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Wednesday, October 01, 1997

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“Dream Walker Interaction/Milumet”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Paul (Caroll), and Jo (Tyl). (Paul and Jo were visiting from Pennsylvania.)

Vic’s note: I changed Jo’s words of “family essence” to “essence family” a few times in this script. (It’s a Sumafi thing.)

Elias arrives at 11:21 AM. (Time was eighteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!

BOTH: Good morning!

PAUL: We have some questions this morning we’d like to ask you.

ELIAS: Ah, questions! (Grinning)

PAUL: (To Jo) Do you care to start?

JO: No, you go ahead.

PAUL: Our first question we’d like to offer up this morning is about ourselves and our other-focus connections. Joanne and I are very close in this focus and have a deep connection and we’re wondering about some other focus connections, if there are any.

ELIAS: (Accessing) You share many physical focuses together within different capacities of relationships in similar fashion to Olivia and Lawrence, for you also share common fragmentation, in a manner of speaking. Within the fragmentation of Olivia and Lawrence, this would be similar to your fragmentations; for Lawrence is fragmented of Elias and of Patel, and Olivia is fragmented of Patel. Therefore, they hold common fragmentation with an added element to one essence. In this similar capacity, you also are fragmented of a common essence, but one being fragmented of this essence in conjunction to two other essences.

PAUL: Can you offer us essence names? We love names! (Laughter) It’s helpful.

ELIAS: The common fragmentation that you hold is with the essence of Patel also, but you Caroll hold the fragmentation of the combination of Patel and two other essences, one being that of Otha and one being that of Ordin; therefore also the explanation of your tremendous draw to this forum. (Otha and Ordin are Sumafi and represent the Ilda and Zuli families in our game, and are also instrumental in the action of the energy exchange itself, according to the dead guy!)

PAUL: Can you elaborate on Tyl and the essence fragmentation, or did you already answer that one?

ELIAS: This would be the fragmentation of Paul. (Patel)

JO: Elias, was that Tyl’s face that I saw, a representation of Tyl, the night before last?

ELIAS: Another focus. There is no “face” of the essence. (Smiling)

JO: Right. An interpretation would have been a better question. Another focus of mine?

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: Thank you.

PAUL: One follow-up question about our other focus connections. Maybe we can answer two questions in one, as you’ve done already. The French connection, as I call it ... I’ve had an affinity for the French language my entire life, and I’m wondering within that context if there’s a shared focus, past or present, that Tyl and I share, and if you might elaborate just a little.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that within certain individuals that have drawn themselves to this forum and shall be futurely drawing themselves to this forum, this one focus is shared by many of these individuals. Investigation has already begun within the area of this particular focus and shall be continuing with you each, but this would be the same focus as these other individuals have also participated within, within the time period of the French Revolution, in which this essence of Elias – (to Vic) I am not forgetting – has also participated within, as I have stated previously. (1)

A misunderstanding has been incorporated within the naming of Elias within this time framework. You each originally have interpreted the naming of this individual as being Jean Paul, which is a misinterpretation, for I have offered the actual name recently. This individual of Jean Paul was also a participant within that particular focus as another focus of this essence of Elias and was known to you within that particular focus, but was not the individual that you perceive to be me. Therefore, I offer to you, yes, you also have focuses within this time period within the area of France, and have held other focuses in this location also.

JO: In this geographic location?

ELIAS: Of France.

VICKI: So what you’re saying is, that was the focus in which your name was Elias?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And seeing how that’s where you’re at, I do have a question on the spelling of the last name as given in that session recently. It’s spelled on my paper here B-O-U-D-R-E-A-U-X, and my impression is that there’s no “U” in the first part. What’s the correct spelling?

ELIAS: You are correct; no “U.”

VICKI: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

PAUL: One follow-up question from this other focus time in the eighteenth century, where many individuals that draw themselves to this forum are also involved: Is the quality of that focus ... you might describe us having this interest in the shift and offering helpfulness in dealing with that presently. My question is about this other time. This is a time of great change and great upheaval. Is it an essence family connection I’m wondering about, or ...

ELIAS: The reason that this particular focus objectively stands out to you, the reason that you are drawn objectively more to this particular focus and the interaction occurring within that focus, is that within that particular focus the agreement has been made for this focus and the re-establishment of interaction of these individuals within this focus within the action of this shift, and that being its influence and purpose.

PAUL: Thank you.

JO: Elias, is there another focus of ours in first century Judea?

ELIAS: Correct, and I offer to you both within this present now that you hold the ability to be investigating of these focuses. It shall appear to you more as reality if you are experiencing investigating of these focuses. I may offer words to you, but they are merely words. As you are investigating yourselves and connecting yourselves, you shall offer yourselves the experience and know the reality of this experience. Therefore, it shall be more real to you.

JO: Would you choose to validate if I am indeed the character I am writing the perspective from in my novel, the biblical character that appears as Joanna?

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: And the focus involves this cast of characters that we have assembled here as well, or were you speaking specifically about the connection between Caroll and Tyl?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Caroll and Tyl.

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: Wonderful. Would you like to offer more information about that focus, or ... I’ve just been told to investigate! So okay, thank you! Thank you for validating that. My Ilda tile, bringing the unknown to the known via Sumari and Vold, I would like to know if you would like to offer if this action is what I’m calling “Robots,” and to validate if David is the Vold element in that?

ELIAS: Within your creative endeavor?

JO: Yes.

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: This involves an accomplishing for the Rose, depicting myths in new ways, I believe, which is why I’m getting the back-of-the-head sensation, particularly when I’m doing my bible studies?

ELIAS: This is an opening to consciousness, an allowance to be connecting with subjectively known elements and an allowance of the bleed-through into objective awareness. Many individuals experience actual physical sensations in the action of opening neurological pathways physically that also enable more efficiently the action of bleed-through into objective awareness.

