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Sunday, January 26, 1997

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ďBefore The Beginning/Rose/The SeersĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Norm (Stephen), and Reta (Dehl).

Elias arrives at 7:23 PM. (Time was twenty seconds.)

Vicís note: This session was supposed to be brief. Ahem!

ELIAS: Good evening. (Smiling) An intimate grouping this evening!

We shall begin, once again, ďbefore the beginning.Ē I shall clarify once more that the essence of Rose, which is designated within your game, is of the family Sumafi and represents the Borledim family within your game. This essence of Rose was Seer ďbefore the beginning.Ē Many essences have fragmented from this essence of Rose. This essence expressed or expresses a unique desire and intent within the Sumafi. This essence is very initiating, quite in alignment with the family of Gramada, but is Sumafi. ďBefore the beginning,Ē this essence of Rose was initiating of the Sumafi, which were Seer and which were not completely physically manifest. This essence of Rose has not been completely physically manifest until now.

We spoke of a parallel within mass events of the three essences which were initiating of your Christian movement, the three manifestations of one essence, and how these parallel with this essence of Rose in this mass event of your shift. The manifestation of this essence into physical focus is divided into nine expressions. In this, these nine expressions are nine different families. This is unusual. Normally speaking, in your terms, as you manifest and fragment you will most likely fragment a new essence which shall be of the same family as you, for it is part of your essence and therefore holds similar tone. This is not to say that this is the rule; but normally, fragmented essences shall be closely aligned with the fragmenting essence.

This one essence chooses to diversify itself into each of the essence families. In this, it also holds its focus of Sumafi underlying. Each of these manifestations do not belong to the Sumafi family, except one; but they hold all the quality of the Sumafi family, for this is the essence which is manifest. Each of these manifestations are not a fragment. They are all an expression of one essence. All of your expressions of essence are Sumafi. They may align with different families within different focuses, but your essence is Sumafi. Therefore, all of your focuses are Sumafi. Rose is Sumafi. All nine of these manifestations, which are focuses, are not Sumafi. This is what you may term as a unique event.

As you view your young ones within your present time period, you have already noticed that they move farther away from religious alignments. You already notice the subjectiveness of small ones. You may recognize the intuitiveness of your young people within this present now. These nine manifestations hold a great intuitive power. Each, as has been stated, will be representative of each family. In this, they shall display the qualities and characteristics of each of these families as they were, in your terms, ďbefore the beginning.Ē Their individual lives, to your way of thinking, shall be greatly affecting physically and also greatly within consciousness, for each of them is quite directed within their focus and their intent. Each of them holds an understanding of the intent of the individual family to which they belong. They shall be affecting of all that they encounter physically, in regard to the family that they represent. Even within very small children, as they are presently, they have already begun. Each of them has already made choices that are affecting of great numbers of individuals, although you may not see this.

I shall express of one, of Ryan; this seemingly to be an ordinary child, but already within this small life span, this small individual has already been so dramatically affecting of the individual parents that the parents have expanded outward and initiated contact and interaction with many other individuals in concern for this infant. This is the rippling affect that these small ones already display. Within one other of these children, within the location of Scotland, this child offers already, at very small age, medical helpfulness to another within the family, which the family extends outward to many other individuals, touching their lives also with concern to this small infant.

These children, from the moment of their births, within consciousness, are very affecting in a directing manner leading into your shift. You have inquired as to the fame of these children. These children will not be world-wide famous individuals, but these children, scattered throughout your globe, shall be intensely helpful and affecting of the movement of your shift; for within consciousness, they shall be helpful to your movement into returning to your natural state.

This is not to say that you are not within a natural state presently! You are in an altered natural state. (Grinning) What you view now as altered states are natural to essence. What you experience is an altered state! It is also part of your confusion; for as you move into more expressed communication with essence, you begin to experience the multidimensionality of essence, which you may feel as an altered state continuously throughout your day. In actuality, this is natural. It has been expressed to you many times that you are much more than you view. You are not one singular entity. There are myriads of aspects of yourself. You are only familiar with one.

We shall be brief this evening, (ahem!) but I shall allow you to be inquiring, for much information has been offered to you recently. You may take this opportunity to be evaluating and inquiring, if you are wishing. We shall break, and I shall return.

BREAK 7:43 PM.

Vicís note: I noticed a change in something, perhaps energy, during this brief break. It was almost as if Mary changed her mind or her attitude or her perception about the session this evening. Mary has been more objectively focused this week than Iíve ever seen her, which appears to be affecting of her feelings towards sessions.

ELIAS: Continuing: ďBefore the beginning,Ē speaking of the Sumafi and their function, I express to you that many essences chose to be continuing as Dream Walkers, therefore not completely physically manifesting. Some essences chose to be manifesting completely; this meaning that they chose to manifest a complete physical body, just as you view presently. They also chose to be forgetting of much of their subjective activity and of their language of essence. Within your religions, there are different stories that use examples to illustrate this type of separation.

Within your Christian religions, your stories refer to your tree of knowledge and tree of life, and also of the separation of man and god. In actuality, this was a choice of separation of man physically focused from essence and the knowledge of essence. Therefore, you may view, within your history, your manifestations of what you term to be primitive man; caveman. These individuals were no less intelligent and adept at physical focus than you. Their focus was different, for they had newly separated from essence within physical focus and the communication of essence. Therefore, they experienced physical focus as new babes, testing all of their physical elements.

