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Saturday, October 03, 1998

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“The Belief System of Duplicity”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Ben (Albert), Julie (Listell), Rodney (Zacharie), and 11 new participants: Brenden (Brian), Danny (Erich), John (Jason), Val (Caliel), Ana, Harry, Jerry, Lee, Wayne, and two unnamed people.

Elias arrives at 7:01 PM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling) Welcome to new essences this evening! This evening, we shall discuss the belief system of duplicity. We have been discussing belief systems within our recent sessions, and I have moved in the direction of explanation with individuals that there are fewer belief systems than you realize, but there are many more aspects that are contained within these belief systems than you realize. I have offered the analogy that many of you are familiar with, of the bird cage, which has been quite helpful to many individuals within physical focus in understanding the concept of belief systems and their aspects and the affectingness of these aspects of belief systems.

The belief system itself is, as I have stated many times, a bird cage. The aspects of the belief system are all of the birds which are contained within the bird cage. All of these birds are quite animated, quite living, holding much energy, and are quite affecting, just as an actual bird within your physical focus which occupies a cage. It is requiring of attention and it is demanding of attention at times also. It requires food and water and care and also your attention and interaction, and the birds within the bird cage of the belief system – the aspects of belief systems – are quite similar. They are quite demanding of your attention also, and they move in the direction of wishing to be fed in like manner to your birds within physical focus, and you are quite efficient at feeding all of these aspects, for you DO pay attention to them and you reinforce them in energy, and this is how you feed them.

Now; I shall also briefly offer to you that within the action of this shift in consciousness, the point is to be opening the door to these bird cages and allowing the birds to fly free, therefore neutralizing the belief system by emptying the aspects from the belief system – emptying all of the birds from the bird cage – and in this action, you are not eliminating the belief system. You are not discarding the cage. You are merely emptying the cage and the demandingness of the cage, and you may allow yourselves to be using these cages subsequently, ornamentally, within your own creativity, and you may alter them into whatever design you are choosing, reconstructing their energy into more efficient and beneficial energy.

Therefore, I express once again, the point is not to be eliminating belief systems or to be altering belief systems, but to be accepting of these belief systems that you hold, for they are an intricate element of your physical focus and they may not be eliminated from your physical focus. They are a part of its design. You have created this reality incorporating belief systems. They are intricate to it. They ARE your reality. Therefore, we do not seek to be eliminating of them, but to be accepting of them.

The acceptance of a belief system, the allowance of the birds to be flying free, is to be recognizing each of these birds and not creating a judgment, for acceptance is the lack of judgment, and each time that you allow yourself to move into the direction of non-judgment any longer concerning any aspect of a given belief system, you are allowing a bird to fly free and you are emptying another bird from the cage.

The belief system of duplicity is slightly different from all of your other belief systems, for this belief system is intimately involved with ALL of the aspects of ALL of your belief systems. There is no belief system or aspect of a belief system that this one belief of duplicity does not affect. It is influencing and affecting of EVERY movement that you accomplish. This is the belief system of good and bad and right and wrong, and this belief system attaches itself to EVERY aspect of EVERY other belief system. There is no action that you create within physical focus that this particular belief system does not enter into. Even within the smallest directions of creations that you may engage within physical focus, you involve the belief system of duplicity.

As you choose to awake within your day, how you choose to awake, is influenced by duplicity. Every movement that you create within physical focus is influenced by this belief system – whether you shall adorn yourselves with certain types of clothing, with certain types of shoes, how you shall place them upon your physical form, in what order shall you place them upon your physical form! How you shall brush your hair, how you shall eat your breakfast, whether you shall eat your breakfast! Every movement – how you engage your physical walking across your room. Are your feet pointed within the correct direction? Is this good or is this bad? Do your feet point to each other and meet each other? This shall be bad! Do your feet point away from each other? This shall be bad! Do your feet point straightly ahead? This shall be good! These are all judgments. This is all duplicity. These are very small examples of the intricacies of this belief system of duplicity, but this belief system is much more affecting than how your feet shall point, for this belief system is quite affecting of YOU and how you view yourselves and how you interact with yourselves, and how you interact with other individuals.

This is the belief system that is the most greatly creating of judgments, and positive and good is also a judgment. It is opposing bad or negative. It is no less a judgment than what you perceive to be unacceptable. It also is a very insidious judgment, and this is the camouflage of duplicity, for it is quite changeable. It is quite acclimating to all of your camouflages, to all of your belief systems, to all of your thoughts and feelings, and may mold itself in many different manners that may be quite deceiving.

