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Sunday, August 27, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Jim (Yarr), Cathy (Shynla), Jo (Joseph), and Guin (Sophia).

Elias arrives at 6:48 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause) Welcome once again to Shynla.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: For clarification: S-h-y-n-l-a. (Spelling it out)

VICKI: Thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome. You are wishing to address to our game!

RON: I’m still awake! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Temporarily! (Grinning) Maybe I should wait for the game, until we may wake him again! (More laughter) You may focus on your game, and your perceptions.

JO: I have a question. I’m speaking up. I want to know if I can also have a point for Marshuka, C. (Pause)

ELIAS: Ah! (Laughter) We are incorporating double points! I will issue one point to Joseph, for connecting.

JO: Thank you.

RON: I would like to clear something up as far as the name “Patel” goes, from last week.

ELIAS: Yes???

RON: I should have gotten it right off the bat, and it was really dumb! Lawrence explained it to me. Is Patel Paul’s essence name?

ELIAS: This would be correct. We will issue one point to Ron.

ELIZ: Is Cathy yellow?

ELIAS: Incorrect.

ELIZ: Can I ask another question? (Elias says yes) Am I yellow?

ELIAS: Incorrect. (Grinning widely) You are working very hard!

CATHY: I want to know if Cathy is Mobowah.

ELIAS: Correct. One point for Shynla, for red.

GUIN: Is purple A?

ELIAS: Correct for purple, for this musical note. One point for Sophia. We are incorporating many more individuals into our game!

VICKI: I have a question. I would like to connect Minerva with the musical note of F.

ELIAS: Incorrect, for this musical note.

VICKI: I have another question. I would like to connect Elizabeth with the color purple.

ELIAS: Correct for Lawrence, for purple and Elizabeth.

JO: I have one more. Is Mamandy female?

ELIAS: Correct for Mamandy, in gender of female. Now that you have incorporated all gender questions, you may also explain our issue of gender. (To Vicki)

VICKI: Do you wish me to do that now? I can do it later. (Pause)

JIM: There’s what, four females and three males?

RON: Or it could be four males and three females, or it could be two males and five females, or it could be six males and one female,

VICKI: Because it doesn’t matter.

JO: Because there is no gender, actually. (Elias is laughing)

RON: Everybody got points for any gender question that was asked.

ELIZ: It didn’t matter?

GUIN: It didn’t matter!

CATHY: Even if they didn’t ask, they got points for it!

ELIAS: There are no genders incorporated in non-physical focus. It is, after all, my game! (Much laughter)

CATHY: Is that why you gave me a point for female, just because you wanted to give me a point, or did you just pull it out of my head, or what?

ELIAS: This was, in actuality, a connection. Therefore, you were issued a point for a gender, for you were connecting, within consciousness, with this focus of this particular gender.

CATHY: That’s true. (Pause)

ELIZ: Yeah, I’m still trying.

VICKI: It’s too bad we can only get one point per game. We could just go on and on, if we could get more than one point! (At this “point,” there is discussion among the group of more points.)

ELIZ: Sad part about it is, I thought of that, that there was no gender, but I didn’t say anything because someone had already gotten a point for giving someone a gender. Oh well ...

ELIAS: We will issue one point for Elizabeth, for connecting within consciousness in answering our gender question. This also will move us forward, while Elizabeth contemplates her next impression, which may not arrive until our next session! (Laughter) And, you have no more impressions for our game?

CATHY: Well we could just play it and not get points. Then we’d know! (Pause) Could we do that? (Laughter)

ELIAS: You may try! (Grinning)

CATHY: Just running it by. I mean, I don’t have anything I can think of right this minute.

VICKI: I feel bad because I forgot Mary’s question.

CATHY: A game question?

VICKI: Yeah, we talked about it yesterday.

ELIAS: Michael will have another opportunity to express his question, and also I will express that it has not been expressed by another individual, therefore his question remains his own. (Pause)

CATHY: What do you think about just issuing points on Sunday night sessions, since more people are involved in that session ?

ELIAS: We may incorporate this idea, if you are wishing.

RON: That’s okay with me.

ELIAS: This is acceptable.

CATHY: Okay.

