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Sunday, July 16, 1995 (Revised May, 1998)

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“Multiple Personality/Senility/Catatonia/Coma”

“Evolution & Extinction”

“Dream Memory”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Jim (Yarr), Elizabeth (Elizabeth), Jo (Joseph), Julie (Peter), Christie (Oliver), and a new participant, Gaylon (Thomas).

Vic’s note: This tape begins a few minutes before the session. In the pre-session conversation, I make a comment that I’d had a feeling for twenty-four hours that this would be an interesting session, and others say they’ve had the same impression. I imagine this is partially a connection to Mary “moving close” for the first time.

Elias arrives at 7:00 PM. (Arrival time is thirty seconds.)

ELIAS: (Grinning) We are all in a good humor this evening! (Laughter) We will pursue our subject of your religious element, but first we will allow for questions.

JO: Okay, Vicki. Ask your questions!

VICKI: ALL my questions?? (Laughing) I’ll ask Michael’s question. How’s that?

ELIAS: This will not be necessary! (Exclamations of surprise) I will explain. Shortly, Michael will be joining you. Therefore, he may ask his own question! (1)

VICKI: That sounds like an excellent idea! One of the questions I have written down is, why has it seemed to be especially difficult this week for Michael and I to ... I don’t know about other people. It’s been an especially frustrating week in dream memory, and we’re wondering why.

ELIAS: You have all experienced this same development; not only those present here, but also individuals of this group have been experiencing this same development. You are attempting a small shift in incorporating your sleep state into your reality. This is creating a block. This will pass. This block is also a neurological defense, this being part of your separateness that you have incorporated into your focus. This separation has allowed you until now to focus in physical developments and experience separate from your essence. In your widening presently, you are beginning to incorporate more into your focus. Your physical brain does not understand how to interpret this new incorporation. You will find that in practicing, you will move beyond this block.

Some are not remembering dream states for they have not reached the point of allowing themselves to remember. You also hold still to a belief system that suggests to you that your dreams are imagination. You have not incorporated them fully into your reality. As long as you discount this state, it will continue to elude you partially. You will have the ability to remember dreams periodically, but it will not be consistent. Once you begin to drop the veil of belief systems that imagination is not reality, then you will incorporate more easily.

You will find that even in incorporating into your reality your dream state, you will reach block points, as I have mentioned earlier. Your physical expression of your physical brain is not used to this development. Your physical expression, although manipulated by you, also incorporates its own consciousness. Therefore, this creates a slight struggle. You eventually will “will out,” but your body and its functioning consciousness will not just “give over” with no expression!

My suggestion is to not allow frustration to block in your attempts even more. You will accomplish stepping over this divide. You expect these accomplishments to come in an instant! (Laughter) They do not happen this quickly! You have not only incorporated THIS physical developmental focus in this direction of separation, you have incorporated MANY developmental focuses. Your physical expression of body has divorced itself from your essence. It does not “melt back in” automatically! (Grinning)

Also, I will address partially to our “puzzle,” as you are addressing your dream state. We will give one point to Lawrence for purple, which is correct for fifth infant. We will also address to Ron a point for infant being placed in a focus, not a country. We will also give a point to Michael for the fourth name. (Mobowah) You may confer, and continue with your “treasure hunt!” For now, I will not express if you have “hit” on more correct information. I am enjoying this game! (Grinning) (2)

Excuse one moment. (Here, Elias closes his eyes and appears to be listening) I will address to Michael’s question. This would be involving a confusion concerning evolution and extinction of species. This is a complicated subject.

I will first explain to you that in some sense, as I have expressed before, there is an evolution, but not in the sense that you believe scientifically that this is true. Species do not evolve from one to another. You did not evolve from another form of human. Your scientists, your anthropologists and archeologists, are still looking for your “missing link.” They will be looking FOREVER, for there is no “missing link!”

There have been many expressions of man, each in its own focus, each being its own species. Your present expression of man did not evolve from a Neanderthal. It is the expression in itself that you have created as your final focus. This was the focus that you have chosen to incorporate as working the most efficiently. I have explained that “in the beginning,” other focuses were experimented with in your “unfocused” development. In this also, your scientists may not find a reason for extinction. They try to incorporate evolution to explain the disappearance of other man-like forms. This shall bring us into our direction of extinction.

