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Tuesday, September 29, 1998

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“Sexual Orientation”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Rob (Mendoe).

Elias arrives at 9:14 AM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day! (Smiling)

ROB: Greeting, Elias, from Mendoe.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We meet again!

ROB: Indeed, and thank you.

ELIAS: (Still chuckling) And you have inquiries this day?

ROB: Yes, please. I have followed an impulse to study theology at a Catholic college, and I’m happy with that at various levels. I’m wondering if there are likely to be quite a lot of Sumafi in this kind of setting?

ELIAS: Yes. Within certain religious orders, you may be finding many individuals that are belonging to the Sumafi family. You may also encounter individuals that are aligning with the Sumafi family, for this would be one of the areas that individuals belonging to this family move into within physical focus. There are also individuals within many of the sciences, so to speak, and many individuals within your institutions of schools, that are belonging to this particular essence family.

ROB: Thank you. I experience, very strongly at times, a sense of ... it’s almost as if I am in a monastic order, or carrying out religious duties. Am I perhaps influenced in this by other incarnational focuses?

ELIAS: Yes. This would be an action of a bleed-through, which also draws you to this particular choice within this present now, in your movement into investigation within this subject matter. In your movement into this area, you may also offer yourself the opportunity to be connecting with other focuses which involve themselves in activity in this manner. Within this physical dimension, you hold several focuses that incorporate this type of action. Not all of these focuses are incorporating of the same religious expression, but are investigating of the subject matter of your religious belief systems within physical focus. You also hold several counterparts that engage in this action and lend energy to your experience in this area.

ROB: I’m not sure, Elias, if I understand you in the use of the word “counterpart.” Is this what some others call probable selves, or is this a different action?

ELIAS: This would not be the action of probable selves.

Counterparts in this type of situation would be other individuals which are physically focused within this time period, within this dimension, that are not necessarily focuses of your essence but may be of other essences, which are experiencing certain subjects within their focus that they hold a counterpart action with you, and in this action lend energy to your own experience.

The action of counterpart is a choice of experience that essence has created to be experiencing the fullness of different choices within physical dimensions in a more efficient manner.

As you manifest singularly into any one physical focus, there are certain limitations to your physical experiences and the creations of your physical experiences within your reality. Therefore, to offer you the fullness in all of the different aspects and angles of each subject matter, essences that are physically focused within this dimension and within other dimensions choose to be incorporating an action of counterparts which lends energy to each other, and within this energy you assimilate the experiences of each other. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to physically be experiencing all of the aspects of any one given subject matter.

ROB: I understand. Thank you. I have been trying to ponder my intent in this focus, understanding my focus as one simultaneous action. Am I perhaps understanding correctly that in part, my intent is to experience the meaning of acceptance within this particular reality?

ELIAS: This would be partially an aspect of your intent, for within this particular focus within this time framework, all of the essences that are choosing to be physically focused hold an aspect of the intent of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, this is not necessarily your individual, personal intent of this individual focus of essence, but it is an aspect of your essence intent in your manifestation within this time framework. All individuals hold this particular aspect if they are manifest within this particular time framework.

As to your individual intent as aligning with your essence families and the choice within your individual pool of probabilities in this particular focus, you move in the direction of investigating commonalities of different cultures, so to speak, which also is in alignment with the underlying intent of this shift in consciousness.

Let me explain that each individual holds their own individual, personal intent within their focus, and coupled with that intent shall be the intent of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, they shall complement each other and move in harmony with each other. You now are moving into the direction more fully of the expression of your personal, individual intent within this focus.

In this, I am quite encouraging of your present choices and movement in your new line of probabilities of your investigation of religious belief systems, for in alignment with your Ilda qualities, you move now into more of a fullness of the expression of your own intent, making comparisons, so to speak, of different cultural lines and incorporating the similarities, so to speak, of different belief systems, enabling you more efficiently to be helpful and offering information, not merely to yourself but to other individuals in alignment with this shift in consciousness, recognizing that the belief systems themselves that are held are neutral and do not hold a right or wrong, good or bad quality. It is merely the aspects of the belief systems which are so very influencing and are creating of judgments, and therefore are also creating of the lack of acceptance.

