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Sunday, March 09, 1997

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Drew (Matthew), Gail (William), Bob (Simon), Reta (Dehl), and Norm (Stephen).

Vicís note: Elias was in one of his ďLighten up, you guysĒ modes tonight. He goes into this mode whenever we get a little bogged down with the material. According to Elias, too serious is not fun!

Elias arrives at 7:42 PM. (Time was twelve seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling) Within our previous weeks, we have been discussing much information of unofficial nature. I have offered you much to think about. Therefore, this session I shall express to you, take a break! I shall open this session to you for your questioning, if you are so disposed.

DREW: I have a couple of questions. All of my questions these days are about unofficial information, but I have two questions. Does being under the influence of alcohol or marijuana or any other substance in any way help or hinder our ability to get in touch with subjective information?

ELIAS: No. It may create a thickness, as I have expressed previously, in which your objective focus shall be clouded. Therefore, your understanding may be more limited; but as to whether it is affecting of your ability to be connecting with subjective activity, it does not. You may be connecting with subjective activity regardless, for this is occurring continuously. Also, some individuals have experimented with certain substances to be, in their belief, enhancing their experience of subjective activity, bringing this activity more to the forefront of their objective noticing. At times this may be the case, within certain circumstances intentionally created. I have expressed within our previous sessions that the usage of substances is unnecessary and may be, in many circumstances, hindering objectively, for it is coloring of your perception and your imagery.

BOB: Is there such a thing as a chemically induced hallucination, or are all hallucinations subjective information? And if so, if drugs create hallucinations, then doesnít that mean that they generate subjective information or unofficial information?

ELIAS: This would not necessarily be classified as subjective information.

BOB: Okay. So you could hallucinate and just simply be wrong.

ELIAS: No. You may engage activity with a hallucinogen and you may be creating imagery which shall be reality, although it is not necessarily offering you what you term to be information.

DREW: Is it a subjective experience?

ELIAS: It is an objective experience.

BOB: Created psycho-chemically.

DREW: So itís a chemical reaction that takes place on an objective level, and in that sense it is real, but the information does not come from the subjective level.

ELIAS: This is a difficult area. All information comes from your subjective focus, in cooperation with objective. They are not separate. All creations are reality. The experience may be meaningful within the context of experience, but within your thinking of gathering information of subjective activity, it may not. I am expressing that you may not acquire subjective information more easily by engaging the usage of substances.

DREW: So if one were to take a substance and then look at this table and the table appeared to be not solid but wavy, the experience of seeing the table that way may not be a connection with a subjective perception of the table but merely an objective reaction to the chemicals, but still real.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is dependent upon your intent and the direction of your attention; for if you are engaging, as I have stated, this activity with a specific intent of gaining information of subjective activity, you shall look to this activity and these events in this manner. Therefore, experimentation-wise you may gain information, although it may also be distorted through your objective interpretation, for you create a thickness within consciousness of the movement in altering this artificially, or what you would term to be artificially. If you are engaging the usage of hallucinogenics for the experience, you shall not be gathering subjective information. You may acquire some subjective information, but you shall not understand and interpret objectively, for your perception is clouded.

DREW: So for people who take those substances because they believe it actually does just the opposite and puts them more in touch with subjective reality and an understanding, they are in fact completely incorrect about that. It does just the opposite.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, just as I have stated to you. You are not paying attention!

DREW: Iím trying!

ELIAS: As I say to you, within your intent and the direction of your attention, you may engage the usage of these hallucinogens and you will gain some subjective information, for this is your intent in this action.

DREW: But the understanding may be clouded.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Okay. Another question; before the session started tonight, Vicki and Bob and Gail and I, and maybe others, had a sense that something was missing from the room. I had a sense that a person was missing. Vicki had a feeling that some unexpected somebody was going to come walking down the driveway. Can you give us a sense of what that shared feeling was about? We even had a direction for the feeling. Both Gail and I felt it was coming from this side of the sofa, to our left.

ELIAS: (Grinning at Vic) Shared! Interesting word! Quite rhyming also, within objective focus! What you are lacking or what you are sensing that is missing is another individual. This is very good! For you all, unofficial information and your noticing of. This would be the lack of presence of Rameau this evening. (Here, you can hear several people whispering ďWho?Ē) This individual attends these sessions quite regularly within consciousness, in the act of projection. Within this present time period, his attention is diverted. Therefore, he is not present. This is quite good that you have all noticed an element of energy missing! (For those of you who donít know, Sher is Rameauís physically focused name. Hence, the correlation between ďsharedĒ and ďSher.Ē Now weíre punning!)

NORM: Can I ask you a question about another dream that I had? Probably again, a validity thing, but I want to know whether or not, itís probably an aspect. The dream was that I was overlooking the battle of Gettysburg and I had a view, I had a statement as to a view, a world view of the Battle of Gettysburg. Then I realized that I was dead. I knew what my name was, but when I woke up I forgot the name. I know that the burial was evidently in a mass burial grave, but five years later my relatives came and reburied me. Iím assuming that was probably an aspect of myself?

ELIAS: A facet.

NORM: I donít think it was a world view like we were talking about the other night with, for example, The Afterdeath Journal Of William James written by Jane Roberts, but is that available? Iím interested in knowing what I really do in my dreams! I know that you can do a lot, but for example, can I access world views easily, and have I, and is it regularly done? Is that common or uncommon?

ELIAS: Within your dream state. You may access world views within your dream state if you are so choosing, although this action for the most part would be requiring of a dream artist, for it would be requiring intentional manipulation within subjective activity. You may more efficiently access this within altered states within your waking state, for you allow yourself intentional direction. Many individuals within dream state desire to be focusing upon an intentional direction but are not accomplishing of this action, for they are not in touch with the activity of the dream interaction and imagery. Be remembering also that as we have stated recently, your dream state, that of which you remember, is not the activity subjectively that you are engaged within, although it is its own creation of reality within its imagery; just as your creation of objective activity is not actually the action that you engage. It is imagery, although it also is reality.

RETA: You said you could probably get a world view in your waking state much better, in an altered state. Do you mean meditation?

ELIAS: This may be engaged, if you are choosing.

RETA: Or do you have an idea of a better way than meditation to get the world view?

ELIAS: There are no ďbetter ways!Ē (Grinning, and laughter)

NORM: More efficient?

ELIAS: This would be an efficient ďmethod,Ē as you are requiring of a method, to be engaging this activity.

