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Saturday, October 16, 1999

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“Creature Consciousness”

“Probabilities as Potentiality”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Lorraine (Kayia).

Elias arrives at 10:44 AM. (Arrival time is 29 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning! (Smiling)

LORRAINE: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: We meet again!

LORRAINE: (Laughing) We do! Face to face!

Alright, I’d like to ask you just a few quickie questions. You did give me my essence name, my family of consciousness, and alignment, but I’d like to know my orientation, if you could tell me that. (Pause)

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

LORRAINE: Okay, and I’d like to ask you the same items about my boyfriend: essence name, family of consciousness, alignment, and orientation, if you would tell me those things – Peter. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Mannah; M-A-N-N-A-H. (man’nah) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Vold; orientation within this focus, common.

LORRAINE: That’s good. Then we’re the same orientation. Thank you.

I have a friend who asked me to ask those same questions for him. He’s at the University of Iowa – George. He’s been reading the transcripts and he’s been a Seth reader for years, so I told him I’d see if you would give me that information for him. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Vaunette; V-A-U-N-E-T-T-E. (von-yet’) Essence family, Borledim; alignment, Milumet; orientation, common.

LORRAINE: Okay, that’s all of that type of stuff. Now I’d like to ask you a little bit about animals. I know that you know that I’m kind of an animal person.

I had a dog recently who passed away, who disengaged on September 10, and I guess I don’t really understand exactly what happens with animals. Does the same thing happen to an animal when it disengages, as a person? Does it go into transition?

I read a book once called “Always, Karen,” and she told her mother after she passed on that one of the things she did on the other side was to help animals pass over. Does that really happen? Do animals need to be helped during the transition period, and if so, was there somebody there for Caesar, helping him to transition?

ELIAS: Let me express to you:

Within the action of what is created with creatures, your creatures do not hold belief systems. Therefore, it is unnecessary for them, within the action of disengagement, to be entering into an action of transition. There is no need for transitioning with creatures, for they need not be shedding belief systems, for they do not hold belief systems within physical focus.

The action of transition is quite purposeful. This action is to be shedding the belief systems which are associated with any particular physical dimension, for within areas of consciousness that are removed from physical dimensions, belief systems are unnecessary.

LORRAINE: So there are areas of consciousness where there are no belief systems, no beliefs at all?

ELIAS: Correct. Belief systems are relative to physical dimensions. But within physical dimensions, there are elements of consciousness which are created, such as your creatures, that do not involve themselves in the alignment with or the participation with belief systems, for it is unnecessary in conjunction with their existence, so to speak.

Therefore, as a creature chooses to be disengaging physical focus, it does not enter the action of transition. In this, the creature, as an element of consciousness, chooses in the moment of disengagement how it shall continue to explore consciousness.

Now; creatures are not essence. I am aware that this may be distressing to you, but let me explain.

LORRAINE: So there’s consciousness that’s not essence.

ELIAS: Yes. In this, within consciousness, there are elements of consciousness that choose to be forming a personality essence. This is an energy configuration of consciousness that creates a specific design, so to speak, of consciousness, and these are termed essences.

Now; I am understanding that this concept is quite difficult within physical understanding, for there is no separation in actuality, but your language is limiting, and therefore it creates difficulties in explanations.

There is no separation within consciousness. Consciousness is consciousness. But there are elements of consciousness that designate themselves, in a manner of speaking, as individual personality essences. These are expressions of consciousness.

LORRAINE: Once they have done that, do they always remain that? Or can they choose not to ... in other words, go back and not be one of those, and be a cat or a dog at some point? Once you’re an essence, are you always essence after that? I guess that’s my question.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that as an essence is created, it does not uncreate itself as essence, although I shall also express to you, this is not an absolute. It is not a situation that it is impossible for this action to occur, but the action occurs quite purposefully in the exploration of becoming.

It is an avenue of consciousness in the exploration of becoming. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be uncreating itself as essence.

LORRAINE: Okay, so once we have this consciousness that’s become essence, is there ... let me think. The consciousness that’s not essence, that you say are creatures, they’re not from consciousness that is essence. So let’s say the consciousness that is creatures, does that consciousness at some point ... or can that consciousness then decide that it wants to pursue this other avenue of essence?

ELIAS: Yes, and in actuality....

LORRAINE: So, my essence could have been a cat. It could have been consciousness at some point that was creatures or whatever, that was doing something else and then pursued this avenue and now is essence, you’re saying? It’s very confusing!