The dream interaction within this early time period, as you view it, was quite active and very instrumental. Within the dream time, subjective activity was allowed to bleed through into objective awareness. In this, instruction was obtained for functioning within physical focus; for you moved through physical focus without memory. Therefore, you were as blank slates, not understanding your environment and how to be manipulating within a physical world.

Within this time period also moved Seers. These were essences not completely physically focused. What is meant by not completely physically focused is that they did not possess the physical body as you view presently. They possessed form which was viewed, but translucent; for it was a projection, an image that may be recognized and identified. It held no solidity. It did not hold the operational functioning that your physical body holds. Within this time period, adjustments to physical focus were being accomplished. Subjective activity was limited only to communication with physical body outside of dream state; which, this subjective activity was mainly focused on offering information for survival within physical elements; movement within physical focus and adaptation to elements that you chose to create, such as gravity.

The physical body held feeling of weightiness, for you chose to be creating of fields that hold objects to your planet. In this, there was much adjustment needed in understanding of your own manifestation and a very long, in your terms, learning period, for you had closed the door on your memory of all of essence; this being for the reason, as we have stated previously, of the purity of the experience.

The Seers intermingled with the individuals choosing to be completely physically focused. These Seers offered a link between essence and complete physical focus, offering information to the individuals choosing to be completely physically focused and instruction in creating of physical elements.

You look to your history and you view amazing feats of mankind. You look within your history and you see that certain cultures ďaccomplished the unaccomplishable.Ē You wonder how such primitive societies could have been accomplishing of such technicalities that you may not physically perform presently with your technology. You presently may perform the same acts as all of these cultures prior to yourselves. You only do not understand, for you have chosen to move in a different direction. You have chosen to move into a more objective direction.

These earlier individuals were within communication of Seers, which expressed instruction to them, which they accepted. There were identifications of these Seers. The individuals did not reject the unofficial information and experiences. Therefore, they held the ability to accomplish what you view to be impossible. Presently, within your present now, you do not accept much unofficial information and experiences, although you experience this continuously!

I shall express also that although many individuals look to your Egyptian pyramids with wonder and view these as very spiritual and knowing of ďcosmic information,Ē within the location of your world not far from you now were peoples that held a clearer understanding of essence longer than did those within the sand and pharaoh times. Within your own Mayans, you may research and you shall find that these peoples remembered these nine families. They spoke of these as the nine night watchers, but they represent the nine essence families.

Many mass events have initiated in other areas of your world. Presently now, you initiate this mass event within this area of your globe. These continents have manifest the individuals that are initiating of this shift. It is as a game within physical focus. Different families choose different time periods to be initiating of different mass events associated with Source Events. You ďtrade off.Ē This mass event of this shift, although initiated and carried within two other essence families, is very underlyingly affected by the Sumafi; this being why Rose has chosen to be manifesting as nine physical focuses of each of these essence families, but originally as Sumafi; for within the intent of the shift, you all bear the desire for little distortion. (Pause)

You may ask your questions.

RETA: I have a question. Weíre talking about all those millions of wonderful people that lived on these two continents, the Aztecs, the Mayans, Lamanites, Nephites, all those wonderful people. With all that great intelligence they had, with all that they were bringing forth, they were so much ahead of the other side of the globe. Why, or can you tell what led to their destruction? Because they had everything going.

ELIAS: I shall offer to you that you hold misconceptions. These individuals within these cultures would not be classified as ďaheadĒ of other individuals within other areas of your globe. They were different. They are different. They also, although being quite knowing of essence language, were very objectively focused. Therefore, these individuals were not peaceable individuals. Within their belief systems, their desire for acquisition and physical possession created what you view as the demise of the culture; although there is no demise of any culture!

RETA: Could I compare it with some of the prophecies of today, that our nations again have a tendency to self-destruct? Some of the prophecies today see us as having caused that ourselves, in the way of either a huge comet coming and hitting us or melting of the poles or something like that. Several people have had a prophecy that has shown that weíre self-destructing again, here.

ELIAS: I express to you that this is your choice, and as you lend energy to these concepts you may create this; although this is the point of the shift and the direction of your energy within consciousness, to be diverting of these belief systems into the awareness of the shift, therefore not creating of this destruction. The religious element within you all creates a leaning in the direction of listening and believing and aligning with belief systems of prophecies. Prophecies are a seeing or viewing of probabilities; but be remembering, each prophecy is only one probability.

Now; many individuals may express the same prophecy, for you are all connected within consciousness. You are all affecting of each other within consciousness. You all hold mass belief systems. Therefore, it is not inconsistent that many shall prophesy of the same events. This is not to say that these are solid and absolute, for they are not. They are one line of probabilities. You may choose another line of probabilities, which you are doing.

RETA: In that same idea, in my particular religion we firmly believe that America will be safe if we change peopleís awareness to a more Christian content. Thatís the religious standpoint. I fully believe the reason Iím here is because I need to hear this to help others be aware. How can I help? How can I be more influential?

ELIAS: Learn. (Donít you just love these one-word answers?)

NORM: The Christian story is one where Christ himself was not well-known on this earth to very many people. You are saying that the nine babies of Roseís essence are not going to be well-known. The Christian mass event that occurred within three hundred years changed the Roman empire to a Christian empire, and that really occurred due to the dream state of the humans alive at that time. Are the nine children, infants, are they going to be influential in that operational fashion, through the dream state? That they will create dreams on this earth with the people that are here that will actually cause the shift? Is that going to be the methodology?

