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Saturday, July 25, 1998

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“The Belief System of Relationships”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Frank (Christian/X-tian), Rodney (Zacharie), Monica (Bridget), Tom (Thomas), and 12 new participants: Rob, Edward, Ben, Christien, Jane, Kelli, Dan, Tony, Julie, Richard, and two people for whom I have no names.

Elias arrives at 7:40 PM. (Arrival time is 30 seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling) Christian! And Miora!

This evening we shall be discussing the present wave in consciousness occurring which is affecting en masse, and in this discussion we shall be focusing upon the belief system which is the most affecting and that which this particular wave in consciousness addresses to presently.

Let me initially express to you that as we move more fully into the expression of this shift in consciousness, these waves shall become more frequent and more intense, therefore pulling to the surface of your objective awareness those belief systems which shall be addressed to en masse and shall be the most beneficial to you within your societies and individually. Within this present now, the belief system which moves the wave in consciousness that you address to is that of relationships.

Now; let me express that you separate your ideas of relationships into many different areas. I shall also express to you a reminder that this is one belief system. Each belief system that you hold, as I have stated previously, holds many, many aspects.

Therefore, I shall reiterate, in my analogy of belief systems in comparison, that the belief system itself is as that of a bird cage, and the aspects of the belief system are all of the birds that the cage holds. These cages, the belief systems, hold many, many, many birds. There are hundreds of aspects to each given belief system.

Therefore, as you address to the belief system of relationships, this also holds very many aspects. You separate these aspects into different compartments, so to speak. You create individual ideas in differentiating one type of relationship from another type of relationship. You think very differently as to your relationship with your employer than you do in looking to a relationship with your child. You look at relationships involving other individuals romantically very differently from relationships of friendships or relationships that you look to in your parents. There are many different types of relationships that you identify with.

You also hold relationships with your communities, with your governments, with your world. You hold relationships with what you believe to be your “higher self” or other aspects of consciousness. You hold relationships with that which you may term to be god or other such “beings,” so to speak. This shift in consciousness moves these belief systems into your objective awareness, that you may address to the belief systems and all of the aspects that are connected to these belief systems, that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to be accepting of these belief systems.

In this, let us examine these belief systems and this particular belief system of relationship, for you place very many judgments in this particular belief system, which shall serve as an example to all other belief systems, for all belief systems hold judgments. Be they in what you term to be positive or negative, good or bad, they are all judgments. Your positive or “good” assessments of any element within your focus is also a judgment. The accomplishment of acceptance of belief systems is to be accomplishing the lack of judgment in any aspect of the belief system.

There is much affectingness that occurs within the belief system of relationships. This be the reason that it has been chosen by you all, within essence and your subjective awareness within physical focus, to be addressing to and therefore creating a wave in consciousness that may lend energy to the accomplishment of your focusing upon this particular belief system. This is not to say that you shall be focusing upon this belief system in negative areas, for you may be focusing your attention in the area of the belief system of relationship and offering yourself information in what you term to be positive directions. But let me also bring to your attention the limitations of this belief system, for you DO move in the direction of MUCH separation with this particular belief system. You shall not be interactive and engaging of a small one -- children – in the same manner that you shall be engaging of individuals that you term to be adults. You shall not engage individuals that you term to be friends in the same manner that you shall engage or interact with an authority. As you look to your societies and your governments, you shall not interact with your police state in the same manner that you engage an individual that you are romantically inclined with. And why be this that you engage these individuals so very differently? These are the aspects of the belief system.

Let me express to you that relationships are relationships. They are interactions with other individuals within physical focus. In acceptance of self – Acceptance 102, remedial – and in acceptance of other individuals – Acceptance 101, of which I am the professor (grinning) – you engage other individuals in an allowance of their expression of themselves and their energy, recognizing that they filter their expression through their own belief systems.

(Vic’s note: Something odd is occurring here with these references to Acceptance 101 and Acceptance 102. When this information was originally delivered, Elias defined Acceptance 101 as acceptance of self, and Acceptance 102 as acceptance of other individuals. Here, he is defining it oppositely. Dyslexia? Dunno! For reference: follow these links to Acceptance 102: session 217, September 14, 1997 | Acceptance 101: session 236, November 08, 1997).

ELIAS: You are not better than they, and they are not better than you, and you are not worse than they, and they are not worse than you! You are merely different. Your expressions are different. You choose to move in different directions, for your attention moves in different directions for different experiences, but there is no bad or wrong or right or good to any of these expressions.

This particular wave in energy within consciousness presently allows you the opportunity, in addressing to this belief system of relationship and all of its aspects, to drop many of your separations that create limitations within yourselves, within your societies, individually and en masse, for within these separations you also place judgments, not only upon yourselves ... which you do!