RETA: So if you get into a theta state, would that be the most likely way that you could get the world view?

ELIAS: Are you recognizing of this ďtheta state?Ē (Grinning)

RETA: I have not been able to do it, but there are people who are able to do that, and I want to.

NORM: Itís one of the brain wave states.

ELIAS: Or so you believe! (Chuckling) You may place yourself within different areas of consciousness at will. In this, you may engage an intersection with a world view, although I shall also express to you that this action requires great openness within consciousness, and great receptiveness. Therefore, you may find objectively that this action may not be accomplished quite so simply. It is in reality quite simple, but you also are inundated with many belief systems which are influencing of your actualizing of these types of actions.

NORM: Continuing on in the dream state, can people broadcast messages to others in dream states?

ELIAS: I have expressed previously within our sessions that within your history, before your time period of mass communication, this was a very efficient method of communication. Be remembering, news flash at one AM! (This is a humorous reference to a previous session ) I have been expressing to these individuals that your communication with each other throughout your species, within other time periods in your terms, has been accomplished through the dream state. Within this present now you also engage this same activity, although you do not engage this activity to the same extent. It is unnecessary for you to be communicating daily activities or information through dream state to other individuals within other locations, for you have objectively mirrored subjective activity and created mass communications; but you do continue to exchange information with each other as your news flash concerning other activities, such as your shift and the action of transition and also offering each other information for interpretation of reality.

NORM: And so this is probably the methodology that Rose is going to use through the nine babies? Are they going to be very effective in helpfulness in this type of action?

ELIAS: Partially.

NORM: How else will they be?

ELIAS: These individuals shall be affecting within consciousness in the same manner that you may be affecting in consciousness, if you are ever believing Elias that you may be accomplishing within consciousness and affecting of other individuals! (Very humorously) These individuals need not be instructed. They hold a knowing. They understand and hold the trustfulness of self to be allowing communication subjectively.

NORM: So even though they are going to be raised in normal families with parents that have belief systems that are not ... They are going to have different belief systems, very different belief systems, than most of us then.

ELIAS: It matters not.

NORM: It matters not? It matters not what their belief system is?


NORM: Why is that? Theyíre ordinary, human individuals, are they not?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: But weíre influenced entirely by our belief systems. But their belief systems are going to be that they have an inner trust that we donít have then?

ELIAS: This trust is independent of belief systems.

NORM: Thatís a new one. I didnít know that.

ELIAS: Each of these manifestations shall hold different belief systems. As each of these individuals grows, they shall also automatically exhibit the traits of the family to which they belong. These shall be obvious to those who are knowing of the qualities of the families. In this, these individuals also shall appear, to your way of thinking, to be very self-secure. I express that they hold great trustfulness and knowing of self. Therefore, within consciousness there is a directedness of motion in helpfulness within the shift, which is intentional.

NORM: They intrinsically know their value fulfillment?

ELIAS: Yes, although so do you also!

NORM: I know, but that value fulfillment is the helpfulness and the training or the development of the shift in consciousness, that they are going to help all of the other people here. I have another question. I have a whole bunch of questions! Elias, prior to the meetings here last October, my wife and I took a class in photo reading and I was quite excited about this. It was a three-day class and of course I wanted to pursue it. It was a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday class, and Monday night I decided I would do it for sure. I read for about three or four hours and I couldnít sleep, and it was like I was regurgitating the material. In photo reading, you move a page about once every one and a half seconds, so all you can do is really glance at it, and ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) We have discussed this subject previously.

NORM: Iím trying to get perhaps a different answer. Was that due to ... (Here, Elias starts laughing) Okay, I guess my question is ...

ELIAS: Ah! Was another not requesting the same? Although what you view to be an alternate or another focus engaged the answering of questions, I am quite aware of the activity and the questions and the answers offered, of which one was, ďThis equation is not sufficient?Ē One has been offered already, but it is inadequate! Therefore, you seek another! (Laughing)

NORM: Okay. Forget it. (Weíre all cracking up)

ELIAS: You may continue to be trying! (Still laughing)

NORM: Trustfulness is the problem.

VICKI: I have a question regarding this energy of Rameau. I wouldnít have identified that objectively, but I have noticed a drawing back on the part of Uriel and Rameau in the last few days, and Iíve wondered about that. I would imagine that the two are similarly tied in. My question is, is this experimental interaction with Ron and Paul over the computer with these individuals affecting of this retreating?

ELIAS: Partially.

VICKI: I automatically wonder, then, if thatís a good thing or not, but I suppose thatís really a moot point. I have had a concern the last few days because Iíve noticed a difference.

ELIAS: This is only partially a reasoning, which also within objective awareness is not acknowledged within these individuals. Many individuals lean in the direction of removal within actions they do not understand, for this invokes fear. You all hold fearfulness. Certain events are triggering of fearfulness within you. You may not objectively identify this action, but you shall respond within your actions objectively. (Grinning at Cathy) Other elements are also within workings within this action.

We shall break briefly. (Still grinning at Cathy)

CATHY: See ya!

BREAK 8:24 PM.
RESUME 8:41 PM. (Time was five seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing; you may also express to Aileen, (chuckling) many of my manifestations within physical focus held the same qualities, which may be interpreted by some, not by myself of course, as opinionated! (Much laughter) Although I have been called worse!

VICKI: Iíll relay the message.

ELIAS: Do this! And Aileen may continue with her temper tantrum, which Shynla shall be identifying with!

CATHY: Never! I never have temper tantrums! But I have a question.

ELIAS: Ah! As she graces our group! (We all crack up)

Vicís note: Cathy rarely asks questions, but she was on a roll tonight!

CATHY: Okay. I already know that it would be correct to say that my agitated response to the Michael channel was due to a mirroring thing and that I have issues of control and fear, correct?

ELIAS: Correct! (Much laughter here, in response to Cathyís sarcasm)

CATHY: So the other one I really donít want to hear but Iím gonna ask anyway, are you going to tell me I have underlying belief systems about the protection thing on top of it??? (Really cracking up now)

ELIAS: (Pause, grinning at Cathy and chuckling) No!

CATHY: Oh, good!

BOB: However ... (Mocking Elias)

ELIAS: Although ... (weíre really losing it now)

NORM: I express ... (Also mocking)

ELIAS: I shall open the floor for all other Eliasí to be expressing to you this evening Shynla, and I shall be quite attentive in watching! (To Norm) You have the floor!

