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Thursday, September 17, 1998

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“Shrines & Duplicity”

“Aspects of Belief Systems”

“Go Forth and Share!”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Gerhard (Doro), and Elisabeth (Sebastia).

Vic’s note: Gerhard and Elisabeth reside in Vienna. This is their first session with Elias. Last year, Gerhard created a website which presents the Elias material, and which has made this information much more accessible to many people. Thanks, Gerhard!

Elias arrives at 11:27 AM. (Arrival time was 36 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. (Smiling warmly)

GERHARD: Hello, Monsieur. (Ha! A French-speaking Austrian!)

ELIAS: And you have inquiries this day?

GERHARD: First, we would like to know our essence name and family and alignment.

ELIAS: Very well.

(To Gerhard) Essence name, Doro; D-O-R-O. Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Ilda.

GERHARD: What is the alignment?

ELIAS: Ilda.

GERHARD: Ilda! Really!

ELIAS: Correct.

(To Elisabeth) Essence name, Sebastia; S-E-B-A-S-T-I-A. Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Borledim.

GERHARD: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

GERHARD: My first question is, which belief do I not recognize that I should recognize, that would be good for me to recognize?

ELIAS: Quite a general question you pose! (Grinning)

GERHARD: Do I have shrines, things that I do not know or want to know about myself that I should know?

ELIAS: Shrines are not elements that individuals are unaware of. They are elements that you have created within your focus based upon patterns of experience, so to speak, that you hold within your focus, and you do not allow a free expression of energy in these areas.

Many, many individuals within physical focus hold shrines. In actuality, there are few individuals within physical focus that do not create shrines, for they hold experiences that they view to be negative or disturbing to them, and within their experiences they create patterns of repeated experiences in some areas, and in this they are creating of what I term to be shrines, adding to these experiences and holding to the energy of these experiences, not allowing the energy to flow freely.

Presently, as you are aware, we are addressing to the belief system of relationships, which is influencing in intensity with very many individuals. Within this present now and for a time period previously, there has been a wave in consciousness which has been occurring, and this wave addresses to the belief system of relationship. But as we address to the belief system of relationship and all of the aspects of this particular belief system, it serves as a very good example of any of your belief systems and the aspects that are held within each of the belief systems.

This analogy that I have offered of the bird cage and all of the birds is serving well to be instructive to individuals, and to yourselves also, in identifying many of the aspects of belief systems and recognizing that there are more elements to a belief system than merely one. In this, you offer yourselves the opportunity not only to view a belief system but to address to all of the aspects, and in this action you offer yourselves a more efficient process, so to speak, of accepting belief systems.

The acceptance of belief systems is a very difficult concept for individuals within physical focus, for you do hold thought processes that are very singularly oriented. Therefore, you think in terms of either/or – either you hold a belief system or you do not hold a belief system – but this is not the point of this shift in consciousness. This shift in consciousness is to identify that you hold belief systems, address to these belief systems, and be accepting of these belief systems, not eliminating of them.

This, I am understanding, is quite difficult for individuals within physical focus to be understanding and assimilating, although you are all moving closer in the direction of your understanding in this area.

As to your question of the affectingness of belief systems with yourself individually and how you may move more efficiently within your focus, let me express to you that I shall be suggesting to you that you be addressing to the belief system of duplicity and recognizing the bouncing back and forth within this particular belief system in relation to all other belief systems, for this particular belief system is ultimately the most affecting belief system within physical focus, and is quite affecting of you also. For although you move in the direction of acknowledging self in certain areas, you also struggle with the acceptance of self and trust in self, as it is blocked through the influence of the belief system in duplicity.

In this, I express to you that this particular belief system shall be your MOST affecting as you are investigating of it, and allowing yourselves to be addressing to its aspects and how it is influencing of all of your other belief systems, and how very influencing this particular belief system is in affecting your own acceptance of self and your acceptance of other individuals. (Smiling)

GERHARD: Thank you. Why did I not find out that I am Ilda? I thought that I was Gramada. I’ve always felt that I was not so good at communicating. How does this fit together?

