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Sunday, April 06, 1997

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“Inner Senses/Conceptualization”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Drew (Matthew), Jim (Yarr), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), Bob#1 (Simon), and Bob#2 (Falon).

Elias arrives at 7:38 PM. (Time was twenty-five seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. This evening, in continuing focusing upon our discussions of unofficial information, we shall be exploring inner senses. (Here, Elias stops and surveys the group with a bemused expression on his face)

BOB#1: (Laughing) No Reta! No Norm!

ELIAS: Ah! Stephen shall be disappointed!

VICKI: He’ll be here in a little while.

ELIAS: The subject of inner senses has been offered before by another. These were broken into classifications of nine inner senses. Essentially, I have offered these inner senses to you already, with different names. Some of the inner senses that I have explained to you encompass several of the categories of inner senses which have been offered in the explanation of the nine inner senses. The inner sense of conceptualization and the inner sense of empathic activity both encompass more of the explanations that have been offered within the designation of nine inner senses. I have also offered you your exercise of clarity. This demonstrates to you another inner sense.

We have been dealing with inner senses for some time period, although I have not designated them as specifically inner senses, except for empathic and conceptualization. Added to this, you hold an inner sense which deals with your time construct. This inner sense, when engaged, allows you the ability to disassociate yourselves with your creation of time. In this, you may experience no time. You may experience dream time elements, and you may also experience the overlapping effect of what you view to be past, present, and future. You may accomplish tapping this inner sense within your waking state, just as you may tap all other inner senses within your waking state. It is not necessary for you to be engaging your sleep state to be connecting with what you think of as the inner you.

You have already begun engaging much subjective activity. As this accelerates, you are also engaging, unwittingly, some of your inner senses. As you do not define to yourselves these inner senses as clearly as your outer senses, when you engage them you may become confused.

It is quite natural for you to be engaging these inner senses, as you are using these continuously. You only are not noticing. These inner senses are exercised within your normal workings of your manifestation continuously, although you hold no thought process connected with them. They may be likened to your heart beating or your breath. You do not walk through your day and continuously think of your heart beating or tell yourself to breathe. You automatically accomplish these functions. You also automatically accomplish the usage of your inner senses. You just do not recognize as you are using these senses, this being why I have offered you exercises to be engaging these inner senses. You have been offered exercises to exercise your empathic sense, your sense of conceptualization, and also your inner sense of tone and touch, this being what you have exercised with our example in clarity. (To Norm and Reta) Welcome!

I have expressed to you previously that these exercises are of importance. Now I shall express to you that in order to be objectively understanding the experience and the movement of consciousness of your shift and also of transition, it is necessary for you to be acquainted with these inner senses and learning to be manipulating within these efficiently. You hold the ability to be manipulating these inner senses equally as well and efficiently as your outer senses. (Much laughter) If you are practicing! You think that you do not hold the ability to be manipulating these inner senses as efficiently, but you also do not intentionally, consciously, noticingly exercise these senses very often at all!

I have offered you your exercise in clarity which, as per the normal course of events within physical focus and your limited attention, you were exercising of this within your first week, or perhaps two, and as this has not been continuously brought to your attention, it has drifted away and been forgotten. Your empathic sense you have much information of. You do not allow yourselves the opportunity to be experimenting and practicing with this sense much at all. I acknowledge to William that within this one area, you have accomplished well. As to your conceptualization sense, we shall not even discuss this, for no individual attempts this sense at all!

We shall begin with your sense of conceptualization, and for my dear students this week, your homework is to be practicing this inner sense of conceptualization!

Within this sense, you become an action. You become the concept. You become the idea. Thought is reality. Energy is energy. It matters not which form it takes. It is all energy. Therefore, you hold the ability to merge with this and become, within experience, any element of energy. Idea, concept, thought, action, these are not non-existent. They are realities, just as a tree is a reality, and as you may merge with a tree within your empathic sense and you may become this and experience its experiences, you may also merge with other elements of energy and become the action.

GAIL: I’m not understanding that part. What do you mean, become the action?

ELIAS: This exercise shall be quite valuable to you all if you may allow yourselves to accomplish, for I have spoken to you for much time in the direction that you think in terms of “things,” but reality is not necessarily things. It is very difficult for you to understand many of the concepts that are presented to you, for you insist upon placing these concepts into the idea of things.

(Intently) Time is not a thing, although it is itself. Dimensions are not things, but they exist. Essence is not a thing, but it is you. Therefore, if you are allowing yourself the ability to merge with action instead of an object, you shall allow yourself to understand the nature of reality more clearly. In this, as you exercise your inner sense of conceptualization, realize that the point is not to become “something.” Allow your consciousness the freedom to shed its identification with “thingness.” This shall be difficult, for you identify yourselves as a thing! You identify yourselves as matter, as a body, as a mind; and even as you expand beyond these ideas, you think of yourself as consciousness, which you think of as a thing! Consciousness is not a thing. It is an action. Therefore, you must attempt to allow yourself to disassociate with your camouflage, or your imagery.

