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Wednesday, July 07, 1999

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“Dispersed Essences”

“Objective/Subjective Choices”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Bobbi (Jale).

Elias arrives at 2:08 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Greetings!

BOBBI: Good morning, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: As always!

BOBBI: (Laughing) I knew the answer to that! (Elias chuckles) Nice to speak to you again!

ELIAS: (Still chuckling) And we shall be objectively interacting this day!

BOBBI: Yes, thank you.

I have several questions here about some experiences I’ve had in the last few months, and I’d like to start out with one that deals with some questions that both Vicki and I have regarding our projection exercises. I’ve written up a question and she has also, so I’m going to just read them consecutively, although we do pretty much ask the same general question, if that’s okay.

ELIAS: Very well.

BOBBI: My question is:

In our projections, we seem to get all different kinds of imagery. Although my intent is to get very objective information, that doesn’t always happen. Many times the imagery we get is confusing, or simply not what is objectively at the location we’re projecting to. We’ve come to understand some of the subjective connections we’re making, but what are the other influencing factors here? Also, in the past several weeks we’ve had imagery of very delayed or no response from the person we have projected to.

Vicki’s question is:

I have been practicing the snap projection exercise on a regular basis for over six months now, which has been an interesting experience, albeit confusing at times! So, I have some questions.

Initially, I found myself moving in the direction of my expectations, which were mostly based on other people’s accounts of OOBs. These expectations were in the area of being able to connect with objective reality in a very specific manner. For example, I know folks who can project to somebody’s house, and their experience is no different than if they were there physically. So, when I began connecting with specific objective imagery that exists in the present now, I assumed this was the direction I was going in. But after a period of time, I began to connect with other time frameworks or other experiences or other focuses of the individuals involved. Sometimes I don’t have a clue what I’m connecting with! So, I seem to be moving away from the direction of my expectation rather than towards it. This is Bobbi’s experience too, and we’re both curious about it.

In this, I’ve wondered about your choice of terminology in the snap exercise. You used the term “projection” rather than “out-of-body experience,” which I assume is purposeful. So, I’m wondering if my expectations are connected to the beliefs surrounding OOBs, and if so, then how is it that other folks create these expectations?

ELIAS: Very well. You are questioning your experiences in these exercises that you are engaging in allowing yourselves to be projecting within consciousness.

Now; in this, you address to a thought process and expectations of this type of action and its deviation in actuality from those expectations and thought processes, and you are questioning the experiences themselves and what you are incorporating within these experiences.

I express to you in your questioning, Jale, you are inquiring as to the differences of the objective reality and the presentment of variations in this objective reality within your experience of projecting, and questioning what you are presenting to yourself in these experiences and how this may be correlated to your waking objective experiences, in expecting that your projection shall be the same, but experiencing these differences.

I express to you that in some situations, dependent upon your motivation and your DESIRE – which would be a key word in these situations – you shall be creating different types of experiences. Some individuals may be projecting in the manner that they shall move within their projection in very like manner to objective waking movement throughout your objective day, so to speak, and their experience within their projection shall appear the same. Some individuals project and do not create these types of experiences. Some individuals deviate from this type of experience quite extremely. Some individuals merely allow an alteration in some areas.

Now; I express to you that you offer yourself, in this type of experience of projection, a great freedom of movement that you do not necessarily offer yourself within your everyday, mundane experiences in your objective waking state.

Within your objective waking state – that which is most familiar to you – you have set quite solidly into your reality many limitations and you confine yourself to very specific allowances of movements.

In incorporating experiences such as projections, you relax your focus and allow yourself to incorporate much more movement. Therefore, you allow yourself the ability to be projecting to another physical location and experiencing that physical location simultaneous to your existence and awareness of existence within a different location, the location that you originate your projection from. This in itself is an expansion of your reality and an allowance of a lessening of your own limitations within your reality.

Now; in certain situations, individuals create merely projecting to another physical location and viewing that physical location in the manner that it is objectively created physically, that you all agree upon. Therefore, you may also physically, objectively, within your waking state, visit that particular location and view the same situation, the same objects, the same placement of physical matter as you have viewed within your projection. But you do not necessarily always create this type of projection, based upon your motivation, which is influenced by your desire.

In this, yourself and Lawrence engage this exercise and this playfulness of projecting through consciousness, but underlyingly, you hold a desire of an expanded awareness which you are attempting to be incorporating into your objective waking state, and within this desire, you are also engaging other activities of consciousness, such as projections, to be objectively allowing yourselves to be expanding your awareness in objective terms, for these projections are quite created objectively.

