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Tuesday, October 26, 1999

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“A Temporary Identity Crisis”

“Essences are Everywhere!”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Joanne (Gildae), Luanne (Inez), Marj (Grady), and Ted (Cara).

Elias arrives at 11:52 AM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

GROUP: Good morning! (In unison and with much enthusiasm!)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

GROUP: The gang’s all here! (In unison again!)

ELIAS: And we continue to be playing with your energy balls! (Much laughter, and Elias chuckles)

MARJ: That was the closest we could come to you!

ELIAS: Although I must be expressing to you this day that your crystal ball is defective. (Everybody cracks up, and Elias chuckles)

MARJ: How could that be??

ELIAS: I have been interactive with this crystal ball, and it expresses no information to me. (Much laughter) Ha ha ha ha ha!

MARJ: Well, we’ll go our normal route then!

ELIAS: Very well! (Chuckling)

JOANNE: Jimmy and Michael say hello. They were really sorry that they couldn’t be here today, but I made them go to school.

ELIAS: And you may be expressing my greetings to them both!

JOANNE: They both asked me to ask a question for them. Michael’s question is, he wants to know why his teacher is so mean. (Pause)

ELIAS: Let me offer an explanation to this small one.

In this, the individual that he is referring to holds certain issues which create frustration within herself, and this is projected outwardly.

Now; let me also express that the assessment of “meanness” is the perception of the small one.

Now; in this, I shall also express that the situation may be affected not in looking to the teacher to be changing her expression or to be expressing herself in what he assesses to be a nicer fashion, but the situation may be altered within his own perception as he may choose to be discontinuing viewing his teacher as mean, and move in the direction of friendliness with her. This shall be quite impactful.

JOANNE: Yeah, I’ll have to tell him that. I’ve noticed with Michael a lot lately that he’ll say he’s very afraid of something, like his motorcycle or his go-cart, like at night. And then the next morning he wakes up, and he’s got a completely different attitude about the whole thing. He’s not afraid of it and he can’t wait to get on it and go. It’s just amazed me lately to see the changes, just from the time he goes to bed to when he wakes up in the morning, and I’ve kind of had the feeling that you’ve had something to do with that! I was wondering, what is going on with that?

ELIAS: This is not in actuality my interaction.

This is a situation in which the small one, in the quietness of the evening, allows himself to view movement in conjunction with these toys, for small ones allow themselves the openness and the ability objectively to view certain movements and interactions and manifestations of other essences within their physical reality.

This in actuality is quite common, and in this, at times initially, they are not quite understanding what they are viewing.

There is an interplay of essences which are nonphysically focused and essences that are physically focused continually, but small ones allow themselves to actually view the essences that you do not allow yourselves to view as adults.

Now; even as small ones, they are influenced by the belief systems and the energy of the belief systems that are held within your reality. Therefore, there is a conflict that is experienced many times within the experiences of the small ones, for they recognize what they are viewing and encountering, but the underlying belief systems suggest to them an unsafeness and a lack of acceptability that they are participating in this type of experience.

Now; what this small one is also offering himself is an interaction within dream state with these essences, and therefore, as he participates in the interaction, this quells the fear of the objective experience.

Therefore, within what you identify as your morning time framework, the fear has been abated and is no longer an expression. Are you understanding?

JOANNE: Jimmy’s question is, he wants to know if he is psychic and if he has any telekinetic abilities. (Elias grins)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And you may express to him, yes, in like manner to all of you on the planet!

JOANNE: He says he’s been making the door knobs at school move. I told him of course he was doing it, if that’s what he saw. And then he was trying to make some things move around in the kitchen and it wasn’t working, (laughing) so I think he’s a little bit unsure now if he does have that ability.

ELIAS: ALL of you hold these abilities. These are natural abilities that you may engage and manipulate energy within at any moment. You all hold these abilities. You merely allow your belief systems to interfere and block your expression of these abilities.

As he allows himself an openness to his natural abilities, he may be in actuality in his reality creating movement of objects and allowing himself what you term to be psychic abilities.

These are merely natural qualities that you hold as essence, which may be expressed within your physical dimension.

JOANNE: He’ll be happy to hear that! (Laughing) I’m not sure which question to go with next ... okay, I picked one.

I got information from Didi, the other aspect of my essence, that I had created a splinter to go back to the beginning of my focus to experience no fear. I think – no, I know – that I have objectively realized some of this no fear, but I know there’s still more that I haven’t objectively learned about or felt or know. I was wondering if you could help me get in touch with this. (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. Now; in this situation, what you have offered to yourself is information in conjunction with an action that you have chosen that may allow you an avenue to be moving through certain issues that you hold.

