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Sunday, April 20, 1997

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ďInner Senses/Differential TimeĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Drew (Matthew), and Norm (Stephen).

Vicís note: A small group tonight!

Elias arrives at 7:25 PM. (Time was twenty-five seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. This evening, we shall continue with our discussion of your inner senses, incorporating the inner sense of differential association. This is the inner sense associated with your time element.

As I have stated previously, I have not separated the inner senses into categories of nine senses, and I have not differentiated them so extensively as others may present them to you; for your inner senses, although in some aspects are clearly defined from each other, they are not quite as explicitly defined, in your terms, as your outer senses. Your outer senses function precisely and may not be confused with each other. You do not confuse your sense of touch with your sense of sight. They are clearly defined. Your inner senses are softer, so to speak, although they also may be differentiated precisely. It is unnecessary to be classifying these senses overly specifically.

This sense of differential time allows you the ability to disassociate yourself with your created time framework within this particular dimension of physical focus. You in actuality use this inner sense very often. You engage this inner sense each time that you involve yourself with your dream imagery. You also, in what you classify as daydreaming, employ this inner sense. You, during other altered states of consciousness, automatically involve this inner sense. You do not recognize your usage of this inner sense, but your consciousness is intimately familiar with practicing this inner sense.

Now you may direct your attention to this particular inner sense and afford yourselves the opportunity to learn to intentionally, consciously manipulate this inner sense, as you have been practicing intentionally familiarizing yourselves and manipulating other inner senses; to which I shall inquire of you of your successfulness at your conceptualization exercising, which I express to you that I should be inquiring of your progress! (Grinning)

VICKI: My experiences have been pretty what I would term bizarre in that area. The imagery that I create doesnít appear to have any logical connection to the subject matter. So thatís kind of where Iím at with it right now.

ELIAS: In actuality, this is not bizarre. You are dealing with conceptualization. Your imagery that you may engage with conceptualization may be similar to your dream imagery.

VICKI: Which I also term bizarre.

ELIAS: Quite. Therefore, you may acknowledge yourself for accomplishing, for you are not creating what you are expecting to be creating. Conceptualization is different from your other inner senses. This particular sense shall be more difficult to be accomplishing and practicing, and also, in your terms, shall appear to be more abstract or surreal; for it shall follow the designs of your dream imagery, which also appears as quite removed in translation from the action which is occurring.

Understand that within conceptualization, you are tuning your inner sense to the action of your directed purpose. Whether this be a concept, an idea, a feeling, a thing, any type of energy, you are entering the action of this. Therefore, you shall be creating your own translation individually of your experience. Your imagery shall appear confusing and far-removed. This is accomplishing. Continue with this, allowing yourself this experience. It is unnecessary presently for your complete understanding of your imagery. The point would be that you are allowing the imagery and you are noticing the difference, and you are also noticing the similarity to dream imagery. This shall suggest to you that you are accomplishing effectively.

Not all of conceptualization shall automatically make sense to you. I have offered you the exercise to be practicing engaging this inner sense. You are not engaging interpretation of this inner sense. You are merely exercising the sense itself, just as you may engage outer senses without interpretation. You need not understand always what you are experiencing, to be experiencing. If you are experiencing your sense of touch, you may disengage your sense of sight, therefore not allowing yourself knowledge of what you touch, and you may still engage your sense of touch. You may not have an interpretation or an understanding of this sense data, but you are exercising the sense.

Initially, this is our objective with your inner senses; that you practice engaging these, and recognize when you are engaging these inner senses. We shall move eventually into interpretation of these inner senses and I shall offer you information that you may be understanding what you are intersecting with these inner senses, but at this point presently, this is pointless; for your ability to consciously, objectively, intentionally engage and manipulate these inner senses is random and slight. Therefore, you need practice. You do not need interpretations of inner senses if you may not engage inner senses. What shall you interpret? You must first experience, and then you may interpret what you are experiencing.

I do not wish you to discontinue your exercising of conceptualization. This is a difficult inner sense to be manipulating, as I have said, and I wish you to be continuing in your practicing of this inner sense; for this sense shall be very valuable to you and to your understanding, and to your understanding of your shift. Therefore, this is an important sense to be continuing to focus upon; but I do wish you also to be concentrating and practicing upon your other inner senses. This of differential time association shall be an interesting experiment for you. This exercise shall not be quite as difficult, for you already engage this activity automatically. You only do not recognize that you accomplish this.

You may disassociate yourself from your time framework at any moment. You may choose initially to be experimenting with this inner sense within what you engage as your meditations. This may prove to be easier, for you allow yourselves focal points and you allow yourselves to drift. You believe that within your waking state, you must continue objectively to be in control and to be functioning within certain guidelines. Therefore, it may be more difficult for you to disassociate yourself within any given waking state other than time set aside in quietness, as with a meditation. It is quite possible for you to be accomplishing at any moment the exercising of this inner sense. As you allow yourself to experience intentionally this inner sense, you shall find that it shall become easier for you to engage this inner sense at will throughout your waking period. Some of you have already begun to engage this inner sense unknowingly.

