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Monday, April 28, 1997

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“Belief Systems/Impulses”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Drew (Matthew).

Vic’s note: Elias’ delivery was quite rapid and intense during this session, in like manner to Tom’s recent private session.

Elias arrives at 5:19 PM. (Time was twenty-five seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! You are wishing audience this day?

DREW: Yes, thank you. I think you may already have a sense of what it is that I want to talk about. We talked a little bit about some of these things last night in session. I hope you have somewhat of a sense, because I’m a little confused about what it is I want to talk about! When I had this private session scheduled a week ago, I thought it was one thing I wanted to talk about. Now, a week later, I’m thinking it’s different things, but I’m thinking it’s many things and they’re all tied together. And so I wanted to ask you about this general sense I have of stress, and a feeling of being depressed. It’s a feeling that I’ve had before, but not for a while, and I think it’s tied into a lot of different issues. So let me take a minute to just tell you what I think the different issues are and then get your impressions and feedback, some of which we’ve talked about before. One is my frustration with my objective manifestations and what I consider to be a lack, or a lack of abundance, or struggle. I think some of it may be tied in with some of the subjective action that I’m experiencing now. I think I may be experiencing some of what Lawrence and some of the other people have been feeling. You mentioned last night some issues I have with low self-value. You even referred to some dream imagery that I had asked you about that was reflective of a dissatisfaction with my objective reality. Underlying all of this and tied in with all of this is real strong sexual energy that I don’t really understand, and it’s really powerful and sometimes very distracting and sometimes counter-productive, I think. So all of this stuff is kind of going on with me, and lately even people have noticed that I’ve been kind of moody or quiet, or as Gail referred to it today, “in that place,” and I’m wondering if you can be helpful.

ELIAS: There are, as you are aware, many issues presently involved. These are all complicated, as they are difficult for you to be viewing and accepting. They are all related, and filtered through belief systems. I referred to experiences yester eve within projection state as a prelude for you to be thinking of. This day, we shall explore these avenues and I shall offer you more information.

I have expressed that one of the strongest issues and belief systems that is being brought surfacely objectively, although not completely objectively as of this moment yet, is that of duplicity. This in many individuals is a very difficult idea to be wrestling with, for you do not view yourself as holding this duplicity; although it is a very strong element. Many individuals similar to yourself view themselves to be strong and trusting within self, and they hold a certain self-image which the idea of duplicity does not fit into.

Now; I express to you that your projections do not indicate encounters with another individual. They are with self; just as you also offer yourself this same information with fearful projections, as we have discussed.

Underlying the thought processes which you recognize objectively lie belief systems that are greatly affecting. There are belief systems that conflict with your direction. I have offered you that you are following within alignment of your intent, but you experience conflict for you hold belief systems that are conflicting with your direction. In this, you may view these to be subconscious. I suggest to you that these are held within subjective areas of consciousness, for you do not allow yourself to view these objectively; one being that creativity does not work hand in hand with affluence. This is a belief system. It is not a truth. You may be manifesting very creatively, and you may also be reaping monetary benefits from this creativity. Along with this same belief system is the belief system that you must be denying of self.

There are in actuality many belief systems which are influencing of your reality presently; one being that struggling creates worth within your endeavor. Be remembering, these are all belief systems: “True creativity should be expressed within the purity of its form without expectation of gain.” “You should be singularly focused and not distracted within your attainment of your goals.” “Spirituality and physical acknowledgment are opposite.” “Pursuit of higher self and earthly pleasures are not in concert.” You begin to see that there are many issues at work simultaneously.

You are correct that you are experiencing the same type of movement as Lawrence and Michael and many others presently, subjectively. You are allowing more subjective bleed-through, and you are allowing yourself objectively to be addressing to belief systems. You may not address belief systems if you are unaware of these belief systems. Therefore, within your intent and your desire you create situations, occurrences, events, feelings, to illustrate the existing belief systems to yourself. Therefore, you may address these belief systems, for you may identify them.

I have expressed many times within our sessions that you are your highest expression within the present now, within the manifestation that you recognize. Therefore, there is no restriction.