In this, as your desire is to be expanding your awareness, you are also incorporating that into your exercises of projections and not limiting yourselves to the same activity that you may create within your objective waking state, which is quite understandable, for what shall be the point? You may physically move about and physically, objectively, within your waking state, investigate these other locations. You need not be projecting within consciousness to be accomplishing this action! But in the action that you incorporate, you are allowing yourselves to relax your focus and drop some of your veils that you hold objectively and allow yourself to pierce through different areas of consciousness, incorporating a more expansive experience.

As to Lawrence’s questioning, you are correct. I am incorporating of the terminology of “projection” intentionally and quite purposefully, for you associate the terminology of “out-of-body experience” in the reinforcement of the belief that you are you within consciousness, and your physical body is merely a vessel which houses you.

What you ARE accomplishing is a projection of an element of your consciousness into other directions and areas of consciousness, but you are not entirely disassociating yourself with your physical body consciousness.

The terminology of “out-of-body” suggests that you are removing yourself from your physical body consciousness, of which you are not. You are projecting an element of your consciousness into other areas, but you are continuing to be in communication with your physical body consciousness and you are continuing your interaction subjectively with your physical body consciousness. Therefore, you are not outside of your physical body consciousness.

A more accurate description of an out-of-body experience would be that experience of unconsciousness, in your terms – your terminology of being unconscious, so to speak, as opposed to the state of coma, in your terms – for within this state, so to speak, of unconsciousness, you ARE removing your subjective interaction with your body consciousness, and therefore you may be stating that you are creating an out-of-body experience. You are divorcing yourself from the interaction of your physical body consciousness. (1)

Michael is creating an out-of-body experience presently, but this is not the objective that you seek in your experiences within your exercise. You are creating a projection in consciousness, continuing to be in communication with your body consciousness and directing its functioning, holding an element of awareness of your presence in conjunction with your physical state, so to speak, and its objective presence and awareness, and simultaneously allowing yourself also to be projecting another element of your consciousness into other areas.

In this, I express to you, there is a difference.

If you are experiencing physical sensation within the time framework that you are projecting within consciousness, you shall respond to your physical sensation. Your functioning continues, and you are aware of your physical functioning. Shall your heart rate alter, you shall hold an awareness of this objectively. Shall you physically experience the sensation to be eliminating what you term to be waste matter within the time framework that you are projecting, you shall respond to this physical sensation, for you continue to hold an awareness of your physical objective presence and your interaction with it.

In this situation, the difference shall be that the body functioning may continue within an individual that is creating an actual out-of-body experience, but they shall not hold an objective awareness of that function.

BOBBI: I understand.

ELIAS: Therefore, as to the distinction of choice of terminology, you are correct that I am purposefully choosing to be incorporating the terminology of “projection” and not “out-of-body experience,” although you may be creating of this experience also within any moment that you so choose.

As to the incorporation of other focuses or other time frameworks, this would also be incorporated in the explanation of your desire and your motivation in your widening of awareness, and Lawrence may be remembering that within very close time framework, as I offered this exercise of snapping into a projection, I have also offered information that this may be incorporated in conjunction with accessing experiences and participations and information concerning other focuses within this dimension and other dimensions. This information was offered to the young Sumafis.

BOBBI: Oh yes! We’ve used it, we feel, successfully to those ends also, exploring usual focuses and other-dimensional focuses. I think what our questions stem from is that it seemed the impressions we were getting were sort of unpredictable. We would feel like we had an intent to visit somewhere in an objective way, and sometimes we would get information on other focuses or sometimes it would be other time frames, and I think that was what was confusing, because it seemed like the information could go a number of different ways, and we don’t know what’s influencing – why one time we would get what seemed like very objective information, and the next time we would get something on another time frame of that location, and another time we might get something on another focus of that individual, and that’s the confusing element.

ELIAS: Quite, but I express to you that you are creating quite efficiently in this manner, allowing yourselves the diversity of the benefit of your widening of awareness and not limiting yourselves to one particular area, but allowing yourselves to be incorporating information from many different angles.

Also, this type of action, in the manner that you are incorporating it and creating your involvement with it, moves in very similar direction to your dream mission, in which you allow yourselves to be connecting to the most beneficial information in whichever expression shall be most closely related to what you are creating and experiencing in that time framework objectively.