ELIAS: Hypothetically speaking, this is possible, although this is not the situation that has been created.

There are a group of creatures within this particular dimension that have chosen to become essences, which I have expressed previously within recent time framework. Those of your water mammals, your whales and dolphins, these creatures have chosen to be creating of essence within consciousness.

As to the creation of other creatures within this particular dimension, they are creations of yours.

As essence, you manipulate energy within consciousness to be creating of all of the physical elements which are, in your terms, within existence within your physical universe. Therefore, you have also created your creatures.

Now; be understanding, once created, they subsequently hold their own choices. You do not create their reality for them. You merely have created the design and inserted that design into your physical reality.

Now; in this, as these creatures are not essences, they do not hold belief systems. They participate in reality in conjunction with you, and participate in actions in conjunction with your belief systems. Therefore, your belief systems are affecting of them, but they themselves do not hold and align with your belief systems.

Therefore, as they choose to be disengaging – for they also choose this action, just as you choose – what occurs within that moment is the creation of another choice, and in that choice, they may choose to reconfigure the energy of their consciousness to be remanifesting within this dimension if they are so choosing, or they may choose to be reconfiguring the energy of consciousness and participate within another physical dimension in a very different manner, or they may choose to be reconfiguring their energy and creating of any other element within physical dimensions, or to not be manifesting within physical dimensions at all.

LORRAINE: Alright. So do you know at this point what Caesar chose, if he chose to remanifest here in this time framework, in this place? (20-second pause)

ELIAS: This configuration of energy within consciousness has chosen to be re-creating physical reality within this particular dimension, within this same physical continent but removed from this particular physical location, in the physical form, recently manifest – or in your physical terms born – an elk.

LORRAINE: Interesting. Okay, I’d like to ask you something else. This is another animal thing and then we’ll get off the animals, but I want to find out what physically happened, if you can tell me, to this dog that was my mother’s dog that disappeared when she was seventeen years old, and we just never found her. I think what I’d like to know is, exactly what happened to her when she disappeared that night, and if she disengaged shortly around that period of time. It was in August of ‘95. (Pause)

ELIAS: No, this creature has not disengaged.

LORRAINE: She hasn’t? Do you know where she went then, or did someone pick her up and take her? (Pause)

ELIAS: This creature has assumed what you would term to be residence with another individual, and participates in a reality with a small child.

LORRAINE: Is she still in Burlington, New Jersey? (Pause)

ELIAS: No. This has been a relocation, in physical location of your province of Maryland.

LORRAINE: Oh, okay. That’s very interesting. Alright.

Now, I did say there wasn’t gonna be any more animal questions, BUT (laughing) this isn’t like a specific animal question. This is just a general question. I was wondering if the animal rights movement – the way it’s currently going these days – is related to or influenced at all by the shift that’s occurring. Does that have anything to do with the shift?

ELIAS: Yes. Now; this also, as you are aware, is directly influenced by your mass belief systems, but I shall express to you that underlyingly, the motivation for this type of action and movement within energy is quite similar to the movement of energy that individuals have been creating for much time framework in conjunction with what you term to be environmental activities.

In this, there is a motivating wave in energy which is affecting objectively in conjunction with your belief systems, but underlyingly it is a partial element of remembrance. This is an objective display of an element of your remembrance within the action of this shift, and what it is expressing to you all is the lack of separation between yourselves and all that you have created within this physical dimension.

You view yourselves quite separate from what you term and identify to be nature, but all that is within your physical dimension is an expression of yourselves and of consciousness, and therefore it is not separated from you. Therefore also, all that you create in conjunction with all of your environment and all of your universe is an expression of yourselves and is affecting of yourselves.

You, within your belief systems, view this action in the reverse. You view that outside elements – your atmosphere, your weather patterns, your creatures, your earth, your universe – that all of the actions that occur within all of these elements are affecting of you. This an element of your belief systems. In actuality, it is the reverse.

You are creating all of the movements in conjunction with all that you have created in physical matter, and this is dictated by your expressions of energy emotionally, electrically, through your thought processes, and as you move energy in conjunction to your beliefs, you are affecting of all of your universe. It is not affecting of you. It mirrors to you what you are expressing.

Therefore, in these types of expressions in mass movements, so to speak, this is an evidence, in a manner of speaking, of your opening to your recognition of the remembrance of no separation within consciousness.

Now; it is quite influenced by your objective recognition of belief systems, and many individuals are quite influenced to the point of fanaticism in these areas, although it matters not. This is merely their individual expression within their individual focus.