JO: Is this a connection with the Rose essence?

ELIAS: Not necessarily with the essence of Rose, but with the action of the essence of Rose.

JO: Could you help me understand the feelings and the mental images that I seem to be ... well first, could you confirm that it was a Rose presence in the room on Sunday night?

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: Could you help me understand my feelings and imagery around that? I know that a lot of my personal growth has to do with this Rose connection.

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: If you could help me understand a little bit more what I’m going through, I would appreciate that.

ELIAS: Within your focus, and you continue presently, you have blocked much of your intent or your connection with your intent in alignment with this family. Therefore, you create issues within this situation that you have not quite yet addressed to. In this, you draw yourself to this forum and allow an interaction and identification of energy of this essence of Rose. This is being purposefully executed, that it bring to your attention your need to be addressing to your alignment with this family; although within core belief systems, this you view to be painful. Therefore, you focus your attention in other areas. You focus your attention upon the essence family that you belong to and express your interest in this area, therefore distracting yourself from the connection and the intent that you hold within this particular focus and its issues connected with the Borledim family.

JO: I sense that my allergies have something to do with this, that my issues have to do with allowing my environment to nurture me, especially even in the allergy. And I was also wondering if there’s a multidimensional focus issue involved with that?

ELIAS: Partially. All of your focuses are influencing of all of your other focuses, and this focus also; but look to your word, which is a key word in these issues, of nurturing, for this a great element of your denial of your alignment with this family within this focus. You find within this focus that you may be naturally nurturing to other individuals, but do not allow the reverse; this being an area that you hold this block within, within your core belief systems, which creates issues, which also creates physical manifestations, for your physical body is quite obliging to be holding energy for you until you are ready to address to these situations, and you shall continue to manifest as you are not addressing to these issues. This also is no accident that you draw yourselves to this forum presently within this present now, for this be the action that many of you are engaging presently; addressing to core belief systems, base issues, and attempting to move through these and therefore allow yourselves the opportunity and the ability to be accepting. This shall be accelerating. Therefore, you may be strapping yourself for the ride! (Grinning, and we all laugh)

JO: That reminds me of a connection with this group, and I’m just going right come out and ask. Are we characters in Oversoul Seven?

ELIAS: Connect yourself; yes.

JO: Are we Elgren and Avona Hosentauf?

ELIAS: (Chuckling slyly) Answer to me!

BOTH: (All together now!) Yes!!

ELIAS: Very good!

JO: Are we kind of combined Elgren and Avona, or am I Elgren and he’s Avona? I’m Elgren and he’s Avona.

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: And that’s probably why we’re having such nurturing feelings towards Mary.

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: And we could probably benefit from taking some notes as to what their connection is?

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: And also be focusing upon this word of nurturing, within your “pinkness!”

PAUL: Any more questions, Jo?

JO: Not right now.

PAUL: I’m going to change the topic a little bit. I have some questions about dreams, dream experiences. In one of the sessions I’ve read, the issue of “a true dream from the gates of horn” and its Egyptian connections in our past was mentioned, and you mentioned that Michael had connected or accessed this region twice. I’m wondering if you would just elaborate a little bit further if you can about this type of action, of us tapping into a region that we call the Gates of Horn and what type of information is available there as opposed to other areas of our dreams. What’s special ... that’s not the right word. What’s unique? What’s the unique thing in that area?

ELIAS: When you are accessing that area of consciousness, when you are asking for information within that area of consciousness, you are asking essentially to be offering yourself a truthful dream imagery regardless of the information. When you are in the position of asking this type of question to be accessed within your dream state, you are also dealing with belief systems that you are wishing to be offering yourself information to be helpful to you, and risking your own non-acceptance of the answer that may be offered; this being why it has been termed the “true dream” from this area, for it shall provide you imagery and action within Regional Area 2 that is truthful to you beyond your belief systems.

PAUL: So I’d like to ask you a question now about an experience I had, as I requested this and had a very powerful dream. To describe it briefly, I was in a room with others whom I objectively didn’t recognize but felt very close to, and made a connection with four or five invisible aspects of myself. The visual imagery of it being invisible is obvious to me of not fully understanding what they were, but they were me ...

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: ... and very close to me and dear to me, and part of that is understanding that. Also in this experience, which was very beautiful for me, the image of a red ball – I’ll just grab this because it’s here with me now for some reason (Paul picks up a red glass ball that’s always on the coffee table) – appeared to me and was offered as a symbol, in image, of challenges. Building off of what you said about accessing beliefs and non-acceptance, I realize that that’s what that’s dealing with, in dealing with that here with our friends and in other areas. My question is about the nature of a series of dreams now that seems to be connected from that point. This image of the red ball has occurred a second time recently. Physically, it was smaller and the topic was not necessarily cosmic or profound, but it was important and it dealt with dream matter and physical matter, which seems to be an interest of mine. I’m wondering if you would just comment a little bit about this new stage of dreaming that I’m entering into and this type of imagery. This is the first time for me that there is a replication, not of environment, not of feeling-tone, but of imagery that seems to have a parallel nature, perhaps connecting with other parts of myself, if you would comment on that.

ELIAS: Correct. You are moving into a direction of focusing upon dream imagery as you move into the area of connecting yourself also with this dream mission presently. In this, you are focusing more carefully upon the imagery of your dream state. The ball originally presented to you, being the color of red, signifying to yourself the aspect of spirituality within the addressing of the contained belief systems. In this, you offer yourself another dream imagery, that the ball appears once again, but smaller. In this symbolism, you are identifying to yourself that the belief systems are being addressed and therefore are being moved through. In this, you image the ball as smaller; depleting. You also image this ball continued to be red, for you also move into the area of redefining spirituality to yourself.