Belief systems dictate to you that you must be sacrificing of some elements to be accomplishing of other elements. You must be concentrated and serious. I express to you, you have created this manifestation. You have created this reality within this dimension for this experience physically, mentally, emotionally. There is no thing which is wrong, within the experience of it all.

Many religions, and also more forcefully Eastern religions, are quite denying of the flesh. This is ludicrous within your creation! You have created this reality for the experiences that you may attain within all of this physical manifestation. Those ideas which are contrary to this are belief systems and distortions. I am understanding that you, as many other individuals, may view yourselves to have no affiliation to religious belief systems, but this is an underlying set of belief systems which is reinforced through mass consciousness.

Remember also, you are not singularly you. All of your focuses are simultaneous to you. Therefore, within many other focuses, you do align and affiliate yourself to religious belief systems which are established; which are affecting underneath, within belief systems, within this focus. Individuals may not hold upbringing, so to speak, within strict religious guidelines. Your society dictates these to you regardless.

DREW: Well, let me ask you about the case of a friend of mine who was recently arrested for sexual behavior that society deems inappropriate. He was actually exposing himself, and got arrested for it. Now, there are those who would say that this was not an act of sexual expression, but a symptom of other things that were going on with him. It is possible to find yourself, as he did, in serious trouble, what we would consider serious trouble objectively.

So at what point do you decide that your impulses are inappropriate or counter-productive? If you find yourself engaging in activity that can lead to what we would consider trouble, do you address it and try to stop it? Or do you just say, “Well, it’s just experience and everything is okay, and if it leads to arrest and prison or whatever may come of it that’s okay, because it’s just experience.” It seems to me that there is some practical side of this that has to be considered when you take into account the difference between what I call theory and practice. The theory is, “Yes, everything is okay. There is no good and bad.” But in objective reality, in practice, there are, it seems to me, certain behaviors that could be counter-productive, or not the best behaviors to engage in because of mass belief systems.

ELIAS: This may move in many directions. Initially of course, I may express to you that you may choose as an individual to engage these probabilities for the experience, but I am well aware of your direction in thought. I have expressed to this type of issue previously with other individuals also.

You have objectively created collectively a reality which you deem to be official and acceptable. Therefore, if you are choosing to be within alignment of this reality that you all collectively have created, you have established objective boundaries and guidelines within which you are expected, and you hold expectations of self, to be functioning within. This also is a choice. Now; if you are choosing to be functioning within the officially accepted guidelines of the reality that the collective has established, this is quite acceptable. You have created your reality in this way. In this, to more efficiently be functioning within this reality and also be acknowledging of self, you must look to alternatives. Think to your choices; this being why it is necessary to be addressing to belief systems, and identifying those belief systems which do not serve you; for within the continued practice or allowance of influence of these belief systems which hold strongly which do not serve you, they impede your movement and create conflict.

Let us view the scenario of your friend. This individual may choose the action which has been implemented, and these probabilities which are then implemented may be and are this individual’s choice. Let us view hypothetically that this individual chooses a different course within probabilities to be actualizing within this reality; for this individual actualizes different probabilities within another reality, but the reality that concerns you is the one that your attention is focused within, which is this one. Therefore, this individual may have looked to the unacknowledged impulses which were objectively becoming noticed, and may have chosen to be attending to the belief systems attached to these.

You all are taught to be denying impulses. This creates conflict in many areas. Within some individuals, the conflict becomes more extreme, depending upon the blocking of impulses. You are taught not only within your religious belief systems that impulses are bad, but also scientifically. They are animal instincts. They are base and they are unacceptable. Therefore, you automatically deny your natural impulses. As you continue to allow these belief systems to be influencing and you continue to be denying of self and self-expression, energy will be expressed. It will choose a way to express itself. Therefore, it shall find an outlet. Be that acceptable or not, and dependent upon the intensity of the blocking of these impulses, some individuals may create unacceptable behavior; as I have expressed to James, who manifests geysers within the blocking of impulses.

