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Sunday, January 05, 1997

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ďIndividual IssuesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Jene (Rudy), Jim (Yarr), Bob (Simon), Norm (Stephen), Cecelia (Sari), Reta (Dehl), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Sue (Bernard), Greg (Olivia), Darrick (Gaorg), and a new participant, Drew (Matthew).

Elias arrives at 6:27 PM. (Time was seventeen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. This evening we shall deviate slightly from our subject matter to be addressing issues with individuals within this forum, for much movement is occurring recently and is very affecting of all of you. (To Drew) Welcome.

DREW: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall be addressing to each of you individually. Therefore, each of you shall have the opportunity to be expressing of your own issue that you are occupied with presently, and we shall investigate these issues. In this, you may hold some understanding of what you are experiencing. (Turning to Gail) William!

GAIL: I have one question thatís been bugging me. How come I didnít recognize Elizabeth when she came in to my work? Preoccupied?

ELIAS: This is also involved with this subject matter for this evening, for you are all preoccupied with self and subjective activity that you are engaged in, but do not quite understand. Therefore, you are more concerned with your own activity, and you are not as observant as you normally may choose to be.

GAIL: Okay. What happened on Tuesday, this past Tuesday?

ELIAS: Express for group.

GAIL: I seemed almost depressed and I couldnít motivate myself to do anything but read. I connected with my daughter and she was sort of in the same mode. Talked to Vicki, and she was in the same mode. So something was connecting there, but I donít know what it was.

ELIAS: This is an adequate place to begin. Each of you, as has been stated, are engaging in subjective movement in a different element presently. You are engaging a remembrance. You do not understand the activity that you have begun, and the bleed-through is not accomplished completely. Therefore, you may not yet hold images to be offering yourselves explanations.

You initially feel. Within the remembrance that is occurring presently, there is much emotional attachment. Therefore, you shall be identifying with these emotions first. This may be confusing to you, for you may not hold the ability to attach a rational reasoning to these emotional states. I have expressed to you that there is great movement occurring within consciousness in this present now. This is affecting of you, and you are affecting of it.

GAIL: Is that why it took me a week to figure out what I was feeling?

ELIAS: You are remembering subjective activity. Therefore, it is unfamiliar. It also does not fit into the scheme or framework of your known lifestyle and lifetime. Your objective consciousness must be opening and working very hard to be accepting of unofficial information.

All of you within this forum are experiencing subjective movement. Even those which are questioning and non-believing and non-accepting are experiencing movement within consciousness subjectively. You may attempt to be rationalizing and to be explaining certain feelings to yourself, and offering yourselves some sort of ideas and explanations that shall satisfy you, and you may accomplish this; for as I have stated, you are quite adept at making anything fit if you are wishing it to! If you are open and willing, by chance, to be listening, you may understand slightly a little more of the activity that you yourselves are engaging, and you may be slightly more willing to be looking to self instead of all else. (To Ron) Olivia!

RON: I think the conflict or ... I donít if itís necessarily an emotional thing that Iíve been feeling lately. Itís related to Vickiís conflict. I think weíre sharing it.

ELIAS: Very good observation. And what do you deduce from this experience?

RON: Iím totally baffled by my own personal experience, as well as totally baffled by the experiences that several other people that I know are having, so I havenít really made any deductions.

ELIAS: These experiences, as has been stated, do not fit into your framework. They do not fit into your belief systems. You are intelligent, rational individuals. You are quite normal human beings! (Laughter) Therefore, these experiences do not fit, for within your belief systems they are not acceptable. I have expressed to you that there are myriads of elements that are reality that you do not see.

You look to reality very singularly. Therefore, you close out much information. You experience very much. You do not offer yourselves information for explanation of these experiences.

You are continuously, from entry into physical focus, experiencing elements of reality that you do not see or you do not accept within your official line of reality, but it matters not with you for you discount all of these experiences. Now, you are beginning to take notice. In this, you find yourself in confusion, for you have no explanation. You have no logical explanation for these experiences.

Do not discount the knowledge that you hold. I am realizing that it is very difficult realistically to be expressing to yourselves and to one another concepts that have been set forth to you and accepting these are reality, but they are. They are elements of you, and denying the experiences is only to be denying elements of self. No individual shall be carrying you away and labeling you as a lunatic if you are believing your own experiences, for you are rational, normal human beings. You have proven this to yourselves and to your society also. Allow yourself the freedom to be accepting more of self than only what you see within your physical form. Shynla!

CATHY: Elias! I donít know. I guess I kind of connected with what was going on with Mary and Vicki, but I really didnít recognize any kind of an emotional reaction to it. It was more just being aware, but I think itís mostly because I was too busy creating my own reality, because I was working and I wasnít doing it through anxiety like I usually do. I was just doing it.

ELIAS: And accomplishing quite well!

CATHY: Thank you. Yes, I was. It was cool! So that was different, but I liked it a lot.

ELIAS: I express to you that it may be helpful to you in your noticing and your awareness to be attempting to understand those elements that you notice. There is much information that you hold. Your awareness exceeds what you believe it to be. Therefore, if you shall be attempting, experimentally, (grinning) to be offering yourself a small time period to not be discounting of self and to be accepting of the vast amount of information that you receive empathically and telepathically, which you do, you may enlighten yourself tremendously, and you may also find that it may serve you well and more efficiently to be acknowledging than to be discounting. Your desire is to accomplish movement. You move. You only do not acknowledge your movement. You express a desire to be knowing, to be connecting, to be understanding. Allow yourself the acknowledgment of this. Attempt!

