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Sunday, August 10, 1997

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), David (Mylo), Gail (William), Bob (Siman), Jim (Yarr), Drew (Matthew), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), Tom (James), Cecelia (Sari), Bobbi (Jale), and a new participant, Sue (Catherine).

Elias arrives at 6:34 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. Welcome to new essence this evening!

This evening I shall open to questioning, and we shall begin with our game; but initially, I shall offer you a prelude to our next session, as we shall be entering into a series of discussions of essence families and intents. Therefore, we shall begin at our next session with your Dream Walkers, and you may whet your appetites this evening in knowing the sequence of the Dream Walkers and their activity.

Look to your colors of your game, and you may put together orange and yellow with the Formers and the Hearers as the beginners, which are followed by your pink and purple with your Bearers and Imagers, followed by your blue and green of your Speakers and Tellers, followed by your red and black which are your Watchers and your Seers, followed by your indigo which are your Readers. This is the sequence in your creation process, which I shall be explaining to you at our next session. These are not counterpart actions of families. They are families which create in conjunction with each other in sequence.

Now, we shall on to our game, and you may continue with your questions.

GAIL: Sumafi, aspect personalities, Sherlock Holmes.

ELIAS: One point.

DREW: I had a dream in which I saw a tile which I associated with orange. I’m not sure how to describe the tile, except that it looked like a domino that had three diagonal dots across the middle and one in the upper right-hand corner. Can a specific tile like that be associated with a family, and would orange be the correct association?

ELIAS: If you are entering a new category of tiles, yes.

DREW: And that would be the correct association?


DREW: Consider it entered!

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For Mary: Sumari, rock bands, Journey.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For Paul: Sumafi, quotes, “We release no wine before its time.”

ELIAS: One point. (Grinning)

VICKI: For Joanne: Ilda, composers, George Gershwin.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For myself: Sumafi, places, the North Pole.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Zuli, amusement parks rides, free fall.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: Zuli, quotes, “No pain, no gain.”

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: Milumet, constellations, Pleiades.

ELIAS: Less probable.

VICKI: I have one other that I forgot. For Tom, to connect himself with the Tumold family, which was a dream impression that he had.

ELIAS: One point. (To Norm and Reta) I shall offer Rose aligned with Zuli, Robert aligned with Gramada. (Long pause)

BOB: Oh! Good evening!

ELIAS: Good evening! (Grinning)

BOB: You thought I wasn’t here, didn’t you? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Not quite! (Pause)

Very well. You may ask your questions this evening.

DAVID: I’d like to ask a question about a dream I had four or five days ago. It was one of those very vivid dreams of mine. The last one was eleven years ago. I was in a park and it was a beautiful day and the grass was really green, and suddenly, above me, this UFO appeared. It seemed to be that tailing behind it was like a small craft, like that of a helicopter or an airplane. The UFO was really dominant and it hovered above me. All of a sudden, up in the sky above it, this hole appeared in the sky like that of a lens of a camera, and it opened up and the UFO flew to the entrance and hovered there for a while, and then shot right through to the other side of the hole, and then the hole closed up and it disappeared. But I felt it was a very strong message, and I want to know what it was. (Pause)

ELIAS: This is a continuation of the original dream. Now that you have incorporated yourself as the fifth point, you offer yourself imagery to be opening to the energy within consciousness that is available to you. You image yourself as the craft, which if allowed, may pass through this opening and access the energy available to you.

RON: I have a couple of questions for a couple of our computer friends. This is from a young lady we met in Elmira. (Kristin) She wants to know, “What can those of us not involved in direct mysticism per se, like channeling, do to help bring about the shift in a harmonious manner, besides simply working on ourselves?”

ELIAS: Be lending energy to this shift, and be helpful in expressing information to other individuals.

RON: Her second question is, “I have just ended a really intense three-year love affair with someone named David. This is only one of many breakups, but I feel it might be the final one. I don’t think I have ever felt such a connectedness to someone, and it was hard to end things. I’m wondering if I did the right thing. I’m wondering if I’m acting out of weakness, and if so, how? Am I weak to stay, or weak to leave? Also, are we connected in any significant way? I am only asking these questions because the relationship has taken up so much of my time and energy, and I want to understand what the hell happened.”