For the most part, but not always, extinction is realized, but the thing that has been extinct just “disappears.” First of all, I will explain that extinction is not what you view it to be. It is always an agreement. Also, a species may at any time decide it has experienced what it chose to experience. In this, it chooses to experience no more. This is why it will “vanish with no trace.” You do not find trails of bodies of these animals. They just are not there! You realize they are extinct when you do not find them anymore. You may in future developments find evidence of their existence, but it seems that they have “fallen off your earth” with no explanation! You try to create explanations. You express environmental reasons for this occurrence. This satisfies your curiosity. This is not correct. Animals such as your prehistoric creatures experienced their existence. New animals were incorporated for new experience. This is not evolution. This is replacement. You will find new creatures being incorporated for the future, for creatures in present focus are continuously “going out of focus.” (Here, Christie and Gaylon arrive) Good evening, Oliver.

CHRISTIE: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: And we are welcoming new ... this would be?

CHRISTIE: This is my friend Gaylon. I spoke to you about him a few times.

ELIAS: I am aware. Welcome.

GAYLON: Thank you.

ELIAS: Now; we will also express that in this shift that you are creating, just as your earth is responding in shifting, all of nature is responding also. You may rationalize that you are encroaching on territory and therefore creating extinction in plants and animals, but you are developing exactly how you have planned to develop. Also, your creatures and vegetation are also moving in new directions. You believe extinction to be the end of an existence. It is not. It has only refocused to another focus. This focus no longer serves its purpose.

There are individuals who feel a necessity to “save their earth.” This is, to them, commendable. Their earth needs no more “saving” than your souls need saving with your Christians! (Grinning) It develops and changes. Change is the nature of the universe. All things in it change. All things are continuously moving and changing and remanifesting and refocusing. As one element refocuses, it disappears from one focus and appears in another.

Therefore, do not grieve for creatures and plants that you may not view any longer. This would be equal to grieving that you are not viewing yourself as a child any longer! You develop, and your world develops, and your focus develops. You misinterpret by thinking that when anything refocuses, that it is separated from you and gone. Just as you are not gone when you die and refocus, entire cultures are not gone when they refocus, and entire species are not gone either. (Here, Julie arrives) We are welcoming to Peter.


VICKI: May I ask a quick question here?


VICKI: The energy expended by certain individuals to save the earth or to save a particular species of animals, is that a waste of energy or is that a normal expression for that individual in their focus?

ELIAS: This is a very good question! This is NOT a wasted expression. First of all, I will explain once again, NO expending of energy is wasted. Also, this will be the expression that these individuals will become more connected with nature, therefore separating themselves less. Not all individuals must express themselves in this way. Some feel quite compelled. This is an excellent expression of incorporating their creation to themselves. It is an appreciation of created manifestations to essence. (Fifteen-second pause)

I will express briefly also to misinterpretation. There has been great energy expended recently in confusion. Individuals are confused in their connections and their focus, and in my attention. I will express to you that regardless of your acceptance or acknowledgment of my presence, I AM with you. I am not disconnected from certain individuals. I do not separate and focus more intently with some and not with others. This would be quite contrary to my focus. I will express that I am in connection more with Michael, but for quite obvious reasons! (Laughter)

There will be other misconceptions and misunderstandings that I will address also, but I will be waiting for Dimin’s presence.

VICKI: I have a quick question about that also.


VICKI: The times when, for example, we feel you around very physically, is that a result of an opening on our part to feel that?

ELIAS: Partially, but it is not necessary, for I am quite capable of expressing without your acknowledgment! (Humorously)

VICKI: I feel you so very physically, so strongly sometimes.

ELIAS: I am quite electric, aren’t I? (Grinning, and much laughter)

VICKI: Quite!

CHRISTIE: I was doing something on Thursday and I was calling out for your help. I didn’t really feel you too much. I felt somebody there, though. I needed more energy. Were you there with me?

ELIAS: I am always listening. I am not always responding. As I have expressed in example of Michael -- he is not pleased with being used as an example again -- I am not here with you to carry each of you. I am here for helping in instruction, and you are here to walk.

VICKI: So why is it that sometimes those physical feelings are so very strong?

ELIAS: This, I will express, is your incorporation and your widening. As you incorporate and widen, you will experience energy presences more, and also more often. You will also recognize the differences in energies, although I must express that MY energy is quite difficult to NOT notice! (Grinning) In incorporation, you will be more receptive. As you become more receptive, you will also widen your understanding and your abilities. I must also express that you will also experience more when you have opened more.