CATHY: Okay, Iíll do that. (Laughing) Iíd like to know a little information about the spinning tree dream, though. Can you give me anything on that?

ELIAS: Offer for group.

CATHY: In my dream last night, there was a tree that was planted by Greg, sitting over there. I was sitting there looking at the tree, and I was telling him that for some reason he shouldnít put that tree right there. It was just like a little stick. Someone might not be able to see it and they might run into it. About the time I said that, two people ran past it on each side. Then I laid down. The next thing I knew, there was a tree coming out of me or somewhere just spinning right up into the air, and then when I looked back at the tree that Greg planted, all these branches were springing out all over the place, and it grew up really huge really fast.

ELIAS: And you are wishing an interpretation of this first layer?

CATHY: Sure!

ELIAS: I shall offer to you that initially, your expression to your partner is symbolic of your need to be controlling the situation and expressing the ďbetter wayĒ to be accomplishing an act. In this, you symbolize a ďwhooshĒ around this small tree, confirming to your belief system that although the individuals did not impact the tree, it was within their path and therefore inappropriate, for its placement was inappropriate; symbolizing the placement of this individual and the inappropriateness of their placement. But the individuals did not run into the tree. You then visualize yourself to be lying prone with another tree extending out of you, whirling. This you view to be not of your control, and to your amazement, placed not within your designated area.

The tree is symbolic to you of the individual present here. In this, you express initially a dissatisfaction with the choices of this individual, but the individual continues and proves amazing to you. Many times, you shall be offering yourself information within your dream state directly involving activity that you engage presently within your now. This is one layer of this dream activity; one interpretation; but this is a valuable layer and information for you. Within your dream activity, you are expressing information to yourself of this activity and relationship with this individual.

Your issue presently is not of remembrance, for you are preoccupied with other issues. Therefore, you allow slight bleed-throughs in connection with other individuals. As has been stated, you pull information empathically and telepathically. Therefore, you shall be connecting with the activity of the remembrance, but this is not your main activity presently, for your main attention presently is directed differently. This would be in the area of personal choices and decisions. You continue to be struggling with this belief system in an attempt to be understanding the belief system, therefore allowing yourself to be accepting of this; but you have focused so intently upon the belief system that you have narrowed your view.

In this, you do not see all of the elements. In stepping back and allowing a relaxation of your focus, not being quite so intent, you may allow information to be bleeding through which shall be helpful to you. You may also find that you may be more willing to be listening to yourself and also to this other individual, and understanding yourself and this individual. You shall be moving into this area of remembrance also, but presently you occupy yourself too intently to be allowing this activity to be surfacing.

CATHY: Yeah, I do. Thank you. (A bit more than you expected, Cath?)

ELIAS: You are welcome. We shall break, and we shall continue.

BREAK 6:59 PM.
RESUME 7:11 PM. (Time was one second)

ELIAS: Continuing. (To Cecelia) Sari!

CELIA: Good evening, Elias!

ELIAS: Good evening, Sari!

CELIA: I am dealing with an issue now, as you may perceive. In some respects, I have been behaving well. Iím talking about my empathic feelings and my being able to see peopleís emotions and seeing a lot of anger, in particular with some men in the place where I work. Itís very interesting because I can witness it and not be drawn into it, but really see the anger and the rage in their face. But then when I go away, in particular this last time, and it happened almost two weeks ago, it seems also to seethe in me. And even though at the time I was very patient and I was just watching this person go through their contortions and trying to be compassionate about it, as I think of having to encounter this person again tomorrow, I have in me an anticipation, an anxiety, and also some anger.

ELIAS: As the movement within consciousness accelerates within the motion of this shift, there shall be many elements of emotion that shall be surfacing. These shall appear strange to you, although at times you may be so within the emotion that you may not be recognizing of any other elements around you. You may become consumed with the emotion. Presently, a stirring of emotional activity is occurring. This is a churning which is instigated by the Borledim family. The nine manifestations are manifest presently. Therefore, the intensity of the power of the consciousness of these manifestations is realized presently. This is already affecting within physical elements. In this, it is stirring of remembrances. In this stirring of remembrances, there is a surfacing of emotional activity.

You, in your recognition of other individuals and their emotional activity, must be aware of self. Be understanding that you may be helpful in understanding of other individuals by recognizing the emotional elements that they experience, and you may choose to experience these for your own understanding empathically, but do not hold to them. Do not allow the empathic expression to be consuming of you. Recognize that this is not your creation. You may pull an empathic action to yourself within the element of an emotion in order to be understanding of other individuals, but be only understanding. Therefore, you may also be helpful. Instead of empathically pulling the emotion and holding the emotion, you may pull the emotion, examine the emotion, evaluate, and then offer helpfulness.

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: (Smiling) I am understanding you may not be choosing to be offering helpfulness ...

CELIA: It is very, very difficult to offer helpfulness! I have thought of this, and how is the best way for me to offer helpfulness.