In this, I shall confirm to you that you have created a type of splinter, but this would be of the type of a temporary individual. Are you following thus far?


ELIAS: Very well. In this, the temporary individual is manifest and experiences an expressed direction to be creating experiences that shall offer you an efficient avenue to be moving through certain elements of fear.

Now; this may be helpful to you in allowing you to access this other manifestation of yourself, this temporary individual, and you may be accomplishing this action through visualization, through meditation, or through your dream imagery. It matters not which method you choose to be interactive with this individual.

But as you allow yourself to be connecting with this individual, you may also be assimilating within yourself the experiences that are being addressed to, and this shall provide you with an avenue to be addressing to YOUR individual fears.

In a manner of speaking, what you have created is a splintering of that element of yourself which creates and holds to the energy of fear, and therefore, in splintering this element of yourself, figuratively speaking, away from yourself, you remove yourself from the perpetuation of the action of creating the fear, and in a manner of speaking, you stop the continuation of this creation.

Therefore, in another manner of speaking, you place this creation in a hold, and in that holding state, it does not create itself further, so to speak. This allows you a type of removal, that you do not continue to perpetuate the creation of the fearfulness and that you may address to its creation, and therefore move through this particular issue. Are you understanding?

JOANNE: Oh yes. Yes, definitely! In the visualizations or in the dreams I’ve been having lately, is it a dark-haired woman – I don’t know how to explain this – is that the splinter? Because she seems to be there all the time in my dreams, and kind of there when issues come up. Like, she was sitting there trying to get me to talk and say things, and in this dream I had a mouthful of food, and I just wouldn’t open my mouth and speak. Even when I started to taste peas, which I hate, I still wouldn’t open my mouth and talk. But then a couple of days later, a situation came up where I was hesitant to say anything, but I did, and I felt really good about opening my mouth and talking. So I’m wondering, is that how I’m working through this?

ELIAS: I am understanding of what you are expressing.

In this, I express to you, yes, as you allow yourself to be interactive and connecting with this individual, you may also be engaging your avenue. This is the projection that you allow yourself to view of the temporary individual.

JOANNE: My next question is about a couple of focuses of my essence that I’ve interacted with. One was Julianna, and in that one, it was strange in the sense that I thought it was me until she threw her arms around this man and was telling him she loved him, and I looked down and I saw that they weren’t my hands, and then I saw this dark head walking away, and two feelings kind of hit me simultaneously, that these weren’t my hands, and I wanted to go after the dark head. I didn’t love the man I was saying that I loved. And then all of a sudden, I came face-to-face with this woman, who I later found out was a focus of mine, Julianna. My question is, was that your dark head walking away? (Laughing)

ELIAS: No. This is imagery that you have allowed yourself to participate in, partially in preparation for a different type of interaction if you are choosing to be moving in that direction futurely.

Now; in this, you have allowed yourself to partially move into mergence with another focus, in which you view yourself within the actual scenario and within another physical manifestation, but you continue to identify yourself as yourself. Therefore, it is not an entire mergence, for you continue to hold your identity of this particular focus, although you have allowed yourself to move into the physical manifestation of the other focus.

In this, this is, in a manner of speaking, a testing of your abilities and of your movement, and the allowance for yourself to view that you may be accomplishing a mergence with another focus and you shall continue to hold your individuality and your identity regardless.

In this experiment that you have created, you have opened a door, so to speak, for as you have tested this experience, futurely, if you are so choosing, you may create more of a fullness in the mergence, in which you shall merge entirely with the other individual of the other focus, and temporarily, in a manner of speaking, you shall become that individual, and you shall not hold to the recognition of your own individual identity.

Now; this is a temporary action, and you shall, in a manner of speaking, return to your individual identity once you have accomplished your mergence and your interaction within that focus or within any focus, and allowing yourself to be participating within the expression of these other focuses temporarily.

In this, you offer yourself the opportunity to not merely view another focus, but to actually experience another focus within your focus. Are you understanding?

JOANNE: That was what was kind of difficult about the whole thing, because afterwards there were so many conflicting emotions. When I realized that it wasn’t me, I wasn’t sure who it was. I could feel what she was feeling and also feel what I was feeling, and I was a little confused about the whole thing and trying to put it back into perspective, like what were my feelings and what were her feelings.

ELIAS: Correct. This is the reason that you have offered yourself the experience in this manner, that you shall continue to retain an objective identification of your individuality and your identity within this focus.

This is the reason that you have not created an entire mergence initially, that you may allow yourself a distinction, so to speak, between the two focuses, recognizing that both of these focuses are you – for they are both of essence and you ARE essence – but their attention is focused quite differently. Therefore, the feelings, the experiences, the thought processes, the perceptions are quite different.