The individual may have chosen to be addressing the belief system of duplicity and identifying that natural functions of their physical form are acceptable, and in this may have allowed themselves the opportunity to release stored tension and manifest different circumstances; but as the individual does not address to the belief systems and does not acknowledge the oneness of self and also that there is no wrong within self, activity occurs which is unacceptable. Unacceptable expressions are expressed; not for the reason that the individual views that there is no wrong, but for the reason that the individual views very wrong, but cannot deny the energy which is natural to self. Therefore, actions and events sometimes occur within these individuals.

Be remembering also that these are choices. Individuals that create this type of action choose to be creating this type of action. There are many reasons why individuals choose unacceptable behavior within your established, official reality. Some choose to be manifesting extreme situations for their attention; for they shall not address to their belief systems until they have manifest extremely, for the belief systems are extreme. Therefore, they feel they must match the belief system within intensity within extreme events, and this shall attain their attention. This is not always the situation, for there are many reasons why individuals choose behavior that you deem unacceptable.

As to yourself, you present yourself here. Therefore, you offer yourself the opportunity to be viewing these belief systems, to be acknowledging of these belief systems, and to be learning of self and the acceptability of self. Regardless, as I have stated, of established, viewed religious belief systems, there is an underlying subculture within all cultures of religious belief systems, and your scientific belief systems are also reinforcing of many of these; all of which point the individual in the direction of viewing self as untrustworthy and flawed. You are not flawed! All that you manifest within yourself is exquisite creativity and quite aesthetic expression. You only believe that elements of your expression are unacceptable, for many reasons. They are distracting. They are diverting. They are time-consuming. They are “in the way.” And have I not expressed to you all, fun is ultimately important? If it is not fun, disengage! For it is unnecessary for you to be driving within self, and not appreciating of self and enjoying self within your existence.

Many individuals within your metaphysical belief systems express that this manifestation upon this planet, which they term your earth plane, is a learning experience; a practice. You are enrolled in your “earth plane school.” I have expressed already to you that this is incorrect; although do not look to redemption within other areas of consciousness, for they are the same ... although they are different. They are different countries, but you remain you.

You may choose to locate yourself within this area presently, and you may futurely choose to move your location of existence upon your planet to another country; to which you shall adjust and learn a new language and adapt to a new culture and a new lifestyle, but you shall continue to be you. In this same manner, as you move into other areas of consciousness, you move to another country within consciousness. You may learn new ways of existence and new language, but you continue to be you. Therefore, this existence is equal in importance. It is no less. It is no lower.

It is important that you identify those elements which create conflict, which are belief systems, and address to these; for they shall not retreat, for you have chosen to be addressing to these. If you had not chosen, you would not be here and I would not be speaking with you. Therefore, your choice continues; and in this you continue to objectively provide yourself with events and feelings and circumstances that draw your attention to address these belief systems and be eliminating of your conflict. There is no element of your physical human form and function that is unacceptable. It is a wondrous creation! There is no reason for lack of indulgence of self.

DREW: Except where it may cause conflict with mass belief systems and lead us into trouble. Are there any other belief systems I hold along these lines that you can make me aware of? That would be helpful.

ELIAS: Presently, these of which I have expressed, which are many, are the most pressing.

DREW: Some, if not all, go back quite a ways in my life.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

DREW: Where do these come from?

ELIAS: As I have expressed, you hold, as all individuals hold, carry-over, so to speak, belief systems of other focuses which are reinforcing; but within each focus, you also acquire belief systems from birth. You are taught continuously of all of these belief systems. It is not limited to your family and your parents. All around you is reinforcing of all of these belief systems. You are not even aware that you are being taught these belief systems as it is occurring. Within this present now, individuals are taught belief systems regardless of their family structure, for you engage mass communication within this now. You do not realize that as children, your mass communication of televisions and computers and radio are a constant influence. You may not even hold an awareness of listening! But you absorb, regardless.

You have created magnificent manifestations within this dimension. They are capable of much more than you acknowledge to yourselves. Even within the extremes of your sciences, they do not understand the infinite possibilities that you possess within a single manifestation upon this planet.