In this, you create judgments of good and right and acceptable, and you justify all of your own judgments, and you justify your lack of acceptance of yourselves and of other individuals, and this is also quite influenced by fear. You are fearful of the unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar is piercing the veil of you, recognizing you as YOU.

But you have created within this dimension the veil of separation, and you have forgotten what you are as essence. You have forgotten the whole of you, all of your abilities, and the gloriousness of yourselves, and in this it becomes unfamiliar, and you do not easily move in the area of unfamiliarity.

Duplicity holds you in the familiar, in the uncomfortable, and it is quite reinforcing of itself! This belief system has been fed so very much that there is no bird that may match the size of this particular bird! No creature upon your planet may match the size of this particular well-fed bird, and this bird is quite efficient at changing colors. It also may change its size, that it may “appear to disappear” to you, and you may express to yourself, “I have viewed this bird, I have set this bird free, and I no longer must be dealing with this particular monstrous bird!” But you merely do not see that this monstrous bird has changed itself quite efficiently [and is] invisible temporarily, merely to elude you and move you into the thought process of deluding yourself in your thinking that it is gone, and as you are thinking that it is gone, you may be perpetuating all of the aspects of all of your other belief systems, and you shall move directly into your own justifications.

(Humorously) Justification is quite a friendly bird to duplicity! They have established quite a relationship, and may be seen with each other quite often! Therefore, be aware, where one lurks, the other is not far behind! (Laughter)

Defensiveness is another aspect of justification. You have created so very many birds in this area that you may look to other individuals and their interactions, and you may express to yourselves YOUR worthiness, YOUR goodness, YOUR great acceptance of all other elements and other individuals, and you may be acknowledging greatly of yourselves in your justifications, but these stem from the lack of acceptance of self. (Here, somebody opens the door) You may enter!

As you hold a lack of acceptance of self, you automatically project this outwardly to other individuals. It is, as I have stated previously, as a ball rolling down a hill, continuing to roll and roll and gain momentum, for all you need be accomplishing is offering this ball one little push, and it shall create its own speed and its own energy and its own momentum, carrying you along with it, but this is not an element outside of yourselves. This is an aspect of you, for it is your belief systems, and your belief systems create your perception, and your perception creates your reality.

Your perception is, there is a cup upon your table. You each view this cup differently. It may be very slight differences within your visuals, but each of you shall perceive the cup slightly different, and in this, the cup is, in reality, how you perceive it. It is not independent of you. It is an element that you have created. Therefore, how you perceive it IS its reality.

Now; in this, each of you holds different perceptions within your reality. They are no less real than any other perception of reality. They are different, but within your belief systems – and the bird of duplicity creeping around the corner once again! – you automatically move in the direction of your own perception, that this is absolute and truth, and all other individuals shall perceive the same as you perceive, for you perceive reality, and if they not perceiving what you are perceiving, they are not perceiving reality! Absolutely! (Somebody must have been nodding here, as Elias was grinning and nodding at somebody when he said, “Absolutely!”)

Very incorrect, for their perception is reality also! And in this, your duplicity enters once again and offers you an explanation and expresses to you, “Very well. I may be accepting of this concept. Their reality is their reality for themselves, but it is not reality! It is merely their reality for themselves. It is their perception, and therefore it is their reality. It is not my reality and is not THE reality, but it is their reality.”

(Humorously) For you all are very aware that there is a “THE reality” which is independent of your reality or your reality or your reality (looking at different people), for all of your realities are merely your realities, and there is an independent reality which is THE official reality. Of course, none of you perceive the official reality, for it escapes you all, for you are very busy perceiving your own reality (laughter) and holding your attention in this area!

But you have quite efficiently moved into the direction of offering yourselves this explanation, which then moves you into the comfortability of expressing to yourselves, “It matters not that another individual perceives differently, for their reality is their reality.” No. There is no official “THE reality.”

There is a combined collective of a created concept of reality which you all participate within, and therefore you each view an object that you term to be a cup, although each cup is different. There is not one cup set upon your table. There are many cups set upon your table which occupy the same space arrangement, all of which are equally reality, and each of you creates each cup. I have expressed this example previously, but in conjunction with this subject of duplicity, it serves to be reiterating of this particular example with the cup, for this you may view clearly within your own thought process, how you camouflage your own duplicities.

