very distinct dream with her in it, and there seems to be, or maybe itís just me, but there seems like thereís a connection there also.

ELIAS: This has been a shared focus also, with the individual of your son in the role of a brother, as Rudim is also another brother.

NICKY: Of mine? Or of those two of each other?

ELIAS: Of each other.

NICKY: Oh, whoa! Okay, yeah! I see that!

ELIAS: Therefore, there is a recognition subjectively of identification presently with each other.

NICKY: Okay, and then mine with Rudy is for information purposes?

ELIAS: You have shared several focuses.

NICKY: Several focuses. Okay, all right.

ELIAS: You draw yourself now in connection with this shift, for Rudy continues to be connected and helpful within the movement within this forum, and ...

NICKY: She is continuing?

ELIAS: ... directing individuals to this forum for information.

NICKY: Okay. Yeah, she wanted me to ask that. That was later on I was going to ask you that. So she is still in focus on that?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NICKY: Does she have a branch off of that focus? Is there something else she needs to be tending to?

ELIAS: He is diverting his attention presently ...

NICKY: He is diverting, huh?

ELIAS: ... which is his choice; but I have expressed to Rudy several times already that his intent lies within the action of this shift and a didactic capacity within healing, which is connected with this forum and this agenda with the expansion, in allowing information to be presented to more individuals objectively, which he is partially continuing to be in compliance with.

NICKY: Okay. So you use the words ďpartially in compliance with.Ē That must be what heís feeling, because heís feeling heís not fulfilling the full thing of it. He feels heís off-track. Could he have a better understanding on that? Why does he feel that way, and which way to look?

ELIAS: (Pause) You may express to Rudy that he has created confusion for himself, within stubbornness ...

NICKY: (Sheís cracking up) Stubbornness? Okay.

ELIAS: Correct. ... within a rebellion and wishing not to be listening to Elias, although I continue communication with him quite lovingly, as he is aware. He continues partially to be within compliance, although there is continued a rebellious aspect which is refusing to be letting go.

NICKY: Letting go? Okay. Is it time for us to take a break? Are you all right? (Laughing)

ELIAS: We may, if you are choosing. I shall continue briefly.

BREAK 4:15 PM.
RESUME 4:37 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

NICKY: Okay, we were just talking here and my next question, which I donít have on my list but seems to be the predominant one to ask at the moment is, what is or is there any connection in whatever manner between Mary and myself?

ELIAS: This is a counterpart action. This would be in the element of a parallel counterpart action. In this, parallel counterparts often share similar experiences, and also divert their own experiences to each other many times. Therefore, when one is choosing to be deflecting off some experience, the other pulls to themselves, and vice versa. They exchange experiences often. This may also be helpful to you in understanding actions that may occur or events that may occur within your focus that do not seem consistent with you ...

NICKY: Yeah, Iíll say!

ELIAS: ... and you may be experiencing certain activities or events which you do not understand and you do not know why you are experiencing these occurrences. Michael also experiences different events at different time periods that he is unaware of, in his terms, where they are coming from. This would be the same as shared parallel counterpart action. You each hold many counterparts in different capacities. To this present now, individuals within this forum have not availed themselves of viewing this type of parallel counterpart action. Therefore, this shall be new information to them also.

NICKY: Oh, thatís awesome! Parallel counterparts, huh? Okay. Iíve got a thing, and this is going to sound strange but itís not strange because itís overwhelming to me, with coffee beans. What is being represented to me when I need to intake and chew coffee beans like peanuts? (Laughing) Itís strange, you know?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This being also a bleed-through action. This is representative of an identification with another focus of yours. Interesting choice of objective imagery to be connecting with in another focus, but you have chosen to be objectively manifesting an action which is in connection with another focus that you hold within a South American location.

NICKY: Oh! South America, huh? That is really something else! Okay. I read a set of paperwork which I got excited about, because I thought itís the same thing for me with copper. I didnít see the copper so much as I saw the pennies. What are they representative of? What are they saying to me? What does it all mean? Whatís the understanding on it?

ELIAS: This holds a different significance for you than ...