JIM: Can I ask a question? Michael and I were talking the other day. In dispelling our belief systems ... people pray to Jesus, pray to God, ask for outside stuff to help them. As we’re learning, we ARE that outside stuff, so to speak, and we’re not separate from anything. Where can you go? Do you go into yourself, to your higher self? But that’s still connected to yourself. That’s not separate either. Is there somewhere to go or someone to ask or something, to gain energies, to gain understandings, to ... what’s the word I’m looking for? (Here, Jo says, “To help?”) To help! There you go! To help! (We all crack up) But you know, all that stuff we grew up with and we attached ourselves to we’re leaving behind, so you’re kind of left, you know ...

ELIAS: First of all, I will express once again, we are not here to dispel belief systems. We are here in instructing to widen; not to eliminate, but to incorporate more. In incorporating more and widening, why would you go “without” when all of your answers are within? All answers are contained within you. Your essence possesses all knowledge. You only need to tap into this.

Many individuals pray. Prayer, in essence, is only talking. What they are not so accomplished at is listening! You may ask for help, or for [answers to] any of your questions, to whatever you wish. You may talk to a rock if you wish! Your answer will come from YOU.

In being separated in your consciousness, you have created barriers. In these barriers, you have developed belief systems that suggest that everything comes from outside of you, so you are looking outside. You are looking for your experiences outside. You are looking for your answers outside, and when you are looking inside, you are seeing a “black hole!” (Laughter)

GAYLON: And trying to fill it up.

ELIAS: It is already full! It is not ...

GAYLON: Then why read books?

ELIAS: This is interesting! As I have suggested previously, it is important for information. Information is important for knowledge. Knowledge is important for connection. In connecting, this allows widening of awareness. As your awareness widens, you become more accepting of truth. As you become more accepting of truth, you also become more accepting of yourself. Truth may be exposed to you, and you may accept this before you accept yourself. Your essence contains all knowledge, but you have chosen physical focus. In this, you have separated physically from essence. This does not mean that it is impossible for reconnection. It only requires attention. You will find that in looking within, you may convert your thought of this “black hole” while holding to this same image, and realize that there is more concentrated energy and power in a black hole than anywhere else.

GAYLON: Don’t the black holes in space absorb all energy?

ELIAS: This is quite correct, and holds this energy to itself and generates more until it is “turned inside out.” You believe your vortexes -- or what you call vortexes -- on your planet to be energy centers; a “pulling in” of energy. A black hole is a pulling in of energy. YOU are a pulling in of energy, and a pushing out of energy! You already possess all ability. You have only separated your consciousness and created blocking belief systems that prevent you from realizing this truth.

If you want something desperately enough, you will accomplish it. What you do not understand is that you do not need to have such a desperate wanting, and you may still reconnect. We will be acknowledging in this attempt at attending our session as a shift.

GAYLON: Oh, definitely. Quite definitely! No doubt about that.

JULIE: Elias, I was curious as to the phenomenon of “multiple personality syndrome.”

ELIAS: We will be discussing this in our subject of your psyche. This will be incorporated in your religious element. When you have agreed to this subject of this element, I will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

VICKI: I have one more question.

ELIAS: Yes, Lawrence?

VICKI: I seem to be full of them tonight! I’ve been uncomfortable lately every time I hear somebody say, “Well, there isn’t any karma, so there’s nothing to worry about.” This is making me very uncomfortable, and I was wondering if you could comment on your statement that there is no karma, and I think a misinterpretation of that on some people’s part.

ELIAS: I would say, a misinterpretation! This would be the same as expressing, “Oh well, we are experiencing.” This is incorrect! I have explained that ALL that you do is affecting of ALL essences in ALL focuses in ALL dimensions. ALL energy is not only expressed, but received. You should all be aware of this in experiencing energy exchange of Catherine. You may not be moving from one developmental focus to another carrying consequences, but you ARE affecting. You DO bear a personal responsibility.

In expressing to you that there is no karma as you interpret this word, this is meant for your liberation. You do not need to be “beating” yourselves constantly for experiences you have already had. It is unnecessary to perpetuate these. It is also affecting in negative. Therefore, you may not be carrying karma, but as you experience negativity, you affect with negative energy. So, in explaining to you that you are not repaying debts, that you are not carrying from focus to focus, and that it is pointless to be chastising yourself for what you term previous experiences, this is not to say you should not be responsible! The difference is the way you look at this responsibility. In understanding that your energy is affecting of all other energy, you may allow yourself to choose positive energy, for when you turn negative energy to yourself, you affect all others.

