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Tuesday, November 24, 1998

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“Desire vs. Wants”

“Which Inner Voice is the Voice of Essence?”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Deane (Leland).

Elias arrives at 11:04 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning! (Grinning)

DEANE: And good morning to you, sir, and the best of the day, such as it is here! (Elias chuckles) Are you ready for my questions, sir?

ELIAS: Quite! You may proceed.

DEANE: Can you tell me my essence name, family, and alignment, and the essence name, family, and alignment for my wife Sandy?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Leland; L-E-L-A-N-D. Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Tumold.

Essence name for partner, Meusse; M-E-U-S-S-E. (pronounced mue-say’) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Milumet.

DEANE: I thank you. I have problems consciously identifying communications from essence. If I’m following an impulse or if I need advice and counsel, and shall we say “go inside to get it,” I do not know how to tell if what I am receiving is from THAT portion of myself or something resulting from wishes, hopes, and dreams. I recently lost money in the options market because I thought the communications I received were really, really valid! Now, how do I tell the difference between a valid communication from this portion of myself, and one that is not? Or was it valid to begin with, setting me up so I would lose? (Elias grins)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Interesting question!

Now; let me explain to you that at times you may be receiving information from essence that in your terms appear[s] to be in actuality “setting you up,” so to speak, for within the probabilities that you create and in alignment with your intent, at times you may be choosing certain lines of probabilities to be creating certain actions that shall gain your attention and shall allow you to be moving forward within your probabilities, offering you information that you shall pay attention to and that shall be beneficial to you within the creation of other probabilities. In this situation, let me express to you that many individuals become confused in identifying which voice to be listening to within themselves.

I have expressed previously that you may be experiencing two small voices within you and this may be creating of confusion at times, for as you choose to be moving into listening to self and within, if you are experiencing two small voices, you may become distracted and not be comprehending which voice is that which you may be listening to.

Let me express to you that in these types of situations, what you have created is a second small voice which is not the communication of essence, but it is a means of communication of yourself within your wants – not necessarily your desires, but in alignment with your wants – that has quite efficiently learned to camouflage itself in the disguise that appears quite similar to that small, quiet voice of essence. In this, you may be expressing at times communication to yourself with regard to your objective wants.

Now; let me also express to you that this is not bad or negative or wrong, for in listening to this particular voice you may be creating of events and actions that may appear to you to be negative or distressing, but they also are beneficial to you in different manners. In one respect they are beneficial to you, for they offer to you the opportunity to distinguish between these two voices. They also offer you the opportunity to view certain aspects of your creations that may be moving in these types of manners to be offering you more information as to the direction in which you are creating your reality.

At times individuals are creating of these types of actions, that they may view certain elements of their intent and how they may be moving away from their particular intent within their individual focus. Many individuals align with mass belief systems and distract themselves in these areas and move slightly off the mark within the expression of their individual intent, and in such situations they shall offer to themselves events and creations that shall gain their attention and in this offer them information as to how they may be realigning themselves within the expression of their individual intent.

In this particular situation that you have created, you have offered yourself the opportunity to view both of these actions; one to be identifying that voice which you have created within you that is expressive of your wants, but are not necessarily in alignment with your intent. Therefore, this offers you information.

It also offers you the opportunity to view the difference in the smaller voice, which is that voice of essence. The voice of essence which speaks to you shall always be the softer voice than any other communication. This be the reason that many individuals hold difficulty in the area of identifying this communication of essence to physical focus and objective awareness. Are you understanding?

DEANE: I think so, except you say that there is a difference between my wants and my intent. I thought they were the same, particularly in this situation.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This may be confusing with many individuals within physical focus.

Your DESIRE is that which motivates your intent and follows your intent within a particular focus, but your desire is not necessarily the same as your objective wants. Wants are those elements that are motivated within you in alignment with mass belief systems and within your objective reality, but they do not necessarily always follow your intent within a particular focus.

