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Elias ‘‘gems’’

DANIIL: “Another question I had, when I begin to notice some signals in my health, some minor problems – and I guess this is a very, very common question – but should I treat them as signals only or should I go to the doctor every time and pursue treatment to the end? Or should I do both? In other words, sometimes in reading material about illnesses being signals, I get a feeling that if I really listen to my own communications and I intend myself to be well, I can get well. But I’ve been reading some other material and sometimes you’re saying to choose a simple way, choose an easy way, and sometimes going to the doctor and taking pills is an easy way. So, doing it myself or choosing an easy way or both? Which is correct?”

ELIAS: “I may express to you both, for in this, remember that you incorporate expressed beliefs. Many times those expressed beliefs, without being recognized and without recognizing their influences, may be quite affecting and may also at times hinder your ability to be creating certain expressions in manners that are contrary to them.

“Remember also, my friend, you create all of your reality. Therefore, you are also creating the technicians and the physicians and the methods that are incorporated with them. You create all of that, and in that, you offer yourself a tremendous availability of many different methods to be incorporated in association with any manifestation that you may create physically.

“Now; I shall express to you that it is significant to be paying attention, for any physical manifestation that you may create IS a communication. It is a type of signal that is expressing some identification of some action or association that you are generating inwardly. Therefore, it is important to not merely move in an expression of addressing to symptoms, but also to be evaluating and investigating within yourself what you are actually generating, what you are expressing in creating this manifestation.

“Therefore, my response is – my suggestion is to be paying attention to both. Do not force your energy in attempting to generate actions that are contrary to your expressed beliefs. As an example, if you incorporate an expressed belief that your physicians are competent and do incorporate abilities to heal, it is somewhat ludicrous to attempt to move in an expression contrary to that unless you are moving in a direction of genuinely exploring your abilities to manipulate energy.

“But the point in any expression that you choose or any direction that you move within is to be generating an ease. Therefore, if one direction appears to you to be incorporating an ease, why would you then complicate and move in a direction that is more difficult? Unless you choose to experience the difficulty, which at times individuals do!” [session 1418, August 16, 2006]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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