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Sunday, November 24, 1996

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“Group Counterparts”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Julie (Lanyah), Christy (Maka), Cecelia (Sari), Jene (Rudy), Charles Sr. (Thomas), Charles Jr. (Ti-Le’), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), Daniche (Seanead), and briefly, Jim (Yarr).

Vic’s note: Charles Sr. and Charles Jr. will be abbreviated CHSR and CHJR.

Elias arrives at 7:07 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! Evening, now! (Humorously referring to the two private sessions held this afternoon; one with Jim, and one with Norm and Reta. I think three sessions in one day is a first!)

In continuing our discussion of counterparts, we shall enter the area of group counterpart action. There are many different types of group counterpart action. You presently are engaged in one type of group counterpart action. There are times within your history that you may view the manifestation of group counterpart action in mass events. These may take the form of national group counterpart actions. You may liken these actions to your sports games, in which you have teams of opposing sides, so to speak. In this also, within groups, counterparts manifest within an action of opposing desires. These are for specific reasons each time they are created. Each of your wars incorporate the action of group counterpart actions. Many of your different types of mass events are created in cooperation of counterparts.

This is not to say that all counterpart action in groups must be large groups, for they are not. Some are quite small. These you may also liken to pools of consciousness. I have expressed to you that there are many pools of consciousness, inside of pools, inside of pools. You each hold your own pools of consciousness, and there are overlapping pools of consciousness with counterpart action involved also. Some individuals choose to manifest within groups with a specific intent. In this, as they manifest within a specific intent, another group will manifest also as a counterpart group. This allows for a balance within the experience. It also enhances the accomplishment of each group’s intent.

This shift is a mass event. This also is a counterpart action, for the counterparts held to you are those within the religious and scientific belief systems. These are the established, existing individuals and consciousness upon your planet, within your dimension. These are the accepted line of consciousness. You now, within agreement, choose to be altering of this accepted line of consciousness. Therefore, you introduce a counterpart action and initiate your shift.

In this, be realizing that you are not doing battle with your counterparts. You, as counterparts, are serving to enhance the experience of each. Therefore you, within your intent and your counterpart action, are not attempting to eliminate existing belief systems. You are serving to alter the main, accepted line of consciousness through your intent and your desire. As you display your awareness, you offer awareness to your counterparts. In this, within their own experience, which may be different to your experience, they also may align with this shift. Aligning with the shift in consciousness is not necessarily eliminating the belief systems presently held within scientific or religious beliefs. These will naturally widen, within the action of your widening of consciousness.

Throughout your history, there have been many group counterpart actions, these involving different aspects of different families. You already view, within our game, the counterpart action in one aspect. You may identify to yourselves, if you are noticing within your game, that the Zuli and the Milumet families are natural counterparts to each other. In this, they are complementary to each other. (Here, Jim arrives, and the two dogs create quite a ruckus!)

Now that we may bypass our interruption! (Grinning)

In continuing: You may, upon investigation, offer yourselves information of other essence families that hold counterpart action.

Be remembering, within our explanations of counterparts, that not all counterparts are opposite of each other. There are many actions of counterparts. Therefore, you view one quite obviously within these two essence families, but the other essence families hold counterpart action also in different areas. These are a little more difficult for you to be recognizing, but if you are clever, you may discover the counterpart action of these other essence families.

You may already hold a slight awareness of the counterpart action of the Sumari and the Ilda families, which may be causing of conflict for some individuals, as Lanyah, aligning with both such families, holding counterpart action within yourself! (Grinning, and laughter) Although, as I have stated, the counterpart action is quite complementary to each other. Therefore, it is also beneficial.

You may view, as we have discussed previously, your world war of the second, which held many group counterpart actions within many of the families, and also many intents. These, in your study of history, you may offer yourselves information of individuals aligning with certain intents and certain families which act as counterparts to other families. These elements offer you much information of yourselves, for all of the actions that are created within mass events are also mirrored within the individual.

