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Friday, December 11, 1998

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“Working Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Carole (Aileen), Joanne (Hariett), and Nancy (Jsanelle).

Elias arrives at 8:38 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling)

GROUP: Good evening, Elias!

ELIAS: This evening we shall open to your questions, if you are so choosing, and you may have the floor.

CAROLE: I have a question. At our last session here, at the end of the session, you spoke to Thomas and mentioned an essence that wanted to manifest in physical focus, and told him to give that information to Bridget. About a week-and-a-half to two weeks ago, in the dream state, I had this dream that there was a big suitcase, and I was searching inside the suitcase for what were my children, or I was calling them my babies, but they were very, very tiny, almost like the size of mice, and they weren’t in there. They were gone, and I was saying, “My babies, my babies! They’re gone, they’re gone!”

And then I heard this information, or somehow I got this information, and it said, “They’ve been stolen, either by foreigners or aliens.” Then I got the three names, in this order: Thomas, Elias, Bridget. And then when I woke up, I thought, “I wonder if that means that those essences have decided to manifest someplace else, either as foreigners in this country and manifest somewhere else in this country, or aliens – what we would term aliens, you know – in some other physical focus.” (Pause)

ELIAS: What you have offered yourself in this dream imagery is the information that there are more aspects to individuals than merely what may appear to be manifest within this particular dimension.

In this, you are looking for the whole of the individuals within an encasement. You are searching to find these individuals, and you view them to be very tiny and that they shall be within this case.

This is the imagery that you present yourself that one focus, in certain terms, may be considered very tiny as to the whole of essence, but you do not find even these tiny people within this case, for the imagery also suggests to you that regardless that you search for the individual focuses, they may not be contained within an encasement.

Your view yourselves, as I have stated previously, singularly, and to be encased in occupying physical focus as you manifest with this body. But this is not an encasement, and it is not quite as solid as it appears to be within your perception. This be the reason that you may not necessarily find what you are seeking within the case.

In this, you are offering yourself information in conjunction with this information that I have offered at our last meeting – that although there be an essence choosing to be manifest within physical focus, it is not an encasement of one small entity, but this focus holds all of essence.

The reason that you present yourself with these namings is that these two of the parents engage in the agreement or consider the agreement to be entering into with this other essence, in allowance of a new focus.

You image myself in this dream imagery, for I have offered the information and this appears to be unusual, which it is. For the most part I am not offering of this type of information, but as I choose to offer certain elements of information, they are purposeful for those individuals and the direction that those individuals are moving in within that time period, and the information offered may be beneficial and encouraging to them dependent upon the situation and circumstances that they are creating, which may be creating of much conflict within their focus; which these individuals have been creating much elements of conflict, and in a manner of speaking have placed themselves within their creations in the position of not viewing the light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, encouragement was offered in a manner of allowing a distraction of thought process, that they may choose not to continue to be circling within the groove that they are cutting themselves within.

In this, you image myself in your dream state as participating in this activity and offering helpfulness to them. Therefore, I appear in conjunction with their creation.

You image yourself in participation, for you lend much energy in this direction, and you also participate quite strongly within the belief systems and the officially accepted actions and behaviors of family.

CAROLE: That’s true.

ELIAS: Therefore, you offer yourself imagery within your dream state, in one respect to be offering you information as to the vastness and non-containability of essence, and in another respect to be reinforcing of your own alignment with your belief systems as with regard to family.

Let me also express to you that as I state that you may be in alignment with a particular belief system, this is not wrong. It also is not bad. Certain belief systems that you hold limit your interactions and your creativity, but certain belief systems also offer you comforting, for they are familiar.

It is quite easy for you to view belief systems that you THINK of as negative, and in this move into the direction of discounting them, OR allowing yourself to view yourselves to be very wide (humorously) and examining the aspects of these belief systems, and expressing that you shall be accepting and letting go of these belief systems!

In actuality, for the most part, you view aspects of your belief systems, you label certain belief systems as negative or non-beneficial to you, and in this you attempt to alter, change, or dismiss these belief systems.

But in moving into the area of belief systems that you align with, that you view to be beneficial to you, you become quite comfortable with [these] and you view there is no need to be altering of these belief systems! Your terminology for this is that they are “working” belief systems. (Grinning, and laughter)

They offer you no conflict, and you are correct – some belief systems do NOT create conflict with you. I shall express to you that holding to your belief systems, regardless of your view that they be positive or negative, IS limiting you in some areas.

