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Thursday, July 17, 1997

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ďKids Create Their Reality Too!Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Debi (Mikko), Cathy (Shynla), and David (Mylo).

Elias arrives at 11:49 AM. (Time was ten seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

DAVID: Good afternoon!

ELIAS: (To Debi) You are wishing audience this day?

DEBI: Yes.

ELIAS: Proceed.

DEBI: My first question is about my son and what stage heís going through, where I could understand it a little better. (Pause)

ELIAS: This individual has experienced many focuses within this dimension. Within this present now, there are elements underlying of recognition of some other focuses, which the action within those focuses was chosen to be restricting and restraining. Within this present now within this focus, the individual is responding to subjective activity bleeding through and choosing action in what you may term to be an opposite direction, now rebelling against the restraints which were chosen within a different focus. Therefore, you may be, as you know, experiencing difficulty in your terms in understanding and connecting with this individual, for within this present now, the individual is not wishing for connection with another individual as much as wishing for connection with itself.

DEBI: I see. Do you know his most recent past focus?

ELIAS: (Accessing) This would be merely in your terms, for all of your focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, they are not occurring within succession. You think of these focuses in linear terms, for this is how you create your reality in this dimension.

But as to your questioning: This individual, within the idea of the most recent past focus, was female and quite subservient to male family members, living within a European location in what you term to be two hundred and twenty-one years previous to this date. Within the culture, it was accepted to be dominating as the male members of the family units. For this reason, the individual experienced much restraint, which was causing of much conflict.

This is not to be expressing to you in your thinking that abusiveness or violence was occurring. This is not the case. It is merely a situation of restricted abilities and talents within the acceptance of the role of the female individual, recognizing that this within that society was the accepted reality. Therefore, much creativity was not allowed to flow. This particular focus is influencing of this present focus, in bleeding through and causing activity and responses within this individual to be more expressive.

DEBI: So would I be correct in assuming that he needs more freedom?

ELIAS: I wish not to be offering you absolutes that may be quite influencing of your choices. You and this individual are interacting within your own intents perfectly presently.

DEBI: Oh, okay. Thank you. Another question I had was about my health, specific in the areas of eyesight and vision, and if thatís based on a physical impairment or if thatís based on a spiritual idea of not seeing something or not wanting to see something.

ELIAS: Both.

DEBI: Both?

ELIAS: The physical manifestation is a mirror action and response within communication of your subjective activity. Your subjective consciousness communicates to your physical body consciousness, therefore instructing action to be taken for many different reasons. In this situation, you have instructed your physical vision to be malfunctioning, in not wishing to be seeing yet. This is an element of resistance to change in areas of your own belief systems. You may be choosing to be altering of this situation. You have physically affected this vision in creating a physical malady. It is not in your terms merely imaginary, or an element that holds no physical attachment. You have created a physical dysfunction.

This is not to say that you may not un-create this function. You may be choosing, as you are moving through belief systems, to be affecting of this situation in your terms positively. This also I shall express is within probabilities, for there are some belief systems that you hold very strongly although you are not quite aware of all of these belief systems, and as you continue to hold these you shall not un-create the physical disorders that you have already created, for you do not believe within your belief systems completely yet that you hold this ability. You believe that you may create a malady. You also believe that you are unsure of un-creating the malady, only within yourself.

DEBI: Makes sense. Do you know how the one you know as Mylo and I are connected, or have been connected?

ELIAS: (Accessing) These two essences hold connection within non-physical areas of consciousness in fragmentation; this essence Mikko, M-I-K-K-O, being fragmented of Mylo. Therefore, you hold very strong connections within consciousness; this also creating a situation of manifestations, within physical focuses, of many. You hold a similar tone within essence.

DEBI: Can I ask about a given project?

ELIAS: You may ask whatever you are choosing to be asking, and I may answer whatever I am choosing to be answering! (Grinning, and we all laugh)

DEBI: There is a project called Beverly that Mylo and I are working on.

ELIAS: And you are wishing information of its progress?

DEBI: Yes.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And I shall be answering, this is your choice!

DEBI: Okay. Iíve been experiencing a lot of frustration over things that are rather simple and small and tedious. It seems to be just a quick reaction, and Iím wondering why thatís in my environment.

ELIAS: Be noticing of your belief systems presently, for this is where you are focusing your attention subjectively which shall be bleeding through objectively, and your direction is to be recognizing and moving through issues which are involved with your own belief systems. You are allowing yourself to be moving these issues surfacely now. In this, you also hold resistance to this recognition. Therefore, you experience irritation and frustration quickly.