You hold all of the same aspects that you create outwardly in what you view to be larger circumstances. Your communities, your governments, your globe is modeled from the individual. All that you possess, you project into your society. Therefore, the actions that you express within mass events offer you information of yourselves inwardly. They also provide you with very visible evidence of counterpart action. It is quite easy to view mass events, such as this stated, and view the different elements and intents involved with groups of individuals. These also are mirrored from you.

All things originate within the individual. It does not work in the direction of outside to in; larger to smaller. The order of consciousness works from inside, expanding. As to the expanding and retracting universe, the universe does not retract. It expands continuously, but within the same space; (pause) as you expand continuously, but within the same space. (Another pause)

NORM: Interesting. The status of the Soviet Union has recently changed. I’m sure it was initiated by all of the people on this earth, but was it mostly initiated by the people behind the iron curtain?

ELIAS: Correct. There are overlapping desires, just as there are overlapping pools of consciousness and overlapping intents. Therefore, simultaneous to counterpart action, you also hold individual intents and mass event actions which all overlap each other, but may be different within the desire. Therefore, within many of your mass events, you, upon investigation of consciousness, will find that there is not merely one reasoning for each action that occurs. Within this action of which you speak, many elements have occurred simultaneously. These, in one respect, are latent qualities within the body of the society expressing, as impulses which have been blocked and then erupt in expression; for energy must be expressed. In another aspect of this action, a counterpart action has occurred within mass event, and group. (Pause) I shall allow you all questions this evening.

NORM: Like the change of the western world to Christianity that occurred around 300 AD, that was a group event also then?

ELIAS: This is a mass event.

NORM: Mass event. I mean a mass event.

ELIAS: Within this mass event you hold many counterpart actions, for you hold many different group factions within the mass event of Christianity. This is not expressing that all of those religious beliefs outside of the sphere of Christianity are counterpart actions. It is to say that all of the factions within the sphere of Christianity are counterpart actions within group situations.

NORM: And the shift that is occurring now is because of the fact that there is a mass action amongst probably many groups, the timing of which every individual is to decide what part he will actually play objectively in that? We are to decide ahead of time what part we will play in that shift? Is that part of it? Am I making sense?

ELIAS: You have already established your desire and your intent. Therefore, you have already established your choice in probabilities. In this, you are not choosing your position in the creation of the shift. You are allowing yourself the understanding of the action of the shift, and your lending of energy to its end.

NORM: There will be people that are opposing this?

ELIAS: This is correct.

NORM: And they will have energy against it, but it’s the one that’s got the most energy wins? Is that true?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. (Here, Daniche arrives, and the dogs start barking again. Maybe it’s time to unincorporate the dogs?)

VICKI: I have a question, just to clarify my own understanding, regarding the group counterpart action, and I’ll use the example of the shift. We have an intent to accelerate, in continuing the action of this shift. Within that, there are other groups, counterpart groups, that have counterpart action with us, but did I understand you correctly? Not what you would consider in opposition to the intent; such as groups with religious or scientific belief systems. I’m not quite clear on how the interaction between the groups would facilitate the action.

ELIAS: It is a lending of energy. You view singularly. You view that if an individual is not completely aligned with your thought process, that they are in opposition to you. This is not necessarily the case. Individuals may lend energy to the same purpose, to so speak, and hold different belief systems. There is movement within your scientific and your religious communities that aligns within energy, within an understanding that they have achieved thus far to a stopping point. They have moved into an area of choice-making. They may choose to continue upon your hamster wheel (humorously) within their physical mathematical languages scientifically, or they may incorporate true meta-physics; not your interpretation of metaphysical, but within the true explanation of metaphysics, there is a “beyond the physical aspects” which encompasses subjective activity. Within religious areas, there is an understanding; a knowing; a movement. Their belief systems differ, but they understand and hold a knowing of movement. Their interpretation of this movement may differ, but they lend energy to the movement, for they believe.

There are individuals that do not lend energy to the shift in consciousness. These individuals differ from those that seek religious fulfillment and belief systems, or scientific truths. There is a vast ocean between scientists that seek truth and scientists that seek science! (Smiling) Those that seek truth shall move beyond physical, and understand that non-physical and consciousness are the mechanics of your physical.