In this, we return to what I have offered to you all in information previously as to the element of threatening your individual identity in crossing over certain veils and engaging other focuses of essence, and this is the reason that to this point, throughout your history in this physical dimension, you have created certain veils of separation between yourself and all of the other focuses of your essence. This ensures your individual identity and does not allow for the confusion or the threatening element in conjunction with your identity.

But I have also expressed that many times as individuals move in the direction of connecting with other focuses of essence, if they are not merely viewing another focus but in actuality allowing themselves a temporary mergence with another focus, this may be quite confusing, for it is you, but it is not you. This creates a threatening element to your individual identity and becomes very confusing.

This confusion is also temporary, for you shall allow yourself to be assimilating the experience and recognizing that there is no threatening element in actuality. The distinction between focuses and personalities is clear, and therefore, regardless of whether you choose to be merging with another focus or not, you shall continue to retain your individuality and your identity. It is merely an unfamiliar action, and therefore initially you experience a confusion and a partial threatening of your individual identity.

JOANNE: Yeah, I just went through that, (cracking up) but I think I’m okay now!

ELIAS: And you are!

JOANNE: Last Tuesday, we all got together, our little forum here, and some really funny things were happening. The lights were flickering, and at one point we heard a voice say “Wilma,” and then when we went back and listened to our tape, we heard other voices saying other things, which made the hair on the back of our necks stand straight up, and we were wondering who was here! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This is quite similar to the inquiry that you expressed in conjunction with your small one.

Now; in this, as I have stated, essences are about you continuously, and in this expression of a continuous interplay, so to speak, of essences physical and nonphysical within your physical dimension, you have created a belief system that expresses that you interact with guides or angels or many other different types of identifications for this type of interaction. The reason you create this belief is that you are offering yourselves the explanation of what you know to be occurring continuously within your dimension in this interplay of physical and nonphysical essences.

Now; in this at times, as you are allowing yourselves to widen your awareness and you are allowing yourselves more of an openness within your objective awareness, you also open yourselves to be allowing yourselves the recognition of this type of interplay, which is occurring continuously.

Therefore, you have allowed yourselves the opportunity to not merely hold an awareness that other essences have been interactive with you, but you also have allowed an objective validation of this action in allowing yourself to replay the experience. This offers you all, collectively and individually, a validation of your experiences and of the action in which you are creating more of an openness within your objective awareness, and this serves as a motivation to be continuing within the action of this shift in consciousness. This is what you have engaged and this is what you have participated in.

TED: Wonderful! (Joanne cracks up) Absolutely wonderful! Whew!

Vic’s note: This group of folks cracks me up ’cause they’re always cracking up! I wonder how they get through dinner, LOL!

MARJ: Who is Dominque? (Pause)

ELIAS: This is another focus.

JOANNE: Is that of my essence?

ELIAS: Another FOCUS of essence. (Pause)

JOANNE What’s going on with the Milumet family? (Laughing) Anything interesting? (Cracking up)

TED: Yeah, who’s the spokesman for that family?

JOANNE: Well, I’d like to be ... if they’re looking for volunteers! (The group cracks up)

ELIAS: My, my! Quite a generalization of inquiry!

JOANNE: Well, I was trying to come in through the back door! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! And shall you approach through the front door?

JOANNE: No! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

This family, as with all of the essence families, is continuously interactive and creating movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and it is not necessarily any more active presently than it has been previously, within recent time framework.

JOANNE: Well, I kind of have the feeling or the impression that something’s up, something’s coming ... something. That might just be me, but I get this feeling a lot lately! (Laughing) But this time I sort of connected it with my family, Milumet.

ELIAS: This is not necessarily an expression of the family itself.

This is an identification that you hold in conjunction with this essence family as to this wave in consciousness which is being addressed presently in the expression of the belief system of sexuality, for in this, there is a tremendous identification within your beliefs that this particular belief system is entirely removed from the expressions of what you identify as spirituality.

In this, there is a knowing within, in the identification of the Milumet, that ALL of your reality is encompassed within the direction of spirituality. You merely hold a distortion in your definition of spirituality. There is no separation between that concept and all of your reality.

Therefore, you hold an expression of feeling within you of uneasiness, so to speak, in the recognition of the inconsistency of aspects of the beliefs in conjunction with the reality of the expression of the intent of this particular family. (Pause)

Let me also express to you that there is an element that you are experiencing quite similarly to many, many other individuals presently, a type of feeling of anticipation, but you do not objectively identify this anticipation within a particular definition or identification of “what.”