In this, your projections and your dream mission move in very similar directions and offer you very similar types of information and imagery, and although you continue to view both of these types of imagery to be somewhat disconnected or fragmented from your objective waking imagery, I express to you that within the simplicity of terms, they are not as far removed as you THINK they are.

BOBBI: Okay, thank you. I can see then that probably our underlying intent with this exercise is a widening of awareness, which is what lends to the diversity, the variety of experiences we’re getting.

ELIAS: Quite.

BOBBI: So, I was gonna say, “How can we fine-tune this more?” but maybe that’s not the point?

ELIAS: Quite. You are allowing yourselves to view your abilities and the mobility and freedom that you may experience within this. Therefore, you would be quite defeating of your point in what you term to be fine-tuning, but this is also your automatic response and your familiar direction, to be reining in your experience into familiar areas and exercising what you believe to be control within the situation as opposed to allowing yourselves to move freely within whichever experiences you present yourselves with.

You view your direction of these experiences and your control of these experiences as being better and being more accomplished, for this is the familiar area of movement to you. Therefore, you justify this magnating to the area of control in expressing to yourself that you are accomplishing more efficiently if you may be directing in the manner that you specifically choose, but you ARE specifically choosing to be widening your awareness within your desire, and you are specifically following that desire in creating your objective imagery in these experiences. It is merely unfamiliar to you to be letting loose of those reins and not holding so very tightly to your energy and not directing it in limitations.

BOBBI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

BOBBI: That’s very helpful. I also have some questions here about names that I wake up with, that are just sort of rattling around in my head as I wake. Usually I don’t have any memory of a dream or anything. One of them was the name Asquel, A-S-Q-U-E-L, and the word “angel.” I thought that maybe this is one of the other essences I’m fragmented of? Or is this a bleed-through of another focus?

ELIAS: Initial response, correct.

BOBBI: Ah! Okay, thank you. Do I have a focus as an artist?

ELIAS: Yes. In actuality, you hold several focuses in this particular direction of experiences.

BOBBI: Okay. I’ve had imagery that’s been sort of bugging me about a specific artist, a post-impressionist artist.... Um....

ELIAS: And you move now in hesitation! Continue!

BOBBI: Yes, I do! I had imagery of Toulouse-Lautrec, okay?

ELIAS: And why shall you hesitate in this expression? For this is expressing of arrogance, and how dare you move in this direction!

BOBBI: Yeah!


BOBBI: That’s exactly it! And I’ve been backing away from this and dancing around it, and I finally thought, “Okay, it’s driving me nuts now, so I’d better ask.”

ELIAS: And I shall validate to you, you are correct.

BOBBI: Oh my goodness. Thank you.

ELIAS: You also hold, as I have expressed, several other focuses in which you are less recognized objectively in terms of your accomplishments within this particular field, so to speak, but no less in your expression of your desire and your value fulfillment in these expressions and experiences.

BOBBI: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: And find you not this quite interesting that you objectively create this relationship with Michael, and within the time framework that you objectively create this relationship with Michael, he moves into the direction of acquiring objectively these creations of this particular artiste?

BOBBI: Is that right? I didn’t realize that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! This may be another example to you of how you are affecting of each other and how you each are recognizing of different elements within each other regardless of your translation into your thought process. You automatically create what you term to be associations in conjunction with each other as you encounter each other objectively and you avail yourselves of certain remembrances.

BOBBI: It’s interesting recognizing those as remembrances.

ELIAS: Quite.

BOBBI: That’s really something. Okay. As I looked over my notes again, I think I recognized some of your help in one of my attempts at projecting to that particular focus. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You are correct.

BOBBI: Thank you very much for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I was aware of your experiencing a slight amount of hesitation and a slight amount of sputtering in your movement in....

BOBBI: It DID create that and it was very noticeable, because I started to not trust ANY of my impressions.

ELIAS: Quite.

BOBBI: I thought, “This can’t be what I’m getting!” So, that kind of cast a doubt on everything else.

ELIAS: And within this, you may also view the automatic influx of duplicity.

BOBBI: Yes, it was. You can’t be duplicitous, I guess, in just one area. It just kind of floods all over the place! (Elias chuckles)

Some of the other names that I’ve gotten in dreams: One night I woke up with the names Haydn and Handel, the music composers. Handel, of course, I recognized who that was. Haydn I didn’t know, and in just investigating objectively a little bit, all I’ve come to know is that I really like this man’s music, and I thought that maybe this was just a suggestion to myself of music that I might enjoy but that I hadn’t come in contact with yet.