NORM: I donít want the floor! (Losing all decorum here)

ELIAS: You do not hold an underlying belief system of a need for protection, although you do hold a wondering of those elements which you objectively do not understand. Therefore, there is an element of fearfulness; this being, as you know also, why you do not engage. (To Vic) Engage, engage, engage! (This is a private joke that Iím not going to even attempt to explain here) But, (grinning at Vic) underline! (Grinning at Cathy) Quotation!

CATHY: I knew that was coming! I knew it! (Another private joke)

ELIAS: I am quite fond of this word!

CATHY: Quite!

ELIAS: Quite! (Hard to decipher words here; too much laughing!) You may not be alone within your experience, for Lawrence follows closely behind! (Grinning at Vic) Extraterrestrials!

VICKI: Oh, shut up! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: None recently, obviously! (Humorously) We have been much too serious lately within our discussions of unofficial information, and I, as you are knowing, am a great advocate of fun!

CATHY: Okay, I have another question.

ELIAS: Proceed!

CATHY: I would like to know if Lynn had a direct energy exchange of essence with Amos.

ELIAS: Yes. This is different from the action of this exchange.

CATHY: The information is different, but ... But what?

ELIAS: The exchange also is different, for it occurs within a different area of consciousness. Therefore it is, to your way of thinking, less difficult. There are fewer layers of consciousness to be focused through.

CATHY: Okay, Iíll think about that for a while.

DREW: Iíll ask a couple more, one serious and one not so serious. You said earlier tonight that objective reality is imagery, although it is real. Do you use the word imagery in the same sense that you use the word symbolism, symbols, or do you mean it in a different way, and if so, can you explain?

ELIAS: You may interchange these words of symbols and imagery.

DREW: Okay. On a less serious note, I have a sense for a long time that I have an alternate self who is a military officer in World War II, and have even had a sense that he was executed by the Naziís. Iím wondering how accurate I may be in my impressions.

ELIAS: This would not be an alternate self. This also would be a facet; and you are correct.

DREW: On both of those? The existence of, and also the execution?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Yes.

DREW: Doesnít the mere thinking of this possible facet create it?

ELIAS: The thought creates a probability.

DREW: And all probabilities are actualized.

ELIAS: Correct. The thought does not create a facet.

DREW: So, if I have a thought of myself as a military officer which creates a probability which is then actualized, what would we call that actualization?

ELIAS: You are wishing for a terminology?

DREW: Do they exist on different levels?

ELIAS: There are no levels.

DREW: Levels of consciousness.

ELIAS: There are no levels of consciousness. You, as I have stated, think singularly. In this, you view yourself to be one entity. You view facets to be one entity. In actuality, you view facets to be yourself within previous linear time periods. (Intently) Each focus is simultaneous. They are all you. They are all not you. They are all individual and hold their own integrity, as do you. Each probable actualization is connected with each focus. Therefore, if you do not hold an actual focus of this soldier and you are creating through thought a probable self, you actualize this as a probability, but you do not create a focus of essence.

DREW: Would the name of this soldier be Lee, Andrew, or Paul?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Partial name Paul. Very good!

DREW: I want to know the whole name!

ELIAS: You have been investigating of your own focuses! (Accessing) John Paul.

DREW: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. You may also in your investigation of this focus delve further, and you may surprise yourself at your findings within connections; for within your connection your thinking leans to one direction presently which creates a probable self within this time period, but in investigation of the actual focus you may discover connections which have led you to this forum, for you share experience with another within this forum of the same period, within the same location. Therefore, you meet again.

DREW: Thereís someone in this room tonight objectively, with whom I share experience in this alternate focus of World War II???

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Are you gonna tell me who? Or is that for my investigation?

ELIAS: You may investigate; although as to the shouting within this room presently, (laughter) you may not need investigate very far, for others already are aware of the connection and may offer this information to you.

DREW: Very interesting.

ELIAS: This shall be creating quite ease within your investigation, partially. You may all now quiet down! (Much laughter)

VICKI: Iíd like to ask a question about objective imagery. Iíve noticed a lot of folks are sharing objective imagery recently of problems sleeping, in one form or another. Whatís up with that?

ELIAS: Interesting terminology! What is up with that??? (Grinning) I am appreciating of this terminology! (Laughter)

Much movement is occurring subjectively within your present now. Much activity is occurring, as you are aware. Many individuals experience both a restlessness, which shall be interrupting of their sleep state, and also an intentional interruption of sleep state, as they perceive the movement to be traveling too quickly. In an attempt to be closing down, so to speak, the movement individually, they choose to be interrupting subjective activity in its completeness. Subjective activity occurs continuously, although within your sleep state you engage a submergence, so to speak, within this state of subjectivity.

Many individuals feel a swift motion. They are unfamiliar with the feeling. They liken this to anxiousness. Therefore, they may objectively explain to themselves that they experience difficulty sleeping, for they are anxious. The anxiousness is a translation of this swift movement of which they are unsure, for they do not recognize the action. Therefore, they are halting themselves partially, not allowing a complete free flow within sleep state of subjective activity; although they shall be creating of active dream imagery regardless, for the action within subjective state continues swiftly.

RON: So is that what I was doing last night? I couldnít go to sleep, but I still felt like I was dreaming. I couldnít get this dream image out of my head, and it seemed like that was what was keeping me awake.

ELIAS: Correct. This may be becoming more common within your objective noticing, for individuals are engaging within this swift movement in relation to the shift within consciousness, and allowing interconnections with each other. In this, you are unfamiliar with this action and the swift movement of this. Therefore, you attempt to be holding objective awareness, believing this to be slowing of the motion. It is not, but it is an objective attempt, for you are anxious within this movement. Imagery shall appear quite vivid as a symbol in itself to you, that regardless of your attempting to be halting or slowing the subjective movement, it continues. Therefore, you create more vividly your imagery, to be attaining your attention.

In this, do you not acknowledge Matthew, within this past, in your terms, week of interaction, you have asked for interaction and I have offered? And you do not remember! You shall be paying more attention within this week!

DREW: Will this be subjective or objective?

ELIAS: You shall hold an objective recognition.

DREW: If I review the past week, will I have an opportunity to remember?

ELIAS: Yes. Although, I shall continue knocking until you are recognizing! Have no fear of this!