DEBI: Am I creating this?

ELIAS: Yes. You create your reality! Other individuals are not creating your reality. You may be responding to other individuals, but this is your choice. You are never without choices, although you may feel that you are without choices. There is no moment within your existence that does not hold myriads of choices. You only do not allow yourself to view all which is available to you.

Presently, within a great movement of consciousness within this shift, very many individuals are experiencing dealing with issues and belief systems. This shall be continuing for some time period. In this movement, as it is -- underline is Ė accelerating greatly, you begin to respond in different manners than you are accustomed to. Each individual shall be expressing within their own creations slightly differently, that seems to be unfamiliar to them.

If you are holding to belief systems and not wishing to be addressing to them, you shall be creating resistance which is creating conflict. You shall image this conflict to reinforce your resistance to addressing the belief systems. In this, you may image the conflict and believe that this is being projected to you by other individuals, and that you are merely responding. In actuality, you draw these experiences to yourself, and you are creating of your response, in quite like manner to Mylo, to divert your own attention! Therefore, you may offer yourselves objectively, quite efficiently, excuses to continue within your creation, and not be looking here (indicating right) in the direction that you have chosen within probabilities to this present now. You divert your attention here (indicating left). Therefore, you confuse yourself and you offer yourself conflict. This is your choice. You may continue within your conflict and confusion and frustration, or you may be choosing to ďalter your visionĒ and move into areas that may afford you the opportunity to be moving through issues which are creating of these situations. Be remembering, other individuals may be influencing, but you also draw all experiences to yourself. They are not thrust upon you.

DEBI: Did I choose to be this masochistic? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Absolutely! (We all crack up) And you may also choose to not be!

DEBI: So what would be the best method for ...

ELIAS: Methods! Once again, as your kindred spirit here, in wishing more methods! (Grinning, and more laughter)

DEBI: What would be the best method to find the other path, to find the less-masochistic path?

ELIAS: Ah, methods and paths! Once again, we are rolling! You are not on a path. Therefore, do not continue collecting your pebbles, for they serve no purpose. Methods, methods! (Grinning) Offer to yourself a trusting of self and an acceptance of self, and you shall need no method. Experiment with a new belief system, that you are the most magnificent creature and the most perfect being that has ever been created. Attempt! In actuality, this is truthful, but you do not believe this! Therefore, I express that you engage a new belief system and attempt to believe this, for there is no thing more magnificent than yourself, and you are perfect and perfectly accomplishing within every moment of your existence and your focus.

(Grinning at Cathy) And we very much believe this, Shynla, do we not?

CATHY: Oh, yes!

ELIAS: And you are meeting your extraterrestrials, Lawrence?

VICKI: Absolutely!

ELIAS: And Mylo is perfectly believing and trusting and accepting of all of his creativity?

DAVID: Iím actually working on it!

ELIAS: Quite! (To Debi) Therefore, you may find yourself within good company! (Grinning, and we all crack up)

DEBI: As a Leo, it should be easy to think of myself as magnificent and perfect! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite!

DEBI: I will try!

ELIAS: Be remembering of this also, that you have chosen to be manifest within alignment of this astrological sign.

DEBI: I didnít know that! (Pause) I feel spirits around me, family spirits. Is that my imagination or ...

ELIAS: Imagination is reality. There is no imagination within the terms that you think of as being unreal. There is no ďunreal.Ē

DEBI: So I can believe theyíre really in the environment?

ELIAS: Quite. You are all surrounded by essences continuously. You merely do not recognize the presence.

DEBI: How can we recognize the presence? Is there a way of turning off the thought processes? Is there a way of opening up that communication?

ELIAS: Accepting self.

DEBI: Accepting self.

ELIAS: As you are accepting of self and trusting of self, you shall automatically be allowing that opening, for the only reason that you do not experience more of these events and actions and intersections is that you do not accept, for you hold belief systems which block your acceptance of self. Therefore, as you choose to allow temporarily an intersection or interaction with energy or essences, you also discount this interaction by expressing that you are experiencing lunacy! Therefore, you are not accepting of your own interaction and your abilities to be interacting with essences.

DEBI: So Iím correct that they are trying to communicate with me?