ELIZ: Okay.

GUIN: Vicki?

VICKI: It’s fine with me. It doesn’t make any difference to me.

ELIAS: And we are receiving no impressions from Yarr?

JIM: Okay, I guess I didn’t say anything for fear of being wrong, but since there is no right or wrong, or anything ...

ELIAS: This is correct! (Laughter)

JIM: Am I linked with indigo?

ELIAS: This is correct. One point for Yarr.

JIM: Wow! I guess I did have an impression! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I was beginning to wonder if you were going to remain a clam all evening!

JIM: Well, sometimes you just got to slap me around a little! Just kidding. (Pause) Can I ask another one? (Much laughter) Are we back to the one point system, or what? One point per evening?

CATHY: Well, we haven’t asked it. Nobody’s gotten two right yet, so see what happens. (Elias is grinning widely)

JIM: Is that B? Does it have to do with B?

ELIAS: You will need to be asking at our next session!

JIM: Yes. Well, you gotta ask! I certainly will! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) Are we finished with our game questions for this evening?

CATHY: Guess so. If everybody that has a point asks another one, we’ll have to wait, so ...

ELIAS: Very well. Then we will move on and continue with our discussion, briefly, of your chakras, incorporating orange and also yellow, this being in your second and third energy center positions; your second energy center being with its basic color reflecting in orange. This energy center incorporates your reproductive organs, your physical kidneys, your bladder, your adrenal glands, and your skin, to incorporate watching skin close together. Your third energy center, in color of yellow; this center incorporates your stomach, your gall bladder, your liver, your small intestinal tract, your pancreas, and your breathing, which is affected by diaphragm. This is not to be confused with other energy centers which control lung capacity, and the function of breathing. This center affects the diaphragm. This would be connected with activities such as musical singing, (to Ron) which is projected from diaphragm, not chest, this being controlled by your third energy center.

Returning to your second energy center of orange; as I have expressed, this center’s main function is involved with your sexual orientation and desires, this being its main radiating function. All of your sexual desire and stimulation is generated within this energy center, this center also being life giving. This center generates the focus for parenting, and is instrumental in creating bonds between parent and child within physical focus. When this energy center is not blocked, and functioning and spinning properly, the bond and communication between parent and child, or between individuals involved within sexual relationships, will be operating smoothly. I am not expressing that this energy center focuses within the bounds of interpersonal relationships in influencing the individuals in any other area except sexually, this being a connecting energy center between physically focused individuals in a purely physical element.

Connected and incorporated with other energy centers, this sexual energy center may be instrumental in creating manifestations and expressions of a more intense, or what you may term “higher nature,” than only physical. By itself, it generates only physical attraction and incorporation. These organs that it is affecting of; sexual organs, kidney, bladder; are all physically connected within your sexual focus, and also influencing in your sexual activity and performances. Incorporated with this also are your adrenal glands, which, you are all quite aware, are affected to a degree within sexual focuses. Also, the implementation of touch, being connected with your skin, is all tied together connecting with the main energy propellant of this particular center.

Excuse, briefly. Lawrence, I will ask cordially of you, if you would be minding to be removing Michael’s “mop” from this visual perception! (Much laughter, as Vicki attempts to pull Mary’s hair away from her eyes) I will keep speaking to Michael of eliminating this hindrance, although he is not listening very well! I do not understand how he may perceive visually through this obstacle!

To return to our focus: The subject, in itself, of sexual orientation and connection with your physical body will be a subject we will reserve unto itself, for this also incorporates many diversities, and will need some time for explanation. Basically, this second energy center focuses in controlling and projecting this orientation, also being directly affecting of which sexual orientation you have chosen within physical focus.

Moving to your third energy center of yellow; this center, as I have expressed, is ultimately controlling of emotional focus. Emotionally focused individuals will be experiencing this energy center more intensely, and noticing this energy center more, that otherwise focused individuals. Within emotionally focused individuals, all information processed passes through this energy center first. You within physical focus believe that you perceive all incoming or outgoing information to be expressed through your brain first. This is not correct. Emotionally focused individuals process all information initially through this yellow energy center. Individuals who are emotionally focused may not entirely perceive of this process. They may believe that they are thinking first of any given situation. I will express to you that in noticing and rewinding your tapes, you will observe that whether you initially were aware or not, or whether the initial process of information was only for a second, as you term this, all of your information is processed first emotionally, this being the function mainly of this energy center; this being also why emotional individuals incorporate, within their physical body expression, ulcers, which are created within their stomach or small intestines, which are both affected by this energy center. Emotionally focused individuals are more likely to incorporate substances which will be affecting of liver, this being incorporated with this energy center also.