Therefore, you have acquired belief systems within many areas. This begins, as I have stated, at very small ages, and continues to be reinforced over and over again. At midpoint, to your way of thinking, within your focus, you choose to stop; but you not only hold many of your objective years within time period of reinforced belief systems, but you also hold other focuses simultaneous which reinforce these very same belief systems; this being the reason why I emphasize so very strongly how difficult it is to be accepting of belief systems; this being why individuals shall experience trauma within your shift; this being why I express the importance of you and these other individuals within our forum to be addressing to belief systems and widening your awareness to be helpful within this action; for you yourself shall become aware of the difficulty in addressing and accepting belief systems as you begin to accomplish this, and in this you shall know of which I speak, with regard to trauma within other individuals.

I am quite understanding that within this present now to this point, you must necessarily be focusing upon self first. Your movement is occurring much more swiftly and therefore appears to be more intense, and at times may be very confusing; as in comparison to other individuals within this forum who have held the benefit of moving more slowly with this essence, concentrating upon self and learning to be recognizing and acknowledging of self before moving into expansion and addressing concentration of the shift.

These individuals have had the benefit of being nursed along. It is a process. You have chosen though, within yourself, to be moving swiftly, and have been accomplishing quite well. I am understanding that this is not much consolation, although you would not be experiencing this conflict and this weariness had you not chosen to be moving so swiftly. You have overwhelmed yourself within subjective activity. Therefore, within confusion, you feel weary. This, within your terms, may be deemed quite normal. These belief systems of which I have outlined to you are difficult belief systems to be addressing. Several individuals within our forum address to similar belief systems, and you may find within exchange that they are quite understanding of the difficulty in accepting of these belief systems.

Duplicity of self is monumental, for it is reinforced all about you in every area. Even your psychology within your modern days, which acknowledges the worth of self, so to speak, also acknowledges that impulses are unacceptable.

Impulses are your language to you. They are intimately a function of self. They are also regarded as suspect. Therefore, they are very often denied. Much less conflict would be experienced if individuals may learn simply to be acknowledging of impulses and to be following of these naturally without allowing a build-up within energy, which creates a distorted effect upon projection eventually.

DREW: Is it possible that any of these natural impulses would carry you into what would be considered unacceptable behavior?

ELIAS: Not if they are not denied continuously.

DREW: So unacceptable behavior is a distortion of natural impulses?

ELIAS: Within many cases.

DREW: So it’s not probable that what we would call an unacceptable impulse would be the result of a natural impulse? Because if that were the case, then how would we deny that?

ELIAS: You have moved to the situation presently where impulses have already been denied and blocked. Therefore, the expression presently is distorted from the original; this being the reason that you must be addressing to belief systems, and allowing yourself acceptable outlets for energy expression while addressing to these belief systems, and also learning to be acknowledging of present impulses; that you may not be continuing this pattern of blocking and therefore having to divert energy into other areas creatively to be releasing of this energy within acceptable guidelines, to your way of thinking.

DREW: Now that you’ve addressed some of those belief systems, it’s my job to try to recognize them within myself. Is that then enough, or do I then attempt to replace them, or what?

ELIAS: You do not replace them. Initially, you recognize. Initially, you identify and you recognize; and each time that you experience, you recognize the belief system which is influencing of the experience. These may be small or large within your definition, but you must be initially watchful to be identifying of each moment that you allow yourself to be engaging and reinforcing these belief systems. Subsequently, as you have sufficiently identified to yourself and recognize the effect of these belief systems, you do not replace them. You acknowledge and accept that this is a belief system; it is not a truth; it does not hold ultimate power of you; that within different perception, this belief system is invalid. Therefore, it is merely a belief system. It does not dictate to you. You hold the power within you to direct your energy within free will, not subject to the belief system. You may continue to hold a belief system. Within acceptance of the belief system, it holds no more power. You are not its victim.

DREW: And then my direction of energy would not be in alignment with some other belief system, but would just be open to whatever probability I choose?

ELIAS: You may be inserting other belief systems. This is possible; but as I have stated, all of your actions within physical focus are filtered through belief systems. Some belief systems adequately serve you. Some do not. Some belief systems create conflict. In this, these belief systems must be addressed, acknowledged, and accepted; therefore diffusing their power and influence upon you. You may not replace, in your terms, a belief system which does not serve you with another belief system. You may continue to hold the present belief system, but within acceptance. Therefore, it is rendered ineffective, and allows you the freedom to move outside of this within action.