You have allowed yourselves the opportunity to be experiencing your empathic sense, which allows you to disassociate with your physical being and merge with another physical entity. You have also been presented with the opportunity to be experiencing your beingness and its intricacies through our exercise in clarity. In conceptualization you may attempt to disassociate yourself with your form and your “thingness,” and allow yourself the motion and movement of action within energy. In this, you may choose a concept. You may choose an idea. You may choose a thought, and you may focus upon this and shed your imagery or your camouflage and be the action of the thought or idea or concept.

I express these exercises to you purposefully for you are already, to a small extent, engaging a widening of awareness in the direction of the shift and also of transition. In engaging these actions, especially the action of transition, it is pointless for you to be experiencing these elements and engaging this essence if you are not understanding what you are doing. If you are engaging transition within physical focus and you are not understanding the action that you are engaging you shall create senility at very young ages, for your objective consciousness must understand what you are engaging, must be informed, and must be allowed the opportunity to manipulate within this action. If it is not afforded these elements, it shall disengage and you shall experience what you view as senility. This is not the point!

The point is that you have chosen to be objectively aware. You have chosen to be engaging these actions within consciousness with much awareness and conscious, intentional movement. In this, you not only benefit yourselves but you also lend energy tremendously to the accomplishment of the shift, for what you understand and incorporate is understood subjectively and incorporated within consciousness by your counterparts and aspects and all that are connected within consciousness, which is all.

I shall break, and you may think on these things, and you may inquire with your questions upon our return.

BREAK 8:11 PM.

ELIAS: Now you may engage your questioning.

DREW: I have a couple, regarding this exercise. We tend to think of action as a movement of mass or matter through space, but when you talk about identifying with action, I understand that’s not what you mean. Can you give us an idea of what it is you do mean so we know what we’re looking for, so we can identify when we’re doing this correctly?

ELIAS: An idea is not mass or matter moving through space, although it is propelled with motion. It is energy. It is not material. A concept is not material. You may choose any concept to practice with. As this inner sense was initially introduced, books of philosophy were offered as helpfulness to be offering ideas for conceptualization, for within the subject of philosophy you do not hold material objects. What is put forth are ideas. In this, you merge your consciousness with the action of the idea or the concept.

Now; I shall express to you that within this motion and mergence into the energy of thought or idea or concept you may experience visualization, for within the action it shall expand. You shall not hold an awareness of physical form. This shall be your indication that you are accomplishing this action of conceptualization, for you shall merge into the action, which you then may form into visualizations. It may open into entire scenes, just as with your new game. This may be a helpful hint as to the action of conceptualization. At other times, you may merge into the action of the concept and you may not create visualizations. You may create only sensation, which shall be difficult for you to identify, for this sensation shall not be connected with a body, although it shall be, in your terms, physically felt.

BOB#1: Would a sensation of different actions or thoughts be a different sensation, identifiable over time? For instance, if you could merge with love and that created some sort of sensation, would that sensation be consistent from time to time if you were able to accomplish merging with that, and a different sensation be created if you were merging with hate or prosperity or whatever idea you were thinking of or trying to merge with?


BOB#1: So the sensations would be consistent over time?

ELIAS: If the conceptualization is accomplished with a truth, yes, it shall be consistent throughout your time framework, and each time that you accomplish the mergence, the sensation or the action shall be the same, although it may vary within intensity as you allow more or less of the experience. If you are merging with a concept that is not a truth, this may be changeable.

BOB#1: And if it was a truth, would the sensation from one person to the next be consistent?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for each of you holds your own interpretation. Within the actual action that is occurring, yes, it is the same. Your interpretation of the action shall be different; just as I may approach each of you within this forum, and I may hold a hammer and I may smash your toe. I may create the identical same action with each of you. Each of you shall basically experience pain, but each of you shall experience this action within your own individual interpretation. Therefore, it shall be different within each of you.

BOB#1: However, there would be a certain commonality of experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB#1: So if different people in the group attempted to merge with the same concept, it’s conceivable that there could be some sort of sharing of experience to validate whether or not, or to what extent, they were able to accomplish this.

ELIAS: Correct; if, as I have stated, you are choosing to be conceptualizing a truth, for these are unchanging.

BOB#1: Now, how many truths have we identified here? One, that I remember. (Much laughter, as we know what’s coming next!)

ELIAS: Ah! My favorite game! Shall we be offering to Simon the truths for this evening? (And Elias proceeds to pull twelve tissues out of the box, scattering them everywhere) You may stop me at will!

BOB#1: At your pleasure! I may choose not to! (And there go five more tissues)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Truths are constant. They transcend all areas of consciousness and all dimensions, physical and non-physical.

BOB#1: Okay. But we identified love as a truth.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB#1: That’s the only one that I remember being here for when you discussed it. So I was just wondering if, at the risk of seeing more tissues, whether there are any others you care to identify?

ELIAS: Color is a truth. Tone is a truth. Reality is a truth. Consciousness is a truth. Energy is a truth.

BOB#1: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

DREW: So in this exercise, getting back to my original question, which was knowing whether we’re doing it, whether we’re accomplishing, one of the constants is a disassociation, if you will, with physical form?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Okay. The other will be an experience which includes either imagery or feelings and sensations?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Is there a method, (laughter) I’m using that word, for us that will facilitate this exercise?

ELIAS: You may accomplish more successfully if you have offered yourselves the experience of your new game, and also if you have offered yourselves the experience of meditation and visualization. These offer you experiences with altered states of consciousness, in your terms.

