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Elias ‘‘gems’’

ELIAS: “The action of counterparts is to be offering different experiences without actual manifestation of those experiences within one particular focus.

“This would be quite inefficient, were you to be physically experiencing every aspect of this physical reality within each manifestation of essence. Essence would be manifesting billions and billions and billions of focuses within this dimension in every time framework to be experiencing all of the aspects of the designs of experiences of this physical dimension. This is quite inefficient.

“Therefore, essences focus a limited amount, so to speak, of focuses in different time frameworks in this dimension, and incorporate countless actions of counterparts which offer the benefit of the experience without the actual manifestation physically. (Pause) There are more methods than one to be experiencing within your physical dimension!” (Grinning)

GARY: “So you’re saying that people can be counterparts for short periods of time?”

ELIAS: “You may. There are many different designs of counterpart action.

“Some individuals are creating a counterpart action with another individual, and that individual does not incorporate the same counterpart action in reverse, so to speak. Some individuals incorporate counterpart action throughout an entire focus. Some individuals create counterpart action merely temporarily; some intermittently throughout a focus. There are counterpart actions that occur between focuses. You may be incorporating some elements of counterpart action with other focuses of your essence. You incorporate counterpart action with other essences. There are many crossovers, so to speak, in this action.

“Counterparts are not individuals. It is an action that occurs between individuals and essences to be offering the benefit of experiences.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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