DREW: Okay. Let’s move sideways for a moment to another issue that deals with belief systems, and which is affecting of the impulses we were just talking about. It seems that when my objective reality does not reflect the abundance, or more often, when I feel like it reflects lack and when I’m under the greatest stress and when I tend to feel the most depressed, these other belief systems and impulses seem to be their strongest. And at those times when I feel like I’m achieving my goals and am feeling abundant and prosperous in other areas of my life, these impulses and belief systems seem to hold little power. So all is affecting of all.

ELIAS: For one moment, look to this situation. Can you not view the correlation of this? Think of this within energy.

DREW: If it’s not in one area, it goes to another?

ELIAS: If you are satisfied with your output of energy, you are satisfied within the entirety of self. If you are satisfied with your creativity and the expulsion of energy within any direction, it is a release of creative energy. If you are not feeling this release of energy, you lean to an area in which you may easily express energy and obtain a release.

Now; let us view. This is not wrong. You view this to be wrong. Therefore, you do not hold satisfaction within the release. Therefore, to your way of thinking, the pent-up build-up of energy accomplishes no satisfaction in its release and expression; for it matters not how you may physically express outwardly. It is insufficient, for you are not accepting that this is also a release of energy.

View temporarily with me ... be indulgent of this essence! (Smiling, and demonstrating the following example with hand gestures)

You set out upon a creative endeavor within the guidelines of your goal. Temporarily, it is not accomplishing the movement that you hold an expectation for. Therefore, you experience frustration. You continue within your endeavor, creating more frustration. In this, your frustration within energy translates itself. It transfers into another area within self that may be expressed, but this is insufficient. This causes irritation also, for there is no satisfaction. You follow these impulses, to your way of thinking, although these are not impulses, and you engage within physical activity to be releasing of energy. This is unsatisfactory, and you return to middle and (Elias bangs on the floor three times).

Now; view momentarily. You move to the area of your creativity, and within the output of energy in this area, you are temporarily blocked or your movement is slowed. You accept this without frustration. You transfer energy into physical expression. You acknowledge physical expression and energy and enjoy the expressed energy, knowing that it is a release of energy which is also directly connected and involved with the creativity in this direction. In the allowance and acceptance of the expression of energy and the enjoyment of this, you allow yourself to move back to here, satisfied and now more equipped to continue within your creative process. Are you understanding?

DREW: Yes.

ELIAS: Very good. I shall request of you a break, and I shall continue with your questioning.

DREW: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

BREAK 6:34 PM.
RESUME 7:00 PM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Continue.

DREW: We were talking about the relationship between feelings of abundance or lack, and how that may affect feelings and release of energy in other areas.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: I would like to talk a little bit about, and I know we’ve discussed this a little bit already, but why I’m having such conflict and such difficulty achieving the kind of abundance and prosperity that I would like to have. You have addressed a couple of belief systems that are causing the conflict, which I’d like to ask you about. Also, I have a sense that it may just be a matter of patience. But then there are also some questions about whether I just should be changing my direction completely, or whether or not this is the level of abundance and prosperity I can ever expect to achieve. You had mentioned that one of my belief systems was that creativity cannot lead to abundance; that they don’t go hand in hand. And yet I have always thought of this business I’m creating as a creative expression, as part of the creative manifestation which I believe to be my intent. So if I have this belief that creative things can’t create abundance and yet I see this business as a creative thing, is it self-defeating? Is this business, as long as I hold that belief system, destined to fail, or not achieve the abundance I’m hoping it will?

ELIAS: This is why you are addressing to this belief system presently. You are not “destined to fail.” You have not plateaued within your successfulness, and may not move further or gain more. You restrict yourself in relation to the belief systems. Therefore, you allow yourself to direct your attention to these belief systems in your wishing to move beyond this and not hold blocking areas, that you may move forward, in your terms, within your goals. You shall achieve if you are addressing to these belief systems.

In following your intent, yes; you have created a direction to be utilizing creativity and manifesting this, but at a point within the creation, the belief system moves into position. You have allowed yourself a time period to be expressing within creativity and also providing yourself with moderate successfulness. This is acceptable within the guidelines of the belief system.