Also, I wish you not to be forgetful of your empathic sense; for this particular inner sense, as we move into our new agenda, shall be come quite valuable to you. This shall be helpful to you within your understanding. It shall also be quite helpful to you within the action of this shift and your participation in it. If you are understanding of your fellow individuals and their belief systems through your empathic sense, you shall be accepting and you shall eliminate many of your own obstacles, which you have already experienced. ďHow do I express to another individual adequately this information of this shift?Ē You shall offer yourself these answers if you are allowing yourself to be engaging your empathic sense, and therefore understanding another individual and approaching the individual in a manner that they shall understand and accept. This is accomplished initially by your acceptance. You must be accepting first.

As with all things, we return once again to the base, which is: You must be accepting of you and trusting of you and knowing you and understanding all of the elements of yourself, that you may be efficiently manipulating these elements in the creation of your own reality; not for the purpose of creating your own reality, for you shall create your reality regardless, but for the purpose of this shift; this being the reason you have drawn yourselves to this information, this being what you approach now within consciousness.

I shall break, and you may ask all of your question as I return.

BREAK 7:53 PM.
RESUME 8:17 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing; you may address to your questions.

DREW: I have a question about the exercise. You said that itís something that we can do in meditation, but Iím not sure I understand exactly what the exercise is.

ELIAS: You shall be focusing upon disassociation with your time framework. As I have stated, you automatically do this within your dream imagery, and also within your meditative states and altered states and daydreaming. Focus upon recognition of disassociation of your time element. Allow yourself to be aware of different time sequences.

DREW: Iím not sure I know how to do that. I have a sense of being able in objective consciousness to disassociate from my body. Iím not sure how I would do that with time.

ELIAS: You must catch yourself!

DREW: Is it really being very, in a way, more aware of time while meditating, and being aware of those moments when it seems longer or shorter, or moments seem to drag or go quickly?

ELIAS: Think with me for a moment of your dream state; your dream imagery. As you are involved within your dream state, you are unaware of time in the same manner as you create it to be objectively within your waking state, correct?

DREW: Correct.

ELIAS: Within your dream state, at times you may catch yourself noticing your dream state.

DREW: I havenít done that yet, but ...

ELIAS: Understood; but you may. All individuals possess the ability to become more proficient at their dream imagery. This is requiring practice also; but even as you enter your waking state you may recall your dream imagery, and you hold an awareness that the time framework is different. In this same manner, recognize the difference in time framework during waking state. Your easiest initial engagement of this shall be during a meditative state, for within any altered state you automatically disassociate from your official time framework. Are you understanding thus far?

DREW: Yes.

ELIAS: As you automatically engage this action, allow yourself the opportunity to notice or catch yourself within the alteration of the time framework. Notice the feeling of this alteration. Notice its qualities. Notice yourself within these qualities of altered time framework. To begin with, this shall appear elusive, for you are concentrating upon this. It also shall be brief; but as you practice and relax your focus, underline these words, it shall become easier, and you shall allow yourself to hold the focus longer within an alteration of time framework. This offers you the opportunity to view other time creations. This is important, for you think and function completely within your idea and belief system of your official time framework; but this time framework is only one time framework.

DREW: Other than an awareness of time seeming to go by quickly or go by more slowly, what other kinds of time creation might we be aware of?

ELIAS: You may be aware of what you shall objectively describe as no time. You may also describe experiences of disjointed time, as holding an experience and allowing other experiences to occur outside of your accepted time sequence; meaning a future event shall appear past, or a past event shall not occur until future.

DREW: Would a flashback memory during this exercise be the same kind of a thing? The event seeming to come present or have emotional feeling?

ELIAS: If you are noticing specifically the present element of the event, yes. If you are recalling a memory, this being what you term to be a past event, and you are allowing yourself the experience presently, it is no longer a past event. It is a present experience. In this, recognize that you have moved your time framework. You have rearranged the time element. As I have stated, you do accomplish this often within your physical focus. You do not recognize this and you do not acknowledge that you are accomplishing this, but if you are allowing yourself the opportunity to be noticing, this, although seeming in words to be difficult, may prove to be easier than your other engagements of inner senses of conceptualization and empathic, for you do this very often. You do practice with this particular inner sense. The only obstacle within this inner sense is that now you shall be objectively aware and attempting to be manipulating. Just as you shall find, if you are concentrating upon physical functions to be insisting upon their action and happening, you shall find that these functions become more difficult, although they are automatic left alone. In this same manner, this inner sense is automatic left alone, but may be beneficial to you if you are learning to be aware and manipulating intentionally of it.

VICKI: How would it be beneficial?

ELIAS: This offers you easy passage within dimensions. You hold so very tightly to your objective creation of this particular time framework that you do not allow yourself any lateral exploration. If you may allow yourself the opportunity to relax your belief systems within the framework of your time element, you shall offer yourself an ease within movement and intersection through dimensions. This also provides you with your beginning knowledge and information of travel through space, as opposed to around space.