ELIAS: You are allowing yourself to be in communication. (Humorously) There are no essences within the vast cosmos which are on a mission to be contacting the small little earthlings! (Much laughter) There are small little earthlings which are wishing to widen their awareness within the action of this shift and allowing themselves to be in communication with essences, in recognition that you are the same. There is no difference. I have expressed to these individuals previously that the only difference that exists in you and this essence is that you do not remember who you are, and I do.

DEBI: Is there a way I can open that memory?

ELIAS: There are many avenues in the direction of your ďmethods!Ē There are many activities that you may choose from to be allowing you initial validation of self, which shall be helpful if you are so choosing to avail yourself. You may experiment within your meditations. You may experiment within your dream state. You may experiment also within our new game, which many times with many individuals has shown to be quite useful and helpful ... at times (grinning at Cathy) ... in their allowance of acceptance of self and information which they offer to themselves. This may be an area for exploration, if you are so choosing. (1)

DEBI: There are many different forms of meditation.

ELIAS: Quite. Any form of meditation which you allow yourself to be in harmony with yourself and listening to yourself ... another key word! ... any form shall be effective. (Pause)

DEBI: Is there a reason that in my past, my family passed on?

ELIAS: Shall I be offering my ďStandard Elias Answer?Ē I am feeling quite playful today! (Grinning, and laughter) Initially, in playing with you, I shall express, they have chosen!

DEBI: They have chosen.

ELIAS: Each individual chooses to be disengaging from physical focus at the moment that they are wishing, within the action that they are wishing and choosing to be disengaging. If you are choosing to be disengaging and be eaten by a bear, you shall be eaten by a bear and disengage. If you are choosing to be disengaging within your dream state, you shall disengage within your dream state. If you are choosing to cremate yourself before you are disengaging and burning within a fire, you are choosing that experience and you shall disengage. No individual disengages physical focus accidentally or without choice. It is always your choice to be disengaging at the moment that you wish.

DEBI: Is that choice made prior to physical birth?

ELIAS: No. You shall choose to be disengaging physical focus as you are not fulfilling your value fulfillment any longer. As you have accomplished the value fulfillment that you have chosen within a physical focus, you continue to be physically focused. As you seek to fulfill your value fulfillment and do not, you shall disengage.

You are continually creating within each moment. You are choosing probabilities within each moment. Therefore, you are not choosing, in stone, probabilities to be projected before you in time sequence that need be absolutely accomplished within your future. You may be choosing certain probabilities before physical manifestation, but these are probabilities and they may be altered. You may choose to continue within the line, so to speak, of those probabilities which you were choosing before physical manifestation, but you may not. It is continuously your choice.

I shall express to you also that beyond the choice of the individuals to be disengaging, you also have chosen to be within the interaction and experience of this action of disengagement for your own benefiting. You choose the individuals that you shall hold as family. They are not chosen for you, and they have not chosen you. You have chosen them. It is a continuous circle, as the essence manifesting chooses all elements of the focus that they shall be entering into; all family members, all genetic code, all of the lineage that they shall possess. You choose all of this as you enter into a physical focus within this dimension. The individuals bearing you choose merely in agreement to accomplish this task of being the parent and the family. This continues as you also choose within your time period to be the parent, only agreeing to be bearing the child; but the child has chosen all of the elements to which it wishes to be focused among.

DEBI: So if my son has a problem with me, itís his own fault!

ELIAS: Quite! He has chosen your parenting, and you have merely agreed to be birthing this infant! (Laughter)

DEBI: That makes me feel better!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall request a break, and you may continue with your questioning.

DEBI: Thank you.

ELIAS: Very well.

BREAK 12:30 PM.
RESUME 12:41 PM. (Time was two seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing. I shall offer you a scenario that you may think upon, within one of your issues that you focus upon presently within this present now. As I have stated, you as the child choose the elements of family. You as the parent choose only to be helpful within the physical process of the manifestation entering.

Within your present society that you have chosen to be aligning with and you have chosen to be manifesting within, you have many belief systems of family and parenting. You hold many issues in personal responsibility in the roles of certain aspects. Your society allows for the child to not hold personal responsibility and for the parent to hold all of the personal responsibility, not only for self but for your offspring, so to speak. This is your individual and mass belief systems. It is not the agreement that you have made within the action of being a parent and a child. It is merely an interpretation of belief systems, which are very influencing of your behavior and of the small onesí behaviors.