You place judgments upon other individuals’ perceptions, for they are not the same as yours. You may offer an excuse for other individuals which you term to be an “allowance for their perception,” but in actuality, what you are creating is a judgment, and the judgment is not acceptance, and acceptance is the point.

Each of you within this forum encounters other individuals that you may be experiencing conflict with, within one degree or another. Even within the degrees of conflict, you enter your duplicity by expressing that certain conflicts are more important or bigger or stronger or worse than other conflicts. They are all conflicts. It matters not. You merely choose within responsiveness to your duplicity to be creating of degrees of drama attached to your conflicts. If they are very, very bad conflicts, you shall be creating very strong drama! If they are mild conflicts, you may be creating of mild expressions with regard to them. At certain time periods, you may be engaging intense drama with your conflicts and creating what you term to be your temper tantrums! (Laughter) For this is quite expressive and creative and also quite affecting of the situation, as we are all aware! If you are creating a temper tantrum, it shall immediately alter the reality of the conflict. I think not! (Chuckling, followed by silence)

This has been quite interesting! I truly DO think not! (Laughing) For I hold no thought process! (Laughing harder – Elias is cracking himself up!)

This belief system of duplicity holds great importance within the action of this shift, that you be addressing to this particular belief system and recognizing its affectingness in every aspect of your focus and within all of your actions. Many individuals inquire, “How may we move in the direction of peacefulness, of lovingness, of altering our reality?” Acceptance of self and the acceptance of the belief system of duplicity and rendering this particular belief system neutral shall be affecting of ALL of your other belief systems, and shall be automatically creating of the byproduct of allowing you to more easily move into the area of acceptance of all of your other belief systems.

Each time you are creating of any type of judgment, you are engaging duplicity. I challenge you each to hold an awareness, within merely one day within your focus, of how many times you engage duplicity, and you may be surprising yourselves, for you engage this belief system continuously!

We shall break, and you may inquire with your questioning if you are so choosing ... and if I am so choosing, I may be responding to your inquiries! (Grinning, and laughter) And I shall be returning to your fond company shortly.

RESUME 8:12 PM. (Arrival time is 9 seconds.)

Vic’s note: Again, I’ll be doing some guessing as to who is asking questions, mostly based on trying to recognize voices I’ve heard before. It really would be helpful if ya’ll would state your names!

ELIAS: Continuing, and you may engage your questioning if you are so choosing.

ANON: Elias, how are you?

ELIAS: As always! (Grinning, and laughter)

ANON: I know that you were discussing a lot about our belief systems, and that it is really important for us to look at the belief systems, and I know that we created these belief systems to begin with, and I’m wondering why it’s necessary for us to change them. I guess they’re not really serving us any more, but how is this going to help us, to change them?

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you that you are not changing the belief systems. You are merely moving in the direction of accepting the belief systems. There IS a difference.

In your thought processes, you think to yourselves that if you are changing your belief systems, this shall be affecting of your reality and be creating of more efficiency within your reality.

In actuality, what you are accomplishing in the action of changing a belief system is not changing a belief system! The belief system remains. What you ARE moving into is changing your perception or your viewpoint, so to speak. You have moved your viewing from one aspect of the belief system to a different aspect of the belief system, but the first aspect that you have been viewing continues to remain within the cage. You merely are not focusing your attention upon that particular bird any longer. You are focusing your attention upon a different bird.

At times, you may even move in the direction of viewing the same bird, but viewing different angles of the same bird. Initially you view the head of the bird, and then, in attempting to “change your belief system,” you move your attention to the tail of the bird, or you occupy your attention with the colors of the bird or the size of the bird.

The bird continues to remain within the cage. The belief system remains the same. You are merely moving your attention in different directions. This is altering of your perception, but it is not accepting a belief system.

The point of accepting a belief system is to be not eliminating the belief system, but to be eliminating the judgment, and if you are eliminating the judgment, you are also greatly affecting of your conflict that you create within yourselves and within each other. And this would be the point, for within this shift in consciousness, you move in the direction of creating a new type of reality.

In this, I am not expressing that within the accomplishment of this shift you shall be altering your physical form, and you shall be moving about your planet as strange, unusual-looking little creatures and that you shall be consuming of strange vegetation, and that the entirety of your planet and your existence within this physical focus shall be altered radically within these types of manners, but the entirety of your reality SHALL be altered in different respects, and these alterations ARE quite radical, in a manner of speaking.

