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Sunday, July 07, 1996

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“Mass Belief Systems”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jene (Rudy), Gail (William), and Julie (Lanyah).

Elias arrives at 7:31 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening! I shall continue, in adding complement, with an “e,” to my dear companion’s very artful expression as of late. (This is in reference to Paul’s session on July 6. You may want to read July 6 previous to July 7, if you wish to incorporate a flow, and a better understanding of this session )

We shall engage discussion of the individual and mass belief systems, as you presently engage these subjects. Individuals may and can survive without groups. Groups cannot survive without individuals. You ask, “Where do mass belief systems originate? Where do they come from? Who initiates mass belief systems? Who are the “they,” that speak for you all?” As my companion has expressed earlier, the “they” are you!

You may not express an alignment with a belief system outwardly, but your non-expression is an alignment. Therefore, I express to you, mass belief systems begin with individuals expressing opinions. In this, they draw to them other individuals who agree with these opinions, creating the beginnings of a belief system. Many, many other individuals may not necessarily be in absolute agreement to these opinions, but their omission of expression lends to the creation of the belief system. The reason individuals do not express is that they do not trust their own voice. Therefore, within the group, which may not survive without the individuals, the individuals choose to express, or not to express. If they are choosing to be not expressing in opposition, the belief system takes hold and is allowed to stand; therefore being accepted and incorporated within your societies.

Many belief systems have originated with one individual expressing an observation, many times connected with elements of nature, as you view it. In this, they form an opinion of the action of a particular element within nature. This is translated into a parallel, within your species, as human behavior. In this, many other individuals view the observation as novel and interesting and new. Therefore, they align with it, believing that the individual who has made the observation, and who has expressed the opinion, is quite enlightened. Therefore, they shall be enlightened also, within agreement with this opinion. Those not in agreement do not always actualize, objectively, their disagreement. In this, they lend their support, within energy, within consciousness, to the formation of the belief system.

You may view your Darwinian opinions, belief systems, as an example. A mainstay within this theory is “the survival of the fittest.” One individual makes an observation of nature. This individual translates this into a parallel of human behavior, suggesting to you all that human behavior follows in like kind, in this survival of the fittest. In this, you weed out those which are, or which you believe to be, weaker.

This individual expressed quite confidently. In this, the idea was new. The expression of the idea was new. Many individuals rallied round this expression, and were in agreement. They did not conduct the studies, but trusted the expression of another individual, to which they viewed to be more learned; and also, in this, not trusting their own expression. Many other individuals were not trusting of this opinion, but were not challenging. The opposition was not great enough to suppress the formation of the belief system.

Although this is not a universally or globally held belief system, it is a mass belief system. It exists with other belief systems alongside of it that are quite contrary; but the individuals separate themselves into different groups or “camps,” aligning with those belief systems that they individually agree with, or that they agree with “more.” They may not entirely agree with a given belief system within mass expression, but they align more with one than another. In this, they do not express opposition, and they lend their energy, within consciousness, to the development and the acceptance of these belief systems. Then you look to yourselves “later,” in your view within your time period, and you express, “How do we acquire these belief systems? Why do we align with these mass belief systems? Who has begun them?” Within consciousness, you have begun them; for you have chosen to express favorably, or you have chosen to not express.

An efficient group of individuals allows recognition of each individual, within the group, the expression of their own self; for each individual within the group, within the mass, holds a vital element for contribution to the mass. You do not view yourselves individually as so important. Therefore, you sway to the mass. If you are trusting of your own individual voice, you shall find it is unnecessary to be aligning with mass belief systems. If you are trusting of self, you shall find that it is unimportant. You may align if you are choosing, but it will hold no great importance to you, therefore needing no great expression.

I shall also clarify that within a wider focus, non-physical, challenges that you engage through the intellect appear to be conflict, for you view these as conflict. It is not necessary to create conflict within the intellect; but the intellect, working alone, as we have expressed previously, shall devise its own methods for validation of its own experiences. These explanations that it offers to itself are distortions. This is where your conflict begins. The intuition is a balance for the intellect. It is that element which provides the explanations for the encounters of the intellect. Do not discount the intellect, though; for you have created this, within physical focus, with a tremendous purpose. It is your evaluation mechanism, but it is designed to work within harmony to your intuition. Therefore, what you view within physical focus as conflict, your motivating force, is what we may express to you as challenges; elements that “spur” you. These elements that spur you do not necessarily need be perceived as conflict.

