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Elias ‘‘gems’’

JOANNE: “I’d like to ask another question that has to do with focuses. Many people have confirmed famous focuses with you. It seems to me, anyway – and tell me if I’m wrong – that it’s statistically improbable that so few people have so many famous focuses, including myself. Aren’t we just everybody? I wonder if this is an accurate impression.”

ELIAS: (Chuckles) “Let me express to you, those of you that have incorporated this direction of offering yourselves impressions concerning famous focuses are actually tapping into quite a relative few numbering of what you would term to be famous focuses. Throughout your history, there are many, many, many individuals that have incorporated fame or notoriety in every country, in every location of your planet, within every time framework.

“As an example, in this present now, how very many individuals may you count that incorporate this expression of fame or notoriety – all of your politicians, all of your actors and actresses and musicians and artists and dancers, individuals that are writers or poets, individuals that incorporate fame in association with sports, with different inventions, with research, with creations of designs, all the individuals that incorporate fame in association with your militaries, with your pilots, your sea captains.

“As you view all of these hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout all of your world that incorporate this notoriety and this fame, as you begin to view what all of you have allowed yourselves in recognition of different famous focuses that you incorporate in this forum throughout all of your history, you have perhaps filled a thimbleful in association with your ocean. (Chuckles)

“Therefore I may express to you, no, you are not incorporating an improbable account of famous focuses or that you have tapped into so very many. In actuality, you have tapped into so very few! Ha ha!”

JOANNE: “I guess it’s time for me to start re-evaluating my beliefs about fame, probably!”

ELIAS: “And many of these individuals that have identified famous focuses also have identified themselves but are not the focus, are observing essences of the focus.”

JOANNE: “Thank you. That’s been sufficiently corrected! (Elias laughs) I think that a lot of people are going to be really glad to know that” [session 1355, May 27, 2003]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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