ELIAS: In part. You are correct that within your Christian religious movement, much of this activity in information was delivered through dream state and then objectified. These nine individuals shall incorporate this action also, but they shall also move beyond this. They shall hold the ability effortlessly, to be expressing of subjective information objectively. Therefore, they shall be instrumental within waking state also, and communicative within waking state. The communication shall not only be within dream state. It shall also be objectively expressed, and shall be more accepted.

NORM: Yet, they wonít be well known. Will they write books? How will they effectively do this?

ELIAS: (Smiling) As you all affect each other through consciousness continuously. The difference, as I have expressed, is that they, in part, remember. Therefore, they are more directed. You communicate and influence and move within consciousness continuously. You only are not objectively aware of your movement. You, within your dream state, are continually affecting of consciousness in all areas, but objectively you do not understand how to be manipulating intentionally within this state. These individuals will hold this ability naturally. You must learn.

NORM: Right. So the relationship between our five objective senses, or their relationship between their five objective senses and their nine inner senses is going to be more connected?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: They will be able, with their nine inner senses, to influence others, almost without them knowing it?

ELIAS: No. This is not a situation of what you may be thinking, of subliminal influence. They shall be affecting in the same manner that you are affecting, but they shall hold an awareness. You affect equally, but you do not hold an awareness of your affectingness. You do not see the affectingness within your dream state of your interaction with another individual within consciousness, in a location of Poland. It occurs, but you are unaware. You do not hold the awareness to objectively be manipulating and directing of your subjective activity. You accomplish this. You only are not objectively aware. These individuals shall be aware.

NORM: Will they be teaching us to be aware through our ability to use the nine inner senses, or beginning to use the nine inner senses?

ELIAS: You are teaching you presently!

NORM: Iím trying to!

ELIAS: They are the oil in the wheel.

NORM: I am the oil in the wheel?

ELIAS: They.

NORM: They are the oil in the wheel. Thatís nice. Iíd like to have you clarify the relationship as an aspect of essence. The Rose essence has never manifested on this earth, but now the Rose essence has, but in the fashion of nine representing all of the families ...

ELIAS: Being!

NORM: Nine beings?

ELIAS: Not representing!

NORM: Yeah, nine essence families, but there are nine individual babies that are not fragments. Theyíre not aspects. They are, the sum of them, Rose. Is that the proper way to say it?

ELIAS: They are all Rose.

NORM: Each one of them is complete, a complete Rose. (Elias nods) You say that this has never happened before. Why hasnít it happened?

ELIAS: You have not been ready. You have not chosen.

NORM: Okay. So, you were alluding to the fact that, Iím assuming and I think I recall, that the Christian mass event was initiated by the Milumet family. Perhaps that same thing was Buddha and Mohammed, and that was initiated within that same time period or five or six hundred years, and that was all the Milumet family. So there is now a shift due to two that I know of, or that youíve explained to us, representing two of the nine families. In pre-history, was there another shift? The initial initialization of the beginning of the beginning, was that by the Borledim family? Would that be considered another shift? Am I saying this right, or do you understand what my question is? Have there been other mass events other than by these two families?


NORM: What would they be?

ELIAS: There are mass events throughout your history, throughout your globe. There are expressions of Source Events throughout your history initiated by different families. The Borledim family was not initiating of physical focus upon this planet. This was a choice within consciousness. In this choice of consciousness, of all of consciousness, essences chose to be experimenting with this particular dimension and type of physical focus. Essences chose to be expressing of creativity in this area; in physical manifestation. Essences chose to be grouped into certain essence families that are creating of this focus, of this type of physical manifestation. These essence families are not directing of other physical focuses. They are exclusive to this physical focus.

NORM: Really? So there are other sets of nine or x number ...

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: ... of families taking care of planet x? So all of us associated here are of these families, although one of our group was called Dimin, and she was of another dimension.

ELIAS: You all hold focuses within other dimensions.

NORM: But all of these other dimensions have been created by these nine? I mean all the ones that we go to are created by the nine?


NORM: Well, we can just trot around the universe then!

ELIAS: You are not one entity!

NORM: Iím multidimensional!

ELIAS: Quite! We shall break, once again.

BREAK 8:43 PM.

ELIAS: Continuing with your questions.

NORM: I have a question in regard to your little comment in regard to gravity. They turned it on?


NORM: We turned it on. Do we have the ability to turn it off in certain locations? Could I turn the gravitational field or the G constant off around this house?

ELIAS: Let me express that you hold the ability to accomplish any of these feats that you wish to be accomplishing. (Grinning) The trick is accepting your belief systems, that they hold no more power and influence upon your creation; for as your belief systems influence your creations, you do not create some things that you have the ability to create. I do not say to you that you may not accomplish, or that certain actions are impossible. I do say to you that you shall make certain actions impossible as a result of your existing belief systems.

I shall also add that individually you may accomplish, temporarily, unofficial action such as elimination of gravitational pull, but this shall be temporary, for within mass consciousness you accept the creation of this field. Therefore, the energy held in this creation is very great. Some individuals throughout your history have been known to exhibit what you term to be levitation. This is a defiance of gravity. This is an incorporation of acting on unofficial information, and manifesting and materializing unofficial action. It is also temporary. It may be not temporary if within mass consciousness you are all within agreement, but you are not! Therefore, the belief system holds.

