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Sunday, March 23, 1997

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“Connections, TFE’s, Suicide, and Death”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Bob (Simon), Drew (Matthew), Norm (Stephen), and Greg (Olivia).

Vic’s note: Ron and Greg are focuses of the same essence.

Elias arrives at 7:24 PM. (Time was thirty seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. This evening, we shall address to your questions concerning transition or the shift, and you may also incorporate questioning of personal relationships within focuses as this is a common movement presently with many individuals, extending far beyond those which you have contact with; this being a bleed-through, within consciousness, of a remembrance; an initial phase, so to speak, of your shift. (Long pause)

VICKI: Okay, I’ll go first. I’d be curious to know more about the personal relationships between myself and some of the people that I interact with on the computer, especially within this focus in the seventeen hundred’s. I feel that there’s a very strong relationship between Uriel and I, and between Jessele and I, and between myself and your focus, and I have a faint, vague thing I can’t put my finger on with Rameau and with Sena. That’s what I’ve been wondering about.

ELIAS: You are overlapping focuses. Not all of these individuals are participants within this one particular focus of which you speak. Within this one particular focus, Uriel is a part. As to connection physically with you, Rameau is not. This would be a connection between Uriel and Rameau, once again, within that time period. You are allowing information to be surfacing with regard to other individuals, but this is not connected with this same focus. These individuals have interaction with you within other focuses; not together, but independently of each other.

Jessele holds strong interaction and connection with you within a focus of which we have spoken previously. This particular focus involves individuals that you also hold contact with within this focus now, that you have inquired of in regard to your mother and Peter, if you are remembering of this particular focus. This individual held a relationship of a sister to you, this being a very close relationship. This is a recognition that you are connecting with presently. This other individual occupies interaction with you within several different focuses, one involving another familiar focus to you and Michael within your location of Turkey.

You are allowing information to be bleeding through, that you may notice connections within consciousness to individuals with which you interact presently.

I have expressed to you all that you shall draw the experience to yourself of remanifestation with individuals that you have engaged other focuses with also. This is quite common. Not all of you recognize your connections with each other through focuses, but as you are moving into the action of your shift or into transition, you allow an openness for bleed-throughs of subjective information and a remembrance of connections within manifestations. You shall be subsequently also remembering other connections beyond physical manifestations.

VICKI: A question in that same subject matter for Jessele, who had impressions of somebody named Lowell Thomas, and in her impressions connecting this individual physically focused now with myself and with Michael and with Paul, and wondering where that’s coming from.

ELIAS: This being a similar bleed-through of information, just as William also has been plagued with a nagging of a fascination of one individual and is inquiring of the reasoning of this. These are objective present-now recognitions of individuals that you may identify which are reflections of other individuals within other focuses that you have had relationships with. In this, she is correct that there occurs a manifestation of these individuals together, and the identification of this springs from a feeling which is quite connected with subjective activity. She is identifying this individual presently as Lowell Thomas, which in another focus held very close relationship with Jessele; this also holding an aspect of personality of Paul. Therefore, the recognition.

NORM: I had a dream that I was in a nursery. I’m not sure what I was really doing there, other than I was inspecting babies. I could tell whether or not they were talented psychically. It was very vivid, the change that I saw in the faces of those that were psychically talented. Can you explain that to me, what I was doing?

ELIAS: In offering your first layer interpretation, I express to you that you are offering yourself an identification and recognition of these individuals manifest of Rose.

NORM: I knew it was Rose, that one of the babies was from Rose.

ELIAS: This also serves, as you may take note, within objective consciousness to be allowing you a discernment of reality of certain energy exchange and truthfulness. In this, you have offered yourself also the opportunity to put this to the test.

NORM: I’m not sure what the test is.

ELIAS: You have already allowed yourself the comparison of energy exchange, and your ability to recognize the validity of a true exchange. (Norm went to see a channeler, and was quite disappointed)

NORM: It’s certainly one of my goals.

ELIAS: You have accomplished this within these recent days.

NORM: It was beautiful. I’ve never seen such a clearer change in formation. It was beautiful. It was lovely how it could just change before my eyes. It was great.