ELIAS: Ah! But you view that you must be communicating within verbalization!

GERHARD: I must not communicate within verbalization?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary. This is not the only expression that individuals aligning with the Ilda family move in the direction of. It matters not that you view yourself to be not so very accomplished in the area of verbal communication. And I am understanding why, within your logical thought process, you may look to yourself and assume that you are aligning with the Gramada family, looking to your accomplishments and expressing to yourself that they are initiating and innovative, which they are, but they also serve as a communication line and an exchange of ideas for many individuals within many different cultures.

GERHARD: Okay. So it would also be a good idea to have a group in Vienna discussing Elias?

ELIAS: I am quite encouraging of all individuals to be interactive with this information, for this would be the point in being helpful within the action of this shift in consciousness, and as you are offering more communication with yourselves in this area, you also lend energy to lessening the trauma within the action of this shift. Therefore, I am acknowledging of this direction and encouraging you in this area.

GERHARD: I also have the impression that I have to develop myself more – have impressions, have so many things that people you are dealing with have as spiritual – and what can I do? Should I just do what I like, or should I try to develop myself first?

ELIAS: (Grinning) As we return to the belief system of duplicity, of which I am expressing to you of the importance that you be addressing to this belief system, for it is quite easy for you to move in the direction of discounting self, and this is the byproduct of this particular belief system.

It also creates quite an intense amount of limitations for many individuals, for you do not allow yourself to be expressive of the entirety of your creativity while you are aligning with the belief system of duplicity, and in this, discounting of your own abilities and questioning of your own abilities.

Let me express to you that as you move in the direction of trusting self and acceptance of self, you may be moving in many areas, and it is unnecessary that you be completely accomplished at the acceptance of self BEFORE you are moving in any direction, for if this be the case, no individuals would be moving in ANY directions!

It is a process, which is another byproduct of your belief systems; but nonetheless, it is a process that you move into hand-in-hand, so to speak. You are widening your awareness simultaneously to expressing interaction with other individuals, and as you allow yourselves to be expressive with other individuals, you also simultaneously are reinforcing your own acceptance of self, for if you are not moving in the direction of acceptance and trust of self, you shall be doubting of yourself and you shall not be interactive with other individuals, for you shall discount yourself and you shall retract yourself.

But in offering information to other individuals, you address to aspects of belief systems in the direction of how other individuals shall perceive you, how you shall present yourself, whether you hold the knowledge and intelligence needed to be providing of information, whether you hold enough information or not. These are all aspects of your own belief systems. You address to these aspects as you plunge yourselves forward, so to speak, and allow yourselves to move.

Let me express to you that as I have stated previously, it is unnecessary that you hold a belief in healing aspects for healing to be occurring within you. All that is necessary is your own trust of self, regardless of your belief. In like manner, it is unnecessary to hold all the answers, so to speak, but merely to be trusting in yourselves, and your impressions shall flow to you, and you shall be efficiently creating and addressing to other individuals.

It is merely your own fearfulness that block[s] or limit[s] your interaction and your flow of energy with other individuals, for you fear that you may be expressive in inadequate areas. It matters not. You shall be adequately expressing if you are trusting and accepting of self and not discounting of self.

You both are belonging to the family of Sumafi. Therefore, your underlying intent is to be watchful of information in the least amount of distortion, and you naturally incline in the area of teaching. Therefore, regardless of your choice of expression within this physical focus, it matters not which direction you move in, you shall also move with this underlying intent, and you may view this as a helpfulness to yourself, that you shall move automatically in the area of meticulousness.

Some individuals are moving in this direction in what you may term to be PAINFULLY careful areas (grinning) and are QUITE meticulous in their expressions, which is more of an allowance of their Sumafi influence; which this is not to say that all individuals belonging to the family of Sumafi are quite so meticulous in all of their areas of expression, but that this is an underlying quality that you hold that you move into automatically and naturally. This also is helpful to you in addressing to your belief system of duplicity.

