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Elias ‘‘gems’’

LORRAINE: “I have a question about being in the now, in the moment. Where is thought in that? Do you have to try to stop thinking?”

ELIAS: “Not necessarily. The role of thought is significant, but what is important to be generating is a balance, a balance between allowing your attention the flexibility to move to communications, action, and thought. The pitfall with thought is that your attention moves to thought to the exclusion of other information, to the exclusion of what you are actually doing and to the exclusion of your communications, and you rely upon thought in manners it is not designed for.

“You rely upon thought to create your reality, and this is not its function and therefore you disappoint yourselves for it does not create your reality. You rely upon thought to be offering you accurate information, and your association is that it is a communication, which it is not. It is a translating mechanism. It translates what you do and what you believe and what your communications are.

“But if your attention is not moving to the actual avenues of communication, thought does not accurately translate, and this becomes confusing for you think one expression and you are doing another, or you are thinking in one direction and you are feeling another, for you are not offering the thought process accurate information. You are concentrating your attention upon that as the main operator of your being, as the control point, as the steering wheel, and it is not.

“Your choices, what you actually do, are your indicators of what you are expressing. This is the reason that is it very important to pay attention to what you are actually DOING, paying attention to yourself, and this is challenging for it is unfamiliar. You are familiar with projecting your attention outside of yourself and holding it upon any and every expression that you encounter outside of yourself, and you are quite familiar with placing your attention upon each other rather than yourselves. This is not to say that you place your attention upon self to the exclusion of other individuals, but that you are aware of what you are expressing in association with your interactions with other individuals.” [session 1447, September 27, 2003]

Elias ‘‘gems’’

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