ELIAS: Much of your dream imagery is also relevant to your objective imagery within your waking state. Although you may not understand how these elements fit together, they are quite precise in presenting you information, just as within this small example. You create imagery allowing yourself information of a recognition of Rose. In this, you explain to yourself that you hold the ability to recognize psychic ability. You manifest within physical objective imagery action which brings you into contact with different individuals that you may place within the category of psychic energy. You allow yourself objectively to discern the difference of exchange within them, just as within your dream state you differentiate with these infants, of those who hold the ability and those who do not. Therefore, what you have manifest within objective action and events mirrors what you have created within imagery within dream state, offering yourself the opportunity to view the relationship between objective and subjective action, as this is your goal, and also allowing yourself the opportunity to view that you do hold the ability to discern.

NORM: Is my interpretation of (name deleted) correct?

ELIAS: This being of which I have been speaking to you within this dream interpretation. Yes. (Long pause)

VICKI: A quiet group! Okay, I have questions regarding transition, this being another question from Jessele. She’s wondering about this belief system that says if you die traumatically or within a sudden accident that you need some help, some sort of rescuing as a result of this traumatic death, and is curious what you have to say.

ELIAS: Shall we move now into our most holy metaphysical religious realm? This being a commandment, I believe! Rescue those within violent death! I perceive no incense or cymbals clicking! (Laughter)

This, once again, is a belief system. Individuals may choose to be disengaging physical focus within what you view to be drastic or traumatic events. This is not indicative of needing helpfulness. Just as you view suicide as crying for helpfulness, within consciousness this is an action which is accomplished as the individual is not fulfilling their value fulfillment within a particular focus.

Each individual chooses the method, if you will, of their departure from physical focus. Some individuals choose to be moving into a departure within this manner for many different reasons. Some choose a drama as their final act within physical focus. Some choose to be disengaging in what they believe within their belief systems as quickly and painlessly. Many individuals do not believe that they may accomplish disengaging physical focus within their sleep state. Although they may choose within wishful thinking to be engaging this action, they do not believe that they may accomplish this, but hold fearfulness of this action or event that you term to be death. Therefore, they choose to be engaging this event quickly. There are other reasons also as to why an individual may choose these types of disengagement, just as there are many reasons why individuals choose to be disengaging within the creation of disease. These are all choices.

As to the issue that these individuals are needing of more helpfulness than any other individual, this is incorrect. There are individuals which engage the action of death quietly, without drama, and do not accept and realize that they have engaged this action for they do not allow themselves objectively to move into the area of transition, of which we have spoken previously. These individuals may be requiring of assistance in information as to their position within consciousness, but this has no bearing upon their choice of method of disengagement.

VICKI: Her feeling is that her grandson has already partially engaged this action of transition. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Slightly.

VICKI: My other question in this area is, I remember quite a while ago you talking about some people choosing to remanifest rather quickly as a result of some sort of trauma.

ELIAS: This would not be necessarily trauma within the action of death; but within the experience of the focus, an individual may choose to be disengaging from one focus and thrusting themselves into another focus intentionally, allowing, to your way of thinking, no transitional time period.

VICKI: And so then they would be entering that focus with most of their belief systems still intact?

ELIAS: Quite correct, and also with much identification of the previous focus. Many of these individuals experience much conflict within this thrusting into another focus. These individuals also, many times in your terms, do not adjust to objective consciousness in the new focus. Therefore, they retreat into more subjectivity, which will appear to you as insanity or being “not normal.”

DREW: I’d like to ask about the subject of suicide. Once again, you bring up a subject that I’ve been thinking about all week.

BOB: Oh, Drew! (Bob, you crack me up!)

DREW: I don’t mean personally! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am quite understanding! We shall not be holding funeral services for you!

DREW: I do have a couple of friends for whom that’s an issue. You mentioned that a violent death or suicide can be a way of disengaging as a result of not fulfilling value. Can they also be in alignment with value fulfillment?

ELIAS: Yes. As we have spoken previously, some individuals may also choose this act within helpfulness of other individuals. There are many aspects of why an individual may choose to be engaging this type of event. More of your time, you may say, these individuals hold dissatisfaction with the creation of reality that they manifest, and within objective awareness are not accomplishing their value fulfillment. Be understanding that value fulfillment is not singularly restricted to yourself. As you accomplish value fulfillment, it is for all consciousness. Therefore, if this is not being accomplished, you shall know this within you. You shall feel this. Therefore, you shall feel dissatisfaction and a wishing to disengage from the individual focus.

There are other instances where individuals may be choosing this event of suicide to be offering what I have expressed as a statement objectively for the attention of other individuals, which adds to the value fulfillment of all. You only place negative ideas upon these actions. In actuality, they are merely events within the movement of consciousness. They are not negative or positive. They merely are.