VICKI: In my perception, last night I didnít ever sleep, but I did have a lot of imagery nonetheless, similar to dream imagery, which was very closely associated with a very strong sense of dťjŗ vu. At the time, everything was very clear to me. Itís not clear anymore, but the experience is clear. Would this be partially having to do with this inner sense?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have stated within this evening, some of you-- Lawrence, you also--are already dabbling with this inner sense, in allowing yourself the experience of fluctuation; moving in and out of different time elements; this also appearing objectively to create the feeling of dťjŗ vu, which this is your objective imagery. Your explanation to yourself is created within this feeling, for there is familiarity.

You intersect with other aspects of self, which is infinite. Underline three times! I may not express to you enough how very infinite and multidimensional you are! You are not singularly only this, not even within this! Therefore, you are presently offering yourself the movement, in intersection with other aspects. All of your aspects of self, of essence, are familiar to you. This creates, within your objective understanding, a feeling of dťjŗ vu; a recognition. As you each widen your awareness, you also make this available to yourselves. You move into directions of exploration objectively.

I also offer to you Lawrence, that you are continuing within the objective of this dream mission, within your experience. You, within agreement to Michael, choose the objective aspect of the dream mission. Therefore, you create objectively in parallel to the subjective creating; this being why you do not allow yourself the entirety of sleep state within your yester eve; for you continue this objective connection for your understanding of the dream mission, allowing yourself more information.

VICKI: So, feeling mentally tired tonight would be attached to a belief system?

ELIAS: Partially; very partially. You enhance this through a belief system; although I offer to you also that your weariness is a response of body consciousness. Much energy was engaged within our initiation of our new agenda. The individuals within the pyramid expended much energy. Therefore, the body consciousness expresses a response.

I have expressed to you that energy is unlimited. Within consciousness, there is no limit to energy. Within physical focus, there are complicated issues involved with energy exchange. It is not quite so simple as, ďYou are expending much energy, and therefore you are experiencing weariness.Ē In actuality, within the technical mechanics of the exchange, you within consciousness have unlimited access to unlimited energy. Your physical form, your body, is consciousness also. Therefore, it has unlimited energy; but I have also expressed to you that your physical expression is ultimately dependent upon your subjective consciousness. In this, you remove much subjective consciousness, to be lending energy subjectively to the agenda and to the supportiveness of Michael; this also with Olivia, this also with Shynla, this also, to a smaller degree, with Matthew; but within the four, the subjective drawing together and movement away from physical expression implements a response from physical consciousness of body. Are you understanding?

VICKI: Kind of.

ELIAS: The body consciousness responds completely within its physical expression with weariness, for it has lacked subjective interaction and communication for a time period; this being also the response which occurs within this energy exchange, resulting in fatigue.

VICKI: And other physical symptoms. (For example, Mary experiences ongoing physical symptoms and affectingness as a result of these sessions, which cannot be explained within medical belief systems)

ELIAS: Quite; for the body consciousness is unaccustomed to the discontinuation of subjective interaction, and its response becomes what you may view as heaviness.

VICKI: Could you conceivably become familiar enough with the action to where you could subjectively interact with your body consciousness and engage an energy exchange at the same time?

ELIAS: Within the action of what you each engaged yesterday, yes. Within the energy exchange of this essence and Michael, no.

VICKI: Itís different. I think I understand.

ELIAS: You may, through practice, learn to be continuing your subjective communication, and also lending energy within the exchange and agenda. Presently, as you continue to view yourselves very singularly and do not quite understand the workings of your own consciousness, you lean in the direction of moving the bulk of your subjective interaction into one direction, not realizing that this is unnecessary; just as you may project your energy, but you may not necessarily move your physical body. In this same manner, you must learn that you may create movement not no singularly.

As of this present now, you are still learning of yourselves. Therefore, you project much of your subjective consciousness within your supportiveness, not realizing that you are removing from physical body consciousness. This also, as I have stated, slightly, very slightly, is influenced by the belief system within physical focus that you are limited within energy supply. This is an underlying belief system that you all hold, but it is only slightly affecting within this scenario.

VICKI: I was also curious about this experience last night. If we sleep so that we can communicate with essence, within my experience last night, did I in fact achieve a state in which this communication did occur?


VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: I have stated this to you, as this to your present understanding is what you may identify with. I may express to you that you need not sleep at all!

VICKI: Oh, please! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: (Grinning) But as my words were received not very well initially concerning your sleep state within earlier time period, this appeared not to be an efficient expression to be offering! Also, you will not be accepting of this information. In actuality though, you may accomplish this; as you accomplished within your yester eve. I have expressed to you that your physical expression, your body, is not requiring sleep for regeneration. It is requiring restfulness, but it is not requiring sleep. You believe you are requiring sleep. Therefore, this is the time framework that you allow yourself to be intersecting with essence.