But this is the underlying motivation in why these types of movements have been created in such force, so to speak.

LORRAINE: Okay. Alright, let me ask you a question about Pete and myself. Can you tell me how many focuses I share with him? (Pause)

ELIAS: Seven.

LORRAINE: Some are future, some are past? (Pause)

ELIAS: Two future.

LORRAINE: Five current ... now? In the same period?

ELIAS: All of your focuses are now! (Grinning)

LORRAINE: Well, you know what I mean! (Laughing)

ELIAS: But as to your inquiry, I shall designate that the other focuses are past.

LORRAINE: Past, okay. How about my mother? How many focuses do I have with her? (Pause)

ELIAS: In different capacities of relationships varying, eight.

LORRAINE: Eight. It feels like a thousand! Let’s see. I don’t know if I should ask you these questions. These are questions that remind me of a Seth book. Probabilities – I know the probability of something occurring changes all the time, but at this point in time, in physical time, what is the probability that Pete will become interested in this material and start reading Seth and Elias? (Pause)

ELIAS: There is a probability in motion which is already partially manifesting objectively in which this individual holds moderate objective interest. But in the capacity of which you are speaking, it is less probable that this individual shall be moving in the direction of engaging this type of information objectively with extreme enthusiasm. (Chuckling, and Lorraine laughs)

LORRAINE: So don’t bet on it! Talking about probabilities, what are the probabilities that he and I will marry in this physical lifetime?

ELIAS: Ah, and this would be your choice! (Grinning)

LORRAINE: I just want to know what the probabilities are! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And this is the engagement of the cosmic lottery! (Chuckling) Shall we spin the roulette wheel and view where the ball lands?

In this, I express to you presently, within the probabilities that you each are creating now, you are not creating this particular probability. This is not to say that you may not alter that and be creating of that probability, but within this present now, you have not created a movement in that particular direction.

LORRAINE: That sounds right to me. Okay, someplace I was reading in one of the transcripts that you had talked about, in coming into a focus, that when we choose to be born here in this physical reality and we choose a focus, we bring a group of probabilities with us?

ELIAS: A pool of probabilities.

LORRAINE: A pool of probabilities, and everybody has different probabilities that they bring with them?

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: And you said that part of the shift is that we’re gonna widen those pools of probabilities, add more probabilities to that pool of probabilities?

ELIAS: Not entirely. Within the action of this shift, what you are creating is a wider awareness, which offers you objectively greater expression of creativity, less limitation, and more remembrance of essence and of consciousness, which you shall incorporate into your physical reality objectively.

In this, you also shall allow yourselves, in the acceptance of belief systems, the ability to be creating your reality intentionally, objectively. You are intentionally creating your reality now, but you do not always allow yourself now to be objectively aware of what you are creating and why you are creating and how you are creating.

LORRAINE: So we’ll be more consciously creating of our....

ELIAS: Objectively.

LORRAINE: Objectively, right.

ELIAS: Yes, and in this, as you allow yourselves to be more aware objectively, you expand your creativity. You allow yourself a greater area of exploration within your physical dimension and a greater ability of expressing your creativity. You create much less obstacles, less conflict, and less limitation.

In this – within probabilities – you are not necessarily expanding your probabilities, for probabilities are limitless. What you are expanding is your awareness of the probabilities, for you are expanding your awareness of reality.

To this point within your physical dimension, you have created a vision that encompasses this, in reality (palms facing each other, four inches apart). You allow yourselves to view this narrow stream of your physical reality, and you hold your abilities and your creativity within this narrow stream.

In allowing yourself the remembrance, in offering yourself a wider awareness objectively – for this is a very objective dimension and reality – you expand your view to this (palms twelve inches apart), and you allow yourself much more objective freedoms.

Now; within this (palms four inches apart), you hold all of the probabilities, which are endless. You continue to hold the same probabilities within this (palms twelve inches apart). Your ability to create and actualize probabilities is not limited, although you view it to be limited, even within this (palms twelve inches apart).

But as you view it to be limited, objectively you limit yourself. You do not view all of the choices that are available to you, and therefore you do not actualize all of your choices. But as you widen your awareness, you begin to view much more of your choices, and therefore allow yourself the ability to be engaging and actualizing much more of your choices.

As to a pool of probabilities that you enter into physical focus with, this is relatively speaking, for it is not a thing, so to speak, that you bring with you into your physical reality. It is a potentiality. Probabilities do not lie before you. They are not within the distance or within the future. Probabilities are created and actualized within the moment.

