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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“Each time you express, ‘This individual should not ... I should not ... You should do ...’ Each time you express these statements, you offer yourselves examples of how you align and accept belief systems, mass belief systems. You may express, ‘I hold no religious affiliations. I have no religious belief systems. Murder is wrong.’ You hold a religious belief system! You may express, ‘I do not hold to belief systems of good or bad, of right or wrong.’ You may also express, ‘Individuals should not do this!’ You hold a belief system, aligning with the mass belief system which is accepted, of right and wrong and good and bad. You also express these belief systems within yourselves continuously. ‘I could have accomplished better. I messed up’, in the present vernacular! (Laughter) These are alignments with individual and mass belief systems of good and bad. You do not mess up! You express and experience.” [session 105, July 17, 1996]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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