ALL of the belief systems that you hold to and you are not accepting of shall be limiting you in your creativity and your expressions. This is not bad!

I am quite understanding that this is a very difficult concept for you to understand, for you automatically move into the area of judgment and expressing to yourselves within your thoughts that all of these terms, these words, hold negative connotations.

In your reality, in what you experience, yes, we may express that they may be negative. In a wider viewing of these concepts, they are not negative. These are choices.

But even within those belief systems that you view to be working belief systems – those that you align with and they offer you no conflict – these also are limiting of your own creativity and of widening your awareness, and if allowing yourselves to move into ACCEPTING these belief systems, you may be allowing yourselves to widen your awareness, that you may be accomplishing much more and offering much more, not only to yourselves but to all other individuals within physical focus, in your expression of energy.

Let me be reminding you that holding to the belief systems and not accepting them creates expectations and judgments. All belief systems create judgments and expectations, and these two elements create much of your conflicts, and this is what you seek to be eliminating – your conflict.

I may also express to you that although you may view many belief systems presently as working belief systems, presently – as this shift in consciousness progresses and gains even more momentum in energy – even working belief systems shall be addressed to, and if you are choosing to hold to them, these are the elements that shall be creating trauma.

And as I have expressed to you many times, this be the reason that I speak to you, to be avoiding this trauma that is associated with this shift in consciousness, and you shall hear myself express this more and more, for as you approach the turning of this century – as you approach your new century – this shall gain momentum, and you shall be witnessing and experiencing more and more elements of trauma associated with this shift in consciousness as individuals continue to hold to what they view to be familiar, and this would be holding to these belief systems and holding to familiar behaviors.

Within this shift in consciousness, in the acceptance of belief systems, what you are accomplishing is neutralizing the judgments and expectations.

At our previous meeting, I expressed to you the belief systems that you hold in every aspect of your focus – even to your shoes – and I also expressed to you that although you hold belief systems as to your shoes, that if your shoes are wide enough, it matters not which foot you are placing them upon and they shall fit and they shall not be creating uncomfortableness, but as you continue to hold to not very wide shoes and place them upon opposite feet, you shall be experiencing painfulness.

This tiny little example offers you, slightly, an idea of the action of these belief systems. View them as the shoes that you wear now. They shall not be very comfortable in placing them upon different feet, but if you are stretching these shoes, regardless of their style, it shall matter not, and this would be the point.

Vic’s note: The shoe analogy is a great example, and may be accessed in session 339, 11/13/98.

ELIAS: I am not expressing to you that your alignment with belief systems of relationship in the area of family – of your emotions, of your compassion or love in the direction of family members – is wrong.

I am merely expressing to you that there is a very strong influence of the belief system of relationship and the aspects that address to family, and in this it may be limiting to you, for it automatically sets expectations and judgments in these areas and automatically also sets yourselves in positions for disappointments, for you experience disappointments when expectations are not met, and THIS be the area of the limitations; in which, if addressing to these areas and allowing yourself an acceptance in this area, you also offer yourself the freedom to view and perceive these individuals with freedom and be accepting of all of their actions and choices, recognizing that they are vaster beings than what you merely view physically and that they are efficiently creating their reality, regardless of any other individuals’ opinion. (10-second pause)

CAROLE: Yep! I know that’s true! There are times when I forget that it’s true, but I know that it’s true.

ELIAS: I do not offer this information that you be chastising yourself or that you be discounting yourself, for this is very unnecessary. It is merely an opportunity to view how you may widen your periphery, not to be expressing, “I have not accomplished and I have created wrong behavior once again.” No, no, no, no, no!

It is not a question of wrong behavior. It is not a question of wrong belief systems! It is an opportunity to view how you may widen your periphery and encompass more of your own creativity and abilities, and in that expression, the automatic byproduct is the allowance of other individuals to be expressing freely also.

CAROLE: So that you’re not placing any expectations on them, whether it’s verbalized or inferred.

ELIAS: Correct, and this lends energy to the whole.

I am also aware that you each view yourselves as these tiny little persons, (grinning) and that you are so very singular and individual and small! And how may you be affecting of the mass, as you are merely one individual? But one individual is affecting of ALL, much more than you realize.

Each of you is not only affecting of all of the individuals that you physically encounter, but of all consciousness ... and do not think that you are NOT affecting within consciousness! Regardless that you physically view your affectingness, it matters not. It IS occurring.

