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Sunday, October 22, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), Tom (James), Jeri (Fromasch), and Elizabeth (Elizabeth).

Elias arrives at 7:01 PM.

ELIAS: Our twins are experts at procrastination! (Grinning widely) In continuing our subject of last, in which I asked you the question, I am aware that you have no further answer to this question than we incorporated at our last meeting. Therefore, I shall give you an exercise to practice and to find your answer, to your question of “Who you are.”

I will suggest to you that you remember that all of your focuses are occurring simultaneously, and as I have expressed to you many times, they are all accessible. Therefore, ask yourselves who your other aspects are. View yourself from the perspective of essence. Allow yourself to view as many focuses as you wish. When you are viewing these different focuses, watch the individual that you are viewing. Listen to each individual, realizing that this individual is not you, but is another aspect of you. Therefore, just as you have tapped previous developmental focuses, and have identified yourselves in them, now look not only to the entire picture or scene, but single yourself out, and view the individual that was, so to speak, or will be, you.

If you can identify yourself within a previous developmental focus within a meditation, you may also identify yourself more closely. You have viewed yourself, for example, within the developmental focus in which I physically incorporated with you also. Within this, instead of only searching for the story or the entire scene, focus your consciousness and your attention on singling out your character. You have each identified with specific characters within other developmental focuses. They may not seem to be you, for they do not incorporate their reality as you do now, but there is a knowing within you that you may identify with individuals, and know that these are aspects of yourself. In this, you will gain a better understanding of what you are.

This is an important exercise, for the reason that we are focused upon your shift and its approach; and an understanding of yourself will be very helpful to you in avoiding confusion. This may seem to be a difficult exercise initially, but what you are not realizing is that you have already begun with this exercise. You are only not recognizing its validity.

Your consciousness is quite vital and active within all of your focuses. This is the reason that you also, within physical focus, may bleed through, in and out, to your own awareness. You do not only show yourselves an alien form to speak to yourselves as a bleed-through. You also show yourselves to yourselves within this physical reality; this also being incorporated with our subject of counterparts and splinters. These all mesh together. They are all intertwined within your reality. You have only conditioned yourselves to be focused in one direction. As you drift into any other direction at any given moment, you pull your consciousness instantly back to you, rationalizing to yourself that you may be daydreaming; which, within your consciousness or your reality of rules, within this official focus, you believe to be unacceptable, or “wasting time,” for it is believed to be not real. Allowing your consciousness to drift allows you another perspective, in viewing other aspects of your consciousness.

I will express also that you will come to a point, eventually, where you are not incorporating physical focus any longer. This means also that you may not be incorporating other aspects of self within physical focus, this being the awareness that my essence is focused in. I have, within your time period of this last hundred years, focused my consciousness within non-physical and also physical focus simultaneously. This is the area of awareness that you are approaching presently; an awareness of your other aspects of self, and an overviewing of these aspects. This focus may, to some extent, if chosen, incorporate some overviewing of physical focuses; but generally speaking, this is not incorporated within my area of awareness, for this is not necessary any longer.

This will also partially answer, to Lawrence, of Elias learning from your physical focus, as this has already been incorporated into my reality, and I have widened to another area of consciousness where this is not necessary, although interaction with physical focus is quite stimulating, and sometimes very curious! (Grinning)

This would be what you would express, with your physical consciousness and understanding, as stages of awareness which you glide through, as to avoid confusion and trauma, which is our purpose. This is not to say that it is not possible for you to acquire awarenesses without incorporating these stages, for you may, if your desire is great enough; but it is less confusing and much easier to be “sliding” into areas of consciousness, and incorporating increments of widening. This might be likened to eating an apple; which you may eat an apple in small bites and enjoy them, and you may consume this fruit quite easily, or you may be gluttonous and chomp your apple into bites, and choke on the apple. It will eventually reach your stomach, but you will incorporate conflict in the process.

Therefore, you choose to ease into awarenesses, although there are times when you may be feeling that you are not easing very well, for you are confused; but you have also chosen to incorporate an instructor to be helpful within your widening. Therefore, if you are experiencing conflict, you may also ask questions, and evaluate, and ease a little more freely than if you were choosing to be accomplishing this individually, alone.

I originally was going to present a conversation of my own, as illustration of aspects of self. I have evaluated this choice, and have decided that within this present moment, this would be unwise, for you would not understand. Therefore, I will save my illustration for another opportunity within our group time, which we will have another opportunity! I will allow you to address to questions if you are wishing, or we may focus upon our game. It is your choice.