In this, you may also confuse yourself by rationalizing and offering yourself many reasons why certain wants may be beneficial to your particular intent, but let me also express to you that within physical focus, you are quite accomplished at fitting information into your beliefs, regardless of whether they actually fit within your reality or not!

DEANE: Alright. I will move to another subject. I have had internal perceptions of a Mexican male, also another male that is or was in jail – he’s not too nice a guy (Elias grins) – an old homeless woman who died derelict on the streets in the 60’s by the name of Susan Mahoney, and some years ago, a lady that was me in the future visiting me through hypnosis. Are these some of my alternate selves, and is the name I received correct?

ELIAS: These would be other focuses of your essence, not alternate selves. Alternate selves are those aspects of yourself within this particular focus; all of the you’s of you within this individual focus. These individuals that you have connected to are other focuses – manifest within this dimension – of your essence, and you are correct within the identification of physical name.

DEANE: I see. Often, as I am dozing off for a few moments, I will hear voices and conversation, like I was sitting in on a conversation. Can you tell me about this experience?

ELIAS: This also is an allowance that you have offered to yourself in connecting with other aspects of essence, other focuses of your essence, and at times, probable selves that you have created.

In this, you allow yourself to be privy to certain actions that are occurring with these other focuses and probable selves. This offers you, if you are paying attention, the opportunity to explore more of yourself and all of the aspects of yourself.

If you are allowing yourself to be open to these experiences and moving in this direction, this may open a quite efficient window for you within consciousness to access other areas of consciousness, to be offering yourself more experiences and more information.

In allowing yourself to move in this direction initially, it provides you with the assurance of safety, so to speak, in moving into other areas of consciousness. Therefore, this would be facilitating of opening that particular window that may allow you to access OTHER areas of consciousness, not merely limited to your own essence.

DEANE: I thank you for that. I sort of thought that was what that was. Again to another subject: I am a writer with three published books to my credit. I wrote a novel, completed some twelve years ago, and slightly modified since. It is still in manuscript form, as it has not been sold. I originally titled it “Transition,” as my intent, among other things, was to expose the reader of this novel to this shift in consciousness that you speak of. I thought a novel would be a good way to do it. I would like you to guide me in understanding why I have not been able to sell this manuscript.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) First of all, let me express to you that one of the reasons for the blocking of this particular manuscript, so to speak, is the titling of the work. I am quite understanding that you have moved in the direction of attempting to be altering the title of this particular work previously, although the title remains inaccurate. In this, I offer you the suggestion to be examining your impressions and allowing yourself initially to move in the direction of renaming your work, so to speak.

Let me express to you that the action of transition is quite different in many aspects from the action of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, in recognition of this, you yourself, in conjunction with other essences, have blocked this expression, for it is inaccurate in its presentment.

As to your attempt at altering its naming, you continue to move in the direction of inaccurate expression.

The action of this shift in consciousness is not to be aligning with belief systems. Therefore, if you are moving in the direction of offering a work to be expressive of this shift in consciousness, it is defeating of the purpose to align with mass belief systems, which is what you have offered in part; not merely with your titling – although this is the expression which you have offered to yourself to be bringing this element to your attention – but within certain areas within this work, you also align with certain mass belief systems, and in this expression, the work may lend energy to the holding of mass belief systems.

If you are incorporating slightly more information to be moving in the direction of the acceptance of belief systems – not the elimination of them but the acceptance of them, and not the alignment with mass belief systems, and not moving in the direction of reinforcing metaphysical belief systems – you may find that your work may be more accepted.

DEANE: I see. I have changed the title to “Preacher, Preacher,” and then I changed it again to “Green Path to Glory” because it reflected the monetary aspects of televangelism. You’re saying then that none of those fit what’s being presented. I did understand, after reading your work here over the last two weeks or so, where I was going wrong within the text of that, within the story line, and I have already had in mind changes to make in that regard. But again, the titles, those three, are not adequate to express the body of that book then.