ELIAS: (Smiling) Connections are held within counterpart action. In this, the exchange has been purposeful. Express to this individual to look to the action which has occurred. This has been chosen for noticing of probabilities and how you create your reality, as an example. Therefore, the action has been purposeful, for further information and understanding of the reality presently.

RON: For Bosht: (Howard) “If there is ever trivia time with Elias on Sunday night, would you ask the following question that I was unable to ask when we did our private reading? I asked if there were an archangel that held the so-called apex position of the pyramid. I believe I understood that my guess of the name of Samuel for this was incorrect, but Elias did say that there was an entity that was associated with this aspect of this idea. For you to get an idea of what I’m talking about, the four directions, north, east, etc., are said to be represented by Michael, Uriel, Rafael, and Gabriel. They also correlate with fire, water, air, and matter. The four faces in the corners of the base of the pyramid embrace this symbology, as well as a whole bunch of other stuff that I don’t have a clue about. Undefined in my mind is the apex point which points to Father Sky, and the sixth point which is opposite to the apex, unseen and penetrating Mother Earth.” So I guess he’s wanting to know about the apex, and I kind of want to know too, if there is a sixth point that points the other way.

ELIAS: Yes, but I express to you that this questioning is quite inundated with belief systems. As I have expressed, there is motion and elements which exist that have not been explained to this present now, as you are not quite ready for these explanations. I may offer to Bosht that this is forthcoming soon, but there are aspects of discussion which must be offered first, to lend to your understanding of the action of this pyramid and of the shift. We shall be entering this area at our next session as we begin discussing your essence families and their intents, and the importance of the Dream Walkers and their influence within the action of this shift. You may offer to him that I shall be answering this question, but presently the answer would not be understood.

NORM: I have a question in regard to an interpretation of a dream. The dream is a repeat that I just barely can remember. The situation was slightly different, but it involved a vehicle. I was not in the vehicle. I was in snow, and the vehicle was a four-wheel drive vehicle that was going through the mountains. What happened is that it went up on its right-hand wheels and tipped over, and that’s the second time that sort of a dream has occurred. I’m trying to figure out how it relates to what is happening in my life, and I’m curious.

ELIAS: You are presently attempting to be interacting with your own belief systems and your own movement within consciousness, although you are experiencing difficulty in this area for you are blocking your movement. You allow yourself initial movement, this being the symbolization of this vehicle moving, but you reach a certain point and you thwart your own efforts; therefore, the stopping of the movement of the vehicle. In this, you have been struggling with these belief systems that you hold, wishing to move through issues and attempting to be accessing more efficiently movement within consciousness, but you hold to these belief systems of “methods.” In this, as you continue to hold to these belief systems of methods to be accomplishing certain actions, you limit your successfulness within this.

You need not look to methods to access what you term to be psychic abilities, or actions that you wish to accomplish within consciousness such as movement through space, or accessing information which is available to you within questioning that you hold of the workings of certain structures atomically, or accessing information of consciousness and the workings of the links of consciousness. You may access this information spontaneously, instantly. It needs no method. But as you continue to look for ways to access, you hold to these belief systems that you must engage a method, a process. In this, as you hold to this belief system, your vehicle moves and then it tips. This is quite creative imagery that you offer to yourself, to be reminding yourself that you are continuing to look for your “path,” which is not a path! (Smiling)

NORM: You can jump right where you want to go! In trying to determine what was really blocking me, I felt that with some introspection ... is fear and anxiety part of my blocking?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And is it fear of not normalcy?

ELIAS: Correct. You have allowed yourself a number of physically focused years within this particular focus in movement in a certain direction, which has been within your intent leading you to this point, but you also hold very strongly to this physical focus. You hold great desire to move beyond this, but you are very grounded within this physical focus. Therefore, elements outside of your officially-accepted reality hold fearfulness to you. You desire to be accomplishing in unknown and unfamiliar areas, but you are not quite sure what you may view within these areas and hold fearfulness within this. If you are accepting of you and acknowledging that there is no hurtfulness within you and that there is no element to be feared within what you may view, then you may allow yourself to not tip your vehicle, and you may also realize that it is unnecessary for your “methods.”

