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Sunday, September 28, 1997

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ďSequential Creation/A Century of ChangeĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki, (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), David (Mylo), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), Bobbi (Jale), Gail (William), Mary Jane (Kaileen), Mike (Shaife), Jim (Yarr), and visiting from Pennsylvania, Paul (Caroll) and Jo (Tyl).

Vicís note: Iíd like to reiterate that for the most part, Iíve been editing the game entries into family, category, and entry.

Elias arrives at 6:52 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. We shall begin with our game, and we shall be continuing with information of your essence families this evening.

CATHY: Okay, Iíll go. For Elizabeth: Ilda, wars, the Gulf War.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: For myself: Borledim, quotes, ďYou are the architect of your existence.Ē

ELIAS: One point.

DAVID: Iíll have a go, for what itís worth! Vold, emotions, music.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Grinning)

DAVID: Thank you! (Various congratulations and applause from the group, and Elias chuckles)

RON: Iíd like to enter a new category of time frameworks. (Elias nods) Vold, time frameworks, future/future.

ELIAS: Very good! One point!

VICKI: Iíd like to enter two new categories for Mary; one being movie and TV characters, and the other being TV shows. (Elias nods) Zuli, movie and TV characters, Seven Of Nine.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For myself: Sumafi, TV shows, The Twilight Zone.

ELIAS: One point! (Laughter)

JO: Ilda, fictitious characters, Satan.

ELIAS: One point.

PAUL: This is a re-submission: Gramada, authors, Robert Monroe.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Re-evaluate color!

PAUL: Another re-submission: Tumold, philosophers, Nostradamus.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

PAUL: Yes! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Reinstating excitement into our game!

RETA: In the category of music, the Maharashi(sp?). (Somebody says, ďThe what?Ē) Well, itís the new song/dance type thing.

MJ: Youíre ahead of your time!

NORM: What category?

RETA: Oh, excuse me! Sumari.

ELIAS: Acceptable. I am acknowledging of your attempting!

RETA: Thanks. If I got into music, I would last all day! (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well. We shall be continuing our discussion of your essence families and your Dream Walkers this evening, in relation to this shift in consciousness. We shall be discussing in the same area as per our last discussion of these Dream Walkers and their sequential creating of reality, of which you are a part. Do not be separating and allowing your thought process to go into areas that these Dream Walkers are creating your reality for you and are creating this shift without you, for they are not; for you hold aspects within you of these Dream Walkers also, and you are creating of your reality and your probabilities.

We began in discussing the Gramada family as those that initiate the movement in creating your reality. This sequence of creating is followed throughout your history, as I have stated.

Now; I have expressed to you that this shift in consciousness is orchestrated by the Vold and the Borledim families, but the sequence of creating the reality follows in suit, as do all mass events stemming from source events which are inserted into your physical reality. In this, we shall be examining this century that you occupy presently and evaluating its sequence and progress as leading you into this shift in consciousness, now that you may look to this century as it comes to a close.

Within the initial throes of this century, the Gramada family, figuratively speaking, created an idea for creating a new reality. This is figuratively speaking; but within a time framework, as I have expressed to you previously that this shift was also designed ďbefore the beginning,Ē but within a time framework, at the beginning of your present century the Gramada family were instrumental in creating the idea for how this shift would be accomplished. In this, the Vold follows and initiates the action of this shift into physical focus, therefore creating your new technological revolution.

Many inventions and new creations were initiated within this century. You have created many more technological advances within this one century than you have throughout your history. These, as I have stated previously, are all mirror images of what you hold in knowledge within; and you mirror outwardly those things known to you within, subjectively and within essence and within the knowledge of consciousness. Therefore, you initiated the onset of your technological revolution, so to speak, mirroring abilities that you hold within you within consciousness and outwardly expressing these objectively, creating new and wondrous inventions. This you may also view as a clue to your dream mission, for you may view how you have objectively expressed and created, en masse and individually, mirror images of subjective activity; those things, those actions that occur within Regional Area 2 that you KNOW, but you do not quite understand HOW you are connecting with this information.

As the Vold family moved in sequence in objectifying information to be creating of great movement within this technological revolution, you move within the sequence of the Borledim and the Zuli families entering, creating genius individuals to be forefront in your societies more so than within previous centuries, attaining your attention in the rapid movement within this present century. Many changes have occurred within this century. If you are so choosing, you may choose to name this century your Century of Change, for this is the action that you have chosen within this century continuously. You have challenged yourselves immensely within this one time framework to be accomplishing tremendously.