You will notice that the organs connected with individual energy centers are connected in functions that incorporate emotional balance or imbalance. Emotionally focused individuals incorporate physical ailments more than thought focused individuals. This is not a rule, but generally speaking, this does “follow within suit,” as you say, within your physical focus. In creating physical ailments, many physical manifestations are created within the trunk of your body, this mainly being controlled by this energy center. This energy center radiates out and up. Therefore, it is also connecting and greatly affecting of other energy centers physically located above itself. I have expressed that this center is very powerful. All of your emotional expressions may be controlled through this center. This is not to say that all emotions are generated by this center, for your fourth center of green also radiates some influence within emotional expression, but basically, yellow is the most affecting.

You may also notice that within non-emotionally focused individuals, this energy center seems to cause much problems. You do not have to be an emotionally focused individual to experience conflict with yellow. Individuals who are thought focused may not pay attention to this yellow, and when this energy center becomes out of alignment, it is not focused upon, for you are not used to dealing with emotional focuses. This becomes where thought individuals throw themselves out of balance. If you were to be viewing a movie screen of the alignment of your chakras, normally they would all be spinning nicely within a straight line. A thought focused individual experiencing conflict will throw this yellow far off to the side, and have much difficulty “reeling it back” into alignment. Also, I expressed that this energy center is quite stubborn. It does not just “pop back in” so easily.

I will bring briefly into this energy center also belief systems, for in your present time, you are encouraged, whether you are an emotionally focused individual or not, to be expressing of emotions continuously. You are taught that this is healthy and very “good for you,” to be open with your feelings. We are back to our psychology! I am not expressing that you should not be open with your feelings. Quite to the contrary, I have a new exercise which I will discuss later with you. I am expressing that individuals are focused differently. Some individuals are not emotionally focused, and it is a ludicrous situation to be expressing to these individuals that they should be connecting continuously with feelings that they do not perceive exist! (Thank you, Elias! Love, Ron, Vic, and Mare)

This is also not to say their feelings do not exist. They do. They only do not exist within the intensity that emotionally focused individuals experience them. I have expressed to you previously that thought focused individuals are very out-numbered by emotionally focused individuals. Therefore, within your standards of the “norm,” which you have created as your officially accepted rule, you automatically focus on all individuals being the same, and expressing in the same way. Obviously, they do not express the same. You may also achieve a balance within yourself, and being aligned, and still be emotional or non-emotional. (Pause)

Our small incorporation of a greater, not ultimate, but greater balance within an individual, using Ron as our example, does not incorporate a tremendous emotional focus. There is not a tremendous outpouring of emotional expressions within this individual. At the same time, this individual incorporates a greater balance, but is thought focused, therefore will not express tremendous outpouring of emotional expression. This is not to say that thought focused individuals do not express or experience emotional focus. It is also not to say that emotionally focused individuals never think. They only incorporate differences. (Pause)

This I will say to you, for this week in your concentration of exercise and connecting, should be an interesting experiment for you, to be noticing orange and yellow. All of you experience orange and yellow all of the time, whether you express these experiences or not. They are quite incorporated within your accepted physical focus, so much so that these two energy centers dominate your culture and your focus. You are quite a sexually oriented focus, therefore this center, you may see, is quite dominating, and also quite accepted. You are also an emotional physical focus, or you are encouraged to be an emotional focus. You notice also that these two colors within your spectrum, being created of red and yellow creating your color of orange, which incorporates physical focus and emotion, create the situation of your sexual expression.