This is why I have expressed, even to Peter’s disbelieving, that your more negative expressions are not in your murders or violent acts, which are agreements of essences in experiences, but negative energy turned to oneself is much more affecting and destructive, for it not only affects you, but all other essences. In violent action, an action is chosen and executed and done. In expression of negativity to oneself, it is like our mouse! (Pause)

CHRISTIE: I talked to Lawrence after the last session, and she related to me the story of helping the old woman and then what happened after that, and I really loved your answer on that. I thought of that in myself, in that I once had an accident coming out of a driveway. Well, I’ve had three accidents coming out of a driveway, but that’s all I’ve ever had! But this particular one, after this accident which was just a fender bender, I thought to myself that the reason that accident happened was to warn me to be careful coming out of that driveway because it could have been a child that I may have run over rather than just a small fender bender. And when she told me this story, this came back to me and I thought, “Wow!” I think that kind of relates to this, does it not?

ELIAS: Yes. It is important for acknowledging personally, and NOTICING. I have used this word many, many, many times! (Grinning)

CHRISTIE: Well, I’m doing it!

ELIAS: This is good! There is a reason for my expressing this noticing. In shifting in your consciousness and widening your awareness, you must notice. Once you have noticed, you must acknowledge. It is not enough only to notice, for you notice things around you and within you continuously. You also rationalize away continuously! (We all crack up)

CHRISTIE: In continuing with this story of Lawrence’s, is it important to us to do what we can to help other people, and in doing that it will lessen trauma? I mean, it’s possible that it might lessen some trauma? So, if we put ourselves out enough to help other people, it’s really helping ourselves in that respect?

ELIAS: I will express to Oliver that if Oliver spends as much time focusing in his own direction and connecting with his own essence as he does in converting the world, he will find much satisfaction and many answers! (Humorously, and we all crack up)

I have expressed MANY times with you that it is acceptable and very positive to offer assistance to other essences in physical focus. What is more important presently is for you to be connecting with YOUR essence, and for you to be noticing and experiencing and acknowledging of your own voice.

You are your highest expression. You possess all of your answers. You express your most artful beauty. It is not necessary to “pull from outside,” for you possess all already. In connecting with your essence, you will be complete. In this, it will not be necessary for outreach. This is not to say that you should be so singularly focused with the individual self as to block everything around you out, for connection is part of your essence and realization of connection is quite important. What I am expressing to you, and to you all, is that each individual will connect with their own essence in their own focus. It is not your job to be converting of them!

In sharing information, this is a very positive expression and often is helpful in their widening also, but in this sharing of information, the focus should not be them. As I have expressed, is it not a great enough responsibility to be responsible for your OWN essence and your OWN probabilities? You bear no responsibility for other essences. Each is responsible for itself. You DO bear responsibility for YOUR expressions.

In attempting to connect within, you will find a connection with me also. My energy does not originate from outside, as electrical waves coming through your air and affecting you from “outside in.” It will appear from inside and radiate out, just as your own connections and energy and knowing comes from within. You ARE the vortex. You are each the black hole which contains all energy.

I will also address to interpretation of emotional expressions. This is shifting. (Looking at Jim) You may speak with other individuals present within our group and find that they have shifted similarly also. It is amusing!

JIM: Thank you! (Laughter)

Vic’s note: To the best of my recollection, this is in reference to all of us having some rather extreme emotional expressions during this time period, and also noticing this in other individuals.

ELIAS: The purpose in this shifting in extreme is that you have blocked in extreme. Therefore, your pendulum is swinging the other way. It will balance, and you will find in discussing with other individuals that in this balance, you will incorporate a tremendously greater understanding of those things you did not connect with before. You will have experienced this shift and you will allow yourself the ability to incorporate this, providing yourself with great tolerance and acceptance of other individuals. Your understanding will be greatly increased to the point where these trivial experiences will be very inconsequential and unnecessary for your experience.

In this I would also express to you all, this is the beginning of your shift. I have expressed that when your circle is completed your shift will be accomplished, and in this you will incorporate no more negativity. You may notice in these small shifts how this negativity will become inconsequential and drop away, little by little. It will not be important. You will experience realistically, eventually, what your teacher in Jesus expressed of “turning the other cheek.” This will not seem so absurd to you, for it will seem more absurd to respond in like kind. It will not happen instantaneously. You may still feel a need to “smash your fist,” (grinning, and we all laugh) but this will pass.