TOM: I’ve got a question for Fromasch. Her mom’s been in the hospital for two weeks now, and you already know what kind of shape she’s in. They have her on a morphine drip of up to thirty milligrams an hour, and they’re kind of concerned why she hasn’t taken the step. That’s Jeri’s question to you: Why is she still around?

ELIAS: This individual holds to a small aspect of consciousness within physical focus. This allows for less confusion entering into the area of transition. Transition has already been engaged within this focus, although as you move into non-physical focus areas of transition it is quite different, for the experience of near-simultaneous time may be overwhelming. (Jeri’s mom had Alzheimer’s, and disengaged physical focus the day after this session )

Therefore, you may liken this action to that which you experience within physical focus if you are engaging substance and you are spinning, and you are placing your foot upon your floor to stabilize; this being a very similar action. Many individuals experience this same element and choose not to be completely disengaging for a time period with body consciousness, in allowing them to focus temporarily a little clearer within a very unfamiliar area. In this, they are acclimating to new areas of transition, and when acclimated, the foot shall lift.

RETA: Can I go on a little bit with Stephen’s problems? In attempting to understand our value fulfillment, we’ve come to believe that certain aspects of study will accomplish this. It’s difficult to know which direction to go in all the time. For someone who’s organized like I am, or into methodology like he is, it’s difficult to just let go and let it happen, because of course we have our life fulfillment to do. We have our children depending upon us. So we’ve tried to narrow it down to the goal. Are we right in saying science and religion – the study – is the goal, the value fulfillment goal we’re going to do? Or is that just part of it?

ELIAS: I express to you that cooperatively with each other, I shall suggest your goal to be loosening your hold on the belief systems that compel you to continue within the direction that you are expressing presently. Therefore, I do not express to you that you do not continue in what you believe to be responsible behavior or obligations that you have committed yourselves to, but you may lose your “plan.” Allow yourselves the freedom to be accepting, and that which you seek shall flow to you.

RETA: There’s so many diversities to this. In a lifetime you could go off on one and not even touch the others! So of course, we’ve been trying to weigh the good and bad. We’ve been trying to weigh the values to our lives and to other people’s lives that we can enhance. So if we go in any one direction, it’s almost going to have to go that way because of all the time it takes.

ELIAS: You are focusing singularly. If you are allowing yourselves the acceptance within self and the trustfulness, and if you are allowing yourselves to be loosening your hold upon your fearfulness, you may accomplish within multitudes of directions simultaneously. But as you hold to these belief systems, you direct your attention singularly and therefore you move singularly and you limit what you may accomplish, for you continue within one singular direction. This is unnecessary.

RETA: I know you don’t like to play parlor games, but how about a direction? Just relax and let it come, is what you’re saying!

NORM: That’s the direction! (Reta groans)

ELIAS: That IS your direction ...

NORM: Right. Let it flow, Reta!

ELIAS: ... to be accepting, and you may be accomplishing in many more areas than you may presently imagine. This IS available to you.

CATHY: I have a question. I wonder if you could give me a clue about this little dream I had about me pushing Mary in the wheelchair? We were arguing on our way to some huge religious function. Now, what’s up with that??? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Quite interesting, Shynla, as you view yourself to not be moving! This being a direct connection with Michael and religious belief systems that are presently being addressed, and the battling that ensues within the recognition of these religious belief systems, and the viewing of these belief systems as being elements of holding back and crippling. Very good imagery!

DAVID: There was a transcript that we were all reading, I think it was about a year ago, and some of us were confused as to the mention of Dave. There’s also a mentioning of some other Daves, and none of us knew what that kind of meant. I wonder if you could let us know?

ELIAS: There are three aspects of consciousness – not necessarily three individual physical focuses, but three aspects of consciousness – which in symbolism adopt the word of Dave within the imagery of the dream. Therefore, they all are imaged as one which physically focuses as one individual, but the other aspects shall be connected with the one individual in lending helpfulness for accomplishment.