PAUL: A question about the relationship of size. You mentioned, in the smaller aspect, moving through. (Uncertainly) That’s a good thing? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Correct ... in your perception! (Grinning)

PAUL: Of course. Thank you. (Elias chuckles) I was talking to Michael, before our session and yesterday, about another concept in this dream mission area perhaps, about a man named Robert Monroe and this concept that he offers of a “rote.” R-O-T-E. Michael was talking about this ball of energy as being offered, and being able to get a thought ball of ideas that you could acquire in the dream state or altered state, take it with you back to full objective awareness, run it like a video tape or open it like a computer file at your leisure, and in a controlled fashion have that information available. Would you comment on that type of idea? It’s rather new to me!

ELIAS: The word is one individual’s interpretation and word for this action. In actuality, you may choose any word for identification, but the action is correct. It is a reality, and it shall benefit you each nicely within your offering of clues to yourselves in the context of your dream mission. You are beginning to move more quickly presently, once again. There has been movement continuously, but at certain time periods you accelerate your movement, and then you offer yourselves your respite temporarily; this being another accelerated time framework. Therefore, you shall be accessing more information presently and moving more swiftly within the addressing of belief systems and actions, and also within the connection of objective and subjective consciousness and reality and the lack of separation within them.

You may be continuing in this direction of accessing this information from other areas of consciousness and allowing yourself an identification that other essences and information are not so far removed from you as you believe them to be, and you do hold the ability to be connecting and in contact objectively with other essences and be exchanging with other essences. You hold belief systems that you have held for much of your time framework that these actions are not possible. You may go to a seance and you may speak with your deceased grandparent through the facilitation of a medium, but you do not believe that you may step sideways and access another essence within another area of consciousness without creating an energy exchange and be accessing information in the same manner that you access information from each other within physical focus. Therefore, you create “methods,” but these methods draw you closer into a realization that you do hold the ability to access other areas of consciousness and other essences at will. This action is another element of reality, another availability of accessing through consciousness energy and information and essence, not necessarily your own essence.

PAUL: One follow-up question and then maybe it’s break time, I don’t know. But an actual dream I had, which I woke up with the words “a rote from Elias” in my head, in my own interpretation, and I’ve gone over imagery with Lawrence and Michael and others here, and just a quick description of it ...

ELIAS: And may you interpret this imagery? For the message has been sent within the imagery that you understand and that you connect to. Therefore, it has been presented as a challenge! And do you connect to this challenge and interpret to Elias the information sent?

PAUL: I’ll have a go at it. I’ll describe the imagery. I was inside of a purple/indigo crystal, over a body of water, looking at trees. At the time, when I woke up, I had the imagery and I didn’t know what it meant, but in our visit out here I’ve connected the water with Castaic Lake, and the trees are right there, and this crystal with something that Michael is wearing around his neck today, and also I should mention that Gail was part of this and I’m not sure what the Gail connection is through that, and there was something about a painted leaf imagery that I haven’t connected with either. So that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

ELIAS: And what be the message? (Pause)

PAUL: The message is to trust myself in interpreting these ideas, and that living here perhaps might not be such a bad thing after all.

ELIAS: An invitation.

PAUL: Accepted! (Paul and Jo are moving to Castaic in Jan.‘98)

ELIAS: Very good!

JO: Does my dream of the lake and the big white houses have something to do with that?

ELIAS: A confirmation in connection to each other that you are moving in unison together within your endeavor.

JO: Thank you for that.

PAUL: Cool!

ELIAS: Thank yourselves!

PAUL: We will.

ELIAS: Very good interpreting! We shall be considering offering the position of dream interpreter to Caroll ...

VICKI: I second the motion!

ELIAS: I am quite sure that you shall! So moved! Lawrence is quite not liking of this position! Not trusting self very well! This be why the position was handed to you! (Laughter)

VICKI: I know!

ELIAS: I know that you know!

JO: These houses ... I’m dreaming of a stone house. The stone house was knocked down this week. Was that the house in my recurring dream, and was that a probable home out here?

ELIAS: No. This is imagery directly related to the issue that you presently engage. You are offering yourself imagery and have offered yourself previous imagery to be allowing you to objectively become aware of this situation that you are beginning to be engaging presently, in unblocking yourself within your intent and allowing the free flow and acceptance of the intent within this focus; therefore, knocking down the stones. (Pause)

JO: Okay. I’ll think about that.

ELIAS: Demolishing the blocks to be allowing the flow.

JO: Am I trying to hold on to something for sentimental reasons or something like that?

ELIAS: No. This would merely be the situation that you hold to core, base belief systems and issues that you view to be painful, and therefore not allowing yourself the full potential of experience within this particular focus and its alignment. You are distracting yourself.

We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

BREAK 12:02 PM.
RESUME 12:36 PM. (Time was five seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

JO: Yes! We were just discussing ... I hope I can phrase this correctly ’cause Vicki did such a great job. As the Sumafi essence family offers information and the Sumari essence family offers information through books, through Elias, through Seth, and so on, how do other essence families offer information? Would an example of this be, for example, an Ilda practice of people talking to people on airplanes about the Workers’ Revolution? What are the forms of communication that we have with these other essence families?

ELIAS: Initially I shall express to you that I shall be expressing this within the forum of an individual session devoted to this subject matter, but I shall offer to you that within your example, this would be a very partial example and not necessarily a comparison to the examples that have been offered to you within the action of this essence or the essence of Seth; but I shall offer you one example briefly of a different type of energy exchange within a different family and its choice of communication.

You may look to your Milumet family, and within the exchange of information of this family, the exchange would be occurring within altered states and dream states, in your terms. That information shall be offered by essences represented in the same capacity as this essence of Elias, but within a different type of exchange.