NORM: So the trick is to get everybody to change their vote in the mass consciousness.

ELIAS: Why? (Grinning widely, obviously really enjoying this!)

NORM: We could eliminate the problem with our energy requirements such as our dependence on oil, and we could have vehicles that travel through three-dimensional space without the consumption of a great deal of energy, and we could tear up the asphalt and concrete roads and plant beautiful flowers in their place.

ELIAS: And what shall hold your flowers to the earth??? (Laughter)

NORM: We would have the ability to locally change anytime we want! What held this all together before they turned on the gravity? Or before gravity was put in place? The objectiveness was not fully here. Atoms as condensed energy were not manifest objectively then.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Okay. So there can be, there was like a world, an existence, a non-objective existence here ďbefore the beginningĒ then.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: There are other dimensions that hold this kind of existence?


NORM: Have I ever been there?

ELIAS: Are there!

NORM: (Laughing) Fantastic! With the quantum mechanics, I have a series of questions. Before the beginning of this earth, or in the creation of this earth, there were one or two essences that evidently decided that a portion of their essence would become the earth. Is that correct?


NORM: Okay. Could you properly tell me how this earth was created?

ELIAS: It was created within a movement of consciousness, not within an agreement of essences.

NORM: Really! Not within agreement of essences. Who did it then?

ELIAS: You! (Ron loses it here)

NORM: And I didnít have anybodyís agreement? (Also laughing)

ELIAS: For you are all!

NORM: Well ... (And everybody cracks up) Thatís a little bit too much! What am I creating ... What am I creating right now? I am creating ... Am I creating everything Iím seeing right now?


NORM: And youíre creating what youíre seeing in me, and she is, and weíre all creating this together then.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: It goes back to the question then, if weíre not here, this table is not here.

ELIAS: You are here!

NORM: I know! Oh, this is a real mandella! Itís circular!

ELIAS: Quite!

NORM: Yes! Thereís no answer to the origin of the mandella then!

ELIAS: It is a desire to experience. Consciousness within all seeks to experience itself.

NORM: Fascinating. Utterly fascinating! (There was lots of laughter throughout this last exchange; a priceless moment!) I have to ask a personal question. My wife and I, some time ago last fall, were interested in the ability to read at the rate of about two pages a second and to use various techniques of doing this. We spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in a location of Pasadena. Monday and Tuesday, I felt I was getting pretty good at it. My problem was that doing this, I really couldnít sleep. Unfortunately, the instructor said that you may have this problem. I donít know if it was due to the instructor saying I would have the problem, or that in reality the total acclimation of information at this rate somehow affected me objectively so that I could not really physically sleep, and when I did sleep I was totally dreaming all the time, like being awake all the time. Is that understandable to you? Can you explain that to me?

ELIAS: This affectingness is directly related to your belief systems which are held in mass. First of all, you limit your energy. Within mass belief systems, you believe that you have limited energy. You may function for only a certain time period without restfulness, which you consider sleep state. In this, if you are not accomplishing this act, you believe that you do not regenerate properly. This is a belief system. It is a mass belief system. You also hold belief systems of activity. Activity is not restful.

The action that you chose was allowing what you think of as a flood of information at one time period. You physically may intake much more information and accommodate physically this action. You do not believe that you may accomplish this. Therefore, you consumed much information that you believe you may not assimilate instantaneously. Therefore, you choose to process the information within a time period. In this, you choose to process the information objectively through your dream state. In this, you allow yourself to believe that you have assimilated the information through this process; for it is not possible, within your belief systems, to instantaneously acquire, comprehend, and assimilate this flood of information instantaneously. You hold the ability to assimilate myriads of information instantaneously, physically.

Within your physical focus, you may draw in much information and need no process or time period for assimilation, but you do not believe this to be true. You believe certain workings of your physical expression. You believe certain workings of your physical brain, for you believe that your information is processed through your physical brain. You believe that information is held within your physical brain, inside of your physical head! (Grinning, and we all crack up)

NORM: Thank you. You answered so many questions. And itís not!

ELIAS: It is not!

NORM: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: (Smiling) As you allow yourself the recognition of these belief systems, you shall also recognize that your physical body does not require sleep state for restfulness. You subjectively require sleep state for dream interaction, as this is your communication, uninterrupted, with essence.

NORM: When Iím going off and working on a problem at work which requires development of new processes and equipment, I will wake up usually at three or four Ďo clock in the morning and Iíll have words floating in my head. Is this clairaudience, or is this a result of interaction with essence, with my essence or other essences? Could you clarify that?

ELIAS: Within your dream state, you create a language that speaks to you individually, a language that you understand; although you do not think you understand! You do understand, for you respond objectively to the action that you accomplish within the dream state. You create your own imagery and symbols that will be creatively helpful to you. In this, you may interact with other essences. You may interact with your essence singularly. You always are interactive to a degree with all of consciousness, through Regional Area 2. You offer yourself information that you process into imagery that you may objectify.

NORM: Is there a difference between how people think? I feel that I think not in terms of words, but in imagery and concepts. Is this a natural way of doing it?

ELIAS: All thought processes are natural to your physical focuses. You are all individuals. You are all unique. Therefore, each of you shall process information uniquely and individually. There is no correct or incorrect processing of information.

NORM: In fact, you can create it anyway you like!