DREW: It’s possible then that within counterpart action or in subjective agreement, the action of suicide is not necessarily the result of any sort of dissatisfaction, but rather an action taken for the learning experience of all who are involved?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Objectively we are taught that when people talk of suicide, even jokingly, it’s something that should be taken seriously. We also lean towards the belief that if we can prevent somebody from committing suicide, which I’m understanding we probably can’t prevent anything that they choose to do, that we should try to prevent it, if possible. So I’m a little torn about getting signals from people that we should take seriously, about the possibility of them committing suicide, and what if anything we should do about that?

ELIAS: I express to you that this is a choice of the individual, although I do not express to you that you not take notice or that you be insensitive to this action; for within objective consciousness, regardless of the subjective reasoning of this action, the individual experiences tremendous dissatisfaction with their manifestation. Much confusion is incorporated within the focus. These individuals objectively are quite tormented, within your terms, experiencing much trauma. Therefore, in recognition of this, your helpfulness or supportiveness within energy may be, in some aspects, helpful to the individual objectively in reconciling their objective to subjective actions. This may not prevent the action which is being chosen, but you may offer conciliation to the individual, which may allow some calmness or reassurance within their choices.

You each look to your actions as needing an immediate observable outcome. You also hold expectations concerning these outcomes. Therefore, you approach an individual experiencing trauma. You offer helpfulness and you expect to objectively view a change, an affectingness. You have affected, but you may not objectively, within your time period, witness what you have affected. Consciousness is much more vast than the limitations of one focus. One focus is much more vast than you may imagine. Therefore, you may be quite affecting within other layers of this particular focus. Each act that you incorporate serves to be helpful to the accomplishment of value fulfillment of all, not only yourself. Therefore, you are being helpful to yourself in being helpful to another.

Many of your leaders within your history that you attach to religious elements have expressed many of these concepts, in that what you manifest to others you manifest to yourself. This is not a new concept. I offer to you that as you widen within your awareness, you shall more and more become aware of the interconnectedness of consciousness, and that what is manifest within another is manifest within you also. You are affecting of all, as all is affecting of you.

If you are wishing to be helpful to another individual, be the individual, and you shall know what is required. You may accomplish this quite efficiently. Allow yourself your empathic sense. Allow yourself the acknowledgment of your inner senses, and in this, be what you seek to help. Therefore, you shall understand and you shall direct yourself in how to be accomplishing. Be remembering that offering is useless with expectation. Offering is meaningful and helpful within the purity of offering with no expectation.

DREW: Why does expectation taint the offering?

ELIAS: For you hold a value judgment.

DREW: It becomes a manipulation?

ELIAS: Quite.

DREW: Is not fulfilling value a choice?


DREW: So if someone is considering disengagement because their value is not being fulfilled, that’s a choice that could be changed.

ELIAS: Yes, but you may not change this.

DREW: I understand. We can only try to understand and help the individual understand, and then let them make their choice.

ELIAS: And you may be influencing. You may not choose and you may not create reality for another individual, but you may be influencing.

DREW: By helping them understand things that they may not have understood before?

ELIAS: Quite; this being the reason that I encourage your interaction continuously. You discount your objectivity as being unimportant imagery. Therefore, you discount yourselves and your understanding. You offer each other much helpfulness within exchange. I have also expressed to you that exchange within physical focus verbally is helpful to actualization, for you produce a thought within energy and manifest physically through verbalization. You create a chemical reaction which is actual. It is another action within physical focus. Your thoughts are one action. They are reality. They are energy. Verbalization of these thoughts is another action which holds a different reality and becomes physical.

NORM: Does writing have a similar action as verbalization?

ELIAS: Similar. It is not the same, but it is similar. It does not produce a chemical actualization, as I have expressed previously, although it is lending energy to actualization, for it serves in communication and objectively allowing connection with other individuals.

DREW: Does this mean that if there is a desired probability we would like to actualize objectively, directing our thoughts, our speech, our writing, all of our energies in that direction will help make that probability more likely to manifest?

ELIAS: Yes, but I shall also suggest to you that the actualization or materialization of a thing or an event is also dependent upon its contribution to value fulfillment. (Pause)

We shall break, and I shall return and you may inquire further, and I shall offer you more information of yourselves.

BREAK 8:22 PM.
RESUME 8:55 PM. (Time was twelve seconds.)