These individuals belonging to the family of Milumet shall be receiving information in the direction of visions, in that the Dream Walkers connected to this family shall appear within a vision to individuals physically-focused belonging to the family of Milumet, or profound dream interaction that is known to be reality without question, and there is no thought within these individuals that their dream interaction is imaginary or not reality. They interpret this dream interaction as another form of reality which is the same as this waking consciousness reality, and they hold the ability to interpret the imagery offered within the dream interaction into their waking reality and know what the message and information was and how it pertains to their immediate and future reality within their objective awareness.

As I have stated, these individuals also often interact with visual projections. An angel or other interpretation of being may appear to them and offer information to them in the same manner that this essence engages this energy exchange with Michael and offers information to you.

These individuals may interact with other-dimensional focuses which are projections of essence that they may connect to and accept, therefore also being offered information. Many individuals that hold profound experiences – not negative, but enlightening profound experiences – within the context of what they interpret objectively as an abduction, interacting with extraterrestrials, this is an exhibition of the interaction of another essence choosing a form of communication that shall be accepted and shall be profoundly moving to the physically-focused individual and shall be correctly interpreted.

PAUL: So the examples that you’ve just given are available to any objectively focused individual regardless of their alignment or intent?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You all hold the same ability to be connecting objectively with this type of exchange within the capacity of the same essence awareness as Elias. You choose different forms.

You may be choosing within certain alignments such as the Milumet family as your Native Americans, in speaking to creatures and audibly hearing a creature speak to you within a language that you understand. This is not fantasy. This is another avenue that essences choose as Dream Walkers to be communicating information to you within the intent of a specific essence family and within imagery that shall be accepted within physical focus and your connection to that essence family.

PAUL: So a very simple example in my case is the dream that we discussed previously with the red ball and the Milumet connection and the true dream part. In my experience, that was some connection to Milumet essence?

ELIAS: No. This would be accurate symbolism to yourself within your belonging to the Sumafi family, offering yourself less distorted imagery.

PAUL: Understood.

VICKI: So recently, Sarah was talking to me and asking me questions about aboriginal dream myths – paraphrasing here – and if we had ever discussed this in sessions. This would be an example of her connecting with her alignment with the Milumet family and having a draw to this type of activity?

ELIAS: Correct. Absolutely; for this would be an action within this particular culture which aligns with the Milumet family very much so, and many of these individuals belonging to the Milumet family. Therefore, they focus upon dream interaction of other essences and KNOW of the reality of this exchange within the same capacity as you hold a knowing of the reality of this energy exchange that you draw yourself to. (Pause)

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. As I have stated, we shall be entering areas in this direction of discussing your essence families and their functions and their capacities in relation to you and in relation to the Dream Walkers and other essence families. Also, we shall be discussing color vibration and its interaction with you and connection to the essence families and the intents, and you as physical manifestations holding also these color vibrations within your physical expression.

JO: We’ll look forward to that.

PAUL: Great! To change the topic to another area, we have a niece. Her name is Erin, and she has recently met a boyfriend named Wesley and they have a very deep connection that they sense, and so we’re asking a question for her information about the nature perhaps of their other-focus connections, or what sort of connections they may have that they’re sensing.

ELIAS: Offer to this individual, soul mates. This shall be explaining.

PAUL: Excellent. Great. Thanks, we’ll do that.

JO: A past experience of mine ... wait a minute. Before I get to that, this is on the family thing. I would like to ask you to tell me something about my sister and the nature of her disease that she’s experiencing now. I don’t want to change her, but I know that she would appreciate your comments.

ELIAS: (Accessing) The individual has created a pool of probabilities within this focus to be experiencing and investigating the nature of this particular physical focus and its design within an emotional framework, therefore creating a fascination with drama and emotion for this experience; delving into the experience of the emotional qualities of this particular dimension of physical focus and the elements connected with the emotional qualities, which are elements of drama and intensity.

This particular dimension of physical manifestation of physical focuses is intimately designed within the creation of emotion. There are extreme depths to be explored within the creation of this element of consciousness which is termed to be emotion. This particular dimension creates this element much more intensely than any other dimension physically focused. In this, you also create yourselves to be sexual beings, so to speak, to be enhancing the experience of emotion within this particular dimension. Therefore, all of these aspects – sexually, physically, emotionally – are interconnected within the framework of emotion, and this individual has chosen the probabilities for exploration of this aspect of physical focus. Therefore, there is an intensity of these experiences.

Do not be viewing this as negative, although many individuals that are creating this type of exploration of their reality are viewing this within their belief systems as negative, for within mass you DO view these elements as negative, but they are not. They are an exploration of the depth of certain aspects of your physical existence.

JO: Thank you.

PAUL: Do you have another question?

JO: Yes. "When I was a child, I had a fever. My hands felt just like two balloons. Now I’ve got that feeling once again. I can’t explain. You would not understand" ... well, you would, and so that’s why I’m asking! Mary and I talked about it. I sense it has something to do with scale, but I was wondering if you could illuminate those experiences for me.

ELIAS: You are beginning to be opening to the vastness of self and the vastness of essence, which is multidimensional and much more vast than you understand objectively, but you are beginning to allow yourself to open to the greatness of you and the “bigness” of you. Do not discount yourself within this experience, for many individuals temporarily experience a discounting and even loss of individuality and identity within this experience. They begin to open to the vastness of essence and consciousness and begin to automatically move their attention to themselves in holding to identity, and discount self as being merely one grain of sand upon all of your oceans upon your planet. This is incorrect. Within the one grain of sand is also contained all universes, all of consciousness, all of essence. It is within you. You look automatically to outside of you through your physical eyes and you look to the creation of a physical universe and you view this as much greater than yourself, and you look to yourself as being very small and insignificant. What you do not understand is that this physical universe that you look to as being so very vast is a projection of you within you, and is merely one projection of what you are. It is merely one focus of the lens which is all of you. The vastness within you extends far beyond what you view physically as your universe that you occupy. You yourself are even greater than that. As you open to this awareness little by little, (grinning) you also allow yourselves objective experiences to be partially mirroring what you are opening to. (Pause)

JO: We offer ourselves images that mirror what we are to be opening to?

