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Elias ‘‘gems’’

VICKI: “I still don’t know how we tipped the table! (Elias grins) And in attempting to do that again, it hasn’t been successful, and that’s confusing to me because the belief systems are all the same.”

ELIAS: “It is not quite so dependent upon your belief systems ...”

VICKI: “Well, that’s become clear!”

ELIAS: “... as it is dependent upon your action in relaxing your attention. You allow yourself the singularity of thought.

“Let me express to you, within the teachings within your physical dimension of the action of meditation, as you begin to learn to incorporate this action of meditation, you are instructed to focus singularly upon one object, upon one thought, upon any one element. The reason that you are instructed to focus singularly upon one element is that you are directing your attention in one area and not allowing distraction in any other area, and this offers you a facilitation in the area of relaxing your focus, relaxing your hold upon your focused attention. Your attention begins to relax, and as your attention begins to relax, you allow for the incorporation of other aspects of your reality. You allow yourself your periphery. You allow yourself to engage more of YOU than merely one focus of attention.

“You need not necessarily be moving in the direction or action of meditation. This is merely one direction of attention, but you may be incorporating this relaxation of your attention, and you may be incorporating more of your reality and viewing. Therefore, you view the particles of this table separating, and not so very much of the solidity.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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