CATHY: I have some information that you already know about, but I’ll share it with everybody here, right in your presence: The fact that I taped over thirty minutes of the transcript that I was transcribing. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Another faux pas? (Grinning, followed by laughter)

RON: Did you tape something good? (He’s so sarcastic!)

CATHY: Well, I liked it! (Laughing) I was going to say accidentally, but there are no accidents.

ELIAS: This is very correct. Thank you.

CATHY: You’re welcome.

ELIAS: Honesty is very good; (pause) and I suppose that now you are wishing for reiteration of this time?

CATHY: Not at all.

ELIAS: Very good, for I am not disposed to give this to you. If you are listening within our time, or even if you believe yourself not to be listening (grinning at Ron), as your consciousness is present, you will incorporate the information; and as we are not writing a book yet, (pause) or we may be, (pause) or we may already have written the book (grinning at Vicki), it is not important. (Pause)

RON: Could you expound a bit more on our new game?

ELIAS: Our dream game! (Grinning) You have delivered an interesting piece to the puzzle of the new game. Actually, the puzzle is to form a new city. (Pause) Each of you may build what you wish, incorporating into this city. What I have expressed is that you remember that this city will be a reality. Therefore, choose selectively what you wish to incorporate into this city. You are building this place for others to view and inhabit, just as within your physical focus within your past, so to speak, ancient ruins are now viewed by you. You look to the excavations of ancient cities, and look to the focus of what is buried there, so to speak. You are looking to find answers within these ancient focuses; answers about yourselves, about other civilizations, about humanity, about physical focus. Each city originally was constructed within another area of consciousness.

Just as I have spoken with you of regional area two and your creativity which springs from that area of your consciousness, so also do all of your designs and constructs for any physical element. Therefore, your design is developed first with imagination. It exists in reality as it is being built. It may not physically manifest within this particular dimensional reality immediately; but as it is formed, it is being realized and actualized within reality in another dimension, which then will be inserted, as per your wish, into this reality, within what you call future physical focuses.

What will you wish for them to ponder as to you, and who you are, and your message to them in helpfulness? All of your physical history is helpful, to understand yourself and aspects of essence. Within this, you are incorporating the opportunity to be developing a new reality.

Do you not wonder, even a little, what transpired within the consciousness of man before the occurrence of your global religious focus? You, within your awareness, do possess access to this information, but your historians do not. Your scientists may not dig up reasons. Your scientists within your time period now, approaching your year of two thousand, still do not understand your pyramids. You have now the opportunity to build your own city, with your own message, beyond physical artifacts. You may incorporate into your city a consciousness into physical manifestation, which may go beyond your limited resources that you have available to you now.

As you approach your shift, you have the opportunity to create knowledge to be passed on to future focuses, to answer questions about your shift that they will have, for they will not remember the reality, just as you do not remember the reality of building pyramids. This also connects you together. This allows you the opportunity to connect with your group of essence, which may offer also helpfulness in additions to your city, with suggestions, and also impressions, and even language. Therefore, it is not only an activity for playfulness and fun, which it is, but it is also an activity for connecting with each other, with essence, and with your essence group.

As you are now beginning, barely beginning, to widen your awareness enough to incorporate the tiniest glimpse of the larger you, and the smallest fragment of essence, you now begin your journey for connecting and incorporating this awareness; using this awareness for more than only noticing, for more than only glimpsing, and then saying to yourself, “Oh, wow!” (Grinning, followed by laughter) You may incorporate your “Oh, wow,” and you may also initiate action with this, remembering always that your thoughts and your impressions and feelings are reality, and create reality. They are energy, and form a reality. (Long pause)

RON: “K.” I would like to connect myself to a redwood tree.

ELIAS: Ah! Now we move to the game! Incorrect. Try again.

RON: “K.” (Long pause)

ELIAS: One impression only? I might decide to become disappointed!

RON: I’ll have to think about it. I’ll give other people a chance.

ELIAS: Oh, and maybe you will receive an impression from another answer! (Grinning)

RON: I’m hoping! (Laughter)

CATHY: Well, I’d like to connect red with the sense of touch.

ELIAS: Very good! This would be correct. One point!

GUIN: I would like to connect Minerva with a zebra.

ELIAS: Minerva with a zebra ... incorrect.

GUIN: What about Minerva with a deer?

ELIAS: Incorrect. (Pause)

GUIN: How about the physical focus name for Minerva is Athena.