You then move to a choice point. If you are addressing to the belief system and you are accepting of the belief system, recognizing that it is a belief system and that it may not hold this power and that it may not necessarily dictate your movement to you, then you may leap your hurdle and continue within your successful creation. If you are not addressing to the belief system, you will continue to create conflict and struggle.

Within this, you create a different set of probabilities which may branch in several different directions. They are all probabilities. You may experience a degree of frustration and weariness in battling that you choose the probabilities to discontinue. You may choose another set of probabilities in which you may continue within your battling, and you may experience prolonged time periods of weariness and you may become embittered. You may choose to be addressing to the belief system and allowing yourself your own freedom and liberty, and in this you may freely create and manifest your wants.

DREW: Is this the most pressing of the belief systems along this line? You mentioned a few of them.

ELIAS: All of these belief systems are quite pressing upon you presently, for they are all intertwined.

DREW: You mentioned last night ... and this one rings for me in both of the areas that we’ve been talking about today, in terms of self-esteem and value. In fact, you said that the imagery that I had with the out-of-body experience was related specifically to that. I guess I have no question about that, other than a validation of ...

ELIAS: This relates to the duplicity of self ...

DREW: Duplicity meaning distrustfulness? Is that what you mean by duplicity?

ELIAS: Within the definition of this word, you hold two assessments of self simultaneously. Therefore, yes; you hold a distrust. Within one aspect, you view yourself positively, trustfully, and you think of yourself as a good and productive individual; intelligent and forthright. Within the other aspect, you are continually denying of self, for there is a belief that this element of self is destructive, base, untrustworthy, and shall be thwarting your efforts. This duplicity of thought of self is held in every area. Your psychology reinforces this element. Your religions reinforce this element. Your sciences reinforce this element. Your comedy, with your small angel upon one shoulder and your little devil upon another shoulder whispering in your ears opposite thoughts of actions, reinforces this.

This is an extremely deep-set mass belief system which you all hold. This belief system shall not be attacked, in your terms, and slain in one fell swoop as a devouring dragon. You may dress yourself within all of your armor, and you may not defeat this foe quite so easily! But you may address to lesser belief systems which are in alignment with this core belief system; therefore chipping away at its strength and allowing you to gain more trustfulness within self, therefore allowing you to move through this belief system. You must begin with addressing some of these belief systems which I have offered you this day. In this, you chip away at your duplicity also.

All of these issues overlap each other. They are not independent of each other. The issues that you hold, within what you view to be your private personal life, are also intimately connected and intertwined with your ambition.

DREW: Same belief systems? (Elias nods) You also suggested that I look to my motivation, when we talked before about abundance and goals. I’ve always thought that my motivation in terms of the business was to manifest this vision I have, and that a result of that would be the abundance. If that has been my motivation, is there something in that that is blocking?

ELIAS: As I express to you to examine your motivation, I am not suggesting that your motivation is incorrect. I suggest to you that in examining your motivation, you may also avail yourself of belief systems which are affecting; another of which is concerning your belief systems within business; this also being a mass belief system. In that, in achieving proportions of business successfulness in the direction of which you envision, you must be a very specific type of individual, and very driven. This individual you look to negatively. Individuals creating empires are ruthless within mass belief systems. Therefore, another conflict arises; for as idealistic as you or many other individuals may choose to perceive yourselves, you continue to align underneath with these mass belief systems. You do not view yourself as this type of individual, but this type of individual is that which is accomplishing the empire! Another duplicity; another element which may not reconcile to itself, therefore creating conflict.

DREW: Let me ask you about a couple of other things that may or may not be related. The imagery of the man that I had during this out-of-body experience reminded me of imagery I had when I was a child, of some unknown ... what I used to call “the shadowy man,” almost like kids sometimes have invisible friends. This was an awareness of something that I had imagery in my mind of as a shadowy man, and there was some fear and danger attached to him. I don’t think I ever saw him, but had a sense of this person, if you will. And then the imagery the other night during the projection of a man, not the shadowy man but still a man ... I’m wondering if those are related, and if not, if this shadowy man is still with me today?