GAIL: I have a question. This past week I feel like Iíve been like blinking in and blinking out and connecting with an alternate self. Is that what Iíve been doing all week?

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: It seems like itís an awful lot!

ELIAS: This is not uncommon presently. Many individuals are experiencing this same type of activity. Many within this forum experience this same activity presently. This also is in conjunction with the movement of the shift. This you shall become accustomed to, for these are elements of the action of the shift within consciousness and what you are choosing to be accomplishing. Therefore, you shall be actualizing in increments the elements that you have chosen to be the new reality, so to speak.

GAIL: I have another question. Can you tell me why I have such a fascination with Tasha Tudor?

ELIAS: (Accessing, and grinning) I shall be suggestive that you be investigating within your new game, and you may acquire your answer.

GAIL: Okay, I will.

ELIAS: Be realizing that if you are choosing, you may direct your attention within your new game. You may be manipulating intentionally within specific directions. Therefore, focus yourself.

DREW: I think I may have an idea of your involvement with me this week. I had an interesting experience that I actually related to Gail a couple of days ago, that stands out in my mind. For a period of time, I had a hyper-sensitivity to sound.

ELIAS: Sound ...

DREW: I was in a restaurant ...

ELIAS: ... waves! (Grinning) Continue.

DREW: I was in a restaurant and little tiny sounds, I just seemed to focus in on them. Some were very annoying, and I found them ...

ELIAS: Irritating! (Laughter)

DREW: Irritating! Does this mean that I am correct?

ELIAS: You are, although I shall presently engage you within a less offensive encounter! But I was attempting to be gaining your attention, which you were not offering. Therefore, drastic measures were called for! (Humorously)

DREW: And effective!

ELIAS: Quite! (Chuckling)

CATHY: Okay, I have another question! I would like to know why you always interpret the first layer of dream activity.

ELIAS: For this is the layer that you shall most identify with and be understanding of.

CATHY: Anything else, we wouldnít get it at all?

ELIAS: Most probably you would be not understanding, although as you move into your dream mission and you offer yourselves more information, I shall be inclined futurely to be offering you information beyond first layer. Most individuals, generally speaking, within your species identify dream activity not as imagery. Most individuals identify dream activity as symbolic of psychological activity related to objective reality. Therefore, you shall understand the first layer of dream interpretation, for your belief systems shall allow you to be understanding of this. Your dream imagery is not the action that you engage. It is a translation of the action that you engage, as is your objective reality also.

Your dream imagery is reality. Your waking state is reality. They are both an interpretation of the action that you engage subjectively materialized. Individuals do not understand the mechanics of this action. Therefore, they are accepting only of the interpretation of first layer. (Pause, staring at Cathy, which she hates)

CATHY: I have nothing to say! Just listening!

NORM: There was a question concerning consciousness levels earlier, which you said that there arenít levels, but earlier you said that there were consciousness areas. Can you explain what that means?

ELIAS: There are different areas of consciousness. These are related to attention. All of consciousness is all of consciousness. It is all the same. There are no planes. There are no levels. There are no better or higher places within consciousness. All is the same. There are different focuses of attention. In this, there are created what we term as areas of consciousness. These are not places. These are not things. They are not space. There are no sections of space that are designated as areas of consciousness. They are directions of attention. In this, they are also influenced by intent. Each essence occupies all areas of consciousness. (Pause)

NORM: Our youngest daughter appears to be somewhat interested in the subject of this forum. She expressed to us Friday evening a great deal of confusion. Karen has recently undergone several situations that are difficult for her. Sheís selected a position in New York City and she is still trying to determine her direction. We would like to be helpful. I know that she is sensitive, what I would consider psychically sensitive. Will it be helpful for us to inform her more of this forum or this type of activity? Could you be helpful to us in that regard?

ELIAS: If you are choosing, you may be offering this information. I express encouragement to be offering this information to many individuals. This is your choice. All that are drawn to this forum shall receive helpfulness.

NORM: I talk about it quite a bit. My wife doesnít like me to talk about it as much as I do, but I find that people, if theyíre interested they will be very attracted, and if theyíre not they bypass it quite readily. So I offer it to them, and if they donít like it or if theyíre not interested they donít continue. But I continue to offer all the time.

ELIAS: They shall acknowledge and be drawn, those which identify with this information and seek an element that they wish to gain, in your terms. Not all individuals shall be drawn to this forum, which we have stated previously, for individuals shall acquire their information within what speaks to them. This information is to be available to all which seek to draw to it. (To Vic) Acknowledgment to Michael. Express well-done, with sincerity. (This is in reference to Mary finally making a decision to present Elias in a public forum. No, we havenít done it yet, but soon!)

VICKI: I have a quick question, just to follow up the attention to areas of consciousness. This would be basically what Mary does during a session, correct? Redirect her attention?

ELIAS: Correct; although it is not quite this simplified, for there also occurs a mergence. You may redirect, in your terms, your attention, and you may not necessarily engage a mergence with another element of consciousness. You may not intersect. You may view. This action entails a mergence within consciousness.

I shall be futurely expounding also more of these areas and focuses of Elias for your clarification, for your understanding presently is quite limited and not quite accurate as to the explanations offered you already. Therefore, futurely I shall be offering further explanations.

BOB: I have a question on simultaneous time.

ELIAS: Ah! (Much laughter) Our simultaneous time man!

BOB: Yeah, okay! Would it be correct to say that my supposed understanding of simultaneous time as a concept (laughter) is somewhat clouded by the term simultaneous, that simultaneous itself is a linear term denoting a series of events happening at one point on a timeline? Is there another term, a more creative term, that you could use in lieu of the word simultaneous? Please??? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Spontaneous, for spontaneity involves no pre-organization.

BOB: So randomness even, maybe?


BOB: You donít like random, huh? I like random.

ELIAS: If you are choosing to be offering yourself this word for your own understanding and clarification, you may be using of this word if this is helpful, although there is not randomness.

BOB: But spontaneity ... Maybe you got a little too creative for me! (Much laughter) I need something in the middle!

ELIAS: I am quite creative! (Grinning)

BOB: It just seems to me that our thinking of spontaneous time is done in the context of linear time.

ELIAS: Correct. Within this physical focus, you have created a framework of time element. It is a dimension of this focus, of this creation. Therefore, your language also reflects, within its entirety, time elements. You do not hold words that are lacking of time framework, for this is not a part of your reality. Your reality encompasses a time framework. You have no necessity for language that is descriptive of no time or simultaneous time.

