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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“Now; in conclusion, I wish to be expressing quite definitely to you each, and to all individuals that shall be connecting with this information: no one orientation is better than any other orientation! They are merely different, and you each experience them all.

“Therefore, you may relieve yourselves of your automatic action of moving into areas of expression that one orientation is more desirable than another orientation, for you all experience them all in different focuses. One is merely different.

“Therefore, if you are identified as common, you are not ‘less than’ intermediate. You are no less spiritual or enlightened! If you are soft, you are no less connected to essence or your manifestation than be you intermediate. They are merely different. They are not better or worse. I have merely chosen this word common, for it IS common. Therefore, it is efficient, and it is descriptive in the manner that it is intended to be descriptive.

“Soft is descriptive in the manner of its intention also. These individuals, in your identification of the word soft, may be identified as this. Soft is not necessarily a negative term. It is merely pliable, and these individuals of soft are very flexible.

“Intermediate is what you would term to be in-between. They function within your physical universe – they interact within your physical world – but they create not physically. Therefore, you may express that they are here and they are there, wherever ‘there’ may be!” (Chuckling) [session 381, April 09, 1999]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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