Even within your physical day, you do not allow yourselves the awareness of HOW you are affecting, within all of your movements, within all of your moments.

Just as we have offered the exercise in clarity, that you may become more aware of your own outer senses and the manipulation of them ... for you do not pay attention to your own manipulation of your own senses. You also do not pay attention to your affectingness throughout one day – each individual that you encounter, that you touch – and the affectingness that is occurring in the energy exchange that you offer with every individual that you interact with.

For the most part, were I to inquire of you, “How many individuals have you encountered this day? And recount to me each individual! What was your interaction?” For the most part, you would not be remembering, for you are not paying attention. But you are affecting of each of these individuals that you encounter, for you are creating an energy exchange with each of these individuals in every action that you create throughout your day.

Think to yourselves of all of the mundane actions that you have engaged within this one day and all of the individuals that you have encountered, and what has been your energy exchange with each of them? You have exchanged, and you have been affecting!

Now; you may express to me, “How is this relating to me and my experience and my belief systems?” If you are interacting with your belief systems and you are placing yourself in conflict in response to your belief systems and holding to your own energy, as we spoke at our last meeting, you shall be affecting of each individual that you encounter in what you term to be negative energy, and this is what you shall project, and it SHALL be affecting, and it shall also be reinforcing of the energy to be holding to belief systems, which is set forth throughout consciousness in like manner to any preacher upon their soap box expressing the doom of Armageddon, of the end of your world. Their expression is no greater than your growl to an individual within an exchange in your market, for there is no measure of these expressions. One is not greater than the other. They are ALL affecting.

YOU look to expressions and measure them. Some expressions are small, some expressions are large. Within consciousness, they are all affecting. Therefore, it matters not that you may be shouting to many individuals of negative prophecies or that you may be lending energy in holding to belief systems – you are accomplishing the same action. You are NOT moving in the direction of lending energy to the acceptance and to the movement of this shift in consciousness.

I am quite aware that what I express to you holds great responsibility and appears to you as a very large job for each of you to be accomplishing, but be remembering that you have drawn yourselves to this forum.

Therefore, you have chosen to be moving in this direction and accepting this information, knowing that you hold the ability to be helpful in accomplishing yourselves first, and in that, offering helpfulness to other individuals as the sapling, (pause) which shall be MUCH more effective than much of your language.

(Smiling) Individuals have listened to language for centuries. Other individuals are not so very different from yourselves! You are tired of talking, and they are tired of talking too. You look to actions, examples, and in this you look to the saplings ... and YOU are the saplings! Be remembering, the “they” is you!

CAROLE: There’s this feeling that I get a lot, as I keep learning more and more about the things that you teach us and understanding and coming to realizations by myself – this is going to be really hard for me to verbalize – and all of a sudden I feel like sometimes I’ve learned so much and I know so much and had it become a part of me that I really know it, that I’m not just trying to decide if I know it, and it almost feels like nothing that I can say is worth saying anymore. It just seems so much bigger than that. I’m not explaining it too well, but it’s like, I just feel like just quietly shutting down and living my life, because it’s way too big to say these things or anything or to try to figure out how to say it, so it seems easier not to say it, and that’s kind of where I’m at lately.

And then sometimes I just feel like, well, if I’m helping the whole of consciousness by all these things that I’ve learned and really understand, and saying it is just going to be more talk, and some people will interpret it just to be more of what they’ve read maybe in the last five books ... and then it just seems like, why am I still here? What am I still doing here?

ELIAS: This is a question that many individuals inquire within themselves. I express to you that in accomplishing within self, you may choose a direction of being the slapling. In this, you continue to lend energy to the movement within this shift in consciousness.

It is not requiring of a crusade! You are not within the middle ages! We are not engaging the Crusades for Christianity! We are engaging a shift in consciousness, which is global and which moves with energy, and not necessarily in the conventional terms, so to speak. But ALL of your movements lend energy to lessening the trauma of OTHER individuals within their movements.

In this, you may choose to be moving in the direction that is offering YOU pleasure, in which YOU find comfort, and in which YOU experience what you term to be happiness – all of which is an element of your value fulfillment – and in THIS expression, you lend energy to the accomplishment of this shift.

CAROLE: So, don’t worry, be happy! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Quite! And I have expressed often, seek pleasure! For this is the natural inclination of essence, and allows you less thickness within energy and more of an ease in your movement within your focus.

