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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“Now; this is difficult, to be offering an explanation that you may understand – but we shall attempt, in your physical terms – for it may be confusing to you. For you are one focus of essence, and all of your other lifetimes, as you term them to be, are other focuses of essence, and although they are you, they are also not you. They are independently themselves, creating their own reality and creating their own choices, holding their own family alignments, holding their own free will and personality choice. But as you are all of essence in each individual focus, you are also all of these other focuses. This is the confusing element of essence.

“The reason I express this to you is that you may understand that these focuses are not linear. Within your thought process, you have created a linear time framework in this dimension. Therefore, you think of these focuses linearly, one lifetime following another lifetime, and that you – that you identify as you now presently – is participating in each of these lifetimes. This is the belief: that you are born into a focus, you continue through this focus, you die, you are born again, you continue, you die, you are born again, and so the cycle continues. In actuality, ALL of your focuses are occurring NOW. They are not linear. Therefore, in one respect, you ARE all of these focuses as essence. In another respect, you are this focus that you identify as yourself, and all of these other focuses are occurring now also. Therefore, they are each individually themselves.” [session 385, April 18, 1999]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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