ELISABETH: I want to ask you, how can I manage to get more alignment with my soul and with my inner self? (Pause)

Vic’s note: Elias spoke to Elisabeth softly and with great affection.

ELIAS: Your natural inclination, in alignment with your family alignment within this focus, is to be nurturing and helpful. In this, you express this easily outwardly to other individuals. NOW turn your attention to self, and apply this natural ability that you hold to yourself in equal proportion as you do to other individuals.

Be mindful of your own desires. Recognize that ALL within your physical focus is spiritual, not merely that which you think of as elusive and cosmic, not merely essence in the form that is untouchable to you, but recognizing that you yourself ARE essence and hold wondrous abilities!

In this, offer to yourself the acknowledgment and the acceptance of all of yourself, not merely in what you view to be spirituality, for the idea or concept of spirituality within physical focus is merely a belief in some thing outside of yourself. In actuality, spirituality is all that you are and all that you hold in all of your abilities – physical, emotional, mental, and not necessarily the term spiritual, but inner, subjective – ALL of these elements of you combined are that which is spiritual.

Therefore, if you are attending to all of yourself, you shall be moving in the direction of true spirituality: not denying of yourself, but allowing of yourself. As you are moving in the direction of pleasure, you also shall be offering yourself the nurturing which shall be helpful to you, in allowing you to objectively recognize your own interconnectedness with YOU.

ELISABETH: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Pause)

GERHARD: (To Elisabeth) Can I ask about your back? (Gerhard and Elisabeth converse in German) Could you tell us what is connected with the hurting back Elisabeth has now? Which belief is showing, and what does it stands for?

ELIAS: This also would be directly connected to that of which we have just spoken, for in this you have created a situation of holding energy within this location of your physical body for the reason that you are not being supportive of yourself, and you feel underlyingly that you are being supportive of other individuals and not feeling that same supportiveness within you. Therefore, you create a painfulness within your physical form to be reminding you to be moving in the direction of supportiveness to yourself.

It is quite common within physical focus for individuals to be moving in the direction of looking to other individuals and what they view to be outside sources to be supportive of them and to be offering them the nurturing and the validation that they seek within physical focus. What you are offering yourself in drawing yourself to this information is the recognition that these validations and [this] supportiveness is not acquired from other individuals or from what you view to be outside sources, but is generated from within, and that you hold all of your own power, so to speak, and magnificence in your own creativity and your own abilities to offer it to yourself, and in acknowledging this to yourself and offering this to yourself, you automatically, as a natural byproduct, offer this also to other individuals.

You move in the direction of creating the reverse action: you offer to other individuals, anticipating that you shall receive. But in actuality, if you are offering to yourself and if you are caring for yourself and accepting of self, you automatically shall project forth the energy that shall be accomplishing the same with other individuals. As you turn your attention more in the direction of acceptance of you and addressing to the whole of you, you also shall be affecting of this painfulness within this physical area, and you shall lessen more and more of this painfulness, to the point that you are eliminating it.

ELISABETH: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

ELISABETH: How am I able to help my son? Because he is making his life so difficult! How am I able to make a better ... (speaks to Gerhard in German)

GERHARD: Relationship.

ELISABETH: ... relationship to him, to help him?

ELIAS: This be another aspect of the belief system of relationships which is quite prevalent and quite common within physical focus, especially in the area of mothers and children. There is a great affectingness in the area of this aspect of the belief system of relationship, for there is a felt responsibility and a tremendous desire, which is quite genuine, upon the part of the parent to be offering to and helpful to their offspring, so to speak. Therefore, I am acknowledging of what you are inquiring.

Let me also express to you that in this, your greatest supportiveness and helpfulness to your children, so to speak, shall be in your own expression of the little sapling, for this shall be assimilated and accepted much more than any other of your expressions or your communications with your child, for you shall look more to example and the projection of energy and the FEEL of energy than to any other expression.