ELIAS: This shadowy man is with you today, and they are the same. Your visualization of them is different for they are viewed from different standpoints, but they are projected from the same area. Now you move into the area of simultaneous time; for within the design of your manifestation ... “your” meaning not you singularly, but collectively within this dimension ... you create a sense of moment time succession. I shall not refer to this as an illusion, for it is reality within your dimension and perception; although it is a perception. Your future self is in communication with your past self. Now; as a child, this projection is of the future self speaking to the present self, communicating and making its presence known. That future self is now your present self, which within your projection you viewed as past; for you are presently now the future self. You projected into what you think of as your past self, as a child encountering this element/aspect of yourself as the shadowy man; which you interpret as a man presently within your projection into the past, for you are presently projecting your knowledge of this into your past; this being an aspect of self which holds these belief systems and fearfulness that you detach from temporarily and remove yourself from, therefore allowing yourself to not be addressing to them.

Individuals many, many times may project elements of self that they are not choosing to be addressing to, and you may create actual form in these projections. They may be temporary or they may be, in time frameworks, ongoing for longer periods of time.

You in a future self were attempting to be communicating with the present self of the child, with the shadowy man communicating future events and feelings. As a child, you interpret this as fearful and wariness, for you identify and recognize the suspect element of this projection; this preparing you for this present now point of recognition. Therefore, you offer yourself a projection within dream state; which you create an out-of-body experience to be projecting your present self which was your future self into your past self which was then your present self; but bringing, instead of the shadowy man, the present image of that self which holds those hindering belief systems, which you are addressing to presently.

DREW: So the shadowy man was me.


DREW: And I basically went back and filled in the details.


DREW: That’s fascinating. I’m wondering if I, in my projection ... As the child, how did I react? Was I aware of what was going on? Was I scared? What was going on?

ELIAS: Objectively, as a child, you do not formulate to yourself details of future occurrences. You do recognize the suspect aspect of this projection of which you view. You respond appropriately in dislike; a slight fearfulness. This is registered objectively within your consciousness as a directed message from future self. Objectively, you are not analyzing as a child this information, but it is affecting and stored. Therefore, as you grow to adulthood and approach this present now it is affecting, for the information becomes implemented. Therefore, you draw yourself to this information, you confront these belief systems, and you view the shadowy man as a figure with features. Had this past self of the child not recognized this shadowy man, not viewed, not responded, you would have chosen to not be listening to future self. Therefore, within probabilities, you would not be sitting with me presently.

DREW: Interesting. That house that I grew up in seemed to me to have lots of subjective, unofficial stuff happening in it. I don‘t know if you’re able to identify with that location, but I’ve always had questions about that. I always had feelings when I was growing up. Maybe they were just feelings of self and projections and future self kinds of things, like you were just talking about. But I’m wondering, if you are capable of identifying with the place, if you can tell me if there was anything out-of-the-ordinary in terms of the activities going on there subjectively, or why I may have had this sense of things while I was growing up there, and even now when I go back there.

ELIAS: Energy deposits are placed within living space objectively, within the areas that you occupy mostly. Within families, there are more energy deposits within your objective physical space arrangements. Dependent upon the individuals residing within the same space arrangements and their movement, they may place energy deposits which hold more intensity than others.

I shall express that what appeared to boys as ghostly occurrences, as you have a brother who is aware of occurrences also regardless of objective admittance, these are recognitions of energies and movements. They are not the haunting imaginations of small ones, although they make for very good ghost stories! (Grinning) In actuality, these energy deposits within that now are energy deposits of your mother; elements within this individual which were chosen not to be incorporated within the physical conscious expression.

As I have expressed, you may choose also to be projecting elements of self, and you may objectify these. You may even be creating of probable selves within another reality. Some individuals do not project to this intensity. Therefore, they hold the energy within their known reality, but they choose not to incorporate this within their own physical expression. They allow for a more intense energy deposit, which also within this intensity holds the ability of movement.