ELIAS: We are on a roll! (Laughter)

GUIN: (Laughing) I’ll pass for now. I’ll come back. I got more, but I’ll wait.

VICKI: Well, I have some game questions for some other people. Michael’s game question for this evening would be to connect blue with a tree.

ELIAS: This being quite obvious! Correct. One point!

VICKI: A game question for Yarr, to connect the same color of blue with the emotion of joy.

ELIAS: Correct. One point!

VICKI: And my game question for this evening, to connect Marshuka with a dandelion.

ELIAS: Correct. One point!

ELIZ: “K.”

ELIAS: Ah! Elizabeth may try again!

ELIZ: “K.” I wanted to connect, I wanted to know if purple’s plant was an African violet.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

ELIZ: Okay. The emotion for purple, is it passion?

ELIAS: Correct. One point!

ELIZ: Okay. Thank you.

TOM: How about James with blue?

ELIAS: Incorrect.

TOM: James with yellow.

ELIAS: Correct. One point!

TOM: Thank you.

ELIAS: (Grinning) So, you have joined our game!

TOM: I got more questions, but I can’t get no more points.

ELIAS: This is also correct, although no point! (Laughter)

JERI: I have one. I’d like to connect Fromasch with indigo.

ELIAS: Correct. One point! (Here, there is group discussion about asking more than one game question in a session )

GUIN: I guess I can keep going now, huh? I would like to connect the sense of smell with Minerva.

ELIAS: This we will offer a point for, but we will also instruct that this is a partial answer. You may register a point for this.

GUIN: Thank you.

JERI: I have another one. I would like to connect myself with a gray fox.

ELIAS: (Grinning) You may ask this question at our next meeting. (To Ron) And have you jogged an impression?

RON: How about connecting Paul with the sense of sight?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Correct. One point!

GUIN: Elias, is places, such as countries, going to be incorporated into our game?

ELIAS: Correct! This I have been waiting for an individual to connect. We will offer an extra connection point for this incorporation, for as you are all aware, early within our game, Ron possessed this answer in viewing dark focus. Very good!

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: Our game is growing, and where will it end? It will not!

GUIN: Vicki, what about the one we talked about last week? Do you remember? (Vicki shakes her head no) When we were talking about other categories? (Pause) Would art ...?

ELIAS: Correct. You may incorporate this also (pause), which I will express, once again, very good to Sophia, for this also “should” have been realized much earlier, as we incorporate artfulness within our discussions, very much.

RON: So will this be forms of art, like music, and art, and dance, and that kind of a thing? (Elias nods) Okay.

ELIAS: Michael will definitely need a larger board now! I am quite sure that very soon we will be needing to incorporate an entire wall for all or our categories; clue for dream game! (Grinning widely amidst moans and groans, exclamations, and laughter from the group) Now I will break, and you may ask questions upon my return.

BREAK 7:49 PM.


ELIAS: And now, we continue with your questions. (Pause)

GUIN: Alright, I’ll ask a question. Is ... I have a question about the game. Is ... I forget how we worded it. Is gods going to be incorporated as a category?

ELIAS: Correct. I must make a comment here as to Sophia. She is experiencing extremes this evening, either incorporating all correct or all incorrect answers! (Grinning)

CATHY: Would these be the Greek-type gods?

ELIAS: (Grinning) These may be.

RON: Might be them Venusian gods, too! (Laughter) I have a question about other developmental focuses. I’m curious about your other developmental focuses; my curiosity being, when you are in those focuses, do you have the same awareness that you have now?

ELIAS: As you are physically manifest, initially you incorporate a partial awareness of essence and aspects of self. As you incorporate your full consciousness into your physical focus, you also forget. Therefore, as small children or infants you do possess a partial awareness; of other developmental focuses, of also non-physical focus, and of essence. This is a partial awareness, for you do not allow yourself the remembering of a wider awareness, for the reason that this would be confusing and distracting within physical consciousness.

You do not realize the intensity of directness that your consciousness must focus upon, within physical reality, in order to maintain a physical perspective. Within physical focus, if you were allowing your consciousness an awareness to all other aspects of essence, you would find your consciousness being quite scattered. It would not focus within one time period or one space location. It would fluctuate. Therefore, to develop and manifest a consistency within each manifestation, you place a direction on your consciousness, and you choose to forget other aspects of self.