Ah, but your belief systems dictate to you that pleasure is taboo, for there are many, many “wrongs” surrounding much of your physical pleasures ... and your physical pleasures are certainly not very spiritual! (Grinning)

All of your focus encompasses spirituality, for spirituality is the whole of you. Denying any element of it is not experiencing all of your spirituality. (Pause)

JOANNE: You know what I was thinking, Aileen and I have been talking for quite some time now about ... in our efforts to be seeking more pleasure, we decided that we would like to engage in our own business activities instead of participating in the businesses of others. So, we were trying to look at our assets and decide what would be something we could do that would be successful, that we felt we had talents in these areas, and maybe you could give us a little advice, as far as ... we were considering doing some type of seminars because we find that people like to seek out information. So, we were trying to think of, what could we ... what would be the subject for these seminars? What would draw people, that they would want to come and hear about?

ELIAS: Ah, and this be the area that you divert yourselves!

Let me express, recently within several of our sessions, I have been offering information to individuals, that you magnate so very often to the REVERSE of the direction that shall be creating in your most efficient manner. And once again, (laughter) we are presented with the REVERSE viewing to be your most efficient direction! For you express, “What shall other individuals be drawn to? What shall we offer to individuals that they shall be drawn to?” REVERSE! What shall YOU be drawn to and offer to other individuals?

CAROLE: Well, I’m drawn to Elias’ material!

JOANNE: I know! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Offer to other individuals what YOU are drawn to. Offer to other individuals your OWN creativity, what holds YOUR attention and interest, what fulfills YOUR desire. THIS is your most efficient direction, not to be fulfilling OTHER individuals’ desires but to be fulfilling YOURS, and other individuals shall draw themselves to this.

JOANNE: Like the book: Do what you love, and the money will follow!

ELIAS: Quite!

CAROLE: If you build it, they will come!

JOANNE: Yes! (Cracking up)

NANCY: But you have to know what to build, and that’s what she’s directly asking you. She wants to know what to build.

ELIAS: Whatever you choose! What YOU are drawn to, what ...

JOANNE: What we feel passionate about!

ELIAS: ... YOUR creation is. Yes! What YOUR desire is, not what another individual’s desire is!

You are wondrous creatures! You are extremely creative individuals! WHY shall you look to any other individual or essence and inquire, “What shall I do?” WHY shall any other individual or essence dictate your direction? Direct yourselves!

This is also the action of this shift in consciousness. You have created for centuries a reality that you look to other individuals, to essences, to projections of yourselves in gods, and you inquire of all of these, “Offer me my direction,” and you follow. And you move now into a time framework and an area of consciousness that you hold the freedom to be creating for yourselves and NOT be dictated to!

CAROLE: Elias, for years I’ve studied different types of mental illnesses because it interested me and because I had a lot of people around me manifesting those, myself included, and I’ve always been struck by the similarities between many of the things, or what they would call symptoms, that would be the same thing as when you begin to expand your consciousness. It’s the same type of an experience, such as people who manifest what the doctors call manic depression. Sometimes they’re sped up and sometimes they’re slowed down, and I’ve heard people speak when they’re slowed down, and they speak really slowly, and when they’re sped up they speak really fast. It’s almost as though they are not in the time frame of what’s going on here. That’s one example. Another example is hallucinations or delusions, viewing reality differently from the way mass belief systems view reality. Also, being extremely perceptive, which would be tuning into the empathic sense. Over and over and over, as I’ve read about these things, I see the same type of experience within expanding your awareness and what is called mental illness, and I’ve often thought I should put it all together and write it all down because there’s so much that I’ve thought of in this way.

I’m noticing now, because in the job that I do for money I have to interview people, and many, many, many, many people are on different types of psychiatric medications now. It is legion, and it almost seems as though this is what’s happening – they’re manifesting this expansion of awareness and it’s all being labeled mental illness, so everybody is taking medications to stop feeling the way they’re feeling. Now I guess some of them experience some trauma or conflict when they begin to expand their awareness, and then they see somebody about it and it gets labeled a mental illness, and then they get medication to try to do away with that expanded awareness.

ELIAS: And what have I expressed to you within this forum? As this shift in consciousness expands and gains momentum, more and more individuals experience an opening of periphery, which also is creating of what you term to be unusual experiences or unfamiliar experiences – heightened awarenesses, heightened senses, inner AND outer senses – and your sciences, your psychology, narrows more and more and more the field of normalcy, and your window for officially acceptable behavior becomes smaller and smaller.