VICKI: Can you intersect with essence then within full waking state?


VICKI: Interesting.

DREW: Can I ask for a clarification about something? We are essence. So when Lawrence says we sleep so that we can communicate with subjective reality, or when you say we will intersect with essence, what is the we youíre talking about? Because essence is really what we are, wrapped in a bunch of belief systems. Is that not true? So the purpose of sleep, as I understand it, is to set aside our belief systems long enough for what? Iím a little confused by this. Itís not weíre here and essence is here, and so we sleep to communicate and then we come back with information from essence. We are essence. And so what is that interaction thatís going on?

ELIAS: You are correct. You are essence; but within physical focus, you recognize only one aspect of your essence. Therefore, within sleep state you allow yourself the opportunity to be in communication with all other aspects of essence.

DREW: When you say, ďYou allow yourself to be in communication,Ē what is the you youíre talking about?

ELIAS: This you, within this focus.

DREW: Okay. And so sleep essentially is a way of defocusing. Is that not correct? I mean, our physical focus doesnít go somewhere during sleep, communicate with essence, and then come back with information, does it? Or do we just defocus, in a sense? And why would we even need to do that if essence is communicating through us all the time anyway?

ELIAS: This is correct also, but you are objectively focused. The you that you recognize is objectively focused ...

DREW: But thatís just a belief system. This is not ...

ELIAS: No. You have manifest within an objective physical focus. In this, you hold many belief systems; one of which is that you are singularly you. In this, you do not allow yourself objectively to be listening to all of your other aspects of self. Therefore, you provide, within your creation of physical focus, an outlet; just as you quite creatively provide yourselves within physical focus outlets from your objective focus within different areas, as we have spoken previously. You provide quite efficiently physical space arrangement that you collectively agree upon, and allow yourselves permission to not explain. You may enter your Bermuda Triangle, which you all collectively agree upon as a space arrangement within your physical focus for unofficial information and occurrences. You may ďpop outĒ within this space arrangement, and this is acceptable. It is not acceptable upon this present street! (Laughter) But you may travel to a physical location upon your planet which you have designed en masse collectively as your ďout.Ē You also provide this to yourselves within your sleep state.

DREW: But subjective information is coming in whether weíre aware of it or not and whether we believe it or not. But there are certain types of subjective information that will not get through unless we defocus, like communication with other aspects and that kind of thing?

ELIAS: You are moving off the direction. Within your sleep state, you hone your direction. You clarify to yourself. You communicate, and you provide yourself with information to materialize.

DREW: And that communication would not take place, does not take place, subjectively while weíre physically focused, while weíre objectively aware.

ELIAS: Not materially. You design the material manifestation within your sleep state. You draw your blueprints within your sleep state. You execute these designs within your waking state, and you manifest the materialization of these; but as I have expressed, you need not actually engage sleep state; just as you may daydream and you are not within your sleep state, but you are within communication and you are engaging subjective information that you may physically materialize, if so choosing.

DREW: We can only do that by altering our state of consciousness, and in a sense, coming back with that information?

ELIAS: This is how you have designed your physical focus to efficiently proceed. Each area of consciousness has its task, so to speak. Objectively, within your waking state, you create. You create physically. You manifest. Subjectively, within your sleep state and also within other altered states, in your terms, you create; but you create your blueprints for your physical objective manifestation.

DREW: And itís impossible to do those two things simultaneously?

ELIAS: All things are simultaneous! (Grinning)

DREW: Yeah, thatís why it seems like a contradiction to me somehow, but I wonít dwell on it. Iíll think about it.

NORM: Yesterday afternoon, back to Angelís Corner, I experienced what I supposed to be dťjŗ vu a couple of times, and just prior to your arrival, I suppose it was the empathic sense, but I had to wipe my brow. I was sweating. Was that the empathic sense, that I was having an exchange with Mary at the time? (Interestingly enough, other folks also experienced sweating)

ELIAS: Yes, and also physical symptoms.

NORM: Yes, very strongly. The deja vu I felt, now this could be a feeling that Iíve been here in the future or in the past or whatever, or Iíve experienced this before, or Iíve experienced this in even another reality? I mean, its very broad, what that could mean. Is that true? I felt that I had been there before, and you get this very unusual feeling in your solar plexus. Itís as if my functions almost stop, but I shouldnít be worried about that. You donít need to be worried about that. Your physical consciousness will handle that? Itís just a temporary neurological pathway breakage?

ELIAS: It is an expression, a physical response, to yourself.

NORM: Would you happen to know what was going on there? Could you help me out as to what really happened? Can you access that?

ELIAS: You experience response which you view as dťjŗ vu, or feeling of dťjŗ vu, as I expressed this evening previously; this being presently the same type of experience as I have expressed to Lawrence. This is not to say that every time that you experience this feeling of dťjŗ vu, that you are experiencing this same element; although at this present now, you all move within a wave subjectively of consciousness. Therefore, you experience many similar events and actions. You may interpret them slightly different or you may camouflage them differently objectively, but you are moving parallel to each other within a wave of consciousness that you may liken to any other type of wave movement.