Vic’s note: Cathy took her dog outside for a few minutes, during which time we decided to begin without her just to irritate her. Oh sure, we’re a nice group of folks! Just happen to enjoy playing a bit ...

ELIAS: Continuing with your inquiries, unless you are choosing to be waiting! (Much laughter) Shhh! We shall engage within a meditation presently! (Assuming a quite proper meditation pose)

RON: Ohmmm ...

ELIAS: Very good!

BOB: Now, where do you go when you meditate??? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: To the same places, which are not places, as I am presently!

BOB: Kind of a waste of time then, huh?

ELIAS: Unnecessary. (Cathy returns) Ah! You shall be gracing us with your presence! (Laughter) Once again, I shall offer to Shynla that this may be viewed as one of Lawrence’s prankster tricks!

CATHY: What???

BOB: She asked Elias to come while you were gone.

ELIAS: Not quite as drastic as Milumet ... (A former practical joke)

CATHY: Not quite!

NORM: Both my wife and I are curious about Stephen and Dehl, as to whether or not we are fragmented with any common essence of the rest of the group here.

ELIAS: You inquire to your fragmentation of each of you?

NORM: Yes.

ELIAS: Stephen is fragmented of Otha. Dehl (chuckling) is fragmented of ... Ordin. (Cathy groans) (I’m not going to attempt to explain the significance of this here. It’s too complicated, and I don’t really understand myself. Suffice it to say that Otha and Ordin are very instrumental within the action of the energy exchange)

BOB: I don’t get it!

NORM: And all of you eventually came from Ordin? Mary and Vicki and Ron and Cathy?


NORM: Okay. I thought there was ...

ELIAS: These essences are fragmented of Paul, or of Paul and Elias.

NORM: Where does Ordin come in with you? I thought Ordin was two fragments back. (Laughter) Isn’t that true? (Elias starts laughing)

CATHY: Explain that one, Elias!!! (We’re cracking up now)

NORM: What’s going on???

BOB: I understand less than you do!

ELIAS: Otha has fragmented Elias and Paul.

NORM: Oh, really? So, we’re fragmented brothers? (You would have to be privy to Carole’s last few emails to appreciate this!)

ELIAS: Or to Aileen’s way of thinking, (Vic loses it) this may be an incestuous creation! Ah well, these are the musings of essence! As we do not engage sexual activity within this focus ...

RON: That was gonna be my next question!

ELIAS: ... we must be amusing ourselves with this type of incestuous fragmentation! (Laughing, a pause, then whispering) Such quietness, (loudly) outwardly!

BOB: Alright, I have a question. I don’t even know how to phrase this. You are aware of my supposed TFE? I have doubts. I have a hard time defining for myself what I experienced. Can you help me with that? (TFE, or trans-focal encounter, is our term for “past-life regression”)

ELIAS: You are accustomed to questioning any experience that you may not classify in your objective awareness as an actual physical event. This is not limited to you. This is shared among your species. Therefore, it is difficult for you to accept information that you present to yourself; this being the reason that individuals shall seek out other individuals that you term to be psychics and allow them to offer you their interpretation of your experience, and you shall be accepting of this information more readily than you shall accept information from yourselves!

It is difficult for you to accept the reality of the information that you offer to yourself, for you believe that if you may offer information to yourself unknowingly, this shall hold more validity. If you are aware of the information that you are offering to yourself, you automatically lean to the objective explanation of imagination. You believe that you are creating the thoughts or imagery by allowing your imagination to flow freely. I have expressed to you many times that imagination is reality. In this, you are quite unaware of the multitudes of dimensions within consciousness. Therefore, any information that you acquire and offer to yourself is valid. It may not pertain to this particular focus, in a manner of speaking, for it may be related to another dimension within consciousness, but there is no thing as what you view to be imagination.

In this experience that you offered yourself, you have in actuality genuinely connected partially with the remembrance of another focus. Objectively, you struggle with this, for this is difficult for you, for you offer yourself no dramatics.

BOB: Could I say though, that the impressions that I got while we were doing this, some of the impressions were of a different nature than other of the impressions. So I accept, as best as I know how, that they both are valid, but they seem to have different natures.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Does that mean that within this particular experience I was mixing focuses or that I wasn’t particularly focused, to use a pun, but that some of the impressions I was getting were of one nature and other of the impressions were of another, both valid but not necessarily connected?