Therefore also, in response to your question, yes, you are, in a manner of speaking, moving in the direction of your intent of acceptance and the expression of acceptance within the expression of your individual intent and also in alignment with this shift in consciousness, for the point is to be recognizing and acknowledging of all of these belief systems and to be accepting of them within yourself and within other individuals, not to be eliminating these belief systems or to be moving in the direction of attempting to change other individuals’ belief systems. Are you understanding?

ROB: Yes, thank you. I’ve had a number of experiences of finding dead birds by the back door of my home. (Elias grins) Does this perhaps relate to Rose?

ELIAS: Yes, and other individuals have also encountered this experience as of late. I have expressed several times previously that Rose is quite fond of incorporating imagery which is involving of these creatures of birds, almost as what you may term to be in physical focus a trademark. (Chuckling)

In this, this particular imagery is suggestive of the movement of this particular essence in the action that approaches, so to speak, of the fragmentation of the manifestations of this particular essence within physical focus. As you are aware, this particular essence holds nine manifestations presently in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and in this, I have expressed previously that there is held a future probability that each of these nine focuses shall be fragmenting and creating of their own essences.

In this, there shall be occurring an unusual dynamic, so to speak, within this action, in returning Rose, in a manner of speaking, to what you may term to be the status of Dream Walker.

I shall futurely be discussing this subject matter more fully, but within this present time framework there are difficulties presented in offering this subject matter, for it is quite abstract, and individuals lean in the direction of thought processes in which they are listening and attempting to assimilate this information in this particular subject matter in too much of a literal type of term, which this particular action that Rose incorporates is quite abstract and does not translate well into your physically focused language and concepts. Therefore, I shall be encouraging individuals to be incorporating and practicing with their inner sense of conceptualization before I am moving in the direction of offering more of this information in conjunction with this essence of Rose.

ROB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

ROB: I have had an experience of ideas of leaving my back door open at night while I’m asleep. I wonder whether this is perhaps imagery of being open to Rose during my dream state.

ELIAS: Very good! I am acknowledging of your interpretation of your own movement and your own creation of your imagery. In this, you are creating of physical expression of imagery which lends energy to the incorporation of the mergence of objective and subjective awarenesses in your communication with essence. As you have allowed yourself to be open to the imagery of this essence of Rose within objective terms, so to speak, with these birds, you also may allow yourself an openness within other time frameworks and states of consciousness, in a manner of speaking, to be engaging information in conjunction with this essence of Rose also.

ROB: We have spoken in our other conversation about my tendency not to interact with others, and how this extends to my sexual experience. This has produced inner confusion. Could you comment on my sexual orientation in this focus, please?

ELIAS: I am aware that there are confusions within certain individuals as they choose to be manifesting within this dimension of physical focuses. In this, let me express to you that the belief systems which are held en masse are very strong and they are quite influencing, not merely in mass expressions, but very influencing within individual expressions. The belief system of duplicity is intertwined with all of your other belief systems. Therefore, it also is quite influencing.

In this, duplicity is the belief system that influences much of your judgments in aspects of your other belief systems, expressing to you that aspects of the belief systems are good or bad, and this is quite influencing.

Now; I have expressed many times that you manifest within this particular dimension to be experiencing physically the manifestation of sexuality and of emotion. In this, you create genders to be experiencing more fully different aspects of sexual orientation and events. The confusion in many individuals, and yourself also, arises in the situation that you are quite influenced by the mass belief systems that certain orientations within sexual areas are acceptable, and certain orientations are not acceptable.

I am not expressing to you that there is a difference in the manifestations of individuals within this time framework as opposed to other time frameworks within this dimension, for individuals manifesting within this particular dimension have always manifested within these three types of sexual orientation for the experience, but there IS a difference of quality and understanding within the manifestations of sexual orientation within this time framework presently, for you are within the action of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, there is a new influence which is occurring.