ELIAS: Correct. I am aware that you have attempted to be altering your title to your work, but within each of the expressions that you have created for this work, you are continuing to align with mass belief systems, and in this, it is an incorrect expression of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, it is the red flag, so to speak, to yourself to be noticing and to be allowing yourself to move in the direction of an expression that is more accurately in alignment with this shift in consciousness.

I also hold awareness that you are allowing yourself new awarenesses in reconnecting with this work in the area of its inaccuracies in conjunction to this shift in consciousness. This is not merely information that you have allowed yourself that I have presented, but also, it is coupled with information that you are allowing to bleed through from subjective awareness to your objective awareness yourself.

Be remembering of your alignment within this focus, and in that, your intent within conjunction to this shift in consciousness is to be restoring elements to their natural state, and in this offering helpfulness to other individuals in a natural manner that may be beneficial to them, but not aligning with mass belief systems.

DEANE: I understand. Speaking of belief systems ... now, our values are based on our belief systems, are they not?


DEANE: Let’s say that I discover my wife is having an affair with my best friend that has continued for thirty years. Am I not to judge? Am I to say, “Well, it’s only the belief system of faithfulness that makes this wrong?” Am I to accept her actions and not feel bad because of the realization that this is just one manner of believing?

ELIAS: These are difficult areas for individuals within physical focus, for your belief systems are very strong, and the mass belief systems that you have established within your officially accepted reality hold great strength and energy.

Now; let me express to you that in the presentment of your inquiry, you are also expressive – without actual words but within your tone and your feeling – of a negative quality of acceptance of belief systems, for your expression moves in the direction of, “Shall I merely be accepting in the manner of, ‘It matters not. Oh well. It is merely an alignment of belief systems?’” In actuality, this is quite correct, but notice your expression of this statement and the emotion that accompanies this.

In this, I have been expressing from the onset of these sessions that the first area of acceptance is the acceptance of self, and in this, addressing to your individual belief systems and your alignment with mass belief systems. As you look more and more to self and you begin to allow yourself an objective understanding of the reality of your belief systems and how they are affecting of you and all that you create, you may view more and more that these expressions ALL lead back, so to speak, to each individual’s lack of acceptance of self in any given area.

I am understanding of the difficulty in moving into the realization of the reality of these aspects of belief systems, but this would be the point and also the reason that I have expressed many, many times that there shall be trauma associated with this shift in consciousness. You do not necessarily so very easily let loose your hold upon these very large aspects of belief systems!

Now; in the situation of this hypothetical action – that your wife may be engaged in a relationship with another individual for a time framework and you are holding a responsiveness to this – I express to you that every situation holds many choices. NONE of the choices that move in conjunction with each situation are negative or wrong or bad. They are merely choices.

Therefore, in your partner’s choice of experience, this is not wrong. But also, your choice of response, regardless of which direction you move within, is not wrong either. But they ARE all influenced by your mass belief systems.

Now; within the action of this shift in consciousness and moving in the direction of alignment with that shift, it behooves you to be addressing to your own belief systems and identifying why you shall hold an expression of hurtfulness in response to another individual’s choice of action.

Let me be reminding you that no other individual is hurtful to you. Although they may be influencing of you in many different manners, they are not creating of hurtfulness to you. YOU are creating of this response and emotion or feeling, in response to areas of self that you are reinforcing in the area of lack of acceptance of self.

Are you understanding? For I may clarify, if you are not.

DEANE: Well, I think that I do, but my question was really directed at so many different belief systems, and if we’re here to experience emotions, how can we not experience them without values being stressed? If you accepted all belief systems as belief systems, then there would be no reason to feel emotions at anything that went right or wrong. Am I not right?

ELIAS: Ah, not necessarily! You are very accustomed to associating your emotions with your value systems and your moral systems and your belief system of duplicity: the right and wrong, the good and bad.