RETA: Can I ask you a question? Do you know Rupert Sheldrake from England? Do you know of his work? Is he seeking truth?

ELIAS: (Accessing) I express to you that you each speak to Elias within terms of your physical focus. You utilize identifications, namings, which hold no meaning. Therefore, I offer explanation for accessing information to which you inquire. Yes; seeking truth, but distorted. Many individuals seek the truth, but are clouded by the belief systems that they hold so very strongly. In this, this individual also aligns. It is difficult for many individuals to move through belief systems and view what lies beyond.

RETA: Do you feel, though, that the interpretation of science is contributing to the shift?

ELIAS: I shall express that the energy lent is contributing, not necessarily the information. (Pause)

NORM: So the energy content of all of those people that are interested in forwarding the shift is so that we can realize more of the true reality that we should be able to experience. The extent that the focus of the shift will occur is equal to the shift in the total energy content, or the sum of the energy content of all of those that are for and against the shift, and that is occurring in our dream world. Is that a way to interpret that?

ELIAS: The action is occurring within your subjective and objective consciousness. As you lend objective energy, you increase the motion of the shift. Within subjective knowing, all individuals within this dimension hold an understanding of this shift. All individuals hold an agreement of this shift.

NORM: Subjectively.

ELIAS: Correct. Objectively, not all individuals hold an understanding or an agreement of this shift. Therefore, you also express energy objectively. Do not be discounting of your objective consciousness. It is very powerful.

NORM: But that works through Region 2 also.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: As our intent and desires occur, we shift the probabilities in Region 2 so as to take reality in Region 1, and that would be like us influencing what the physicists call wave functions?

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are translating into your physical, objective language. You are translating a non-physical action into a physical language within your mathematical principles, which holds relevance only to this area of consciousness. (Norm says “The objective world” and Elias nods) You may partially discover your answers within this language if you are looking far enough, although your search and your quest for your answers within this language may require much of your time element. The availability of the answers that you seek is now within subjective movement, and another translation into objective awareness. If you are objectively translating an understanding of your subjective activity, you will find your answers much more quickly.

NORM: But we have to throw a lot of belief systems out.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Once again, you shall accept these belief systems. You shall not be discarding them!

NORM: The correct ones. (We all crack up)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We shall be working on this within energy! I shall be (knocking on the table) on your head also! (More laughter)

CHSR: That goes back to what you said about counterpart. It wasn’t necessarily opposite, then.

ELIAS: Quite right. Counterpart is not synonymous with opposite. It designates only a difference within action.

CHSR: Or maybe only a location?

ELIAS: This also is an element of some counterpart action, for this is altering of your experience. (Pause)

CHJR: Elias, can you explain retraction of energy?

ELIAS: In which direction would you be wishing an explanation of retraction of energy? You may retract energy in many areas.

CHJR: I was thinking about the explanation of the expanding galaxy. You said that it retracts in that given space. But I was wondering, if the galaxy is constantly expanding, and the scientists say that someday it’s all going to collapse back in, I guess I’m wondering what the fate of the galaxy is. But specifically, I’m talking about what happens to energy after it expands. Does it just keep on expanding? It never retracts, it never ...

ELIAS: Correct. You may retract energy temporarily, but this is not a cause and effect. This is to say that as energy expands, it does not necessarily retract.

CHJR: Does it fizzle out?

ELIAS: No. You believe that one motion automatically causes another motion. This is not always the case. In many situations, you have created action of energy within your physical focus to behave in this manner, but this is not to say that the natural action of consciousness is to behave in a manner of one action causing another action. Each action is caused by choice. (Intently)

CHJR: Okay. So it’s not constantly like this. Because of choice, it’s more like this. (Using hand gestures to demonstrate)

ELIAS: Quite! Absolutely! This being the illogical, irrational nature of consciousness; unpredictable; for it always holds choice. Every element, every molecule of air, every atom, every particle, every tiny link of consciousness which may not be measured, holds choice.

