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Wednesday, February 24, 1999

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“A List of Belief Systems”

“You Create What You Expect/Concentrate Upon”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and James (Chui).

Elias arrives at 12:15 PM. (Arrival time was 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Bon jour, Chui! (Smiling)

JAMES: Hello, Elias!

ELIAS: We meet again!

JAMES: Yes. I have some questions for you.

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

JAMES: Thank you. What’s really prompted this phone call is, we’re getting a little bit concerned about money, and we’ve come up with a question, as follows: We have difficulty trusting that we don’t have to do or produce something to get money. We have difficulty imagining where the money will come from if we’re simply doing what we enjoy, like reading or watching movies. So is it as simple as accepting beliefs that prevent the money from flowing towards us?

ELIAS: In actuality, as I have offered previously within this forum, as to this particular subject matter of producing monetary gain in the area your currency, there are several factors which are involved in this situation. One factor, yes, is addressing to your own belief systems and fears in this area. Another factor would be examining your own trust and acceptance of self in this area. But there is another factor within your physical focus and the designs of your physical society and the mass reality that you have created.

In this, as with all your creations within your reality, there is an element of action that must be implemented to be accomplishing your wants. What I am expressing to you, as I have expressed previously, is, individuals may hold wants in many areas, but to be actualizing these wants, they also must be implementing action in certain manners to be accomplishing the materialization of these wants.

Now; the action is not quite as difficult as individuals perceive it to be, for in your own acceptance and trusting of self, you shall move in directions that shall provide you the action of your desire within your creation – those elements of your reality that you view to be fun and enjoyable – and this also may be providing of your want in areas of monetary gain.

In this, as you allow yourself to trust yourself and be accepting of yourself and not holding to your own energy and fear in this area, you shall also open to yourself many more of your own choices in how you may be creating of this type of a reality.

Many times, as individuals block their own energy and narrow their field of vision, so to speak, with their expression of fear, they do not allow themselves – as you are not allowing yourself – to view all of the choices that are available to you to be accomplishing your want. Therefore, as you are beginning to trust yourself, you also shall hold an awareness that it matters not that you are moving in what you term to be conventional manners, for you hold the ability to be accomplishing in this area regardless of whether you are moving in conjunction to the mass belief systems or not.

The only area that is affecting in conjunction with the mass reality is that you have set a type of reality into motion that requires action to be accomplishing in the areas of your want, but in this, action and accomplishing are also synonymous, for you may not be accomplishing if you are not engaging some type of action. This is not necessarily a physical action that may be required, although many times, this may be involved also.

The bottom line, so to speak, is your own trust, that you may be accomplishing in these areas in the manner that you choose. But as you are not trusting in this area, you shall be creating your underlying expectation, for you shall be creating your reality in accordance with your expectations, and underlyingly, you hold an expectation that you may not accomplish in this manner. Therefore, you shall be accomplishing that of your expectation. Also, I have stated previously that you create what you concentrate upon.

Now; you may think, within your objective thought process to yourself, that you are concentrating upon the creation of this monetary gain in the manner that you desire, but I express to you that underlyingly, you also concentrate upon thwarting your own efforts in this manner, in that you do not trust that you may be accomplishing of this action.

Therefore, in this subject, the suggestion that I offer to you is to look first to your own issues in trust, and once you are allowing yourself to be genuinely trusting of self, you shall find that you shall be accomplishing effortlessly in this area.

JAMES: Okay, thanks. I have a supplemental question to that. Within the present circumstances, are we going to be constructing gaining abundance through what we would see as conventional means? We follow what we enjoy doing – we follow our joyfulness and our playfulness – and somebody will pay us for doing that?

ELIAS: Correct, although as I have stated, the prerequisite, in a manner of speaking, is that you are focusing upon self and your own trust and acceptance of self, and subsequently, your wants shall follow in accomplishment. This is the area that creates confusion for yourself and many other individuals, for your thought process leads you in a direction of viewing outside first, and identifying the action that you need be accomplishing as physical action.

I express to you that you may move quite freely and be drawing to yourself the very elements of your wants quite effortlessly if you are trusting yourself and knowing that you may be accomplishing in these areas.

JAMES: I see. Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JAMES: I’d like to move on to teeth. Dale and I have both been having teeth problems recently, and I was wondering if you could give us some insight on the beliefs that we’re bringing to our attention in this imagery.

ELIAS: You are creating an expression jointly in this area.

Now; let me express to you that this also is your own imagery to yourselves in the area of trust.

In this, this particular aspect of your physical body holds great importance. Your physical teeth facilitate your consumption of physical matter to be sustaining your physical body, and in this, the importance of this particular aspect of your physical body is believed to be so great that if there is an affectingness of this particular aspect of your body, your teeth, it shall be affecting of all other elements and functions of your physical form.