But acceptance of belief systems is not the elimination of emotion, but that you shall allow yourselves to experience emotion in a new manner, not necessarily in conjunction with the confines of your belief systems. You may be experiencing quite a fullness of your emotion and this may not align with your belief systems at all, but merely with your choices, and the choice to be experiencing pleasure or to not be experiencing pleasure.

In this, you continue to be creating of the experiences of your emotions, but you allow yourself the realistic understanding of what you are creating with your intent, and in this you offer yourself the ability to experience more fully.

(Intently) You are not limiting or eliminating aspects of your reality and your experiences. You are opening and allowing yourself to experience these elements more fully.

DEANE: I think I understand. I’ll read that later to let it all sink in, because we are under a time constraint.

Can you give me a specific procedure to follow to correct my eye problems? I’m a borderline glaucomic, and I have some focusing and far-sightedness problems that are complicated by astigmatism. I don’t know why I’m creating this, and I’m wondering what I can do to fix it and make it right.

ELIAS: Ah! Another question of methods! (Chuckling) Let me offer to you a reasoning for your creation, and also I may offer to you an exercise that you may be practicing, and in this you may be allowing yourself to be affecting of your creation.

First of all, you are creating and have been creating this particular visionary affectingness for the reason that you are attempting to gain your own attention in the area of moving your awareness inward and looking more to your individual intent, that you may be more fully expressive of it within this focus. In this, you are creating an objective expression to be blocking out the outside information, so to speak, that you may be concentrating more fully upon inward creations, looking to more of your subjective awarenesses and not focusing so strongly upon your objective awareness. In this, as you are allowing yourself to be connecting with this energy and this creation, this may be a helpful element to you in affecting of this particular visionary creation.

Also, I may express to you that if you are allowing yourself to be aligning your energy centers each day and noticing throughout your day each aspect of your behavior which is affecting visually, you may be beginning to affect not holding energy in this particular creation so very strongly. Each time you are moving into areas of mass belief systems which are not in alignment with your individual intent and creating strength in judgment in these areas, you reinforce the perpetuation of your visual affectingness. In this....

DEANE: That is quite clear. That is quite clear! Because as you speak, I am remembering things!

ELIAS: In this, as you address to these actions within your behavior, you also are affecting of the energy that you hold in this area, and you may loose your hold and begin to be uncreating these visual affectingness[es].

DEANE: I see, and I thank you for that; particularly that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

DEANE: I have some other unrelated questions. Is it correct that my father had a great deal of money in Switzerland that was supposed to be distributed to his children after his death? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct in this area, although these funds, so to speak, have been diverted in certain manners.

DEANE: Well, is there anything that can be done to bring this distribution about? (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: These are quite crystal ball questions! I may express to you that the probability of altering the occurrences that have been created in conjunction with this situation are quite less probable. I express to you that no action holds impossibility within your focus, but certain situations are less probable than other situations.

Therefore, I express to you that within this particular situation, moving in this type of direction may not necessarily be very affecting, for the energy has been projected already within objective terms to be creating of less probable probabilities to be allowing your accessing of this monetary gain, so to speak.

DEANE: I have a grandson whose name is Matthew, and when he was quite young, just a few months old, and I was tending to him, I kept getting these impressions that he was an extremely special child, and when I read your comments on these children regarding the Rose ... I just have to ask if my grandson would be one of those petals from the Rose, so to speak.

ELIAS: This would not be a physical manifestation of these nine small ones which are physically manifest presently, but I may be expressive to you in the area that the reason that you hold the intensity of this impression is that this particular focus within that small one holds the essence family of Borledim and also aligns with the family of Vold, which are both orchestrating of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, this individual moves quite expressively in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, in choosing to be quite affecting of many other individuals in alignment with this shift in consciousness.