ELIAS: Absolutely!

NORM: Wonderful! (I think weíre all really enjoying Norm tonight!)

RETA: There was a paragraph in a book I was reading and it said the thought processes, probably in Region 2, when you (inaudible) and throw them into Region 2, they will aggregate to other thought processes that are alike or similar, and then you can access those if you can use this brain of ours better. We can access those. Are we talking about then, this learning process that weíre talking about, we can go ahead and assimilate it and enlarge our belief system to where weíll say, ďNow itís been processedĒ without having to stay up all night and do that? We can learn how to do that and enlarge the belief system so that we can do that?

ELIAS: I shall express to you first of all that your thought process does not enter into Regional Area 2 of consciousness. This is an action and creation exclusive to this area of consciousness, Regional Area 1. You do intersect and interact with other consciousness within Regional Area 2. You do draw information to yourself that shall be helpful to you in your endeavors objectively. These are not thought processes. They are actions within consciousness; this being similar to tapping into a world view of another individual, which you also may access. These are not thought processes, although you translate them into thought.

RETA: Maybe I should have said, through accessing them and then giving them back. What I was reading is that like actions seek each other.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: So in the world view, if many people were studying or worrying about this particular concept, that I could access a lot more than I have, my knowing how to do that, because all the, not the thoughts, all their ideas are going into that same area, like maybe a library of different areas.

ELIAS: This is a correct symbolic concept, yes.

NORM: And we can access that?


NORM: But thatís different than the world view.

RETA: That is the world view.

NORM: That is the world view?

ELIAS: Every individual holds its own world view. Therefore, the information within energy impulses is available to every individual to access, of every other individual. You only place more importance on some individuals and their information.

NORM: Well, a world view is generated by people currently manifest, or previously manifest.

ELIAS: All is present. (Grinning)

NORM: So Lawrence has a current world view that I could access.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: I have another question. At one time I asked you if there were mathematicians (in non-physical focus) and you said no. Should I assume that it is too trivial or it is not needed? The study that we need here objectively is unneeded subjectively?

ELIAS: No action is too trivial!

NORM: Thatís a good answer! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) I have expressed to you that mathematicians, in what you understand, are relative to this creation of physical focus.

NORM: Really! I mean, only? Exclusively?

ELIAS: This is part of your creation of your language of your understanding of your physical focus.

NORM: I thought they would need these types of concepts everywhere.

ELIAS: For you think singularly, that this creation of existence is universal, and that all that is a part of this existence, save religious belief systems, shall be universal also. They are universal to your focus.

NORM: Well, there are certain things that are universal!

ELIAS: There are certain elements which are absolutes, which have been stated previously, which you place little importance and value upon within this physical focus.

NORM: If we did place appropriate value and importance, what would be the consequence?

ELIAS: You may enter new worlds of dimensions if you are seeking understanding within physical focus apart from your present belief systems, which is not possible!

NORM: I canít creatively recreate a metamorphosis in myself then, in this dimension, in this manifest focus, without belief systems?

ELIAS: (Firmly) Physical focuses incorporate belief systems.

NORM: That is a truth. (Elias nods) Thatís our limitation.

ELIAS: This is not a limitation. This is a choice for experience.

NORM: Fantastic! Vicki, you go! (Normís laughter contains a hint of insanity here. I understand, Norm!)

VICKI: I only have a couple of questions. Earlier, you were talking about altered states, or what we view as altered states, being in actuality more natural. Can I use this movie I saw the other day as kind of an example of what you were talking about in that concept?

ELIAS: Yes, you may; as also I have expressed previously of what is viewed by you presently as mental disorders, which are manifestations of unofficial behavior and communication. This you do not understand and therefore you do not accept, for it is unacceptable within the established norm of your societies. Even within your primitive societies, they hold a norm and accepted official line of behavior and beliefs and thought processes. They may be different from your own, but they are consistent with themselves. Outside of the perimeters of these accepted behaviors and belief systems, individuals are not understood. Therefore, they are not accepted. As they are not accepted, they are labeled as different, and also they are subjected to the norm attempting to move them into the mainstream of mass consciousness. The mainstream of mass consciousness attempts very strongly to pull those outside into their flow. Some individuals choose to not be engaging within the mainstream of accepted belief systems and behavioral patterns. In this, they continue, and are viewed as abnormal; dysfunctional.

VICKI: Which is incorrect.

ELIAS: It is their choice for their experience within an individual focus.

VICKI: It sure seemed a lot clearer somehow, just from one movie. It made a lot more sense somewhere. My other question has to do with just my own personal investigation of these two focuses that Iíve asked questions about recently. In both of these focuses, there is an individual that I interact with that Iíve been trying to identify for quite some time now. I never really had a feeling about it until some investigation this week. What I feel is that I interacted quite extensively with an individual in both focuses, and both of these people are focuses of Uriel. I want to know if thatís correct, or if Iím misinterpreting.

ELIAS: You are not misinterpreting. Therefore, your draw. I have expressed to you previously that essences manifest within groups. You do not travel through time. All of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all present. Therefore, within agreement, within groups, you choose simultaneously to be manifesting many focuses together, for you draw like to like. Therefore, you recognize familiarities.

VICKI: I just couldnít make the identification until this week.

ELIAS: This being also the reasoning for the draw, although not to the extent, of the pyramid; for each holds a draw to this individual, and likewise in reverse. There is a recognition of familiarity.