Your energy centers, in connection with your color spectrum, are much more intricate than you realize. I will also express to you that within the incorporation of each of these colors and energy centers, and their main expressions, there is no incorporation of right or wrong; for you automatically, within physical focus, attach right and wrong to all of these expressions. They are merely driving forces behind expressions, which you create for experiences. (Pause) Are you wishing questions of these two energy centers? (Pause)

JIM: I have a question. Do the, you mentioned I believe, with the orange, that it emanates from without, and also up.

ELIAS: Incorrect. Orange radiates out.


ELIAS: This is correct. Yellow radiates out and up.

JIM: In this radiation, is that, so it’s not, if we’re, say we’re concentrating on orange, there’s no specific, like we shouldn’t just concentrate here, it should just be orange in general, in seeing, seeing the wheel spiraling in a clockwise, and, or just let it flow?

ELIAS: You may, if you wish ...

JIM: Or whatever you want to do! (Laughing)

ELIAS: If you wish to be incorporating this all-consuming color of orange, you may also experience an overwhelming desire to be physically intimate with your wife! (Laughter)

JIM: Oops! Okay.

VICKI: Darn! (We’re all cracking up here)

JIM: That’s usually a two-way thing, though.

GUIN: That was going to be my question. If you focused with another person, if you focused on orange, that would make you more intimate with each other, correct?

ELIAS: This would be correct.

JIM: But orange, he said, does, if I’m to understand, doesn’t emanate out. Is that, I mean, doesn’t, (We all start talking here)

JO: It emanates out.

JIM: But you can’t, to emanate, to emanate orange, the physical sensation of, that’s all sex is, is just a physical sensation for yourself. Can that physical sensation be pushed out with orange?

ELIAS: Absolutely! You will notice that I have expressed that this energy center of orange emanates out, not up or down, this being a connecting color. It emanates or radiates its energy out to be connecting with energy of another individual, this being its purpose. This is a very connecting color; this being why, of all physically felt energies, you will feel the sexual energy being dominant, and this feeling, to be satisfactory, is created to be connected with another individual physically. The intermingling of this energy center and color may express tremendous energy, and also may, with the incorporation of indigo or purple, be expressed not only physically, but also out to the universe, this being an ultimate expression of union. You will understand, if you are experiencing of this situation, that the radiated power of this orange energy center may, in connection with indigo or purple, be a very efficient propellant for energy expression universally. This is a creation of a quite beautiful energy manifestation, and I will express to you that the incorporation of this physical expression of this energy center, in connection with higher energy centers, will be felt universally, equally as intensely, or more, as you experience within your consciousness in physical focus.

JIM: Amazing! Thank you. (Long pause)

VICKI: Well ... (Laughter)

CATHY: I was waiting for him to feel you!

VICKI: I always try to wait, to give everybody a chance.

CATHY: I felt her waiting. I felt her waiting!

ELIAS: Shynla is expressing a desire for a point, for connection!

CATHY: Do I get one? (Laughing)

ELIAS: We are discontinued with our game for this evening!

VICKI: Well, I’m just curious how one would use these energy centers to deal with either normal or abnormal menstrual problems.

ELIAS: I will first express to you that your physical body does incorporate certain functions, that you have designed quite artfully, that are not belief systems, one being the incorporation of energy centers and their effectiveness within female cycles. I will deviate briefly in expressing that males experience cycles also, but for the fact that they do not choose to bleed, they do not attach a significance to these cycles and only incorporate attitude, that they are experiencing irritability.

JO: PM.S in men! (Laughter)

JIM: I’ve felt that for so long, I mean for years!

JO: We’ve always known that. You guys just always deny it.

RON: Do not!!! (Everybody is cracking up)

JIM: So, good! We’ve got an excuse now, too!

ELIAS: You may need to incorporate into your new PM.S a new word, of pre or post “men’s” syndrome! (Humorously)

JIM: Well, it is kind of ironic that that word does have that word contained within it.

ELIAS: And you are thinking that this is an accident?

JIM: No, couldn’t be.

JO: It was a plan. (All agree)

ELIAS: Your energy centers are connected. They function within the designs of your physical body as you have created it, and it expresses certain functions which you have very (pause, smiling) efficiently incorporated. You have all studied, within your schools and classrooms, the workings of your physical body, and within your reproductive systems. As I have expressed earlier, yellow is quite influencing with orange. I have also said your red and yellow, being primary colors, create orange. Therefore, elements of both are incorporated within orange. In our expression of red previously, I explained that this also incorporates your male and female organs, this being the pull, in both sexual orientations, downward in energy; in females, being the pulling energy affecting menstruation, in males, the pulling which creates the situation of ejaculation.