You hold the ability to alter your perception. In this, you also very well hold the ability to eliminate your conflict; which you are learning a process to be accomplishing of this action. Each of you develops your own individual process, for you believe you must have a process! (Grinning) Therefore, you each create your own process, which shall be effective for you, if you listen to your own process! (Laughter) You may engage questions, if you are so choosing this evening. (Long pause)

VICKI: A question for Michael. “Why has Paul’s latest transmission caused more confusion rather than less, and what am I doing to create so much confusion for myself?”

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I express, the answer to this very question is contained within the transmission! In this, you have been presented with information of establishing a movement; engaging belief systems. In this, if you are objectively expressing contrary to this movement, you shall create confusion, and quite likely, much frustration.

The element that Michael employs presently is that he chooses to be moving through belief systems. He has engaged these belief systems. I have expressed previously, he stands not within the center of his stream; but within objective expression, he draws back, in not trusting of his own expression and movement. He has allowed what my comrade has expressed; the influence, objectively, of conflicting information, and not trusting the movement that has been engaged within. Therefore, he continues to focus within, but within a conflicting expression. He expresses, “I shall be trusting of self, of my own impressions, of my own movement, of my own thoughts and my own feelings.” Then he expresses, “I trust not my own feelings, or my movement, or my thoughts.” This is in direct conflict with the original expression! This is not so uncommon; for each of you, as we have expressed to Yarr previously, looks to results. You look to physical manifestations, outwardly, of what you engage. If you do not view immediate change, you are not accepting of your expression.

Many of these belief systems that you presently engage, within this group presently, and within many other individuals connected ... (Long pause, which is unusual for Elias in the middle of a sentence) It is difficult to express without misunderstanding. (Another pause)

You share information. You share and interact with the intention of being helpful to each other, to which we encourage, for in gaining other perspectives, you allow your own perception to widen; but you also discount yourselves, and do not trust your own expression. Many belief systems that you presently engage are very base belief systems. Therefore, the engagement of these belief systems enters many elements; just as we expressed of your bird cage being the belief system, holding very many birds as the elements. It is not always immediately, visibly transformed, within your objective perception. Therefore, you may engage these base belief systems, and you may be moving through efficiently; but you may also not view, immediately, the resultingness of this moving through. Also, within this expression, many of you will engage these types of belief systems within familiar circumstances; for as we have spoken many times of trauma, you are, much to your surprise, learning to avoid trauma. Therefore, within consciousness, you choose to use existing circumstances and elements to move through base belief systems. Therefore, you may view yourselves displaying similar actions, or you may view others to be displaying similar action to previous. The difference will become known eventually. You are only offering yourselves the opportunity to use less traumatic elements to accomplish traumatic movement.

Therefore, Michael expresses a confidence, originally, in viewing an engagement of belief systems; but confronted rationally with these belief systems, and the viewing of them, and the expression of them, has allowed doubt of the movement; for he, as do you all, expects a movement to be “different.” If you are engaging a belief system which is existing within you, you shall view yourselves expressing quite differently, automatically, instantly. You may even allow yourselves the grace period of “not automatic”; but you shall view, instantly, differences in your action. This is not necessarily the situation! If you are engaging base belief systems, and allowing yourself the opportunity to experience great trauma, you shall express entirely differently. You shall be quite confused. You shall experience much frustration. You shall engage battle within yourselves for such an extreme change within action, and you shall experience trauma.

But, within these individuals in this group, you have learned a different method. You have adopted a different process, in accepting that it is unnecessary to engage trauma to be moving through belief systems. You experience an element of trauma, to a very slight extent, in the initial engagement of base belief systems; but as you choose to be moving through these belief systems, you also, within consciousness, divert and avoid more trauma by allowing yourselves to use existing elements and circumstances, within your present now, which will develop, left alone, into a new expression of a wider perception. You engage confusion by questioning your movement, by not trusting your own expression, by not trusting self. Confusion may be eliminated with acceptance of one’s own expression.

Therefore, you may instruct Michael that he may view this transcript of my comrade once again; and this time, he may view without the element of judgment, allowing a slightly shifted perception.

The issue of personal responsibility exists still. This other belief system is allowed to seep in and cloud the belief system which is being engaged. Therefore, within the expression of distraction, this may serve as an example.