ELIAS: Correct. You experience partial remembrance of another focus which you may consider relevant to this dimension. Within your battling objectively to be discounting of the experience and your skepticism of the actuality of the event, you cloud your perception. In this, you confuse the information that you allow to bleed through. Therefore, at times you are relaxing and allowing a free-flow, and at other times you are interjecting objective consciousness to the extent of discounting, which is influencing of the imagery that bleeds through. In this, you may change the imagery and distort some of your imagery. This occurs with many individuals. As you allow yourself to understand that all of your impressions are correct and true, you shall relax into yourself and allow the communication to flow.

BOB: Okay. Thank you.

DREW: Imagining another lifetime is not the same as a remembrance of an alternate focus, correct? Although both may be real and valid for what they are, they are different.

ELIAS: I dislike the terminology of imagining for the reason that you automatically create a distinction, and you already view yourselves within certain aspects of attempting what you term to be altered states [as] the creation of imagination. You are already discounting yourselves, believing that imagination is not reality or holds less validity within reality. Conceptually, you may say that you believe imagination is reality, but you distinguish. Imagination is this reality. (Extending right hand off to the side) Real reality is this reality. (Slapping the table with left hand) You do not experience this reality. (Indicating right hand) It is elusive. It is “floating within the cosmos.” It is real but it is not affecting, for it is imagery within another dimension somewhere!

I shall address to your question of a difference for there is a difference, although the difference is not in the creation of reality. The difference is within the creation. All focuses are a creation of essence. What you view within a focus to be imagination, at times, not always, may be a creation of the focus. Mind you, not always, for you may imagine very strange elements and occurrences quite foreign to your existence and you are not creating those presently. You are remembering those events or elements, within consciousness, of other dimensional aspects.

Now; as to the issue of your new game (TFE) and the creation of what you think of as imaginary versus actuality of focuses, you may allow an intersection within this state of another focus. You may also create a focus-type imagery which is reality which shall be a probable focus, this being created by the focus, you, not being created as a focus of essence; although it is a focus of essence as it is created. It is only different in its mode of creation.

DREW: I think where at least I in a TFE begin to wonder what I’m experiencing is in differentiating whether the images that I’m experiencing are a remembrance of another focus, or are images that I’m creating from this focus.

ELIAS: I am understanding of your confusion, and I express also that many other individuals presently experience this same issue, although not necessarily within the confines of your new game. This you may also view as a symptom of the movement within consciousness presently. This I express to you in differentiation of other individuals which experience the same action, for you alone do not experience this confusion within this state in your new game. Many individuals, not allowing themselves to engage farther into what you term as an altered state of consciousness, experience this same type of confusion and action. This is a discounting of self.

There is a slight difference within the action that you, Matthew, have engaged. I have offered slight information to you previously of your swift movement within consciousness in connection to this forum and this information, and as you move swiftly within this information you also shall be experiencing many aspects the same within consciousness as other individuals experience, in connection with the action of this shift and of transition. At this present moment, within the probabilities that you engage, you have not entirely chosen to be remanifesting or to be not remanifesting. You are wavering. In this, you allow yourself the openness of engaging partially both of these actions of the shift and of transition. Therefore, you offer yourself information subjectively to be creating your choice.

You shall be experiencing many elements in conjunction with other individuals, paralleling events and subjective manifestations. Therefore, as I address you in regard to your action within your new game, I address differently than I shall be addressing with Simon; for the action, although objectively appearing to be the same, in actuality is different. One (looking at Bob) is a struggling with objective rationality, which you shall allow to be quieted and allow yourself the liberty of viewing more extensively, and also allowing your own trustfulness of self to be verifying your experience as real; the other (looking at Drew) engaging the same type of confusion but within different reasoning, for although you view yourself to be discounting and objectively interjecting, you also within these acts are attempting to hold your footing within objective consciousness. Therefore, the action seems the same; a conflict, a battling, and also a discounting, but the reasoning is different. Simon shall be allowing much more easily, for objective awareness is not threatened.

I am understanding that at this present moment there are elements of which I speak that you do not understand and that you do not feel that you experience, but as you are engaging swift movement it will not be, in your terms, a long time period before you are realizing that of which I speak. Therefore, I offer this to you prior to events. There is much for you to investigate and learn, and much movement that you, within your desire, have chosen to engage. (Pause)

Subjective and objective consciousness within certain states may be quite confusing temporarily. You may not understand entirely the activity that you engage, but you also view events objectively very limitedly. You look to events within yourselves and you look for information and explanations within a very small circle around you, this being why I continue to offer you information in expressing to you that your affectingness and your connections are far greater than you allow yourself the understanding of. You extend quite far within consciousness.