VICKI: I have some questions for some friends. Ron has been posting early transcripts on AOL for some time now, and this question was posed by a new reader of transcripts. (Cath) The quote she pulls out is, “Also through imagination has come most of your philosophy.” Her question is, what portion of philosophy did not come through imagination? (Pause)

ELIAS: Certain aspects of philosophy which are concepts of you as a conscious being – man and his relationship to consciousness – are not your creation through imagination. Be remembering, imagination is reality, but this being an accessing of information within Regional Area 2. The accessing of information in some areas of philosophy has come from Regional Area 3 and your world views which have been deposited, and others have come from your Dream Walkers and the action that they create as reality; therefore this being accessed by some philosophers and translated into philosophy. Therefore, there is different accessing of information which bleeds-through within your different philosophers.

VICKI: Also, a question for Frank. He wants to know what his connections with Mary are. (Pause)

ELIAS: This would be a counterpart action within this focus which continues, and most probably shall continue within the entirety of this focus. These individuals also have engaged other focuses within a very similar capacity in counterpart action, at times physically engaging and encountering each other, and at times not.

VICKI: Does anybody else want to ask a question?

CELIA: I would like to ask a question. If I’ve asked this question before, stop me! I was having experiences some time back that were very physical in their manifestation, very physical and quite noticeable. Now my experience, and I’m talking about in a meditative state or in a spiritual state, now it is not so physical but very, very subtle, and sometimes just a thought in my head. Is this still the same experience? Is it a progression?

ELIAS: It is an allowance. Initially, you offer yourselves certain experiences that may gain your attention more quickly and more obviously. This is unnecessary presently as you move farther into an acceptance of energies and opening within consciousness. Therefore, you need not experience physical energies to gain your attention, as you are acknowledging of the energy without creating physical affectingness.

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

I shall offer essence names of Jale, J-A-L-E (indicating Bobbi), and new essence, Catherine – same essence. (Indicating Sue)

(To Vic) I have expressed to you that would be in communication with Catherine futurely and that she would be receiving your transcribing, and now you offer yourself the opportunity. (Smiling) (1)

We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

BREAK: 7:14 PM.
RESUME: 7:36 PM.

ELIAS: Continuing.

JIM: I have a question. It seems that recently I’ve been hearing a lot of conversations around me about people with aches and pains and healing and so forth, and listening to what other people are telling them. A lot of it seems or feels right to me, and then these individuals, either I’ll approach them or they’ll approach me afterwards in additional conversation. This one person in particular, he was asking about the energy centers, and as I was telling him about energy centers and as I viewed his energy centers, I got the impression that yellow was outstanding in him. I said, “You’re dealing with an emotional problem right now.” He says, “Yeah, that’s right! My child almost got killed the other day!” This was very instantaneous. I didn’t think about it or anything. Would that be the subjective opening that I’m looking to find?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay. And then in the woman two or three days ago that was having some skin problems and so forth, and I suggested that her body was toxic. Would that have been a correct impression, or was that more of an assumption?

ELIAS: Do not discount what you are allowing to bleed through. Be accepting of this, and be remembering: No expectation.

JIM: Then a couple of weeks ago, with one of the ponies that exhibited signs of colic, I offered energy and just let go and the pony was fine. Was that a correct expression at that point as well?

ELIAS: Yes. As you move into acceptance and as you move into the area of other individuals and are accepting with other individuals, you shall also be diminishing your interaction with your creatures and shall view less manifestations within your creatures. Therefore, this may be motivating to you to be accepting, and in this you shall not be generating energy in expressing a wishing for helpfulness from your creatures, and these manifestations shall diminish.

JIM: Understood. Thank you very much. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I have a few more questions for some friends. If somebody else has a question, just speak up. Briefly, for Debi, just wanting to know her essence name.

ELIAS: Terrance.

VICKI: For Uriel: Is David connected, as a focus for instance, with the second or middle of the three blond children I connected with way back when I had my zigzag light episode?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Second.

VICKI: As a focus?

ELIAS: (Nodding) You each also have connected, within dream state and meditative state, with this blond child.

VICKI: I would imagine that’s who Margot’s been seeing, too. Quite a few people have been having this visual lately.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Briefly, for Melinda, she wants to know if she is counterpart to Lillie Langtree.

ELIAS: (Accessing) No.

VICKI: In that case, she’s very curious as to what the very strong draw is.