Within the female body, certain elements have been created within a cycle which incorporates physical sensation. There are elements that may be incorporated, in conjunction with energy centers, that may be helpful for uncomfortableness of normal cycle experiences. Natural elements that you yourselves have created within nature, therefore being natural, may be used in cooperation with energy centers. In other developmental focuses within your species, heat applied with rocks were incorporated, with the energy radiation of orange, to be elevating of discomfort. I am not expressing that you place hot stones on your stomach! I am only expressing an example of incorporating natural elements in alignment with energy centers.

You may also, in dealing with these energy centers, incorporate the three colors of red, orange, and yellow, in balancing and spinning. When I am expressing of this type of spinning for a directed purpose, I would express to you to be spinning these chakras in unison. Do not be concerned that their natural rotation incorporates different speeds. In spinning them the same speed, and allowing a harmony within them, you will find a helpfulness of lessening of emotional expression, a lessening of physical expression, and a lessening of blood flow. Shynla may not need to incorporate her diaper! (Cathy and Vicki crack up) You will notice also that if you are focusing on specifics, and blood flow being one, you may incorporate, partially, green also, in being not only healing, but greatly influencing of circulatory system, which is regulating of blood flow.

VICKI: That would be spinning the same speed as the others?

ELIAS: Correct. I will suggest that we spin a brief break! When we resume, you may incorporate more questions of your chakras, or we may deviate to your other questions briefly, if you wish.

BREAK: 8:06


ELIAS: In continuing, you may ask your questions now.

CATHY: Okay. So if we can spin our chakras and slow down a blood flow, can we spin them and cut the frequency down? Because it’s just a belief, isn’t it?

ELIAS: In actuality, this is correct. If you are concentrating properly, and incorporating awareness, and disregarding belief systems, you may actually stop this cycle completely.

CATHY: Yes! I’d like that!

ELIAS: I will express to you, though, that you have created this physical body and all of its workings, including its cycles, for interconnected reasons. This is why individuals experience trauma connected with discontinuation of reproductive systems prematurely. This is not incorporating the discontinuation in the focus of what you now term to be contraceptive modes, this meaning that you may incorporate physical procedures in creating a break in the flow of male or female reproductive systems, but are still incorporating the functioning of these systems. You will find that individuals, removing entirely these reproductive organs, experience physical and emotional trauma if they are removed prematurely.

You have created this body of yours quite efficiently, and to be working harmoniously with your natural elements, this being not only with your own physical body, but in connection with what you view as nature and all elements. You will notice, as we have discussed previously, that not only is nature, as you view it, connected to you and you also connected to it, but your elements of your atmosphere, and your weather, and your seasons are also connected to your consciousness, all being created with cycles. You have designed this physical focus to be manifesting in cycles. Therefore, you also create your physical expression of your body to be incorporating cycles.

You may occasionally be annoyed with the physical functioning of this body that you have created, but you have created it for a reason to be functioning within this manner. Within the years of childbearing, although you may experience some discomfort, as you perceive it, or some annoyance within its functioning, you also reap the benefits of its connecting. Once you have approached the physical age of not incorporating this cycle any longer, your desire within the energy of this chakra also diminishes. You will all experience a surge of physical desire and wishing for connection within later years, just prior to the discontinuation of this cycle. You will notice that you may, in discussion with each other, express that you are more sexually oriented or active, or incorporate stronger desires in this area, and attach this to an age. You express that when you have entered into the years of thirties and forties, you are experiencing a surge within physical awareness sexually, this primarily affecting females, this being for the reason that your body is aware of a discontinuation of this cycle approaching, and is surging an energy for its final expression.