DREW: I’m unclear as to whether the visualization is a tool by which we will accomplish, or a result of our accomplishment.

ELIAS: This would be a result, dependent upon which action you choose within conceptualization. If you are moving into attempting conceptualization and you are visualizing, you shall defeat yourself, for you are placing yourself in the position of facing objects. In conceptualization, you are not merging with things. You are shedding your camouflage in your “thingness” and you are merging with energy other than things.

DREW: But we are merging with a specific action of energy, not just the vast pool of energy.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So if all things are action ... Am I correct so far? All things are action? (Elias nods) And let’s say the concept I choose to attempt to merge with is this table, the energy, the action of this table, and I use meditation as my method, and approach the exercise with an effort or an attempt to be effortless at shedding my camouflage. How do I direct my energy to merge specifically with the action of this table if I’m not directing myself towards the table?

ELIAS: You may choose initially to not be attempting to be conceptualizing an object. You may conceptualize the action of the table, although this is more complicated, for within your thought process you must remove yourself from the identification of the matter of the table. Then you must remove yourself from the visualization of the thought or the word of the table, and you must move to an area of the action of the thought before it has been created. Therefore, this creates quite a process for you to be moving through to connect with the idea. It may be less obstructive to you to be attempting conceptualization in the area of an idea which holds no physical form.

DREW: Such as love? (Elias nods) So if we choose love, and again to use this hypothetical meditation, and we are able to shed our camouflage of physical self and disassociate, again without focusing on the word or creating visual images that represent to us what love is, how do we direct ourselves to that particular concept to experience it directly, as opposed to just energy in general?

ELIAS: You allow yourself to defocus. Allow yourself to set aside your preconceived notions of this concept. Disassociate yourself with your belief systems of this concept, and allow yourself the freedom to move into the action of the concept.

DREW: Well, what I’m confused about is how we end up at that concept as opposed to ... If we disassociate and we, to the best of our ability, shut our belief systems and just become action, how do we find ourselves at the action of love as opposed to just action in general?

ELIAS: You do not afford yourself the acknowledgment of preciseness that you hold within your creativity and your being. If you are entering this exercise with a specific idea, as you allow yourself to drift, your subjective consciousness shall direct you to your objective.

DREW: So it’s intent, essentially?

ELIAS: Within the direction of your action, yes, you may express this. You are extremely precise beings. Look to yourselves at what you consider, within your belief systems, to be your intelligence. You hold immense ability. You also hold tremendous ability to focus and be directing.

You are, as I have stated many times, always in control. You are never floundering out of control. You may feel that you have lost your control at times, but your consciousness is always directing you, and your objective consciousness works in harmony to subjective movement. Therefore, as you choose objectively to be moving in a specific direction, you communicate this to subjective consciousness instantaneously. It shall be directing of your movement. You need only be trustful of self, realizing that your self shall hold you as a buoy within the waters of consciousness. You shall not sink. You shall float effortlessly, and be directed. You may not initially understand the experience that you may accomplish within conceptualization, but these exercises are important for your understanding of self.

I shall not enter at this present now the area of inner senses connected with your time framework, for you would find this impossible at this present now to be disengaging within your objective consciousness. I shall express to you that you may accomplish this, and as we progress and you are accomplishing within your practicing of inner senses, we shall move into areas of exercising disengaging your time framework temporarily. This shall offer you experiential validation of simultaneous time. Then you shall hold a more adequate understanding of that which we speak of.

I have expressed to you previously that you understand and incorporate and assimilate information by experience. I may talk and talk and talk to you, and it shall mean little if you are not incorporating the experience. This shall create the reality to you, as you allow yourselves to experience all of these elements of which we speak. Therefore, this being why these exercises hold importance. They allow you the experience, and therefore allow you to realize the reality. Yes, Lawrence?

VICKI: Well, I was going to ask about the time thing, that using the conceptualization sense would be one way to experience the concept of simultaneous time.

ELIAS: This is correct. As I have stated, which Stephen was not present to be listening to, these inner senses which I have offered you already encompass almost all of these nine which have been presented previously. I have incorporated these senses into less categories, for it is unnecessary to be separating so extensively.

As we move futurely into the discussion of the inner sense which involves your time framework, this shall also encompass the existing idea of what you now think of as psychological time. I do not incorporate this terminology, for as you are aware, I do not incorporate psychology. Therefore, we shall not be addressing this sense within the terminology of psychological time, although the concept is the same and encompassed within the entirety of the inner sense which deals with your interaction with time. This is a very difficult inner sense to be objectively manipulating, for you are very accustomed to moving through physical focus within a time framework. All of your objective consciousness is involved and centered around a time framework. Therefore, it is more difficult for you to be disassociating with this element. It shall be easier if you are learning to be engaging these other inner senses prior to attempting to disassociate with your camouflage of time. It is difficult enough to be disassociating yourselves with any element of your camouflage.

RETA: It might be a good idea if we would, week by week, choose at least one and then maybe others that would be the same so that we could make comparisons. Like you said, basically the truth love we would all recognize in a certain way. It might be a good idea if we chose one item at a time, plus whatever else we wanted to do, so that we can progress more quickly by having a discussion of what we’ve learned in that particular week.