NORM: Are you finished?

VICKI: Just to take it one step further, just for my own ... Itís helpful, you know, once youíve investigated, to find out if youíre misinterpreting. I know I misinterpret sometimes. In this focus in the seventeen hundredís, this focus of Uriel, was he an English poet?

ELIAS: (Smiling) Very good, Lawrence.

VICKI: Okay. Iíll continue. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. You are accomplishing quite well ...

VICKI: With the help of Uriel.

ELIAS: ... for one who does not remember! (Grinning, and laughter)

RETA: Have you talked about the Adam and Eve story in this group?

NORM: I want to ask a question. The question is in regard to the master key to this dimension, our belief system. In the future, as we progress as a race, it would seem to me that the study of the minimization of the set of required beliefs would be an important study, to really determine our limitation, and then if we wanted to change our limitation, we change our mass belief system. Will that happen?

ELIAS: You move in the direction of acceptance of belief systems, not necessarily changing of belief systems.

NORM: Accepting appropriate ... (Here, we all crack up, totally interrupting Norm)

ELIAS: All of your belief systems are appropriate for their present moment. (Grinning at Norm)

NORM: Touchť!

RETA: I was just going to ask if you had prior talked about the Adam and Eve story. When you first started talking this evening, you were talking about the first civilization, cavemen is one, and how they had Seers there that physically could be seen but they werenít manifested in a physical body. I all of a sudden thought about the Adam and Eve story, where they had Seers and they talked with their essence family probably or whatever it was, and then all of a sudden, no longer did they have that ability. So, thatís just a story of a mass event, to cut off the time when we needed the Seers? To have our spiritual connection when we didnít need the Seers any longer, or that connection? We were on our own, in other words.

ELIAS: It is a story for an illustration. It is not an illustration of a ďcut off,Ē for there is no cut off ...

RETA: Lessening, I should have said lessening.

ELIAS: There is no lessening of interaction of these non-manifest with those manifest. The interaction is the same. It continues. Your idea and identification of the interaction changes, but the actual contact and interaction remains the same.

RETA: But you were sort of saying they consciously could see ...

ELIAS: You consciously see them presently! (Grinning)

RETA: Oh, youíre ... Iím just trying to think how that ... Well, we have to have an illustration, I can see that. But that concept and how it evolved just seemed to me like what you were talking about tonight, about needing that guidance in a form that they could understand and then transferring it eventually to where they could sort of be on their own. And I just thought that might fit, but it doesnít, huh? Darn!

ELIAS: You are not ďon your own,Ē for in actually, you are not separated. You only do not remember. This is your choice for your experience. You are not separated from self or Seer. You do not remember your own language, save the dream state, and you do not recognize the Seers as Seers, but you see them.

NORM: Do I see one now?

ELIAS: Quite! And many others see them in many other forms.

RETA: In the event of children in our time period coming into this world, is it at different times that they lose this ... lose ... Iím using all the wrong words! Some children seem to be able to still connect with their essences or with the other energies clear up till three or four, and Iím sure itís us that turns them off. Is it normal to be at baby time or one or two or three or four, or could we assist in not having them communicate in their fashion with their essence families or the Seers?

NORM: A lot of them continue communication.

RETA: Is it us that turns them off, or they turn them off themself, the knowing, the remembering?

ELIAS: This is a combination, for it is the individualís choice. They shall move into objective knowing as they are ready to move into objective knowing. They shall be accepting of objective physical reality when they are choosing to be accepting. Some individuals do not choose throughout the entirety of their focus. Some choose to be objectively focusing as a very small one, and reverting within adolescence. Some choose to be objectively focusing through young adulthood, and reversing and continuing subjectively throughout the continuation of their focus. Most choose to be moving gradually into objectified focus within what you view to be the first ten years of their manifestation. For the most part, this is the choice of the individual, but you also may be influencing with your belief systems.

In this, I have expressed to these individuals previously, if you are not blocking of impulses within small ones and if you are allowing their impulsive expression to be expressed naturally and freely, this shall be helpful in allowing a continuation of subjective activity objectively.

Each individual shall choose for themselves. As I have stated within this evening, these young individuals presently choose more of a knowing of subjective action objectively and do not align with the established belief systems, for they are born into, choose to manifest within, the beginning throes of the shift. Therefore, they do not hold the same strength in belief systems as do those manifest previous to them.

NORM: Itís still an individual choice of those manifesting now to determine the extent of their change in belief system. Itís still an individual choice. So youíll have some of the young ones being much like we are currently, and then there will be some that will have, or probably more of them will have, a change in the belief system.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: So itís not mandated at all.

ELIAS: No. You shall be viewing though, that within their choice of manifestation, as they align with the choice of the shift, the majority, the mass new belief systems, so to speak, they shall not hold to the same established belief systems as do you.

RON: Can I change tapes real quick? (During the tape change, Elias initiates another break. Some brief session, eh?)

BREAK 9:59 PM.
RESUME 10:39 PM.

ELIAS: Continuing. (Elias looks around, stopping to stare, grinning, at Cathy, who is sitting on the couch completely covered, face included, with a blanket) I cannot express the thrill of speaking with an attentive audience! You may continue with your questions.

NORM: I have so many I donít know where to start! Reta was talking about energy patterns. They could be thought patterns. There must be all kinds of energy patterns. They have an attraction or perhaps a repulsion for one another. Itís like an element of the non-physical world. Are there countless numbers of these patterns that have either attraction or repulsion for one another?