ELIAS: First, you must listen to what I have expressed. You must be evaluating of what you have pulled to yourself. You must be understanding of the information that you have received. It is not merely a case of empathically receiving a feeling of another individual, and feeling it yourself, and experiencing it yourself, and leaving it at that! You must be understanding of what you have pulled to yourself. In this, you may also evaluate within yourself, and in your quietness of self communicate with self and offer yourself information to be expressing outwardly to another individual.

It is all quite fine and good that you each look to yourselves, and create your own realities, and hold responsibility for yourselves, and concern yourself with self; but you have not created a reality of being only one being upon your planet! You have created a reality of being one consciousness in many personalities.

We have expressed that within the action of your shift, these families shall be moving into the intent to which they initially created, or you initially created, this reality. In this, there is a recognition of no separation. There is an understanding of connection and communication. You have moved into an area that you have chosen objectively to be extremely isolating of individual selves, believing that you are completely individual and disconnected from all else. You are unique and individual within personality and self, but you also simultaneously are intimately connected with all that exists, and all of consciousness. You hold much fear of each other, for you hold much fear of self. You do not extend to each other, for you cannot extend to self.

Do not take these words, Sari, as instruction that you must accomplish certain deeds, for I am not wishing you to be experiencing pressure (smiling) that accomplishments must be made. I am offering you information to be helpful in your most efficient probabilities, but as with all things, this is your choice. Look to self and be trusting of self, which will also afford you the strength to be extending to and trusting of others.

CELIA: I think I know what to do. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (To Drew) Matthew!

DREW: This is an appropriate time for me to be talking to you, I think. Iíve experienced for a while what I can only describe as what feels to me to be blocks that manifest themselves in behavior that is not empowering and probably not healthy. Itís been a frustration for me, and Iím unable to clear it.

ELIAS: Identify what you believe to be the intensity of the block.

DREW: The intensity of it? You mean the magnitude?

ELIAS: Identify what you believe to be the affectingness of the blocking.

DREW: Whatís causing it?

ELIAS: If you wish.

DREW: Thatís what I donít know. I have a sense that itís ... I thought of this word today actually, that it stems from fear, but I think itís a lot of things. I think itís a certain amount of anxiety and depression and all of those kinds of things.

ELIAS: I am understanding that you may not hold the ability presently to be identifying the cause. I am requesting you to be identifying the effect.

DREW: Iím not in an environment ... Some of itís personal, so Iím not in an environment where I feel comfortable. (Note that this is Drewís first session )

ELIAS: This is understandable.

DREW: So to whatever level, and maybe itís not the behavior or some of the personal aspects in that respect that we need to discuss, but maybe a sense of where I am presently, and what the source or the ... Any perception that you may have.

ELIAS: I am understanding of your situation. I am also understanding of your uncomfortableness within a forum of what you view to be strangers, which are not strangers in actuality, although within your physical focus you view this to be true. Therefore, I wish not to be creating uncomfortableness for you within this forum; for within an explanation of this situation, which you have identified properly as fear, which you have manifest in many ways, my explanation would be quite revealing. If you are wishing, you may be requesting and I shall be offering information to you singularly.

DREW: I would appreciate that.

ELIAS: I do not enter areas of personal issues to be hurtful or intrusive to any individual, and always inquire if this individual is desiring of the information within this forum, which you are not.

DREW: Not tonight.

ELIAS: I know. (Smiling) Therefore, the invitation stands, that you may inquire within a less crowded forum, and I shall be pleased to be offering you helpfulness within your dilemma.

DREW: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. There are also elements within a broader aspect that are also involved with this movement in consciousness of this shift which may serve to complicate and confuse your situation, for this movement within consciousness may compound the feelings that are involved. This time period within this present now holds an intensity. Know this; that motion is occurring and that this shall be, in your terms, overcome. It is a temporary situation. We shall speak more at a later time period. (To Bob) Simon!

BOB: Hello! I think the issue thatís most pressing for me is incorporating the information that Iím getting here into a new way of looking at things. For the longest time I thought I had a pretty good handle on that, but Iím here, so I must have felt that I needed to enhance that to some extent. Iím finding confusion in that there are times when I can totally connect with what Iím learning and what Iím seeing and itís very, to use your term, effortless. Itís very easy to just see things clearly and respond to them in a way that works very well for me. The confusion is, at other times it seems harder than ever to respond to certain things. Itís very hard to reconcile that. At least in the past, there was a certain consistency of ability and response and something that you could hang your hat on, whereas now at times things work better than they ever have, and at other times they work worse than they ever have, and thereís this feeling when things are working worse that somehow Iím losing my grip with what I think Iím understanding. Is that enough information for you?

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughter)

BOB: Just wanted to make sure you had enough!

ELIAS: This is a very understandable response. You shall continue to be experiencing these types of actions. Eventually, you all shall understand and learn to be incorporating the effortlessness continuously, but you hold very strong belief systems.

Within your daily activity, before encountering ďthe cosmic one,Ē (very humorously, and we all crack up) you continued within your belief systems quite nicely. You have nothing to be disturbing this or conflicting with your belief systems, and if you hold belief systems that are too conflicting for you, you shall merely change your belief system and incorporate a new belief system. Now you draw yourself to information to widen your awareness. In this, you allow yourself the opportunity to look, and to view belief systems and recognize belief systems. You attempt to widen your awareness, but you battle and you hold conflict for you do not understand the meaning of accepting belief systems. You are insistent upon eliminating belief systems, which is not possible within physical focus.