I may offer you another word which does not belong within your dimensional language, but it shall mean nothing to you!

BOB: Okay! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Washa! Therefore, we shall express washa time, (grinning) which is meaningless to you, although holds meaning within another dimension, within another physical focus ...

BOB: But only within that focus?

ELIAS: Correct. This holds a different connotation of time, for their time framework is different from your own creation.

BOB: So in light of everything weíve said, simultaneous is just as good a word as spontaneous, or spontaneity. (Elias nods) I shouldnít waste any time thinking about it! (We all crack up, including Elias)

DREW: Time is another dimension of physical reality, correct? Time is a dimension of physical reality created essentially for physical reality.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So, those not familiar with the material shared in this forum may look at the world and refer to it as three-dimensional. Thatís a very common term that people refer to objective reality as, three-dimensional. Time would be a fourth dimension.

ELIAS: Correct, which you do occupy four dimensions.

DREW: Okay. Well, my question is, are there additional dimensions? We may have talked about this. Is color a dimension?

ELIAS: Yes, although within your reality you do not hold an understanding of this.

DREW: Is an understanding of it required for it to be another dimension of physical reality? I guess what Iím leaning to is, is it possible to put a number on the number of dimensions in physical reality, or is it a limitless number? (Elias nods) It is a limitless number.


DREW: So there are dimensions, now Iím not talking about the number of dimensions of reality ...

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: ... merely the number of dimensions in this physical reality.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: But that is still a limitless number.


DREW: And so there are dimensions within this reality that we donít even recognize as dimensions.


DREW: And you may point out a dimension or tell me of a dimension in this physical reality, that even with your explanation I might not recognize?


DREW: So they are ... Well, theyíre not truths, but they are frameworks that weíve created in physical reality. Is that correct?

ELIAS: No. Dimensions exist within consciousness, for they exist within essence.

BOB: Including time?


BOB: But time doesnít take the same form in all dimensions.

ELIAS: Correct. I expressed to you recently that time is a creation, but it also is a thing within itself.

DREW: And so dimensions exist in essence. Do we then, for lack of a better term, pick and choose which dimensions we are going to use in physical reality to create physical reality, or are we using of them all but only recognizing of a very limited few?

ELIAS: You are using of them all. Your attention, connected with each aspect, recognizes one.

DREW: Recognizes one what?

ELIAS: Dimension.

DREW: Iím sorry. I need you to run that by me again. Because in our physical reality, even though we donít recognize the multitudinous dimensions, we do recognize more than one, do we not? Such as time, space; at least those two.

ELIAS: Do you??? (Grinning)

DREW: Well, if we commonly refer to physical reality as three-dimensional, is that just a belief system and a term thatís not really correct?

ELIAS: No, this is a correct terminology, although you in actually are not quite understanding and recognizing of the reality of what you express. You express that you exist within a three-dimensional reality. You believe the interpretation of three-dimensional reality is dealing with matter and space. Space you may equate as illusionary.

DREW: Is space a dimension?

ELIAS: Yes and no. It is a dimension within physical perception. Within consciousness, no.

DREW: But time is.

ELIAS: Yes, and also no; for within certain areas of consciousness it holds no meaning.

DREW: But it does exist in essence, unlike space.

ELIAS: Space exists within your physical reality. Therefore, it also exists within essence, but only directly within relation to physical manifestation.

DREW: So speaking strictly in terms of physical manifestation, and I understand what youíre saying is that when we talk about three-dimensional reality, when we use the word dimension itís different from the way youíre using the word dimension, because our references to three dimensions are all spatial; height, width, and depth; whereas space in our physical reality is really one dimension.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Okay. Time is one dimension. There are limitless such dimensions in physical reality.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Did you say that color is one in physical reality? (Elias nods) Color is. Can you give us an example ... Let me see if I can come up with some other ones! (Elias grins) Letís do it that way. Sound?

ELIAS: Tone.

DREW: Well, but tone can be interpreted in physical reality as a lot of things other than audible sound.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So, Iím talking about audible sound. Is that a dimension in physical reality?


DREW: Okay ...

ELIAS: You are attempting to be separating of your reality into separate dimensions that you may identify. When I am expressing to you that there are many dimensions in relation to the one that you recognize within your attention, you may be inclusive of all that you recognize within this one attention. There are many elements that you are not recognizing of.

Now; I shall express also that another dimension of your reality that you may attune yourself to and be recognizing of is your unofficial information. (Pause, while everybody considers this)

BOB: Can you use the term awareness? Is awareness a dimension?

ELIAS: In part, you may express to yourself that different awarenesses are indicative of different dimensions, although I shall express that attention is more efficient within definition within your language, for your awareness may occupy many dimensions simultaneously within this present now, within this dimension. This allows you unofficial information. Therefore, I direct you to attention instead.

NORM: Could you say that the universal dimension in all realities is action, and that all dimensions are really a development of action?

ELIAS: All consciousness is action. (Pause)

NORM: So is that considered a dimension? (Pause)

ELIAS: You may consider dimensions differences in actions. Just as you may view different focuses of yourself, or more simply you may think and believe to yourselves that you hold lifetimes, these are differences within action. In like manner, you may think of dimensions within consciousness as differences within actions.

RON: Can I interrupt briefly? (Out of tape)

ELIAS: You may. We shall break, and continue if you are choosing.

BREAK 9:53 PM.
RESUME 10:25 PM. (Time was five seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing again!

VICKI: So this memory that Drew was having, there seems to be a connection with the experience that Michael had, but also there seems to be a paralleling with this other focus, and it raises a lot of questions about just what exactly a parallel focus is. Is this what we would consider a parallel focus?


VICKI: Does that lie mainly within the physical action of the focus?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, although the focuses may choose often to be paralleling actions also. It is not a rule, but generally manifest.

VICKI: So other things may designate a parallel focus.

ELIAS: The intent.

DREW: Can you, for my benefit, explain what those parallels are? Iím not as familiar with what the exact parallels are between my experience and this French Revolution experience. What are the parallels? How does this work? What are we talking about here?

ELIAS: Many essences, within a choice to be physically manifesting, also choose some focuses to be paralleling each other; and also, as I have expressed previously, you create, to your way of thinking, sequels within focuses; continuations. This present focus where you find your attention is one of these continuation focuses to what you think of as previous focuses, within your historical terms.