(Grinning) I am well aware that you are viewing this is not quite answering of your question (Rob laughs) and that I am becoming quite long-winded in this area, but this is quite purposeful to your understanding. In this, I am offering you explanation that shall be coupled with the definitive answer, that you may more efficiently assimilate the answer and not automatically move in the direction of the mass held belief systems and be more accepting of your own choices, for I shall express to you that within this particular physical focus, you have chosen to be experiencing “other.” You merely have moved through this particular focus not acknowledging this to yourself objectively, and in this you have been attempting to be aligning with the massly held belief systems, and you DO, in certain aspects, align with the mass held belief systems. Therefore, they are quite influencing of you.

Let me also very clearly express to you that although certain individuals move into much of a physical exploration of this particular orientation within physical focus, this is not to say that all focuses choose these particular probabilities or this particular line of experiences, in a manner of speaking. What I am expressing to you is that there are many focuses of essences that manifest into this physical dimension with the choice of experience of the sexual orientation of what we fondly term as “other,” as to be not offensive to any individuals. (Grinning)

This is not to say that these focuses may necessarily be choosing certain physical experiences, but to be allowing themselves the orientation of sexuality in this direction for the emotional quality of that particular sexual orientation, that they may hold more of an understanding of the emotional workings and functionings, so to speak, of themselves within a physical focus – and of other individuals – in their incorporation of both genders simultaneously. For in choosing the sexual orientation of “other,” you choose to be experiencing aspects of emotional orientation that is farther removed from individuals that focus within a male or female orientation singularly. Are you understanding?

ROB: Yes, I am.

ELIAS: I am quite expressing to you that I may not emphasize enough to you, in opposition to the influences of mass held belief systems and duplicity, that this particular type of sexual orientation is an opportunity and IS NOT BAD. Therefore, DO NOT be discounting of self, but in a manner of speaking embrace this information, that you may be more fully experiencing your physical focus and allowing yourself more of a freedom within your expressions and eliminating more of your conflict, for you have held to your own energy very tightly within this physical focus.

Other physical focuses of your essence lend much energy to you and have bled through, but you also push away this energy to not be viewing aspects of this particular focus that you experience within this present now, for it is not in alignment with the officially accepted belief systems and this is creating of much conflict throughout your focus, for it is very reinforcing of your own lack of acceptance of self, and in this it also lends to your own isolation, which is creating of great conflict and is in opposition to your individual intent, which is also creating of much conflict.

I have anticipated this particular encounter between myself and yourself, in your allowance of myself to be offering you this information, and have held an understanding that within our last meeting, you did not hold a readiness for this information, and also, the objective setting, so to speak, was inappropriate for the offering of this information to you.

I hold great affection with you, and I am quite understanding, as I have been expressive to you previously, of the turmoil that you present within your own conflicts of your own struggles inwardly, and the fearfulness that you have created in attempting to be addressing to your own creation within this particular focus. I also express GREAT acknowledgment to you within this present moment, in moving through a fearfulness and allowing yourself to be objectively presenting this line of questioning to me within this day.

ROB: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I offer to you much energy and much affection, for I hold great understanding of this inner conflict and of the influence of these belief systems. There is great struggling that has occurred for much time framework within your focus, and I have held an awareness of this for much of your time period and welcome the opportunity to share with you information, that you may eventually move into the probability of accepting and therefore offering yourself new freedoms.

I express to you, in great lovingness also, that I am quite encouraging in the direction that you may be within communication of Michael, for he may also, in objective terms, be quite helpful to you in what you may find to be much of a surprising area within this particular subject matter.

You may also, if you are so choosing, hold this particular session within what you term to be confidence of myself and yourself physically, until such a time framework that you are holding more of a comfortability with this.

Be assured that I am lending energy to you always and that my presence is with you, and I shall be encouraging of you within your movement and am quite encouraging of your new movement that you are engaging.

ROB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

ROB: I think perhaps what I have in mind now links with what you have been saying. In my dreams at various times, there are boys of various nationalities who are not known to me, and there are various expressions of affection. The feelings are not those which are accepted within mass belief systems. Is this a part of what you have been speaking of?

ELIAS: Yes, and this is your imagery that you present to yourself that this is not bad. It merely is a choice of manifestation within a particular sexual orientation of this particular dimension.

Be noticing that within your dream imagery, the belief systems are quite relaxed, and in this you do not feel the sting or the bite, so to speak, of the negative in this area, but you may look into these soft faces and you may find a lovingness and a compassion and also an excitement that you do not allow yourself within your objective imagery and expressions.