If you are not accomplishing within a particular relationship, I shall wager to express that you shall initially turn your attention to yourselves and be questioning what you have created wrong, placing a judgment upon yourselves. And after you have initially looked to yourselves and expressed, “What have I created wrong or inefficiently?,” you shall move yourselves into the direction of expressing quite righteously, “I have expressed nothing. It is the OTHER individual’s fault! (Laughter) The OTHER individual is creating of massive turmoil and is affecting of myself, and I shall be righteously indignant as to their expression!” (Grinning, and more laughter) Incorrect!

This is a very good example ... I am aware there is no good! But within your terms within physical focus, this example serves well to illustrate to you how you create judgments, and that this issue of relationship holds much more affectingness than you allow yourselves the awareness of. Let us focus on some of your types of expressions of relationships.

Initially, you enter into physical focus as a small one. You have a relationship with other individuals within physical focus that you term to be parents, and you shall be the child. Their relationship with you is very packed with aspects of this belief system.

Mothers view themselves to be ultimately responsible for your growth and nurturing, and therefore they are quite expressive of this belief system and many of the aspects of this belief system.

Fathers are engaging this belief system in the area of holding the responsibility for your guidance and also to be blocking of your impulses, for we are all very aware that your impulses are unnatural and are very bad, (laughter) and therefore we shall be blocking of these animalistic expressions that you as a small one shall be entering into and guiding you in the path ... one of my very favorite terms: path! You have no path! But you shall be guided upon your path, (laughter) that you shall be engaging appropriately and within your officially accepted reality in your established societies, which also hold very many rules and aspects which are all elements of this same belief system of relationship!

You, as the small one, shall also engage in the belief system of relationship, for you shall turn your attention to these individuals that you term to be parents and you shall be looking to them to be creating of your reality for you, for we also are all very aware that you do not create your reality! Another individual shall create it for you! Very, very incorrect! YOU create your reality from the moment that you enter into physical focus and you draw to you ALL of your experiences.

(Intently) Even as an infant, you are drawing to you the experiences that you choose to be engaging within the beginning throes of your physical focus. Your parents are not creating your reality for you!

But within very small ages, you have already adopted this belief system and moved into the direction of expectation; another very powerful term in relation to belief systems, for where you hold belief systems, you not only hold judgment but you hold expectation, and one of your very first expectations is that other individuals shall be responsible for you, shall be caring for you, and shall be directing of your reality. Therefore, you need not be responsible for your reality, for another individual shall be responsible for you! (Grinning)

As you move through your focus you begin to engage other individuals, other small ones, and once again the belief systems are in full play, for now you enter into the aspect of this belief system which deals with behavior. Your behavior must be appropriate! (Laughter) There is appropriate behavior and there is inappropriate behavior! You may not move to your small companion and be stomping upon his foot! He shall be disliking of this action and he may be knocking you within your head, and this shall be creating of physical conflict!

Now; let me express to you that in this action, outside of the belief system and the dictates of the behavior, you may be expressing an impulse and the other small one may be expressing of an impulse also, and once expressed, the emotion shall be set aflight and shall not be held to.

But you have already been taught that these impulses are bad and are not to be trusted, and that this behavior is inappropriate and not acceptable. Therefore, there is a creation of a perpetuation of emotional response, for now you enter into the area of judgment: “You have stomped upon my foot! You are bad! I shall slap you in the head! I am good! You are viewing me as bad!” It matters not. “I am angry, for you are not within compliance to myself! You are angry, for I am not in compliance with yourself!”

Now we enter into the area of holding energy and not allowing for the impulse expression to merely be expressed and fly away. Now you are entering into the areas of learning to be holding to your energy, creating judgments, holding expectations, and now creating separations.

Certain individuals shall not be physically assaulting – your parents – unless you are choosing to be engaging in this action. Ideally within your societies, they shall not be striking you, but your playmate is! This offers you information objectively to be creating of a separation. This is the beginnings of your separating of different types of relationships, and what may be acceptable within one type of relationship and what is not acceptable within a different type of relationship.

As you are adults, you may hold relationships with other individuals in friendships and you may allow yourselves to be expressive in this. You may also move to the area of your employ and you shall not be so very free in your expression with your employer, for this is unacceptable behavior. You may not allow yourself to be freely expressive of yourself. Your societies dictate that this is unacceptable. Your behavior is not acceptable. Therefore, YOU are not acceptable, and if you are not acceptable, other individuals are not acceptable.

And as you address to this belief system and begin to recognize these different aspects of this belief system, you may also offer yourself the viewing of separations and the limitations in these separations. Your separations are created merely in a recognition of differences and a lack of acceptance of differences.

You may choose, in the area of relationship, to be moving into what we express as romantic areas. Within your society – within this particular society -- there are many belief systems in this area. There are many, many aspects to the belief system of relationship in this particular area. What is acceptable within your society is to be paired male and female, to be moving into the direction of procreation, to be responsible, to engage a coupling in your ceremony of matrimony. This is your officially accepted area of your belief system as to this type of relationship.

