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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“As I have expressed, you hold, as all individuals hold, carry-over, so to speak, belief systems of other focuses which are reinforcing; but within each focus, you also acquire belief systems from birth. You are taught continuously of all of these belief systems. It is not limited to your family and your parents. All around you is reinforcing of all of these belief systems. You are not even aware that you are being taught these belief systems as it is occurring. Within this present now, individuals are taught belief systems regardless of their family structure, for you engage mass communication within this now. You do not realize that as children, your mass communication of televisions and computers and radio are a constant influence. You may not even hold an awareness of listening! But you absorb, regardless.

“You have created magnificent manifestations within this dimension. They are capable of much more than you acknowledge to yourselves. Even within the extremes of your sciences, they do not understand the infinite possibilities that you possess within a single manifestation upon this planet.

“Therefore, you have acquired belief systems within many areas. This begins, as I have stated, at very small ages, and continues to be reinforced over and over again. At midpoint, to your way of thinking, within your focus, you choose to stop; but you not only hold many of your objective years within time period of reinforced belief systems, but you also hold other focuses simultaneous which reinforce these very same belief systems; this being the reason why I emphasize so very strongly how difficult it is to be accepting of belief systems; this being why individuals shall experience trauma within your shift; this being why I express the importance of you and these other individuals within our forum to be addressing to belief systems and widening your awareness to be helpful within this action; for you yourself shall become aware of the difficulty in addressing and accepting belief systems as you begin to accomplish this, and in this you shall know of which I speak, with regard to trauma within other individuals.” [session 168, April 28, 1997]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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