You have created physical focus with belief systems. They shall continue. Even within your shift you shall hold belief systems, but you shall hold an acceptance of these belief systems. Therefore, they shall work for you, in your terms. Those that do not work presently are those elements that you find yourself battling. You may not objectively always hold an awareness of what you are battling, but you shall view the effects, which shall give you an awareness if you are noticing; for each time you engage in battling belief systems to be moving through these belief systems, you shall be experiencing conflict. It is difficult initially, for your belief systems are very strong.

I have expressed to these individuals, initially you shall put forth effort to attain your effortlessness. Do not lose heart in this endeavor. You are not losing your mind, and you are not becoming irrational! I express, as I have expressed to Olivia, there are many elements of reality that you do not accept, but are reality. You shall find yourself battling with these elements more and more, for you are allowing a widening of awareness. Therefore, you are noticing more. You are becoming sensitized to more. You inner senses are becoming more activated. Therefore, you confuse yourself more. Look to the time periods that you experience your effortlessness. Realize that within the time periods that your action seems to be more difficult than previously, you are dealing with belief systems and allowing subjective activity to be influencing. You are beginning to open. You also fight this! It is natural.

BOB: Is it necessary?

ELIAS: It is not necessary. It is automatic!

BOB: So Iím stuck with it, is what youíre saying?

ELIAS: You may choose to be changing of this, but I shall express to you realistically that within actuality, most probably you shall continue with these types of actions, for you hold very strong belief systems. All of you hold very strong belief systems. You also hold a very strong belief system that you do not gain ...

BOB: Without pain! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite! You may express that you do not hold this belief system, but you do. You all do. You believe that you gain through tremendous effort, that with effort comes value. This is not necessarily correct, but this is what you believe. Therefore, this is what you manifest. I may express to you, very realistically and truthfully, that you may choose to experience effortlessness from this present moment after. You shall not believe me ...

BOB: I believe you! You donít believe that I believe you! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: You do not believe that you believe! (Grinning) Therefore, you shall not manifest this, most probably.

BOB: Will you be helpful to me?

ELIAS: Absolutely, as I am with all, and you shall be noticing of this.

BOB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Looking at Norm)

NORM: I would like to say that the last two months have been truly delightful. My, if you would like to call it world view, even before I get to Region 3, has certainly changed in the last sixty days, and I believe that the personal contact has really made a great deal of difference. I believe itís helped me in my belief systems that were extremely rigid, I would say. I think that Iím going into the area of trust now, and the overcoming of fear in regard to the directions that Iím going in, but I think itís going to be an exciting trip and Iím going to be getting on with it! I can use all the help that you would prefer to give. I know that it helps to do it yourself, but I am certainly enjoying ... I am not bored! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very good! Are you wishing to be expressing of a question?

NORM: Yes. It seems to me that the manner or the method of the shift, could it have been done or initiated or continued in a way that would have less traumatic events, or have we selected it this way?

ELIAS: You have chosen the actions that occur. Now; within the present engagement of action of movement of this shift, you are widening your awareness to be affecting within changing of probabilities established within your religious element. These are very strong belief systems. You have created very strong expectations globally, of events that you have chosen within probabilities to occur. Within the action of this shift, you may be altering of these actions within a recognition that it is unnecessary to be creating of devastation for your attention. You do not need to be creating floods, famines, earthquakes, holocausts to be gaining your attention and initiating movement into what you view to be a new era. You may easily move into your new awareness without all of your fireworks! In this, you hold a task of being helpful and also influencing within consciousness of these belief systems that hold to absoluteness in established probabilities.

I have expressed to you previously, your religious element, your era, shall not disappear without struggle. Although you have chosen and agreed collectively to move into a new awareness and you have chosen the probability of this shift, many are reluctant to be moving. You are reluctant to be moving! As your own consciousness widens and you experience new elements within your daily experience, you pull back. You hold reluctance yourselves! You are not jumping into this shift with both feet! You hold to your belief systems quite strongly. You find it difficult to be accepting of belief systems. You continue with your religious era and with its manifestations.

Each individual offers themselves information that will speak to them to be accomplishing in the movement of this shift, but within the beginning throes of this shift the movement is not easy, just as within the movement of a revolution there is turmoil and conflict. You engage within a global shift of consciousness, which is a much greater mass event than a revolution of a country. It is a greater action than your world war. It is tremendous. Therefore, there shall be conflict. You would not be speaking with this essence were you not approaching this shift.

NORM: I wish I would have been able to say I would anyway, but youíre probably right. Iím interested in the problem associated with devastation. The energy that is being developed due to these conflicts is going to be expressed in devastation. Does it have to be that way?

ELIAS: No! This is the point! This is your direction.

NORM: So we can be very helpful in the mass events, and the nine are doing that in ...

ELIAS: You are accomplishing this! (Firmly) Do not look to these nine manifestations to be carrying your planet! They are initiators. They are helpers. They are directors within the intent of the individual essence families. They are not responsible singularly for movement of this shift! You all are contributant to the action of this shift.

NORM: You spoke earlier about our ability to rationalize, but do you see movement in me, in awareness?


NORM: A little bit, huh? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Do not discount yourself! You are moving. You are widening.

I shall initiate a break, and we shall resume, and we shall engage these remaining individuals.