NORM: If you group them so that they have similar characteristics, would the number not be countless?


NORM: It would still be countless. Iíd like to have you confirm some of the things Iíve read. All of our thoughts are a creation into a pattern of energy. Can I say it that way?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Thereís always room for all of these thoughts and energy, and thereís a never-ending supply of energy. That is true for subjective as well as objective thoughts. Your thoughts are subjective. My brain activity, that is considered an objective thought?

ELIAS: Thought is a creation of objective focus. The organization of energy pattern which you distinguish as thought is an objective creation. You do not think subjectively. I do not engage thought as you think of it. It is an arrangement of energy which is a communication, a language.

GAIL: What about feeling?

ELIAS: In what you define within this physical focus, this also is a language of what you understand objectively.

GAIL: But when you are no longer physically focused and youíre in transition, you also feel?

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: But you donít think in transition.

ELIAS: You do.

GAIL: But you donít have thoughts.

ELIAS: You do.

GAIL: I thought I read that there was no thought in transition, or somewhere in transition there are no thoughts.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon which area you are engaging and which position within consciousness you occupy. Within Regional Area 3, there are actions that are not transition. Therefore, there is no thought, as you identify. Within the action of transition, also within certain movements, the thought process is lost, so to speak. As you approach remanifestation and the action of creating in remanifestation, the focus, which is you, moves in different directions. Therefore, as the aspect of the focus enters into physical focus, there is no thought. As the aspect of you moves on, there is no thought process.

NORM: You are a consciousness. You are an essence. The basic activity of consciousness is action. Is there no other description? Thereís no equivalent, thereís no analogy of thought between an objective focus and your conscious action as an essence?

ELIAS: You are continually within a state of being, of becoming, experiencing self.

RETA: So when you finish this little cycle and decide to move on, go into transition, you move on, then itís all just remembering?

ELIAS: Not all, for if you are only remembering, there is no new creativity!

RETA: Have you described before the processes, there are different processes, of transition? If you have weíll read them, but ...

ELIAS: We have not discussed details of transition to this point.

RETA: Maybe some evening you would discuss that at length with us?

ELIAS: We shall futurely.

NORM: The action of being is a continual creation.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And you can create most anything, right?

ELIAS: Correct. It is a continual discovery.

NORM: Incredible. Is it fun? (Laughing) Donít answer that!

RETA: Do you enjoy it?

ELIAS: (Staring at Norm, grinning) Is it fun?

NORM: Yeah! Youíre not bored?

ELIAS: Are you bored?

NORM: No, not right now!

VICKI: If it ainít fun, donít do it!

RETA: Fun isnít the right word. Itís hard to imagine the focus that you have to come back to and remembering and creating and not having a thought pattern to do that with, because the way we think we hash things out and say Iím gonna do this and Iím gonna do that, and itís hard for us to conceptualize the idea that we come back to that.

NORM: They donít have a belief system.

RETA: Well no, but Iím saying itís even hard to conceptualize that you can use all that without thinking it through, and then creating from the experiences youíve had and moving on with all that good stuff to the next creation.

ELIAS: This is the modem of function that you are familiar with within this focus. Therefore, this is what you view to be reality. Reality is much more than this one experience or method.

NORM: Itís because of our necessity of having a belief system is the reason for thought. Is that a true statement? Without a requirement of a belief system, we could have becoming like the essence does. However, because of a belief system, we have to have thought.


NORM: So why do we have to have thought?

ELIAS: You have chosen this as your language.

NORM: In other words, we could have thought and not have to have belief systems.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Are there existences like that?

ELIAS: Within physical focuses, no.

NORM: Some requirement then, for that in physical focus.

RETA: Well, you cut yourself off, you know, from what you remember. So youíve got to have something to process the information with.

NORM: Itís probably a requirement. My wife and I have been reading about chakras, and Iím kind of interested in the relationship between the chakras and the psyche or the soul, and what happens to the chakras upon death and our going to Regional Area 3. In other words, is the chakras part and parcel of the soul? Or is it a manifestation of the gestalt of consciousness of the cells of an organ, for example? (Note that Norm said Regional Area 3 instead of Region 3!)

ELIAS: First of all, I shall add to your previous question and express to you that you may also, within another focus, another choice of physical reality, hold belief systems with no thought, and you may think on this!

As to your energy centers, these are a creation in direct relation to your physical expression, your body. They are energy centers which are directing of the functioning of your physical body. I have expressed to you that your physical body consciousness does not operate independent of your consciousness. It does not speak to you and tell you what it needs. It is spoken to and directed by your subjective consciousness, which it then translates to your objective consciousness. Your subjective consciousness is directing through these energy centers. This is how it is instructional to the physical workings and functioning of your physical body.

You do not consciously tell your body how to function. You do not consciously pump your heart. You do not consciously breathe. You do not instruct every muscle within your physical body to move. Subjectively, you do communicate all of this information, which is transmitted through these energy centers, which then communicates to the cooperative cells, which in collective consciousness together operate the physical mechanics of your body.

As you choose to disengage physical focus in what you term to be death, these energy centers are part of your subjective expression. Therefore, these energy centers remove from communication with your physical body consciousness. In this, within transition you may continue to experience physical elements for you experience memory of these energy centers, but within physical manifestation the body consciousness discontinues functioning for it is not being instructed any longer by these energy centers.