ELIAS: Correct; what you ARE opening to. This be the action of the harmony of subjective and objective awareness. You allow now less of a singularity of objective attention. Therefore, you begin to allow actual sensation and visualization and experience of what you know subjectively and what you are, but you create this in increments, that you do not overwhelm yourself objectively, for this is unfamiliar to you. You may be frightening yourself if you are offering yourself much information and experience all at once, for you hold belief systems in these areas and you automatically move in the direction that you have lost your control and you have therefore lost – although you may not lose this element – your mind, which is quite amusing! (Humorously) For you may not lose your mind or misplace your mind, but this be your belief systems! And then you are automatically discounting of self and expressing that you are experiencing lunacy and not reality!

JO: So this was an opening, and the reason it was a little bit frightening is because it was kind of a big glimpse all at once?

ELIAS: (Humorously) A very small glimpse (laughter) interpreted as a big glimpse!

JO: It wasn’t on scale! Thank you! (Elias chuckles)

PAUL: I have a question following-up that you reminded me of. I had an out-of-body experience with Jane Roberts many years ago in a class somewhere, and in that experience, Jane walked behind me and placed her hands over my eyes, covering them, and that shifted my focus into what I guess I’m realizing was a glimpse of a larger or wider area of focus. (2) In my memory of that – it lasted a short period of time – it was a glittering, moving stillness of darkness and light are the only words I can use to describe it, but it has stayed with me. I’m wondering if you would comment on that. Is that Regional Area 2? Is that a glimpse of spacious present perception? Could you offer some interpretation?

ELIAS: (Intently) This is an offering to yourself in imagery of not looking without, but looking within to the vastness of consciousness, and offering yourself a type of imagery different to your objective waking imagery, and allowing you to view different elements of the action of consciousness; the sparklingness of it; the movement and the effortlessness of it not being a thing, but not being nothing.

PAUL: And it was vast; it was huge.

ELIAS: Far beyond your comprehension.

PAUL: And that’s why it was just a short perception on my part?

ELIAS: Correct. This is not necessarily a designation of a specific area of consciousness, but of consciousness itself.

PAUL: Makes perfect sense to me!

JO: I had a similar dream in blackness, light ahead, and little universes, rather translucent, floating by, and I could touch them. Was this a similar ...

ELIAS: Correct; to be viewing vast universes as small entities in comparison to the vastness of consciousness. Each universe occupies merely one space arrangement, and within different dimensions superimposed upon each other, there are countless space arrangements within the same space arrangement, and space arrangements are merely an aspect of consciousness. They are merely a projection.

PAUL: I have a question about an out-of-body experience I had a number of years ago about my father, so I’m inquiring about him. He passed away in 1991, and the dream was a year or two after that. But in it, the imagery was sitting at the picnic table, which was very comfortable for me, and he appeared with a Native American woman. I got the name Kay-nine-ten very clearly. I was wondering if that meant during his transition to his next focus, he was choosing a Native American focus in the past, or what that imagery might have meant?

ELIAS: This is a recognition of a focus which is.

PAUL: So in other words, it wasn’t a part of his selection for a next focus transitioning from this past life that he left in 1991?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. All of these focuses are simultaneous!

PAUL: Got it. Another dream experience that happened recently, a very lucid experience where I get this tingling, a crystal clear tingling in my forehead, as objective as I am now perceiving you. I asked Caroll, not using that name, to present him/her/itself, and a focus appeared, and I got the name “Manson.” It was a fairly average-looking male, older than me, and I was very excited to see this appear. I tried to engage it in verbal communication and my throat constricted, and I realized that I was attempting to communicate in a way that was not as efficient or appropriate, and I choked on it and I woke up and I was really frustrated. I guess my question is, I had asked to connect with a future focus – that’s one of my little games I play with myself – and I’m wondering if this “Manson” aspect is a future focus, and if you could comment on the type of communication I was attempting and not quite succeeding at?

ELIAS: There are two elements to this intersection; one being that you have presented yourself with a future focus, which is not a focus in your linear terms yet, for presently it is an aspect of this focus. It is a future focus simultaneously, but within your time thickness and your linear time designations, it also is an aspect of this present focus; an alternate self. Therefore, you experience difficulty in communication with this alternate self, for you create a barrier. This would be your barrier that you have created between these two aspects of this focus, in like manner to Michael’s viewing of an alternate self, but not holding the ability to penetrate a field to touch the other aspect, creating a barrier between the two. Communication was allowed, but no contact was allowed, for a veil was placed between, for this is a slightly different action than intersecting with another focus. If allowing yourself to be connecting with this same aspect, which IS the other focus, you shall be more successful. If pursuing connecting or intersecting with this aspect as an aspect of you presently, you shall be experiencing slight difficulties, but you may be accomplishing if you are choosing to be pursuing this area.

PAUL: You mentioned certain parts of the experience not being allowed. That implies other essences that I’m ...

ELIAS: Incorrect! Absolutely incorrect. It is not allowed by yourself, for it may be threatening to your individual identity, for this aspect is also you and not separate from you.

VICKI: Can I ask a question about that? So to go to the analogy of the tree and the branches and the leaves, this interaction could be viewed as a leaf? Is this correct? (3)

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: But you also said that within the context of a time thickness, it is also a future focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So does the leaf then turn into a branch?