You even move in the direction officially of labeling your children more and more. Behavior that has been quite acceptable pastly is not acceptable any longer within your children, for your acceptable official reality becomes more and more narrow. This is your attempt officially to hold to the familiar, to hold to the officially accepted reality.

CAROLE: There’s a resurgence in some religions too, I think....

ELIAS: Quite! These are your attempts objectively to be holding to this familiar. THIS is what I express to you is creating of trauma, and within this I have also expressed many times within this forum that your small ones manifesting in this time period enter into physical focus with a wider awareness.

CAROLE: Like Bridget and Thomas’? (Laughing)

ELIAS: ALL of these small ones hold what you term to be a natural openness. Their awareness has been allowed to be widened as they enter into physical focus, and this is not acceptable either, and your psychologists label many, many more behaviors upon your small ones as unacceptable.

CAROLE: Yeah, the attention deficit disorder.

JOANNE: Yeah, the new drug of the 90’s. They’re giving all these kids all this Ritalin and all these drugs.

ELIAS: These are the symptoms.

NANCY: And the mothers allow it because they don’t want their children to be seen or perceived outside of that narrow band of what’s normal.

JOANNE: As different, yes.

ELIAS: And many, many, many individuals participate in these officially accepted areas of reality, holding to the familiar.

But simultaneously, there is a surgence of information being offered, not merely by myself but by many essences and in many different directions, and awareness widens regardless, but you may view all about you the areas that hold potentiality for trauma.

CAROLE: When people trust themselves and they’re just chock-full of obvious, blatant belief systems, is that something that’s desirable? Because it just seems like they have a confidence of attitude, but they’re just belief systems. It’s not ... do you understand what I’m trying to say?

ELIAS: As I expressed to you in our last meeting, every element within your physical focus moves in conjunction with a belief system. Therefore, one individual may be expressing in a manner that appears overt as expressions of belief systems, and another individual may not be as obvious in their expression of belief systems, but you ALL express through the perception of your belief systems. Therefore, there is no difference, in that you hold belief systems.

Now; there are differences in how you may hold to your belief systems, for some individuals look to their belief systems and ARE viewing the aspects of their belief systems and ARE addressing to these and ARE letting go and ARE moving in the direction of acceptance, and this creates quite a difference in perception and behavior. There are other individuals that hold very tightly to their belief systems and continue in this manner, and THAT is creating of conflict and judgment.

An individual that is holding very tightly to their belief systems and pompously parading themselves about with these belief systems, as you are expressing, is not expressing an acceptance of self. It may appear in this manner outwardly to your thought process or to what you hear, but these individuals are not truly accepting of self, for in the acceptance of self, you begin to lessen your hold upon these belief systems.

(Intently) This be the reason that I am so very advocating of your acceptance and trust of self first – BEFORE ALL OTHER ACTIONS – for this automatically facilitates your movement into acceptance of belief systems.

For many of your judgments are based in your own lack of acceptance of self, and in accepting self in all areas, it becomes unnecessary to be justifying self in ANY area, and if you hold no need to be justifying self in any area, you are not placing judgment upon self and you are not placing judgment upon other individuals, and this automatically lends to the acceptance of belief systems.

If you look to your ideas – your concepts of your domino theories – you may view self and the acceptance of self as the one pin that may push over all the other pins. (Pause)

NANCY: I have another tangent to go off in, if you’ve said enough in that area.

ELIAS: You may. We shall break, and you may continue as we return.

RESUME 9:53 PM. (Arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Elias arrives amidst a conversation)

NANCY: Oh, you guys! I’m not telling you any secrets of my soul ever again!

CAROLE: Wait a second! I already know that about you, Nancy!

JOANNE: We’re picking on Nancy, Elias!

NANCY: Oh, wait till you hear my question!

JOANNE: We can’t wait to hear Nancy’s question!

CAROLE: Oh, that’s right! Yes, I’m all ears! Go ahead, Nancy!

NANCY: Okay! Elias, I’ve heard you say in another session, many moons back, that what we consider aliens – I’ve heard that term passed about quite a bit tonight, aliens being extraterrestrials or whatever – that they’re just merely projections of ourselves.

Now, do you mean quite literally, with time being simultaneous – past, present and future exists all in the same time frame ’cause there is no time frame as we know it – that those aliens or those advanced beings are us, and we’re working towards that?

I’m gonna throw a twist in here now, about whether we were seeded by Anunnaki or some superior species, if there even is such a thing, and that’s what put us on this supposed evolutionary path or whatever. Can you just kind of piece those elements that I threw out there, to make sense of them?