These two focuses, within this century and the one within the eighteenth century, would be classified as parallel focuses. In this, these individuals held, for the specific manifestation, very similar intents. Also, the actions within these focuses were quite similar, choosing certain events to be occurring similarly.

Within the earlier focus, in your terms, you also manifest as a soldier, although not in official capacity, but within a designation of one of the rebellious individuals. You also, within this focus, experienced the same type of disengagement from physical focus, or death, as you chose to experience within the latter focus, as did Michael also; both events being what you would term to be acts of violence creating the scenario of death, and also choosing to be disengaging physical focus at what you consider to be relatively a young age within both focuses.

The desire within both focuses, which is indicating of the intent, was focused upon what you considered to be a greater cause, therefore being crusading for an ideal. In both focuses, this was the objective. Therefore, they parallel each other within very similar experiences. Also, you have chosen the same physical area within your planet; the same country. In this, you identify with the same cultural aspects, and you hold familiarities with the land itself. These two focuses were chosen to be manifest with many of the same individuals surrounding you.

DREW: When you talk about these two focuses, are you talking about the eighteenth century and World War II?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: And when you talk about the parallels, youíre talking about my focuses in those two time periods being parallel in intent and action?

ELIAS: Correct, and also Michael.

DREW: Because her focuses were experiencing similar action, even if in a different geographical location.

ELIAS: They were not within a different geographical location.

DREW: It wasnít the French Revolution you were talking about?

BOB: You didnít say you were in Germany. You said World War II. (Here, everybody starts talking at once)

DREW: Oh, I see. So this was in France. On a subjective level, I know weíre all connected. Is there a reason that Michael and I chose to have a parallel focus on some subjective level? Or are these going on all the time, theyíre very common, people just arenít aware of them? Or is there some reason within essence that Michael and I chose to have parallel focuses?

ELIAS: Parallel focuses are quite common. I also express that all essences engaging within this action do so for a reason. You manifest for certain experiences and for the accomplishment of certain value fulfillment. Many times, you shall create parallel focuses for you choose certain probabilities and experiences within one that you may choose to actualize, within the same dimension, a different probability within another. This, once again, is not karma! It is not to say that you choose one outcome which you are then dissatisfied with. Therefore, you choose to repeat a focus and alter the outcome. Incorrect!

Example within this scenario, of action of parallel focuses: Within the former, to your way of thinking, Michael actualized violence in death within a young age, as did yourself. In continuing action within this focus, other individuals experienced extreme emotional affectingness. Within transition, Michael experienced extreme emotional affectingness, for he experienced a mergence of the emotional aspects of those individuals continuing within physical focus, as we have discussed previously. Within the action of the parallel focus, the same type of death was accomplished within violent act, but the emotional affectingness, or what you may term to be trauma within transition, was not actualized. Therefore, in your terms, the outcome, so to speak, was different.

Now you may ask, why not allow an alternate self to be experiencing this actualization? (Intently) The essence does not actualize focuses sequentially. They are actualized simultaneously. Therefore, the experience within these focuses was important for the essence to be actualizing in what you think of, underline think of, as extreme; emphasizing certain experiences for the benefit of bleed-through, in remembrance, of this focus. (Pause)

This being the same type of action subjectively that you choose in remembrance of some dream imagery that you do not forget. You create dream imagery strongly. You may view that you have created this dream imagery only once. In actuality, you have created this same dream imagery many times, therefore lending energy to the emphasis upon the imagery. In this, you shall remember vividly certain dream imagery; this being the same type of creation that you manifest within focuses for certain purposes aligning with your intent. It has been stated that this focus that you presently occupy your attention with is a continuation focus, so to speak.

DREW: And would the extreme action that was taken in those focuses for the purpose of bleed-through in this focus have been created for the purpose of remembrance as a way to help us with our shift, or to be affecting in some other way?

ELIAS: It is for a remembrance. Yes, it shall be helpful within the action of your shift; not in the incidents themselves, but within the action of the remembrance and the acknowledgment of the reality of the remembrance.

DREW: Michael and I were objectively involved in the eighteenth century. We knew each other.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: The same is true in World War II.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Is it possible to have parallel focuses in which you do not know each other in objective reality?


DREW: In both cases, it is a cooperation for the purpose of value fulfillment.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: And even then, as it were, we innately understood the effort we would be trying to make today, in terms of an understanding and the shift.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Very interesting.

ELIAS: This also being an emphasis upon the agreement, which is now, which is the objective of your shift.

DREW: The agreement between Michael and I ... in terms of the cooperation that we share?

ELIAS: Between Elias and all of you.

DREW: Okay. The agreement being here, essentially.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Very interesting. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

GAIL: Is this sort of the analogy you gave about the lady dusting, and you would find yourself picking something up you were dusting under? Is this sort of the same analogy, that if Drew and Mary were doing this at one point in time and then they do it at another point in time, is that like an emotion there and an emotion here? Are you understanding what Iím trying to get at?

ELIAS: The analogy offered was an illustration of affectingness within consciousness of different individuals, although yes, you may also apply this to this scenario of which we speak. There is an indirectness of this though, for it is not merely an affectingness through consciousness of one individual to another individual within action. It is not merely an automatic response within counterpart action. It is an intentional design of essence to be creating parallel focuses, to be emphasizing certain agreements or actions that may bleed through into another focus.

GAIL: So the idea of the lady dusting and another person picking up an object isnít necessarily an agreement. It just is ...

ELIAS: ... an affectingness within consciousness.

GAIL: Okay. I understand. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: I do have two questions that are related. Regarding shared dream imagery between Michael and Sena last night of a film project, I have a feeling that partially that imagery represents a lending of energy regarding Michaelís action this week regarding these sessions. Is this partially correct?

ELIAS: Yes, as also Rameau has lent energy within supportiveness.

VICKI: Within the other dream imagery.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Okay, regarding this new project, I have one question, one physically focused question. Regarding my action this week, I need to make a statement about what kind of information will be delivered. I can be specific in that statement, which is my feeling, to be specific that this information delivered at this one particular time will be regarding the shift. I also have an option to be not specific and to leave it open. Iím curious how you feel about that.

ELIAS: You may be non-specific. It is unnecessary to be offering previous information of subject matter. It shall be incorporated regardless.

VICKI: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NORM: I have one quick question. Is negative time a necessary part of physical focus?

ELIAS: It is relative to certain physical focus.

NORM: To ours?