Let us express an example of manifestation within what you would think of as the beginning time frameworks of physical manifestation within this dimension. One essence family concerns itself within its intent as the bearers. They, being the Borledim family, focus their desire, their intent, and their energy in creating an earth stock physically. Therefore, they are quite focused in bearing new manifestations, but not only in the physical birthing of these new manifestations, but also in the preparation and helpfulness, not in personal responsibility but in helpfulness, for understanding and remembrance of essence. This is their function as the parents. But within the actions of these essences newly manifesting within this dimension, they held no belief systems of obligation or personal responsibility. There was no societal input and information and push placing certain individuals within certain roles which would be restricting, as you have created within this present now.

Therefore, an individual chooses to be participating in the manifestation of a new focus. An individual chooses to be a parent. This individual chooses to physically bear the new focus. This individual also does not take personal responsibility for this new manifestation. It is shared within the community. Therefore, one biological mother may give birth and may allow many mothers, so to speak, to be interacting with this new manifestation, in offering all of their different abilities and focuses to this small one. One may be interacting creatively, artistically. One may be very nurturing. One may be expressing guidelines. Many individuals participate, and not only the females. All participate in the growth, so to speak, of the small one, none bearing personal responsibility for the small one, recognizing that the small one holds responsibility for itself and it is creating its reality no less than you are creating yours.

Within your society presently, you have altered this action and created many, many belief systems which express much personal responsibility. Within your society, you do yourselves a disservice within the hold of these belief systems, for you hold personal responsibility so tightly that you believe you must be creating FOR the new manifestation. You believe you must be directing of all of the expressions of this small one. In this, you also influence in blocking natural impulses of these small ones, which shall be expressed. Energy is expressed! Therefore, as natural impulses are blocked in response to belief systems ... example: ďYou may not do this! You may not step within this puddle!Ē ... the response is held within agreement of the small one in believing also Ė more belief systems Ė that they shall experience repercussions if they are stepping within this puddle. But within this exchange, the small one is blocking of natural impulses which shall be expressed and the parent is bearing personal responsibility and not anticipating that these impulses shall be expressed, therefore perpetuating situations that they wish not to be experiencing. Within an allowance from birth of freedom to be expressing of natural impulses, the small one shall experience as it chooses to be experiencing and shall choose, generally, not always, to be moving into an ease of acceptance of officially accepted belief systems and the reality within your societies. You create much more conflict than is necessary.

DEBI: I can believe that. It seems to be quite a bit. (Pause) I seem to be, on a professional level, making some choices between what Iím familiar with, which is on a media side, a production side, and publishing, which is an area Iím not familiar with but has presented a lot of opportunity and challenges and is quite interesting, and has presented a learning curve which Iíve been actually somewhat resistant to. But in that itís an unknown area for me. Itís been like a puzzle, and I like puzzles! So Iíve followed it somewhat, but now there seems to be a crossroads as to making a choice on a full-time basis of which way to go. There no longer seems to be enough time for both.

ELIAS: This being another very present issue that you are choosing to be addressing to within this present now. Quite interesting within physical manifestations, the parallel of these essences and the choice of fragmentation! I shall express to you, as did I with Mylo previously: Be paying attention to the interaction that you have engaged this day, for the information has been offered to you. I have expressed to you already within this session that you are very resistant presently to change and to the unfamiliar, and this being why you are creating all of your imagery; to be offering information to yourself that you do not wish to see. You do not wish to move into changing areas completely, for they are unfamiliar and this creates fearfulness and doubt; and if you are trusting in self and accepting of self, you shall allow yourself to know that you shall not betray you, and you shall create efficiently in your choices.

Be remembering of the same element that I have expressed to Mylo, of your attention here (indicating left) and your probabilities here (indicating right). But this is now, as you have created it to be this way, demanding of your attention and of your trust in self.

DEBI: So the trust in self is what moves me from one side to the other.

ELIAS: Quite.

DEBI: I have more of a comfort level with the publishing side, which is surprising, because thatís not where my experience lies.

ELIAS: It matters not where your experience lies, for you have physically manifest to be experiencing! And as you have experienced already within one area, you offer yourself the opportunity and challenge to be experiencing anew.

DEBI: Yes, it is a learning curve, and thatís always exciting on a personal level. (Pause) Do we have guides?

ELIAS: As I have stated previously, essences are surrounding you at every moment, for you are not disconnected and you are not an orange section! You are intertwined and not separated. I do not express that you hold guides, for the reason that this shall be perpetuating of existing belief systems. There is no separation. Therefore, essences are interacting continuously, and influencing and affecting and helpful.