Now; let me remind you, this is merely the physical aspect of this. There are many, many, many birds in this cage that interact with each other as to the action of your relationship and the EXPRESSION of your relationship in this particular area, many, many MORE aspects of this expression as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable within your expressions in this type of relationship, but now we move into dangerous areas of unacceptable relationships. It shall be quite unacceptable for you to engage a relationship with a female and a female. It shall be very unacceptable for you to engage within a relationship of a male and a male. And let us all shudder for any other idea! (Much laughter) We shall not be discussing those types of relationships this evening! We are horrified enough with the unofficial relationships that are not accepted by the officially accepted reality of societies!

But look now to your societies and the waves and movement. At the onset of this shift in consciousness, any deviation from the officially accepted reality within your societies was not only frowned upon, but the judgment was severe. Within your present now, as you move close to the turnpoint of your new century and you move more quickly into the action of this shift in consciousness, you also experience more of an acceptance. Therefore, I express to you that although you may find yourselves in the thought processes of negativity at times, expressing to yourselves and to other individuals that you move much too slowly and that awareness is not moving in the direction efficiently of being accepting, look to the movement which you yourselves have created within the accomplishment of this century. For within this time framework, which is a mere flutter in all of your linear time, you have created immense movement in the direction of this shift in consciousness and its purpose, so to speak, of acceptance. That which you express freely within this present now, you may have held the expectation of doom at the turn of your last century.

Therefore, be acknowledging of yourselves in your movement, but also recognize that you have more movement to be accomplishing, and in this movement be reminding yourselves of this Acceptance 101, that which be the acceptance of other individuals, and be reminding yourself of Acceptance 102, remedial. You have not moved into the area of Acceptance 102 alone. This you find much more difficult to be accomplishing -- acceptance of self – than acceptance of other individuals. It is much more fun to be not accepting of self! It is quite easy to be moving into the direction of hurtfulness to self, and you may accomplish this so very efficiently because you can move into the area of quietness. You may be non-accepting of self silently! (Laughter) It is more difficult in the area of acceptance of other individuals to be quite so silent, but you are quite efficient at this action with yourselves! Therefore, you have not yet moved away from remedial Acceptance 102! (Grinning)

Let me express to you also that ALL relationships hold ALL aspects of ALL other relationships, for they all cross over each other, for you hold them all within you. Therefore, EVERY relationship that you engage with ANY other individual, AND YOURSELF ALSO, holds ALL of the aspects of this belief system in EVERY TYPE of relationship that you may engage within physical focus, for these are all aspects of your experience and you apply them in some form or another to EVERY relationship that you hold, not merely those of romantic inclination.

Shall we shudder to think that a mother suckling an infant experiences romantic and sexual affectingness with this small one? Oh no! We may not be expressing of this, for this is unacceptable! It is natural within your physical expression. As I have stated many times previously, you have created this dimension expressly for the exploration of experiences in the direction of sexuality and emotion. Therefore, why shall you NOT experience both of these expressions in EVERY aspect of your creations? In ALL of your experiences within physical focus, you shall! You are merely not recognizing of all of this objectively, for you hold the belief system that limits you and blocks your awareness of your expressions in certain areas, for certain awarenesses also are unacceptable.

You shall not allow yourself to move into the area of exploration, even secretly, of all of the aspects of this belief system that you hold with your employer! Oh my! God forbid us! (Humorously) This is not an individual. You do not hold a relationship with this individual. This is a manufactured plastic representation of an individual which expresses orders to you, but holds no reality, of course! (Laughter) For this is not an individual, and you do not hold a relationship with this plastic representation. And I express to you, oh yes you do! (Chuckling) You merely do not allow yourself the viewing of your interaction and all of its aspects with this type of individual.

You shall also not enter into the area of viewing that you hold any business relationship with your daughter or your son of merely five years. They are your child. They are a small one. What know they of any of this type of situation of business? But you engage business aspects with these small ones continuously. You barter with them, (laughter) and they are quite effective at bartering with you! (Everybody cracks up)

You are very quick learners in these belief systems and are acclimated quite efficiently to them, for you all are quite efficient at assimilating information very quickly within a very small time frame. As you enter into physical focus, you acclimate to these belief systems very quickly and you are implementing of them very quickly, and you are accepting of their expressions and that you shall be engaging their expressions very quickly.

Now you move into the area of accepting the belief system, which shall not be occurring so very quickly, for initially you must be looking at the belief system and identifying all of those little birds within that cage, and amazingly so, the cage seems to grow as you address to the aspects. The more birds that you view, the larger the cage becomes and the more birds that it is holding, for each bird that you view becomes ten, for your awareness becomes more heightened. You open to your periphery, and as you initially viewed this cage in this vision (holding hands about an inch apart), you begin to now view this cage in this vision (extending arms to the side). Therefore, the few birds that you initially viewed that were held within the belief system of this cage (hands together) now become the masses of birds that you may view (extending arms).

Do not think upon this concept as negative, for as you open to your periphery, you also offer yourselves the opportunity to address to these aspects and to be altering of this and to be accepting of this. How may you be accepting of a belief system if you are not viewing the belief system? You may be engaged within a belief system and you may not hold an objective awareness that it IS a belief system.

