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Thursday, June 11, 1998

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“Who’s Bad?”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Michael (Sergei). This is Michael’s first encounter with Elias.

Vic’s note: There is no time/date display on this videotape. Elias’ arrival time is 25 seconds. 10 seconds after Mary closes her eyes, the phone starts ringing. It rings 3 times, and then Elias says, “Good afternoon.” This is actually kind of funny, as it sounds like Elias answers the phone ... and this is exactly what Margot thought!

Margot’s note: Gawd! This Michael probably doesn’t appreciate how exquisite it really is to dial a number and have Elias answer! Sure would be handy to have the phone number of his direct line!

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling)

MICHAEL: (Laughing) Hello!

ELIAS: And you have inquiries this day?


ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

MICHAEL: Well, first I wanted to ask, who’s bad? (10-second pause)

ELIAS: Clarify. (Hint: a singular glove. Ducking and running!)

MICHAEL: An entity that was attached to me.

ELIAS: Which is your terminology for this.

MICHAEL: Yes. (10-second pause)

ELIAS: Let me explain the situation of projection and its connection and influence with belief systems.

Many individuals hold very strong belief systems which hold their origins within religious belief systems. Individuals may not align themselves with religious belief systems objectively or to their way of thinking, but you are entrenched within a culture that holds very strong religious belief systems, and also your planet has held very strong religious belief systems in many different manners throughout most of your history. In this, the mass belief systems hold much energy and are very influencing and affecting of the individuals.

Now; in this, individuals have come to believe that many of these concepts or ideas which are set forth by these religious belief systems are true, or hold truthfulness.

Let me explain to you that within this physical dimension, this physical manifestation, truths exist, but they are far removed from what you believe within your belief systems to be true. (1)

Therefore, this be the preface to that which I shall explain to you presently, in answer to your question of what you believe to be an entity.

Now; within projection of energy, all individuals within your dimension hold the ability to be projecting energy. You project energy continuously throughout your focus. At times you also separate fearfulness from you and project this fearfulness outward and may be creating of an actual entity which holds existence, but the confusion lies in the holding to belief systems which have been accepted into your reality and therefore express to you that this is an entity, so to speak, which attaches itself to you from outside of yourself.

I shall express to you that you are a manifestation, a focus of essence. You manifest within this particular dimension as a focus of essence which holds its attention in one area, which is you. You are also all of essence. Essence is much greater than the one manifestation within a physical focus, although each physical focus holds all of essence within it.

I preface this, that you may understand as I express to you that essences are not intrusive and essence is not hurtful. But the focus of essence, which there are countless focuses of, each of these focuses of essence holds their own identity, their own variation of tone which is encompassed by the whole of essence, and each focus creates their own intent, their own direction, their own intentions in actions and creations of probabilities, and their own choice and free will. Each focus holds its own creativity and holds the ability to be creating of whatever they are choosing.

In this, as there is much energy lent within the creation of mass belief systems, it lends energy to the individual to be creating of certain situations more easily than if they were to be creating outside of the mass belief systems. These belief systems lend an ease to your creations within them.

Each focus of essence holds unlimited energy. There is no limit to the energy that you possess, that you may access, and that you may manipulate. Therefore, you hold tremendous ability at your little fingertips (wiggling his fingers) within your creativity.

Throughout your history, many individuals have created the choice of separating in energy those emotional qualities of energy which create fearfulness. In this action, they separate out all of the aspects of fearfulness within their emotional qualities of self, and in this separation of that particular energy, they also create a projection of that specific energy. These projections have been accomplished in many different manners. At times, they hold such great strength that they may manifest into actual entities, as you perceive them to be. You may even project another individual that may physically, solidly stand before you that you may view as an apparition or an appearance of some cosmic essence or evil energy, but in actuality what has occurred is that the individual has chosen to be separating their own fearful energy and projecting this outwardly, separating self and all other qualities from this one aspect of physical experience, and in this create the projection, which appears to be another entity, which may be in fact quite menacing, for it is a projection of your own fearfulness. And you are pushing away, expressing to this element of fearfulness, “I wish not to hold with you. You may separate yourself from me, and I shall continue without you.” But what is not understood objectively within physical focus, for you are so very influenced by the belief systems that are held, is that in projecting this type of energy, it menaces you more than would it in continuing to hold it, for you assign more power in energy to it as you allow it to separate from you.