NICKY: Oh, it does, huh?

ELIAS: ... William. William was drawing to himself imagery as he was connecting with another focus, just as you have created imagery in connection with another focus with your coffee beans.

NICKY: Okay. (Laughing)

ELIAS: The pennies that you are noticing do not indicate another focus. This is a reinforcement of the subjective activity which has been bleeding through. The pennies are suggesting to you the one-ness ... (stretching out the word ďonenessĒ)

NICKY: Oh! Oh, is that awesome! Oh!

ELIAS: ... and that all of this activity is of yourself and not separate, but the oneness of essence, which is you; this being your symbolism to yourself of this oneness.

NICKY: Thatís beautiful! That is beautiful! I was not anticipating that at all! Thatís beautiful! Oh!

What is fragile?

ELIAS: In which capacity?

NICKY: Iím not sure. The word just jumps out at me, almost continuously sometimes, and then itíll subside, and then itíll come out. I could be reading it, I could hear it, something, but thereís something with the word fragile. I know what it means, in essence what it means, but what does it mean? The understanding behind it? You know what Iím looking for.

ELIAS: As you review this session , recognize the consistency of all of the imagery and questioning of this session, for it is all directed within the same area.

NICKY: The same, huh?

ELIAS: This would be another symbol that you have offered yourself in connection with the action of the shift. As we have spoken earlier of offering helpfulness to other individuals, you must be approaching other individuals within an acceptance of their belief systems, understanding that presently within this action of this shift, you may be viewing all of yourselves as quite fragile. You are quite vulnerable within this present now. You are experiencing unfamiliar occurrences and events and you are also subjecting yourselves to encountering belief systems and core issues, base belief systems and disassembling of shrines, which creates a fragileness within your entire species. This is to be recognized, that each individual should be looked upon and approached within this manner.

NICKY: Okay. Winkle. What connection, if any, do I have with him?

ELIAS: (Accessing) One previous focus, one future focus.

NICKY: Oh! Interesting! Okay, my daughter and I. Are we connected in any way other than in the physical manifestation, being mother and daughter? Is there any connection?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Both are fragmented of the same essence.

NICKY: Oh! Could you explain that just a little bit, just briefly? What does it mean to be fragmented of the same essence?

ELIAS: Each essence engages the action of fragmentation continuously.

NICKY: Okay.

ELIAS: Each essence fragments aspects of itself, which then create a new essence; this action within consciousness being similar to what you may physically identify as giving birth, although it is much more complicated than this action within physical focus; for one essence may fragment another essence, or many essences may collectively fragment another essence. It is dependent upon the desire of the essences and the aspects to be fragmented. In this situation, you have been fragmented of one essence. This other individual has also been fragmented of the same essence. You each hold your own essences. You are not of the same essence, but you have sprung from, so to speak, the same essence.

NICKY: Okay. Speaking of essences, Iíve become aware of some kind of chart or something like that, and the essence names and so forth and so on. Do I belong there somewhere in these groups, or whatever it is?

ELIAS: You may investigate the essence families, which these individuals within this forum shall offer to you ...

NICKY: Okay. Do you have charts or something?

ELIAS: ... and within this, you may decipher your alignment within the essence families; and as you do this you may inquire, and I shall confirm.

NICKY: Okay. Thatís what I like to do. I like to research! I can get into it! Okay, Arabic. The Arabic language, the Arabic something, is another one of those things that has been brought into my awareness, and no matter what Iíve researched on it, Iím not coming up with a good understanding of what it means, what it represents.

ELIAS: This also is bleed-through activity.

NICKY: Okay. Okay ...

ELIAS: You may engage the new game if you are choosing, and in this you may connect with many of these focuses that you are engaging bleed-through action in connection with; therefore offering yourself a better understanding of these elements which may be confusing to you presently.

NICKY: Okay, all right. In going back a couple of steps behind, you triggered my thought-line. You said about the shrines. I read some paperwork about the shrines. I have somewhat of an understanding on it, but you refer to another report ... What do you call these? A transcript, where you gave an explanation of what it is to work with these shrines. Could you tell me what date it was so I can ask for it specifically?