BREAK 8:03 PM.
RESUME 8:14 PM. (Time was three seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing; Elizabeth!

ELIZ: Okay. Lately, Iíd say maybe within the last two months, I know Iím connecting with somebody, but Iím not quite sure who. I thought it was Julie because I went on this kick where I had a couple dreams about her, I asked my mom about her, I named my cat after her nickname, I was interested in where she was going and what she was doing, and that kind of fell away, and right after I got off that kick, all I do is cry now. I canít talk to anybody without them offending me in some way. I talk to my boyfriend or my mom and automatically theyíve offended me or theyíve gotten me in some way hostile. I had a boxing match with my boyfriend this morning and half of it was for real. I was really kicking him and punching him! We were playing, but halfway I was really frustrated and getting out a lot of frustration and anxiety, and half the time crying and just taking it all out on him. I came home, and had no idea where it came from. My mom started talking to me about Vicki and all of a sudden I asked, ďWell, what does Ireland have to do with it?Ē and she told me something about a CD. And so Iím not sure who it is Iím connecting with or if thatís why Iím crying. Iím just kind of confused about the whole thing.

ELIAS: Once again, another individual engaged in a remembrance. I shall express to you each that in addition to the remembrance that you are experiencing, you each also experience other underlying issues that are continuing simultaneously. They are being emphasized by this remembrance. Not all of you are engaged within the action of remembrance of the same thing. Some of you are remembering a common experience. All of you are engaging, to one degree or another, an element of remembrance which is coloring your experiences presently.

This action that you engage presently is a parallel with several other individuals; a remembrance of a specific action, a specific focus common to many individuals that have been in contact with each other within the forum of these sessions, for you have drawn yourselves together. Even individuals that have not physically attended our sessions have drawn themselves to this forum, being common to this focus also. In this, there is a great deal of emotionally charged energy. William experienced a connection with Lanyah. Lanyah experiences a remembrance of this same focus, to a very slight degree. There are more individuals than you realize that have been connected with this same focus.

I shall express to you to be accepting of this remembrance. Allow yourself an understanding that you are experiencing a time period of remembrance. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be expressing tremendous frustration, but allow yourself the experience of the remembrance. This shall carry emotional elements with it. In this, allow yourself this expression also, and you shall experience through, and it shall dissipate. You shall understand. This is a temporary situation. All of you that have engaged within essence of this focus together shall be remembering presently of this focus of which we speak.

I understand that this is confusing to all of you. Be understanding that you all are experiencing this element together. You also are affecting of each other, for as you remember you affect the consciousness of the others, as if each of you are triggering each other in this memory. Similarly, you may view this type of action within physical focus. You may all experience an action together and many of you may be forgetful of the experience. One shall remember and express, and then the others shall be chiming in, expressing ďOh, yes, I remember!Ē and adding their perspective and perception of the remembrance. This is the action that is occurring presently. You each hold difficulty in this remembrance, for it is not a remembrance of this physical focus. Therefore, you view this to not be reality, this being what I have expressed to Olivia, that it does not fit into your accepted belief systems; but can you deny what you are experiencing within your feelings?


ELIAS: (To Ron) Can you deny your experience? (Ron shakes his head)

Therefore, allow yourselves the acceptance of the truthful explanation. You may not find, as diligently as you may search, an explanation within this focus for your experience. Therefore, accept the information offered, for it is truthful. Be accepting of self, and understand that as you accept this remembrance, it shall not hold this conflict. As you continue to deny this remembrance, you shall continue in your confusion and your conflict.

ELIZ: And daydreaming will help?

ELIAS: This is an allowance of reincorporation of subjective activity.

ELIZ: Okay. I think I understand ... I think.

ELIAS: (To Sue) Bernard!

SUE: Well, Iím having daily conflict in my job. Itís been going on for months. Iím feeling very frustrated. I donít have the materials that I need to complete this job, and even though I know itís not my responsibility to provide them, Iím feeling that itís my responsibility to provide them. Since the beginning of the year, Iíve had this nagging little fear that I will not find what I need. Itís getting worse every day.

ELIAS: First of all, I shall address to the feeling that you must be responsible and providing of your materials. Now; examine this. Within the incorporation of this thought process, which thought is reality, you create a reality and you project this reality outward, which is accepted by others. You create your reality. If you are expressing, within your feelings and your thought process, no responsibility for these materials or for the actions involved, and if this matters not to you, you shall be manifesting this within your reality. Therefore, you shall be projecting this energy outwardly, which shall also be responded to. This is an example.

You have already created this reality thus far. This is not to say that you may not choose to change this reality, for you may; but you have efficiently projected your energy to this point within this direction, of holding this responsibility and expectations of self and also expectations of others; not expectations of others in the area of follow-through, but expectations of disappointment. Therefore, you project this energy and you create this reality for yourself. Other individuals respond to your energy. What you project shall be responded to. If you hold the thought process and the feelings, the reality, that other individuals are not dependable, that other individuals may not produce, you create a reality and project this energy.

If you are viewing different individuals, you may look to some individuals and you may wonder, ďWhy do these individuals always seem to attain what they are wishing to attain?Ē They create their thought process, which is reality for it is energy, and they project outwardly, as do you all. In this, you all create and receive what you expect. You manifest what you concentrate upon.