NORM: You spoke of disjointed time. In a dream, I had the feeling that I could just be here, there, anywhere, and it was fun because it didnít take any time to get there. Would this be an expression of disjointed time?


NORM: Also, I think that I had a conceptualization of losing a child in the dream. The action started with the losing of the child, which I never found in all the places that I went in the dream. I think thatís probably an example of attempting conceptualization in a dream. That could be possible, right?

ELIAS: This imagery you have created to be translating an action to yourself. In actuality, the imagery is suggestive of an aspect of self. This child is the symbol that you have chosen to be projected, of a belief system that you are presently engaging. In this, within your movement, your interpretation is that you lost this child. In actuality, this is imagery which is suggestive of movement through a belief system; allowing you to continue with an acceptance, but not pulling this child with you.

NORM: Interesting. Fascinating.

DREW: May we ask what belief system it is heís engaging?

ELIAS: This being a belief system concerning obligations to family.

NORM: It fits. It fits very well. It fits very well!

ELIAS: I shall inquire of you, are you wishing continuation? If so, I shall break, if you are wishing more questions.

VICKI: Iím wishing more questions.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: But not if itís intrusive to Michael ...

ELIAS: There is no intrusiveness. Very well. We shall break. And I shall offer to Stephen, were you expecting less??? (Chuckling) I shall return briefly.

BREAK 9:20 PM.
RESUME 9:44 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

Vicís note: The following is directed to Drew, in response to conversation during the break.

ELIAS: (Grinning) We continue, once again! I shall continue in offering you information that has been offered previously as explanation for the ďWhy you create the way that you create.Ē

You engage physical focus. Within essence non-physically, unbounded by any physical focuses, many aspects of reality are unnecessary; but as you choose to manifest within physical focuses, you choose limitations. You also choose separation, and you choose this intentionally for the purity of experience.

I have expressed previously, within a small analogy to these individuals, that if you are an individual within your society holding great wealth and you choose to be experiencing poverty, you may leave your wealth and you may take to the streets and you may partially experience poverty; but you shall not experience the purity of the reality of this poverty, for you know within you that you hold wealth. Therefore, within this same idea, you have created a physical focus and you have separated yourselves as the focuses within physical manifestation from the entirety of knowingness of essence, that you may experience the purity of what you create physically. In this, you have designed your physical focus in the manner that you view presently. These are your choices. You have designed this physical focus. You have chosen these methods for the execution of your physical focus. You have designed your belief systems. You have designed your limitations.

I express to you that you hold no limitations; but do not be discounting of belief systems, because they are reality! They create your reality. You create your reality through your belief systems. They are very real! They are very strong! They are not to be discounted! They are physical reality, within all dimensions and within all physical manifestations in all dimensions. Each physical manifestation in each dimension holds their own set of belief systems. These are their guidelines within physical manifestation. These guidelines are your perimeters that you function within for your experience; for the purity and intensity of the experience.

Therefore, you are correct. Truth is truth, regardless of belief systems. This is not to say that you recognize these truths within objective physical focus, for you have intentionally forgotten much of self. You intentionally, in entering physical manifestation, have created a reality which limits you. You have created many limitations within physical manifestation; but you have also provided for yourselves, within physical manifestations, your outlets. You do not separate completely. You do not spin off a disk of essence and send it flying independently into physical space! You manifest a portion of your attention physically. This portion of your attention is forgetful of the entirety of essence. It is forgetful intentionally; for as I have stated previously, you may view your physical manifestation as your own individual and mass oubliette. In this, you allow yourself the intensity of experience, but you do not disconnect from essence and the knowing of essence within its entirety.

NORM: Could I ask a ...

ELIAS: Hold!

NORM: Okay.

DREW: Then there is separation.

ELIAS: Within energy, no. Within consciousness, no. Within awareness, yes.

DREW: In many regards, whether or not we are aware of something subjectively, and even whether or not we believe in something subjectively, does not prevent or eliminate the subjective action from being. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You discount your belief systems and their reality!

DREW: If I did not believe that I created my own reality, that would not change the fact that I do. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So a belief ...

ELIAS: This is a truth.

DREW: Okay.

ELIAS: Truths are not altered or influenced, regardless of belief systems.

DREW: And essence is truth, and we are all of essence. Therefore, how could a belief system prevent all of the knowingness of essence and all communication with essence from taking place?

ELIAS: It is choice. You choose to focus aspects of essence within physical manifestation. There are essences within consciousness that choose not to be manifest physically at all. You have chosen to experience the experience of physical manifestation and the aspect separation, within memory, of essence. In actuality, within consciousness you are not separate. You are not separated; but within objective awareness you are, for you lack memory.

DREW: Iím beginning to understand and it may take me time to assimilate this, but one of the areas Iím confused about is that there are lots of areas of consciousness and subjective activity of which we are not aware or have been forgetful, and yet it doesnít prevent their action from manifesting physically and from influencing us. So I guess what youíre saying is that there are some areas that we have forgotten about ...