ELIAS: This is for your interaction and choice. You may be interacting with each other, and you may choose if you are wishing to be creating an agreement along these lines.

RETA: Would the action of healing, would I be able to use that action to merge with?

ELIAS: Within the area of healing, you may find that your empathic sense shall be benefiting you more, for you may be objectively understanding of this sense and its information more easily.

RETA: Objectively, the result of healing, but I was thinking about just the energy or the feeling of healing, to see if I could merge with that, to see what imagery I could get.

ELIAS: You may attempt to be connecting with this action. Once again, this may prove difficult, for you attach to physical imagery.

VICKI: I have another question. In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that when I take a nap I don’t really go to sleep, but I have had a lot of visual imagery. Most of it includes people that I’m close to, not always but most of it, quite often including Shynla. I’ve wondered about that because it’s a new experience for me. Would this be similar to what you’re talking about, and if not, what is it?

ELIAS: Yes. This would fall into the category of what you have already been instructed as to your psychological time, which we are not incorporating; but as I have stated this evening, many of you are experiencing already manifestations of these inner senses and you are becoming much more objectively aware of the action of these senses. Therefore, it is important to be identifying these, and that we be focusing upon these inner senses and their development.

VICKI: Would that be partially having to do with Mary’s headaches?

ELIAS: I am quite sure that Michael shall be viewing this response as inadequate, but I shall express that this is an action of neurological pathways. I am understanding very well that you are not understanding of the action of these neurological pathways and the opening of such. Therefore, you interpret this as an inefficient answer. It is truthful. You shall be much more satisfied if I may express to you an action that you may physically visually view through your instruments scientifically. Your physical expression does not always register physical impulses upon your instruments. This is not to say that these impulses and actions do not occur. You merely do not possess the technology, within this present now, to measure.

VICKI: One more question. To go back to my recent nap experiences, so, I have these visualizations. How would I ... If that’s a partial action of conceptualization, I don’t ...


VICKI: Okay. Then I don’t really understand.

ELIAS: This is not an action of conceptualization. This is a different inner sense. Just as you physically outwardly see, this is your sense of vision. It is not the same as your sense of touch. They are different actions. They are different senses. This inner sense that you experience within your nap times is connected with the inner sense of time vibration.

VICKI: Okay. That makes more sense to me.

NORM: Could two focuses communicate via conceptualization?


NORM: Is that difficult to do, and how would you do it?

ELIAS: Is this difficult to accomplish within your present now as you? Yes. Is this difficult for me? No.

NORM: Well, I mean a focus.

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am understanding of this. You may intersect within conceptualization with another focus of essence. This action at this present now would be very difficult for you to be accomplishing, for it holds difficulty for you to be accomplishing conceptualization with a thought presently. Therefore, to be intersecting with the action of another focus and merging with that action would be much more difficult.

NORM: I would say it would be a new way of expressing love.

ELIAS: This is an action to be conceptualized within itself.

GAIL: I have a question. Am I on the right track with the tone?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Yes. This is in the direction of empathic sense, although you may rearrange your direction and you may also apply this within conceptualization.

GAIL: I’m just gonna go with the flow and see what happens.

ELIAS: This is a wise decision. If you are pressing upon yourselves, as we have expressed previously, you shall be defeating of your action. It is an allowance of natural movement that shall be accomplishing your “purpose,” so to speak.

DREW: I have another question regarding this exercise. If we are attempting to merge with anything other than a truth, such as an idea, aren’t we in effect merging with something that is of our own creation?

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause) The point is to be merging with the action. It matters not which action you choose. You may choose a belief system. You may choose any action, any concept, for what is gained is the understanding within the experience.

DREW: Is there not, though, a difference in the learning and in the experience if we’re merging with something of our own creation or our own belief systems, as opposed to a truth? Would the experience of merging with something that is of our own creation be more enlightening about ourselves than it would be to merge with a truth?

ELIAS: I shall inquire of you, Matthew, who has created a truth?

DREW: Aren’t truths just ... Well, my understanding is that there’s a difference between a truth and an idea. Truths are multidimensional and just are, whereas ideas are more singularly dimensional and are created specifically by a focus, and therefore they are different. And so would it not follow that the experience of merging with one versus the other would have different value in the learning experience? Not that one’s better, but that they’re different.

ELIAS: The experience, as has been stated with Simon, shall be different. Within many individuals, the experience of conceptualizing a non-truth shall be quite varied. Within the experiencing of a truth there shall still be a variance, but there shall also be a commonality within the experience.

As to the value of one experience of truth versus experience of non-truth, within this present now, no. They are equally valuable to you, for it is the experience of conceptualization that you are discovering. Eventually, as you familiarize yourselves with these inner senses, what you choose to conceptualize shall be creating differences, but within this exercise you are familiarizing yourselves with this sense and its action and its accomplishment. Therefore, it matters not what you are choosing to be conceptualizing, for what is of matter is the experience of the inner sense and the recognition of this.

GAIL: I have a question about the tone. At a point, would I be able to, if I choose to connect with a certain tone, just connect with that experience of that tone?

ELIAS: Within the action of conceptualization?

GAIL: I’m not sure. Let’s just say yes, for the moment.

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

GAIL: Okay. Thank you.