CHSR: Choice is not synonymous with predictability, then.


NORM: In regard to energy again, both objectively and subjectively, we have the ability to very powerfully control energy. That means that we can create energy from outside of our universe, or our objective system here, and we can deposit energy en masse within it. Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: There is no outside. (Staring at Norm)

NORM: Well, in our blinking state, we can put more mass in this blink focus. Am I stating that correctly?

ELIAS: You may physically create, individually, mass that you may visually view subjectively through thought, if you are manipulating within a conscious awareness of pulling energy into a time thickness. This would be your outside to inside. You are not pulling from outside of your universe. You are pulling from outside of your subjective awareness within other areas of consciousness, which are not outside! They are inside!

NORM: But we can’t view those objectively.

ELIAS: You may!

NORM: If I’m good! (Laughter)

ELIAS: If you are good! (Grinning) Many times, what you view to be apparitions are precisely this action. You physically view a form. It may not be human form. It may be an object, or it may be an individual; but within this action, many times what you believe to be ghosts or objects appearing within an apparition are merely your creation subjectively, pulled through the thickness into an objective manifestation.

NORM: The thickness is the layering that is the vibrational levels?

ELIAS: The thickness is your time dimension.

NORM: That’s a tough one.

ELIAS: I shall call for your break now, and we shall continue with your questions as we return ... Lanyah! (Laughter)

BREAK 7:56 PM.
RESUME 8:23 PM. (Time was one second)

ELIAS: Continuing.

VICKI: I have a question for Michael and I.

What is the relationship between your body consciousness and your personality consciousness after you croak? For example, is there any significance to whether you choose to be buried or cremated, or whatever means you choose before you die?

ELIAS: Yes, there is significance. There is significance to all of your choices. Therefore, the choice that you make in disengaging from a particular focus also holds significance. If you are choosing to be cremated, or if you are choosing to be disengaging by fire in another manner, this is significance in your disconnection from physical body consciousness within a particular focus; a complete re-assimilation of energy, a complete movement of energy away from physical focus. Within a choice to remain, you also hold aspects within the body consciousness. This may be difficult for your understanding.

Your body holds its own consciousness; for each cell, each molecule of your body holds individual consciousness, and together they hold a mass event consciousness, which you will designate as your body consciousness. In this, as you choose to disengage a particular physical focus, you may also choose not to completely disengage a physical focus. Therefore, you shall allow an aspect of your energy, of your consciousness, to assimilate into the body consciousness, which will then change form and assimilate into other consciousness, remaining within this physical focus.

If you are choosing to be entirely disengaging the consciousness from a particular physical focus, then you will choose a process, or what you term to be a method, that will not re-assimilate your energy into existing energy within this dimension and focus. Therefore, you will remove the body consciousness also.

In holding aspects of your consciousness within physical focus, you may choose to do this in different manners. You may choose to reconstruct your energy, and assimilate it into natural elements of your earth. You may also choose to assimilate your energy into creature energy. This would be accomplished by disengaging physical focus being eaten. If you are consumed by another creature, that creature assimilates your energy; not in its entirety, but an aspect of your energy, which allows you a continuation within physical focus.

VICKI: Would those sorts of choices be any indication of a choice to remanifest or not?

ELIAS: At times, these are indications of remanifestation or non-remanifestation. Many times, individuals may choose a complete removal of body energy from physical focus if choosing to be not remanifesting; although there are some situations where individuals may choose to remanifest, but for their own reasons within consciousness, connected with a particular physical focus, they may choose to be removing all aspects of their energy from this particular focus. This may also be a choice lending energy to non-remanifestation, in conjunction with the focus designated to be disengaging physical focus.

VICKI: And also, regarding body consciousness, which is a term I don’t really understand, but since engaging the exercise, I have had some interesting experiences feeling other people’s bodies. Is this because of the action of the exercise, or is there something else going on with that?