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. It is sometimes easier to move through certain developments when you are assured that they will not be lasting forever! (Grinning, laughter, and a pause)

JULIE: May I throw a “humdinger” out? Are you familiar with the name Lily Langtry, Elias?

ELIAS: No. And your reasoning for this? (Grinning)

JULIE: Just curiosity ... something I heard on the TV this morning.

ELIAS: Your television lately is promoting quite controversy in belief systems! I am not so sure that this is such a beneficial invention! (Laughter)

CHRISTIE: You got that right! Elias, could you indulge me, in that I would like to know what Gaylon’s essence name is?

ELIAS: Yes. (Turning to Vic) I am understanding of this impatience, and I am expressing, WAIT! (Vic cracks up) For we will be indulging of our rose. (Elias often refers to Christie as “our rose”) Excuse me briefly, please. (Twenty-three second pause)

This essence would identify itself more masculine, in identifying in the name of Thomas. This essence has been physically manifest several times in religious focuses connected with Christian Catholic church, in one focus identifying in a position of cardinal. There have been strong attachments to this belief system. This essence also identifies with one Indian focus, for experience. By a large portion, this essence identifies basically with European history in focuses and is not extending quite as far as pharaohs; this being a more recent fragmentation, with much identification of medieval experience. Is this acceptable?

CHRISTIE: Is there a focus that we were together in? (Pause)

ELIAS: A brief encounter, but you have not been connected as being related. You are not connected in fragmentation and you are not connected in a lasting friendship, as you would express. You have shared one brief encounter of meeting in English castle, but it was of not much consequence; this being a new encounter.

CHRISTIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Now I will be expressing that we will adjourn for a brief break, and then I will allow for your next subject of your religious element, which we will at least begin with. And if Peter is exerting himself, he may “will out” with his subject matter! (Laughter) And I will return briefly.

BREAK 8:28 PM.

RESUME 9:07 PM. (Arrival time was five seconds.)

Vic’s note: When Elias arrives, Jim and I are conversing. (3)

VICKI: We’re bonding!

JIM: Yes! We’re talking about gardening!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Do not let us interrupt! (Everybody cracks up)

VICKI: Excuse us!

ELIAS: Surprise! (Chuckling)

I will first, before continuing, be apologizing to Oliver in his feelings. This was not the intention, to be making you feel alienated. The intention is that you be more focused in reality. I am understanding that your acceptance in your questioning is to incorporate personally. I am also understanding that many of these ideas are still ideas. I am wishing to express to you a connection with essence in reality, and not only in ideas. You have expressed great ability in what you term the past. I am expressing of a continuing of this in greater measure for future. I am expressing a connection with you, in that you pay more attention to your expression in self. You are of ultimate importance to you. As I expressed to you in a previous session early in our encounters when you were expressing a doubtfulness, that you may not continue, you have much to absorb. You cannot absorb as much as your capability will allow if you are not attentive. I am expressing of tremendous love for your essence, and am hoping in your choices of incorporation that you will notice and think on what I have said this evening, that you may find this to be quite important and deserving of more concentrated attention. As with anything that you wish to attain, you must put forth an effort to attain it.

CHRISTIE: Thank you. I will.

ELIAS: Now we will allow for your choice of your next subject of your religious element, which I will briefly begin. I am being quite prodded by Michael to not be “long winded” this evening! (Laughter) Therefore, I will refrain. What will you wish for your choice?

RON: How about we talk about the psyche?

JULIE: I second the motion!

ELIAS: I was experiencing such suspense! (We all crack up) You will find that in your terms you have opened a “can of worms,” for this subject will also need much time, as our subject of fragmentation was needing much time.

There are many parts of your psyche. This would be all parts of you that you physically focused interpret as your consciousness. This is not your complete consciousness, but only your interpretation of consciousness. It is also incorporating what you term your “unconsciousness.” This involves quite a lot of interaction.

Peter is inquiring of multiple personalities. Therefore, we will begin with this. This would be what YOU term an abnormal part of your consciousness. In actuality, this is not abnormal. It is only a further separating. You collectively have accepted certain boundaries and a certain focus to be what you call normal. This is what you have agreed to be your accepted expression. Actually, there is no “normal,” except in expression of all things.