How you perceive your reality as it is established presently shall be altered. Your structure of your reality shall be different. I have offered information in this once, and I have expressed to individuals that I shall not move in the direction of often repeating that information, for that moves in the direction of what you perceive to be predictions, and I choose not to be lending energy in this direction, for this is another belief system.

I have offered information previously as to the action of this shift and how it shall be definitively altering of your reality in very radical manners, but I also am not moving in the direction of perpetuating your own belief systems in the areas of prophecies and crystal balls and predictions, for all actions are, as you are aware, probabilities, and therefore they are not concrete. They are very changeable within every moment, and although some probabilities are more probable than other probabilities in their actualization into this particular physical dimension, they are probabilities. Therefore, they are not absolutes.

There are no absolutes! You WANT absolutes, but there are no absolutes! In this, your acceptance of your belief systems allows you to hold an opinion concerning your belief systems, that you may choose to move within them or you may choose not to move within them, but you create no judgment that you attach to them. There is no right or wrong or good or bad that concerns your choices. They are recognized as merely choices, and in this you offer yourselves tremendous freedom, and this be the point.

For within the alignment of these belief systems and the movement of all of the aspects of these belief systems and all of your judgments which are attached to these aspects of belief systems, you limit your own expressions, your own acceptance, and your own creativity. You create limits upon yourselves, and in this, as you allow yourselves to be accepting of belief systems, you not only open the door for the birds to fly free, but you also open the door for the freedom of your own creativity and your own expressions.

You guard yourselves. You do not allow the freedom of your expression, for you fear how this shall be perceived by another individual. You shall guard how you speak, what energy you project, how you think, for you hold an awareness that thought is energy, and although other individuals do not engage their inner sense of telepathy and actively engage in mind-reading with you, you DO hold an awareness that in some subjective manner THEY hold an awareness of your energy, which you project through your thought processes, which is translated as energy projected outward from your physical form in the direction of other individuals.

And do not delude yourselves into the thought process that other individuals are unaware of your projections of energy! It is unnecessary to physically view, to see or hear or touch energy, to KNOW that it is present and to KNOW that it is being manipulated.

You all have encountered experiences with other individuals in which you KNOW what another individual is thinking, and they may say nothing. You may not allow yourselves to engage this continuously, but you ALL have created this experience within your focus. Not one individual has not experienced this particular action! It is natural to you. It is a movement of your inner senses, which ARE natural to you. You merely do not open yourselves to actively engaging these inner senses continuously, but regardless that you notice the workings of these inner senses, they ARE working and you DO allow yourselves to be connecting to their workings occasionally.

Therefore, you hold an awareness that it matters not that another individually, physically, audibly expresses to you. You hold an awareness of their energy and of their thought processes.

(Firmly) There are no secrets within essence!

You may move in the direction within physical focus of fooling yourselves and deceiving yourselves that you hold the ability to be creating secrets from other individuals, but within essence there are no secrets, for there are no judgments. And in this, it matters not what you choose to be creating! You create your secrets, for you hold duplicity and you engage this belief system. You do not move in the direction of secretiveness if you are not creating a judgment that you have engaged something bad or unacceptable or that you fear other individuals shall place a judgment upon, but you have already placed a judgment upon your very creation! This be the reason that you are creating of this shift and that you are addressing to these belief systems, for your own freedoms.

How very often do you each engage the thought of how very liberating it may be that you may express yourselves without limitation? And if you are accepting belief systems you discontinue judgment, and therefore you MAY express yourselves in all of your creations, in all of your thought process, in all of your emotions, in all of your directions of all of your expressions, for it shall matter not. It shall not be hurtful to other individuals, for they shall not be engaging judgment, and it shall not be hurtful to yourself, for YOU shall not be engaging judgment, and THIS is the point.

ANON: Thank you.

ELIAS: If you are so choosing, you may engage Michael to be accessing the information that I have offered previously within our one session, to be offering a brief explanation of the alterations of reality that shall be accomplished within the action of this shift and its completion. (This is #233, 11/2/97) And, you are welcome.

RODNEY: To view something as being beautiful, is that not a judgment? And if that be a judgment, then where is the duplicity?

ELIAS: Yes, this is a judgment and this would be an expression of duplicity, for in viewing an element as beautiful, you are creating a comparison that another element is not beautiful, and in this you are incorporating your duplicity.