ELIAS: Partially. This action also is a natural process occurring within your widening of awareness, and understanding and acceptance of the action of the twins. In a realization of no separation within this area, as you may view objectively that it may appear easier, you may allow yourself the experience of mergence. I have expressed previously that within this particular type of connection, you may experience exaggerated examples of many of the concepts of which we speak, for you are very closely connected within a particular physical focus. Therefore, you are not only subjectively very closely connected, but you are objectively connected closely also, which allows for this mergence, and for your noticing of it.

VICKI: You’ve referred to your final manifestation. How can you have a final manifestation within the concept of simultaneous time?

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence. There is a designation. In the terms of final manifestation, I do not offer this term within your linear understanding. It is not meant in “the last,” as others preceding this focus; for all of your focuses are occurring simultaneously. Therefore, there are no focuses preceding others; but within the whole of all of your focuses, one will designate as that focus which shall initiate the disengagement of physical focus. That focus shall be designated as your final focus.

VICKI: So would it be a result of the choice of experience in that focus? I’m not sure I understand.

ELIAS: Partially. The experiences engaged within that particular focus shall be engaged with the knowledge that this is the final manifestation. Therefore, the pool of probabilities shall differ from other pools of probabilities within other focuses. The desire is different, but it is a cooperation. It is not the individual focus which designates the action of final focus, but it is not predestined by essence either. There is no looming essence creating orders for your focus! Therefore, it is a cooperation and agreement which is designated by desire; just as within you, within this particular focus, you hold many aspects of yourselves that you recognize.

You hold many abilities; you hold many desires. If you are choosing, you may hypothetically separate these into “little you’s.” You may place all of these little you’s next to and side by side of each other, each holding its own desire, its own creativity, its own direction. Within this same concept, essence holds many aspects. Therefore, there is an individual desire of an aspect of essence to disengage physical focus. This aspect which manifests into a particular physical focus shall designate itself, in cooperation with essence and all other focuses, to be the final manifestation; just as one shall be designated as initiating.

VICKI: And if you feel that same feeling, both feelings in one focus, is that just ’cause you’re really confused? (Laughter)

ELIAS: I may express yes, for I am very well aware that you are confused! Although I shall also offer to you that within a final manifestation, you may sometimes hold an awareness of initiating focus, for you are aware of all of your other focuses, for you are intersecting. This is dependent upon your desire and intent within your final manifestation. As your intent encompasses a desire to be accomplishing transition within physical focus, you allow yourself the intersection of all of your focuses, which you also allow more of an influencing and knowing of all of these focuses. Therefore, you may also feel the feeling of the initiating focus. It may bleed through and show itself. Therefore, you may become confused, expressing you are experiencing your first focus and your last focus; although you have no first or last! You have initiating and discontinuing, for there is no beginning or ending! (Grinning)

This would be your explanation for holding both knowings or feelings. Within your initiating focus, you will not hold an awareness of your final focus. The feeling shall appear different. This also is a very creative action within physical focus, for you endow yourselves with feelings of each focus. Those focuses remanifesting, which are not initiating or final, know that they are continuing. The manifestation which is initiating feels new. It feels as if it is a blank slate. It holds no memory. A final manifestation may feel the feeling of the initiating manifestation, but also will feel its finality. It knows it is disengaging physical focus. It prepares for non-physical. Therefore, you always know where you are within your focuses. You are not such a mystery to yourselves! (Grinning)

JENE: I have a question. Within this physical focus, the thickness of a time dimension we’re very aware of, and it is sequential. Within transition, what is the escape button, or the desire or intent for remanifestation or for disengagement? Is there an educational period of time that we experience the body consciousness, subjective objective consciousness, All That Is? When that takes place, do we then choose, which everything is a choice, the desire and intent to remanifest? Or ...

ELIAS: This enters into a difficult area, for you continue to think in terms of reincarnation. Remanifestation is not reincarnation. They are entirely different elements, for there is no reincarnation. You also think in terms of sequence, which this also holds no relevance within non-physical terms.

Therefore, your questions lead to a direction of asking, (humorously) “If I die, I move to an area of confusion and chaos. I await a small time period within this confusion. Great masters and teachers approach me and express truths to me. Then I am knowledgeable, and choose to be born.” No! You do not move in these terms. You are a new creation. You do not reincarnate!