This is one area, your teeth, that you quite efficiently allow to affect in all other functions of your physical form. You allow this particular element of your body to be affecting of your nervous system, of your circulatory system, of all of your organs, and even of your thought processes. It is quite interesting how within mass, you have chosen one particular aspect of your physical form that you view to be so very conjunct to your very existence!

Now; in this, if you are not attentive to the care of these teeth, they may be very affecting of your reality. If you are not trusting that your body performs and functions in harmony as a whole and is not controlled by one element, you may find yourselves in the situation of being quite negatively affected, in your terms, for in actuality, it is merely a choice of experience.

You are choosing to jointly be creating this type of affectingness, that you may be noticing how you may center your attention into one area, and that this one area shall be all-consuming and affecting of all other areas. This is quite reflective and mirroring of your previous question.

You inquire in the area of your finances, which is affecting of very much of your reality and is quite encompassing in your reality, and you are focusing upon this one area of physical action with respect to finances. In like manner, you are mirroring with yourselves and your body consciousness by focusing your attention and your energy in one area of your physical forms that shall be affecting of all other functionings of your physical body form.

Are you understanding?

JAMES: I think so.

ELIAS: Therefore, this is a mirror action that you are creating to be drawing more attention to what you are creating in singularly holding your attention in one area, and how affecting this may be.

JAMES: Okay. I’ll need to think on that some, I think. Another question for you: Who wrote the Gospel of Matthew? Where and when? (12-second pause)

ELIAS: This is a work which in physical terms has been written by several physical individuals and has been produced en masse through collective ideas and concepts. The physical manifestation of this particular work originally has been produced in fragments within the time framework that you may identify as 4 A.D. to 30 A.D.

Now; be remembering that this is a fragmented work. It has been put together, so to speak, by many individuals, and has not been produced by one particular individual, although it has been associated with one individual, which is quite in alignment with the entire work of that written article which you term to be your Bible, and also with the entire movement and development of this particular religious belief system.

JAMES: Thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JAMES: Would you tell me, the final Greek version – as it appears in our Bible – when that was put in place?

ELIAS: This, I shall express to you, has been what you may term to be a work in process, and has been altered many times.

Therefore, you may look to this and express to yourselves that there is a final version, although I express to you that this is incorrect, for this is presently continuing to be altered, and as you continue within your physical focus, you create additions to this particular work as you create the situation of discovery of new elements, so to speak, that shall be incorporated into this work. Therefore, as to a date or time period of completion of this particular work, it is not completed. It continues to be in process.

JAMES: I see. Thank you. Could you tell me what the connection is between duplicity and separation?

ELIAS: Interesting question!

You have created a type of separation within this physical dimension between the focus and essence. You have created veils between these two aspects of essence. You have created veils between the different focuses of essence within physical dimensions. But as you have created this particular expression of separation, you have purposely created this action, that you may allow yourself the purity of experience within physical experiences in this dimension.

Now; the relation of duplicity in this area to separation is that as you have created this element of separation, you have also created a block in memory, or in other terms, you have forgotten many elements of essence. As you have forgotten elements of essence, you also have eliminated many of your own explanations to yourselves with respect to your reality within physical dimensions. As you offer yourselves explanations, you create belief systems. Within these belief systems and in conjunction with your separation, you have moved into identifications with yourselves that certain expressions of your reality are acceptable or good, and certain expressions are unacceptable or bad. Initially, this thought process has begun in creating a perception that certain actions or certain thoughts are more efficient within an individual’s reality than other thoughts and expressions.

Now; in one manner of speaking, there is an element that is correct in this area, but you have developed belief systems in this area, forgetting in your separation that your perception is highly individualized. Therefore, although your experiences within your focus shall be your creations of your reality and are formed through your perception, they are relative to you, and not necessarily relative to another individual entirely. There are certain areas that you collectively agree upon within your creations in this physical reality, although there are individuals that deviate within their perceptions even from your most basic qualities of your reality. Therefore, I express to you that your perceptions are highly individualized.

In this, as you have viewed certain experiences within one perception of one individual to be efficient or not efficient in your own creating of your reality, you also, within your separation and your forgetting of essence, have created the offering of these experiences to other individuals, and in that action have created judgments as to their execution of the same experiences ... or with respect to their denial in acceptance of your offering. Therefore, duplicity is quite conjunctive to your separation within physical focus.

JAMES: Hmm. In the coming shift, as I understand it, we’re going to be eliminating duplicity, and also, the separation is going to be lessened to some extent. But do those two things necessarily go hand-in-hand, or might we have devised a shift which does one of those two things without the other?