Some individuals have manifest many times in physical focuses. In wishing to experience separation even further than they have already experienced, they separate their own consciousness. In doing this, they separate all parts of their consciousness. Some do not realize all of these separations. Some experience or become aware of only a few. Others become aware of quite a few personalities, some even as many as nearing one hundred. This allows for the experience of separating and experiencing each part of their consciousness individually. There is no interpretation of experience necessary, for each part experiences its own focus. In this manner, this individual may experience quite a few lifetimes in one lifetime.

In your lack of connection and knowledge, you term what you do not understand as abnormal. You believe that differences are somehow a malfunction. This is incorrect. You will find that you could learn quite a bit from these individuals! I will express to you that even your great psychologist of Carl Jung was aware later in life of the spirituality of consciousness of individuals that you would deem to be “insane.”

The advantage to forming individual focuses of your consciousness is that each one being experienced does not cross the other. Therefore, in this experience there is less confusion, for there is less interpretation. Some individuals wish to experience an understanding without much interpretation. They do not wish to expend tremendous energy in incorporating interconnectedness.

I will also express to you that how you view these individuals, as you will see with many other individuals, is a reflection of your belief systems. It is not necessarily truth. This is not to say that an individual experiencing multiple personalities is more connected than you, for this individual is not. It is actually experiencing a further disconnection. It has chosen to experience an ultimate separation, even from itself.

This experience YOU believe stems from an unhealthful experience or abusive situation in younger life. Would it not strike you oddly that all individuals that experience these same things in younger life do not separate into multiple personalities? Some multiple personalities do not experience great trauma in earlier years, but manifest this “condition,” as you would term it, anyway.

This is a choice. Part of this choice is not wishing to take personal responsibility for oneself. This is not accomplished on what you term a physically conscious level. The physically focused individual, in cooperation with essence though, has chosen to not be responsible for energy spent. It only wishes experience. This is accomplished in your focus, for you do not hold them responsible, for any individual acting out of what you deem “the norm” is not held responsible if they are only affecting themselves. In actuality, this in some senses is less destructive individually than other choices that you may make concerning yourself and actualizing conditions within yourself. For the most part, these individuals do not inflict much pain to themselves. There is more confusion than anything else. Another individual may be incorporated psychologically and wreak havoc on their individual self through their psyche, emotionally and physically.

There are many parts of your psyche that your doctors and psychologists and scientists may study and never understand, for these things do not come only from your physical brain. There is consciousness energy behind all of the interaction taking place in your brain.

There are many “disorders,” as you would call them, psychologically. These disorders are viewed this way, as I have said, only because you collectively have accepted a certain focus. Those who deviate from this choose experiences that they would not have the ability to experience if they continued in the “norm.”

I will not go into this, but you would all be surprised that you have experienced in different physical manifestations what you would term to be “madness,” even if it be only temporary. There are many expressions that you do not understand. When you do not understand what you are dealing with, you create a belief system to explain it. Many times your explanation is far off the mark! (Laughter)

In discussing disorders as being your first choice of direction, I will express also that your connotation of senility is incorrect also. Your scientists work very hard at correcting this disorder. They will find, in some cases, they may in the future accomplish a shift of this disorder. This will only be accomplished in some cases. This will be because senility is not even close to what you believe. These individuals who experience this “condition,” as you term it, are not in this “out of control” state. They are preparing for refocusing. They have chosen to prepare in physical focus instead of experiencing transition in non-physical focus. (Mary’s comment: WOW!) They feel they have no time in non-physical focus for such nonsense, in their terms. Therefore, they reconnect with essence in physical focus. They are quite aware of what they are doing. They fade in and out of physical focus. They are more connected with essence than they are with physical focus.

In this, you interpret that they are forgetful. They are no more forgetful than you are of your dreams! Your sleep state is part of your twenty-four-hour day, is it not? But you consider your day only to be those hours which incorporate your waking state. This is incorrect. Those hours incorporated in your sleeping state are part of your day; this also being why you experience recently such frustration in not remembering, for you are beginning to incorporate those hours into your entire day and not separate. Individuals who experience senility are quite able to recount experiences and memories from earlier in life. They do not forget their lifetime. They are only forgetful of their present time. This is for the same reason that you are forgetful of your sleep state. They are connecting with other probabilities and essence and other focuses and other dimensions, and in this state their brain cannot assimilate the information. Therefore, they do not remember.