ELIAS: (Deliberately) All focuses do exist simultaneously. All space arrangements exist within the same space arrangement. In this, what I am expressing is, all dimensions are overlapped, in a manner of speaking, and all occupy the same space arrangement. Therefore, as you look to your physical universe – what you classify as your physical universe – all physical universes occupy the same space arrangement. They are merely within different dimensions. Therefore, they overlap each other.

As to extraterrestrials or what you may consider to be higher beings, there are no higher beings.

This concept of seeding this physical dimension by another species or race, so to speak, is a belief system. This belief system is derived or has been developed by bleed-throughs of information and experience of some individuals within this particular dimension, with respect to focuses that they hold within other dimensions. You hold focuses of your essence in many physical dimensions simultaneously.

(Firmly) Aliens or extraterrestrials are not PROJECTIONS of yourself, but are other FOCUSES of yourself. Just as you hold other focuses of yourself within this dimension – that which you term to be past and future lives – these are other focuses of your essence which are focused in this particular dimension.

Each time framework is a dimension within this physical dimension. There are countless other physical dimensions also, each holding their own dynamics, their own realities, their own time frameworks, their own creations. They are very unfamiliar to you within this focus, for each physical dimension creates a veil between itself and all other physical dimensions, that they do not bleed through extensively, and therefore you do not become confused in your own individual identity, for these ARE other focuses of YOU.

In this, as individuals encounter extraterrestrials, or what you term to be extraterrestrials or aliens, what they are encountering is another focus – which is focused in a different dimension – of their own essence.

Now; in this type of interaction, you, in the encounter, shall view this alien, so to speak, in a manner that is somewhat familiar to you. My meaning in this is that you shall not view this other focus in its natural form which it holds in its own dimension, for that form – or lack of – shall be so removed in familiarity to you that you would not hold the ability, in a manner of speaking, within your objective awareness to assimilate what you are encountering, for it is too unfamiliar to you, and within this dimension you hold no frame of reference to define what you are encountering. Therefore, you translate the encounter into terms that you may define.

In this, your aliens appear within form, many of which appear in a similar form to your species. They may appear slightly different, but their appendages appear very similar. They appear with a torso, a head, arms, legs....

CAROLE: That’s what I saw, yeah. Big eyes....

ELIAS: Even individuals that encounter aliens that are not what you term to be humanoid in appearance appear to be a form that is familiar. It shall be reptilian or animal-type, for these are familiar shapes and forms to you.

Their actual form in reality is completely unfamiliar to you, and therefore you do not assimilate within your objective awareness their appearance. This be the reason that you translate into some type of familiar form that you may identify with.

But continuing with response to your question, these ARE other focuses of your essence.

Now; your essence is not higher or lower than you, for it IS you. Therefore, all of the dimensions that it focuses in shall be sideways to each other, not above or below each other.

YOU are what is focusing in all of these different dimensions. YOU are not “seeding” YOU. Therefore, aliens may not be seeding your dimension and your species.

You are not occupying higher and lower planes and areas of consciousness. Therefore, you may not attain to or evolve into a higher you, for you already ARE you.

It is merely a choice of experiences. Not all essences choose to be physically manifest. Not all essences choose to physically manifest within all physical dimensions. Some essences ARE choosing to be physically manifest within all physical dimensions.

It is a choice of experience, but it is not higher and lower planes or higher and lower stages of development.

All of consciousness is continuously within a state of becoming. All of essences are continuously becoming and exploring, and in this, choosing myriads of experiences to BE becoming.

NANCY: But we experience our experiences through our belief systems, so....

ELIAS: In THIS dimension!

NANCY: Yes. So my statement was, to not experience existence through our belief systems, can it be done as a human? Is it what you do when you touch an un-analogical mind and you move outside of yourself, or is it outside the experience of being human, to not be influenced by any belief systems?

ELIAS: This would be outside of this human experience. This dimension, this physical reality, has been created with belief systems as a base element of its functioning.

Therefore, to be manifest within this particular physical dimension is to be participating within belief systems, and without belief systems, you shall not be manifest within this particular dimension and you shall not experience this particular physical dimension.

NANCY: That goes along with altered states of consciousness as well?

ELIAS: You may, at times, offer yourselves information which is outside of belief systems. You may also, at times, within this physical dimension – not necessarily merely through altered states, but also through your objective waking state – offer yourselves momentary experiences which are outside of belief systems, but these are momentary experiences, and in these experiences, you shall INTERPRET the experiences through your belief systems.