They may not appear within your actual physical reality for a time framework, for you may set probabilities into motion, and as you have set them into motion in the precisement of your creation of your reality in this dimension, you also choose the immaculateness of linear time framework in which to actualize the physical presentment of certain probabilities. Therefore, some probabilities may not actualize immediately within your linear time framework.

But as to their creation, probabilities are created within the moment. They are not laid all before you, and you are viewing them all, and choosing one as opposed to another. No. You are instantaneously, within the moment, creating of each and all of your probabilities within consciousness, and in that action, you are also actualizing all of the probabilities that you shall not insert into your physical reality within Regional Area 1.

Now; as to your pool of probabilities, once again, this is a potentiality. This is a direction in conjunction with your intent that you manifest within a particular focus. Therefore, what is meant by a pool of probabilities is the energy which you manifest as you choose an intent to be manifesting into physical reality with, and a particular direction which you orchestrate in conjunction with your intent and the potentiality of that direction.

Now; this be the reason also that you may be pulling from outside of your individual pool of probabilities and you may be creating tremendous alterations within one focus of your direction, and individuals do create this type of action. It is not tremendously common, for the most part, but it does occur within physical focuses.

LORRAINE: Thank you. This is just a little thing here. I created something recently known as chiggers. What was my purpose in that? Why did I create this outbreak of chiggers to drive me nuts for the past two weeks?

ELIAS: Ah, and this, once again, (Lorraine laughs) shall move in conjunction to your involvement with your creatures!


ELIAS: Now; let me express to you, many times....

Vic’s note: Here, there is a brief interruption when somebody knocks on the door.

ELIAS: We have spoken many times previously, within this forum, of individuals and how the belief systems of individuals are affecting of creatures, and I have offered information as to how individuals manipulate energy and how creatures may be in agreement to be assuming certain physical expressions, and at times what may be translated as emotional expressions ... although they are not emotional expressions of the creature. They are a translation of the emotional expression of the individual which the creature assumes and in agreement chooses to be expressing in conjunction with the individual that it participates with. But I have offered information in this direction of expressing how all of you as individuals are affecting of your creatures.

In this particular situation, as you choose to participate in a reality in conjunction very closely with many different creatures, you have chosen at times – and this is an example of one of these time frameworks – to be allowing yourself physical expressions in conjunction with your creatures.

In this, creatures many times are physically affected – this is quite physical terms, that you may understand – by what you term to be your physical environment.

Now; understand that their participation in the exchange of all that is within your physical environment is different from your participation, for they do not hold belief systems.


ELIAS: But in this, as they do not view this separation between themselves – as a creation of consciousness or a manifestation of consciousness – and all other elements of consciousness, they are not affected in the same manner by all other elements of consciousness within your physical reality as you become affected.

Now; objectively within your view, as it is colored by your belief systems, you may view a creature to be affected by some element within your environment – a tick, a parasite, a plant – and you may view certain types of responses that you identify quite similarly to the responses that you would be creating.

Now; what you view is the response of the creature that you are viewing. Therefore, the creature is directly in communication and moving in conjunction with you, and your consciousness is affecting of it. Therefore, at times it may be responding quite similarly to what you may create in similar situations.

In this, you hold an underlying curiosity as to the reality of creatures, knowing that there is no separation within consciousness, knowing that all of these creatures are an element of you.

But objectively, within your physical expressions, you have created a separation, and therefore, underlyingly there is a curiosity as to what they shall experience within their reality, and at times you create certain elements within your reality in conjunction with that curiosity.

Creatures move freely through your vegetation. At times they engage an action with parasites [or] with other elements of consciousness which are in your terms quite natural to your environment. At times they are affected physically, and at times they are not.

What I am expressing is that in your curiosity underlyingly and your desire to be experiencing an objective recognition of the reality of your creatures, you also create certain elements in like manner to their experience with their environment.

The difference in this action is that they do not hold the belief systems and you do. Therefore, as you hold belief systems, you also respond to belief systems, and in this, you initially move into an identification of connecting with the experiences physically of these creatures, but you engage underlying belief systems that view some of these actions negatively – they are distasteful – and in this, you create a reaction within yourself.

A feline or a canine or a bird may encounter this same action that you have encountered and may hold no responsiveness to it, for it matters not. This is an element of their environment. They are not separated from it. They may be noticing momentarily of an interaction which occurs between the two elements of consciousness – themselves and the parasite – but it is in actuality not bothersome to them, for they hold no belief system with respect to the elements.