Within most energy deposits that all individuals naturally place within their living space, these are contained normally within certain areas; specific locations. You may avail yourself of these within your own living space. Normally, these energy deposits are placed within fond areas of your space arrangement. They are also not elements of self that you intentionally project outward. They are merely byproducts of your energy that you release automatically, and they collect within certain areas. Some individuals choose intentionally, subjectively, to be projecting energy which is undesired.

DREW: And that was the situation in this case?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Can you identify what aspect of energy that was?

VICKI: Can I change the tape? (Pause for tape change)

ELIAS: In like manner to yourself, which you choose to project undesirable aspects of your own energy outwardly, this individual accomplishes this same act. Within the belief systems and the construct of the family unit and the partnership which was chosen, certain elements of self were viewed to be distracting and undesirable. This is not to say that these elements were negative, but they were in conflict with the choices which were chosen within the confines of partnership and family. Therefore, certain desires in energy were projected outward, but were also held in fondness. Therefore, [they were] not released into a creation of probable self, [but] held within the known dimension and space arrangement, to be continuously held in familiarity.

DREW: Can you be specific about what those elements were?

ELIAS: These are aspects of creativity that are unmanifest.

DREW: Creativity that is unmanifest ... that could be anything!

ELIAS: Quite! Individual desires for self. I express to you in a side note that as yourself, this individual of your mother holds areas of self to be very private. Therefore, in not violating this, I shall reserve specifics.

DREW: I respect that.

ELIAS: This individual held desires of self which were not chosen within probabilities, but the fondness for this energy continued. Therefore, there was reluctance to be allowing this energy to move away into a probable existence. Therefore, this energy was held within your physical space arrangement. In this, as to the intensity of this energy, it, unlike the energy that you naturally deposit within your normal space arrangement, held mobility, for it was allowed the intensity of the desire. Therefore, it created movement for itself, which appears to small boys as ghostly occurrences.

DREW: Well, let me ask you this. As a sensitive young boy growing up in this house, aware of what I didn’t understand to be as energy at the time, was this influencing or affecting of some of the belief systems or things we’ve talked about today for me? If there was this energy which was considered by her to be undesirable in alignment with her choices and I was sensitive to this, and I was wondering earlier about where these early belief systems come from and conflict and that kind of thing, how influencing or affecting could this have been?

ELIAS: These are influencing, although the energy which was projected outward was not the influencing element. The energy retained within the probabilities chosen was affecting.

DREW: I’m not sure I understand that.

ELIAS: The energy retained within the probabilities chosen was heavily influenced by belief systems. This is projected and influencing. Within an alignment of yourself to this individual, you were accepting of these belief systems. I do not wish to be suggesting to you that your parents or your family are influencing of you without consent, for they are not. You always hold choice. There are many individuals within families that are not accepting of held belief systems and energy of the family or the parents; but within this particular manifestation, within the relationship chosen and the alignment with this individual, you have chosen to be accepting of these belief systems and allowing their influence, although also allowing yourself an escape window with your shadowy man.

DREW: That’s all interesting stuff, and it sounds like it all comes back to belief systems, particularly with the conflicts I’ve been having.

ELIAS: Allow yourself to appreciate self and its expressions. Allow yourself acceptance also; that as you may encounter sluggishness in one area of expression you may express within another area, and if you are accepting of that expression, you may find the release which shall also circularly be affecting of the other.

DREW: Okay. I have quite a homework assignment! But I think that answers a lot of the questions that I had.

ELIAS: All of your expressions are affecting of all other of your expressions. Bear this in mind. Therefore, if you are encountering thickness within the goals, you automatically manifest the feelings to be creating another avenue for expression; but as you are not accepting of that expression, you also are reinforcing the belief systems and not accepting of the initial expression. They are hand in hand. Think to yourself also, this shall be not quite such an unbearable task before you, to be allowing yourself release and also acceptance and pleasure. My, my, what a curse! (Chuckling) In this action, you free yourself also within your movement in other areas. Do not be so judgmental of self. Allow yourself your free expression.

DREW: I never realized that I was inhibiting it with these belief systems as strongly as you indicate, but an awareness of that is a helpful tool. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall disengage with you, and I shall express that I am at your service.

DREW: It’s appreciated. Thank you.

ELIAS: For this evening, au revoir!

Elias departs at 7:58 PM.

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