ELIAS: In actuality, I express to you, within historical terms, there has been a focus within your physical dimension of another composer bearing this physical naming of Haydn, and the composition of musical incorporation is similar, although holds differences to that individual that you are objectively connecting to.

Now; I express to you, in this, the reason you present yourself with this imagery is in conjunction with other elements that are occupying your attention presently, within your investigations and assessments and assimilation of information in conjunction with this wave in consciousness and in conjunction with the aspects of orientation.

(After an 8-second pause) And you are presently quite confused!



BOBBI: Yes, you got that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I express to you that as you move in the direction of your individual investigation within this wave in consciousness and you are presenting to yourself your own assimilations of information, you are drawing to yourself different elements of information that may offer you more of an understanding in conjunction with the subject matter of orientation and all that it involves, so to speak, once again allowing yourself the exploration of the differences of objective and subjective creations – choices which are objective and subjective – which enters the areas of orientations and preference.

Orientation and preference is not limited to your identification – as you are aware – of merely sexual activity, although many, many individuals lean in this direction of limiting their identification of this wave in consciousness merely to the elements of sexual expressions, for the term of “sexual orientation” is incorporated. Therefore, the automatic response is to be incorporating the definition in objective terms of sexuality, which incorporates sexual identification and activities.

I have been expressing to you all from the onset of these discussions that this particular wave in consciousness addresses to the belief systems that you have developed with respect to sexuality, but that sexuality is quite more expansive than your activity of sexual movement. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, in relation to this type of subject matter, you are incorporating the investigations of differences of objective and subjective choices, incorporating the differences of objective choice of preferences, such as your draw to certain incorporations of musical composition, which is objectively, in your terms, not related to sexual activity, but is incorporated in your creation of sexuality within this dimension. It is also quite related to your creation of emotion within this dimension.

These are your two base elements of your reality, therefore both are incorporated into all of your reality, and also your preferences. They are influencing of your preferences. They are not creating of your preferences, for this eliminates your objective choice, but they are influencing of your objective preferences.

In this, you hold an awareness objectively presently that you are investigating and evaluating preference and orientation – objective choice and subjective choice – and the differences in these areas. Therefore, within your choice of direction, you are incorporating other areas that are related, but not necessarily are moving in the direction of the expression of sexual activity.

BOBBI: Okay, I think I’m beginning to understand more.

ELIAS: This once again, in like manner to your projections, is the allowance of yourself to be incorporating less limitations.

BOBBI: Okay, thank you. As long as we’re on orientation, I think that I am of common orientation in this focus. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You are correct.

BOBBI: I have been investigating my focus that holds the name of Jale, and I’d like to give you my impressions on that, and I have a few questions as well.

Initially I saw a girl about fifteen years old in a warm desert area. She’s tending goats for her family and she seems very happy in that, kind of communing with the outdoors and where she is. She also seems a little crafty, a little sly, very emotional and quick. She’s small and slender, pretty but not beautiful. I did this in a series of sort of looks at her, and that was my first impression. After that, I saw her holding a baby, and all her people were leaving her. She was watching them leave. She wasn’t allowed to go on with them. The father of the child was unacceptable, or wasn’t around.

The next time I saw her, she was probably a bit older than the initial viewing of fifteen, and she was looking down at a sleeping man who had black hair and a beard, and she stabbed him in the chest! I could kind of feel where she did it. And then I looked back up at her, and she was standing there, quite pregnant. So, I assumed this was the father of the child.

My next viewing was that she was a much, much older woman, quite gray, alone. The child had been a girl, and was grown up and was dancing in a town or something. Is this the focus that holds the name of Jale?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: It is. Does this have anything to do with the Biblical story of Jale? (Pause)


BOBBI: It doesn’t. The man, the father of the child and her victim, is this my present partner? (Pause)

ELIAS: No; father.

BOBBI: My father?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Ha! That’s funny! I knew he was in there somewhere! I thought he was my father in that focus as well. Well, that’s very interesting. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BOBBI: I had an odd experience. Some people that I related this to thought it might have something to do with an out-of-body experience, which is what we were talking about before. This was back in May.

I was not aware of falling asleep. I was in bed going to sleep, and I felt a vibration. I thought it was the cat scratching itself or the beginnings of an earthquake. This built and built to where I felt as if I had been plugged into an electric socket or something. There was quite a loud roar in my ears. I could not move, though. I kind of was just experiencing this for a while, but it kept gaining in intensity, and it felt like it should be culminating in something. But I got rather nervous and a little alarmed about this, and then it just suddenly quit. I don’t know what to connect this to.