DEBI: So I shouldnít think Iím crazy when I reach out to a deceased relative experienced in a given area, asking for assistance?

ELIAS: I have expressed this also within this present session, that you automatically discount and express to yourself that you are experiencing lunacy and not accepting the reality of the interaction, for this is reality.

DEBI: Itís sometimes difficult when you feel it but you canít physically see it or touch it, when the physical senses donít record it.

ELIAS: Be remembering that your inner senses are equal to your outer senses. It is merely a question of your allowance for their functioning.

DEBI: Thereís a lady that I deal with on a professional level who has been behaving rather erratically, and yet I feel that itís not overt. I feel that itís not on purpose. I also feel a very strong connection to her.

ELIAS: (Accessing) This individual engages counterpart action with you. Therefore, you experience this connection. This would not be the term of an opposite counterpart, but also not a parallel counterpart. This individual expresses elements within emotion and action that you are choosing to not be allowing yourself to experience. Therefore, within agreement and within the counterpart action, this individual expresses those elements which lie dormant within you.

DEBI: Iím not real positive about some of those actions! Iím not sure I like the fact that theyíre lying dormant within me!

ELIAS: (Humorously) This is not to say that these shall mysteriously one day surface and bubble up from your mysterious subconscious Ė which does not exist Ė and plague you, for it shall not. You have chosen to be engaging this counterpart action. Therefore, the other individual experiences and expresses for you. The energy is transferred.

DEBI: Does there seem to be a strong connection thatís not actually explainable? Weíve not known each other that long. Itís maybe been a couple of years, but thereís always been a very ... I donít know, some kind of understanding, some kind of level thatís been beyond surface.

ELIAS: This would be the recognition of this counterpart agreement.

DEBI: I see. At the present time, Iím involved in a Kabbalah class, which has been quite interesting. Itís not Judaism. Itís really not any particular, organized religious movement. It seems to focus on positive thinking, strength of Hebrew letters, certain strengths in scanning, certain strengths in pro-active behavior. Iíve always been interested in the study, but more on an ancient power theory as opposed to what this particular class is about. The first class I started in Kabbalah was fifteen years ago. This one now fifteen years later is totally unrelated, so itís created somewhat of a confusion in my mind about the basics of it. The basics of it that interested me always was the power of the symbology.

ELIAS: Information is good. Information which allows you to be exploring you and accepting of you is good. Merely be recognizing that the information is also filtered through belief systems. Therefore, allow yourself to explore within information, but be recognizing of the influence of belief systems. Trust you.

DEBI: So whatever I would personally garner from the information would be more applicable?


DEBI: I have a similar question in astrology. Iíve just discovered a web-site by a well-known astrological author where they are interpreting translating some old clay tablets, some old documents, that brings astrology back to its supposed beginnings and seems to simplify a lot of the complexities that have somewhat recently arisen between fixed stars and many, many different ... (Here, Elias begins nodding, an amused expression on his face) I see an understanding!

ELIAS: Belief systems, belief systems, belief systems and more belief systems, and distortion! I have expressed from the onset of these sessions that this subject is based in truthfulness. It has been grossly distorted throughout your ages, but within the action of this present shift, much movement occurs to be wading through the distortions and creating a better understanding of your reality and all of the aspects and elements of it. In this, en masse you offer yourselves the opportunity now to be discovering anew that which has always been.

DEBI: My belief has been that it has been too convoluted and that the simplistic approach ... Itís almost as if someone canít read a chart to verify a happening, that they find some new technique to prove it out.

DAVID: Belief systems!

DEBI: Belief systems! (Laughter) So the ancient methods, the more simplistic methods would hold true, even though we claim to be in a modern world or a modern society.

ELIAS: This is not to say that the workings, so to speak, of energy within the context of your astrology are not exceedingly complex, for all of your manifestations within this dimension are extremely complex, but you may hold more simplistic viewing of the complicatedness of your creations; in like manner to your physical form being vastly more complex than your sciences shall ever recognize, but you effortlessly move with ease within it and do not objectively explain every single function to it. You do not express within every moment to your form to breathe, but it breathes, for you accept the ease of its movement. In like manner, you have distorted within belief systems many concepts that hold truthfulness in your exploration for the complicatedness of all elements of your existence, but you may also move through many of these concepts with ease simply, for you shall recognize the trueness of it.