ELIAS: Let me clarify to you.

In actuality, this shift in consciousness shall be accomplishing less separation between focus and essence. Therefore, within the creation of physical reality, you shall hold a greater awareness of essence objectively, but you shall not be eliminating duplicity. This is a misunderstanding. You shall be accepting the belief system, but this is quite a different action from eliminating the belief system.

This physical reality which you have created within this dimension holds, as a basic element to its reality, belief systems. Therefore, if you are eliminating the belief systems, you also shall be discontinuing this particular physical reality, for you have created this reality in this manner for the purpose of this type of experience.

In this shift in consciousness, you are not eliminating belief systems, and this also is the expression with regard to the belief system of duplicity. You shall be neutralizing this belief system of duplicity by accepting the belief system, but you are not eliminating the belief system. It shall continue. It shall merely be the cage without the birds.

JAMES: My understanding of acceptance has essentially been removal of judgment from those belief systems.

ELIAS: This is correct. The removal of judgment within the belief systems IS the action of acceptance, but this is not the removal of the belief systems. It is the removal of the judgment within the belief systems.

JAMES: Right. I was equating the removal of judgment with the disappearance of duplicity.

ELIAS: Incorrect. The belief system of duplicity shall remain, and you may continue to hold an opinion or a preference in certain areas concerning this belief system of duplicity. But the aspects of the belief system which are contained within the belief system shall be neutralized, and therefore shall not be influencing or affecting any longer.

This be the reason that I have offered the analogy of the bird cage, that you may view that the actual belief system shall continue within existence, for it is a basic element to this particular physical dimension, but the influencing aspects of that bird case, which are all of the myriad of birds contained within it, shall not be affecting any longer.

In this, you shall continue the knowledge of the existence of all of these belief systems, which also are influencing in your creation of your reality.

Let me also offer you a type of example. A belief system within your physical reality is that of relationships.

Now; this is an element of your reality. It is a designation of an action and interaction that you participate within and you create within your reality. The element of relationships shall continue. This shall be based upon the belief system.

Now; understand that the belief system itself holds no right or wrong or good or bad within it. It itself, without all of its aspects that it has acquired, is in actuality neutral. It is merely an action. It is merely a definition of an action that you create within your reality, such as relationship. This is an action that you engage and create within your physical reality. You also have acquired many attachments to this action that DO hold right, wrong, and good and bad. These are the aspects of the belief system that have been acquired throughout your ages, and this is what you are addressing to in accepting a belief system and therefore neutralizing it.

As I have expressed, what you are accomplishing in the action of this shift in consciousness is the completion of your circle. You are moving into position of the remembrance of “before the beginning” and the remembrance of essence, acknowledging the creation of your belief systems in this dimension as a foundational point of your reality, but not allowing the affectingness within the judgments that have been attached and acquired in conjunction with these belief systems.

Are you understanding?

JAMES: Yes, I think so. Thank you.

A couple of years ago, I had an experience while meditating. I was talking to somebody who introduced himself as Simon Peter, and then I had a bunch of experiences. I’ve got two questions on that. Who was it that I was talking to? Was it actually Simon Peter or some kind of entity, and how can I allow myself to experience more of that?

ELIAS: What you have allowed yourself in this experience is a temporary connection with the essence that has created the physical manifestation of what you identify as this individual. Within the familiar and what you have allowed yourself to connect to in comfortable manner, you have presented yourself with an identification of an individual. In actuality, what you have accomplished is a temporary allowance of interaction with this essence, and the objective awareness of the interaction.

Now; let me also express to you that within this experience, you have also colored elements of this experience with your objective perception and your belief systems, but you have in actuality allowed yourself the awareness objectively of interaction that you have created with this other essence.

As to your questioning of how you may be recreating or reconnecting with this action of interaction with another essence – this one in particular or any other essence – I express to you that this type of action is occurring continuously within consciousness. Your allowance of objective bleed-through and awareness of this action is merely the situation of creating a relaxation and trust, and this shall facilitate the bleed-through objectively.

Now; you yourself, in like manner to many other individuals, may view yourself to hold much more information within this present now than you may have held within that experience. Therefore, you also express to yourself a wondering in the area of why it shall now appear to you to be more difficult to be accessing this type of experience.

I express to you that many times, as you gain more information, you also hold to your energy more tightly, for in this, you exercise your belief in control, whereas as you do not hold quite the amount of objective information, you are not looking to be exercising your own objective control. You are allowing energy to flow freely. But as you gain more information, it is quite common that individuals translate this information into actions of control, and therefore block their own energy expression. Therefore, in this, I express to you that as you are allowing yourself to relax and to trust, you shall be accomplishing more efficiently and more effortlessly.