ELIAS: These individuals may offer you the information of all of these writings and sessions, of information which you request.

NICKY: Oh, okay. Not a specific. I have to go through them all, huh? Okay.

ELIAS: You do not need to be researching through them all! These individuals shall offer you the specific ...

NICKY: Oh, okay. All right.

ELIAS: ... area to be finding your information.

NICKY: Okay. Okay, thank you. I misunderstood that. How are my son and I connected, if we are?

ELIAS: (Accessing) This once again is a reverse of roles within different focuses ...

NICKY: Oh really?

ELIAS: ... of parent and child, which within this present focus you assume the role as the parent. Within another focus, you assume the role as the child and this individual assumes the role as the parent.

NICKY: Thatís why I experience that now in this focus! Thereís times when I look at him and Iíll say, ďHeís talking to me like he was my father!Ē Thatís what Iím experiencing then, isnít it? Oh, isnít that too much? That is something! And how about Ann? How are Ann and I connected?

ELIAS: (Accessing) This is a counterpart action.

NICKY: Okay, all right. Now I think that about wraps it up for myself, but I do have two or three questions here, one from Yarr and a couple from Rudy. Shall I present them all in one, or should I ask them one at a time? ĎCause they all seem to incorporate. I just looked at it the first time before I came here.

ELIAS: You may ask individually.

NICKY: Okay. Okay, letís see. Rudy and Yarr would appreciate some helpfulness in regards to the disposition of the pet store. ďViewing the present futurely, can you tell us if a new owner will be found? Does it stay open, does the business grow, does she shut the doors, or what?Ē They tried to cover all territory. And what are the most efficient and equitable probabilities that exist so they can make choices accordingly?

ELIAS: Within this present now, the probabilities do not lean to another individual assuming the responsibility of this business.

NICKY: Okay.

ELIAS: As to the probabilities of continuation or discontinuation of activity within this business, this is Rudyís choice.

NICKY: Okay. So ...

ELIAS: Yarr is aware already of his issues within this area, which we have spoken of many times. And if he is wishing to be inquiring, he may address this situation for himself!

NICKY: (Laughing) For himself!

ELIAS: As to Rudy, I have expressed to him initially that the probabilities were favorable as he was entering this endeavor. He is not listening!

NICKY: Okay, that reinforces his listening. Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, he is interjecting his own fearfulness and creating of obstacles himself. Within the probabilities, the most probable choices, as they continue to stand within their choosing, have not changed from what I expressed initially. This is an exercise in trust. He may choose whichever direction he is wishing to move within. He may choose differently and alter his probabilities at any moment. But if he is inquiring of the probabilities presently and that which is the most probable, it stands the same, as per his choice. And you may also express to Rudy that he holds the ability to be inquiring himself!

NICKY: (Laughing) Aye, aye, Captain! Okay, this is Yarr again. He would like to know exactly what you meant in your early session time together, when you stated there will be a payoff. Does this involve the pet business, or the area he is currently creating as a new career for himself in regards to his intent as a ... Oh gosh, I donít know what that word is ... as a Seer? ... his role in the agenda. He could use some assistance monetarily right now. Is he in alignment with his role in the agenda? Iím not sure Iím reading this right. Iím imagining you probably know what heís talking about.

ELIAS: He is in alignment with his intent. Express to Yarr, (pause) trust self! Discontinue looking outside and turn his attention inside, and he will know his direction. As he is not trusting of self, he is not allowing himself movement within any direction!

NICKY: Okay.

ELIAS: He is holding himself static and not allowing his movement, for he is not trusting and accepting of self. Once he is allowing himself to be accepting of himself, he may be of benefit to himself and also to this agenda. And once again, you may inform Yarr that he may be inquiring of his questions himself within this forum!

NICKY: Okay, all right. Thank you. These are Rudyís questions now, and I think you answered a couple of them here. So as I read them just voice that, because I donít want to take up your time. David Tate ... how is he connected to Rudy and what part does he play in this forum, if at all?

ELIAS: (Accessing) This is another connection within another focus.