Do not be confused. Many times, distraction is quite helpful. Within the element of engaging base belief systems, distraction from reinforcement of these base belief systems may be very helpful. This is not necessarily an avoidance of a belief system, but distraction allowed to “filter in” in the area of replacement of another belief system; that of personal responsibility. “I am not accomplishing!” This is detrimental, and as you have been expressed to, impedes movement; which you shall view as quite obvious. No movement is being engaged while confusion is allowed to ensue. (Pause)

Very artful transmissions, as you call these! You shall learn much from my dear beloved. (Smiling) Are you wishing more questions?

GAIL: I have a question. Actually, sort of a two-part question. I have experienced two overwhelming feelings that I can’t understand. One was last Sunday after we finished session. We were on the porch getting ready to leave, and I had this sort of wavy, euphoric, kind of funny feeling come over me, and I was wondering what that was.

ELIAS: You may experience many physical elements within the forum of these sessions. Many times, individuals experience actual physical elements within themselves, as their energy and vibrational tones align. Also, recently, with your time element, there has been a greater incorporation, physically, of my dear friend’s energy manifesting through to physical focus, which is also quite affecting within energy. There will be responses within individuals to this energy exchange; for as he is manifesting energy outwardly to you within physical focus, just as with Elias, you may experience, presently, a scattered effect. (1)

GAIL: Okay. I have another question. About a year and a half ago, I was in Florida and we were going to fly home, and I had a feeling of panic, overwhelming, not to get on the flight. I was told that I communicated to my husband that we couldn’t go on the flight because I saw blood coming out of my nose, and I don’t recall saying that. I would like to know what that experience was.

ELIAS: Many individuals experience similar encounters within physical focus. We have spoken of this, much time ago, within our sessions.

Case in point: I have, in actuality, used this particular example to illustrate knowingness, and choices, and agreements, to these individuals present; for there are instances where individuals view probabilities before them. In this, these probabilities may not be physically actualized within this physical time period or dimension, but they view the probabilities. In this, within your consciousness, you believe that you hold no other frame of reference. Therefore, within the framework of your particular physical focus, you view this to be a precognitive probability; one that shall be actualized if you are engaging this action. This sets alarms within you. Holding no other frame of reference that other probabilities exist, you view this to be the probability of your own physical self.

Many times, you may tap into an area of consciousness, viewing a parallel, what you may term to be universe, which exists alongside of your own, in which you hold splinters, other focuses of yourself, which may engage this probability. As you learn to be “tuned” to yourself more, you may allow yourself, consciously and purposefully, the opportunity to view other probabilities; alternate selves, alternate situations. You may view these at will. In this, you may also offer yourself helpful information to present situations!

Many times, as with belief systems and the engagement of them, your view of your action is very limited. You view only one area; that area which involves this particular element of consciousness, within this particular focus, within this particular moment. Your existence and your consciousness far exceeds this! The affectingness of all probabilities is great within all focuses; this being why, once again, I express to you that if you are looking to the resultingness of engagement of elements that you choose to challenge yourself with immediately, you may very often be disappointed, and also confused; for many times, the affectingness may not appear directly. This is not to say that the affectingness is not accomplished directly; but just as an electron may spin and may move and momentarily disappear into another dimension, and then reappear within this dimension along its given path, you also “blink in and out,” as we have discussed previously. Therefore, what you view to be a consistent stream of existence within this focus is, in actuality, not. Therefore, you may be instantly affecting within another element of your existence and consciousness, and you may be blinking into this existence and dimension once again, and affecting subsequently.

You shall be affecting. You may not necessarily be affecting within the time element that you perceive to be acceptable! Be remembering, time is your creation within this focus. It is relative to this dimension. (Pause) We shall break, and we shall engage our game afterward; and you may contemplate!

BREAK 8:27 PM.
RESUME 9:20 PM. (Arrival time was about 5 seconds.)

ELIAS: We continue.

JENE: I have a couple of questions, one personal. In the very beginning when I came, I asked a personal question about transition into a new career. You answered with, it’s right beneath my nose. I’m curious if that has anything to do with the group, or if it’s my mouth! (Laughter) And then, what comes from it?

ELIAS: Both! (Grinning)

JENE: Possibly the development of what I’m doing tomorrow with Rhonda, with Rahsha?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your incorporation of trustfulness of self, and allowance of other energies.