Following these families, you enter into the midpoint of your century, and your Sumari and your Ilda sequentially enter your scene, bringing to forefront new ideas; the Sumari introducing new elements of thought processes, new ideas to be presented to you in the area of recognizing consciousness, elements that previous to this century were viewed as superstition or religious or other-worldly now being introduced to you as elements of your own consciousness. Great minds within this century align with these new ideas of consciousness and the individual. Elements once viewed as suspect now become a viewing within your societies as recognized by individuals that you respect as acceptable.

The Ilda family is instrumental in communication with all peoples, to be exchanging of these new ideas and allowing for the mass to be understanding and connecting with this new information.

As you move into the end throes of this century which you occupy presently, the final families move into position in their sequence. The Milumet and the Sumafi move to the forefront in providing the information for the true spirituality, the realistic objective recognition of reality, and the least distortion and helpfulness within instruction.

Within your coming century, the Tumold family shall be instrumental within their design of intent Ė not within the belief systems that are presently held in the area of healing, but within their original, so to speak, design and desire of their intent Ė in being helpful in returning elements to their natural state within effortlessness.

The Borledim and the Vold families are those families which have been the most instrumental in the push, so to speak, of creating this shift, providing for the other essence families the motivation for creating an entirely new reality; but as I have stated, they also interact within their designated sequence as to the creating of this shift and its progression.

You may ask your questions.

PAUL: Elias, a question in reference to you talking about the forum and a coming being initiated ... maybe thatís not the right word ... but the Sumari intent perhaps, in terms of Seth and that teaching, and the Sumafi continuing that with no distortion. At the middle Ė Iím just trying to go through the centuries as youíve described it with beginning, mid, and end Ė does that fit in that time framework of this century in this present moment now? The Sumafi intent of this forum fits within ...

ELIAS: Within a time framework, I shall express to you: Within the first twenty years of this century, the Gramada family was most active. Subsequent to this, overlapping with this, you may view that the Vold family began movement within the first ten years. Let us express one to twenty is Gramada; ten to forty is the Vold; twenty to present is the Borledim; twenty to sixty is the Zuli; fifty to ninety is Sumari; forty to two thousand is Ilda; ninety to two thousand is Milumet; ninety to two thousand is Sumafi. Is this clearer?

PAUL: And then Tumold?

ELIAS: Shall be within your coming century, for many belief systems are continuing within the objective creations of individuals aligned and belonging to Tumold; but this being understandable, for the Tumold follows lastly within the sequence of creating.

PAUL: And these numbers that youíve given us are general numbers. Theyíre not to be taken too literally or exact, in terms of 1910 to 1940.

ELIAS: Correct, although very close.

PAUL: Interesting.

RETA: Itís interesting that you would use our calendar, which is always up for grabs, to align with the essence family calendar. I think itís wonderful because we can understand it very easily.

ELIAS: There is no essence family calendar! I am speaking merely for your understanding within what you know of your time framework within your reality.

RETA: Right, but what Iím saying is from 1900 to 2000 ... itís very interesting that you would be so concise as even to end at 2000 for some of these things. Iím really excited about that! I think thatís really great. I donít know that youíve ever given us that information that succinctly. I appreciate that.

PAUL: Does that imply, Elias, the ďend of the millenniaĒ hype or perception of things perhaps accelerating or events occurring? A lot of people project into the future, I guess at that time, some significant or large mass event that we might be noticing objectively in our terms to be occurring. Is that tied into this precision that youíre using here in these years, or is that more subjectively occurring in our noticing ... in terms of our noticing?

ELIAS: I am expressing of events that you may be noticing objectively, that you may be viewing the movement within this century objectively, not merely accepting on ďfaithĒ subjectively of which I speak. You view within this century the movement of these families, and you may view the affectingness that they have upon the events within this century. I do not express to events beyond this century, for this is the example.

JO: Does the cycle continue again for the next hundred years? You said that there was a pattern, so does it all begin again? Do we look forward to the same continuum occurring in the next hundred years, until 2100?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Do not misunderstand. Each century does not incorporate a specific mass event. You may incorporate many mass events within each century, but this century being different in that you are creating sequentially within this century one mass event, which is the action of your shift. You have also created many other mass events, but you create one particular mass event which moves in sequence throughout the entirety of this particular century.

Within future centuries, the shift shall be accomplished. Therefore, you shall be continuing within the action of the shift as reality, no longer being a shift in consciousness but merely accepted as your officially-accepted reality, and you shall continue in this for as long as you are so choosing, just as you have continued for centuries with your religious era.