Males do not necessarily incorporate this same surgence of energy within these same years, for their reproduction ability is not dependent upon age or cycle; this being a physical creation that you have incorporated for your own benefit, in not wishing to be continuously childbearing throughout your physical focus, this being your choice. You choose to create a certain amount of time within physical focus to allow yourself the ability to be bearing young. You choose also to discontinue this ability, without permission of your male counterparts, by discontinuing your cycle. This also, I will express, incorporates a belief system which has been initiated through separation within physical focus, for in actuality you may be reproducing without this cycle. You may also realistically be reproducing without these particular organs. This is an incorporated belief system, but it is very effective in its workings, for if you are not believing that you may be reproducing, you will not be reproducing.

I will express to you once again in using Michael as an example. This will surprise him, that his physical body has not in actuality been affected reproductively by an incorporated dis-ease. He is believing of this situation. Therefore, within the years occurring after the birth of his son, his reproducing ability stopped, for he does not believe that it is in working order; this being, in actuality, a quite efficient mode of contraceptives for your age, for it has allowed him the ability to not incorporate reproduction for many years, and has allowed him the freedom, through a belief system, of not incorporating any fear of this occurrence. You each have this same ability. If you are believing that something is not possible, you will not create it. You also, in believing that something is possible to create, open the door for creating what you wish. If you are wishing to discontinue the creation of a female cycle, it is within your ability. I only caution that you consider all other elements affected, when you are discontinuing one intentionally. I will also express to Shynla that other than a mild annoyance, there is no present reason, through this individual’s belief systems, for discontinuation of this cycle, for it poses no threat.

CATHY: True. I just want to spread it out a little more, that’s all! It is mild, I know.

GUIN: I have a personal question. Since I do not think I have that belief system, to postpone or spread out my cycle, what is my problem? Or, what is my ... problem? Maybe it’s not a problem, but,

ELIAS: This I will express you may answer for yourself, for in being an emotionally focused individual, in allowing this yellow to be dominating of your orange energy center, you are continuously affecting the workings of this center. You may explore a mild separation of these two energy centers. You will find, as we have not yet quite discussed, that another very valuable and also strong characteristic of yellow is detachment. This, in opposition to emotionally focused individuals, is the element of yellow that thought focused individuals manipulate quite well. Detachment is not uncaring. It is not an element of insensitivity. It is a separation with purpose. This energy center, being so powerful in emanating emotions, must also be balanced within itself. In this, it incorporates the element of detachment.

Do not misunderstand. This is not an opposite. This is not a case of “turning off” emotion. It is stepping back from intensity of emotion. It is an allowance of other energies to be incorporated, and functioning properly without interference and overwhelmingness of emotional focus. If you are concentrating on detachment in this yellow, you may find that it also may be quite powerful and helpful. Many females incorporate this problem, if you wish to view it this way, this being that they incorporate confusion. Individuals, male or females, translate much confusion into physical expression. It is easy to express confusion or emotion through female cycles. You have even allowed yourselves permission!

GUIN: Confusion is a good word. So, meshing all the colors together wasn’t the right thing! (Laughing) Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You may experiment with this situation within your sleep state, incorporating your emotional focus into your sleep state, this being a safe environment for expression, and also allowing yourself to emotionally and physically experience and express, without developing different incidents within waking time. You have efficiently accomplished this with your orange and green previously. Therefore, you may choose to notice this ability, and transfer this to other areas within your focus.

I will incorporate an exercise with you. Our meeting within this forum incorporates connection, not only with each other, but also within yourselves. This forum is designed here with the purpose of avoiding trauma. The way in which you will be avoiding trauma is to incorporate more awareness of self in connection with essence; also, to eliminate as much separation as possible. Therefore, we will periodically incorporate exercises to widen your awareness of self, and in this incorporate less separation from essence, and more connection with each other.

This week, I will ask you each to examine yourselves and your belief systems. I will ask you to focus on these at another awareness than only superficially, and choose within you something that you experience conflict with in a belief system, incorporating some element that you would view as “secretive”; (pause, for emphasis) an element personally involving yourself, in which you would not be comfortable in sharing with another individual. You may be using your entire week to find this element! Therefore, you have much time to explore your own consciousness; and if you are bringing to this audience next week that you have stolen a piece of candy from a dime store when you were a child, incorporating a belief system that this is bad, I will be laughing at you, and expressing that you think harder! (Long, silent pause)


VICKI: So we’re supposed to examine ourselves, and find an element that we normally wouldn’t share with other people, and connect it with a belief system.