The mass belief systems throughout your history express this to be possession, visitations by demons or evil spirits, confused essences wandering. Many different reasonings are assigned to this action. Many rituals have been performed to be exorcising these types of projections. The reason that some – not many, but some – of these so-called exorcisms accomplish their specific goal is that the individual holds a very strong belief system that this shall be accomplishing, and accepts what they believe to be helpfulness from another individual. In actuality, what is occurring in this process is that the individual being affected is subjectively creating a new agreement to reclaim their own fearfulness and to discontinue their projection of this fearfulness, and therefore it shall not be OUTWARDLY menacing to them any longer.

Let me also express to you in this -- [and to] individuals that create this type of projection, such as yourself, for this is what you have accomplished – no essence is menacing you. No demon comes to bother you, for there are no demons. But what you may learn presently in this situation is that this is an element of your own energy that you may welcome to yourself, recognizing that this, although holding fearfulness, is an aspect of yourself, and all aspects of yourself within physical focus are all of those elements that serve to create within your reality what you are. Therefore, no aspect of yourself shall be rejected or denied, for it has been created purposefully to serve you and benefit you.

Let me also express to you, there is an awareness within this essence [of Elias] of this fearfulness that you hold, which has been held for much time period. But also, you attempt to be denying of this, for although you hold the expression objectively of self in gentleness and the camouflage which is projected outwardly to your world in this manner, you also hold the fearfulness of the lack of acceptance of other individuals in this area. You camouflage this fearfulness by expressing that you are strong within your gentleness, and that you are hardened to those aspects that you view to be hurtful. But there are no secrets within essence, and therefore I may view that this is a camouflage, and beneath this camouflage there is a timidness and a fearfulness of what you view to be outside of yourself, and in this you hold to another belief system of protection.

Let me express to you, there is no element that may be hurtful to you that you do agree to accept, and it is unnecessary to hold to protection; for what shall penetrate your energy field if you are not accepting of it and if you are not in agreement in allowing of this? Hold to these words, for these are affecting of many areas within your particular focus presently, and have been pastly. (Pause)

Be remembering that not only do you hold unlimited energy, but also that you hold the ability and the power within you to be protective of yourself without being protective, and within this protection, you separate and you close off. You hold very tightly to your own energy field. In this, as it would be normally or naturally quite expansive around you, it is held quite narrowly to you. This holding of your energy field becomes quite exhausting. It also becomes quite dense and thick, and creates a situation that is preventive of other individuals objectively penetrating.

Therefore, you create a conflict. You wish to be interconnected. You wish to be objectively within closeness to other individuals, but you hold to your energy very tightly, and they may not penetrate. You may loose your hold upon your energy, and in this you may also find that that which you desire may more easily flow to you, and you shall draw yourself to it, and you shall allow yourself the recognition of your own true strength within self – that energy bubbles projected from other individuals may bounce and pop off of your energy field and not penetrate. It holds tremendous strength in itself. You create almost the opposite in action to what your desire wishes as you hold to this energy. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: May you also allow yourself to draw upon energy lent by other individuals that you hold an objective trustfulness with and immerse yourself in this temporarily, which shall be offering you validation of self and building within yourself the recognition that you are worthy.

I have expressed previously to other individuals that it is quite acceptable temporarily to draw upon the energy of other individuals or the strength, so to speak, of other individuals. If you do not view yourself to be holding the ability to be accepting of self initially, allow yourself to accept the acceptance of other individuals of yourself, and in this it shall affirm to you that you are worthy, and you shall allow yourself to be accepting of self. If you are not accepting of self, you create a tremendous thickness within your focus and you also create blockings within your focus, which creates confusion and conflict. And the point be to be eliminating conflict, for it is unnecessary, is it not? (Chuckling) Is this helpful?

MICHAEL: Yes. Can I ask something else?

ELIAS: You may.

MICHAEL: I asked something of the dead, and I was wondering if they heard me.

ELIAS: Let me express to you: first of all, in response to your question, yes. But also let me continue with this answer, that you may hold more clarity. As you speak of the dead, these are focuses of essences that have merely emerged from physical focus into another area of consciousness, but in terms of reality are very much alive!