CHRIS: So what we refer to as our past lives are just other selves?

ELIAS: (To Christy) They are other focuses.

(To Jene) Now, in continuing with your question; you discontinue a physical focus. As Lawrence has inquired, even in this discontinuation of physical focus, there is significance in your action. Therefore, if you are choosing to expire as you sleep and you are choosing to be buried within your earth, your choice within transition shall be different than your choice within transition had you chosen to be consumed, or to be consumed by fire, or to be vaporized by your atomic weapons, or to be poofing away! Your choice of disengagement of physical focus is quite influencing of your choice of transition. In this, you continue.

There are many choices that you may engage within the area of transition. If you are enamored with this cycle of physical manifestation, you may choose within this area of transition to fragment, and you may choose to focus the entirety of your essence within physical focus. Therefore, you shall be born again. If you choose, you may engage aspects of your consciousness that you may continue within physical focus, as other aspects move into other areas of consciousness. If you choose, you may disengage physical focus; at which point, as has been stated, it then is the choice of each individual focus to align or fragment, or other actions.

VICKI: Well, what happened with Lydia and Tweety when Tweety was born? So what happened to the personality of Lydia?

ELIAS: The personality of Lydia was not assimilated. It was not swallowed by Tweety! Aspects of consciousness merge between Lydia and Tweety to form the manifestation, the focus, in agreement and cooperation. Other aspects of Tweety and of Lydia continue within personality, within their own individual directions. The merged aspects of consciousness create a new personality aspect of the joined focuses.

VICKI: So that would be where the new comes in, but then aspects of Lydia and Tweety continue?

ELIAS: Correct; not losing their individuality or integrity.

(Here, we pause a few minutes for a tape change)

ELIAS: As you think in terms of yourselves as individual entities, you think singularly. You think you move from one focus into another focus as you are, but you are more than you recognize. You view only a portion of yourself. You think in terms of your objective self, and you think that this is the entity that moves through consciousness into “places” of areas of consciousness. (Humorously)

You move from your physical “plane,” being the individual person that you are, into a non-physical transitional “plane,” which naturally is a place, for you must occupy a place! And from this place of transitional plane, you move to a “higher” plane of more encompassing knowledge, and possibly to a teaching master such as I! (Laughter) Very incorrect!

You are much more than what you objectively perceive. There are no planes. There are no levels. You do not move “higher and higher,” moving into your “heavenly realm.” You occupy your heavenly realm presently! You already are your highest expression! You only move into different manifestations of experiences.

NORM: So we’re essentially in heaven right now, in a sense.

ELIAS: In a sense.

JULIE: Elias, I have a quick question. Throughout our focuses, in each individual focus we connect to different essence families, correct?

ELIAS: You may.

JULIE: You may. So you don’t necessarily connect with the same essence family throughout all your focuses. Okay. That’s all.

ELIAS: You may choose, if you wish, the same essence family to be aligning with throughout your focuses. You may also choose to align with different essence families within different focuses. Generally, you do not change your alignment with an essence family within a particular focus.

JENE: I’m still having a lot of confusion as to physical focus time element. Scott, almost eleven years in our physical focus thickness of time, I perceive through feelings, intuition, experience, consciousness, is still in transition, and aspects and fragments of that transition manifest in Buddy, in birds, in language, intuition.

ELIAS: Allow me to redefine. Aspects of consciousness do not manifest within other elements of consciousness in the regard that you believe.

This individual continues within transition. You are correct that your assessment of time element is quite different, and hold no meaning within the area of transition. Excuse; holds little meaning, for within transition there is slight recognition of time elements as a continuance of connection to physical focus, and also, within a movement of belief systems there may be an identification of time element also. In actuality, the experience of true time dimension does not exist, but the experience of feeling time element may. In this, the individual may also project energy. This is not the same action as placing, so to speak, or allowing an aspect of consciousness to be residing within another element.

JENE: So that’s a temporary experience of energy.

