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Elias ‘‘gems’’

“You hold two genders within this physical dimension. You create your vegetation with genders, you create your creatures with genders, you create yourselves with genders. These genders are male and female.

(Firmly) “Gender is a physical function and body type. Period. It extends no farther.

“Now; view the extent of your belief system involving sexuality, in that you identify much of your reality with relation to gender: male elements, female elements; left male, right female; moon female, sun male; certain constellations female, certain other constellations male; gods and goddesses. You attribute male and female to qualities that you hold: intellectual, rational, masculine, male; intuitional, emotional, female. You identify very much of your reality within the context of gender.

“Gender is one element of sexuality. As I have stated, it is merely a body type and function. It refers to no other element of your sexual orientation or your sexuality in general, so to speak.

“Beyond gender, the other element of your sexuality is orientation.

“Now; I have expressed to you previously – within our last meeting – that you may view your sexuality as holding five elements: two genders, three orientations. This is five elements, in like manner to five outer senses, and I shall repeat once again, they may NOT be interchanged. You may not place a triangular peg into a round hole. It shall not fit. You may not interchange gender with orientation. You may not substitute taste with hearing. You may not identify orientation with gender. They are very different elements.” [session 381, April 09, 1999]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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