I express to you, within the movement of energy presently in conjunction with this wave in consciousness and your approach to your new millennium – and as I have expressed, also in conjunction with the surge, so to speak, of energy which is being expressed within this time framework – many individuals are experiencing a type of anticipation of some action or some event, in their assessment.

It is not necessarily of an event per se, but more a recognition of the energy which is being expressed and the intensity of that energy, in which you are allowing yourself to be objectively connecting to.

JOANNE: Okay. So when I have that feeling like something great is going to happen or something is going to happen any minute, I can just relax and enjoy it, and not try to attach anything else to it? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking. It is not necessarily the identification of an event, so to speak. It is the identification of the movement of energy that you are recognizing, and this energy holds much intensity.

JOANNE: Yeah, that sounds good. I have one last question, and then I’ll let everybody else talk for a change. My back is killing me! (Laughing) What did I do? (Laughing) What did I create? (Pause)

ELIAS: This is an expression that you are creating in drawing your attention to the area of balance within your movement. As you turn your attention to self and you allow yourself to be noticing areas in which you do not express balance, you shall also be affecting of this physical expression, for you perpetuate this physical expression to be allowing yourself the noticing of certain expressions within your energy in which you allow extremes and you are not allowing the expression of balance.

JOANNE: Oh, okay.

I won the lottery, but I can’t get them to put the check in my name! (Cracking up) No, I really feel that I won the lottery. The money is sitting there, just waiting for me. I’m trying to insert it into this reality, but I haven’t accomplished that yet – although today could be the day! – and I was wondering if you could comment on that for me, please.

ELIAS: My comment to you is to examine within yourself why you choose to be creating this concentration upon your winning and your lottery. Examine these expressions and the motivation of your manipulation of energy in this area, and you shall also offer yourself information as to why you are not inserting this into your actual physical reality.

JOANNE: The first part of what you said, there was a lot of static. Could you repeat that for me please, Elias?

Vic’s note: On my tape, the static begins during Joanne’s comment about the static.

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am quite aware, for you are creating an interference in our interaction, as you do not wish to hear the expression that I am offering to you!

JOANNE: (Laughing) Yeah!

ELIAS: HA HA! Examine your motivation!

JOANNE: You mean the reason why I want to win?


JOANNE: Well, I just wanted to win so we could go play with the money! (Laughing) Well, I also want to build a library.

ELIAS: Examine your motivation in this expression; not in the evaluation of what you shall physically create, but why you view it is necessary to be moving in THIS particular direction in allowing yourself the ability to create what you wish to be creating. Examine the belief systems that are motivating this action, and which areas you identify as obstacles and blocks within your creations if you are not acquiring a tremendous expression of financial gain.

Vic’s note: Here, the static stops on my tape.

JOANNE: Okay, great. I know what that is. Well, thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. You are quite creative in your expression of energy manipulation in interference in those ... (Elias pauses because the group is cracking up)

JOANNE: Thank you! (Laughter)

ELIAS: ... in those time frameworks in which you wish not to be listening! Ha ha ha ha! (Laughter)

MARJ: Now, uncreate it!

JOANNE: Okay, okay! Whew! Go on!

LUANNE: Okay. Elias, this is Inez. I have created bumps on my hands. I don’t know why. I’m wondering if you can tell me how come I created them and how can I uncreate them.

ELIAS: You have created this expression in conjunction with this present wave in consciousness addressing to the belief system of sexuality, which is quite influencing of perception in the area of how you view yourself and what is an expression of attractive and not attractive, what shall be acceptable and what shall not be acceptable within a physical manifestation and expression, and in this, how these types of creations trigger within you yourself a questioning and a fearfulness that you have created some element that may be wrong in your physical expression.

This is the reason that you have manifest this particular physical manifestation, that you may view a physical exhibition that is not necessarily hurtful to you and that may be uncreated, but that shall also draw your attention to your perception of certain elements that may be created within physical expressions that are unattractive and therefore create a trigger as to how you view yourself, and also create a trigger in response within yourself of what you may possibly be creating in the areas of malfunctions within your physical body.

Underlyingly, you hold an issue within physical manifestations in which you hold a viewing of your physical form as suspect and not entirely trustworthy, so to speak, for underlyingly you hold a belief that your physical body may be creating of certain expressions that you do not wish it to be creating, and you shall fall victim to its creation.

As you allow yourself to be examining this belief and allow yourself to move into a trust of your physical expression, recognizing that your physical expression is not separated from you ... this is an expression of you, a projection of essence into physical manifestation. Your physical body is not a vessel, and it is not some element which creates and moves independently of you. Therefore, it is not creating of sabotage against you.