ELIAS: This being a bleed-through recognition of a focus shared.

VICKI: For Mary, from England: She asked a question about the draw she has to come to the United States when she attended the session in Elmira, and she really didn’t understand the answer, and has asked again if you could comment on the fact that she would love to know how her work will develop in America.

ELIAS: If choosing to move in this direction, as I have stated, this individual may be instrumental within energy in consciousness in lending energy to the nine manifestations of Rose, which this individual holds a strong recognition of and draw to. Therefore, within the initial time framework of small ones, as they occupy the space arrangement of this continent more than within other areas of your planet presently, this individual may be instrumental in furthering this action of this shift in conjunction with these small ones which occupy this continent. This be the draw that is being experienced; but there is uncertainty within unfamiliarity, and therefore a holding back within movement to be venturing to new space location in your countries.

RON: So this wave that we were all going through, it seems to be in my perception dissipating. Is that true?

ELIAS: It is changing.

RON: So what the heck’s next? (murmur murmur)

ELIAS: What do you choose to create? (Nervous laughter)

RON: How did I know you were going to say that?

ELIAS: Ah, you are viewing probabilities within precognition!

RON: I’m psychic!

ELIAS: Quite!

CATHY: Okay, I have a question for Mary. She wants to know if Yan Su Lu is involved with the mergence with Rose?

ELIAS: Very good. Yes.

CATHY: Okay, and then she would like to know if it’s within a fragmentation of Mi Wu Li?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, you may offer to Michael the explanation of the draw to the individual which is connected to this essence, and your offering yourselves the opportunity to physically interact and intersect with this individual. There are no accidents! (2)

DAVID: I have a question for a lady friend at work. Her daughter gave birth to a baby boy six months ago, and ever since, the child has been living off of new blood transfusions because it can’t seem to make its own. They’ve had doctors all over the world trying to figure out why, what’s wrong with him, and they can’t come up with anything. So they’ve told them now that they’re going to have to keep the baby on blood transfusions once a month until it is three years old, and they’re devastated. Is there anything I can tell her that may help them? (Pause)

ELIAS: Express to this individual that this small one chooses this action, this being a purposeful action which shall be instructive to the parents and shall be offering value fulfillment to this small one. The choice within probabilities has not been made presently to be disengaging. Therefore, there remains the probability presently --emphasize – to be continuing and offering more information to the family members; this being an exercise within this present now, continuing with our theme of acceptance. But this also in present probabilities shall lend futurely to helpfulness, that this small one chooses within its pool of probabilities to be helpful to another futurely.

DAVID: Thank you. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question for Paul and Joanne. “We would be curious to know if our actual presence – speaking of physical proximity – would be a complementary part of completing your puzzle, as Elias puts it in Dave’s private session. Our sensing is that it would be useful for us – a win-win type relationship.”

ELIAS: These individuals hold greater affectingness than they are presently aware of. Therefore, I shall suggest affirmative. (Pause) They may be lending energy within your physical movements, if so choosing. Many individuals within our present company are searching for their direction and their purpose within the movement and action of this shift, and these individuals may lend physically-focused direction in helpfulness if choosing.

JIM: Some time ago, you expressed to me “future searcher” and what he is looking for within my future focus. Is his name Searcheron?


JIM: That’s been real strong with me for the last couple of weeks. What could that indicate to me?

ELIAS: You are associating two words and placing them together to create one word, this being a communication that you have not quite allowed yourself to hear yet. (Pause) Any focus may at any moment communicate with another focus audibly, or within impressions or within linking thoughts. You, within your new game, connect and intersect with another focus, and what you interject into that focus is either audibly heard or experienced through impression or thought. Therefore, you also lend a communication to another focus. Within this focus that you connect to and have been seeking, there is an attempt being made to be communicating. Therefore, the energy is sent within a directedness and you receive, although you have not quite received the words within your language adequately. Be listening and open to this, and you may separate these two words and you may receive your communication; one word being Searcher -- this be the name.

JIM: Would those be coming through Delaya? Is that communicating?

ELIAS: This a direct communication.

JIM: From self?

ELIAS: Searcher! You have not quite connected that this be an actual individual holding this name; for within future focus, this be merely a name, not a word of an action.