In this, many individuals communicate to individual focuses or groupings of focuses, that which you term to be persons. I express the terminology of focus. Many individuals pray, many individuals speak, many individuals communicate with these focuses, these other individuals that they perceive to be in some “beyond.” In actuality, if you are focusing your attention within the belief systems of death and are expressing to focuses ... or the dead, for within belief systems this indicates individuals that have lived physically manifest and have died. Therefore, it is a classification, and in actuality, what you are speaking to are those focuses which occupy an area which is termed to be transition.

Now; individuals occupying an area of consciousness of transition and engaging the action of transition non-physically shall hear you, so to speak, but shall also for the most part not concern themselves with one individual focus, for they occupy the area of transition in which all of their focuses are occurring simultaneously objectively before them, and in this their action is to be shedding all of their belief systems which have been held within physical focus, and to also be moving away and shedding their objective awareness, moving into complete subjective awareness, that they may move into other areas of consciousness and continue upon their choices of becoming.

Now; I may also qualify and express to you that there are areas of consciousness which are occupied by essences which are non-physically focused which are directly involved with physical focuses. Therefore, in accessing these essences, you may also access helpfulness and a tremendous lending of energy.

In accessing essences – the “dead” within transition – you may communicate much, and what you may receive is mischief, for one focus is merely one camera lens in thousands to these individuals within transition. Therefore, it matters not their expression, and many times they may be quite mischievous – not hurtful, but mischievous and playful – which may be interpreted within physical focus as fearful or hurtful, although it is not, but within your belief systems it may hold this interpretation.

Therefore, I shall offer you the suggestion that you may direct your energy and your attention to this area of Regional Area 3 in consciousness, which holds one aspect of transition [and] another aspect of mass consciousness or collective consciousness directly associated with this particular dimension. But also, there is an element of Regional Area 3 that is occupied by those essences which choose to be interactive with, interconnected to, and helpful to individuals occupying Regional Area 1, which is you. Regional Area 1 is your waking reality within this particular dimension.

There are essences that manifest also into focuses in this particular dimension, which are associated and connected with essence within Regional Area 3, which concentrate upon loosening the barriers and the veils between yourselves within your objective awareness within your reality in this dimension and essence within non-physical areas. In this, you may direct your inquiries and your wishes to these essences, which shall be much more helpful than these essences occupying transition, for their focus is different. Their attention is directed differently.

MICHAEL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. And are you wishing more inquiries?

MICHAEL: No, thank you.

ELIAS: Let me offer to you as a gift your essence family of Sumafi and your alignment within this focus of Sumari, the artists ... but also quite intrigued with props and parlor tricks! (Grinning) They are serving of their purposes. They serve as focal points for you to direct your attention, and in this access information that you would not necessarily allow yourself to access otherwise.

I caution you in the area of your ouija boards, for you may be accessing individuals within transition with this tool QUITE easily! They are quite aware of energy which is projected in this manner. It serves as a beacon that they hone to. They are not hurtful, but they may be playful, and in this may also be causing of an annoyance within you. But you may also be recognizing in your own acceptance of self that you need not participate in the play! (Chuckling)

I may also offer to you essence name, which is your tone of all of essence translated into a word within physical focus. The tone that you hold is that of Sergei. (Pronounced Ser’-gae; no spelling given) Therefore, if you are choosing to be engaging this essence futurely, I shall be addressing you in this name, for this is your tone.

I shall also express to you, fear not, for you hold no element to fear, and acknowledge to yourself the gloriousness of your being, for it is! To you I offer much affection, and you may also allow yourself the indulgence that I shall offer a blanket of energy to you that shall surround you and remind you that you are accomplishing. And shall you be accepting of this gift?


ELIAS: With my appreciation!

Very well. If you are wishing engagement with this essence futurely, you need but merely call, and I shall be offering visitation to you, and you shall be recognizing within your dream state and other states, even waking, that as you objectively recognize blue, you shall know of my presence. To you this day, I offer you affection and I express to you a very loving au revoir.

No departure time available.


(1) Regarding the following sentence: “Let me explain to you that within this physical dimension, this physical manifestation, truths exist, but they are far removed from what you believe within your belief systems to be true.” This was stated by Elias as, “... within your belief systems that are true.” I have changed the words “that are” to “to be” in the transcript.

Recently, Elias seems to be confusing the tense of words more than usual. This is probably indicative of yet another change in the phenomenon. Since I could be misinterpreting the incorrect usage of any words Elias uses, I always note any changes I make. Vic

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