As with Sari, I am understanding that although I may express to you that you may choose to be changing of this situation, you may not view the likelihood or the ease of this accomplishment, but it is possible. Or, you may choose to incorporate personal responsibility, and you may notice. You may examine your actions. Realize your creation. Allow yourself this information, that you may learn more efficiently how you create your reality.

SUE: Very good point.

ELIAS: Be trustful of self. I express this over and over and over to you all, and Bernard expresses this to Shynla, but does not listen within self! You draw yourself to individuals to allow yourself the opportunity to view a mirror action, that you may notice. Therefore, notice the mirror action of Shynla! (To Darrick, who just arrived) Welcome. (To Reta) Dehl!

RETA: Well, thank you for all the information. Some of the answers you gave to Stephen were some of the things that were on my mind, so thank you, and I think itís because weíve been watching videos of psychics explaining devastation. Anyway, for a long time in my life Iíve had different learning situations come to me and Iíve taken advantage of them in that Iíve studied them, but I havenít followed through and used them. It goes back even thirty years or twenty years. The first one was SMI, which was Success Motivation Institute. Then recently weíve done photo reading. Weíve done super learning. Then of course, with Sethís help and Edgar Cayceís help ... I feel the urge inside to share this in a learning situation with others. I donít know how to go about it, but I feel an urgency. Now that Iíve learned about the shift, thatís probably part of the urgency, but Iím trying to see myself in a direction to go effortlessly to accomplish teaching or sharing this with others, especially my grandchildren and young children around. I have this feeling that if I could share this kind of information with them at a young enough stage in a way that they could learn, that they would accomplish so much more in their lives. Also, I have the religious influence in my family, which is broadening in a lot of ways and narrowing in some other ways. Can you see where I have direction, or can you help me with direction to accomplish this sharing? We talk about sharing here or helping to get the shift going, but we donít say how weíre going to do it or anything like that. We keep talking about doing it and learning in this forum to do that. Can you give me some direction?

ELIAS: I shall beg to differ with you that it has not been expressed how to be accomplishing of this action, for it is expressed how over and over! The how of the action of the shift is to be aware within your consciousness. Presently, you occupy your thought process outwardly. You are looking to all others. You are wishing to be instructional to others. Therefore, you are seeking a ďmethodĒ to be expressing to others, as a classroom format which you may deliver to small ones to be directing of them. The action of the shift shall be most influenced and affected within consciousness. In this, your action is to be you and to be trusting of this, to be the straight little sapling, not to be expressing to other individuals, ďDo this. Go this way. Accomplish this.Ē This is not helpful. This is creating of more belief systems. Within an acceptance and an understanding of self, of essence, of consciousness, of reality, of the reality that you create your reality, you shall be instructional.

I have expressed to these individuals previously, one area, one very large area of expression within small ones that you perpetuate is a blocking of impulses, a disallowing of impulses. Through your belief systems, you instruct small ones to be holding certain behavior, which also is blocking of their natural impulses. In this, they learn to discount their impulses and they learn to not recognize them, as you have learned to not recognize your impulses. In an effort to be helpful within the motion of the shift, you shall be most accomplishing and most helpful if you are understanding of all of these elements of consciousness and the workings of essence and consciousness, and hold an understanding of belief systems. Therefore, you shall be expressing in a helpful manner to all other individuals, which shall include all of these small ones also. These small ones may be initially more receptive to this action for they shall be understanding of this action, but other individuals shall be accepting eventually also.

There is no ďmethodĒ to be presented to other individuals. I have expressed many times within this forum, the point of these sessions, this interaction, is not to be creating a new religion, a new discipleship, new methods to be converting individuals to new belief systems. The point of this interaction is to be helpful to you to understand that you hold belief systems, that you may accept these belief systems and widen them, and widen your awareness. Also, that you may know your self, and trust your self, and listen to self; and in this, you shall be very instructional to all of those around you, and you shall be quite influencing within consciousness.

RETA: Can I ask you one more thing?

ELIAS: You may.

RETA: I had a dream the other night. I should have gotten up right away and written it down, but I didnít. Let me express to you just what I remember. It was like my husband and I were standing under a pyramid of blue light. One side of the shaft of light was coming into a beautiful blue quartz that was huge, as big as us, and the other side of the shaft of light was coming into green. We were standing there and I could tell that there was room behind, and there was a huge library. It was dark out beyond us, and I could see flashes of light once in a while, and I could see beings once in a while that were coming toward us, and then I woke up.

ELIAS: Within your first layer, an interpretation of this imagery would be that you have recognized a font of information which is available to you. You have also begun a recognition within energy of those essences most prominent within energy within this interaction. These essences represent themselves to you within colors. Therefore, within your imagery of your dream state, you create these colors as symbols of these essences which are most obvious. They are not more present, but they are most obvious within energy. They are the most easily recognized within energy, for they project the most intensely within your framework. Therefore, you have identified this within your dream imagery and coupled this with a knowing of the vast amount of information that may be available to you, should you choose to be continuing within the connection of this pyramid.

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Smiling) I am understanding that you are not understanding of this explanation! You may be interacting with individuals within this forum and this may appear clearer to you, for there is an understanding held within these individuals. (To Vicki) Lawrence!