ELIAS: Hold!

DREW: Okay.

ELIAS: You express that you may manifest physically with no awareness objectively, with only subjective awareness. This is incorrect! I express to you, as I have expressed previously, you think singularly. Therefore, you think that if you hold no awareness objectively, it shall not be manifest; but there are more aspects of you, and there are countless individuals creating also. What manifests physically, within any given physical focus, is with cooperation of objective consciousness. There are no ďhidden surprisesĒ of objective elusive consciousness!

DREW: And yet, we have to sleep to obtain some of that information, which we will then objectify. And so thatís why Iím a little confused about why we allow some of the information to come through, and yet other information we have to sleep to get. Even though that information is truth, our belief systems are strong enough to prevent that truth from getting through.

ELIAS: It is not that the truths are prevented. It is that you are not aware. You do not recognize. The truth may be before you and you may be blind to it, for you choose not to view.

DREW: And yet it seems like there are so many truths like that. Thatís what this forum is about, but our lack of awareness or recognition doesnít prevent their getting through. Itís just gonna take me some time. I kind of understand that itís a matter of choice, but it just seems to me like ... I donít understand why a belief system about something ... If we eliminated the belief system about needing sleep to communicate subjectively, would we still need to sleep to communicate subjectively?

ELIAS: No. You do not need sleep within this present now to communicate subjectively ... although you believe that you do!

DREW: So earlier, did you not say that there is certain subjective information which does require sleep to access?

ELIAS: Within this present now, as dictated by your belief systems, yes.

DREW: And somewhere within us we know which information that is, and so thatís what we access when we sleep. Okay. Thank you for your efforts to clarify.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I am quite versed in the hamster wheel scenario! (Grinning, and laughter) (To Norm) You may inquire.

NORM: I would just like to see how complete this is, the relationship between purpose, intent, attainment, value fulfillment, and belief systems. Is it the case that we decide to manifest and to attain, or weíre attempting to attain, value fulfillment within a certain set of belief systems? Is that a succinct way of stating why we are here, or is it inclusive?

ELIAS: You manifest physically to experience.

NORM: Right. And thereís no preconceived value fulfillments and belief systems?

ELIAS: You shall be accomplishing your value fulfillment, or you shall not be within this manifestation. If you are not accomplishing your value fulfillment, you shall disengage. There is no purpose for continuation without value fulfillment. Therefore, if you are not accomplishing value fulfillment, you shall disengage. You shall not continue. All, underline, all of consciousness exists with value fulfillment. Every link of consciousness exists with value fulfillment.

NORM: Is value fulfillment modified during the manifestation? The set of value fulfillments?

ELIAS: No. You are viewing value fulfillment in the terms of moral values and objectives. Value fulfillment is independent of these. A link of consciousness holds no moral value. It also holds no objective. It accomplishes value fulfillment in being its most excellent expression. Value fulfillment is within the being and creativity. It is not an objective. You do not strive for value fulfillment. You accomplish. You do not move towards value fulfillment. You be.

DREW: Then how could you not fulfill value? (Tape change) If value fulfillment is simply being, how could you not fulfill value?

ELIAS: Being within your highest expression and fulfillment, not only to self but to all consciousness. Innately, you know if this is not being accomplished. Objectively, you may not understand that this is what is occurring, but you shall act upon this innate knowledge. As a member of your species, you shall disengage by means of suicide or you shall create disease or you shall merely not awaken, but you shall not continue within your manifestation. This is common within all manifestation physically. If a flower is not creating and accomplishing its value fulfillment, it shall not be.

DREW: Is value fulfillment different from intent?

ELIAS: It is moving with your intent.

DREW: Is intent an objective?

ELIAS: Partially. To your way of thinking, you may express that intent may be described as an objective, for it engages probabilities that succeed each other. It creates a design; a pattern; a mosaic.

DREW: A pattern by which value may be fulfilled?

ELIAS: Correct; but value fulfillment is not dependent upon intent, for not all consciousness must hold intent.

NORM: But we have a set of belief systems. What is the value of the belief systems in the experience? Is it true that we attain value fulfillment within a set of belief systems, and that is part of the experience?

ELIAS: You achieve value fulfillment within all of consciousness, within every experience and within every area of consciousness, regardless of belief systems.

NORM: Do belief systems add to our attainment of value fulfillment?


NORM: But they are valuable.

ELIAS: They are relevant to physical focus, for they are influencing of your creation of your reality.

NORM: Theyíre necessary.

ELIAS: Within physical focus.

NORM: And that is the experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: We donít choose this prior to the manifestation of the focus in any way?

ELIAS: Within your belief systems and your creation of time framework, this question may be answered affirmatively; although in actuality, all events are simultaneous. Therefore, how may you choose before? But within your reality, which is reality, of your time framework, yes; you choose before.