You may choose to be engaging physically and placing your right shoe upon your right foot first each day of your focus, holding a belief system that this is better, and this shall then produce a smoothness to your day, for you have accomplished placing your right shoe upon your right foot initially within your day. You may move through the entirety of your focus and not view that this is a belief system!

You may look to this action and express to yourself, “It is merely an action. This is not a belief system. It is merely what I do. It is my action.” It IS a belief system! But how shall you alter the belief system if you do not view that it IS a belief system? And if you do not view its affectingness, then how shall you affect it?

If the affectingness of your belief system that you shall place your right shoe upon your right foot before the left each day is viewed, you may place your left shoe upon your left foot initially, and subsequently then your right, and your day may move in the direction of accidents or misfortune or conflict, and this shall all be produced for the reason that you have placed your left shoe upon your left foot before you have placed your right shoe.

You have created this situation in alignment with your belief system, and therefore you may view the limitations that you place upon yourself and the lack of freedom within your own expression in an element so very small as placing a shoe upon a foot. And how greater shall the affectingness be, in limitation and the lack of your own expression of creativity, in areas that are so very affecting as relationships?

I express to you that all relationships are the engagement of individuals with each other, and the opportunity to be exercising your acceptance of self and your acceptance of the other individual. All else is the placement of belief systems upon the situation.

Therefore, I am encouraging free-for-all -- all of you to be engaging in all types of relationship (much laughter) and exploration of all of your different aspects of relationship in this cage, ALL of its elements, without judgments and without expectation, and you may choose whatever particular direction that you may fancy in this!

But also be remembering that any expression of any other individual is also acceptable, for that is their choice of their direction. It is only different within its expression. That is all.

We shall break, and I shall return briefly, and you may engage your questions this evening.

RESUME 9:02 PM. (Arrival time is 12 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing, and you may be inquiring, if you are so choosing.

FEMALE: Elias, I have a dream interpretation from a friend of Michael’s. His name is Kevin. So, I’m going to read you the dream, okay? (Elias nods)

“I’m walking through this field of green grass and flowers. That is all I can see for miles. All of a sudden, the ground opens up and I fall down into a perfectly round hole which I’m unable to climb out of. Then the smooth dirt walls turn into many doors and they open up and snakes of all sizes start to come out. There must be hundreds and hundreds of snakes all around me. I wake up just as an extremely large snake opens its mouth, big enough for me to walk into it, and it’s coming at me. I wake up screaming and sweating profusely.”

ELIAS: Very well. This dream imagery begins in pleasantness, and this is the familiarity of the focus; the acceptance of that which is known, which is the physical focus. In dream imagery, this is imaged as the field and as pleasant surroundings.

Then there is an abrupt motion of falling into this crevice or hole, which holds a smoothness of the walls, or slickness, and in this imagery the hole represents that action -- not a place but the action – of moving into communication with essence. The smoothness of the walls is the representation of the ease in which this action may occur, almost as you in physical focus view falling into a hole. This is an effortless action, and there also is requiring of no control in this action.

In actuality, you view yourselves in an action of this type as being out of control, which is precisely the action which is necessary to be fully in cooperation and in fullness of communication with essence, for as you hold control or what you view to be control, you also block energy and you block your communication with essence, holding more intensely to your objective awareness within your attention. Therefore, the image of the smoothness of this hole.

The doors which are presented are those representations of all of the different focuses within this particular dimension of the essence as it is focused in this particular dimension. These doors appear to be opening themselves and presenting themselves. This is the presentment of all of the different focuses which this individual holds within this particular dimension, offering the opportunity to view all of these different focuses of which he holds. But what he is viewing in looking within these open doors is the presentment of these serpents, these snakes which appear to be emerging from the doors and snapping wildly at him. This imagery is the unfamiliarity.

The viewing of other focuses within one particular focus is an unfamiliar action, although within the action of this shift this becomes commonplace, for you are all opening your awareness and allowing yourselves to be loosening your hold upon your objective attention and dropping the veils of your one particular focus in relation to all of your other focuses, recognizing that all of your focuses occur simultaneously and offer you more information as to your focus presently. Therefore, these serpents or snakes are the presentments of the elements, the actions, and the individuals that occupy these other focuses within this dimension, but they are unfamiliar to the individual. Therefore, the imagery is presented in a threatening manner, for any element that you view to be unfamiliar, you also view as threatening or fearful. Therefore, within dream imagery you may present this in many different manners, and this individual has chosen to be in his creativity presenting the imagery of a creature that holds fearfulness to him and that shall be moving in the direction of threatening him.

Now; also let me express that within this imagery, another aspect of this imagery is that [in] the engagement of other focuses within this dimension, even within the action of this shift in consciousness, as you initially move in the direction of engaging other focuses that you hold, you may, if engaging too intensely, threaten your own identity within this particular focus temporarily; not permanently, not continuously, but there may be a temporary affectingness if you are engaging other focuses too intensely, and this shall threaten your own personal identity within this particular focus. Therefore, there is also in this dream imagery a recognition of that possibility of that action.