NANCY: That’s excellent. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

NANCY: But is there any way we can sustain those experiences? I know they can be accessed, but they don’t seem to have the staying power that, say, I personally would like.

ELIAS: No, for you are within this particular physical dimension. Outside of this particular physical dimension, you move into different areas of consciousness which do not necessarily engage in belief systems. You allow yourselves momentary experiences outside of belief systems in this dimension, but they are fleeting and they are momentary, for this is not the reality of this particular physical dimension.

It is not the reasoning that it has been created, and in this, you have created countless other physical and non-physical dimensions, and you are experiencing within all of these. This is merely one dimension in which this particular focus of attention is focused.

In this, you are experiencing outside of belief systems in other areas of consciousness. You are merely not experiencing outside of belief systems within THIS particular physical dimension.

NANCY: Excellent. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

I shall offer to you also that as this shift in consciousness gains momentum and as you allow yourselves to move more fully into the action of this shift in consciousness, you may access other dimensions more easily, and in those experiences you may move yourselves outside of the belief systems that are the reality of this dimension, for you shall allow yourself to move into other dimensions in which the belief systems do not hold reality. These belief systems that you hold are manifestations of THIS dimension.

This is not to say that other physical dimensions do not hold their own belief systems, but not all physical dimensions hold belief systems. Therefore, you may access another physical dimension – or non-physical dimension – that does not hold belief systems.

CAROLE: But what ... a physical dimension that does not hold belief systems? How would they function? What would their days be like? Would they be tuned into truth all the time?

ELIAS: Ah! This be what I am expressing to you, that other physical dimensions may be so very far removed from your reality that they are unrecognizable, and you may not hold the ability objectively to assimilate and comprehend their existence, for it is so far removed in familiarity to your own creation of reality.

They may not necessarily concern themselves with truths either, but merely exploring experience, but not experience in the manner that YOU understand experience.

CAROLE: Is that what happens sometimes when I have a dream – I’ll call it a dream, I’m in a dream state – and I wake up and I try to grab what it was, and it’s not anything familiar to here at all, not even so much as pictures that I don’t know what they are, but even bigger than that, and not even one word will come to me that I can translate what I was feeling, but I can re-experience it momentarily.

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLE: But I couldn’t tell anybody about it ’cause I can’t find words.

ELIAS: Correct, for there is no translation.

NANCY: And even visually, it doesn’t look familiar to you, right?

CAROLE: Right.

ELIAS: Correct, for within your visual, you identify through shapes and colors, and another dimension may not hold this type of reality.

JOANNE: That brings me to a question. This might seem silly, but when you’re sitting there now and you’re looking at us, do you see me in the same form as when Michael is looking at me, or do you just see energy? I’ve wondered that.

ELIAS: I do not view you in the manner that Michael views you. Michael views you in physical matter and within your physical form. I view energy.

JOANNE: So what does that look like?

NANCY: Do we look healthy? (Everybody cracks up)

JOANNE: Like, what does it look like?

CAROLE: Do we all look the same?

JOANNE: Yeah, do we all look the same? Does one look brighter? What is it, Elias? What do you see? (Elias is grinning throughout this exchange)

ELIAS: No, you do not all appear the same. You all appear quite different, for you each hold your individual energy signature, so to speak. In this, you create your own combinations of energy that you project as you manifest through your emotions, your thoughts, your physical feelings, all of your senses, inner and outer. There are many working elements to you, and all of these are expressed through energy.

JOANNE: Now, the reason that I was curious to ask you that question is, as you’re sitting there now in Michael’s physical focus, the eye contact and everything is so ... it’s as though you were looking at me the way Michael does. So, that’s what made me curious, because the eye contact, the gestures, the whole thing is what made me think that you saw me that way, because if you’re just seeing us as energy or so forth, it seems like eye contact wouldn’t come into play, or is that just part of what makes it easier for us to talk to you?

ELIAS: Partially. I view visually your energy, but I focus my energy in a manner that is familiar to you and that shall be acceptable to you.

NANCY: Does our energy change while you’re viewing us over the course of an hour or so, or does it pretty much stay stationary? In the sense of, can you tell when we’re more open, or when we contract and say “bullshit,” you know?