BOB#1: You’ve stated tonight that certain concepts or ideas would be difficult to conceptualize, like simultaneous time. If certain ideas or concepts are harder to conceptualize than others, can you give us examples of some easy ones that maybe don’t involve as much complexity and might be easier to access?

ELIAS: The difficulty lies merely within the present now and your awareness of these inner senses and their workings. In actuality, no action is more difficult to access than any other action, but as you must be moving through established thought processes presently, there are some actions that may be initially more difficult for you to attempt.

Any type of idea that does not attach to a thing within your thinking may be an adequate starting point. It is not necessarily easier to be choosing an action such as you think of love, for you already hold preconceived ideas and attach feelings and belief systems to this. Therefore, you shall be needing to move around all of these obstacles to be merging with the action of love. You are not merging with a feeling; this being what I have been expressing to you this evening, in the same manner that we speak of impulses.

Do not confuse yourselves. You are not merging, within conceptualization, with a feeling or a thing. You are merging with an action. Therefore, it may be easier if you choose a concept that you do not identify with a thing or a feeling. As I have stated though, you may create, within the action of conceptualization, visualizations which shall expand the experience or you may create sensation and feeling which shall expand the experience, but as I have expressed to Matthew, these are resulting from this action. They do not occur prior to the action. (Pause)

You may think of an action, a movement, a wave; not a water wave.

BOB#1: A frequency.

ELIAS: Correct, for a water wave creates a picture for you of a thing; but you may attempt to be conceptualizing with a vibrational wave and experiencing the action of this, for you hold no ideas of what this visually is. You also do not feel it.

VICKI: So if you could conceptualize the action of the energy exchange, you could probably understand it a lot better.

ELIAS: Quite. You may attempt a tone, as you have been inquiring, but be remembering that you are merging with the action of the tone, not the actualization of sound; not a note, but the motion of the tone.

BOB#1: Which is a wave. (Elias nods)

NORM: Is the inner sense of conceptualization a universal inner sense in all realities?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that the possibility of its reality extends within all focuses, although it may not be actualized as reality within all focuses, for it is not necessary. Within this dimension and this creation of reality, you have created a very complicated, precise, varied existence. Your species is very intricate. Therefore, it is requiring of more sense data than other focuses. (Pause)

(To Ron) Within other-dimensional reality that you have experienced previously within your new game, this being this manifestation of this crystal creature, this was not needing to be experiencing inner senses of conceptualization or of vibrational time. An incorporation of empathic was utilized to an extent, in knowing of self and function and the whole. The function within the focus was not created to be extensive enough to encompass the necessity for conceptualization. There also is no necessity for inner senses directed to time frameworks, for within this focus it is unimportant.

Each dimensional focus incorporates their own sense data. It may not be the same as your own. Each focus dimensionally holds the possibility within consciousness to actualize the same sense data, but this is not to say that it is created.

DREW: If these senses are available in all dimensions whether or not actualized, does that make them truths?

ELIAS: They are relative to physical focuses as a connective within consciousness. Truths are relative within all. (Pause)

VICKI: I have another question. Uriel would like your input on his experience this week with a fuzzy feeling, and then a connecting dream, and quite a bit of unofficial information that he received through that.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You may express to Uriel Elias’ amusement at this questioning, for as he has continued to be questioning as to his ability to be connecting within consciousness and subjective activity, he has offered himself the opportunity to objectively view an absolute connection; as you were listening to Elias’ words, which were the message for Uriel.

VICKI: That was the weirdest message!

ELIAS: But quite accurate! Therefore, he may verify to himself presently, and not be (chuckling) whining that he is not accomplishing projecting and connecting within consciousness and am I present at these sessions???

GAIL: Is that why he’s going ballistic tonight? (Referring to Lenny the iguana, who has been creating quite a noisy ruckus all evening)

RON: It’s alcohol-induced confusion! (Laughter)

VICKI: There’s more to it!

GAIL: Yeah, I know, but I can’t figure out what it is, but I know it’s something.

ELIAS: It is a scattering of energy which has been incorporated within this forum thrice previous within your immediate past, so to speak; (to Ron) that which you have already recognized and we have confirmed to you. This energy is endeavoring to become more focused within communion of Paul, and incorporates a scattering effect presently periodically. Similar reaction was experienced at the onset of Elias and these sessions, this energy also being quite forceful and incorporating great strength within physical energy. This shall be facilitating of the action with Olivia and Paul. (Pause, during which it sounds like Lenny is tearing his cage apart!)

Are you wishing more questions this evening?

DREW: I have one that just occurred to me about a fragment of a dream I recall, and all I remember is a newscaster, as if I was watching TV, saying, “You cannot have an out-of-body experience from home. Film at eleven.” That’s all I remember. I’m wondering if you can interpret that for me. (1)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Film at eleven! Updates at two AM! Quite Elias!

DREW: I could offer what I believe it meant.

ELIAS: Proceed!

DREW: Well, in view of my attempts to get in touch with subjective reality, it may have had something to do with information coming subjectively, telling me that things such as out-of-body experiences cannot occur if I’m concerned about remaining safe, the metaphor of from home, and that if I want to experience more of these kinds of experiences, particularly out-of-body experiences, I have to be willing to leave the safety and comfort of home, meaning whatever I feel objectively is safe.