NORM: I have another different question, and then I think Vicki wants to ask quite a few. And that question is, in working on simultaneous time, is blinking a necessary attribute in the concept or the reality of simultaneous time?

ELIAS: Blinking in and out is. It is an occurrence. It is a function of consciousness.

NORM: Which everything is consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct. It is a function of consciousness which is not necessarily connected with time frameworks.

NORM: Within one reality time framework. But within all of reality, all of the realities, it is.

ELIAS: Within consciousness, there is no time framework. Within physical manifestations, within the design of physical focuses, there is a creation of time frameworks. Blinking is independent of time frameworks.

NORM: I had the idea that it allowed multiple realities.

ELIAS: It is a viewing of multidimensionality. It is a function of consciousness.

DREW: So if blinking happens outside of time, then consciousness is both blinked on and off at once?

ELIAS: Correct. You shall not be understanding of this concept, for you are within a time framework. Your physical expression is geared to a time framework. You may, as we have discussed this evening, alter your perception of time. You may allow yourself the creation of different perceptions of time and different time experiences, but you shall not experience no time within physical focus.

DREW: But in our terms, blinking is the closest we can come in our vocabulary to the action?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: There is no transformation of energy from one reality to another that the action of blinking produces. That is a false statement, then.

ELIAS: Correct; for each event of blinking alters energy.

NORM: It alters energy in the gestalt of links?

ELIAS: It may.

NORM: In the time framework I exist physically, and then I donít during the blink. Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NORM: My physical body does not exist.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NORM: When does it not, and when does it?

ELIAS: It is not manifest within non-physical focus, within areas of consciousness that hold no physical element; but there are many areas of consciousness that hold physical elements, physical manifestation, and your essence holds focuses in countless physical focuses. Therefore, as you blink, you may blink to another physical manifestation.

NORM: Now thatís what I was trying to express as a transformation of the gestalt of consciousness links.

ELIAS: Quite; which I have answered.

NORM: Itís not easy! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

VICKI: I have some questions for some other people, if everybodyís finished. These are personal questions for other people. The first one is from Jessele. ďI had a very strange experience this evening. For over an hour Iíve had a steady series of those fainting things, only this one was different. Sort of palpitations--they kept moving back and forth from my heart area to my head, lasting about ten or fifteen seconds in each place. Before I try to explain this to a doctor, Iíd like you to ask Elias what it is, and even if I should go to a doctor. Somehow, I think itís all a part of a bigger picture, but I donít know.Ē

ELIAS: You may express that within the belief systems, seeking advice of physicians may be engaged; although this may very well prove to be unfruitful. This is no different, within a continuation of the engagement of transition. Your physical expression also responds. You do not only experience subjective bleed-through. Within the choice to be engaging of transition within physical focus, all of the expression within physical focus is engaged. Therefore, the body consciousness is also affected. At times, the communication of subjective instruction to physical form is confused, for its attention is no longer focused so directly. Therefore, elements of physical actions may be occurring in response, for the body consciousness becomes confused. In this, it is as if you have crossed many electrical wires within physical focus, creating sparks and diffusion of energy.

Express that worry is unnecessary. This also is temporary, although it may reoccur. Therefore, hold expectation of reoccurrence. Express also: Be remembering, you are choosing to be objectively aware and not engaging senility. This is a new step within your physical manifestation. It is unfamiliar, and therefore individuals moving into this area may be on shaky ground temporarily, for you have no reference frame. You are creating and holding to your responsibility. You are not aligning with mass belief systems in creating senility, which (senility) allows you to disengage responsibility.

Many unusual, or what you view to be unusual, physical occurrences may appear. This should cause no concern, if understood that there are breaks in the electrical wiring of subjective information and direction to objective physical form. It may be termed as a short circuit, temporarily.

VICKI: Just briefly, regarding the counterpart action between Sena and the individual in transition that came up last week, most of the people I talked to interpreted that as counterpart action with this individual of Jessele. My interpretation was slightly different, and I was just wondering who you were referring to.

ELIAS: Of Marius?

VICKI: No. Within a question about Senaís circulatory problems, you said she was engaging counterpart action with an individual in transition.

ELIAS: Ah, yes.

VICKI: My interpretation was of an individual in non-physical focus.

ELIAS: This is correct. This is not in reference to Jessele.

VICKI: Okay. Thank you. This question is from Kaileen. ďFirst Iíd like to tell you that Iím most grateful to be sharing in the information you convey, and that Iím finding it to be very helpful in my understanding. My question has to do with my daughter, and the deep sense of guilt and shame I have about our relationship. I feel as though I was a failure from the beginning in raising her, and that this culminated in the necessity of her leaving ... that she might have stayed longer in this focus had I been less selfish, more tolerant, and better bonded with her. I am discomforted about my own participation in the event of her leaving, and am particularly disturbed about the event when I seemed to have marked the car in which she was hit. Iím also ashamed that she created money for me in her leaving, and that I seem to have squandered it. Although Iíve had access to the information which would resolve this, I have been unable to do so. This event profoundly signifies my lack of self trust, and I seem unable to stop punishing myself. Can you help me with this?Ē

Vicís note: Eliasí delivery in answering this question was quite unusual. Those of us who have been attending sessions for a while noticed a distinct emotional flavor; a profound sadness that weíre not used to.