RON: Then we have to share it? (Much “nervous” laughter)

CATHY: That’s the best part, too!

RON: Luckily, I don’t have anything like that! (Laughter) Other people are upset about this whole thing!

ELIAS: This is for the reason that Ron is ultimately balanced, and also has reached a “level of perfection!” (Humorously sarcastic) This is also why Ron is still physically focused! (Laughter) Although I did think I experienced communication and communion with you within my focus. It must be an apparition, seeing you this evening! (Again, very humorously sarcastic, laughter, and a pause) Yes, we will share! (More laughter) And, I will share with you also.

RON: Is this going to be a contest? (More laughter)

ELIAS: If this be the case, do not think that I will win! I’m quite sure that I, throughout my many lifetimes, in your terms, have experienced far worse, also in your terms, than any of you have experienced within this physical focus! (Pause)

CATHY: Could you give us like an example? (Laughter) I want to feel you out here. I mean, the candy bar was like too simple, but I’m sure you’ve done this with other groups somewhere else. Can you like just give us a little example? (Nice try, Cathy!)

ELIAS: You may delve within your consciousness and self, and I will express my sharing and my example within our meeting, in exchanging of these experiences ... next week! (Grinning, and more laughter)

CATHY: Something that is a secret to yourself?

ELIAS: This does not necessarily mean an action. You may hold a belief system that affects you, that you only think about or feel, but do not actually physically act out, but is affecting of your focus, for it is a belief system. You may express an action which you have engaged in, that you believe that you must be secretive about. I will express more later. (Pause)

GUIN: Wouldn’t it be neater if we like, if we try to just connect, like send it out to everybody, rather than verbally saying it next week? That would be better connecting, right? (Nice try, Guin!)

ELIAS: This is part of this exercise. I have expressed to you, first of all, that in reality there is no right or wrong. This exercise is expressly to illustrate to you how you disconnect, and separate, and create value judgments, and influence your own selves, and affect your own consciousness through belief systems. The point of this exercise will not be taken if you are not taking the step in connection, and risking in trust. If you are not incorporating trust, and if you are continuing to incorporate separation, you will experience trauma within your shift. My purpose in speaking to you is to avoid this.

You are now all incorporated and connected enough to begin with practical application, and with actually widening awareness. Thus far, you are widening awareness conceptually, and also, periodically, experientially; but for the most part, even your experiences in connecting or widening are very limited. When you are faced with separation or conflict, you are “stuck.” If I am helping in instructing in trying to eliminate part of your separation, and incorporating more trust, you will incorporate more understanding of how to deal with conflict, and eliminate this. Just as Elizabeth has expressed that you may not truly understand a concept until you have experienced, in this, you will not truly understand concepts that I express to you, if you are not incorporating through experience. Physical focus is based on experience. This is a focus of experiential knowledge. You have designed this for experience. Therefore, you incorporate into your reality what you experience. (Pause) If you are not wishing to participate, this is also acceptable. This is your choice. (Another pause) You may not be “off the hook” though, so to speak, forever! (Smiling, and another long pause)

CATHY: Okay. I have a question. Have Mary and Vicki opened their essences to a merging?

ELIAS: This mergence has always been. Therefore, it is not necessary to be opened, so to speak, for it has never been closed. They only incorporate now an awareness physically, and a noticing within physical focus of this connection, this being only a beginning. In previous physical developmental focuses that they have shared together, they have been more accomplished at this connection and noticing, within physical focus, than they are presently. I will express to you, humorously, as a “secret,” that in one physical focus, they were actually thought to be connecting witches, for they were not only connecting within reading each other’s minds continuously, but also focusing with other individuals and perceiving the same images, continuously frightening their own people around them; this being within a focus of Turkey, as gypsies. They were also not needing crystal balls to be accomplishing this! (Grinning at Vicki) Fortunately, you were not in Salem! (Laughter, and a pause)

VICKI: This morning when I woke up, I had a very vague dream memory, but I did have an impression and a question that resulted from it, and I just wanted to check them out. The impression was that my mother, and Peter, and a fellow co-worker were possibly all fragmented of the same essence, and I’m curious about that impression.