As I have stated, you move in the direction of viewing the action of your duplicity ONLY when you are noticing of negative elements or what you view to be bad, unacceptable, or wrong. THIS shall attain your attention and you shall recognize that you are moving in the direction of duplicity, for this appears obvious to you that it is a judgment. You do not so easily move into this noticing of judgment if you are expressing that an element is good or right or beautiful or positive, and this is the very nature of duplicity.

RODNEY: It almost sounds like it takes a little juice out of life!

ELIAS: No. It APPEARS in this manner to you presently, for you are steeped within this belief system of duplicity, and it is what is familiar to you.

I speak to you of joyfulness – which in your interpretation and in your understanding is translated into great happiness – and beauty. As I express to you of joyfulness, I am not expressing of happiness. This is an emotion. I am not expressing to you of beauty in the terms that you understand within physical focus. I am expressing of liberation and of freedom, which is not necessarily attached to an emotion, but you translate this into an emotion.

Now; I am not expressing to you that your emotions are bad! You have created this particular dimension to be experiencing emotion and sexuality. Therefore, this is not bad. It is what you have created for the experience within physical form. Some elements of your reality are not necessarily elements that attach to emotion or sexuality, but are reality and may be incorporated into your reality.

This also is the point of this shift in consciousness, to expand your awareness and allow you the ability to incorporate more into your physical experience, more of essence and the expression of essence and the remembrance of essence into your physical expression and your physical focuses within your mundane reality. I do not express mundane in the terms that you automatically move into, as boring, but that this is your routine, so to speak, your every day, and in this every day reality, you may incorporate much more freedom and much more of an expansiveness of your own expressions.

Within this shift, you shall not discontinue emotion! This IS a basic unit, so to speak, of this particular dimension. Therefore, you shall continue to be experiencing emotion, but you shall experience emotion by choice. (Emphatic pause)

Within this present now, you ARE choosing the emotions that you experience, but you do not view yourselves to be choosing. You do not see your reality and how you are creating your reality. Therefore, your perception is that you are not always creating your reality and that you are experiencing certain elements of your reality in responsiveness to other individuals’ creations, or they are thrust upon you, or you are the victim of other individuals’ creations or situations.

In this, as you move in the action of this shift and allow yourselves more of an awareness, as you are widening your awarenesses and expanding your periphery, you allow yourselves to experience the fullness of your emotions and your sexuality which you have created within this dimension, and you shall know why and how you are creating of each direction and event.

You shall not surprise yourself with your creation, for you shall understand why you are creating of it. This is also not to say that you shall hold no surprise within this physical dimension, for you shall continue to incorporate surprise, but not within the areas that you do not wish surprise.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

RODNEY: I have another question! (Laughter) There’s a rather large bird cage down in Washington D.C., and it’s called “inappropriate sexual behavior.” (Laughter) There’s a lot of birds in this cage!

ELIAS: Ah! THIS is an aspect of the bird cage that we have been discussing recently, of relationships! These are not the bird cages. These are the birds within the cages! (Grinning)

RODNEY: Is this kind of activity on such a large scale – I’m talking about the discussion on a national level of these kinds of relationships; it’s rather new and unique to this country – is this in any way a part of this shift?

ELIAS: Absolutely; yes. This is lending energy to mass awareness and is moving many individuals into directions that they may not have perceived themselves moving into previously and into more of an acceptance in many areas and many directions, for the more that these political individuals create attention in this direction, drawing your focuses to the unacceptability of certain behaviors, the more they are affecting in moving within consciousness the lending of energy to all of you to be more accepting of behaviors within physical focus, recognizing that it matters not.

Therefore, I express to you that there are many times within your physical focus that mass expressions and mass movements may be occurring that appear, upon what you term to be the surface, as moving in one direction, and in actuality they may be accomplishing of a very different action, and the action that they may be accomplishing may be quite beneficial to you all en masse.

RODNEY: Would you say the same thing about the current economic climate of the world?

ELIAS: This would be quite in compliance with this information that I have expressed that you may access, of this one session that I have offered in the direction of the alteration of your reality within this shift in consciousness and its completion, for this is a beginning movement in evidence of this shift in consciousness and the alteration of your reality, and it shall be quite affecting!

Within your present terms, it may not necessarily appear to be “getting better” within your belief systems and within your expressions of duplicity, for if it is returning to its accepted state of being, it shall not be altering of future probabilities, which are altering of your economic status and exchange, which shall be quite different futurely!

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

FEMALE: Could I feel your energy if I touch you?