JO: I was under the impression that the families and the sequence re-establishes itself in creation ...

ELIAS: With each creation.

JO: With each creation, so that what you just delivered had to do with the shift, although that sequence does continue as a pattern throughout all of our creation as we know it.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Would you say that the action of all of these families has been successful?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: Would you say that there has been any differential in any location here on this earth in regard to the success? Is it more successful in the United States or in the western hemisphere than other areas? (Pause)

ELIAS: This questioning holds little meaning, for this is a global shift. It is merely a choice of where within location that you are choosing to initiate it. It shall be accomplished globally. Therefore, it matters not where it is initiated, although I have stated to you that you have chosen the continents of your Americas to be beginning the throes of your shift, as it moves within a wave throughout your globe.

NORM: Would we see a differential in the trauma that occurs?

ELIAS: No. It matters not.

DAVID: In the action of the shift ... obviously itís going to change so much of life as we know it. Our monetary system is very strong. Obviously itís going to change or break down in the shift?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: And in that point of breaking down, will it be so drastic of an action that it will cause a lot of confusion? Or it will be a gradual breakdown, so gradual that we wonít notice the change until whatever it is we go into as regards our momentary system?

ELIAS: Oh, you shall be noticing!

DAVID: So money will no longer be the way it is as we know it today? It wonít have the hold that it has over us?

ELIAS: Correct. You are moving into areas that futurely, this system that you hold shall be unnecessary. It is becoming obsolete. Within your societal structures, your system already is becoming defective. You create papers to be exchanging with each other that hold very little meaning. In actuality, the system that was originally designed, in placing value to an element of gold and expressing that these papers shall be representative of this gold, exists no longer, for you have exhausted your gold! Therefore, you also are moving into directions of recognizing that these elements only hold value for you hold belief systems that they hold value. A diamond holds no more value than a paper. They are all elements of your creations. They all hold consciousness. There is no difference except for your belief systems and what you believe to be valuable and what you believe to not be valuable, but within the action of this shift and moving into acceptance of belief systems, you also neutralize these belief systems. Therefore, those elements that you once placed value on may not hold that value any longer, for the value is placed on self and within, not without.

DAVID: So the masses who hold on to monetary material value and purpose will have a harder time than those who have little?

ELIAS: Not necessarily; for as you move forward, so to speak, individuals shall be recognizing that these elements that you hold so very dearly are not necessarily so dear. Individuals that you perceive to be holding great wealth shall be recognizing of the wealth within creativity and consciousness as easily as individuals within poverty.

DAVID: But the people who are wealthy, when that day comes when their money means nothing to them, theyíre going to have a hard adjustment to suddenly realize that theyíve got to clean their own floors and do all the things that they can afford others to do and have been so used to doing for them. It happens today. So theyíre going to have a hard time.

ELIAS: This is not necessarily a statement that individuals shall not continue, within occupations or within choices, what they choose to occupy their time with. This may very well continue, but it shall be designed differently.

DAVID: So will there be another type of money exchange?


PAUL: Elias, I have a follow-up question to what David is saying about monetary belief systems. In terms of organizations and our history of corporations and companies and political parties, those types of human organizations are going to similarly change quite significantly then, in the same way?

ELIAS: Correct. The entirety of your reality shall shift and move into a new reality, in that you shall be recognizing of the interconnectedness that you all hold and the lack of separation. All of these elements of which you speak are symbolism of separation. Each aspect of your societies reflects your creation of separation. You speak to incorporation; this is separation. You are separating from other individuals in creating a specified, specialized group. This is separating. This is your reality. This is how you have created your reality. It is not ďwrong.Ē It shall merely be unnecessary futurely; for as you are accomplishing your shift, you shall be recognizing the interconnectedness and the cooperation of all of you, and it shall be unnecessary to be separating singularly. It is unnecessary for you to exchange monetarily. It means nothing. It is merely a belief system that you have created, and as you move into the accomplishment of your shift and you are recognizing these belief systems and you are accepting of these belief systems, it is no longer necessary to be bound by these belief systems. Therefore, you hold the freedom to be creating your reality boundlessly.

RETA: Would you say this change in monetary would be in the first ten or twenty years, or is it going to take the whole seventy years?

ELIAS: This shall be a much more lengthy process.

RETA: I thought it might be. Would you say that one of the first changes is the European communities going to one monetary system, so they stop their bickering over their monetary systems?

ELIAS: This is merely objective imagery in the initial throes of this action.

RETA: Yeah, but itís a great step for those people. Itís very good for some of them, but itís very traumatic for others. So Iím just curious ... this time period, you say it might be lengthy?

