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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“As I have stated previously, one of the actions that shall be engaged in the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness is to be dropping the veil between this physical dimension and the movement into non-physical areas of consciousness that you view to be related to death, which would be transition non-physically. Therefore, you shall hold the ability to be objectively communicating with individuals that have disengaged.

“Presently there remains a veil in this area, and in that action, as you have created that veil, individuals that are engaging the action of transition non-physically do not hold their attention singularly to any particular area of this physical dimension. This be the reason that there is a presentment of difficulty in the situations of individuals inquiring with respect to what you term to be loved ones, friends, or relatives that have disengaged physical focus and are engaging the action of transition. I hold an awareness that your desire or your want in these types of inquiries is to be validated that the individual continues beyond death and is remembering of you.

“This poses difficulties with many individuals, for these are very closely associated emotionally and may be very affecting of individuals. Simultaneously, within my intent and following that intent, I choose not to be reinforcing your belief systems. Therefore, the presentment of information in this particular area may not be addressed at times, for there is no choice engaged to be hurtful to any individual, but there is also no choice being engaged to be reinforcing of belief systems, as to the occurrence once an individual has disengaged and their focus of attention.” [session 377, March 23, 1999]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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