ELIAS: This would be an expression of an experience of a beginnings or an attempt of an out-of-body experience, but the incorporation of an element of fearfulness in the process of moving your subjective awareness away from your physical body consciousness. Therefore, there has also been incorporated a retreating, so to speak, back to the engagement of interaction of subjective awareness to body consciousness.

In this, this type of action is quite common within physical focus. Individuals may hold certain desires at times, so to speak, to be creating of an actual out-of-body experience, but this also incorporates many times an element of fearfulness, for within physical focus, it is an unfamiliar action. You are continuously in communication subjectively with your body consciousness and do not readily separate these elements of consciousness from each other.

BOBBI: So this was the beginning of literally, as you explained it before, an out-of-body experience as opposed to a projection.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; I shall express to you also that within the incorporation of an out-of-body experience, there may be associated physical sensation, for you shall hold an awareness of an action, in a manner of speaking, of separating. Now, this may not be the expression that is offered to you within your beliefs, that individuals express in the manner of “pulling away from your physical body and experiencing the silver cord which is attached to your physical form.” (Humorously)

But you may experience different elements of physical sensation which shall offer you what you term to be strange sensations or unfamiliar sensations, in that you are disengaging your subjective awareness and direction in its communication from your physical body form, and in this, what you are incorporating is a very similar action to that which you incorporate within your medical procedures, of the removal of a particular physical organ or element of your physical form.

BOBBI: Which would be a very traumatic procedure!

ELIAS: In some manners, you may express this type of explanation to yourself. It need not be, but there is an automatic action in this area that is creating of these types of sensations, and also the response of an element of fear, for as I have stated, within physical focus, this is an unfamiliar action to you. You are quite familiar with creating your reality very much in harmony with these two aspects of your consciousness and not separating them. This is not to say that you may not engage this action, as I have stated, within any moment, for you may, but it is an unfamiliar action within physical focus. Therefore, you shall also be creating of these types of symptoms, so to speak.

I may also express to you that you place in very working order within physical focus a natural system which you may term to be a warning system, for there is a knowing that you may remove your subjective awareness from its communication and interaction with your physical body consciousness for a limited time framework, but within physical terms, you may merely be removing this interaction for a limited time framework. You may not be continuing in that expression, but must be creating of a choice to be continuing within the state, so to speak, of coma or to be disengaging physical focus, for there must be this interaction within the choice to be creating physical manifestation.

Therefore, as you hold this knowing subjectively, you also create an automatic warning system, so to speak, that you are engaging this activity, and you allow yourself an awareness that within physical linear time, you need be holding an awareness of your time framework.

BOBBI: I see. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

BOBBI: I was also wondering if you could give me a little bit more information about being a dispersed essence. Why is this an unusual choice? I would assume, since the term is dispersed essence, this means you’re dispersed in essence in all of your focuses. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Quite.

BOBBI: Why would this be an unusual choice of experience?

ELIAS: Let us view in figurative terms.

In this, think to yourself of all of consciousness. In one respect, you are all of consciousness. All essences are all of consciousness. In another respect, you are differentiated from all of consciousness. This, be remembering, is figuratively speaking in very physical terms for your understanding.

In this, your natural state, as all of consciousness, is dispersed, for you are all of consciousness, but this is not creating of a distinction, so to speak, of personality tone and the individuality of that expression.

Therefore, in creating the designation of essence, the essence is creating a uniqueness and a distinction, in a manner of speaking, of personality tone within energy and vibrational quality. This creates a differentiation of itself from other elements of consciousness and other essences.

Now; in the situation of a dispersed essence, you may be expressing to yourself within physical focus, “What shall be the point?” Why shall you be an essence if you shall be dispersed, for the objective of creating the distinction or the uniqueness of essence is to be individually unique, whereas within the expression of a dispersed essence, although you hold uniqueness within the individuality of tone and personality expression in energy and vibrational quality, you also incorporate no boundaries, so to speak ... although this may be quite confusing, for within essence of any type, there are no boundaries in actuality. But within the distinction of individuality of essence, dispersed essences incorporate all other essences and a continual mergence with all other essences and all of consciousness.

I am quite aware that this is a very difficult concept within physical terms, for we are speaking of essences which are not physical and do not hold boundaries, and all of essence incorporates all of consciousness, but there is a distinction. I have presented to you all, from the onset of our discussions within this forum, that there is a distinction between essence and consciousness that is not incorporating essence. There is a difference.