ELIAS: Partially. It is not necessary. It is relative, but not necessity.

NORM: All physical actions can take place without negative time?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: I was reading in Seth where he was explaining that there was a reality where the future and the present were known, but not the past. That is a reality?

ELIAS: Correct. It is the reverse of what you have created.

NORM: It has nothing to do with negative time. It is ordinary time?

ELIAS: Correct ... to this focus!

RETA: That would be interesting, to know your future but not your past.

NORM: Can you offer anything more on that?

RETA: You canít call it experience, because that would be past. (Elias stares at Reta) No, you could call it experience because itís experience! Excuse me.

ELIAS: Correct. Experience is not noted by past, for this is a perception.

RETA: It would be interesting to say, ďIím remembering the future and looking forward to the past.Ē I mean, itís backwards.

ELIAS: To your perception, although to another it shall seem entirely normal, and your perception shall be appearing quite odd!

DREW: Is that a physical focus?

ELIAS: Correct. There are physical focuses in which the time element, to your way of thinking, appears so rapid that their existence appears as a hum. You experience these dimensions, for you are focused within these dimensions!

RETA: What an imaginative consciousness!

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: So howís old whats-his-name doing with the process of disengaging transition?

ELIAS: It is accomplished. Whats-his-name may be expressed as Elias also! (Grinning, and laughter)

VICKI: I understand that. Just out of curiosity, are there other focuses of your essence still engaging transition?


DREW: Would that imply a particularly recent manifestation, or can transition take, in our terms, many, many, many years?

ELIAS: Within your terms, generally speaking, the action of transition would be considered to be expanding over many years.

DREW: So your most recent, in our terms, physical manifestation would have been many years ago.

ELIAS: In your terms, very many years ago. In your terms, almost one hundred of your years.

DREW: And that is the transition which youíve recently completed?


DREW: Itís the one thatís left.

ELIAS: (Grinning) No. You are thinking in linear time.

DREW: When you, in our terms, die does not necessarily determine when the transition is complete.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Do you experience benefit from accomplishing this transition? You, the Elias we talk to now, feel ... Probably the wrong term but you know what I mean! (Laughter) ... a benefit of the accomplishment of this transition?

ELIAS: All movement is beneficial. Therefore, this personality that you recognize benefits from all action of essence. I am interactive with all facets of essence, all aspects, simultaneously, and am aware of the action which is occurring. It is all beneficial to becoming.

BOB: I guess my question is, do you have a sense of a change in your reality? Or do you have a sense of this becoming?


BOB: So thereís a change, for lack of a better term, a growth or a completeness, again being the wrong term, but a ... becoming, okay. (Much laughter. Bob, youíre always good for a good laugh!)

ELIAS: A change.

BOB: A change.


RETA: When people go through transition, some go through more rapidly than others. Is that because of their belief system when they disengage, or is it because of an experience they need? Some seem to be more prepared than others for transition.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your choice of action and your choice of focus. If you are choosing to be engaging partial action of transition while you are continuing within physical focus, you may be moving more swiftly through the area of transition once you have disengaged physical focus. You may choose to be holding strongly to belief systems within physical focus, and therefore you shall be engaging these belief systems within transition. In your thinking of time elements you will think that this latter scenario will be occupying more time, although the time element is recognized only by those within physical focus.

You, within physical focus, may involve yourself with another individual and this individual may discontinue physical focus in what you term to be death. To their perception, no time per se elapses. To your perception, years pass as they continue within the area of transition. To their perception, few minutes in time framework may occur. To your perception within physical focus, half century may elapse. Therefore, it is all relative.

RETA: I think my question also is, in some belief systems, like for instance thereís a lot of folks that donít believe in anything after disengagement. Thereís a lot of folks that are just anxious to get through transition and go on. Does this make any difference in their period of time, which is relative, in transition? The knowing and being ready versus the disbelief of?

ELIAS: Both are belief systems. Therefore, both shall be engaged. The action of lessening your time element, to your way of thinking, within the action of transition would be engaging transition within physical focus.

VICKI: I have a question about that for Jessele. Sheís wondering if, when she has dream imagery of a physically focused individual dying but in actuality they have not died, if that is indicative of an entering into a state of transition?

ELIAS: At times. Not always; but there are occasions that you may be connecting with this imagery and it shall be indicating of an individual engaging transition within physical focus.

RETA: A couple of times youíve said, if Iím right, that they can start going through transition before they disengage?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Can you explain that a little bit more?

ELIAS: Many of you already accomplish this, as you term this state to be a condition that you classify physically as senility.

RETA: So youíve already gone on and your body is still here.

ELIAS: You are here also!

RETA: Well, youíre here also, but partially, not totally alert.

ELIAS: You are completely alert. You are engaging the action of transition. You are not disengaged from physical focus.

RETA: What about these folks that are very ill and they just lay in a bed in a coma? Is that the same thing? Theyíve already engaged transition and havenít shut off the body?

ELIAS: No. We have discussed previously the manifestation of what you term to be coma, and you may be referring to this information. Within the action of creating senility, you are engaging the action of transition.

RETA: Thatís interesting.

ELIAS: It is not necessary to be engaging senility to engage the action of transition within physical focus; and as you shall become aware presently and within your near future, you shall view your sciences to be efficiently affecting of what you think of as senility. This is agreed upon, as you are entering into your shift; for individuals within consciousness recognize that it is unnecessary to be creating of this ďconditionĒ or ďdiseaseĒ to be engaging transition.

DREW: So they engage it as a belief system rather than as a choice?

ELIAS: The action is created with an explanation acceptable within your physical reality. You view the action to be a disease. Therefore, it is acceptable. It is unnecessary to be creating this disease. As you move into your shift, you are recognizing of this. Therefore you create, quite conveniently, a cure for your disease!

RETA: There are several types of senility. Like you said, coma is one thing, senility is another thing. But there are folks that are almost like a vegetable. Just their body is here, and to us they have no recognition of anything. Why do they stay if their body is not functioning? Or is it a belief system they had before, that they canít leave?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a belief system. It is a choice of experience which you may say stretches the limits of the body consciousness. You may be, as I have stated, engaging previous information, which shall be explaining of these situations to you.