ELIAS: Objectively, this is correct. You do accomplish out-of-body excursions continuously. All of your sleep states incorporate this action. You do not allow yourself objective awareness and recognition of this action. This is what your imagery speaks to. Realize that you are quite safe with you.

NORM: Earlier you were saying that at present, we do not have the technology to create instruments measuring subjective activity. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Some subjective activity.

NORM: We do have instruments, other than humans, today to measure subjective activity, any subjective activity?

ELIAS: You measure some activity. You do not understand what you measure and you do not afford yourselves the explanations of reality of what you measure, but some activity you may measure the physical affectingness of.

NORM: Subjective activity?

ELIAS: Correct. You only do not recognize where this activity originates.

NORM: But all our instruments measure manifested objects today.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: You were commenting that in the future, we will be able to develop instruments that will measure the quality of an idea?

ELIAS: Within your future, you shall develop technology that shall measure some subjective activity directly, although this is not to say that this shall be measuring of ideas.

NORM: Is it a good interim to train focuses to do specific instrumentation of specific subjective areas? (Here, we take a short break to change the tape)

BREAK 8:58 PM.
RESUME 9:12 PM. (Time was twelve seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing. (To Norm) Reformulate your concept.

NORM: The basic question is, can science develop a thing, living or not, that can measure subjective activity of any kind?

ELIAS: Your operative word is “can” you. As all things are possible to you, I shall express yes, you can. Now; whether this is more probable, I shall express that as you continue within physical focus you shall develop instruments that will be designed more efficiently to measure objective responses and imagery of subjective movement, although not measuring subjective movement itself; the reason being that as you move into the action of your shift, it also shall become unnecessary for you to be developing instrumentation to be measuring of subjective activity. It shall be accepted. The reason that you create instruments within your technology is to prove elements to yourselves, to give yourselves information in proving what you think. It shall be unnecessary to be proving subjective activity once your shift is accomplished, for it shall be accepted.

NORM: It would seem to me like there’s a lot of people that are not going to accept this for some period of time. It would be totally different than the history that we’ve had so far. I guess that’s to be expected, but that means that it will be a situation where almost all people will then have inner senses that are operating to the point where they will accept this information.

ELIAS: This shift encompasses your entire globe. This shift is not concerning some individuals. It is concerning all individuals within this dimension within this particular physical focus. It is involving all of what you think of presently as your future focuses, although they are simultaneous. There shall not be individuals excluded from the action of this shift. It is an agreement and a movement in consciousness. It incorporates all of the consciousness within this dimension and physical focus.

You are correct that there shall be many individuals that shall not quite so readily be accepting of this movement, this being the reason why I have expressed that there shall be experienced trauma as involved with this shift. This is also the reason that you have drawn yourselves to this forum and that you speak with me, to be affecting within consciousness, to be helpful in eliminating this trauma, for you hold an awareness subjectively, and becoming objectively, of the trauma connected with this shift, and therefore wish to be helpful in lessening this manifestation.

NORM: Somehow we are perceiving the future in our dream state? Is that what we’re doing?

RETA: Or was it an agreement before we came here to be helpful?

ELIAS: This is a difficult area, for this incorporates your concept of your time framework. In one manner of speaking I express to you that this agreement has been made previously, although it is being made presently. You inquire that you are viewing futurely within your dream state. You experience what you think of as future time, for it is sideways time. It is not future. It is simultaneous. It is now. Therefore yes, you do experience future time and also past time within your dream state. You create affectingness within consciousness subjectively, beneath your dream imagery.

RETA: I want you to know that when you say that we may have had an agreement ahead of time, that feels really comfortable inside. It really feels like you do hit the truth. I’ve been comfortable with that all along. I want to express to you that I appreciate you, and I feel that you’ve taught me quite a bit. I just wish I could pass it on faster, or take the time to do more with it.

ELIAS: You are. (Smiling)

NORM: Is this occurring through what was stated as mass action? Is the term mass action involved with the shift? It is, isn’t it?

ELIAS: There are many mass events that shall be in response to this shift, and you may express a terminology of mass action or collective action if you are choosing. It is, en masse, an agreement within essence of all essences choosing to be participating within this physical dimension.

NORM: Do the focuses, are they involved directly with mass action?


DREW: These mass events you said will be the result of the shift. Is it likely there will be mass events that will help cause the shift?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You have witnessed recently one small mass event which has been influencing in the movement of the shift within consciousness, within this recent week time.

DREW: Now, you had indicated that this was actually a small event that was greatly influencing. So when we use the word mass event and we’re looking into the probabilities of things to come that will aid the shift, I’d like to get a sense of scale. Will these events be similar in scale to the kinds of things we’ve experienced in the past week, or will there be mass events on a national or even global scale that will be influencing?

ELIAS: These all involve probabilities. Therefore, I may not express to you definites of mass events, in predicting that globally you shall experience this or that. There are probabilities that may be created, if gaining enough collective energy, which shall be in extreme large occurrences, although as I have stated, this is not necessary. Therefore, you may choose within probabilities to be not creating of tremendous exaggerated actions; this being part of the action of these individuals within this forum, yourself also, is to be avoiding massive drama and therefore eliminating of much trauma.