JIM: Okay. Thank you. I’ll listen.

NORM: Can I ask a question? I guess I’d like to know how you think! (We all laugh, including Elias) The organization and categorization of your ideas and concepts ... you DO do that, do you not?

ELIAS: Within the area of consciousness that I occupy, there are not thoughts as impulses in the manner than you translate them. There are impulses within electrical activity of consciousness which may be translated through Regional Area 2 and inserted into Regional Area 1, but it is not a thought process as you view and as you are familiar with; just as I do not focus my attention within elements of consciousness such as emotion, although these may also be accessed and translated through regional areas, and they may translate to you in what is familiar to you.

Within links of consciousness from the area of Regional Area 4, it is an organization within electrical impulses of consciousness structured together within certain patterns that are then projected through different layers of consciousness and translated into language. As I translate energy into language, Michael does not hold thought processes connected with the verbalization of language which ensues. Therefore, even within this Regional Area 1 and moving through physical body consciousness, electrical impulses are accessed through the physical form and brain; but no thought process is created, for it is unnecessary. It is merely another step through the process which is eliminated, for it is time-consuming.

NORM: And Regional Area 4 ... there evidently is an attraction of similar ideas that can form an organization or a gestalt of ideas?

ELIAS: The ideas are formed within Regional Area 3, for this would be the organizational point to be translated into what you view to be ideas.

NORM: Are you saying that I ... how do I think? (Laughter)

ELIAS: You connect with subjective activity in consciousness, which translates within Regional Area 2, which is organized within Regional Area 2 and then inserted into Regional Area 1 of consciousness, forming physical thought processes in consciousness, which then connects to physical impulses within your physical brain, which creates the physical manifestations. The thoughts are non-physical. The thoughts are within consciousness. The acting-upon any thought is a translation through your physical brain synapses, which translates chemically into your physical world.

NORM: And the feelings, the emotions, they can actually create a form, can they not?


NORM: And can you view that form?

ELIAS: Yes, and so may you.

NORM: Oh, I can? In that form?

ELIAS: (To Drew) As you have, Matthew.

NORM: Matthew has seen his form emotionally?

ELIAS: A form; a projection of emotional energy.

NORM: They are in Regional Area 2?

ELIAS: What you view as a projection is here within what you recognize as Regional Area 1.

NORM: But not normally viewable?

ELIAS: Correct. It is dependent upon the energy that you expel. Within intensity of energy, you may project and be creating an actual physical form. This shall not continue. It shall be temporary, but you may be projecting an actual physical form.

NORM: That is a pattern that is different than the pattern that physical matter, the links associated with physical matter, manifest?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is dependent upon the directedness and the amount of energy that you are projecting, and the intensity; for you may project energy intensely enough that you may in actuality form physical matter identical to what you view within any other form, and insert this into your reality within Regional Area 1. Your design of your energy intensity shall be formed within Regional Area 2, but it may translate into Regional Area 1 equally, dependent only upon the intensity of the energy projected.

NORM: Every link of consciousness is moving around, evidently, all the time.

ELIAS: Continuously.

NORM: It loves to experience new associations, so it is acquiring an infinite number of associations and that’s its value fulfillment?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And as they get together in an instant, a very small portion of time as we see it here in Regional Area 1, they as a gestalt can form a pattern which we as a consciousness can view, and that pattern then can become physical reality. Am I saying a truth there?

ELIAS: You are correct.

NORM: And when Cecelia is looking at the same subject that I am, she sees a different set of molecules and links than I see?

ELIAS: No. Sari may view a different organization or cooperation, but you view the same physical molecules.

NORM: Oh, you do? Okay. That’s good. The pattern ... have the physicists in quantum mechanics, in the wave functions ... does that wave function in any way have any truth in regard to the pattern?

ELIAS: (Sighing) You have barely scratched your surface with your understanding of your waves and your particles and their functions.

NORM: Even with super-string theory?

ELIAS: There is much beyond what you physically view, and as I have expressed to you previously, your scientists shall not find what they seek until they are willing to go beyond what they physically view presently and acknowledge the consciousness of what they view, for they shall not understand what they view.

NORM: Methods!

