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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“Now; I express to you that the accomplishment of this effortlessness employs action, and I have expressed previously with individuals that effortlessness is not synonymous with the LACK of action. It is merely a joyfulness within the choice of action that you create which allows you the perception – or in other terms, the reality – of effortlessness.

“In this, there are different vibrational qualities within different densities. In your terms of your sciences, you may allow yourselves the information and knowledge of this type of reality. Different vibrational qualities are exhibited in thicker or more dense energies. There are what you term to be more rapid vibrational qualit[ies] to less density within energy. Therefore, as you create less of a thickness, you also move yourself into less of a density within your energy, and in this, you create more of an ease in your movement and within your flow of movement.” [session 407, May 28, 1999]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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