ELIAS: They are connected. The leaf and the branch exist simultaneously, but they are different. They are both elements of the tree, but they occupy different positions; the branch being the focus, the leaf being the alternate. They are existing simultaneously. They are connected. They hold different functions and capacities. It would be as the leaf fading in and out, being an element of the branch, but then appearing as the leaf, then appearing as an element of the branch, and leaving ghost trails of the leaf.

VICKI: So I would imagine that this particular explanation of this action wouldn’t apply to all of what we consider alternate selves?

ELIAS: No. (Intently) Within each focus, as I have expressed, you hold myriads of alternate selves. They are not necessarily focuses. They are aspects of you, but you view yourselves so very singularly that you view yourselves as occupying one physical body with one thought process, with one mind, with one everything, but you are not. You are myriads of you’s within each focus; and within certain actions and probabilities, you may be choosing to be creating a focus of an alternate you, which is within simultaneous time already, but also is as you within an alternate self. Therefore, you may be interacting with them each individually, although they are the same. But within the choice of which direction you focus your attention and choose to be intersecting, if you are choosing to be intersecting with another focus, this is not quite as threatening to your individual identity within this particular focus, for you view within your belief systems that you may understand that another focus is an aspect of you, but holds its own integrity and is not you. Within an alternate, this does not exist. This alternate IS you. It is the same as you, for it is another aspect of you.

Just as you do not divide your emotional qualities from yourself and assign that they are different entities. You may be feeling joy or you may be feeling sadness, and these exist within you as elements of you. You do not separate them out and express, “This individual here is sadness; it walks beside me. This individual here is joyfulness; it walks beside me. I am neither of these entities, for these are separate elements of me and they are removed into separate entities.” You do not view yourself in this manner. In the same respect, you may not separate alternates either. They are you; but in confronting yourself with an alternate, it is the same as popping out of yourself one singular emotion and creating another entity and facing yourself with this other you, which may not be separated out. You objectively image another image, another form, for this is what you understand, but this image is not another form. It is you.

In this, this be the reason that you hold the threat of identity in viewing an alternate where you do not feel quite such a threat of individual identity in intersecting with another focus, for you do hold limited understanding that another focus is not you. (Oh, I get it now!)

PAUL: So it was my fear of losing individuality when confronting myself right here that kept me from communicating with myself?

ELIAS: And completely intersecting. This is common. You may, if choosing to be pursuing this avenue and this intersection, you may be accomplishing in this, although this shall require more practice than would be necessary within intersection of another focus.

PAUL: Hmm. Thanks.

JO: I just have one indulgent question, but I’m not even going to ask unless there’s time, so go ahead.

PAUL: (To Vic) Do you have a question for Bill and Cathy?

VICKI: Yeah, I do. I also have one other question. I’d like to go back to Joanne’s question earlier about the interaction of Rose in the session on Sunday. That was my interpretation of my experience that evening, although I don’t remember having a similar experience that I interpreted quite the same, although I have had experiences that you have defined to me as some sort of an intersection with the Borledim family ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... and this being including of one of sadness ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... which was my experience Sunday, although it was a little different for me in that I felt an energy attached to it that I had never felt before, and interpreted it as this essence of Rose. I also interpreted it as having something to do with Joanne and her physical presence here.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: We discussed this on the break briefly, and we were talking about this sadness, and of course we have this emotion connected with this family in our game, of sorrow. But I’ve never really quite totally understood this, so it’s hard for me to explain it to another person. But it’s interesting because in interaction with Joanne, I image this sorrowfulness in her eyes quite often, and that’s about as far as I can get with it, and I’m just curious if you could explain a little bit further.

ELIAS: This being also this individual’s choice for physical manifestation of form, with certain characteristics mirroring this alignment to this family. You attach negativity to this emotion, although it is not negative. It is merely another choice of emotion, which you hold many belief systems in connection with; but it also is a very distinct identification of the essence of Rose and its connection to the action of this shift within its choices of manifestation and probabilities and interaction – being a Dream Walker choosing physical manifestation, which is unusual – and in this, the compassion which is expressed for all individuals that shall be experiencing trauma within the action of this shift and also a compassion for all individuals not experiencing trauma within this shift, but a recognition of confusion within the individuals not experiencing trauma.

VICKI: And we tend to, or I tend to interpret this compassion into a feeling of sadness.

ELIAS: Correct; which is also visually imaged within this individual in recognition of the alignment of this family and the importance of the alignment within this particular focus and within the intent of this particular focus. And the reason that you are experiencing the presence of energy of this essence presently IS directly influenced by the physical incorporation of this individual and a presentment of energy within reality objectively connected to this essence family and its intent and your alignment with it. (Directly to Jo) And a wake-up call, so to speak, to be identifying this, and a thumping on your head to be expressing to you to be addressing to these blockings of this essence family and the action of distracting away from this intent!

JO: Would beginning by embracing sorrow be a good start?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. It is unnecessary. (Humorously) I wish not to be instructing you to be walking around your planet sobbing continuously, being in touch with your emotion of sadness and sorrow and wallowing in this! (Laughter)

JO: I’m wallowing? Now I’m wallowing? Am I wallowing?


JO: Oh, okay. Thank you! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I wish you not to be wallowing!

JO: Thank you! Okay. Am I making too many logical associations with potential trauma for the shift? Am I sensing ...


JO: Okay. So what will be will be, and there’s no sense ...

ELIAS: If you are concentrating upon your disasters, you shall be lending energy to the insertion of this probability into this reality! It is unnecessary.

JO: Can you offer any instruction on connecting better with the Borledim essence family?

ELIAS: Better ... ah! One of our favorite words! No! (We all crack up) For there is no better! (Grinning)

JO: Than what I’m doing already?

ELIAS: Correct ... EXCEPT do not be continuing to be distracting yourself so intently with other intents and essence families, and be focusing your attention upon your intent within THIS focus!