ELIAS: Quite, although they are not wrong. They are merely limited.

NORM: Inefficient ...

RETA: Would the best method of being able to view beyond what they have right now be to use the nine inner senses?

ELIAS: I express to you that you do not hold nine inner senses, but you are correct. Nine inner senses have been offered to you in a manner that individuals may understand initially, but they are merely variations of only three inner senses.

NORM: So three of them are grouped together in threes?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: The revelations that the religious people have had throughout the religious era, there seems to be some truths in regard to what they have said about the spirituality of atoms and so on and so forth. So they apparently have the ability to use ... the revelation is similar to using the three sets of three inner senses.

ELIAS: Correct. I have expressed to you many times that your religious elements are based in truth. They have merely been distorted throughout your history.

RETA: If we were to take many revelations and sort them out as best we can, we would come up with analogies to each one. Would that be a good way to help people understand what’s happening?

ELIAS: This being another method, Dehl! (Laughter)

NORM: Reta, we’ve got to stop this!

JIM: Could you categorize the nine inner senses again briefly, please?

ELIAS: You have only three. It is unnecessary to boggle yourselves with all of these categorizations. You hold your empathic sense, your conceptualization sense, and your sense of differential time. These be all you need to be connecting with all of your subjective activity and allowing for your understanding of bleed-through information.

VICKI: I have a question, just quickly, about the tiles. I think we established that the tiles that are connected with the Sumari family are also connected with sound, and Sumafi with thought? Are they all different?


TOM: Do we have our own individual tile?

ELIAS: If you are choosing! (Laughter)

VICKI: Well, I had a little experience the other day where I touched what appeared to be a yellow tile, and it was like a vibration. That’s what I could feel from it. So those particular tiles you would get a vibration from, depending on what it was connected to?

ELIAS: Correct. Each group connected with an essence family will hold a different quality which you may be investigating, and you may be presenting Elias with your information as we move into this area of discussion at our next meeting.

DREW: Speaking of the tiles, I had an impression that the planetary symbols used in astrological charts, those symbols are tiles. Would that be correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: I was going to ask you what the orange was, but now I gotta find out for myself! (Laughter) Seconds too slow! (Elias chuckles) Let me also ask you about a dream that I had recently, which may have been an out-of-body experience. I think I’m beginning to sense which are which. You can tell me which it was. It was an impression of me hanging by a ladder on the side of a boat in the ocean as if the boat was sinking, and there was children involved and other people involved, and I had an association of that with my World War II focus. I’m wondering if it was a dream or an out-of-body, and also, was that information about the World War II focus? (Pause)

ELIAS: This be not dream imagery, in your terms. You are correct that you are experiencing an out-of-body experience to be accessing information within another focus. Yes, you are correct.

DREW: And it was the World War II focus?


DREW: Should the imagery that I had be taken literally in terms of ‘that was an event,’ or was it imagery to be interpreted about that focus?

ELIAS: To be interpreted as an action which occurred.

DREW: Oh. Wow! I was a busy guy then! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall be disengaging this evening, and you may be interacting with each other. I express to you all this evening quite lovingly, and we shall be continuing with our playfulness futurely! (Humorously) I express in serious tones to you only briefly and not often, but once in a great while. (Grinning at Bob) And I shall be playing with Siman also!

BOB: I suspect!

ELIAS: You are needing of less seriousness and more playfulness!

BOB: You got that right!

ELIAS: To you all this evening quite affectionately, au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:18 PM.


(1) This is in reference to an individual who used to come to sessions. When she stopped coming, I was very drawn to mail her the transcripts, but never did because I felt she might consider it intrusive. Her essence name is also Catherine, meaning that both individuals are focuses of the same essence. So in effect, I am now realizing my desire to share the transcripts with this essence by sharing them with Sue.

(2) Yan Su Lu is an essence who is channeled by a man named Charles. Mary and I had the opportunity to meet Charles, as we shared a mutual friend. This was over a year ago and most helpful at the time, because he was the first person Mary had an opportunity to question personally regarding some of the experiences she was having. Mi Wu Li is one of the nine manifestations of Rose, and represents the Zuli family within the action of the shift.

Digests: find out more about the nine children of the essence of Rose.

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