Do not be discounting of other individuals and their awareness of energy, regardless of their expression. Individuals feel energy and hold an awareness of energy much more strongly than words, and energy projected in alignment with this little sapling story may be much more affecting than you realize, for other individuals look to examples. Even without uttering a single word within your language, you may be very affecting within your actions, for individuals are noticing, and within consciousness you lend energy to their own movement in this expression. Therefore, look to this analogy of the little sapling, and this shall be helpful to you in being supportive to your child.

ELISABETH: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

GERHARD: I would like to work a little bit on the organization of the Elias information. Paul said it’s more on a subjective level that the shift will come. What can we do on the objective level to make it easier to access it and not to make a religion out of it?

ELIAS: Let me address initially to the idea that more of your movement shall occur subjectively than objectively, for although you are continuously affecting subjectively and lending energy in the direction of this shift in consciousness subjectively, and there IS a great affectingness, this is not to discount your objective expression, for your objective and subjective awarenesses move and operate in harmony to each other. Therefore, you also may be addressing to the objective movements. Were this not so, there would be no necessity for MY interaction objectively with any of you within physical focus. I would not be interactive within this energy exchange with Michael and speaking verbally, objectively to all of you if your movement were merely within a subjective area of consciousness and if the objective expressions did not hold importance ... but you move within your created reality within this dimension in an objective attention.

You have created this particular dimension, this particular reality, to be functioning within the manner of your objective attention. Yes, your subjective awareness moves in harmony with this objective expression, but you involve yourselves with objective creations and you have created an objective, physical reality. Therefore, your objective expression also holds importance. This be the reason that I have expressed many times to individuals to be moving in the direction of interaction with other individuals and to be sharing this information and expressive of these concepts with other individuals.

You have already begun in this area. I am aware of your expressions in movement into offering this information to other individuals, and in this you have already objectively begun to be lending energy to lessening the trauma in the action of this shift. You may continue in this direction, and as I have stated to you at the onset of this session, I am quite encouraging of these objective expressions. You express inquiry in the area of sharing information within groups in your physical location. I am encouraging of this action, for all of your objective expressions in alignment with this information IS helpful in lessening the trauma experienced within this shift.

It is correct that you lend energy subjectively to lessening the trauma and you lend energy subjectively in drawing individuals to this information objectively, but individuals are experiencing NOW many experiences that they do not understand and they hold no explanation for, and you hold information to offer to them in explanation of their experiences that shall be objectively helpful to them. Not only individuals that draw themselves to this information or this forum are experiencing strange and unusual events within their focuses. Individuals move more and more into the action of this shift in consciousness. It becomes more and more objectively obvious to you all regardless of the information that you hold.

Therefore, as you allow yourself more information, you also develop more of a desire to be sharing of this information, and the reason is that you hold an inner knowing that this shall be helpful in the action of this shift. Therefore, I express to you, go forth and share! (Chuckling)

GERHARD: Thank you. A question of minor importance is, what belief is connected to my eyes not always wanting to see so well?

ELIAS: This is not necessarily the situation of not wanting to see so well, but moreover, the reverse. The belief that you hold, that you attach to your physical form which is affecting of your sight, is that your physical form, your body, is not the spiritual aspect of you, but the vessel of the inner self.

(Dramatically) Ah, the almighty inner self! Another all-elusive element that we ... none of us see or know where it resides! Somewhere innerly! (Chuckling)

In this, as you align with the belief system that your physical form, your physical body, holds elements of inadequacy – it ages, it is subject to outside elements, it is not quite the expression of essence (grinning) – in alignment with this belief, you also create a physical affectingness with eyesight, not for the reason that you wish not to see, but that you must be providing helpfulness to your sight, for it is inadequate to be seeing on its own, so to speak.

In this, this is interesting imagery that you have created for yourself, for this also is within alignment of your belief in duplicity, for as you do not view yourself to hold adequate abilities independently to be expressive of self and of your own impressions – you view that you are requiring helpfulness in this area, for you may not be expressive adequately yourself – you mirror this belief in the area of your vision, that you offer to yourself outside helpfulness. Your own vision is inadequate. Therefore, you provide yourself with spectacles that shall be helpful to you.