The final door which presents the large serpent which emerges most threatening is the imagery that he presents to himself of the actual movement or the creation of the probability of the movement to be engaging of this action, to begin to be viewing other focuses and that they hold this unfamiliarity, but at this engagement of this action, the imagery also is that the individual shall be consumed. This presents itself within objective awareness as being frightening. Therefore, the objective responsiveness upon awakening.

In actuality, this final serpent which appears to be attempting to be consuming of the individual is the presentment of self which attempts to be consuming of the attention of the individual within physical focus, that this individual may allow himself to move into the area of opening his own awareness and the allowance of a viewing of more of self by viewing other focuses, and the recognition that there is no harmfulness in this action and that this may be in actuality beneficial to this individual.

FEMALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MALE: Can I ask a question? Can you tell me about my essence?

ELIAS: And what shall you inquire of your essence? (Grinning)

MALE: Anything you want to share with me.

FEMALE: What essence family he’s in, maybe?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment within this focus, Sumari. Essence name, Leonard.

MALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MALE: Can I also ask, is there a way that I can touch you?

ELIAS: You may physically engage myself if you are so choosing. It matters not. I shall not evaporate at your touch!

MALE: Do you mind if I do it?

ELIAS: It matters not to myself. (He touches Elias)

MALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MALE: Elias....

ELIAS: (Humorously) And shall I be physically engaging all of you? (Everybody cracks up) I shall move about the room and I shall feel your physical energy ... although YOU may evaporate! (The rest of what Elias says here is drowned out by laughter)

MALE: I have a question.


MALE: I’ve read some of your statements about Alzheimer’s disease, and about schizophrenia not being a disease.

ELIAS: Quite.

MALE: I’ve had a very close experience with a daughter who was schizophrenic, and it was very difficult. I did not (inaudible), nor did anybody else, out of a sense of knowing what was going on. I can almost understand the Alzheimer’s condition. I do not understand why anyone would create schizophrenia and I was wondering if you could talk about that, specifically with relationship to my daughter.

ELIAS: Quite. I am understanding that within any individual physical focus ... one moment.

(To another person) You may place yourself physically within this present physical proximity. Come here! (It appears that somebody sits down directly in front of Elias) Now, you may engage physical action! (Grinning, and laughter) (To the man who asked the question) Thank you. Continuing.

Within one individual physical focus, it is quite difficult for the individuals to be holding an objective understanding of this type of creation and choice within physical focus, but let me also move into the direction of reminding you that each individual within physical focus holds many, many physical focuses. Therefore, they also hold many experiences, and each individual within physical focus holds many counterparts, and each counterpart adds to the experience of each other counterpart. In this, there is a multitude of actions that are occurring in the choice to be physically manifesting within this particular dimension.

In one respect, in not holding information as to choices of individuals merely for the reason of experience and in aligning with your officially accepted reality within your societies, it is quite understandable that you shall wonder why another individual would be choosing to be experiencing in this manner, but also be recognizing what you are creating in that thought process.

As we move into the direction of relationships....

(Here, Elias turns to the man directly in front of him) Are we having a relationship presently?

MALE: Yes, we are!

ELIAS: Very good!

In relationships, aspects of the belief systems of relationships are that you shall be creating positively or negatively. And who are the individuals that choose which shall be deemed positive and which shall be deemed negative? Ah, the infamous “they!” And who are the “they?” They are you! YOU are all the “they” that create the officially accepted reality within your societies, and YOU set what is acceptable in behavior and what is not acceptable within behavior, and what is good behavior and what is bad behavior, and what are good experiences and what are bad experiences.

(To the man in front of him) Are you experiencing “good?”

MALE: I’m just experiencing.

ELIAS: Very good! (Much laughter) I am quite acknowledging of this response!

There are no good experiences and there are no bad experiences. There are different intensities of experiences. There are likes and dislikes of experiences, as dictated by your belief systems. There ARE good experiences and bad experiences as dictated by your belief systems, but in themselves they are neutral. They are a choice. Therefore, YOU place a judgment upon another individual’s choice of experience, but their choice of experience may not fit your judgment of it.

An individual may be creating of a certain type of experience, and in that experience they may be fulfilling their value fulfillment, and they may be offering themselves much more information in certain directions than they would necessarily be creating in a different choice, depending upon their choice of probabilities within any one particular focus. In this, if they are stepping outside of the officially accepted reality, there are judgments placed upon this.

An individual creating a disease that you view to be painful, why shall they be creating of this type of experience? Why shall they disengage from physical focus in this manner? Why shall they not disengage physical focus by merely engaging their dream state?

MALE: Their what?