Be remembering, as I express to you often: You are, within this individual focus, the entirety of essence. You are the center. There is no thing greater than essence. And Lawrence may express, “Wow!” (Smiling)

I offer you this information, that you may be comforted in knowing that there are essences among you that are lovingly helpful, and watch for you to be slipping into your icy waters. You need only ask, and the hand shall be provided to be pulling you out.

You shall be finding more experiences that shall be confusing, and as you choose, in your terms, the goal of merging subjective and objective awarenesses you may create disorientation, for you have not created this reality to be incorporating this action; although in part, this will be the action of your shift; but to this present now of which you are aware, this has not been a reality.

Be realizing that you stand upon the threshold of great awareness and adventure; that as you may be confused, you also embark upon a sojourn that has not been traveled before within your species. Your communication with each other, your interaction, is quite valuable, for this serves to reinforce you all and allows you information to be more trusting of self. I have encouraged this interaction from the onset of our meetings, and continue to do so.

I hold information futurely also for Uriel, to which you may be addressing to him.

Be not discounting of these bleed-throughs within information of other focuses that you may be objectively noticing, for there is much information to be gained which is influencing of this focus presently. Therefore, as you offer yourselves more information within your connections and your understanding of your remembrances, you shall also offer yourselves a more efficient opportunity to be moving into an understanding of this focus, and yourselves. (Pause)

Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

NORM: During the week, I had one experience where I got sort of kicked in the brain, and I had the impression that it was two small hooves that left a brown stain somewhere in my brain. Did you have anything to do with that?

ELIAS: I will express to you that this is quite inventive imagery, and this also would be quite similar to Oliver and his “cosmic boot!” (Oliver a.k.a. Christie is a group member who refers to certain experiences as a “cosmic boot” or a “cosmic kick in the butt”)

NORM: I guess I’ll find out about that later!

VICKI: I have another question. Today I received help from a new individual with the transcript. Paul said that this individual’s essence name was Kaileen. That name appears, within our language anyway, to have quite a bit of similarity with the essence name Aileen. The fourth element of that is that the individual of Jessele recently started incorporating this same sort of action, being that of transcribing. So my question is, I got four elements that all seem to fit together somehow, but I’m not quite sure how.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Are you wishing of information of this present now of these four connections, or of what you think of as an alternate now?

VICKI: Alternate.

ELIAS: Which of course, as you are aware, is affecting of this present now also, as are all aspects of consciousness and focuses. This new individual that you engage holds a slightly different tone from Aileen, and has chosen quite intentionally to be manifesting a tone which shall appear within your language also to be very similar. This individual is a focus of the essence which is fragmented of Aileen. There are connections within the four, within one focus in this dimensional experience. This would not be what you would classify as your main intersections within consciousness and essence. Each of these individuals holds several focuses within other dimensions, this being also the reason that Jessele is drawn to your extraterrestrials too; although I shall clarify that these within this dimensional focus are belief systems held, influenced by remembrances of other focuses shared by you also, and also by these individuals of which you speak.

VICKI: I’m unclear on one thing. Which essence that is fragmented of Aileen are you talking about? (I’m so confused!)

ELIAS: Kaileen. (Duh!) This is not always the case, although I am understanding that it automatically shall spark your curiosity, that if you are viewing words to be rhyming you shall view this as some sort of a connection. This is not always the case. Within this particular situation there is an explanation which has been created intentionally, but I wish not to mislead you into thinking that all sounds, all words within your language that sound similar or hold a rhyming tone, are automatically connected within essence or intersecting, to your way of thinking. I shall always be leaving open that all essences are intersecting; but within your pools of probabilities within individual focuses, we shall not cloud your thinking by skipping shells and we shall confine ourselves to the limitations of immediate intersections, or to your way of thinking, immediate intersections of individuals.

There are many connections within individuals, and it is quite amusing that you amaze yourselves to such extents that you encounter new individuals continuously and are not quite believing of their connections within consciousness to yourselves. Individuals do not draw themselves to you and you do not draw yourself to them if you do not hold connections already. Therefore, all those that you encounter shall hold connections within consciousness to you.

VICKI: It’s just hard to decipher sometimes.

DREW: But since all systems are open, it is possible to draw to you and be drawn to people with whom you have had no previous connection.