ELIAS: It is a movement of energy. It is an attempt at communication. Many essences within individual focuses experiencing transition attempt, within scattered energy, to be communicating, or what they view to be creating an intersection with physical focus. They may accomplish, although it is very undirected. Within your science fiction, it is as if they are spraying their ray gun, and where the ray hits is their unintentional target! It may be close to their desired focus, but they are not quite adept at focusing energy into this time element thickness intentionally. Therefore, it is undirected, although they are quite accomplished at being close!

JENE: And if they choose, even though they’re very scattered at their target, so to speak, the manifestation of their physical form, would that be a drawing of energy from my objective consciousness to view? As say in one particular instance of him driving in the truck in front of me, that I viewed right after he decided to disengage.

ELIAS: You view alternate realities. This is not the same as the individual projecting back an image or apparition for your viewing. Within the scatteredness of the energy, within the action chosen, other focuses are affected within bleed-through. Also, alternates may bleed through as negatives; ghost images.

JENE: I don’t usually view those as negative, but ...

ELIAS: Negatives in respect to pictures, as photographs. A negative of a photograph appears as a ghost image. This would be the same.

These are difficult and expansive areas. Many actions are possible. Therefore, you may view many different actions within alternate realities and it is quite easy to be misinterpreting, for you view singularly. If you are viewing a ghost image, not meaning “wooo” ghost, (grinning) you may view this and you may interpret this as one thing; an entity, the entity to which you identify with. It may not be. It may be a trail of energy. Just as your particles leave trails, you also leave trails within energy. It may be an energy deposit. It may be your own manifestation of your own desire. It may be alternate selves. There are many, many, many actions that occur. You interpret in what you already understand. This also is the point of your shift, to be interpreting wider; not only according to what you already identify, but to be accepting of unofficial information; your periphery, all of these other aspects of consciousness that are also reality.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JENE: I’d like to thank you too, for the information that I picked up on my table the other day.

NORM: Getting back to out-of-body experiences; the objective consciousness and the body consciousness, do they have to align themselves with each other to have an out-of-body experience?

ELIAS: Your body consciousness is always aligned with your subjective consciousness. It is always in agreement. It is always responsive. Therefore, whatever you choose subjectively that involves your body consciousness shall be complied with, this being the method of creation of physical maladies; a physical response within body consciousness to manifestations or actions within subjective choices.

RETA: Could you use that same idea in healing?

ELIAS: Absolutely. Yes. This would be the action of healing; information fed to your body consciousness, and its response to your subjective instruction.

RETA: And yet we don’t translate well from our subjective.

ELIAS: You translate very well! (Laughter)

RETA: I mean, we don’t translate to our body very well from the subjective, do we?

ELIAS: You translate excellently! If you are choosing to be healing, you shall be healing! If you are choosing not to be healing, you shall not be healing! You translate perfectly from your subjective to your objective, and your body understands all of your subjective activity.

RETA: Sounds good. It doesn’t need a language.

NORM: The problem is between the conscious and the unconscious.

RETA: The problem is that we don’t take better care of ourselves. (Elias is grinning) Belief systems! Don’t tell me that again!

ELIAS: One point! (Laughter)

NORM: In out-of-body experiences, you usually stay within this focus, this physical focus.

ELIAS: Do you! (Laughter)

NORM: Well, I think I want to when I start doing it, at least to begin with! You’re frowning!

ELIAS: When you begin? You have begun!

NORM: I have begun? In my dream state?

ELIAS: You accomplish this action, as I have expressed earlier this evening, much of your time. Express to me that you have never drifted in your attention within your lifetime.

NORM: I’m sure I have. Well, of course!

ELIAS: Of course! And at these moments, you disengage from your body consciousness. You enact what you term to be out-of-body experience.

NORM: I just have to be lucid in those.

ELIAS: This would be your choice, but as you are choosing to be engaging the action of the shift, this would be your choice; to be aware of your activity subjectively in what you term to be out-of body, although you may surprise yourselves that you are continuously out-of-body, and also within; for you are not the workings of your physical brain. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a brief question. Bill, whom I interact with on the computer, has asked to know his essence name.