ELIAS: If you are allowing yourself to be open to this. I shall not be projecting energy to individuals, for this shall be intrusive, but you may be accepting of it, if you are so choosing.

FEMALE: Okay, may I?

ELIAS: You may. (She moves closer)

FEMALE: Where shall I touch you?

ELIAS: It matters not! (Chuckling, and laughter) (She grasps Mary’s hands; there is a 20-second pause) I offer great affection to you.

FEMALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ANON: Elias, I’d like to know the essence name and family of my friend here.

Vic’s note: Here, Rodney says a name that I cannot distinguish, and Anon repeats the name, but I still cannot hear it.

ELIAS: Essence name, Brian. Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari. (According to Mary, this is Brenden’s essence name)

ANON: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VAL: May I ask that same question? (Val was also offered by Mary)

ELIAS: Essence name, Caliel; C-A-L-I-E-L. (pronounced ka-leel’) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda.

VAL: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: (To Danny) Essence name, Erich; E-R-I-C-H. Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Gramada. Welcome to you, little one! (Smiling)

DANNY: Thank you. (Danny is 11 years old)

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

Vic’s note: I would like to thank everybody for their clarity in offering their names throughout this session! Actually, the one person who consistently offers his name is Rodney, and he’s the one person whose voice I’d know anywhere! I appreciate the effort, Rodney, and thanks for keeping notes, Mary! Oh yeah, acceptance....

ANON: Elias, can I ask a question for Michael?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

ANON: I choose! I was wondering if there was anything that you could impart to me to offer to Michael, for this time that Michael is going through right now that’s been quite painful.

ELIAS: Michael moves swiftly in this area of understanding belief systems and the acceptance of belief systems, and in this, he also holds an awareness of his own choices for interactions. I express to you that you may offer to him that he may not be affecting of another individuals’ choices. Desire within an individual, no matter its greatness, may not move another individual into choices. Each individual creates their own choices. You may be influencing of another individual, but each individual ultimately is creating of their own choices.

I am quite understanding of the emotional compassion that you are offering in expression to Michael. I am also quite aware of the emotional expression that Michael is experiencing and creating within himself presently. Many times you move in the direction of wishing to be uncreating of certain emotional experiences, for you view them to be uncomfortable and bad ... which, once again, aligns with our very discussion this evening!

In this, as he moves into a direction of acceptance of the knowing of self, and the understanding that other individuals are creating of their expression ... but this is not necessarily necessary, to be allowing this to be penetrating of your energy field. (Great example of Mary “moving close” here!)

I have offered the visualization and exchange with Michael previously in regard to the allowance of expression and not the allowance of penetration, and he may be incorporating this exercise and focus of his attention, and this may be helpful.

It may also be helpful to be recognizing the action within imagery which is being created. There are no accidents! There are reasons that you each create all of your probabilities. Michael, as he moves, is not a victim, and he holds an awareness of this. But you may hold an awareness of being not a victim, and you may incorporate emotion! Your physical dimension is based upon the experience of emotion! Some of the emotions that you create are uncomfortable, but they are not bad. They are merely moving through probabilities.

Some of your uncomfortable emotions within experiences are a thickness of energy that you are moving yourselves through, and therefore you perceive this as hurtful or uncomfortable, but as you move through the thickness, you emerge into release. The thickness is temporary. Emotions, feelings of painfulness, are a thickness of energy.

ANON: Thank you, Elias. I think that I need to change the tape, on Michael’s behalf. Would that be alright?

ELIAS: Very well. We shall break, if you are so choosing, and continue, or we may be discontinuing. What be your answer?

ANON: I don’t want to make the decision for everyone! (Laughter)

RODNEY: Well, let’s continue!

ELIAS: Very well. You may engage your electrical equipment, and I shall return shortly!

ANON: Thank you, Elias.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

RESUME 9:29 PM. (Arrival time is 8 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing. (7-second pause) No presentment of your inquiries? (Grinning)

WAYNE: Hi! My name is Wayne. (Thanks, Wayne!) I have a question. I recently bought a personal computer, 266 megahertz, but maybe six months later, I see 450 megahertz. It appears to me that the speed of these external machines ... something is speeding up rapidly, so it must be reflecting something going on with the larger transition. I was wondering, it must be taking us somewhere. The speed is speeding up somewhere. I was wondering if you could enlighten me as to where this might be going.

ELIAS: You are quite correct! Within physical focus you create objective imagery to mirror your own movements, and within the area of your technology you mirror quite efficiently with your inventions, your own abilities, and your own knowings. All of your creations of your inventions that you move into are all expressions of known information that you hold.