ELIAS: I have already stated that this shift shall be accomplished within the end years of your next century. Therefore, this statement stands, and the accomplishment in its entirety of this shift shall be within this time period.

RETA: Maybe Iím thinking more personally or maybe David is thinking more personally. Would you say that there are things that we could be aware of in the next ten or fifteen years, that being aware of them would be helpful, not only to ourselves but others?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Of all of your action and all that is around you! This shall be immensely helpful to you! (Chuckling, as Reta sighs)

We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

BREAK 7:35 PM.
RESUME 7:59 PM. (Time was three seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

JIM: Good evening! I have a question. A few weeks ago I was thinking of pink and the energy centers, and the word ďMaklakaĒ came up. I was real tempted to write it down, so I did. I was wondering perhaps why, or if thereís any connection with that?

ELIAS: What you term to be past focus.

JIM: Hmm! How far past would ... I guess I should investi ...

ELIAS: Investigate! (Laughter)

JIM: Gosh! Iím getting psychic too! I know your answer sometimes before I get it! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Exercising your telepathic sense!

JIM: Okay, thatís about it for now. Thank you.

DAVID: I was curious about ... in an early transcript somebody asked you a question with regards to AIDS, and in part of the answer you said, ďLook to your astrological sign Leo, for it incorporates this disease cell.Ē (Elias is staring at David) Thatís what I read!

ELIAS: Reread! (We all crack up)

DAVID: I even typed it word for word as I was seeing it, unless course I was being affected by the shift ... a blink out, I think!

RETA: I would like to continue with what I was talking about last week, about a pyramid of agreement. Iím still working on this best and better and right and wrong and helpfulness. We talk an awful lot about the pyramid in this group, which forms a nucleus of energy towards an intent, and I was thinking about, letís say the acrobatic pyramid. Letís say they agreed before they came here to belong to the Zuli family and to get into the acrobatics and do this. Then on the other hand, letís say there was a group of people that met here and decided to do this. Would there be a way of telling whether an agreement before you came here was more relevant or an agreement after you came here was more relevant?

ELIAS: Both are choices of probabilities. No one is more important than the other.

RETA: Okay, so if we have an agreement between a group Ė and they may even sign a contract that they agree to do this Ė and all of a sudden, out there you are with the acrobats in a pyramid and one decides to blow his nose and get out of there or whatever. It has such a repercussion on the rest of them! How can you say thatís not ... I canít even believe that would be an agreement to do that, to hurt that many folks! Itís not right and wrong, and itís not best and better. What would we call that?

ELIAS: A choice. (Smiling)

RETA: Oh gosh! A choice!

DAVID: Wouldnít they just rearrange themselves?

RETA: Yeah, as theyíre tumbling down there and somebody is supposed to catch them and heís not there! Thatís kind of rough. Okay, in the pyramid system of perhaps putting a business together, would you say that itís more likely that you would have met these folks before you came here, or is it more likely that you met them here for that agreement? Is there any way of knowing that?

ELIAS: They are the same.

RETA: They are the same?! Okay, can I go a little further? If I were to say that today Iíve been ... well, in the last year that Stephen and I have been trying to build a pyramid of like-intent folks for carrying on the shift, the informational part of the shift, would you say that Iíve come anywhere near getting people that are like-minded for that group?

ELIAS: You are here. (Smiling)

RETA: Oh, I know I am here, but Iím saying in the formation of a group that would go on with this. Have we met any of those folks that we could say have the same intent to assist us, or for us to assist them, in performing a mass ... a great change in study and research and teaching?

ELIAS: You are here. (Smiling)

RETA: I know! But I remember when you used to say that this was a little pyramid here and you were waiting for a David. Do I know the names of some of the folks that I want in my pyramid, or that would be good in that kind of pyramid?

ELIAS: You are here. (Grinning widely)

RETA: Oh, I love you! (Laughing) Do you suppose Iíll meet all of those folks right here?

ELIAS: This would be depending upon your choices within your probabilities, would it not?

RETA: Well, my choices and my probabilities so far ...

ELIAS: Have led you here!

RETA: Have led me here. (We all crack up) Iím here. Oh, dear. Okay! (Elias chuckles) Iíve got to come up with a way for you to tell me a few names! I know you donít play those kind of games, but how about giving me ... how about the fellow that we saw yesterday? Is he one of the persons? (Elias starts laughing) You cheat! Is he a major player in this?

ELIAS: Is he?

RETA: Is he?