JO: Specifically the Ilda essence family?

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: I never looked good in green anyway!

ELIAS: It is a distraction! (Laughter, and then, very humorously) Besides, Lawrence connects quite efficiently with this green! I am anticipating that in like fashion to Cindel, as viewing physical body to be altering color, we shall be viewing the first human as a little green man! You Martian extraterrestrial, you! (Oh, shut up!)

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

PAUL: I have one last question for today, another dream experience question. It was fairly recent. In it, I became lucid in a dream, and my grandfather was sitting across the table from me. I became aware, and got excited as I was aware, and attempted to project out of my forehead to wherever I would go, and maybe that’s a clue here, but there was a wall. Normally I can do this or I’ve done it before, and it’s familiar. I projected – I did the action of that and I hit something and came right back, and I’m wondering about what that wall was. I know it was self-imposed. The connection there, was that to pay attention to that past-present where I was ... or what??

ELIAS: This is imagery of the desire to be projecting, but also a recognition of the fear of projecting too far into unfamiliar areas and not quite holding the security within self of what you may encounter.

PAUL: Understood.

ELIAS: I shall offer another element of information to you that you may be offering to other individuals. Fear not within your physical location. The most probable probability is not death and destruction! (Paul and Jo crack up)

JO: Thank you for not even having us ask that question!

PAUL: We appreciate that very much!

ELIAS: The most probable probability within this present now is the deflection of energy to not be creating of tremendous destruction within your physical location. Energy is being diverted already from these probabilities. Therefore, feel secure.

VICKI: Okay, I have one question for ShynLA!

ELIAS: ShynLA! (Laughter) And she shall enter this session, although not physically! And what be ShynLA’s inquiry within this forum? No, she may not be projecting presently, for she is continuing to not be allowing! (We all crack up) (Shynla is Cathy)

VICKI: Alright, and I quote: “Was Monday’s book discussion a physically-focused example to me of it matters not how you create your reality?” (Elias is staring at me with an amused expression)

ELIAS: Amazing! (We all crack up) Our little Shynla, who does not ever connect or understand or receive impressions, for she is so very red and she is so very physically objectively focused! Wrong! You may use this word intentionally with her!

VICKI: Okay ...

ELIAS: For she SHALL be (laughing) challenging Elias on “wrong!” She is challenging Elias continuously on words! You may also express to Shynla, very good “learning” – another word that she is so very fond of challenging! (Still laughing) I hold much affection for this little essence of Shynla!

VICKI: It’s the dispersion thing.

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: This last question is from a man named Bill that Ron was drawn to, and I read some of his letters and I was kind of drawn to him also. Anyway, I wrote him a letter and he wrote me back. His question is, “I would be quite interested in any comments Elias might have to offer regarding the nature of Stone,” which is a group that he’s involved in. Stone is particularly involved in what he refers to as the shift, “and as we all initially met on SethWorks, it’s not out of the question that the group around Elias may have some future connection with us. We have been told that Stone is about to grow very quickly, and can only guess how.” (Pause)

ELIAS: You are inquiring of connections and validation of interaction within the shift?

VICKI: Yeah, I believe his curiosity lies in feeling some sort of a connection or a parallel in their direction in their group with the action of the shift, and kind of picking up on that in reading our transcripts and wondering about all of that.

ELIAS: I offer validation that this group is lending energy to the action of this shift, objectively and subjectively. As to connection with this forum, once again, this would be your choice.

VICKI: Let me ask you this, just out of my own curiosity. These individuals, I don’t know them objectively at all, but I’m curious as to what essence family most of them are connecting with within their direction and their group.

ELIAS: Sumari. Therefore, the intent is slightly different, but is continuing to be lending energy within the action of this shift.

PAUL: Just a follow-up question about my and Ron’s experiences with people on SethWorks and the essence family intent. I sense all the families are present and represented by individuals and their expressions there and the events that go on, but is there more energy in a certain intent? For example, could you characterize in some way what happens on SethWorks as a strongly Sumari ...

ELIAS: Yes. (Nodding knowingly)

PAUL: Okay. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Which you may view as characteristic of the action translated within physical focus of many of the Sumari, and also why the Sumafi moves into position presently; to be dispelling of much distortion and confusion and hard-headedness of singularly moving in individual areas and not allowing for the collective as much. Individuality is wonderful, but it also needs reigning at times, and a reminding that you are all connected, which is not threatening to the individual, although within your belief systems you believe very strongly that it is and you hold very strongly to your individual ideas and belief systems and move into the area of this right/wrong belief system quite efficiently! (To Vic) Lawrence?

VICKI: My only other question had to do with the spelling of Narr from the planet Tule, but I would imagine that since this is an other-dimensional focus, I can connect with that myself quite nicely.

ELIAS: Quite, and also offer yourself a challenge to be connecting interdimensionally! And are you believing in accidents?

VICKI: Not really.

ELIAS: This particular focus was also offered purposely, within your movement presently. (Pause) I am merely wishing to be helpful!

VICKI: I know. (Laughing)

ELIAS: And encouraging of your movement! (Chuckling) How goes the extraterrestrials?

VICKI: Actually, quite interestingly! I think I saw one the other day!

ELIAS: And I shall validate that to you!

VICKI: It was pretty interesting! Not what I expected, though.

ELIAS: Quite; although your investigation leads you into the unexpected, but [also] into reality.

JO: Elias, just a question ... the Borledim thing again. I know personally I’m looking forward to focusing more on that to help me enrich myself. I feel that that’s what I need to focus on. I’m also curious with regard to my art. Would that be a byproduct?

ELIAS: An enhancement.

JO: Of the first action of self-nurturing?