Think you not that it is quite interesting within physical focus that within this time period of this particular century, you have created within your technology more inventions within one time period than within all of your history? And within this century is the movement of your shift in consciousness, and as this shift in consciousness accelerates and moves into your next century, you shall be creating of more objective imagery that mirrors what you know within you.

Your technology advances at great speed, for YOU are advancing at great speed within the action of this shift. Consciousness is moving within an intensity and continues to build within this intensity, and in this you shall view more and more evidences of this. I have expressed many times that your science fiction is more true than you think and may be viewed more in the direction of science fact than science fiction, for all that you may imagine, you may also create. You hold the ability! It is merely a question of your own accessing of your own abilities within your own trust of yourselves, and as you move in these directions, you continue to be creating of more and more objective imagery that moves you farther and farther into your science fact.

WAYNE: But where is the long-term for us, or the short-term? Where is this taking us? Obviously, as a mass consciousness, that example is showing us that we’re moving in frequency or speed somewhere. Something is either happening to the planet or the systems of worlds and we’re being taken along for the ride, or we’re....

ELIAS: Or you are creating of the ride! You are not being “pulled along!” You are creating of this collectively together. You have chosen to be in agreement in creating this shift in consciousness, and this is where you are moving to. You are moving to the creation of a new expression of your reality, a complete alteration of your physical reality as you know it. In this, not only your technology shall advance and be created differently, but all of your reality shall be altered and shall be different.

This is a global shift in consciousness. It is not limited to merely this small location. It is an agreement within ALL of the essences which have chosen to be physically manifest within this dimension. This shift in consciousness is limited to this dimension, for it is a choice of this particular dimension, but it shall move you into much more open frontiers of creating, and THIS is where you are “going,” so to speak!

WAYNE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JOHN: I have two questions, Elias. My name is John. (Thanks, John!) The first one is, can you tell me my essence name and family?

ELIAS: Essence name, Jason; J-A-S-O-N. Essence family, Gramada; alignment, Sumafi.

JOHN: Thank you. The second question is, during the break we were talking about the energy which we project, something which you talked about earlier, and I guess you’ve talked about the eight centers of alignment within us with which we project the energy, and I was wondering if you could tell me personally where you see maybe misalignments. And if there IS something out of alignment, what exercises beyond those which you have told Michael in previous sessions can be done to help put the energy centers back into alignment? (25-second pause)

ELIAS: You hold affectingness within the radiation of several of these energy centers. You may be choosing to be focusing your attention upon elements that you view to be stressful within your focus, for you are translating this energy into a holding of energy within certain physical areas, and in this you are affecting the radiating of these energy centers. One energy center is affected within its rotation.

You may be aligning of all of these energy centers, but I shall be expressing to you that if you are moving in the direction of noticing elements that are triggering, so to speak, anxieties within you, that you move into automatically, you may be affecting of the blocking of energy which is affecting of these energy centers and how they are radiating.

The energy centers within the upper portion of your physical body radiate upward. In this, some of these energy centers also radiate outward. You are allowing the radiating of upward movement, but not outward, and in this action you are also holding to your own energy.

Within the rotation and the radiation of energy centers within the lower portion of your physical body, your orange energy center radiates outward – not up, not down, but outward – and in this you are affecting of the radiating of this particular energy center also. This energy center is governing of sexuality, and you are holding to energy in this area. As you allow yourself to address to these issues, you may be quite affecting of your own spin and radiation of your own energy centers, which shall also be affecting of your energy field which surrounds you.

JOHN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Brief pause)

FEMALE: Okay, if nobody else has a question, I have two. I know you’ve talked about, in another transcript I’ve read, that we need to experience three sexualities in physical focus – homosexual, heterosexual, and other – and I wanted to find out....

ELIAS: Allow me to be correcting! (Laughter) You are experiencing three sexual orientations: one male, one female, one “other,” which you designate as homosexuality.

FEMALE: Oh, okay. Can you tell me again my essence name, which I’ve forgotten, and....

ELIAS: Ah, another individual that moves in this direction! This shall be offered to you by Michael. I have moved into an expression of not continuing to be offering essence names to individuals for a reason, and this reason is that this is promoting of your own energy to be paying attention! (Grinning, and laughter)

FEMALE: Well, then you can cancel out that second question!