Within this, you do not incorporate this initially. You make a choice, at a given moment, to initiate your forgetting; but even within physical focus, when you are remembering, you do not remember all of your awareness, only that which pertains to physical focus and manifestation. You may incorporate a remembering of developmental focuses, or of what you would term your “in-between” time of non-physical focus, which is after ending a particular developmental focus and before re-engaging in physical manifestation. You do remember those aspects of yourself and your consciousness. This also is part of the remembering that you are presently engaging in, as you approach your shift. This question alone should suggest to you that your awareness is moving to a wider point, for you would not normally ask such a question.

There is a division, so to speak, as you think of it within physical terms. In actuality, it is not a division. As we have spoken of veils, each veil is a forgetting. Each thing that you forget, you have chosen to forget. These things are all available to you; and within their proper times, you will choose to remember each of these aspects of awareness as they serve your widening, without causing trauma. Then you will remember. You will also incorporate a great deal of remembering as you approach this shift, for within your widening of awareness, you become more aware of other aspects of yourself which are also in need of your knowledge and awareness. In this, you initiate helpfulness to them, and also affect yourself through your helpfulness to them. These are rememberings. You may not necessarily, unless you are concentrating, be aware that you are remembering; but, as each of you are incorporating a conscious stride into a wider awareness, you will also be aware of each aspect of remembering that you choose to incorporate.

When you choose to end physical manifestation, you may still be incorporating aspects of yourself which are still physically focused and manifesting. They may continue to be remanifesting, although you choose to be in non-physical focus. Within this awareness, your job, so to speak, will be to oversee these aspects of yourself, and incorporate helpfulness and direction with them, managing parts of their consciousness to move more easily through their physical focus, or incorporating helpfulness in problem solving, and also initiating adventureness and creativity within these aspects of yourself.

As you widen, you move into an awareness where it becomes unnecessary, experientially, to be involved with physical aspects. Although you may choose to not physically remanifest, you, within your essence, may still require experience for information. In this, your aspects continue to be remanifesting, and you, within non-physical focus, exchange with them; they learning from you, you also learning from them. As you widen into the awareness where this becomes unnecessary, then you move into a position of interacting with other essences who are still interacting with physical aspects.

As I have expressed briefly previously, you may also, in dropping away divisions, think of this in the light of no separations. Therefore, you may think also that the aspects of essence may be all of the widening focuses within non-physical development also. Therefore, you may think of yourself, within physical focus, as being one awareness of physical experiences; while simultaneously, another you focuses non-physically, directing and interacting with you in helpfulness and creativity; and within another wider area of your essence is another aspect, which is instructing and helpful to the previous; and on, and on, and on, and no ending; each being in a state of becoming, each exchanging with the other and acquiring awarenesses from each other.

Therefore, there may be some areas of awareness which do not require the interaction, directly, of other areas of consciousness, but indirectly, they are all affecting of each other, and all intertwined; and without any aspect, at any point of awareness, all others are nullified. Therefore, each is equally important; this being also why I have expressed to you that you are the center of the universe, for each individual point of consciousness is the center, for without each point, there would be no other. Therefore, for individuals to be thinking in the manner of levels, or that one awareness is “better” than another awareness, is ludicrous; for each awareness is a becoming, and without each, there is no becoming.

RON: Do you, through Michael, in Michael’s other developmental focuses, do you interact with our other developmental focuses?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

RON: So this same kind of thing is happening in another focus, in another way?

ELIAS: Yes and no. I will say to you that within alternate focuses, this identical scene also occurs; but beyond this, there is much, much more. You each possess more aspects of self than you may count, and I also, and I interact with all of your aspects as you interact with all of your aspects, and you each cross over each other and interact with each other, within other aspects of self. You are not limited to only this developmental focus or dimension. You possess not only fragments and splinters and counterparts, but you also possess aspects of yourselves, within other areas of consciousness, which exist simultaneous to now, which are part of a whole of consciousness. These aspects, beyond manifestations, may appear temporarily, to exhibit physical manifestation simultaneous to your own, and may be an aspect of your consciousness, an issue that you are needing to challenge yourself to move through.

Therefore, you may manifest an aspect of yourself temporarily, and as the issue is resolved and the challenge eliminated, also the aspect is re-absorbed into your consciousness. Therefore, the physical manifestation would disappear. You may, in actuality, not ever physically meet this aspect, but the aspect exists, nonetheless; this being also a part of your consciousness which has creatively developed a means to be expressive of itself within physical focus, acting out, physically, experiences of challenges which you do not choose to actualize within your physical consciousness, but these issues within your consciousness are important experiences that you view within yourself. Therefore it is, as you see it, not enough to only concentrate, within your thinking, upon a subject. Therefore you project your consciousness, and create a physical reality and manifestation of this issue. It, in cooperation with you, resolves the challenge, and reincorporates together.