NORM: Interesting. The science of medicine considers that the primitive part of our brain, if Iím saying it right, the medulla oblongata, is the one that controls our basic functioning, such as the heart rate, the lung rate, the oxygenation of the blood, the pressure, etc. That is being instructed by the energy centers?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: At the end of this basal part of the brain, there is a gland called the pituitary. Is it at the center of one of the energy centers?


NORM: And then further up is the pineal. Is that at the center of the topmost chakra?

ELIAS: It is not at the center.

NORM: But close to it?

RETA: Is part of?

ELIAS: Yes, affected by; but your physical glands are not at the center of any of your energy centers. These energy centers are independent of your physical body; just as your mind, that you identify as you, that creates your thought processes, is independent of your physical brain. Your brain within your physical body does not create your speech pattern. You need not think to speak.

NORM: That was developed by essences in the beginning, our ability to speak?

ELIAS: This is all creations within cooperation of consciousness in designing this physical focus, as any physical focus.

RETA: On the chakras, picking up energy or bringing energy to the body, is that energy directed to the chakras or is it coming down through the head and through the body from the spine, I mean from the area? In other words, is the energy being drawn into the body, or is the energy started within the body and then expelled?

NORM: He says itís from the essence, or from the consciousness.

ELIAS: In to out.

RETA: Okay.

GAIL: I have a question. Our subjective is relaying information through the chakras to us and trying to make us aware of belief systems. Creating an illness within our body is trying to tell us tell us something. Is this correct?

ELIAS: At times.

GAIL: Okay, and if weíre manipulating our energy centers to relieve our bodies of these feelings, itís sort of like youíre counter-productive in the message that your subjective is sending you. Is this right?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your creation. At times, you are creating physical distress for your attention, for your noticing. At times, you are not creating physical distress for issues.

GAIL: How do we know the difference?

ELIAS: If you are attempting to be eliminating of distress within physical manifestation and you are instructive to yourself to be allowing your energy flow to move within its natural state unaffected, you shall not be counter-productive to your noticing, regardless of your choice of manifestation. You may eliminate, in your terms, distress physically, and choose to manifest this information within a different expression. This is your choosing. Regardless, you shall not be counter-productive if you are returning your physical expression to its natural state, if this is your desire. You may not accomplish always returning to your natural state, for you may be subjectively insistent upon holding energy within an area of physical expression.

GAIL: Is that what Iím doing?

ELIAS: There are many different expressions within physical focus. Your physical body is a magnificent creation which is quite attuned to all of your subjective activity. Without your thought process completely, it shall function and respond perfectly to your subjective action and movement. As you move within certain subjective areas, it may be difficult for your acceptance objectively. Therefore, temporarily you may choose to hold energy physically.

GAIL: And thatís what Iím doing? (Elias nods) Good. Thatís nice to know. So me trying objectively to manipulate energy centers to relieve stress isnít going to do me any good.

ELIAS: Objectively, to a point, yes; but temporarily, you have chosen to be not accepting objectively of movement that you have chosen subjectively. We have spoken previously of what you term to be timing; for within your time element energy moves in cooperation, and there are certain time frameworks that are precise for allowance of certain activities or probabilities. In this, you are not quite ready objectively to be answering the subjective movement.

GAIL: And so thatís where the distress is coming from.

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: Thatís kind of mind-relieving. Iíll do my best to accept.

ELIAS: This is quite common, and as individuals move subjectively more deeply into communication with essence and remembrance, you may experience physical responses. This, as I have stated, is not negative. You shall not look to each other and view as negative a scenario of one expressing to another, ďHold this orange for me temporarily, will you not, Lawrence?Ē There is no negative or positive within this action. It is accepted. In like manner, your subjective consciousness expresses to your body consciousness, ďHold this temporarily, and we shall collect this futurely.Ē There is no right or wrong. In this action, subsequently the objective consciousness interacts and the body consciousness relays (staring at Norm) the information, which then is no longer held.

VICKI: Speaking of the equation, does the source of tension have something to do with what we term as an agreement within creation?

ELIAS: Tension is also a movement; a wave.

NORM: An attraction?

ELIAS: In a round-about manner of speaking! (Grinning)

NORM: Can I ask a question in regard to the communication between Elias and Michaelís body? Is that through one of the chakras?

ELIAS: There is a concentration more highly recognized through two of the energy centers, and within the exchange there is a response held more within one energy center.

NORM: And which one would that be? The one that comes out here? (Indicating the top of his head)

ELIAS: The energy center which is responsive, in what you would term to be a concentration of physical recognition of non-identification and rejection, would be what you would view as blue. Within a receptive energy center, this would be the top, or purple.

RETA: Talking about energy, Elias, when youíre with us and you spend in our time period two hours, sometimes three hours, and we appreciate every bit of it, sometimes youíve been with Michael this whole period of time and sometimes Michael is very tired himself. When you come in, is there any way that you can revitalize Michael for the time period that youíre here? Michaelís body would love it!

ELIAS: The energy exchange is what it is. It is the function that it is. It is an agreement. As Michael is aware, he holds the ability to be terminating of this agreement at any moment; although I also am attentive to elements that Michael is not paying attention to at many times. (Smiling)

RETA: Interesting.

ELIAS: We shall be discontinuing this evening, and I shall be engaging you very soon. Affectionately, au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:24 PM. (Some brief session!)

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