Be understanding, this is not bad. It is not negative; it is not bad. I offer you each this information merely that you may view what you create and why, and how you are creating of your realities as influenced by your belief systems, but the belief systems themselves are not negative and are not bad. They are neutral. You merely create within your physical focus affectingnesses as influenced by these beliefs. You move in the direction of acceptance of belief systems for the reason that certain belief systems are limiting to you. This is not to express that they are bad, but that they are limiting and that you do not allow yourselves the fullness of your own creativity and your own expressiveness, for you block your movement in alignment with the influences of your belief systems.

But I wish not to be reinforcing your issues in the area of duplicity by expressing to you the explanation of what you view to be visual “problems.” It is not a problem. It is merely a creation, a choice, and this is not a negative element that you may apply to yourself and move more efficiently into your belief in duplicity and express your own inadequacy! This would not be the point. I offer you this information that you may more understand yourselves, and in this offer yourselves more opportunities to be accepting of yourselves. Are you understanding?

GERHARD: Yes, thank you.

ELISABETH: Yes. I think the difficulty is to identify the belief systems, to see them and to identify, “Oh, this is a belief system.”

ELIAS: ALL that you move within, within physical focus, is influenced by a belief system. It is ... regardless of what you create, you are operating within the influence of a belief system.

You choose to be adorning yourself with certain attire. This is influenced by a belief system. Your appearance is influenced by a belief system. The way you walk, the way you comb your hair, how you sleep, how you eat, even how you breathe many times is influenced by your belief systems. This may be sounding quite extreme, but I assure you, there are many individuals that are quite noticing of their own breathing process, especially as they are creating of what they term to be a meditation! They shall be quite attentive to their breathing, which is also influenced by a belief system.

There is no action that you engage within physical focus that is not influenced in some manner by a belief system. Therefore, each action that you choose, as you allow yourself more information you may be offering yourselves the identifications of which belief systems you are identifying with and which are influencing of you. As we move on within our discussions futurely in the area of belief systems, it may become more easily identifiable for you in the areas of belief systems, for I have opened the discussion of this belief system of relationship not merely for the reason that it is addressing to this particular wave in consciousness which is occurring now, but also to be offering you all more information in the area of belief systems, that there are fewer actual belief systems than you realize, but there are many more aspects to each belief system than you realize.

In this, so to speak, there are fewer bird cages but many more birds within these cages, and this shall be continued within our discussions, that you may all realize many more of the aspects of belief systems [rather] than attempting to move in the direction of classifying every action that you create within physical focus as an individual belief system in itself.

For in actuality, although there are several belief systems – or few more than several – within your physical focus, there are not countless belief systems within your physical focus. There are NUMEROUS aspects to each belief system, but the belief systems that encompass the aspects are fewer than you realize.

You shall be more noticing of your own belief systems and you shall be recognizing more of the aspects of these belief systems as you allow yourself to be connecting and interactive more with yourself and noticing more of your own actions, events, and behaviors within your focus. Interactive with other individuals is quite helpful also, for they may be identifying of aspects of belief systems that you may not necessarily allow yourself to view, and this shall be helpful to you also.

Vic’s note: Elias did say “interactive,” not “interacting,” in the above paragraph. He seemed to have a bit of trouble selecting words during this session. A less “interactive” focus of Elias, perhaps?

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions?

GERHARD: No, nothing, thank you.

ELISABETH: No, thank you.

ELIAS: I am expressing much delight in our meeting this day, and offering much encouragement to you both. And I am also expressive to you that I shall be offering to you this day a slight element of energy exchange that you may be incorporating into your movement futurely with your new endeavors in your interaction with other individuals within your home location, so to speak. (Here, Elias extends both hands out, clasping hands with Gerhard and Elisabeth) In this, I am extending of my energy to you and allowing for you to feel this energy and receive from myself the interaction that you may take with you upon your objective journeys.

ELISABETH: Thank you.

GERHARD: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: To you both, I offer great affection this day and am expressing much encouragement. I express to you each much lovingness, and a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:33 PM.

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