VICKI: Well, I guess my issue presently could best be described as confusion, not that Iím not usually confused most of the time! But this confusion is a bit unfamiliar and a bit intense, and seems to have presented itself in three examples or experiences which appear, at least in the present now, to be not as intense as they were yesterday. One of these examples has to do with my interaction with our friends on the computer. Within that forum, there has been much dissension in the last week initiated by one individual. This seems to have culminated in a complete erasure of the forum and the beginning of a new one, and also with a message from this individual to myself today, a very loving message as opposed to his very angry outbursts during this week. The second experience has to do with my responses this week to Ron which have been very intense, and I have assumed that Ron was also acting as a trigger within this remembering because I canít attach anything else to it, although I must say Ron is a much a better trigger than the music! It has been very intense. This was moved through a lot last night, and no longer seems to be affecting very much at all. The other experience has been an issue Iíve had with the direction of the sessions. I have had issue with the direction of the sessions recently, not really even understanding that, although Iím having no issue with the direction of the session this evening. So all three issues seem to have far less impact in the present now than they have in the last week which is also confusing, and as a result of that I certainly canít say that I understand anything better than I did before! (Laughter)

ELIAS: In the midst of your experiences, as you do not hold an understanding and information of what you are experiencing, you experience much conflict and confusion. You are beginning to recognize this pattern; that within movement, you may accelerate your motion and create and also draw to yourself experiences that may confuse you, and within the experience you do not understand, but as you move through the experience, information presents itself and you become clearer as to the actions that have occurred. You have allowed yourself partially to be connecting with and partially accepting of the experience of remembrance. Therefore, this dissipates to a degree. I shall express that within your probabilities, you may manifest this emotional situation once again if you are not allowing yourself to be accepting of what you know. I am understanding that as I have stated, it is difficult for you to be, in reality, accepting of this type of information. It is unofficial information. It is not accepted by your mass belief systems. Therefore, you also do not accept this information. You push this information from you. You ďtryĒ to be accepting, and within this ďtryingĒ you are objectively telling yourself that you are wanting to be accepting, but you are not acknowledging your belief systems that you are not accepting. Therefore, you may recreate the affectingness, for you shall continue to draw these experiences to yourself until you are accepting.

This, once again, is not karma! This is your choice. You have chosen, within your desire, to be moving within certain probabilities. Therefore, you also choose to be repetitive at what you present to yourself for your noticing. It is not slamming you from the cosmos! You are drawing experiences to yourself, that you may understand. You present yourself with the opportunity to understand, and to be accepting. You draw to yourself experiences that challenge your belief systems. There is no point to draw experiences to yourself involving belief systems that you have already accepted. These hold no impact; but your choice presently, within your desire of movement of the shift and into the area of transition, is to be widening your awareness and accepting belief systems. Therefore, you shall challenge yourself and confront yourself with these belief systems. This remembrance also is a part of these belief systems, for you do not believe that you may remember elements that are not physically connected with this individual focus. This focus is you, and none other. Therefore, you shall incorporate conflict; but you are presenting yourself, more and more, with these challenges, and you are accepting. Therefore, you are moving through these belief systems.

As to the issue of the direction of our sessions and the conflict that is experienced, this I shall express is expected within Lawrence and Michael and your impatience! You hold expectations. All of you hold expectations; and as you have continued within this forum, some of you, for much time period, you view yourselves to be within your fifth grade now! (Much laughter) And you experience impatience with those that are beginning in first! Therefore, we should be holding separate classrooms for these wee ones and our more advanced fifth graders! You may experience impatience, but it is temporary. Be remembering that you also receive information within every session. Therefore, although we may incorporate the new young ones that may be learning what you think you already know, you also acquire new information within every session, and you shall be noticing quite quickly that you all occupy the same space, regardless of your time period incorporated within this forum. (Humorously) I shall worry of the direction of the sessions! You may leave this responsibility to me and you may worry of other things, which I hold no doubt that you have many of, enough to occupy your time! (Laughter) (To Jene) Rudy!

JENE: Acceptance, I feel so much different about it today than I did yesterday! The session last night was quite settling and widening, and actually I feel rather good. Acceptance of self, a little swimming went on there today, but accepting of others is a little more difficult. A lot of investigation in widening in dream state last night. It was very wide, or it felt very wide. The experience was tremendous, actually. There were no barriers. There were no divisions. The only thing I experienced was what I had experienced one other time a little differently, which was a line of fire, flames, but there was no fear attached and it was a recognition of energy, and that was that. Some lovely sharing with my nieces, a little religious belief systems, a little challenge there. One is learning a belief system in religion, which I would not contradict at this point, and the other, the seven-year-old, I was asking of her please not to instruct in such a way that it might be frightening for her, not that she not instruct her in her belief system of god, it is her mother, but that she instruct with a little more gentleness, less of a kind of scary probability, like hanging on a cross and dying for sins and those kinds of things. So we had some agreement in that today, and the seven-year-old was very instructive to us both.

ELIAS: And you present yourself, once again, with the opportunity to be accepting. Notice this; for there is no wrong in these belief systems. Other belief systems are not ďbetter.Ē These religious belief systems are not worse. Therefore, you allow yourself to view different belief systems and accept these as what they are. They are belief systems. They are not right or wrong. They simply are. Each individual chooses. You choose one direction within probabilities and belief systems. Another individual chooses another direction within other belief systems. Neither is wrong. Allow yourself the opportunity to be accepting of all of these.