DEANE: Okay, and I thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

DEANE: Regarding two historical figures, Mahatma Gandhi and George Washington Carver, were these people, shall we say, extra special, like Jesus was? (Elias grins)

ELIAS: Ah! I express to you that none of these individuals that you have mentioned may be classified as “extra special,” for they hold no difference in qualities than you or any other individual!

What you perceive to be a difference is the difference of expression that they choose in alignment with their particular intents within individual focuses, but YOU hold all of the same qualities of essence – AND within your individual focuses – as any of these individuals. You also hold the ability to be tapping into all of the same information that these individuals have tapped into within consciousness.

In actuality, if we may be using Mahatma Gandhi as an example, you, within this particular time framework and awareness and moving more fully into the action of this shift in consciousness, hold MORE ability of accessing information within consciousness, in the respect of more of an ease than that individual held objectively.

For as I have expressed, this shift in consciousness – within linear terms – began at the turn of this particular century, and as it nears the end of this particular century, it gains much more momentum and intensity in its movement and in its expressiveness. Many more individuals hold more of an objective awareness of this shift in consciousness presently than did within the beginning throes of this particular century.

Therefore, you all offer yourselves more of an openness to the movements of this shift and to other areas of consciousness, not necessarily limiting yourselves to your objective awarenesses.

That particular individual, although being quite affecting within physical focus in many areas, also aligned quite strongly with certain mass belief systems in areas of religious belief systems.

DEANE: Well, let me interrupt here – I’m going to call this a “test question” – because back in 1955, some forty years ago, I started communicating with an entity like yourself who we called Frances. Would you care to comment on the validity of those communications, and how they might differ from this communication with you? She was the one that told us that Carver and Gandhi were part of what she called the messianic consciousness of which Jesus and other messiahs were a part, here to provide very specific information for the advancement, if you will, of mankind on this planet.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking you are correct, although be recognizing that this communication also is offered within the confines of the existing belief systems of the time framework.

DEANE: Uh-huh!

ELIAS: In this, the correctness is that these individuals HAVE lent energy quite strongly and efficiently to the movement of this shift in consciousness and have been drawing attention to different aspects of acceptance, which is the base line of this shift in consciousness: acceptance of self and acceptance of belief systems. But these are forerunners, so to speak, to this time period, for now you move into the area of offering yourselves information outside of mass belief systems, the continuation of the movement, the new information of the acceptance of belief systems and not necessarily the alignment with mass belief systems.

But be remembering also that you have all en masse moved into the expression of this shift in consciousness in increments. You would not be accepting of the expressions in this manner were they to be expressed 50 to 75 years previous within your history, for you had not allowed yourselves within your officially accepted reality to prepare yourselves for this type of information.

But you HAVE provided yourselves with certain individuals, within this century especially, that have quite rocked your boats and have offered you information in new thought-provoking areas that have been a preparation for your movement presently within the action of this shift, and there are many more individuals that also have contributed to these expressions within this particular century.

DEANE: I understand, and let me be brief because I realize we do not have much time left. I have two things left to ask, if you would be so kind. Sandy is my wife. Can you provide me information regarding her foot, back, and shoulder problems, and what either of can do to eliminate these problems? (Pause)

ELIAS: I express to you that you may be addressing to held belief systems and fearfulness, which is affecting of movement through certain issues that are held. In this, the objective imagery which is being provided with the foot is the reluctance to be moving, so to speak. This is created in imagery with the foot, as this represents your manner in which you allow yourselves mobility.

DEANE: You say moving. Are you talking about mobility, or are you talking about moving to another job, or are you talking about moving to another home in another place?

ELIAS: No. The objective imagery is physical movement or mobility, which is the mirror expression of the mobility within subjective terms, so to speak, and as there is fearfulness held in certain areas in addressing to certain movements, the individual objectively creates an affectingness within foot, which is the mirror action in imagery of a reluctance to be allowing movement within the addressing to belief systems, and moving forward, so to speak, in your terms, in the area of letting go of certain areas of duplicity within this individual.