ELIAS: Is he? (Wild laughter)

RETA: I donít know! Oh, dear! His name isnít David!

ELIAS: It matters not! (Laughing)

RETA: Thank you for your helpfulness! (Reta is cracking up too)

ELIAS: In non-helpfulness!

RETA: I have to make those decisions on my own? What do you expect me to do?

ELIAS: Quite! This is the point!

RETA: I know, I know! But I thought you might toss out a name, or even just say that it was a good or bad ...

ELIAS: Ah! (Weíre really laughing now!)

PAUL: Youíre incorrigible!

GAIL: You are so cute!

RETA: One day weíre going to get it to best or better, not good or bad! Iíll keep working on it.

Vicís note: One point to Reta for persistence! ďItís a GOOD thing,Ē ala Martha Stewart!

CATHY: I have a question for Mary. Mary and Vicki went outside of their pools of probabilities and created meeting physically in this focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: So does this mean that they have changed their pools of probabilities in this focus, or have they created new or different ones instead? (Pause)

ELIAS: (Grinning) The answer for Shynla ... yes! (Laughter)

The answer for Michael: In moving outside of the pools of probabilities which had originally been chosen, so to speak, the pools of probabilities which are accessed presently are different. Figuratively speaking, if you are to be envisioning an actual pool of water, you are creating your pool of water of probabilities, and if you are stepping outside of this pool, you are moving into another pool. You are not pulling one drop of water from another pool and inserting it into your pool. You are removing yourself from your present pool and walking and entering into a new pool. At the moment that the choice was made to be reaching outside of their individual pools of probabilities and accessing another probability outside of their pools, the choice was made to be moving into a new pool of probabilities, each.

CATHY: Okay. So then, is this an affecting factor in what theyíre dealing with now because itís unfamiliar? And could this be affecting of their individual intents in this focus?

ELIAS: Yes, and it already has. There is an alteration in the direction and the desire of the intents within this choice of altering the probabilities, which has already objectified itself; for although these individuals continue to hold alignment with the individual families that they align to within this focus, they move more into the action of Sumafi, which previously would be underlying, which now moves to the forefront instead of the physically-focused alignment within this particular focus. Therefore, the intent is altered, and this is unfamiliar and this is affecting of present situation; (to Vic) for you engage the intent of Sumafi and therefore engage those probabilities in bringing [forth] surfacely objectively-based belief systems more rapidly. (To Cathy) Both of these individuals, as I have stated many times with Michael, move swiftly into this action presently. (To Vic) Therefore, you experience much conflict in objectively engaging these belief systems and attempting to be engaging acceptance Ė which is the base line, so to speak, of this shift Ė and be initiating of this, which is creating much conflict and confusion presently; but the probability has been chosen. The realities have been altered. It shall be accomplished.

NORM: Itís kind of exciting to think about the variation in society that will occur when everybody has the capabilities that we will have in regard to consciousness and the inner senses. For example, education would be quite different. There would still be training, but the training could be at a much more animated state, I would say. I can imagine that the akashic records would be available. Would children have to be trained to be able to access those, for example?

ELIAS: In areas of subjective activity, no, children will not be needing training for accessing their abilities. In the area of akashic records ... there are none! Therefore, they may not be accessing what does not exist! (Grinning)

NORM: Alright. I was trying to put that in quotes! (Elias laughs) Iím talking about the autobiographies that are written in Regional Area 3. Am I being correct in saying that?

ELIAS: Within the collective consciousness, yes; world views.

NORM: They will be able to read those without any training?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Will they need training in all three subsets of the three new capabilities that we will have?


NORM: They will not need any training?


RON: But you might!

NORM: I know I would, thatís for sure! (We all crack up) I mean, are there children being born today that will experience this?

ELIAS: Yes ... and do!

JIM: I have a question regarding energy centers. Weíve reviewed the biological connections, and I recently got some information on spiritual connections that also go along with specific energy centers. A lot of that information seemed to ring true, although I did feel some distortion with it, and I was wondering if you could elaborate on that?

ELIAS: As I expressed previously, we shall be continuing discussions of essence families which shall also be including the vibrational quality of color and how this also interacts with your energy centers, which also hold a color vibration.

JIM: Okay. Coming previews!

ELIAS: Coming attractions! Broadcast at 2:00 AM.! (Laughter)

MIKE: Elias, with an acceptance of an inner connectedness, would there be any need for a choice of separateness culturally?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a matter of need, but you shall continue within your design of holding different cultures for this experience, for this adds to the richness of your experience, that you hold different types of cultures; and also, this is the design of an element of your reality in this dimension, designed by your Dream Walkers as expressions of these essence families and their intent and function. It would not be necessary to hold the family of Ilda if you did not hold different cultures, for there would be no need for exchangers.