JENE: Okay. Would this be an efficient direction, a most efficient, or is there yet another?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your allowance of trustfulness and incorporation of other energies! (Grinning, and Jene laughs) If you are trusting of self, and not holding to self, and allowing an intertwining and exchange of energies, you shall engage efficiently. If you are holding to your own control, resulting from doubtfulness or fear, no; it shall not be efficient. It is dependent upon your allowance; this being your individual, present issue. If you are allowing yourself trustfulness within self, the issue of control will dissipate. It will become clear to you that there is no hurtfulness within essence. Therefore, there is no hurtfulness within consciousness, through expression of energy exchange. If you are holding to belief systems that are suggestive of hurtfulness, through essence, through energy exchange, you shall be holding to your control, which shall be blocking of interaction. If you may allow yourself to step sideways and perceive slightly differently, allowing a letting go of fearfulness, you shall be affecting.

JENE: Fearfulness of hurtfulness?

ELIAS: And also of energy; for oftentimes, you may divert your attention in suggesting to yourself that you are not fearful of hurtfulness within essence; although within a base belief system, you hold to an issue of unpredictability of energy, within exchange, which may be causing a manifestation of hurtfulness. Within metaphysical belief systems, we have addressed previously to the issue of protection; this being a belief system implemented as a result of fearfulness of energy exchange; for you believe that that which you do not view physically may be more powerful, and may also hold the ability to be hurtful to you, or to others. Therefore, you engage protection, which in actuality is unnecessary; for there is no hurtfulness within essence! This is contrary to essence expression. Interaction with physical focus by non-physical essences is not hurtful, or intrusive. Therefore, manipulation of energy which may be resulting in hurtfulness or confusion is an interaction of physically focused energy; that which you manifest yourselves, not which is engaged with non-physically focused essence energy exchange. Therefore, if you are trusting of yourself, and stepping sideways, and allowing a clear transmission of energy exchange without interference, you shall be efficiently affecting.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JENE: Also, I would like to know why Sean Patrick decided, if there is a why that isn’t very large, to become an “adoptee.”

ELIAS: Ah! If there is not a reason that is not very large!

JENE: Well, it normally is very large! (Laughing)

ELIAS: As is the case within this situation also. As I have expressed previously, this individual, irregardless of its limited age within physical focus, has been affecting already of very many individuals, and shall continue to be so throughout its focus. It has begun immediately, from the instant of birth into your physical existence, being affecting within its first moments of life, as you view it; as also, in different expressions, are the other focuses of this essence which have physically manifest. Each shall engage belief systems, thought processes, elements of existence. Each shall challenge, for this is their intent in aligning with the implementation of your shift. This last manifestation of the essence of Rose chooses great affectingness continually, in stirring your belief systems. It has affected many more individuals, within this choice, than it would have in choosing other probabilities.

JENE: Understood. Thank you.

GAIL: I have a question. Speaking of probabilities, if I had gotten on the plane, what would have been the result?

ELIAS: The physical result of this plane expedition would have remained the same, within this dimension. What you have viewed is an alternate dimension; another probability which has been actualized. This is not imaginary, in your definition of imagination.

GAIL: Okay. Thank you. (Pause)

ELIAS: Shall we on to our game!

VICKI: I have a question ...

ELIAS: Ah, Lawrence!

VICKI: I have a question about the information from Paul yesterday. He states, “Once blocks are partially moved through and then allowed to remanifest, they will remain more strongly.” I’d like to know more about that statement, and I’m also curious ... is that what I’m doing with my belief system, that I identify as a belief system of how people should treat each other?

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence. You may view this as an example. When you are choosing to be widening belief systems and engaging belief systems, you initiate movement. In this, at times, you are consciously selective of belief systems that you shall choose to engage; this being not necessarily the case with many of these individuals present now, for within consciousness, you have chosen to engage base belief systems.

You have engaged interaction with these essences; myself, Paul, the others that engage with us, named within your game. In this, you have made agreements concerning your shift, concerning transition, concerning non-physical focus. You have chosen to engage base belief systems, and to widen these. In this, your subjective self magnates to what it views to be your most conflicting, core issues; those which you may physically view; those which you confront yourselves with continually, to reinforce your belief systems; which you do, continually! In this, the choice has been made.

You express and view a “narrowing.” Here lies your indication. This is not say that all hope is lost, for it is not! (Grinning) You have offered yourself the opportunity to be viewing other elements of this process, also offering yourself the opportunity to view allowing yourself to move into re-engagement of belief systems, and allowing the stronghold to exist in opposition to the agreement of widening. This shall serve you well, within what you view to be your future expressions; for you shall be very well aware. You have offered yourself very important information. It is your choice, presently, as to whether you move through and widen, or allow the stronghold to root entirely.