DREW: And yet it would seem, as Norm said, unlikely that large numbers of our population, nationally and globally, would have such shifts in belief systems without some sort of traumatic mass event. The numbers are so great and their belief systems so entrenched, it would seem unlikely that without some sort of objective event, their change in belief systems would be unlikely to occur.

ELIAS: I address first to what is seeming to be a misunderstanding. Individuals upon your planet, essences manifest physically within this dimension and upon your planet, hold agreement to be accomplishing a shift in consciousness. This shift in consciousness is not necessarily an elimination or a change in belief systems! It is an awareness and an acceptance of those held belief systems, and therefore, within this awareness and acceptance, there is an allowance of an expansion of consciousness objectively within physical focus, expanding your creativity and your objective abilities, or your belief in your objective abilities.

Individuals throughout your globe may continue to hold their belief systems, but they will hold an awareness that they are belief systems and not truths. They will recognize that their sciences incorporate equal amounts of belief systems as your religious elements. They will understand their own creativity and their own ability to manipulate and move within consciousness more efficiently and to be manifesting objectively aware connections within consciousness of self and other essences, therefore expanding objectively your knowledge of reality within physical focus.

Therefore, as you move into the action of your shift, as I express to you that individuals shall experience trauma, they shall not experience trauma in regard to a massive global explosion which shall be upturning their world and eliminating of all of their known reality. They shall be experiencing trauma as they naturally move into more of an objective awareness of subjective activity and bleed-through action, which shall be confusing and which they shall be identifying within themselves as insanity. Therefore, your planet shall be seized with the epidemic of mass lunacy, to their way of thinking, without helpfulness within consciousness.

They shall not be eliminating of their individuals belief systems. I do not express to you that you be eliminating of your individual belief systems. They are a part of your reality within this focus. I express to you only that you widen your awareness to hold an understanding that what you actualize is filtered through belief systems, that you do hold belief systems, that everything within your physical focus is affected by your belief systems. This is not wrong! This is not bad! This is not inefficient! This is what you have created within this dimensional focus, and it is quite efficient. It is only too limiting for your creativity within this present now, for you choose to be expanding your creativity and utilizing more of your abilities unrestrained.

RETA: Could I liken this to perhaps the mass event of the end of communism as we know it, the Berlin Wall coming down? Because within that mass event there were more people exposed to freedom and allowed to think for themselves for the first time, and allowed to integrate themselves with other ideas, other nations, other concepts. To me, that mass event was a real push toward widening understanding. I know it’s got to go a long ways, but even in the countries now that are still more or less controlled by their regimes or their culture, they still now know of outside ideas and worlds and so they do not think the same as they used to think. So more people do have an awareness that they never had before. So that mass event to me was a huge event.

ELIAS: Just as within the small event of which we spoke at our last session, these events serve to be altering of perception and awareness. It matters not the direction. It matters that the perceptions and the awareness is altered. In this, you are correct. I shall reserve my debating with you, of individuals’ choices to be manifest within certain locations of your planet and restrictions which they choose to place upon themselves as opposed to inflicting upon other individuals, for a later date. (Chuckling)

NORM: You mentioned before that we are leaving the era of religious ideas. Will this be the age of enlightenment? Is that term going to be the one that refers to the era of the shift?

ELIAS: This would be a popular terminology globally. Within your present now, many individuals within many cultures within many religious beliefs systems incorporate this wording, which is acceptable if you are choosing this to be your terminology.

NORM: Will it be known as that in the future, in the “sideways” future? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very good! I shall say that within probabilities your history records may record this terminology in reference to this time period of this shift, whether or not you choose to incorporate it as a “title.”

GAIL: I have a question. Mary would like to know, and myself too, would like to know if ... She had an experience this week where she merged with a lady in line at the market, and she wants to know if it’s possible to direct that merging with other people at any given time, if she chooses to.

ELIAS: This is an action and element of what I have expressed to you this evening of your empathic sense. This is the action that you accomplish within a complete, so to speak, actualization of this empathic sense. Yes, you may be directing of this sense consciously, intentionally. You may, in practicing and continuing, teach yourself to be manipulating this inner sense quite efficiently and you may consciously direct your mergence at will, with an exception. You may not exercise this inner sense to this degree if the individual that you are directing to is not willing, for you may not penetrate another individual’s energy field if it is not agreed.

RETA: That’s one of the most difficult things about trying to talk to people, even in the beginning stages, is seeing this wall that you’re trying to go through. Even though in my conversations I try to talk on the level of their understanding and try to find the level of their understanding, sometimes it’s like hitting a brick wall, so I back off, of course. It’s gonna take a little learning on my part to be able to interpret their understanding level.

ELIAS: Be practicing of this empathic sense and it shall be helpful. This sense incorporates not only the emotion of another individual, but it encompasses all feeling, all sensation and thought. Therefore, as you allow yourself to practice actualizing this inner sense, it shall be quite beneficial in aiding you in your communication and understanding of other individuals, for you shall merge and experience another individual ...

RETA: Merge and experience their level of understanding?

ELIAS: Their being.