Now; this also is reflected in the area of back and shoulder. This is directly related to energy held as an objective creation of imagery, in an underlying element or issue of the feeling of lack of support in certain areas and of holding personal responsibility.

Now; let me express how these three elements move together. The shoulder is the objective expression mirrored outwardly of the underlying feeling that she is supportive of other individuals and holding personal responsibility for other individuals. This is affecting of the back, for the feeling which is outwardly mirrored in the expression of the creation of the back affectingness is that this supportiveness is not necessarily responded to and offered back to her by other individuals. In this, there is an underlying expectation within the belief system held, creating an issue that there should be this supportiveness lent back to her, but....

DEANE: At home or at work?

ELIAS: In both areas. But that this should not be communicated outwardly and requested, but merely should be offered by other individuals. This is a quite common aspect of belief systems, and may be very affecting as it becomes an issue.

In this, there is also an underlying recognition with this individual that these are expressions of her own lack of acceptance of self, and therefore is projecting outwardly, but shall not allow herself to be projecting outwardly to other individuals, for this shall appear arrogant, self-centered, selfish, and demanding, all of which hold negative connotations. Therefore, she turns this energy upon self, and creates the expression of hurtfulness to self instead.

The foot is the expression of a reluctance to be letting go of this particular issue, therefore restricting movement in objective terms, which is the mirror action of the restriction of movement within subjective terms.

DEANE: That is so very clear to me, especially after your explanation. The very last thing I have is a request for any other comments that you might have that you think maybe would be of benefit to me at this point in my focus.

ELIAS: I may offer to you, and also to your partner, to be allowing yourselves to move in the direction of addressing to the energy that you hold within the area of duplicity, for this is quite affecting of you both in your expressions of lack of acceptance of self in certain areas, which are quite affecting in physical aspects of both of your focuses.

If you are allowing yourselves to be addressing to these issues that you hold and noticing and loosening your hold upon your own energies in these areas, allowing yourselves, in your physical terms, to be taking the risk, so to speak – although there is no risk (chuckling) – you may be finding new freedoms, and you may also provide yourself with less painfulness and less physical affectingness within your physical forms.

Therefore, I am quite encouraging of you both to be allowing yourselves to lend energy to each other in this new endeavor, in addressing to these energies that you each hold which creates physical affectingness. This is quite unnecessary, and you may be quite affecting of these areas if you are so choosing, and in this you may also automatically be affecting of much more of your own creative expressions.

I am quite encouraging of you both in this area!

DEANE: Elias, I thank you very, very much. I will drink two cold beers for you this evening, in your honor and for your help, sir!

ELIAS: Ah! (Grinning)

DEANE: And I will enjoy them very much for you too! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very good! You may toast an ale for myself within your physical focus, and indulge in the pleasures of this physical creation! (Chuckling)

DEANE: Thank you, Elias!

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I am quite encouraging of you, and you may express my warmth in regards to your partner also. I anticipate our next meeting and I shall be offering you much energy, that you may be accomplishing effortlessly futurely.

I also offer to you that if you allow yourself objectively to be connecting and noticing in your endeavor with your manuscript, I shall lend energy to you and offer you some communications in helpfulness in altering the expression of this work, which shall lend to its publication, so to speak. You shall notice my participation with you in objective terms, as you notice blue and also electrical occurrences during your participation with that manuscript. (Chuckling)

DEANE: Now, you know that calls for three beers instead of two!

ELIAS: Ah! Hear, hear! (Deane laughs and Elias chuckles)

DEANE: I thank you, my friend. Thank you so very much!

ELIAS: And I offer much affection to you, my friend. To you this day, I quite heartily bid you a very fond adieu!

Elias departs at 12:16 PM.

Margot’s note: Thoroughly delightful transcribing!

Vic’s note: This reminds me of Bob/Siman, who always used to say that he just wanted to take Elias out for a beer!

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