ELIAS: Once again, a very strong belief system. Be remembering, each individual creates their own reality. Therefore, this is an agreement and shared experience. There is no victim. It is unnecessary to be channeling energy into belief systems which engage guilt. This is very wasted energy; so very unnecessary for individuals to involve themselves within this expression; for each individual chooses their interaction. Each individual chooses their probabilities and their manifestations. You each create your own reality; and as I have stated previously to you, do you not hold enough to be responsible only for yourself within your own essence, which is infinite? It is so very unnecessary to assume responsibility for another.

Express very deep lovingness for inner healing, which I shall be directed within.

This individual does not gain from the other individualís expression of guilt. You ask how you may not accomplish value fulfillment within physical focus. Here, within separation; within your individual, private oubliette. You may allow belief systems to be overpowering, and in this you may deny your value fulfillment; which shall make essence weep. But I have stated to you all previously that you may be more harmful to self than any other may ever be harmful to you.

Great affection is extended, and expression of realization that this energy production serves detrimental purposes. It is unnecessary. This is based solely within an alignment of religious belief systems, which are a distortion and what we focus upon for acceptance.

VICKI: Okay. Thank you. I have a question for Michael, regarding the red visual yesterday and what that was all about. (Mary briefly experienced a red visual during the public session, which has never happened before. She normally has no visuals at all during a session )

ELIAS: This shall be addressed within our session time, and I shall be addressing with Dehl as to this action; and at that time period, Michael shall understand. I shall offer presently, there is no irritation. It is a clarification. The experience, he is correct, is a fluctuation in energy, which shall be personally addressed.

VICKI: Okay. Just briefly for myself, I didnít ask any questions last Sunday because I was having a very difficult time verbalizing because of an emotional situation, shall we say, which I would imagine partially has to do with some sort of counterpart action. That situation has not been in my reality for the past few days or this evening, although presently it is returning quite quickly. This is distressing to me. Itís disturbing, and I would like to know what kind of information you would have to offer about that, because Iím getting real tired of it.

ELIAS: I offer to you Lawrence, two actions occur simultaneously. You do hold objective control within these situations, although I am understanding that you do not feel within this present now that you do. Simultaneously, you engage the action of opening slightly more within consciousness, which is affecting objectively. Therefore, partially the emotional expression is a result of energy that you allow yourself to become aware of, within the movement that we presently engage. It is becoming reality. It is not only becoming reality in thought; it is becoming reality! Simultaneously, within this opening, you also allow another aspect of self to be intersecting. This presents an unfamiliarity to your present objective consciousness. Therefore, you experience an emotional response, and also at the same time you experience not feeling quite yourself; for you engage another tone which is slightly different from that tone which you recognize as you.

We have spoken previously, within past sessions of much time ago, of intersections of aspects of self and the affectingness that you may experience within this. Now; within itself, the experience may appear objectively different; but as I have stated, simultaneously, in alignment with this movement and agenda, you are allowing an opening in alignment with this shift.

I am quite understanding that the expression of this shift seems to be an inadequate statement from this essence. I express to you that this is our objective. This is the agreement. This is the reason that I engage you; for this shift. This is the point! Therefore, you each gear your consciousness within this direction. This is a much larger issue than you realize, although you are becoming aware.

Within this, you have experienced this same emotional response once before. Think to yourself, and remember. Within our session time, you experienced an opening once before, temporarily, as a prelude to this. In that moment you experienced much sadness, and I expressed to you then that you felt the sadness of the action of this shift, of the individuals within trauma. Are you remembering?

VICKI: Yeah, and itís making me really sad, and Iím getting real tired of being really sad. I donít know if itís worth it to walk around being really sad all the time!

ELIAS: This being for your awareness. Now; understand that you may also alter this.

VICKI: So how do I do that?

ELIAS: Acknowledge this experience. Acknowledge this reality. To this present now, within one respect you allow its continuation, but you battle with this. You fight this. You push this away. Do not create a shrine! Allow the expression of the reality. This is a movement. You shall allow yourself to objectively dispense with this and acclimate yourself to your forward motion, in your terms, if you are not fighting with yourself. Allow yourself the freedom to experience this and acknowledge this. Then you may move. (Pause) I am with you. (Pause) You may also offer to yourself, not very consolingly, but this is temporary. (Humorously) ďI know Elias, this is temporary.Ē It is temporary! You are quite attuned to the action of this shift; this being the reason that you are in the position that you are in. There are no accidents. (Pause)

Are you wishing more questions this evening? (Pause) Very well. I offer much affection, Lawrence. If you are wishing, you may call upon me. I shall express to you all, a very fond au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:05 PM.

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