An expression was offered, objectively and also subjectively, by Lawrence, to which essences were listening much more carefully than physically focused individuals. The expression was offered of, “I shall choose a very difficult expression for my noticing. Therefore, I shall not be capable of avoidance, for I shall allow myself to be viewing my own issues quite obviously, within extreme, for this shall be how I shall move through my belief systems.” And so you shall, for you have chosen to express this; this being a choice.

Do not view that this is not a valuable choice, though; for as I have stated, it shall be quite instructional to you, and also to others. You may be quite helpful with others engaging belief systems, if you are choosing to continue to engage; for as I have expressed to you previously, if you offer yourself much experience, you may offer much expression, within helpfulness, to others; for you hold great understanding. If you hold little understanding, you may physically offer little helpfulness. Therefore, you hold the opportunity to express great helpfulness. It is your choice. I acknowledge greatly the identification, and quite quickly, also! Quite wide! (Laughter)

VICKI: Thank you. I have another question for Michael, too.

ELIAS: Ah! He is quite verbal this evening!

VICKI: He wants to know what the connection is between his recent dream experiences and his museum experiences. (2)

ELIAS: I have offered information, previously, of an area of consciousness, which I expressed a visualization to you of a library. This was offered, as you automatically connect great volumes of information as contained within a library. Therefore, this was an easy identification for you. Contained within this particular library, of which I have spoken to you, were world views of other essences, deposited in energy for your access. In this, ask Michael, for us, (grinning) what is the connection that he draws to himself, the information that he views presently within his reading material? The correlation is there. (Referring to “Psychic Politics”)

Not every individual taps this library within the same visualization or action; for, in actuality, it is not a library. It is an area of consciousness. Therefore, it is not surprising that Ruburt shall engage this area of consciousness as a library containing books, and Michael shall engage this area of consciousness as a museum containing paintings; for this being where their focus lies. They identify with these mediums. Therefore, they access that element of their consciousness to which they are most trusting; Ruburt within writing, Michael within expression of paint. In this area of most trustfulness, he has allowed an opening, a viewing within consciousness, of alternate information; which may be quite affecting, allowed to continue. We acknowledge greatly this endeavor.

William engages, presently, the beginnings of this action also; tapping into this area of consciousness where other essences have deposited previous information and expressions that you may allow to flow through yourself, and express also. In this, you do not only engage another world view. You also connect within consciousness, and allow your own perception and abilities to widen.

The correlation of the dream interaction is another expression of allowance, within consciousness, of viewing other areas of consciousness. Michael has viewed alternate realities. He has held the focus, and allowed a continuation of this viewing. In terminating the viewing of an alternate focus and its progression, he has moved into an area continuing within this area of consciousness, engaging it within another aspect; allowing more of a mergence, less of a division, between your natural states of consciousness within waking and dreaming. This also is directly being affected by the moving through of belief systems.

In conjunction with movement in belief systems, in widening awareness, you may not view, as I have stated, an expression within what you view to be “normal,” physical action, but other actions shall be incorporated which are indicative of this movement; for if you are holding to these blocks, to which my companion speaks, you also are not allowing of other areas of consciousness to be accessed, which are available to you. You do not “have to wait” for your physical demise to engage transition presently! Within this, just as individuals engaging senility travel to other areas of consciousness and view other probabilities, you may also, without engaging this mass belief system of mental disorder. (Pause smiling)

Olivia also experiences new areas of awareness within consciousness, by allowing a widening of belief systems, and by moving through issues of fear and control issues within self, and now allowing a new incorporation of experiences not held previously; although physical expression remains the same ... but not! The individual does not appear magically transformed, and appears quite the same, expressing very near to previous expression ... but not quite! (Grinning at Ron) This may be helpful to your understanding.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Pause) Shall we on to our game?

RON: I’m ready this week! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! Unclouded! (Grinning) Proceed!

RON: Okay. Sumafi, art, design.

ELIAS: Quite general, once again! Less probable.

RON: Okay. In gods, Sumafi, Neptune.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: How about in continents, for Sumafi, Mu.

ELIAS: You may be choosing to be connecting within another category!

RON: Okay. Occupations, Ordin, jockey.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: Songs, Paul, The Hallelujah Chorus.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Books, Paul, The Bible.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: And ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting, grinning) And ...

RON: Is that it?

ELIAS: And, and, he continues! Quite full of ourselves this evening, are we not? (Chuckling)

RON: I was excited!

ELIAS: Olivia’s most favorite element of our sessions! (Laughter)

CATHY: Okay. Tomkin, architecture, baroque.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Connecting essences, Otha and Elias, gems, ametrine.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Ordin, physical pleasures, aerobics. That’s not too general!