BOB: I have a question. I expressed earlier that the more that I come here, the more confused I get! (Laughter) On one level, I can intellectually understand the concepts and am very stimulated by thinking about them and trying to understand them. On other levels, more so when Iím dreaming than awake, I experience a lot of the concepts that we discuss and even when Iím awake I recognize certain unofficial information, although I donít feel that I do it on any kind of regular or ready basis. And tonight we did, but I feel a certain lack of connection with all of this. Am I not connecting? And if not, not why not, but how?

ELIAS: Each individual who chooses to be engaging this forum and this information shall experience a time period of removal. There is an identification immediately, within the encountering of this energy, of the action which shall occur and the widening which shall occur. In this, each individual evaluates within themselves whether they shall continue. You may not objectively, within your thought process, think of these things. Within you though, you shall feel them. There is an automatic reluctance to be engaging further movement. Therefore, objectively you feel disconnected. Some individuals choose to continue this feeling, which is also an action, for some time, within your terms. This action holds you at bay. It is quite easy to be gathering information intellectually. This information and this energy exchange surpasses intellectual information. Many effects occur as you engage this phenomenon. Within you, you are not quite sure that you are wishing to continue.

Each individual encountering this forum experiences this same element within their own time period. Some experience this in what you term to be early on within their engagement. Some experience this much later; but all individuals experience this same removal, which is interpreted within feeling of disconnection. It is presenting confusion to each individual as they experience this, for within their intellectual thought process they view themselves to be wishing to be continuing and assimilating information. Simultaneously, (grinning) they experience feelings of a lack of connection with individuals within this group, with energy exchange of Elias, with the entirety of the action. This a holding within the individual, which you all experience at one time period or another. You hold yourselves as bay. You are not sure of what you have encountered. You are not sure of what you wish to encounter. You are not sure of where you tread, and what shall be the resultingness of your action within this forum. Therefore, you remove and you allow yourselves a waiting time period, to be observing.

It is also a time period for choice, to be choosing your direction for attention. If you are choosing to be continuing, you shall be experiencing much confusion, but you shall also experience much clarity. It is your choice as to whether you continue or you do not. Each individual approaches this area, without exception.

BOB: So even though I donít recognize it, you say that at this point I am experiencing doubts as to whether I want to continue.

ELIAS: You have not reached the point of doubt, as of this point! (Grinning) You merely offer yourself a holding at bay, and a recognition of a feeling of disconnectedness.

BOB: It might have been a bad choice of words, but Iím sure youíll disagree with me! I guess my question is then, am I experiencing movement that I do not recognize, and how can I more effectively connect with that?

ELIAS: Yes, you are experiencing movement, (grinning at Cathy) and you may more effectively recognize by? (Still grinning at Cathy)

CATHY: Trusting.

ELIAS: Very good, Shynla! (Much laughter)

GAIL: You even woke up for that one! (Cathy really likes to sleep!)

BOB: So you can give me some assurance that ... Oh, never mind.


BOB: Thank you! You didnít even need to say yes, because I trust!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Motion is occurring. I offer this to you, as all individuals experience this also. You experience this within its beginning throes, so to speak. Therefore, you do not identify entirely, within this present now, the effect of what you are creating. You may choose not to continue creating, and you shall not experience the entire effect. Olivia chose quite briefly to be experiencing of this crossroad. You may choose also likewise.

BOB: I donít type! Just teasing you, Elias. You said you wanted to have some fun tonight! Or you want me to anyway! (Elias is cracking up) I just, no offense to anybody in the group, donít see anybody here thatís like totally like dialed in! (Laughter) So that gives me some feeling of, well at least Iím not alone! Itíd be different if I was looking and everybody else was just like totally like buzz, spot on, knowing! And I was sitting here going ďWhat?Ē (Much laughter) So I donít feel like the lone ranger here, if thatís what you mean! (Bob, do you know how hard it is to type and laugh simultaneously?)

ELIAS: Very good! (Humorously) I shall express to you that you are not alone within this action, and these other individuals are also not ďdialed in!Ē (And we all lose it!)

BOB: So I got to be the guinea pig for this discussion? Okay then, youíre welcome! Thank you.

ELIAS: Thank you!

NORM: Will we be able to go through this shift in consciousness with stability, with ego stability, to the point where weíre fully operational in normal social activities?

BOB: Heís worried about the senility thing! (Much laughter)

NORM: Not at all! Iím not worried about that at all.

ELIAS: This would be your choice! Some individuals, I shall express as I have previously, shall be choosing trauma, and in your terms shall not fare well; this being the point of why there is an importance for your helpfulness and affectingness within consciousness.

NORM: Stability is a natural desire of ego consciousness. Isnít that true? A natural intent?


NORM: Itís not?

BOB: Tons of people are unstable! (Thatís an understatement!)

ELIAS: I also express once again to you, ego is an invention within belief systems.

NORM: Objective consciousness; can I use that term?

ELIAS: This being quite different within your definitions.

NORM: I term that the same. Alright, objective consciousness has an intent of stability.


NORM: It doesnít?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. There is a natural order to your creation and your manifestation, but stability is not necessarily an intent or a desire.

NORM: Well, you continually want action and change, but directed back towards stability.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You choose. Others ...

NORM: Okay. I thought it was a natural human attribute.

ELIAS: No. Not ...

NORM: Or is it a common human attribute today?

ELIAS: Not all individuals manifest with this intent. It is a mass belief system. It is not necessarily a creation of manifestation. This is also within the area of what you think of with your belief systems as good and bad, positive and negative. You view instability as abnormal and negative. Within essence, you may choose quite intentionally to be manifesting within a focus abnormally and without stability, for that experience.

NORM: But most of us, all of us here, have manifested with stability. (A few group members start to object)

ELIAS: You have within individual focuses. You have also manifest to the contrary within individual focuses.

RETA: You said trauma would be one of the things people would go through in the shift, and that we can be helpful, and that one of the reasons weíre here is to learn to be helpful. Youíre not saying that anyone here will experience trauma! Is that right? Not in this group?

ELIAS: This is your choice. If you are choosing to be availing yourself of this information and also applying this information and widening your awareness, you shall not be experiencing trauma within the shift. Not all that appear within this forum are choosing to be continuing and availing themselves of this information, and may experience trauma.

I shall conclude this evening, and I shall await within simultaneous time period framework (grinning at Bob) our next meeting. To you all affectionately, au revoir!

Elias departs (finally!) at 11:46 PM.

Vicís note: This is our longest transcript to date. Weíve had sessions that lasted as long, but it was back when Elias used to speak slower. So, the transcripts werenít as long.

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