LORRAINE: But what about ... I don’t know about chiggers so much, but what about fleas? Cats and dogs have a reaction to fleas, with the scratching and the itching.

ELIAS: Momentarily.

LORRAINE: Is that because we cause them to do that? Our belief have affected them, and so they participate in showing us the....

ELIAS: Partially, and partially no. They are momentarily responding in interaction.

But you, as I have expressed to you previously, move in the direction of people-izing their action. You project a thought process and an identification of their action. Their action is not necessarily what you translate it to be.

Their action initially or momentarily is merely a recognition of an interaction between themselves and another element of consciousness, in very like manner to yourself with another individual. If you are physically, in your terms, bumping into another individual, you shall respond momentarily. You may excuse yourself or you may offer some element of verbal communication. You may not offer a verbal communication, but you shall acknowledge in some manner that you have entered physical contact with the individual momentarily.

A creature responds in like manner. You interpret this response as an irritation, for it is an irritation to you.

LORRAINE: Alright. Now, when I go out with the cats and they come up and they rub up against me or they lick me, or the dogs, is that something that they are doing on their own for their own reasons, or are my beliefs also creating that event, that occurrence?

ELIAS: This is a projection of your energy which is assumed by the creature in agreement with you, in recognition that you have drawn yourself to these particular creatures and they choose to be drawing themselves to you, and in this agreement to be participating with each other, you project a type of energy specifically in conjunction with your emotional framework.

Be remembering, emotion is one of the base elements of this physical reality that you create. Therefore, it is very affecting and an element that is a continuous contributant to the creation of your physical reality in this dimension, and it enters into all of your expressions.

In this, as you are interacting with your creatures, you project an emotional energy to them. As they are elements of consciousness, there is a recognition of this projection of energy and there is an understanding. This then is translated by the creature into its choice of expression to be communicated back, so to speak, to you. Therefore, as you project emotional energy to your creatures, they also project a translation of that type of energy to you.

Now; let me deviate momentarily in this particular subject matter, for I hold the awareness that within your physical reality in this dimension, many individuals may present argument within this point and express that there are many creatures throughout your planet which are not engaged in physical objective contact or communication with your species and therefore may not necessarily be influenced in the area of emotional energy, but appear to display emotional qualities.

LORRAINE: So animals don’t have emotions of their own?


But as I have stated, the base element – one of the two base elements of your reality in this physical dimension – is emotion, and therefore, all that you create within this dimension is affected by that emotional energy, and therefore, your creatures, even within what you term to be the wild, are affected by this energy.

Your plants are affected by this energy – your rock, your weather. All that you create within this physical dimension is affected by your emotional energy and the expression of it, regardless of your view of objective physical contact or not.

But in this, as you are expressing, “Why shall your creatures come to you and engage physical contact?” this is a response to your energy. But be remembering, it is their individual translation, for you shall view that different creatures respond differently to you.

LORRAINE: That’s true.

ELIAS: Therefore, it is not merely your projection of emotional energy which is mirrored back to you. It is also their choice of their translation and their expression to you.

LORRAINE: Getting back to those chiggers, I had them once before, and I knew how uncomfortable they were. I don’t know why I would choose to remanifest that discomfort! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And this also ... first of all, you have created a physical element to be offering yourself in your curiosity a partial objective connection, so to speak, with the reality of your creatures.

Now; beyond that expression, you also, within recent time framework and within our previous discussion, have expressed and have been manifesting within yourself concern and also uncomfortableness, in conjunction to your creatures, of yourself. You have been moving in the direction of discounting of yourself and expressing feeling, in your terms, of inadequate interaction and inadequate care, which we have spoken of previously.

LORRAINE: Yeah, it would be mostly not spending time with them, but I still feel that. I still haven’t resolved that one.

ELIAS: And in this, you create discomfort, and you believe....

LORRAINE: I caused those chiggers because of that?!

ELIAS: You believe that they experience discomfort.

LORRAINE: Oh, that’s true!

ELIAS: Therefore, in conjunction with the attempt to be connecting with the experience of the creatures, you have manipulated energy to be also expressing of your beliefs, and therefore you have created an uncomfortable situation.

LORRAINE: Hmm. Okay, I think that’s all for now.

ELIAS: Very well.

LORRAINE: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, and I shall be anticipating our continued interaction. To you within this now, adieu.

Elias departs at 11:49 AM.

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