I do not express to you that all that this concept has become within your present now is truthful, for it is not. It is steeped in belief systems. But I have expressed that you do choose purposefully to manifest within certain seasons and time periods for reasons of alignment with energy as you have created it within this dimension.

DEBI: So whatís a useful tool?

ELIAS: All of these elements are useful tools if used within a knowing that they are tools, and that they are influenced with belief systems and that they have become distorted through your ages. You may choose any of your ďmethodsĒ if you are accepting of self and open to energy and consciousness, recognizing that your method is merely an allowance for yourself to be trusting of yourself.

DEBI: I understand. That makes a lot of sense. (Pause) Thereís a project dealing with history that has been very close to me that has not appealed to anyone else, or not anyone else, but most people. I have a limited share of vision of this, yet I feel very strongly about it. It reflects a given historical period accurately, and it also reflects more than what we see with our senses. I guess my question is whether this is self-indulgent and whether my idea of presenting this in a media sense is again possibly self-indulgent, or if it really would, in a sense, entertain and enlighten.

ELIAS: Within one aspect, if so choosing, you may be accomplishing your objective with your presentation, although your fascination is also yourself speaking to you to be looking at your perceptions. In your perception, this is an accurate accounting of. (Pause)

DEBI: Also wishful thinking.

ELIAS: It is an element to gain your attention, to be viewing your perception and allowing for an expanded or wider awareness. This is not to say that your accounting of this history is not close, but it is not an absolute accurate.

DEBI: Is there information thatís not yet been unearthed that would change some of the details of those events? (Pause)

ELIAS: It is not necessary for physical data. You merely need examine further within perception and offer yourself, or yourselves, the information which is missing.

DEBI: When I mentioned this, at a certain point when I was talking about it, you changed from an inquisitive look to a knowing look. I could see a definite demarcation, where it was like you somehow recognized the time period or recognized the project. You have some familiarity with it. (Pause)

ELIAS: Within interaction of individuals physically focused, I am interactive with you objectively, but I am more interactive with you subjectively. Therefore, it may appear that the light bulb is blinking on within a certain time moment. This is not an expression of telepathy. I do not read your mind!

I am interactive with the whole of your focus; which as many synapses as you hold within your physical brain, you hold more aspects of consciousness within one focus. Therefore, much activity occurs simultaneously. My attention with you is directed to all of your aspects of your focus presently and their directed attention. Therefore, I may appear to you objectively to access, or withdraw momentarily, or shift my attention. This is merely a response to which aspect of you is wishing to be addressed to.

DEBI: You seem very familiar to me.

ELIAS: Quite! (To David) And have you been investigating of this connection, so to speak?

DAVID: Yes, I have. The one that we discussed and you gave me the challenge for?

ELIAS: And the fragmentation continues! You may be also investigating within your game the fragmentation of Mylo and Mikko and Milus and Michael (drawing the words out and emphasizing the tones) and very similar tones which objectively create even within physical terminology, and the circle continues!

You may inquire with these individuals and they shall offer you explanation of which I speak presently, for this is good practice! You may not be expanding within our agenda if you may not be interactive with individuals in explanation of this information! (Grinning at Cathy and Vic and chuckling) Continue.

DEBI: Iíve been very drawn to projects that would empower children. I feel that in English-speaking countries of the world, there is a coldness within the family structure between parents and children. I feel that there is a lot warmer, more hands-on emotional environment in the Latin countries and some of the European countries. And with these observations, with some of the events that are taking place in the world that are chosen by adults that seem to be visited upon children, Iíve had a real inner drive to create some entertaining and educationally different media formats with the intent of empowering children, so they understand that they have more choices. Itís taken a lot of time and a lot of energy, and itís quite rewarding working on it. I tend to have a problem with forgetting that I still have to put bread on the table and pay the rent and my sonís tuition and put gas in the car, and when those things happen it surprises me. I say, ďOh, hereís reality!Ē I donít quite know if I have the ability to balance this work, what we consider long hours. I get very, very focused and emotional and involved, and forget what our reality is. And I donít know if this is dedication, if this is the positive, or if Iím just being masochistic again! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You may focus in whichever direction you are choosing. Understand that small ones may be more efficiently instructed in elements of choice and their action in creating their own reality, more so than empowerment. Each individual holds all empowerment. There is no individual, regardless of how small their physical form may be, that is any less empowered than any other! This shall be one of the most difficult concepts in actuality to be accepted in reality, that you create your reality. This does not mean you create your reality now, but you did not before! You have created your reality always, within every moment, within each focus. You are creating of your reality from the moment of the very first cell which appears. Therefore, small ones are creating their choices and reality also. Individuals are not accepting of this as reality, for you express to yourselves that these small ones are ďlittle victims.Ē There are no victims! This is quite difficult, for you hold very, very strong belief systems in these areas. It is acceptable to believe that you create your reality if you are an adult. It is not acceptable within your belief systems that you are creating of your reality if you are a small one. These are belief systems. You do not create your reality sometimes, or at points. You are, within every moment of your existence physical and non-physical, within this dimension or within all dimensions, in a continuous state of becoming and exploring of self; offering yourself, in physical dimensions, experiences.