JAMES: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

JAMES: Would you tell me what the belief systems are? (12-second pause)

ELIAS: You are inquiring of the belief systems in conjunction with this blocking of action?

JAMES: No. I was inquiring in general; the belief systems in total that we hold; the bird cages.

ELIAS: Ah! You are inquiring of a listing of all of your belief systems! (Grinning)

JAMES: Yes, correct.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that you hold fewer belief systems than you think, although within these belief systems, you hold many more aspects than you think.

In this, (pause) you hold belief systems of relationship. You hold belief system of duplicity. You hold belief system of sexuality. You hold belief system of truth. You hold belief system.... (Here, at 1:08 PM, the phone starts ringing)

Vic’s note: This is what I observed on the videotape: Right after saying the words “in this,” Elias lifted his clasped hands and set them back down, apparently hitting the speaker phone in his lap. At this point, he paused, stared at the phone, and then continued.

When the phone rang, Elias just sat there for about five seconds, and then it was another twenty seconds before Mary “returned.” This was different from most “pop-outs,” as this usually only takes a second or two. Mary appeared confused, and then picked up the phone and said “Hello?” At this point, she realized the answering machine was in operation, as James was calling back. So, she pushed a button on the answering machine, had a short discussion with James, and then the session resumes at 1:10 PM. Elias arrives in five seconds.

ELIAS: Continuing, as you have disconnected your communication! (Chuckling)

JAMES: Can you tell us what happened there?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This has been an interruption within your communication, but we shall continue briefly, if you are so choosing.

JAMES: Yes, please.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall continue with the identification of your belief systems.

This being also those in conjunction with emotion, and perception. You also hold the belief system of certain senses. You hold religious belief system, which we shall identify as spirituality, and you hold scientific belief system, which shall be the designation of physical reality and the elements of it.

These are the basic belief systems that you hold within this particular reality.

You hold one other belief system also, which may be viewed to be more encompassing, and this would be the belief system of your physical creation of your universe, which is slightly different from your scientific belief system or your religious belief system. In this, that particular belief system involves the aspects of coincidences and accidents.

As I have stated, these are the basic creations of your belief systems within this dimension, but each of these expressed holds a tremendous amount of aspects within them. Therefore, although the designation of the belief systems – the cages themselves – may be few, the aspects or the birds within them are very many, and many of these birds may appear in manners that you do not even associate with these particular belief systems.

I shall allow your offering of one more questioning this day, and I shall be discontinuing, as to not be taxing upon Michael.

JAMES: Thank you. Okay then, I would like to ask you about the color indigo, which is the “Tumoldy” color. That color sort of interests me, because it seems to me that the game that you used to play with the group, where you associated everything into the nine groups, is kind of similar to what they used to ... the association being into the seven groups, the seven planetary groups. It’s interesting to me how we used to believe that there were seven planets and now we believe there are nine, and now the game is played in nines. But in particular, the color indigo, it seems to me that the color indigo is just kind of a made-up color, to make the rainbow into seven colors. But with associating indigo with Tumold, you seem to be implying that the division of the rainbow into the seven colors was some kind of truth.

ELIAS: Quite. Each color holds its own vibrational quality which is unique to it, and as I have expressed previously, color is a truth.

In this, you have created your own interpretations and associations and beliefs with regard to color as it is translated into your physical dimension, but in actuality, all of the different aspects of color hold their own individual vibrational quality within consciousness, and are in actuality truth.

A truth is that which is common to all areas of consciousness, and may be translated into any particular area of consciousness. Be it physical or non-physical, it shall be an element within all areas of consciousness. Regardless of how it may be translated or interpreted, it IS in itself, and therefore is also a truth. It is a basic element of consciousness.

JAMES: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

Therefore, do not be discounting of any particular color. Although you translate this color of indigo to be a shade and not an independent color of its own, so to speak, I express to you that each different quality of any particular color is its own vibrational quality and holds its own element of uniqueness, and therefore also holds its own particular qualities of affectingness and motion within consciousness.

JAMES: Thanks.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I express to you this day great affection, and I anticipate our next meeting and our discussion of these type[s] of elements with respect to your reality. It is beneficial to yourselves and to many other individuals to be identifying these elements of belief systems within your reality, and within this time framework, as you close, in a manner of speaking, this century and this millennium, you are moving much more rapidly into the action and accomplishment of this shift in consciousness, and this be what it addresses to.

I express great lovingness to you, and I offer you this day a very fond au revoir.

JAMES: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:20 PM.

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