This difference is an element of personality tone in energy within consciousness, which distinguishes itself in its identity, so to speak, from other elements of consciousness. As essence, the essence distinguishes itself and its creations throughout consciousness from elements of consciousness that are not essence.

You within physical focus distinguish yourself in identification as different from a rock. You both hold consciousness. You both are comprised, so to speak, in physical terms, of the same element of consciousness, but you hold the distinction that the rock is not of essence – IS not essence – but you are. The rock is a creation OF you within physical focus, and is comprised of consciousness. Therefore, you are manipulating of consciousness to be creating of the rock, but the rock is not essence, and you are.

As to a dispersed essence, it makes not this distinction. It holds the identity of personality tone, but does not create this distinction between itself and all of consciousness. (Brief pause)

BOBBI: Okay....

ELIAS: Therefore, figuratively, in a manner of speaking, you may be expressing that essence creates a distinction between itself and all of consciousness. Dispersed essences do not.

BOBBI: Okay....

ELIAS: And this is not helpful! (Chuckling)

BOBBI: Well, it’s more information, which will be helpful as I read it over and think about it a bit. Who else would I know that is dispersed besides Cathy/Shynla? (14-second pause)

ELIAS: Another dispersed essence within this time framework that you may identify: Miora.

BOBBI: Thank you. Also, at one point you had said that by being a dispersed essence, you could access other individual’s experiences and focuses and information. There was also information about the ability to more easily access certain focuses of one’s own. Is there something about the tone of a dispersed essence that makes it more ... I don’t know what I’m trying to say ... more like other tones? I’m not putting this very well. I understand the concept of within one’s own essence, you can access certain of your focuses more easily than others, relating to the tone of those focuses. Now, if a dispersed essence can also access other individual’s focuses, what is it about the tone of the dispersed essence that makes that possible?

ELIAS: For you are not creating of the distinction.

BOBBI: Okay ... okay. I was (inaudible).

ELIAS: Correct. You are not creating of the separation, so to speak, although it is not a separation in the terms that you hold within your thought processes within physical realities, but the distinction is not incorporated within dispersed essences. Therefore, there is allowed, so to speak, more of a mobility.

BOBBI: I see. Okay, thank you. I understand that. I think we’re about out of time. I have just one more quick question, if I may?

ELIAS: You may.

BOBBI: I would like to know the family belonging to and alignment of my parents. I think my mother is Sumafi/Borledim?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: And my father would be Sumafi/Gramada?

ELIAS: Sumafi/Gramasht.

BOBBI: Gramasht, okay. And what are their essence names, please? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name of parent in the role of mother, Ducham; D-U-C-H-A-M. (doo-shom’)

Vic’s note: It isn’t entirely clear what the last letter is here. It may be an “N.”

BOBBI: Thank you.

ELIAS: Essence name, father, Taxal; T-A-X-A-L. (tax-al’)

BOBBI: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BOBBI: Is my sister Sumafi/Ilda? This would be Mae.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Great. Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

BOBBI: I very much appreciate our objective interaction today, and also our subjective interaction. I realize I rant a lot sometimes!

ELIAS: Ah! I shall be expressing personal invalidation! (Chuckling)

BOBBI: (Laughing) Well, it was just ranting! Anyway, I thank you for that, very much!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome! (Chuckling)

I shall be anticipating our next encounter and I shall be encouraging of you in your continuation of your investigations and your movement into your widening of awareness.

Do not be discounting of yourself within your impressions and your knowings within yourself, for it is merely your expressions of your beliefs that limit you and discount yourself into your thought process that you are expressing arrogance.

(Smiling) There is no element of your expression that is wrong in acknowledging yourself and what you have created and what you are, and therefore, I express to you, be arrogant and be creating fun within your arrogance!

BOBBI: (Laughing) A tall order!

ELIAS: And I shall be quite encouraging of this action! (Chuckling)

BOBBI: Okay!

ELIAS: And I shall offer to you this day great affection and encouraging energy. You may express my regards to Lawrence.

BOBBI: I certainly will.

ELIAS: And I shall offer to you a very loving au revoir.

BOBBI: Au revoir, Elias.

Elias departs at 3:19 PM.


(1) have changed “that you term” to “in your terms” in the first phrase of this paragraph. The original phrase is: “A more accurate description of an out-of-body experience would be that experience of unconsciousness, that you term ...”

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