ELIAS: Their dream state, and in your view, peacefully slip away – although they are not slipping away – into bliss with no painfulness. Your assessment of their painfulness may be quite different than their actual experience. Their creation of their experience, although they may be choosing to be creating of painfulness, may be quite beneficial to them, and may be beneficial to you also in their offering of energy and information merely within the experience itself.

Let us be recalling of our little sapling story. The point is not to be placing judgment upon another for their creation, but to be accepting, and in this acceptance you offer the example of the expression of essence merely through your experience, without the judgment or instruction to another individual. In this, many individuals within physical focus choose different types of expressions, different experiences, and choose to be moving outside of the officially accepted reality within their given societies. They also choose many focuses that comply with the officially accepted reality.

If you are moving in the direction of a thought process of only one focus, only one choice of experience, then you may be baffling yourself in the attempt to be understanding the why for any such experience, but given that you hold so very many focuses and so very many experiences, why would you NOT choose to be exploring all aspects of physical focus within and without officially accepted reality? Why would you NOT choose to be experimenting outside of the officially accepted reality and playing with your consciousness in physical focus? It is merely a matter of perception and the allowance of officially accepted mass belief systems that are affecting and influencing of your thought processes and your emotional responses to another individual’s choice within their creation.

Therefore, the question moves not in the area of, “Why shall this individual choose this type of creation?,” but more in the direction of, “Why shall you be placing judgment upon their choice?”

MALE: These choices are associated with much conflict for people who hold a loving relationship with a parent coming down with Alzheimer’s or a child coming down with schizophrenia.

ELIAS: And why do these individuals experience conflict?

MALE: Because they do not know how to hold this, what to do.

ELIAS: No. For the reason that they do not accept this.

MALE: That’s true.

ELIAS: It does not fit within your officially accepted reality. Therefore, it is influenced by belief systems, it is not accepted, and a judgment is placed upon this. And then you may move into the direction of the expression that I have expressed within the very beginning throes of our session this very evening: “I am hurt. YOU are causing ME anxiety, anguish, hurtfulness, conflict.”

MALE: All of the above!

ELIAS: Very incorrect! No other individual within physical focus causes you ANY THING. You create that within yourself as a response to your own lack of acceptance and your own belief systems in any given area. No other individual may be affecting of you without your participation and allowance for them to be so, in agreement with your own belief systems, and if you do not hold these belief systems, you shall not be affected. If you do not hold the belief system or the aspect of the belief system of relationship that you may be hurt, this be one of the birds within that cage; one of the birds, a bright yellow bird which is named “hurt,” and it is contained within the cage of relationship, which enters into ANY separated type of relationship that you may conceive of within physical focus. It matters not. This is an example of one of the elements that crosses over ALL relationships, be they parent, child, friendships, romantic relationships, employers and employees. ANY type of relationship that you may be creating of holds this aspect that you may be hurt, and this yellow bird flies quite strongly within this cage! This is an aspect of the belief system.

And what is hurtfulness? It is your own lack of acceptance of yourself and of another individual. And how is hurtfulness a lack of acceptance of yourself? Ah, but it is! For if you are accepting of yourself, how may another individual be hurtful to you? For they may not be penetrating your energy field if you are not allowing this to be occurring.

Hurtfulness is your own lack of acceptance of self and your own duplicity within self that you are not worthy. It is the very expression of your own sense of unworthiness being mirrored to you.

The conflict stems from confusion in a lack of understanding. The lack of understanding stems from the influence of the belief systems, which is creating of the judgment, which is also creating of the lack of acceptance. And in this swirling cyclone of hundreds of birds within this contained cage, there becomes much distress, much conflict, and I have stated from the onset of this forum, from the onset of these sessions, that the one element that your belief systems are quite efficient at creating is conflict!

MALE: I’m a master at it!

ELIAS: And so are you all! You are not singular in this creation! Limitation and conflict – these are the expressions that are so very efficient in the area of belief systems and this be the reason you have chosen this shift in consciousness, for this serves you not any longer, and you now move into the direction of occupying your attention in your own creativity and your own expressions of freedom and liberation and therefore move into the direction of acceptance, that you shall not be affected any longer by the limitations of these belief systems and you shall not be in the direction of conflict and confusion. And you may assimilate this information also, and I shall offer you more information subsequently, if you are so choosing to be engaging.

MALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (To the man on the floor in front of him) And have you experienced??

MALE: Yes, I have experienced! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: And you move into the direction of satisfaction in your experience presently?

MALE: I place no judgment on it. I just accept it for what it is!

ELIAS: Very well! I shall be quite acknowledging of this, and I shall be placing my All-Knowing Blessing upon you! (Chuckling, and everybody cracks up) And we may all now chant! (Grinning)

MALE: Elias, all my life I’ve had this sort of obsession, almost, with religious imagery and religious figures, especially the Christ archetype. Can these archetypes of religious people – the Buddha, Mohammed, Christ -- are they tied into our essences? Are they tied to us, or are they just something we’ve made up, basically? Have we made up the idea of the godhood?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that these individuals that you hold stories concerning have in actuality occupied physical space within physical focuses ... DO occupy physical focuses presently, for all focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, they are now also. They are merely removed from you within a dimension of time within this particular physical dimension. There are many dimensions within this dimension. Some of those dimensions are different dimensions of time which are removed from you sideways but are occurring simultaneous to this present now, for this IS the existence of all time presently. It is merely your perception that your time moves linearly within this particular dimension, that you may be experiencing sequentially and slowly for the purity of your experiences and for the fullness of your experiences.