Now; as I have stated, you may not accomplish this if the other individual is not within agreement, but you shall find that for the most part, individuals shall be open and willing to allow you this mergence and understanding. Few individuals shall be blocking of this action. These individuals are holding themselves tightly within fear. This would be an element that would be blocking of your efforts. You also shall not accomplish the actualization of this mergence empathically within consciousness if your motivation is not pure. Therefore, if you hold expectation, you shall block yourself. There must be an allowance freely with no expectation, and an expression of essence. This, as we have stated, holds natural byproducts of tolerance and acceptance. If these aspects are present within your exercising of this inner sense, you shall find yourself accomplishing effortlessly and you shall merge and you shall gain much information from this inner sense.

VICKI: Would the experience be different if you were to attempt this with a physically focused individual who was a focus of your essence?

ELIAS: The experience, no, would not be different, for each focus holds their own individuality. The actualization may be slightly easier or accomplished more quickly if you are attempting to be merging with a focus of your essence. There are less obstacles. Also, you shall not block from you, whereas another individual may choose to be blocking.

DREW: Along the same line, I’ve had some experiences recently that may be explained by what you’ve just said, but I have a sense of a different explanation and I’d like your input and that is, having met and interacted with a couple of people lately with whom there just didn’t seem to be a connection, it seemed almost as if ... My perception and explanation to myself for it has been that their tone or frequency is almost so different from mine that I couldn’t connect on that level. There was just some sense of lack of connection, and that was kind of my sense of it. So I guess my question is, is that possible that individual’s frequencies or tone is different enough that on an objective level it’s very difficult to connect, or would the explanation be closer to what you’ve explained tonight, and that it is a blocking or unwillingness to connect?

ELIAS: I shall offer you two explanations of this action. In most situations, this is not a case of this blocking. This is infrequent, but you may hold quite a difference within tone and therefore you may not feel a draw to another individual. You may not objectively feel connected to another individual for your intents and your families may be quite different. Therefore, your tones also shall be quite removed. You may also encounter other individuals that you do not feel drawn to, that you do not feel objectively connected to, and you may even move beyond this into rejecting, as you hold counterpart action with them.

DREW: So the rejection may be an agreement.

ELIAS: Absolutely. It is a natural response objectively to a recognition of a counterpart action, just as if you hold together two magnets and they shall push away. They are composed of the same elements, but they push away. Some counterpart action within physical focus is experienced in this manner, for another individual incorporates the same intent as do you but has manifest within creating different experiences in connection with the intent. These manifestations may be experiences and events and thought processes and feelings that are repelling to you, that you choose not to be experiencing within this individual focus. Therefore, a counterpart experiences this action and aspect of reality for you, in connection with you, as you do the same in reverse.

DREW: Does any communication between two individuals automatically involve some level of mergence between the two?

ELIAS: In one manner of speaking, all interaction is a mergence. In one direction, all manifestations, focuses, essences, consciousness, merge and intermingle. In another respect, to your way of thinking within physical focus, not all interaction is a mergence. Are you understanding of this?

DREW: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NORM: One more question. Because of the universality of agreement with essences in regard to the shift, does that mean that there will not be a probable world that will not go along with the shift?

ELIAS: No. I may say to you that this may have been a possibility, but as this has already objectively been created within thought with many individuals, it has already been actualized.

NORM: So all probable worlds are undergoing the shift.


NORM: I mean, all probable worlds of this reality.

ELIAS: No, for you create already presently probable worlds which will not encounter this shift, for the energy has already been projected within thought to actualize this probability.

GAIL: I have a question about an experience I had at the movies the other night. Did I create that as sort of a mirror image interaction in the movie to re-experience the experience that I interacted with, to kind of let go of the anger that I connected with that experience?

ELIAS: This is a partial release expression. I shall express also to you William, to be advised within future questioning to be expressive of your questioning, that it may not appear secretive to other individuals.

GAIL: Okay, I will. It’s just hard for me to put words together to describe something that intense.

ELIAS: I am understanding of this situation, but I express to you that information is valuable and important to be shared among individuals, and they may not benefit from the experiences and the information if you are not expressing yourself to their understanding.

GAIL: Do you want me to describe it now?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary. I only direct for future reference. (It’s valuable and important, but unnecessary???)

GAIL: Okay. (Gail would like to note that her question referred to the violent kitchen scene in a movie entitled “Devil’s Own”)

ELIAS: I shall be concluding this evening. We shall be continuing with your inner senses and a discovery of this subject matter as we continue, and I shall be expressing a very fond au revoir to you all.

Elias departs at 11:06 PM.


(1) Recently, Drew made a dream connection with a session from last year. (2/18/96) This new dream imagery can be connected to a session one week later. (2/25/96) Following is an excerpt from that session :

“Some of your dream elements also are news broadcasts. You do not incorporate this quite as often now within this century of yours as you have within your past history, for it is not quite as necessary now, for you incorporate a mirror image of your dreams within your communication systems; your satellites, your news programs; but within your dream state, within consciousness, you continue, to an extent, to allow yourself news flashes that would not be incorporated within your broadcasts physically. Updates on consciousness! Flash! Shift approaching! Film at one AM! Connecting with other developmental focuses! More on this at three AM! Connection with other individual on opposite side of planet! News flash at two-thirty AM! Gang violence erupting! More on this later! You are continually updating yourself and connecting within consciousness, not only with yourself and those around you but with your entire species within this focus.” Interesting, eh?

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