Many times individuals move in the direction of presenting imagery to themselves within dream state that they do not allow themselves to be addressing within their objective waking state, for within their objective state and the influences of their belief systems, they do not feel an element of safety ... which is another aspect of belief systems! But nonetheless, it is quite an element of your reality within physical focus. Within your dream state, this becomes a non-issue, so to speak, for you may allow yourselves many expressions and hold that element of safety that you do not allow yourselves within your objective awareness.

Notice that you may hold misgivings or uncomfortableness as you awake and you create your translation into objective terms, but within your dream state, you experience quite a different expression and are not holding fearfulness or that aspect of uncomfortableness, for you are not incorporating the strength of the objectively held belief systems. This is an acknowledgment to you. It is an offering to you. I have expressed many times, in conjunction with the dream mission, that your dream state is your communication with essence which you translate into objective terms, so to speak, terms that you may understand within your knowing of creations in physical focus.

In this, essence is communicating to you that this is acceptable. It is merely a choice, and this imagery offers you the opportunity to view a positive aspect, for you ALL move in the direction of comparisons of positive and negative, and you create these judgments. This is the movement of belief systems, creating positive and negative judgments: good and bad, right and wrong. And in this, within essence there is no gender, and as you move into the action of this shift, look about you! Although there continues to be the mass held belief system of sexual orientation in the area of right and wrong and what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, this is moving in the direction of a relaxation also, for all of the belief systems are becoming more and more relaxed as the action of this shift gains momentum, and individuals singularly and en masse are addressing more and more to these held belief systems.

I have expressed previously that the action of this mass expression of disease of AIDS is a mass expression of a collective agreement to be addressing to the judgments and the focus upon the belief system of sexual orientation and the movement in limitations in this area. As I have expressed, within essence, within consciousness, there is no gender. This is a manifestation of physical focuses merely for experience within physical form, but as you move more into the action of this shift, there is also more of an acceptance of all of the expressions of sexual orientation, for there is more of a recognition that these are merely physical expressions of physical experience, and that you all hold all of these aspects of sexual orientation within you, for you ARE ESSENCE.

In this, gender is merely a manifestation within physical form, an expression, a choice. It is not an absolute. Therefore, although many individuals within this present time framework view, in your terms, that you hold “a long way to go,” so to speak, within your addressing to this belief system, I shall express to you that within a very, very small time framework, there has been great movement into the expression of acceptance in this area. This shall serve as a very good example of acceptance of a belief system, for you may view objectively en masse the extreme of expression for centuries in one direction with this particular subject matter.

“Other,” so to speak, as a choice of sexual orientation for centuries has been unacceptable within your officially accepted reality as influenced by the mass belief systems. Within this present time framework, you move more and more and more into an acceptance of this orientation, for your attention moves in the direction of addressing to these belief systems and a recognition that this is merely a physical expression and not an absolute. It is not a truth. It is a belief system expressed within physical focus. Are you understanding?

ROB: Yes, Elias. One last question, please. I hold alcohol as something of a difficulty, and I’m aware that I use it to block out objective reality, and I suppose this stems from a non-acceptance of the kinds of things we’ve been discussing. Is there a specific line I can look to, to break this habit?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Let me express to you that this be another area influenced by belief systems. I have expressed many times that it matters not what type of substances you are incorporating. It merely matters the influence of the belief systems that you attach to this consumption of certain substances. You attach very strong judgments in the area of some particular substances.

Now; I shall express to you that many individuals hold a belief that this particular type of substance incorporated into your physical form or consumed, so to speak, shall be quite affecting of you in physical terms. At times it may be, and at times it may not be, but regardless, the mass belief system is that it IS very affecting, and therefore it BECOMES very affecting.

In this, many individuals move in the direction of use of this type of substance as what you term in your belief systems to be escaping or blocking or numbing, which you are not accomplishing of ANY of these aspects within the use of this substance! This is merely another aspect of the belief system that you attach to the usage of these types of substance, and this allows you the direction of creating more judgments, which is reinforcing of your belief system of duplicity, and as you continue to reinforce the duplicity, you also reinforce all of its aspects.