But as to your inquiry of these religious figures, so to speak, although they have and are occupying physical focus, much of the story that surrounds some of these individuals are stories. They have been created by you all collectively that you may move in certain directions, that you may be creating of certain belief systems that shall move you powerfully into certain directions.

This is not to say that these creations are not very beneficial, for they are, and they have served you well throughout your history, but they are not actual events that certain individuals within physical focus have created in the manner that you believe. The events have been created in actuality, but not necessarily by the individuals that they are attributed to. All of the events have occurred, but they have been assigned to certain individuals as a focal point, and these individual focuses are in compliance and agreement in assuming that role, but in actuality the occurrences have been created by many different individuals and combined for the effect that it shall create within objective awareness by your assigning all of these events and creations and philosophies to certain individuals. This, in your perception, holds more validity and holds more powerfulness. You are much more paying attention to a figure that is accomplishing of many amazing feats and stories and holding an amazing philosophy than many individuals holding individual philosophies and events.

Therefore, en masse collectively you have created the combining of events and assigned them to certain individuals, but this also has perpetuated the belief systems that you move into and have held for many, many centuries, of authority and perpetuating the belief system of duplicity, that although you are wondrous creatures, you are not quite good enough! You may be quite creative, but you are not ultimately creative! You may be quite inventive, but you are not god ... but you are, for you have created this!

Your figures in your religious histories are figures that you have assigned all of the abilities that you know within you that you each hold, but as you do not accept yourselves and you do not trust yourselves and you allow the stronghold of the belief system of duplicity, you move into the direction of assigning all of these qualities to certain individuals that are “special,” and you are not!

You also move into the direction of creating gods that hold the abilities that you know within yourselves, that which is all-creating. This is you, and the mirror expression of this is to be projecting outward into the expression of an invisible creation of a being which holds all power and is creating of you. In actuality, you are the all-creating being and are creating of the image of that which you express to be god, and as I have expressed previously, a very small word for a very small concept. You are much vaster than this!

I have also offered much more information in this direction, and you may be inquiring of Michael to be directing you to this information if you are so choosing.

MALE: Thanks.

FEMALE: I have a question. I’d like to know my essence family.

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumari. (Chuckling, and then to Frank) Shall we not hear from our cheering section!?

FRANK: That’s two! (Laughter)

Vic’s note: Frank attended his first session on June 21, 1997, in Elmira. At that time, there were several very humorous exchanges between he and Elias regarding Sumari vs. Sumafi.

ELIAS: Alignment, Vold. Essence name, Aloh; A-L-O-H.

FEMALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

FEMALE: I wanted to come out of no longer being silent about unacceptance in myself, and in the last six years I’ve gained eight pounds, and I guess I’m asking, is it something in my belief system that is struggling? Am I blocking something? My energy is very low. It feels like I can’t manifest what I want to manifest in my life, and I’ve just had a slight (inaudible). I’m just wanting to do whatever I need to do, or whatever (inaudible).

ELIAS: This would also be an affectingness of your alignment within this particular focus, which moves in a quite common direction with individuals aligning with this particular family of Milumet in this dimension. Individuals aligning with this particular family within any particular focus hold much of an aspect of their intent which moves in the direction of what you term to be in your belief systems as spirituality. Therefore, there is a creation of much struggle between what they view to be physical aspects, which they also view to be in conflict with that of spiritual; another element of separation within belief systems. “If you are truly spiritual, you shall be denying of the flesh!” Many religions move in this direction. This is not an expression of spirituality! This is an expression of physically-focused held religious belief systems, but these belief systems hold much energy, and although you may not objectively view yourself to align with them, underlyingly there IS an alliance with these belief systems, therefore creating a conflict between the physical form and the expression of the movement into the area of spirituality.

Now; let me express to you that your belief systems of spirituality move in the direction of thought process: how you view your world and how you think in conjunction with it. Spirituality is not your thought processes. It is the recognition and acceptance of no separation of your physical form, your thought process – which you may term to be your mental qualities -- your emotional expressions, your creation of sexuality within this particular dimension, and all that is you, from essence. That is the element that you separate most, viewing it as the higher self, which is not you. It is an element outside of you. It is not! It IS you.

Your physical form is not a vessel! Your physical form is a choice of creation, a direct mirror expression of essence. It is not separated as merely a vessel, which is dictated by your religious belief systems; that particular “shell” that is shed at the moment of disengagement. Very, very, VERY incorrect!