ELIAS: Moran. (Accent on second syllable)

VICKI: M-O-R-A-N? (Elias nods)

JENE: I met a young essence last evening. Her name is Emeral, and she’s twelve. She requested to know her “magical name.”

ELIAS: (Chuckling) But she may resonate to herself! (Pause) Misha.

JENE: Misha. Thank you. I’ll tell her.

VICKI: Also, a brief question from Sena, wondering about her feeling that she is counterpart to yourself.

ELIAS: This would be an interesting identification, as being counterpart to Michael; and within this essence, the essence of Michael holds all identification of Elias. Therefore, the recognition. As to an actuality of counterpart action directly, no.

VICKI: Okay, I have another question.

ELIAS: “Oh, Asker Of Questions” returns! (Laughter)

VICKI: This is a personal question. In the very recent past, I’ve had several very loud non-expressions of essence, a bit out of the ordinary, in my opinion. I’m just kind of curious what that has to do with.

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence. This shall serve as informative to all of you. In your desire to be widening and to be expressing of essence, you may also squelch impulses. In this, you shall create geysers, and you shall have your eruptions. (Intently) The point is to be accepting of belief systems and acknowledging of them, not eliminating; and to be accepting of self and others within the acceptance of belief systems, not to be pushing away. Therefore, if you are pushing away your natural expressions and impulses for you view them within right/wrong context, you shall be suppressing these impulses and energy, and energy suppressed shall be expressed eventually, and you shall create your geyser; or you shall create another manifestation which you shall view to be distasteful.

Be noticing that you are not creating a new behavior to be substituting what you view to be an old behavior, and creating new belief systems replacing old belief systems. Accept existing belief systems. Accept self. If you are expressing pride in self that you continue to not be expressing in usual fashion of self within your normal circumstances and attributing this to much movement within consciousness, but are not dealing with and identifying and accepting belief systems, you are merely substituting one behavior for another, which shall bear itself out, and you shall be its witness.

NORM: I would like to ask a question about that. I experienced some unusual events when I was driving my car. There were no clouds in the sky, there was no water lawn faucets going, and there were huge drops falling on my windshield, making very loud noises. I slowed down to look at a car beside me, and he didn’t have any of this. Is this something like that? It occurred on a Friday afternoon, going from my work to my home on Jamboree Road.

ELIAS: This is quite a creative expression of essence. You shall create anomalies. Therefore, you shall offer yourself unexplainable evidence to be pursuing. These are expressions of your own creation of your own essence for your own noticing.

NORM: Thank you, essence! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Also to be addressing belief systems ...

NORM: Yes, I’m addressing belief systems.

ELIAS: ... for occurrences such as this do not fit into existing belief systems.

RETA: You’re not kidding!

ELIAS: Understand, Lawrence, that I have not expressed to you that you are inefficiently expressing within your everyday movement, for I have acknowledged to you that you are moving swiftly and accomplishing, although you do not believe me! (Laughter) But within small areas, you will choose to be pushing away small expressions and impulses, favoring what you view to be an expression of essence, but these small impulses build. Within your time period, over the course of an expanse, all of these small impulses will express themselves; although you have created no real harmfulness within your non-expression of essence.

VICKI: I didn’t like it, though.

ELIAS: It is worth noticing, and also worth understanding.

NORM: How have we done in regard to creating a greater illumination around us? Can you notice any difference with any of us?

ELIAS: Absolutely, with you all. Much movement has already occurred, and much movement continues.

We shall continue with our game at our next meeting, and I shall disengage myself this evening from this physical focus; not within my final disengagement! (Laughter)

RETA: To Region 4!

ELIAS: (Very humorously) I shall fly away to the fourth plane on the very high level, where I shall preside as Master Elias! (Chuckling) And I shall continue with all of you peasants, within this lowly physical focus and your many flaws, soon! Au revoir! (Once again, he leaves us cracking up!)

Elias departs at 9:31 PM.

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