RON: So cultural differences arenít necessarily belief systems?

ELIAS: No. How you function and behave within these different cultures is influenced by belief systems, but you create different cultures, different lifestyles, so to speak, or manners of creating your reality for that experience; this being the same as expressing that the choice to enter physical manifestation as Caucasian and the choice in entering physical manifestation as Black are belief systems. No, they are not. They are choices of creating your physical manifestation. In like manner, you choose cultural designs for the experience which are not in themselves belief systems, but are influenced by belief systems.

PAUL: Elias, is part of the action of the shift Ė this is a question about genetics and race Ė is there any movement towards a uniform, genetic makeup on the planetary scale? For example, in Oversoul Seven, Proteus ... I believe in that society, in that story, there was a genetic similarity of all the focuses on the planet at that point, in the twenty-third or twenty-fourth century. Is part of the action of the shift involving any of those sorts of racial homogeneity for the purpose of the richness that you described, or will those still be kept separate Ė not the right word Ė different?

ELIAS: In some areas, you shall be altering genetically. As I have expressed previously, you are already moving in this direction. You are already accessing information in expressing to yourselves how objectively to be manipulating genetically. Therefore, in some areas you shall be altering genetic encoding for your benefit, eliminating some elements and acquiring some new elements; but as to cultural differences or races, you shall continue within this direction for the experience. You merely shall not be bound to the belief systems within these cultures, and therefore hold no division between yourselves.

JO: I have a question. I got a glimpse of a tile in Elmira, and you said that it was an Ilda tile, and I believe that it represented bringing the unknown into the known through alignment with Sumari and Vold? (Elias nods) Thank you. It seems as though there may be an accomplishing of an action of Borledim? (Elias nods) Thank you. And I wondered if this applies to any specific action or undertaking, and if it involves people in this room, perhaps?

ELIAS: Correct; and you may be entering your tile into our game, if you are so choosing.

JO: Thank you. Can you give me a clue as to who those people are that may be aligning with me or involved with me in this action?

ELIAS: Investigate! (Laughter)

DAVID: I have a question. I was talking to people the other day with regards a spiritual teacher who lives in India right now. His name is Sai Baba and he materializes things out of mid-air, objects and that. Somebody said, well, they all said, ďOh, David Copperfield does the same thing.Ē Are they both doing the same thing, or is there a difference between what they both do?

ELIAS: There is a difference.

DAVID: And oneís a trickster and one isnít? (Laughter)

ELIAS: I may not be expressing this, but there is a difference within the manipulation of energy and the objectification into your objective awareness of elements not as an illusion. But if you are inquiring if they are both tricksters, yes! (Laughter) One merely creates within what you term to be illusions, and one creates objective materialization at times of objects, in knowing how to be manipulating energy within the thickness of the time framework.

DAVID: Which would be Sai Baba.

ELIAS: But you may be accomplishing this also! (Laughter)

BOBBI: I have a dream question. Last week, I had a dream that was kind of long. In the beginning part of it, I was remotely viewing myself going through a series of floods. At the end, I was talking to someone who seemed to be a teacher, a woman. I was suddenly aware that she had two names. I had no idea what either of them were, and I became very embarrassed. I could sense she was irritated, but I couldnít remember either name. At this point, my husband and a friend walked up, introduced themselves, and she said her name was Dieter or Dietra. Iíve been trying to connect with this name and Iím getting nothing. Do you have a clue?

ELIAS: This also would be another focus.

BOBBI: A future focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Okay. I had the feeling, thinking about it later, that I might have been talking to myself! Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Interesting imagery within the flooding, for this would be the indication in symbolism of waves of emotion that this individual connects with you within.

BOBBI: I see. Now, would she have been trying to reach me through the dream state, or was it a mutual reaching out?

ELIAS: Mutual.

BOBBI: I see. So she was aware of me.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Is this where the irritation stemmed from?

ELIAS: Not irritation; impatience.

BOBBI: Impatience. Okay, thank you.

VICKI: I have a question. I had a short chat with Patel the other night. It appears that there are some discrepancies in the spelling of the name Lazor, and Iím curious how you spell the name Lazor?

ELIAS: (With mock horror) Discrepancies in spelling!

VICKI: Between him and I, yes. (Paul (Patel) spelled it Lazour)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall enter another spelling and be completely confusing of Lawrence!

VICKI: Iím used to it!