They “blink in and out” of physical reality. There is nothing wrong with these individuals! Their consciousness is not out-of-order! It is only “on the blink,” for it is blinking in and out! (Here, Elias starts laughing, obviously pleased with his joke) I am quite amusing tonight too! (We all crack up)

These individuals in this state, if you will listen to them instead of discounting all they say, you may learn quite a bit of essence from them, but you do not listen. You discount their experience, for it is not the norm.

They are not experiencing transition when they are “supposed” to experience this, after they are dead! (Humorously) They are experiencing it before, and as they experience more and more and blink off or out more often and for longer periods of time and come back to your physical focus less and less, they become closer and closer to moving on, and eventually they “blink out” completely!

VICKI: And then there’s no transitional state for them?

ELIAS: This is correct. They have experienced this in physical focus, and are ready and capable of moving directly to whichever chosen focus they are continuing in.

VICKI: And this choice has already been made by them in this period of time?

ELIAS: This is also correct. They have chosen previously to experience this direction of “blinking out.”

VICKI: Would this also apply to what we term Alzheimer’s Disease?

ELIAS: This is synonymous.

JULIE: Well then, my mother’s been in transition for a long time! (We all crack up)

VICKI: How about people, say, in comas or in catatonic states?

ELIAS: There is a difference between your state of a coma and your state of catatonic.

A coma is experienced by an individual that has not quite decided whether to refocus or not. It experiences a time of choosing; this being why many times, while an individual is experiencing this state, they may be pulled back to physical focus by others consciously around them. You in conscious state of this waking consciousness experience linear time. They in their conscious state, in that consciousness, do not. Therefore, their decision for moving to a new focus or rejoining in this physical focus may appear to be quite small or may appear to be very extended. To the individual in this state of indecision, it is only a varying degree of moments. It may be experienced in their consciousness as a few seconds, as another individual watching may experience the time frame of months. An individual in this state of coma may experience minutes of indecision, and the watching individual may physically experience years of waiting. In this state of coma, they are not quite in connection with essence but are feeling a pulling for that direction, but they are not in this connection either. They are hovering in-between. They are choosing a direction.

In the case of an individual choosing a catatonic state, this is different. This is not a case of choosing which direction. They have chosen a direction. They have chosen to remove themselves consciously, but allow a portion of consciousness to reside in physical manifestation. They pull the majority of their physically focused consciousness away. They do still wish to experience physical existence, but they are not pleased with their choice of manifestation. They are not wishing to end this physical focus, as we have expressed in our discussion of suicide, but they are not wishing to participate either. Therefore, they pull their consciousness from their physical expression. They allow only enough of their consciousness to continue physical functioning of their physical bodies, with all organs and brain waves still functioning, but no consciousness for experiencing.

This would be likened to what I have expressed to you in our subject of projecting a part of your consciousness to an animal, experiencing its perspective and physical existence, but not BEING an animal. Only a portion of consciousness is allowed expression in this, only for experience. This would be a comparison of this individual choosing a catatonic state. In this, there are individuals who choose to reconnect with this physical focus, and may spend quite an amount of time in this state of catatonia, and suddenly reappear and resume in consciousness and function normally, as you would term it.

VICKI: If there’s an individual, say they’re in a coma and we are keeping them alive with machinery. Is that an agreement in essence?

ELIAS: Partially and partially not, the agreement only being that with the continuing functioning. The essence being supported is agreeing to allow the support. If an essence truly does not wish to be supported artificially, it will have no brain wave. It will choose to make its decision known. You will understand that your medical profession will not continue your life support if your brain or your heart discontinues. In this, YOU choose. If you choose to not be here, you will not be here.

VICKI: So, it is not necessary to make all sorts of legal arrangements for these things.


CHRISTIE: There are times, though, that when the machines are turned off, the physical body doesn’t die, and continues.

ELIAS: This is correct. This is for the reason that this individual will continue without help. It has continued for a reason. It has chosen to postpone moving for an existing connection. You will find that there are many times in these scenarios that the individual that is not letting go, so to speak, will discontinue if given permission. There are times when your belief systems will prevent you from moving. I have expressed that your belief systems are so strong that you may carry them beyond physical focus and you may experience an adjustment period of dropping away of belief systems if not choosing to remanifest. Therefore also, while still continuing to experience physical manifestation and not quite at the point of letting go, your belief systems may prevent this letting go until you have been granted the go-ahead. As the same in opposition, you may need no go-ahead and you may be experiencing other individuals furiously working to hold you in this physical focus, and you may choose to go anyway. It does not matter how hard other individuals work to hold an essence in physical focus. If you have chosen to move to another focus, you will.