It is as a very large carousel that continues to move around and around and around and remains within its same orb and does not alter, for all of the actions reinforce themselves. You continue to be consuming of a substance, which continues to be reinforcing of negativity, in your terms, and your own judgment upon yourself, which reinforces your lack of worthiness and your perception that you are bad, which continues to perpetuate the action of the usage of the substance, and round and round and round you continue!

In this, I express to you to be looking to the source, which is yourself, and how you are viewing of yourself. If you are accepting of yourself and recognizing that all of your expressions and choices are acceptable and are not bad, and also are not good as opposed to bad, this shall be moving you in the direction of much less conflict, and your perception of your own actions shall alter.

Let me express to you that individuals move in the direction of creating many new aspects of these belief systems, attaching to certain usages of substances, in explanation of these usages, in the direction of very many deficiencies and malfunctions of your individual selves. They may also move in the direction of actual physical malfunctions and disabilities, so to speak.

In actuality, if you are addressing to your own individual lack of acceptance of self, you may also view that the substance itself is neutral, and that you may engage the participation of this substance if you are so choosing, or you may not if you are so choosing, and IT MATTERS NOT.

You may engage participation in this substance to be acquiring of a certain physical experience, and if you are not holding judgment upon this action, the action itself shall alter, for your perception shall alter, and in this you do not move in the direction of creating what you think of as dependency, or in any of your other attachments in negativities in your definitions, of the engagement of your choice with these particular substances.

It is quite interesting how very efficiently individuals within physical focus attach so very many negative aspects to their choices and their actions, which is quite an expression of the strength and intensity of this one belief system of duplicity!

Therefore, in this, I shall not express to you that you be hurriedly moving in the direction of associating yourself with certain groups of individuals that shall move you in the direction of discontinuing of this action of consuming of this substance, for this also lends energy to the belief system of duplicity, for it is quite reinforcing of your own belief system that what you are engaging is bad. Therefore, YOU are bad!

I am quite understanding that this is a very strongly held belief system and there is much energy lent to this belief system, and I myself have moved in the direction of upset with many individuals in addressing to this particular subject matter, for I am quite advocating of pleasure, in ALL of its forms, regardless!

Individuals have moved in the direction of inquiring of me in these particular areas with these particular subject matters that they view to be bad – sexuality, substances, certain behaviors ... oh, very very very bad! – and I am expressing to them, if you are experiencing of pleasure, you are lessening the thickness of your energy within physical focus. But if you are moving in this direction and you are placing judgments upon yourself, you are lending energy to your own thickness, for you are not experiencing pleasure. You are creating a non-pleasurable experience within a pleasurable act.

ROB: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ROB: I think that is all. Thank you very much indeed!

ELIAS: Be acknowledging of yourself. Be remembering that you are a glorious being, and that all that you engage within physical focus is merely a choice of experience and not bad, and all of these experiences are an opportunity for you to be acknowledging of self and to be more fully experiencing all of the wonders that you may create for yourself within your physical experience, and not to be placing judgments upon them.

This is an action of this shift in consciousness, to be accepting of self and accepting of your belief systems and your experiences, and in this offering yourselves great creativity and immense freedom within your physical expressions, that you may move into new and amazing areas of creating your physical reality, which I am lending much energy to you all in this area.

Be also accepting of my energy to you in my encouragement with you, and be recognizing of my continued interaction with you, not merely within subjective interaction, but it matters not that you may not be within a physical proximity of the energy exchange which appears within physical focus, but that I hold the ability to be interactive within energy in certain objective terms to be allowing you the knowing that I am present with you, and this shall be encouraging to you and reinforcing to you. Rose is not merely the only essence that may be offering objective imagery to individuals within physical focus! (Chuckling) I merely do not choose to be incorporating birds, and am quite fascinated with electrical qualities! (Chuckling)

I express great affection to you this day, and continue to be encouraging of your objective interaction with Michael. In this, you may be allowing yourself to find great supportiveness in much of your new movements, and in acknowledgment of yourself.

For myself, I offer you an intensity of lovingness this day, and I offer you much energy and express to you a great fondness, and in this, au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:25 AM.

Vic’s note: Very well done, Elias and Rob!

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