ELIAS: (Still chuckling) This essence of Lazor is altering its own spelling of its own name! We are quite playful with these essences! I shall offer you L-A-Z-A-U-R-E.

VICKI: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. This may be changing soon! (Laughter)

JO: I have a quick question. Is Betty Richie-Kielty Sumari/Vold?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Correct.

JO: Sheíll be very pleased. Thanks.

JIM: I have a question. In a dream the other night, the me that I viewed physically, crewcut and ponytail, was that Future Searcher?

ELIAS: (Accessing) No.

JIM: Who was that? Or was it me within this present?

ELIAS: No. This would be imagery, and not an individual.

JIM: I see. Imagery regarding ...

ELIAS: This would be a translation of the action occurring subjectively that you translate into yourself in your image. The image is the symbol of you, but it is not you. It is an image representing or in translation of an action of you addressing you.

JIM: With major issues that Iím dealing with currently?

ELIAS: Presently. Each time that you view an individual within your dream state, it does not necessarily mean that you are viewing an individual or intersecting with another focus or intersecting with an alternate self or intersecting with another essence. You image what is familiar to you objectively; but as I have stated previously, you may be within your dream state using one image to be meaning many different things to yourself.

JIM: Okay. Iíll investigate! Thank you.

NORM: May I continue a few questions in regard to the dual slit optical experiment that we talked about last week, and the quote ďloss of energyĒ from this non-closed system? By the way, this would also work for electrons as well as photons?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: So both bosons and fermions would be suitable for the experiment, and the fermions would also be lost to this system, this universe?

ELIAS: They are not lost.

NORM: But they go into another universe?

ELIAS: Another dimension.

NORM: Another dimension, and can be returned?

ELIAS: Absolutely ... and is.

NORM: Oh, it is? In a different time frame?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It may be re-entered into this dimension within another time framework not much removed.

NORM: But an experiment such as the conservation of energy or linear or angular momentum would show that within a short time frame, it is truly lost.

ELIAS: It is not lost! (Grinning)

NORM: To THIS universe.

ELIAS: It merely moves outside of this dimension, and at times, temporarily.

NORM: So this is a method of showing a negativity, and that it moves out of this dimension. There should be maybe a symmetric experiment that would bring it back.

ELIAS: You are moving closer!

NORM: Well! Iíll work on it then!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) It may be, in your terms, brought back. It has not disappeared, and it has not been eliminated!

NORM: So it would be in Regional Area 2 then?

ELIAS: No. It would merely be moving into another dimension paralleling.

NORM: A single other dimension?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Closely associated with this dimension?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Interesting!

RETA: Measurable to bring back?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: If youíre smart enough!

PAUL: And you would refer to it as Regional Area 1, this parallel dimension that the particle moves into, and not Regional Area 2?

ELIAS: Correct; merely another dimension of Regional Area 1, physically focused.

NORM: A parallel equivalent?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: So thereís a lot of energy exchanged within Regional Area 1 between dimensions?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Does that mean thatís where a lot of this takes place, is within aspects of ourselves?


PAUL: Probabilities, as it were?

ELIAS: There are myriads of dimensions within this physical dimension.

RETA: If you were to use the term ďnon-physical world,Ē that really wouldnít mean anything then. Itís just parallel dimensions, an infinity of them.


RETA: So in trying to explain to someone your thoughts on being outside of this dimension, itís not a non-physical world. Thatís not even the term youíd want to use, is it?

ELIAS: There are areas of consciousness that are what you would term to be removed from physical manifestations.

RETA: For instance ...

ELIAS: Regional Area 4.

RETA: Oh, yeah. Well, Regional Area 2 isnít apparent to us. We havenít learned to use it well, but we know that a lot of the thought waves that we use on a daily basis are running around there. I know that we can measure radio waves, and we can put an antenna up for TV. Is there a term you would use for those thought waves that we use and pass back and forth all the time from Regional Area 2?

ELIAS: Your dream mission! (Grinning)

RETA: My what? My dream mission? I donít understand that! Itís a wave of some kind of energy. There has to be an energy exchange there.

ELIAS: It IS energy. It is consciousness.

RETA: Yeah, but how am I going to put up an antenna ... or I do on a daily basis! I know that! But how am I going to have a lucid awareness of that antenna getting into Regional Area 2?

ELIAS: Practice the dream mission! (Grinning)

RETA: Practice the dream mission. Okay ...