ELIAS: I will express to you that the impression, also involving yourself, was also a connection of another developmental focus in which you were all connected, these being your children, and you being the mother. Two of these individuals, as your children, were quite irritating to you! (Smiling)

VICKI: So this was more of a developmental focus connection?

ELIAS: This would be correct. These two individuals, of your mother and of Peter, were quite incorrigible, in your terms, and causing great distress and emotional conflict for you; this being carried actually continuously through this focus to your departing time, these individuals continuing in their irritation with you, even to the point to which you would call your “death bed”; this third child, being the mediator between the other children and yourself, also causing great conflict between these other children, for this one was allowed the privilege of controlling of your affairs and estate, being the one of the three which was trusted. This also was creating dissension, which was expressed with irritation to you. You eventually, in what you perceived to be old age, being tired of that particular focus and conflict, chose to end that focus. These individuals are not all fragmented of one essence. The two irritating essences are fragmented from one. The other is fragmented of another.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: I also received a question this morning which came up earlier, actually. Why actually are there more emotionally focused individuals than thought focused individuals?

ELIAS: This being for the reason of experience. Many essences choosing to manifest within this particular dimension and physical focus choose to manifest for the experience of emotional focus, this being a more intense experience than thought, or political, or religious. This focus also provides a wider variety of experiences. Not all, but most essences experiencing physical focus will choose to manifest within an emotional focus. Even basically thought focused individuals may choose the experience, within one or a few developmental focuses, as being emotionally focused.

As with all energy and with all manifestations, you will experience that in what you term most, essences also group in likeness. If you are viewing your ocean, within the water of your ocean there are many elements. The basic element is water; just as universally you may think of the collective whole of essences as your ocean, displaying a basic element of one focus but incorporating many other elements, not in equal proportion. Just as I have explained previously, these elements are of essence, not only physical focus. Therefore, although you may choose to change the predominant element for a particular developmental focus in experiencing, your basic personality incorporation is of a certain element. Therefore, when I am expressing to you that you are a thought, or emotional, or political, or religious focused individual, I am speaking to you of your essence, not only of your physical focus; although within the incorporation of this group, you manifest in this physical focus in like kind to essence. Is this helpful?

VICKI: Yes. Thank you. My only other issue tonight is to ask Michael’s game question.

ELIAS: Ah, we are back to our game!

VICKI: Michael wishes to connect yellow with Sophia.

ELIAS: Correct. Issue one point for Michael, for connecting Sophia.

JO: I have a question. In a previous session, you were speaking to a few individuals, and have expressed that we have “things to do.” Is that things to do in this physical focus, or after this physical focus?

ELIAS: Both.

JO: Both? So is there a specific purpose?

ELIAS: I am disliking of this word “purpose” for physical focus. As I have expressed to Dimin, this encourages you to be directing your thoughts in a certain manner, which I am not in agreement with, for it is encouraging of belief systems.

JO: So we have accomplishments, something to accomplish?

ELIAS: In widening! We will begin this presently. You have been accumulating information, and you have begun to connect. You have begun to incorporate within yourselves, therefore you may begin now, also, to widen your awareness more; this being the reason for our exercise for next session! (Smiling)

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I will express also, before we are discontinuing, that Yarr’s perception of incorporation of another essence in connection with physical feelings is correct, and you now may incorporate this essence with color, and with partial name. (Grinning in a challenging way, and a long pause) You have been connected with our game, correct?

JIM: Yes.

ELIAS: Then you have your essence!

JIM: Hmmm. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

GUIN: I have a question about the game. Is there more than one physically focused name connected to each color?

ELIAS: I am amused this evening, that after such length of disinterest for our game, now we are being onslaughted with questions, and testing of Elias! (Laughter) I will express that you may ask this question next week!

GUIN: All right. So I guess my next question is out of the question, too! (Laughter) I’ll wait ‘til next week.

ELIAS: Then I will excuse myself and bid you good evening, and you have much to think about this week, and much connecting to be doing within yourselves. Adieu.

Elias departs at 10:02 PM.

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