ELIAS: Correct, and you shall be allowing yourself greater accomplishment. (Pause)

Very well. I shall be disengaging from you this day, and you may be invited to be engaging this essence of Elias as you are so choosing futurely. I shall be at your disposal, so to speak. And I express to you great affection for new little book characters, which I hold much affection for my characters within our book! (Laughter) To you both, to you all this day, I bid you quite affectionately, au revoir!

Elias departs at 1:40 PM.


(1) Vic’s note: this is in reference to a recent request on my part in which I asked Elias to be more specific in how he referred to himself. Prior to this, he had been calling himself “this essence,” which has caused quite a bit of confusion.

(2) Paul’s note: the following is from my dream journal, dated January 10, 1985:

“An incredible thing happened last night. In a dream, in a quasi-university setting, I walk into a smallish library room and seated there at the head of an oblong table is Jane [Roberts] and Rob [Butts]. Well, I’m pleased as anything! I say something like, ‘How are you two doing? I’ve wanted to meet you both for so long! Shit, I should have brought one of your books to autograph.’

“Then, I think to myself, I am struck by how young they look – late 30’s early 40’s. Did Rob dye his hair? (I’m thinking). Both looked vital – very alive – but from here on the focus is on Jane.

“I take a seat at the table – others my age enter and gather around the table. Next, Jane is sitting across from and then next to me. She closes her eyes and starts breathing heavy and moving and swaying, as if going into trance (I’m sure these are personal hallucinatory additions to the experience because they reflect my beliefs of a medium entering a trance. It was movie-like, stereotypical).

“Somehow, as she changes her focus inward I feel, sense, the air around changing, growing static. Then WHAM! She’s under.

“Next, she touched my left hand and it started to vibrate and tingle in a [pleasant] way. She said something to the effect that I should then touch any part of my body that needed healing, relief, or improvement. So I, feeling that my eyes were very glassy from smoking too much pot [during the recent holidays], touched my eyes – which then started to tingle and vibrate. It was a very pleasant feeling. My eyes felt ‘less glassy’ upon removing my hands, but I don’t recall looking in a mirror for visual confirmation.

“Next, other events happened as Jane-in-trance went to some others and did similar things.

“(I’m pretty sure that this ‘Jane’ was a guise taken by my own Oversoul to help me. I was laying and talking to myself for close to an hour last night saying to my inner self, in effect, I know I have these abilities. Hell, we all do to different degrees! Please help me to use them!! I’m frustrated as shit! I want to use them and need your guidance. I’m sure this dream was an answer.)

“Are these others, counterparts or other aspect selves? I suspect so but am not sure at present.

“Anyway, next is the best part! Jane rubs and massages my back to help my spinal, nerve, stress dissipate. I feel physically better in the dream.

“Next, Jane puts her hands from behind me – I’m still seated – over my eyes and temples. WHAM!!! I’M WIDE AWAKE!!! My consciousness is floating, spinning through the room. The others are distantly aware of this – observing me from their perspectives.

“I’m wide awake with the sense of Jane’s hands still touching my temples, forehead, and eyes – guiding me. I have no idea how long this lasted – 10-20 seconds – perhaps hours condensed into a minute. (I suspect that I was given a glimpse of multidimensional reality because all I can recall are shapes, hues, feelings, and motions but nothing solid in “normal” physical terms).

“Suddenly, it’s over. I’m back in the library room! I’m excited as hell saying, “Yes! That’s it. That’s what I know I can do (in terms of focus shift) and want to learn to do that for myself, to control it from my Paul-focus (thank you for the gift inner self!).

“I felt as though the others [present] couldn’t go as far as I had just gone (in terms of focus shift) and felt very special and utterly amazed. The sense of coming awake was so powerful, it still is with me as I write this, 9:40 AM. on a cold winter’s day.”

[A note added July 9, 2002: I realize now, based upon further experience, that I didn’t have a framework in which to adequately interpret this experience at the time. Still, it is now clear that this state of translogical perception was what some perennial traditions call “superconsciousness” – an altered state of no-time, no-space that is nondual in nature. There was no “I,” no sense of time, or objects, just Being. The best I can still do to describe the state is through contradictions like “sparkling darkness” or “shimmering stillness.” The following quote says it much more poetically:

“We shall find,” writes W.T. Stace, “paradoxicality is one of the common characteristics of all mysticism. … The assertion of this new kind of consciousness is completely paradoxical. One way of bringing out the paradox is to point out that what we are left with here, when the contents of consciousness are gone, is a kind of consciousness which has no objects. It is not a consciousness of anything, yet it is still consciousness. … Another aspect of the paradox is that this pure consciousness is simultaneously both positive and negative, something and nothing, a fullness and emptiness. It is pure peace, beatitude, joy … but … it is quite correct to say also that when we empty out all objects and contents of the mind there is nothing whatever left. … The commonest metaphor for the positive side is light and for the negative side is darkness. … We must not say that what we have here is a light in the darkness. For that would be no paradox. The paradox is that the light is the darkness, and the darkness is the light.” Teachings of the Mystics, p. 16, 22-23.]

And to be honest, I’m glad I had a “roadmap” of inner experience from nine years of studying the Seth and Jane books to help make sense out of things. Because otherwise, I might have aligned with the consensus worldview that said I was losing my grip on reality, rather than finally piercing the veil of self and experiencing what the mystics consider Primary Reality. And I wonder how many others out there in the six billion of us have similar experiences, either during sleep or waking cycles, and have no framework in which to interpret things, or go to health care professionals who have no clue or experience either?

(3) Vic’s note: this is in reference to Elias’ analogy of essence as a tree. Basically, he said that we could view a tree as essence, the branches as focuses of essence, the leaves as alternate selves and probable selves and splinters, and the seeds that fall to the ground as fragments, which then become an entirely new tree, but holding all the same qualities as the first tree.

Digests: find out more about essence; an overview.

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