NICKY: Okay. To Rudy?

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay. In any way connected with this forum, whatís going on? Is he included in this particular agenda? Is he to be involved in any way?

ELIAS: It has not been chosen yet, although this individual may be instrumental if so choosing.

NICKY: Okay, all right. Now thatís a word I didnít even think of before; chosen. He has not been chosen for this. Those who are here, who are involved, who want to know, then therefore they have been chosen to participate in this forum, in this agenda?

ELIAS: You have chosen!

NICKY: I have chosen. Okay, so when you say chosen, itís a matter of agreement in all areas?

ELIAS: Quite.

NICKY: Okay. Second question. Does Rudy hold a different agenda besides or in addition to the helpfulness of the shift, as you explained earlier that she was to continue on? Does she hold another agenda, which is a branch off of it or whatever? Is there something else there that sheís not seeing?

ELIAS: Which we have already spoken of ...

NICKY: We did. Okay, all right, that was the one question I wasnít sure of.

ELIAS: This would be the aspect of healing within a didactic capacity.

NICKY: Okay, okay. ďYou stated previously that subjectively,Ē which you just said again, ďI, Rudy, am not listening to information due to fearfulness.Ē Rudy feels this is changing and wishes details.

ELIAS: This has been offered within information within this session.

NICKY: Okay, the earlier information you gave. Okay, all right. It looks like ... Oh, she had a question about ... I forgot about this. I was going to ask it. I think you really rather explained it earlier when I told you about what I was experiencing and so forth and so on, and you were telling me what it is. So then it doesnít have to do with the over-amping of circuits, so to speak, or an over-stimulation of information coming in?


NICKY: Okay, itís like you said it earlier?

ELIAS: Quite. This is subjective information which is bleeding through within considerable quantities.

NICKY: Okay, all right. I think, of what I wrote down ... I mean, I have all kinds of questions! I always have questions! Iím always out on a quest to get them answered, you know?

ELIAS: You may return to this forum within our sessions regularly, and you may inquire with your questions to your heartís delight!

NICKY: (Laughing) I sure appreciate that fact ícause sometimes I have millions of them! But Iím becoming very aware of the fact that as I ask the questions, my answer is like boom, boom, boom, bouncing right in front of me! Itís like as Iím asking a question, the answer is on its way! I do feel I carry on much more in ďla la landĒ than I do here! (Elias laughs) Okay, I think I asked everything. I donít know. I asked about that, I asked about that ... Oh, I know! Thereís something that Iíve come across once again in one of those symbolic-type ways that I donít have a clear understanding on, and the saying goes something like, ďYour vision is not being withheld from you. Itís not delaying. Itís not tarrying. Itís there. Just look forward to it.Ē And itís like I always think of a vision as being a certain something, a certain picture.


NICKY: No. Okay, could you explain it to me so I can have some kind of an understanding?

ELIAS: This is information to you that your vision is already clear, if you avail yourself of it. It is not a vision as a thing or a goal. It is your present understanding ...

NICKY: Okay, all right. I had a sense of awareness of that.

ELIAS: ... your viewing ability.

NICKY: Okay. I kind of felt like that ícause it happens so often. Sometimes itís like I missed it the first time, so itís like, what am I missing? So then I confuse myself. I cause static, and then itís like I donít have an understanding on it. So itís a matter of knowing and realizing, moment by moment, youíre viewing what youíre supposed to.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: An expansion.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay. I think thatís it, I think! I can go on and on, but I can feel Maryís tired. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very well. I shall discontinue with you this day, and offer invitation to be engaging with our forum at our next meeting ...

NICKY: Thank you!

ELIAS: ... and you may continue with your questions at that time period. You may also offer my regards to Rudim, and express that he may be inquiring of his questioning himself. Therefore, I shall be leaving you this day quite affectionately ...

NICKY: Thank you!

ELIAS: ... and expressing to you, au revoir!


Elias departs at 5:19 PM.

Vicís note: Rudy/Rudim and Yarr are essence names of Jene and Jim, both of whom live locally and have attended quite a few sessions.

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