THIS IS NOT A VESSEL! (Pounding on the chair with each word) It is an expression of essence within physical form. Your belief systems influence and move you into the direction within your societies that your form and the choice that you have created is unacceptable, and your sciences shall perpetuate this by expressing to you that this shall be affecting of your physical health.

Oh, there are so very many intertwined belief systems within physical focus! And they are so very limiting, and they ALL perpetuate the belief systems of duplicity. “I am good, I am bad, I am good, I am bad, I am worthy, I am not.” You are! And all that you create is a perfect creation, and your form is not inadequate, and your form, in the manner that you choose to express it, is perfectly expressed. It is merely the lack of acceptance of self that dictates to you, in compliance with duplicity, that it is unacceptable, and therefore there is an offering for the rational excuse to be holding energy and to be creating of physical affectingness.

“My form is unacceptable. Therefore, I shall hold energy and I shall be creating of MORE unacceptableness, and I shall be projecting this to every other individual that I shall encounter in physical focus, that they shall also know and comply with me that this is unacceptable, for I do not accept it, and as I do not accept this form I shall be destructive to it, for I shall be creating of holding energy in different areas of this form that shall be creating of uncomfortableness, that shall be conflicting, that shall be hurtful.”

And the reason that you experience fatigue is that as you hold so very tightly to your energy, this may be creating of much tiredness! It is requiring much energy to be holding energy, but as you are allowing your own energy to be expressive of itself naturally and freely, you also may not fatigue yourself with your very tight grip.

Therefore, my expression to you and my suggestion to you is to be rejoicing in joyfulness of the wondrous creation that you have created, and it matters not that any other little sapling may be very twisted in their expression and allowing themselves to be quite convoluted, for this is not affecting of you, for you have created perfectly in your own expression of essence.

FEMALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall be allowing of another inquiry, and we shall be discontinuing for this evening.

TWO PEOPLE: Elias, I have a question!

ELIAS: You may each! (Laughter)

MALE: Alright. It is my understanding that in the shift in consciousness, we will be moving to a point where we will be able to have more experiences without limitations, and the belief systems that we have created for some time have been beneficial to us, and now we have kind of outgrown them?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for you have created your experiences previously quite purposefully and for their own purity of the individual experiences, but you have already experienced the exploration of this avenue within your expressions in physical focus. Now you move into the area of becoming bored with these experiences. They are not so very new any longer, and you recognize that they are also limiting your creativity and your own freedom of expression. Therefore, you choose to be altering of your reality and moving into the direction of more of an expansiveness, that you may be experiencing more fully and many more experiences than you have allowed yourselves previously.

Let me express to you that within individual situations, certain individuals that you all view in awe and express once again as very special individuals, they allow themselves periodically throughout your history to be experiencing the fullness of their creativity within physical focus, but you view this to be quite unusual! If an individual is moving into the direction of levitating themselves against gravity, my my! This is QUITE an accomplishment and this individual shall be QUITE special, for YOU do not hold this ability ... but you do! Now you move into the area, within the action of this shift, that you shall view all of these wonders that you have assigned to special individuals with special powers and abilities, [and] you shall assign these to yourselves and they shall be commonplace, and you shall be allowing your own experiencing of all of these elements and actions and allowing the free expression of your creativity without limitations.

FEMALE: I have another essence family question. I’d like to know mine, and I’d like to know, what exactly does it mean? What role does an essence family play in the scheme of things?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Gramada. Essence name, Listell; L-I-S-T-E-L-L. You may be inquiring of Michael as to the information of the essence families and their roles and intents within this dimension. I shall express to you, once again as I have expressed previously to other individuals, these nine essence families are unique to this particular physical dimension. Other physical dimensions hold other essence families which are creating in conjunction with their purposefulness in those particular physical dimensions. These nine essence families are the groupings of essences, yourselves also, for you are a part of these essence families. Therefore, you are not separate from this action.

No essences within the cosmos are creating your reality and your dimension for you! You are active participants in this action, and are also part of these essence families. They are, YOU are the essences that are creating of this dimension and directing of it. Therefore, they are entirely focused in their attention in the direction of this dimension, not necessarily any other physical dimension. This is not to say that you do not participate in other physical dimensions and that within those physical dimensions you may be belonging to a different essence family in that particular dimension, but within this particular dimension, this would be the creation, within these particular nine essence families. I have offered much information as to these essence families, and you may be accessing this information through Michael.

FEMALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Very well! This evening I express much affection to you all. I express much lovingness and encouragement in your endeavors to be addressing to your belief systems, and much acknowledgment in your individual and collective movement within the action of this shift. I shall be encouraging of you all. I shall also offer my invitation that we shall engage again. I extend to you each, this evening and ongoing, that if you are noticing, you shall hold an awareness of my interaction with you as you continue within your focus regardless of your interaction with me objectively. You shall hold an awareness of my energy regardless, and as you offer yourselves a noticing of blue, you may be acknowledging to yourselves that my presence is with you. Therefore, for this evening, I bid you each and all a very loving au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:07 PM.

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