In this, you may be helpful to small ones in acknowledging of their experiences, in acknowledging of their creations, in not discounting of their subjective interaction, but also in not excusing them within your belief systems temporarily from their responsibility within the creation of their reality, for this is what you have perpetuated for centuries. And then you express as you are an adult, ďWhy am I so very turned round?Ē (Laughter) And you have experienced the same elements of creating that you perpetuate with your small ones presently! You also as a small one are not expected to be responsible for your creation of your reality, for you are a small one and you do not create your reality. Very incorrect! And then it is thrust upon you, as you grow within your years, that NOW you are creating your reality and oh my! Why are you creating this type of reality? And you are not very accomplished at creating your reality, for you have not had much practice! (Laughter) But you have had quite enough practice, and you have not NOT created your reality within any moment and within any aspect of essence!

Therefore, if you are not wishing for your small ones to be growing and experiencing what you are experiencing, do not be doing this disservice of allowing no responsibility within the creation of their reality. Allow them the trueness of themselves. Responsibility is not a negative!

DEBI: Thatís true, but they have to be made aware of that choice.

ELIAS: You may be helpful, for they shall be forgetful; although very small ones are quite aware that they are creating of their reality! They are continuously experimenting with it.

DEBI: Small ones that cry and wake you up every two hours?

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughter)

DEBI: Theyíre controlling the whole house!

ELIAS: Quite efficiently, right?

DEBI: Yes! (laughing) Thatís sort of what I was talking about with self-empowerment, the realization. Children are taught to exist in a given parameter, in a given framework of averageness, and not really expected to excel or to have a lot of original thinking or to have what you call responsibility. Itís quite true, especially in this country where everybody just sues everybody for everything. Itís always somebody elseís fault. Itís never oneís own actions. Self-empowerment is part of that concept with the childrenís projects which Mylo has created ... actually, weíve created together. Part of what I think I want addressed is whether thatís a good idea or not.

ELIAS: Quite. You are not limited in your endeavors. You need not focus your attention in your creativity in merely one area.

DEBI: Instead of being scattered?

ELIAS: You may focus your attention in many, many different areas. Contrary to your belief systems, you do not hold a limited quantity of energy.

DEBI: That I would love to take home! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Then do!

DEBI: So the fact that you feel just as good with four hours sleep as you do with eight hours sleep happens to have some basis!

ELIAS: Quite. We have discussed this situation also, this being a belief system once again! Your physical form does not require sleep. You require interaction with essence subjectively. Therefore, you create your dream state. You use a time framework to be in communication with essence, but this does not require eight or seven or six hours to be accomplishing! You merely believe that your physical form is requiring of these extended time periods for sleep state, for regeneration. Your physical form needs no sleep state at all for regeneration. You need communication time framework, which you accomplish within your sleep state. It is merely unnecessary to be engaging so very much time framework within this sleep state!

DEBI: Oh, I pretty much defy the norm! Is there an easier way to try to remember those communications, those dreams? The dream state?

ELIAS: I have offered much information in concerning your dream activity that you may be accessing through session material already presented, for there is much information which has been offered to be helpful to you all within a furthering of remembrance through your dream activity, and helpfulness to be connecting objectively more efficiently within your dream state.

DEBI: Also, Iíve had the feeling that because of society, because of certain belief systems, that in order to connect on a stronger level, or maybe just a more accurate level, that some of these things have to be unlearned. Itís not just a matter of just focusing maybe in a different direction, but that there is a process of unlearning because weíre so steeped in what weíve been raised to believe.

ELIAS: In actuality, what you are moving into is an acceptance of belief systems. You are not eliminating your belief systems. You are not turning to new belief systems within the action of this shift which is occurring. You are moving into an element of acceptance of belief systems, therefore neutralizing their power over you.