ELIAS: Less probable!

CATHY: However, it is less probable! (Laughing) Ordin, composers, Johann Strauss.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

CATHY: Ordin, children’s stories, Where The Wild Things Are.

ELIAS: One point.

GAIL: I would like to try Rose, songs, Brahms’ Lullaby.

ELIAS: One point.

GAIL: Ordin, occupations, body-builder.

ELIAS: Less probable.

GAIL: Movies, Immortal Beloved, Otha.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Shall we express, close, but you have not taken hold of the ring!

GAIL: Okay, let me pass that one by you again, as Sumari.

ELIAS: One point.

GAIL: Okay, short stories, Sumari, The Mysterious Stranger.

ELIAS: Less probable.

GAIL: Okay, I would like to open up another category of the nine babies, and find out their names and locations.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: Okay. The first location I came up with is Wisconsin, the name Jack, and the color orange. (Pause, with Elias grinning) Why do I get this far-reaching look?

ELIAS: The name, in actuality, shall be John; but the name, as it shall be called, shall be Jack. Correct. (Smiling at Gail)

JULIE: I’d like to connect, in vegetables, carrots to Otha.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) One point.

JULIE: In artists, I’d like to connect Jerry Garcia to Vold.

ELIAS: Less probable.

JULIE: In books, to connect The Celestine Prophecy to Sumafi.

ELIAS: One point.

JULIE: In physical pleasures, to connect exercise to Zuli.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Turning to Jene) No pressure! (Grinning)

JENE: Oh, just one. Category goddesses, Isis, Rose. (Note that the category, as we have it presently, is termed “gods”)

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JENE: That’s it!

VICKI: For Michael; Ilda, political leaders, Thomas Jefferson.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Tumold, artists, Andrew Wyeth.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Vold, explorers, Leif Ericson.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: Ilda, books, The Tale Of Two Cities.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Vold, books, The Scarlet Pimpernel.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For myself; Ilda, belief systems, confrontation as positive.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Personality types, Sumari, confrontational.

ELIAS: I shall address to this situation once again, as I addressed previously to Yarr. This category is of personality types, which we have expressed previously within example of Einstein, to Paul, to Olivia; not aspect personalities, but personality types to essence, as Shynla and Olivia to Paul. You have entered the category of personality types. If you are wishing to be entering, as I have expressed previously, personality expressions, you may do so.

VICKI: Okay, how about personality expressions?

ELIAS: Acceptable! (Laughter)

VICKI: Okay. Personality expressions, Ilda, non-conformist.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Gramada, belief systems, to create no nuisance.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Acceptable. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions this evening? (To Cathy, whispering) Such a little mouse!

CATHY: Well, I have just one little question. When you spoke to me in my dream and you said, “In essence, you do ...,” and I woke up, did I wake up because I was scared and didn’t know it?

ELIAS: A very small answer for a very small question; yes! (We all crack up)

CATHY: I’d still like to hear the end of that sentence, though!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You may engage me within your dream state, and you may listen, once again!

CATHY: Okay. (With a hint of exasperation)

ELIAS: I shall express a fond good evening to you all, and I shall also extend affection to Lawrence this evening, within your conflict; for I engage supportiveness, quite lovingly, as does my dear friend also. (Smiling)

VICKI: Very much appreciated. Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall engage with you within another present now. Adieu!

Elias departs at 10:11 PM.

Endnotes: (Wow! Haven’t had these for a while!)

(1) Early on in our sessions, Elias explained this scattered effect. He said, “We operate on a different frequency of vibrational qualities than your physical existence. The energy can be compared to your x-ray machine. You focus an x-ray through a machine. If the energy ray is not directly focused, it will scatter through the machine. If it is directed, it will emit a single stream. Michael’s body would be compared to the machine. My essence would be compared to the energy x-ray. In not being acclimated yet to the physical apparatus, the energy was not as directed. It scattered. This is very complicated, and involves much cooperation and agreement with Michael.”

(2) Mary has had a series of dreams, during which each dream “picked up” where it left off the night before. From Elias’ answer, it seems that this is a progressive viewing of an alternate reality. This viewing has given Mary the opportunity to experience the concept that all probabilities are actualized, which has been very helpful to her within her present conflict. Her experiences with the museum are also a viewing, but have occurred within a waking state. According to Mary, her present reality “fades away,” to the point where all she can see is what can best be described as a museum. She says that this is a bit unnerving, as it is very similar to having a dream while fully awake.

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