(Intently) No essence may make another essence choose anything. YOU make your choices. YOU make your decisions. Another essence has no control of any other essence.

VICKI: Going back to the person with the multiple personalities, is it possible then for that person to fulfill their “three physical developmental focus rule” in that one physical focus?

ELIAS: (Laughing) Lawrence is looking for a “cheating” way in the game! No! (We all crack up) This would not be the expression. This would only be an expression of separating of personality in individual physical focus. I will express that if you wish, you may experience this separation in male or female or “other” or all! You may repeat it in every focus if you wish, but you may not “short cut” in one! (Chuckling)

I will express that we will allow for one more question for this evening, for I am quite aware of Elizabeth’s energy for disconnection. (Whispering) And you may all be mad at her! (Pause) We have discussed so much “disorder” that we are all experiencing disorder and disconnection! (Laughter)

VICKI: I do have another question. I’m just trying to not be rude.


VICKI: This focus of the psyche, would this condition of epilepsy be incorporated into this at all?

ELIAS: Yes, it will. This, as all other malfunctions or dis-eases, is begun with the psyche in connection with essence. In Lawrence’s particular case, I will ask first if you are wishing of a true answer?

VICKI: Absolutely.

ELIAS: This expression is a deliberate disconnection. This is why you have experienced this epilepsy differently than other individuals. You have experienced this meaning your own physical expression no harm. You have been slightly over-zealous a few times, but were quite aware in your consciousness that this was not your ideal. This condition allows your consciousness to separate from your physical focus; this expression being because you are focused in your essence in many directions, and being of a controlling essence, feel it necessary to be “watching.” In difference to Elizabeth, who watches while continuing in consciousness, you are of a belief system that you may not watch while you are consciously focused in this dimension. Therefore, you disconnect. You have also developed a belief system, although it is rather weak, of incorporating medical advice to maintain physical focus with your consciousness in this dimension. This is not necessary. You have known this for quite some time.

It is amusing that you separate in your belief systems so effectively in so many areas, this being only another. Just as you may believe in me and Paul and not in your connection or ability, you also believe that others, and to some degree yourself, may heal certain maladies that you have incorporated, but you do not trust completely yet. Just as you do not trust yourself in connection with your essence in this subject, you also do not trust yourself in connection with your essence in your expression of your epilepsy. I will explain also though, that when you have connected more in your sleep state, you will find that you may watch AND be conscious of this physical focus, and then you will find it is not necessary for medical additions. (Pause) And I am not suspecting that I was offensive?

VICKI: Not at all.

ELIAS: Then we will discontinue for this evening, but I will be expressing to you also in advance, as you would say, that I will be in connection with you before our session of next week. Lawrence and Michael have time to be what they call “caught up” with our transcripts, and therefore I will be continuing with our discussion on Wednesday. We will be interested to see our response!

VICKI: Thank you for the information.

ELIAS: You are welcome. And I will express to you all that I will be in loving connection with you daily, and I will be helping in energy expression and continue sending positive energy, even through anger! (Smiling at Jim)

JIM: Ten-four! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

(To Gaylon) And you may continue in widening, and do not be so doubting of your own expression, for as all essences, it is quite wonderful!

(To Julie) And we are expecting more concentration on healing with this one!

(To Elizabeth) And I will see you later!

Michael will be quite excited for this session, although I do not expect him to be joining us often, for he is much too busy exploring! I will bid you all good evening and good dreaming and excellent connecting!

Elias departs at 10:19 PM.


(1) This was the first session in which Mary “stayed around” to listen and ask her own question. She told us later that although this was an interesting experience, she didn’t think she would repeat it often because there were so many other “interesting things to do!”

(2) Many people have asked how the game began. It actually began with Ron’s dream about five babies, (reference session 20 dated 7/9/95) but this is the first session in which points are offered, based on dreams and impressions we had during the week. Ron doesn’t remember much about the focus/country comment, except that he had a dream that had something to do with a baby, light and dark, and focus vs. country.

(3) As we reconvened after the break, Jim and I became involved in a conversation, completely unaware that Elias had arrived and totally ignoring him. Elias got a big kick out of this! This is the fastest “arrival time” we have seen, and it kind of took us by surprise!

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