DEBI: Very powerful statement. What about the inner feeling some people have of desiring growth, knowledge, forward movement, positive movement? Itís hard to put into words. Itís almost an energy, a drive, a feeling of not just accomplishment, but becoming more aware.

ELIAS: This would be quite Sumafi! Each essence family holds a different intent, and that which you belong to holds this action quite strongly in desire; but not merely to be accomplishing, but to be accomplishing within the trueness or the least distortion of all actions and all concepts, to be presenting to yourself and to others within a purity of concept. The drive that you feel is also a commonality of Sumafi, for you have created this very strong drive within desire to be motivating in the many and meticulous tasks that Sumafi chooses. Such great drive and motivation is unnecessary in many other essence families, for the intent is different.

DEBI: Is there a real concept or truth behind ego and that itís negative and that itís damaging?

ELIAS: This is a belief system! The only limitations and damaging, so to speak, elements which are in existence are those that you place upon yourself through belief systems. There is no element of you that is unacceptable, that is bad, that is evil, that is destructive, or any of your words that you attach to negatively. It is merely your attachment to belief systems which are affecting your perception and creating more belief systems, that you believe that you hold this negativity or this duplicity.

DEBI: So pretty much without the strength of the belief systems, behavior modification would not be necessary.

ELIAS: Quite! You shall automatically modify your own behaviors, in acceptance of belief systems and the neutralization of their power.

DEBI: So if we deal with the concept of good and evil, there would not be a desire to be destructive to your neighbor.

ELIAS: Very good! I have been expressing this concept for much of our time period within the forum of these sessions, and individuals are continuing to not be understanding!

VICKI: We get it! (Cracking up)

ELIAS: (Grinning) One point, Lawrence!

DEBI: Iím afraid of tiring you.

DAVID: He does not tire. Iíve been told that!

ELIAS: Quite!

DEBI: Okay, I had kind of a general question about people we think of as great leaders or great seers or great teachers, and if thereís some destiny. I donít want to get into past again, but is this a choice that they make? Because it does seem to create a lot of responsibility, not to mention danger, because most of them seem to be assassinated in the end!

ELIAS: This also being their choice!

DEBI: Oh! Oh yeah! Talk about getting your name in the papers!

ELIAS: There is no destiny. There are no closed systems, therefore there is no destiny. All that is created is within probabilities, and all probabilities are actualized. They are merely not all actualized within your particular area of attention.

Individuals may be choosing to be manifest as what you think of as great leaders. This would be their choice for experience. You would be quite amazed that you all have experienced focuses in which you may look to yourself as great ones or geniuses or tremendously creative artistically. You do not accept this idea, for it is an idea to you. It is not a reality, for you hold duplicity within self and are not accepting of your greatness. Therefore, how may you be great within another focus if you are not great now? But greatness in another focus is also now, and affecting of you, and IS you!

DEBI: Well, we live in a society where if you donít ... actually, if you arenít a famous sports star and have gotten away with a double murder, you just havenít lived!

ELIAS: But if you are told that you are a famous individual, such as Mozart in another focus, you are not accepting of this either. You shall be expressing, ďOh, no. I may not be this individual!Ē

DEBI: When do we know that?

ELIAS: As you allow yourself the acceptance of yourself and your own remembering, which has already begun.

DEBI: And this remembering is internal? We donít have to run off to a regressionist or someone to trigger this?

ELIAS: That may be one of your ďmethodsĒ if you are so choosing, but you may be remembering within self also.

DEBI: So itís not necessary. We have the ability.

ELIAS: Quite. You do hold the ability, but if you are choosing to be following one of your methods, you may choose one of these and be efficiently accomplishing.

DEBI: Well, sometimes those methods are kind of like a pacifier. Theyíre sort of comforting. (Laughing)

ELIAS: They are validating to you.

DEBI: Yes!

VICKI: We need to like wind up or change tapes, one of the two.

ELIAS: Very well. We shall disengage, and you may be interactive with this essence, if you are so choosing, once again. I express to you all ... (to Cathy) keep practicing! ... a very affectionate, loving au revoir!

DEBI: Thank you.

Elias departs at 1:59 PM.


(1) When Elias refers to ďour new game,Ē he is referring to a ďpast-life regression,Ē which we call a TFE (trans-focal encounter). He is very encouraging of us to explore our own focuses in whichever manner we choose.

Digests: find out more about TFEs.

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