ANON: Elias, I wanted to know ... first of all, you didn’t spell Brenden’s essence name. I think it was Brian.

ELIAS: It is unnecessary, for you hold the spelling of this essence name. I do not offer spelling with all essence names, for many times essence names are spelled in the same manner that you spell them within your physical language. At times they are sounding the same as your language, but the spelling, as the choice of tone of the essence, may be translated differently. Therefore, in such situations, I am offering of the spelling.

I am also holding of an awareness that there are different time periods that I may be offering of spelling of what you term to be a common naming, for Lawrence may not be understanding of my expression and not understanding within what he terms to be accent, and is quite questioning of how I may be pronouncing of certain words. Therefore, at times, to be compliant with his transcribing, I may be offering of spellings, but this particular name is quite clear and not needing of physical spelling! (Laughter) Therefore, it has not been offered.

ANON: Is this Brian’s last time in this physical focus? (Pause)

ELIAS: This choice of probabilities has not been created yet. Therefore, it remains within the area of a choice, and may be created in the direction of becoming a final focus or may not be a final focus, for the choice has not been accomplished yet.

ANON: Hmm! Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

FEMALE: I have a question, Elias, with regard to identity. Do we have as individuals a certain vibration, a certain tone that translates into a sound, like in the scale?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. You hold a tone of essence, which is the identification of the totality of personality energy of essence. This term of tone is not a sound. It is a vibrational quality, but it may be translated in part into physical focus within language or within what you term to be tone of sound. You may access this sound through the word, which is the translation within language of your tone; that which we designate as your essence name.

In this, as you allow yourself to be connecting with your individual essence name, you shall feel the tone resonate within you. You may move your physical voice through different sounds of your name, and you shall notice a certain vibrational tone that shall resonate within your physical form as you audibly speak this name; which you hold an awareness that if you are connecting with a tone parallel to another tone within physical sound, if you are accomplishing the same pitch, you shall feel an actual physical feeling within your physical body. You can feel within your chest and within your throat a resonating vibration as you connect with the same pitch of a tone as another tone, be it a creation of a musical instrument or another individual. As you connect with the same pitch, you shall feel a physical vibration. In like manner, as you connect with your essence tone through your essence name, you may feel an actual physical vibration resonating.

FEMALE: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (To Danny) And little one! You are wishing of a question?

DANNY: Sort of. What’s it like for someone to be talking through you? What does it feel like?

ELIAS: How does it feel to engage someone to speak through you? This would be in actuality a question to be offering to Michael, for he is within physical focus and may answer this question to you within physical terms.

But I may also say to you that within essence there is an interconnectedness, a mergence of essences, of energies, and how this may be translated to a feeling that you may understand is similar to the feeling of your wind that blows through you. (Smiling)

DANNY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

RODNEY: I have one more. Would you distinguish again the distinction between duality and duplicity? (Good question, Rodney!)

ELIAS: I am aware that your new religion of your metaphysics moves in the direction of designating duality as the same as duplicity, but in actuality, I am quite careful in my choice of words that I offer to you in explanation of these belief systems and concepts.

Duality is suggestive of two, or a double of elements. Duplicity, although it incorporates what you term to be opposites, it is not necessarily merely two. It is an incorporation of very different conflicting elements within you simultaneously, in opposition to each other. Duality does not always suggest conflict or opposing elements. You may hold duality in certain areas that may complement each other. Within duplicity, these elements of the belief system that you hold do not complement each other. They are opposing of each other and creating of conflict.

RODNEY: In other words, the north pole and the south pole are complementary ...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ... dualities.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: They are not in conflict.

ELIAS: They are not within conflict. Duplicity IS within conflict. It is a creation of conflict.

RODNEY: What was that? I didn’t hear.

ELIAS: Duplicity is a creation of conflict.


ELIAS: And where you hold duplicity, you also hold conflict.

RODNEY: Right. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

Very well! I shall be discontinuing for this evening. (Turning to Danny and smiling)

I shall offer to our small one this evening an exercise that you may investigate. I shall offer to you that you hold another focus of essence, much of the same age as yourself, another little person that holds the name of Rah. This individual occupies the location of what you term to be India, and he is quite curious, and you may offer yourself the opportunity to be meeting this little individual as another focus of yourself who has engaged physical focus within your linear time framework of 1832.

GROUP: Wow! (murmur murmur)

ELIAS: To you this evening, I bid you each much affection, and I offer to you all a very fond au revoir!

GROUP: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:59 PM.

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