You are increasingly more complicated than you realize, but as your awareness grows, so also does your knowledge of the self. As you become more aware, your consciousness becomes more accepting of more information; and although you may initially find some confusion within the information, you will eventually absorb this information and incorporate an understanding; and this (holds hands apart at shoulder width) will become this (extends arms completely out).

Incorporating frustration is not boring; and sometimes, allowing concepts that you know are realities to just be, and waiting for your answer, is boring, sometimes, to some essences. (Grinning at Vicki)

VICKI: God forbid we should be bored! I do have a question.

ELIAS: Do not speak so loudly of this statement! You may, in actuality, arouse our gods, (laughter) who are also quite real!

VICKI: I have a couple of questions. My first question is, I wonder if you can give me any insight into the experience that I had several nights ago, directly after retiring for bed. (Pause)

ELIAS: I will ... you may discuss this issue with me individually, if you are wishing.

VICKI: Okay. My other question is regarding just a couple of brief dream memories that are curious; the couple of sentences having to do with pictures being reincorporated back together, and the pyramid, and the teepee.

ELIAS: And the game!

VICKI: And the game? I don’t know.

ELIAS: And you have collected a piece for our dream game, incorporating not only the shape but also the physical structures; for both of these structures, not exactly in this particular manner, unless you are choosing to incorporate them this way, are part of your construction of your city. Within your consciousness, you are identifying with known shapes. Now, build your own.

As to your dog and your baby; yes, they are a connection, this being the same viewing. This, I will express, is a connection in helpfulness, to understanding that things are not always what they appear to be; and within essence, you possess the ability to incorporate any form, and no form. Your essence does not possess one form. (Long pause)

GUIN: Boy, I really feel silly, but I have another game question. Is fabric one of the categories? (Moans and groans, and laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) You may incorporate this. I will allow this.

GUIN: Everybody else can get all the other stuff. I’ll just keep doing the categories, okay?

VICKI: If we’re going to have so ...

ELIAS: (Interrupting) Okay not!!! (Laughter)

RON: How about football players? (More laughter)

TOM: What about cars, trucks, stagecoaches,

ELIAS: (Interrupting) Incorrect, incorrect, incorrect!

GUIN: These are all just impressions that I keep getting.

TOM: I would like you to validate a dream, Elias. I had a dream that I was dead in a mine shaft.

ELIAS: This is a viewing of a developmental focus.

TOM: Okay. That helps a lot.

ELIAS: There are many dream focuses that incorporate symbolic meaning within this focus. There are also other moments, when you are engaged in your dream state, in which you are connecting and viewing other developmental focuses; this being a preparation also for the shift, in connecting with other aspects of self. If you are aware of aspects of yourself, you will understand what you will experience within the shift, for much of your experience, within your coming shift, will incorporate interaction with your own aspects. Therefore, if you are prepared by understanding that these are existing realities, this will be helpful. (Tom: Read this again! Love, Vicki)

TOM: Thank you. One other one. When I focus on my colors, blue keeps popping up constantly.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Congratulations for your connection!

TOM: Thank you for the help.

ELIAS: You are welcome. You may also be realizing that if you are experiencing difficulty, you may focus, and call to you this blue ...

TOM: (Interrupting) I do.

ELIAS: (Continuing) and it will be helpful, as it has already.

TOM: It has, and it goes to, that kind of pertains to ... Your exercise that you gave us, at the start of the meeting tonight, is similar to what I was doing today.

ELIAS: Now, focus upon the individual, and learn to know the individual.

TOM: I’m having a problem with that.

ELIAS: This requires focus.

TOM: (Interrupting) Spell that! (Elias just grins, and continues)

ELIAS: And also, we will offer, to Fromasch, an explanation of physical incorporation, for this being slightly different than the experience incorporated by Yarr. Yarr is experiencing a connection with healing energies of essence, this to become an outward expression of helpfulness to other individuals within physical focus. In difference to this experience, your experience is an incorporation of essence with also the healing essence of Miranda, which has incorporated with your own, to be healing of yourself. Therefore, unless you are choosing a probability of incorporating a creation of destructiveness, this essence intent is helpful and healing, and with your own essence cooperation, this shall be a positive moving in physical manifestation; this being why you have incorporated a physical expression and feeling associated with troublesome physical areas. You will be understanding that these areas have not been negatively affected, so to speak. They have been affected physically for your attention.