ELIAS: Correct. Your energy is continuously in motion, and it is quite obvious to view which direction each of you move in and your responses and your interaction with my energy ... regardless of your verbalizations! (Grinning, and laughter, and Elias chuckles)

JOANNE: I’d also like to ask you, Elias ... my mother is coming to visit for Christmas, which made me curious because I haven’t seen her in a year and a half. I was curious as to Donna’s essence name and her family. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Aster; A-S-T-E-R. Essence family, Zuli; alignment, Sumari.

CAROLE: Hmm! Interesting combination.

JOANNE: Yes. I don’t know anyone from that essence family that I’m aware of. And then I have another person in my life that I’ve been spending a lot of time with. It’s my husband’s cousin Skip, and I was curious ... his essence name would be fun to know, but I’m more curious of his essence family. (32-second pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, in fluctuation. Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Tumold. This also is temporary, for this essence is within mergence and fluctuating, for there is an anticipation of fragmentation. Therefore, it may be altered futurely.

JOANNE: Thank you.

CAROLE: Why doesn’t Joanne’s husband think you like him? (Elias grins, and Joanne cracks up)

JOANNE: That’s a good one! That’s a good question!

ELIAS: This is an element of fearfulness. Individuals are responding to this energy exchange at times in the expression of projecting my dislike for themselves, and this shall deflect the actual thoughts and feelings, which may not be acceptable to the individual.

The individual holds the feeling of guilt that there is skepticism, and therefore, in not wishing to be viewing that and experiencing the feeling of guilt, there is an outward projection that I may not be accepting of this individual, which is incorrect, for it matters not, and I am accepting....

JOANNE: Yeah, we found his comment amusing because we knew that you certainly ... that it was not true that you did not like him, and yet he said, “I don’t think he likes me,” or “Elias doesn’t like me,” and it was so amusing! (Laughing)

CAROLE: And my husband grew up with a very, very, very, very, very, very strong religious component, in this very house that we’re in, and he’s afraid to be in the same house with Elias! Well, he doesn’t call it being afraid. He thinks he’s skeptical also. It seems like there’s an awful lot surrounding that in him, really powerful stuff.

ELIAS: And it matters not, for you offer energy in presentment of yourself as the sapling.

NANCY: Elias, this knowledge that you’re sharing with us, how is it not something other than a projection of a belief system? How do we distinguish what is knowledge with no intent other than it happens to be ... I’m going to pick a word like truth, even though truth is an ambiguous enough word. How is it that it’s not ... how is it that we’re to know, I suppose is what I’m asking, that it’s not just a belief system? Because everything is a belief system.

ELIAS: It shall be filtered through your belief systems as you interpret the information, but I may also express to you that within all of your belief systems, there are truths. They are merely camouflaged, and in this, you KNOW, for you understand innately within you a ringing true. Were this information not ringing true to you, you would be quite rejecting of it, for within you subjectively, you do hold a clear awareness of truth. It is merely your objective perception which may become clouded with your belief systems, but you hold an understanding of reality and of truth within you, and this be the reason that the information rings true with you.

NANCY: That is very nice to know. This is the first time I’ve heard it put in those terms, that there is an element of truth in belief systems.

ELIAS: Quite!

NANCY: That’s encouraging. It feels good! (Elias chuckles)

JOANNE: And as you know, Michael is quite excited about her trip! (This is in reference to Mary’s trip to Paris)

ELIAS: Quite!

JOANNE: QUITE excited, and we were discussing on the way down here the possibility of some whispering you may have done to help this all come to be, but either way, we’re very happy that she’s going, and I think that is was some very good creating!

ELIAS: Quite, and this shall serve as another example for many individuals, that you may be creating of your reality regardless of how you view it to be so very impossible!

NANCY: Have you ever intervened for any humans that have asked you, whether it’s tremendous favors or small favors or intervention to any degree? Can you do that?

ELIAS: I have interacted with individuals at times in helpfulness, in what may be considered non-intrusive, but in these actions, I also am generally offering these types of expressions only once, for that repeatedness of such actions would be intrusive and a non-allowance of individual choice.

CAROLE: We haven’t seen that frosty Elias for a long time, the one that came through about a year-and-a-half or two years ago. He was kind of scary! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) He hasn’t been around.

ELIAS: There have been different aspects, but this one aspect was not quite well-received! (Chuckling)

CAROLE: That’s for sure!

ELIAS: Therefore, it is not chosen to be offering that presentment. (Chuckling)

We shall be discontinuing this evening, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. To you each this evening, I offer great affection, and also much encouragement for the seeking of pleasure and the participation in FUN!

To you each this evening, I bid you a very fond au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:34 PM.

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