ELIAS: Absolutely, to which you also engage this action frequently within each focus, drawing to yourself for more experience other individuals that you may choose to be engaged within another focus with subsequently, in your terms. (Now, there’s a contradiction!)

RON: Can I interrupt to change tapes?

ELIAS: If you are wishing to be continuing. (Here, Elias just “pops out” suddenly. I don’t remember this happening during a regular session before. I didn’t think we would continue, but we did.)

BREAK 9:55 PM.
RESUME 10:29 PM. (Time was five seconds.)

Vic’s note: We were discussing the answer to Drew’s questions about TFE’s during the break, which people interpreted differently.

ELIAS: We continue with your questioning. (To Drew) I also express that I have answered your question, although if you are wishing for recount of this answer, I shall offer this also. I offered you information beyond your answer, but as in addressing to Simon, you may differentiate between what you think of as actuality and imagination through your experience. You will notice differences within your experience. As you are allowing an intersection of an actual focus, it shall be clear and automatic. If you are forcing information, you shall be creating. This shall also be reality, but it shall be “now” reality, as you create a probability. Information that is allowed to bleed through from another focus is effortless. You do not incorporate working at this information. It shall be available to you effortlessly.

DREW: Can you clarify for us what we were just talking about during break, about your comments as to why for Simon the experience of a TFE may be easier because of his relationship with objective reality, versus for me because of, as I understood it, my undecidedness about whether I’m going to remanifest? Did I understand that correctly? Is it related to my belief systems and my fear?

ELIAS: Yes. You have received the information as it was intended within delivery to you, and you have understood correctly what was communicated to you. This is addressing to your own belief systems which others may not hold an alignment with, but this would not be relevant for this is your reality. Therefore, as I was addressing this situation that you personally are engaging presently, I am also addressing the belief systems that you personally are engaging.

I shall also express to you that you need not incorporate fearfulness of essence for you shall not be harmful to yourself, as I have expressed to others previously. You hold a like fear to Michael in that you may project if allowing yourself, and you may not know your way back. You shall know. This is not uncommon, just as I have expressed to you all within our sessions and our discussions of probabilities and alternate selves and unofficial information, that certain information offered is instigating of certain experiences which are threatening of identity. Many individuals within this forum were not understanding of these statements for much of your time. Within subsequent time periods, they have come to hold a better understanding of what was offered previously.

In this, the experiences are lessened for you have been forewarned. If you are exposed to information prior to some of your experiences, it may serve to lessen your confusion. It may not eliminate your confusion or your conflict, but without some information you may experience much more confusion and also fearfulness. In this, individuals have identified and recognized what has been spoken of within a threatening of personal identity and hold not a fearfulness of this presently, for it has been explained. Confusion continues to manifest, but fear is eliminated; this being why I have offered you information personally this evening, that futurely you may avoid fearfulness within your experiences and you may understand slightly more, allowing you the experience of confusion, but not to be frightened. This also allows you the opportunity to view belief systems that you hold presently, with regard to occurrences within physical focus and also disengagement of physical focus.

Each of you, at your individual points, shall grapple with this subject and idea of what you call death. To this present now, few of you truly have engaged this idea. Presently, it is not a reality to you, but each of you shall approach a point within your time frame where this will become a reality, and you shall be tossed within your waves of this idea. If you are understanding of the reality that this is merely a disengagement of one area of consciousness and a movement into another area of consciousness, it may lessen your fearfulness; for although many individuals may express that they hold no fearfulness of death, you do, all. It is what you view as unknown, and unknowns hold fearfulness for you; this being why information is offered, to be helpful in avoiding unnecessary feelings of fear.

NORM: Could any of us have probable selves that have already died?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: Do I have any?


DREW: Is there anything in the equivalent of the unknown to you?


DREW: Is there any way you could describe what that would be, in a way we’d understand?

ELIAS: Describe to Elias, what is death?

DREW: Describe to Elias what is death? You mean in my new enlightened way, or the way I used to think of it? (Laughter)

ELIAS: You hold my full attention!

DREW: Oh, man! Never mind!

ELIAS: You may not express to me what is death, for you have not experienced this objectively within your knowledge. Therefore, you do not know objectively what it is.

DREW: Although I understand that death is an area that is unknown to me.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So in that same way, is there an area or an experience that you haven’t had that is unknown to you?

ELIAS: Yes. There are areas of consciousness that are, to this element of essence, unfamiliar.

DREW: To this element of essence.