LUANNE: Are you saying to me that I think that my body might be creating some sort of a disease inside?

ELIAS: At times, yes; not necessarily that you hold an objective thought process in this manner, but that you view your physical body as suspect and an element to not be entirely trusted.

For within your beliefs, it may be at times creating certain manifestations that within your assessment are not within your agreement ... ah! And this is familiar, is it not? (Everybody cracks up) That your objective awareness is not necessarily in agreement with your subjective awareness, and it may be creating elements that you do not hold an awareness of, and therefore you may fall victim to its creation.

And in like manner, you separate also in the area of your physical body, expressing to yourselves underlyingly that your physical body is ANOTHER element that creates independently of your wishes, and therefore, you may also fall victim to ITS creations without your permission! (Much laughter)

MARJ: That’s another lawsuit!

ELIAS: Aha! You shall be quite busy with your legal processes! (And everybody cracks up again!)

MARJ: I just want you on my side, Elias! (Laughter)

JOANNE: Yeah, can you come to court with us? (Laughter)

ELIAS: I stand neutral! (Much laughter)

MARJ: How did we know that? (More laughter)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! I leave your defense to yourselves! (And even more laughter!) Ha ha ha ha!

MARJ: Elias, this is Grady. I have a question for you about my mom. She is eighty-nine years old, and she has some serious physical problems. She dreamt the other night that she gave birth, and they took the baby away quickly, and she didn’t understand that.

She thinks she’s confused, but I know she knows what she’s ... where her mind is going, this way and that way. At any rate, I know that she has a lot of fear, and I wondered if there was something, some comment you could make that might help her.

ELIAS: First of all I shall express, in conjunction with the dream imagery which has been created, this is an expression of an offering in symbolization of the action which is occurring in conjunction with transition.

The action of creating birth is the symbolization that the individual offers to themselves of a mergence into a new element of creation, of existence, so to speak, and of exploration.

This is the offering of information of the action of what YOU term to be death or disengagement, which is in actuality an emergence into another area of consciousness. Therefore, in actuality, it is more similar to a birth than your identification of an ending and death.

In this, the small one is removed from her physical manifestation, and this is the symbolization of her emergence into new areas of consciousness within the birth, and the removal from the physical manifestation in this particular physical dimension.

Therefore, there is experienced also, in objective terms, a sense or a feeling of loss and confusion as the manifestation moves away from the physical expression or the physical manifestation, but there is also an element underlying of joyfulness in the action of this new emergence or birth.

The objective awareness continues presently, and therefore there continues to be an identification in conjunction with held belief systems, and in this, the action of disengagement is viewed as negative or painful and confusing, and creating of an element of anxiety.

I express to you, the element of fearfulness is merely the objective expression of an action which is unfamiliar objectively – not subjectively, but objectively – and the interaction of belief systems which continue to be influencing in conjunction with this action of disengagement.

Now; I am not expressing to you that this individual is choosing presently, within this now, to be immediately disengaging.

But the individual IS engaging certain elements within the action of transition, and therefore is presenting certain imagery to herself in this direction. There is an expression of fearfulness which is held in conjunction to the beliefs that are also held.

In this, I may also express to you, this situation, in like manner to ALL other situations, is not broken! Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to move in the direction of the wish to be “fixing.”

Vic’s note: Here, the static begins again.

MARJ: (Laughing) Okay! I dreamt one night that Joanne wanted to get her hair done, but she didn’t have time. So, her sister Laura took her hair to the hair dresser and had it done, and came back with it all fixed on her head. I don’t know where Joanne was. I never saw Joanne bald, (laughter) but Laura had her hair on, and I don’t understand that dream!

ELIAS: This is merely imagery that you are presenting to yourself in identification that there may be an exchange of experiences between different individuals within any particular moment.

This is an action that occurs continuously in conjunction with counterparts, in that one may be experiencing and the other is assimilating the experience and benefiting from the experience without actual physical participation in the experience.

This is merely imagery that you offer to yourself to be reinforcing an explanation of this type of action that you create within physical reality.

TED: Elias, excuse me, but you’re breaking up. We’re not getting very much of this.

ELIAS: We shall be disengaging this day, and we shall continue our interaction futurely. (Laughter)

Vic’s note: And here, the static stops.

MARJ: Okay! Thank you so much, Elias.

GROUP: Thank you, Elias!

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express to you each and to you all great affection and anticipation of our next meeting. To you all this day quite lovingly, au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 1:00 PM.

Vic’s note: Like I said, this group cracks up all the time! I have not indicated each and every time one or all of them laugh, as this would make the script difficult to read, but it sure is fun listening to their sessions!

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