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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“STOP! (Loudly) What are you engaging in this moment as a reflection of what you are creating in mass? (Group continues to talk) Are you listening? NO! (Loudly and firmly) You are arguing. You are instructing. You are not accepting of difference. You are NOT accepting of different perceptions and different preferences and different opinions. You are expressing absolutes to each other.

“THIS IS THE POINT. This is the reason that your world is expressing all of this violence in mass events, whether it be created in association with weather or individuals. They are all mass events that are being manipulated by you, by your energy.

“These are collective mass events. YOU with your energy manipulate this planet. YOU with your energy collectively manipulate the weather. You manipulate the earth. You manipulate the collective energy. This is what is creating all of this upheaval within your world. And you sit in the comfort of this information and express precisely what you are drawing information to yourself to not express!

“We have been discussing acceptance for many years, and many individuals express that they are being accepting and that they understand. And what are you actually doing? What are you actually expressing? Justification of yourselves, defense of your preferences, of your beliefs, of your directions, of your opinions, of your observations.” [session 1861, October 22, 2005]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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