JERI: Thank you. (Pause)

VICKI: I have another little question I’ve wanted to ask for a long time, about my friend the piano player, who keeps popping up, and what’s the deal with him and you?

ELIAS: This is a complicated subject for explanation, for as I am not, in actuality, directly interacting with physical manifestation aspects of myself, I am also indirectly active with aspects of myself. Therefore, this essence, first of all, is a fragment, possessing its own essence, but being also aspect of my own.

VICKI: As Michael?

ELIAS: Correct. These are interesting aspects, choosing many similar probabilities within physical manifestation and paths, interestingly enough, and also both possessing great creativity, and also both not quite realizing the scope of this creativity; this aspect being a mirror image of one that I was quite fond of physically manifesting. (Grinning widely)

VICKI: I’ll say!

ELIAS: I have chosen this manifestation many times; this also being an individual essence though, which contains its own aspects, and chooses its own probabilities, and will choose its own manifestations; and also, as my awareness moves, this aspect will also move into another direction, not as connected, in your terms, to my awareness, as are you or Michael. I have wondered how much time would be elapsing, within your physical focus, for this issue of this aspect to be confronted, for it is quite obvious! (Grinning)

VICKI: Quite obvious!

ELIAS: Do you not think this is an attractive form? (Laughter)

VICKI: In more ways that one!

ELIAS: I was viewing this as quite attractive and quite desirable; just as your seven chooses fourteen-year-old focus over and over. Does this not strike you as a “coincidence?” Aspects are just popping up all over, in all directions!

VICKI: That one popped up quite a few years back.

ELIAS: It is quite amazing to me that within your physical focus, you are so concentrated within your consciousness that you limit your awareness only to your physical “now,” and that all of your “nows” are also now. Therefore, twenty years ago is now, also. It should not be amazing to you, excepting initially, that all of these connections have been incorporating for so many years, although they exist presently. (Long pause)

CATHY: I have a dream question. When I was spinning above my bed the other night, did I wake myself up because I was obviously spinning? Before I was spinning, I rose out of my body and turned to look at myself, and didn’t quite make it, and then I kind of rolled back over and started spinning, and then I woke up. Did I wake myself up because I was spinning, or, I don’t remember why I woke up.

ELIAS: You will wake yourself within certain times of an “OOB,” (Guin’s note: Way to go, Cathy!) for you are beginning; and within this beginning, sometimes you may frighten yourself if you push your consciousness too quickly into areas in which it is not prepared to go. Therefore, you possess automatic safeguards. Unfortunately, sometimes your automatic safeguards are placed on too automatic of a button, and it is difficult to change channels; for once you understand what you are accomplishing, then you may wish to be repeating and moving farther, and it may become more difficult to initiate, this being that your desire is conflicting with your automatic return button.

Your consciousness, within physical focus, is very strong. As I have discussed with you this evening, you have created this for a very good reason, and now you are uncreating it, but your physical awareness is quite used to the reality that you have accepted. It does not necessarily wish to remember, for it is comfortable within the state that it is. Therefore, your awareness, initially, does require some effort. This effort does not necessarily mean work, for at the same time that it is requiring effort, it is also requiring effortlessness, a letting go. It is not an effort requiring manipulation, but an effort in allowing your consciousness opportunities.

CATHY: Because I don’t remember being frightened at all. I remember waking up thinking it was really cool!

ELIAS: Fear does not always express itself consciously within an emotion or within a thought. There are times when your consciousness may incorporate fear, and you, within waking time, may be unaware of this fear. Any moment that threatens the identification of individuality of waking consciousness is perceived as a fear. Therefore, all is perceived as a threat. Therefore, it is blocked. Each time you allow your consciousness to widen or drift, you incorporate the element of fear of losing your individual identity. This, in actuality, will not occur, but your consciousness perceives this to be what is occurring, for it has forgotten many things. Therefore, this stands as a challenge. As you move through, the challenge dissipates. Understanding what you are accomplishing is helpful to eliminating the issue of fear.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: I will be dismissing myself now ...

TOM: (Interrupting) Well ...

ELIAS: (Continuing) and you may be thinking of our discussion this evening; and maybe, within your probabilities, at our next meeting you will incorporate more questions than this evening, other than game questions, and I will still be ready, (grinning) and I will bid you all a very loving and fond good evening.

JERI: Good evening to you, Elias. Adieu.

Elias departs at 9:36 PM.

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