PAUL: Elias, I have a question coming off of what Reta just said. In one of the Jane Roberts books, Seth describes the astral body Ė the conventional term for it Ė as three forms. The first one is closer to the physical Regional Area 1, the second form is perhaps wider, and the third form is even wider. Maybe you could comment on that as far as projecting our consciousness into these areas.

ELIAS: This has been offered to you as imagery for initial understanding and information; for in recognition that you do focus your attention so singularly, it would not be accepted or understood initially if that essence was delivering to you information without imagery.

In this, I express to you that initially, you view helpfulness in visualizing an astral body. This allows you the security of your individual identity and also your connection to your physical focus. If you are imaging your physical form translucently, then you shall be offering yourself validation that you may be moving in areas that are unfamiliar and outside of your body.

We have spoken of out-of-body experiences previously in like manner; for initially, individuals will not understand that there is no etheric body. It is unnecessary; but temporarily, it is necessary for you to image this to yourselves. It is validating. It is also familiar, and offers you what you view to be your security of your physical focus and your identity. In actuality, you are not a form. You are not an entity. You are an essence, an essence of consciousness which holds no form. It merely is. It is energy.

Therefore, you may be projecting, and you need not bring your imaged astral body with you if you are so choosing! But the imagery of this and the wider elements was provided that you may understand that as you widen your awareness, you move first to a translucent body, and then you move to a shapeless body, and then you move to no body Ė a stepping stone.

PAUL: Thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RETA: Would you consider that when you are having a remote-viewing experience, would this be just being aware of Regional Area 2 and the thought-waves in that, or would you align it more with an out-of-body experience in an energy exchange?

ELIAS: Neither.

RETA: What would you call remote viewing?

ELIAS: This would merely be an accessing of thought processes and events within physical focus, similar to telepathy.

RETA: So you donít really go there as an out-of-body? You are just processing the thoughts out of Regional Area 2?

ELIAS: No; within this physical, objective Regional Area 1.

RETA: Now, I know Iím going to ask a dynamite question. There are people that seem to have an ability to do this, and I know youíre going to say that we all have that ability, but are there certain qualities that we should look for in people or in ourselves to be able to do telepathy or remote viewing?

ELIAS: Be developing your inner senses, and practicing. (Pause)

PAUL: Elias, would that inner sensing be helpful to Norm and his experiments in developing them further?

ELIAS: Absolutely! (Grinning, and Norm laughs)

RETA: We know that! Itís a wonderful concept ... (Elias chuckles)

MJ: I have an issue that continues to confuse me, so Iíd like to ask about it. Information I received from Paul some time ago indicated my family being Sumafi, and there was an indication of what I think was termed a temporary alignment with Vold and Zuli. I guess that sense of something temporary is somehow confusing to me. In other words, Iím not sure I know what that means! Is that a present condition thatís going to change, or has that changed during this focus? Iím not sure where to go with that, and I also wonder if it has something to do with feelings of ... isolation isnít even the right word, although I have those, but I sort of have this sense of always being on the periphery when it comes to an organization of people, and I wonder if that has something to do with it? In other words ... well, you know what Iím asking, I do believe! (Pause)

ELIAS: I am understanding of your confusion. This has been offered, that you choose at different times to be temporarily aligning with one family or another family and changing your alignment within these families within this focus Ė not within another focus Ė but also continuing with your alignment in lending energy to the intent of whichever family you are choosing to not be aligning with. In this, I shall offer an example. If you are aligned with the Zuli, you are temporarily aligning with this family. You are lending energy to the other family, but not aligning with them within that time period. But you may be choosing at another time period to be aligning with Vold and discontinuing with Zuli, but continuing to lend energy to the intent of that family. Is this clearer?

MJ: Itís clearer. With what sort of frequency have I done that? In other words, in my mind Iím trying to take changes in events or circumstances and fit them to that, so that I can begin to identify at a feeling level what that means.

ELIAS: Very good! At the times that you experience blocks of time frameworks that you are much more intensely affected emotionally and your emotions are much more intensified ... at these times, you may identify that you are aligning with Vold. At times when this is seeming to be subsiding and not a major element within your focus, you are not aligning.

MJ: But itís basically with those two families in this focus? In other words, Iím not bebopping around throughout the eight other families? (Laughing)

ELIAS: No. (Grinning)

MJ: Because Iím capable, so I had to make sure! (Much laughter) Thank you.

ELIAS: (Laughing) You are welcome!

Very well. We shall be discontinuing this evening and I shall be returning shortly and interacting with you once again, and we shall be continuing our discussion of these essence families and their creating. To you all this evening, I bid you all a very fond adieu!

Elias departs at 8:54 PM.

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