JENE: I was working it. We also had a sharing of the energy of Buddy, as Ashley comes to my house all the time and was curious as to where Buddy was. We had a little meeting and spent some time with Buddy and she was very accepting of his transition, and she was very happy to know that he was in my yard and that he was a part of all that is and of the flowers, and she was very curious as to how that works, which was a little bit to describe, but nonetheless she was happy with some of the explanations and she was satisfied. I felt pretty good about that. I was a little bit nervous about explaining that to her. She was far more accepting of it than I was.

ELIAS: Quite! Very good.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: (To Jim) Yarr!

JIM: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: Good evening.

JIM: I guess itís still some of the same old baggage, some of the same issues, but I have felt expansion and acceptance, especially I think in viewing things that have come to me objectively. Iíve felt the subjective influence, but not really believing it objectively or trusting it objectively, especially with the issue just recently of my store, my business, and then just a few days ago the collapse of a mobile home that we were looking at. It seems that things are being created effortlessly without objective attention to it, but then in the case of personal issues, physically with my shoulder and my foot, these are very prominent, so Iím still battling with those. But I do feel Iíve gained a trusting, or a more trusting of self, but still thereís a major issue there.

ELIAS: Within relative terms, you are correct that you have incorporated more trust of self, as in comparison to our initial physical meeting. You hold issues that you continue to choose to not be engaging. We have spoken much of these issues. You have chosen, within your probabilities presently, to be diverting yourself around certain issues and the belief systems that attach to them. Therefore, you may view in certain areas that you experience effortlessness within your movement, to which you do within certain areas, as do all of you within certain areas. These areas are not your issues of challenge, but they are areas that you have, to a degree, widened in your awareness and allowed an effortlessness within your objective expression. You manifest continued physically as a reminder of the issue that you desire to be confronting, but are fearful of confronting. Therefore, you have placed yourself, once again, upon your hamster wheel! You now occupy your same position as we spoke of in your last year past.

You confuse yourself in not distinguishing between wants and desires. Your wants are objective, and they are very physically oriented. Your desire is subjective and may be translated physically and objectively, but it bears little resemblance to your objective wants. The objective wants that you experience are motivated by thought processes that you have held for much time period within this focus, as we have discussed previously. These wants are driven and perpetuated by a lack of trustfulness of self, a lack of acknowledgment of worthiness. Therefore, you consume yourself with these wants and you hop onto your hamster wheel and run, run, run, run, run, chasing these elusive wants and also thwarting these wants in light of your subjective desire. Therefore, you battle still.

JIM: Yes indeed, but now with a little more understanding. Thank you.

ELIAS: Quite. We may also speak again, if you are wishing.

JIM: Thank you.

NORM: Can I have one last question?

ELIAS: You may.

NORM: During the last few weeks, maybe about a week, I have been daydreaming and imagining a very wide awareness by myself. I would like to have you ... I suppose what Iím trying to do is to get around some of my ego problems. Am I just fooling myself, or is this a good way to do it?

ELIAS: Do not be discounting of self by expressing that you are fooling yourself. You all express this. Listen to yourself. Daydreaming is not negative. You are affording yourself the opportunity to be concentrating upon self and communicating subjectively. Therefore, if you are attaching positive and negative, you may attach positive to this action, for this may be quite creative. It may allow you the opportunity to be intersecting aspects of self, of essence, within your waking state.

NORM: Iíve been having fun doing it! Thank you.

VICKI: May I ask another question? Three individuals have requested to know their essence names. Is this appropriate at this time?

ELIAS: You may.

VICKI: The first is Sarah, who initiated our forum with our new friends.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Mantu.

VICKI: And the second is Margot.

ELIAS: Jessele. (Immediately)

VICKI: And the third is her partner Howard.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Interesting. A new formation of tone again presented within our small forum. Bosht. This is a new tone chosen presently. (Note that spelling was confirmed with all three names)

JENE: Iíd like to ask a question. In choice of intent prior to this focus, as everything is a choice, maybe this is just answering my own question, if in recognition of a direction of intent one chooses to change it in pool of probabilities, is this probable, possible? Probably not.

ELIAS: All things are possible. Not all things are probable, or shall I express that not all things are immediately probable, for all things are probable also. Within an individual focus, as I have stated previously, you may. It is possible to be changing of your intent. It is unlikely. It is less probable, for it is unnecessary. You hold very many focuses simultaneously. Therefore, each focus chooses an intent to be experienced and followed within that individual focus. It is unnecessary to be altering of this, for you hold other focuses that may alter and may choose another intent. You also hold the ability to be creating of as many focuses as you choose.

JENE: Simultaneously.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, you may create many, many different intents in conjunction with each focus. You also do not only hold focuses within this dimension upon this planet. Therefore, your intents are quite diverse. You also hold myriads of counterparts which add to your experience. In this, you may see that it is unnecessary to be altering of your intent within one focus.

JENE: Okay. Thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome. And as to intent, I held intent for our game for this evening, but as you have occupied much time element this evening quite productively, we shall engage our game at our next meeting. Therefore, you may all breathe (laughter) for you are reprieved, and you may continue for another brief time period to be studying of your game and be paying attention, and we may initiate our session with our game! I shall be interested in impressions flying! (To Ron) New impressions! I shall, for this evening, bid you all a very affectionate au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:38 PM.

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