ELIAS: Correct. You interact with an aspect of this essence. This essence is focused within all areas of consciousness, although this element of essence does not hold the complete awareness of all areas of focus. Therefore, I do not incorporate the experience within awareness of wider awarenesses, which we shall term Regional Area 26! (I’ve jokingly asked about Regional Area 26 for quite some time now!)

VICKI: That’s why you’ve never explained that!

ELIAS: Quite! We shall be engaging your Seth to be explaining of this area of consciousness, for Elias, in your terms, is not quite this wide as of this present now! I do not claim to be omnipotent. I also do claim to be the same as you and I do claim to be a god, but as all of essence and all of consciousness is always within a state of becoming, there is nowhere an aspect of consciousness that incorporates all, for there is never an ending. Therefore, in your language I also look forward to great adventures within consciousness in expanding awareness, although within present awareness I do hold a knowing of very many aspects of essence, that which you may term to be focuses; all physical focuses which have been manifest, and many non-physical also.

DREW: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

NORM: Could I interact with a probable self that has died?

ELIAS: If you are choosing.

NORM: And there’s more than one?

ELIAS: Yes. You may intersect any probable self.

NORM: Are they in transition?


NORM: And the other one has refocused?

ELIAS: Within an alternate dimension. You may at any point intersect with any alternate or probable self. This is not to say that you may find this action quite easy within physical focus, but it is accomplishable.

NORM: A challenge!

ELIAS: Quite!

BOB: Must we find our own way to that, or is there a road map?

ELIAS: In actuality, yes; for I may offer you many instructions, and you within your consciousness may not necessarily manifest these. Each individual creates their own way within their movement, in a manner of speaking. Your desire spurs you. If you are holding a great desire to be manifesting or intersecting, you shall create for yourself your own way in accomplishing this. This is not a path. This is not a method, for it may occur instantaneously.

I have offered much information within our sessions of dream instruction. I may offer much, much more and you each may not incorporate this, for within each individual you may not understand or you may not believe you hold the ability to create what I express to you. Therefore, what is valid is your experience and what you create within your reality. It matters not methods that I may offer or that anyone may offer to you. It matters what you may offer to yourself within your experience for your movement.

BOB: Are intersections with other focuses or remembrances of other focuses anything different from experiences within this focus? Are these intersections or remembrances simply experiences, just as petting the dog is an experience?

ELIAS: In one manner of speaking, yes.

BOB: So they offer no more value than any other experience?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon your intent and your focus and your movement. It is a matter of perception. Within your perception, your experience of petting the dog is insignificant. Your experience of your first child being born holds significance. Within consciousness, within one respect, they are both equal experiences. Within your terms, as you have stated, they are each only an experience. One you hold more value with.

BOB: As a function of belief systems.

ELIAS: In part.

BOB: Well, does intersection with other focuses give you some sort of knowledge of self which is useful within this focus?


BOB: More so than petting the dog. So you “should,” or it can be helpful ...

ELIAS: Very good!

BOB: ... to access these remembrances or intersections in order to see yourself more clearly?


BOB: So, it’s a desirable thing to do.

ELIAS: If you are choosing.

BOB: I’d just like it to be easier than it seems to be.

ELIAS: Information offers you the opportunity to widen your awareness and also to open yourself to more of your choices. You hold the availability of all of your choices within probabilities, but objectively you do not see all of your choices. Therefore, as you offer yourself more information of self and understanding of reality and essence, you also offer yourself the opportunity to widen your choices. This also allows you objectively to be more efficiently creating your reality. This is not to say that you are inefficient at creating your reality, for you are quite efficient. You only do not understand what you are efficient in creating, and you wish to.

BOB: Okay.

ELIAS: Are you wishing more questions this evening? (Pause) Very well. I shall be disengaging this evening from your physical focus presence. You may consider this a physical death, (laughter) moving into another area of consciousness; for in actuality, it is the same.

BOB: When you come back, you’ll be reincarnating yet again?

ELIAS: Absolutely, and the cycle continues. (Grinning)

NORM: Without the karma!

ELIAS: Quite! I shall bid you all a very fond au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:05 PM.

Vic’s note: For the record, I’d like to note that this session occurred the same evening the mass suicide in Rancho Santa Fe began, according to the media presently. I find it interesting and “coincidental” that we did discuss suicide this evening. Also, more than one group member had unusual physical and/or emotional experiences Sunday evening, Monday, and/or Tuesday. Interesting unofficial information!

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