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Sunday, January 31, 1999

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“Energy Centers”

“Beliefs about Weight”

“The Creation of Disease”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 12:46 PM. (Arrival time is 30 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JIM: Good morning, Elias! As always?

ELIAS: As always! (Grinning)

Vic’s note: This really cracked me up, Jim!

JIM: Yes, indeed! I have some questions this morning ... if you can help me out?

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

JIM: Thank you. First, I’d like to start with our energy centers. Do our creatures incorporate the white, black, and magenta energy centers as well, in connection with Regional Areas 2 and 3?


JIM: And all of their physical elements of themselves correspond to the different energy centers as well, as within us, right?

ELIAS: Correct. You all hold the same energy centers in the same positions, yes.

JIM: Okay, the immune system – I don’t know if we’ve gone over that. What energy center would the immune system be connected with? (Pause)

ELIAS: This would be associated partially with your red energy center and partially with your green energy center.

JIM: Okay. There’s been a lot of images coming around me lately, especially with my brother and a close relative, with immune response type diseases, particularly in the area of multiple sclerosis. Would these energy centers be necessarily affecting of that?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual. Let me also express to you that the yellow energy center may be quite influencing at times, in affectingness of your immune system.

In this, initially, if you are assessing the alignment and the balancing of all of the individuals’ energy centers within their physical form, you may allow yourself to view which particular energy centers are affecting of the particular situation.

The yellow energy center may be at times affecting of many of the functionings of other energy centers, for this energy center is affecting and controlling, in a manner of speaking, your emotional expression and state.

In this, your emotions may be quite affecting of other energy centers and the performance of these other energy centers.

This particular energy center may intermingle its energy with all of your other energy centers quite easily, and as you focus much of your attention and your experiences in conjunction with this creation of emotion, it is not merely affecting in extreme manners at times of your other energy centers, but it may also be creating of many situations physically in conjunction with your other energy centers, for you focus much of your energy in this area.

This is one of the base elements of your physical creation in this dimension – the experience of emotion. Therefore, it also is very influencing in all of your energy centers. (Brief pause)

Now, let me also express to you in addition, as you have included your creatures in your questioning of these energy centers.

I may express that although they hold the same energy centers as do you, in the same positions, so to speak, the qualities of some of these energy centers may be expressed differently.

Within your creatures, the energy center of orange expresses more of an intensity in its expressed energy – in what you term to be objective terms – than the yellow, for the yellow, being quite influencing of emotions, is not incorporated as strongly within creatures as it is within yourselves.

JIM: Hmm. Interesting. Okay, what we spoke of last time was communicating with horses’ energy impulses. We pick that up subjectively and then translate it into language objectively, into a thought process?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Is there a particular energy center that’s involved with that – pink – or are we moving into Regional Area 2, or is that all Regional Area 1? Is there a particular energy center of connectingness within those expressions?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that the physical energy centers are directly influencing within Regional Area 1. In this, in response to your questioning, there are different expressions and elements that may be incorporated. It is more expansive than merely what you term to be an either/or situation.

In this, I express to you that you are receiving communication subjectively, but this is not to say that you may not also allow yourself the ability to be directly receiving the communication objectively also. In that expression, it is merely a question of practicing your inner senses and allowing yourself to be open in a more objective manner to your own receiving of energy and expression or communication from another source of consciousness. In this, it may be a creature.

In these expressions, if you are receiving the communication subjectively initially, and translating into objective thought processes and language – if this be your method, so to speak – you may be receiving these types of communications through what you would be terming the upper energy centers. It may be received through any particular upper energy center – blue, indigo, or violet – although let me also be clear that you may be connecting through ANY of your energy centers.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that this questioning is not quite as simplified as it may initially appear. It is dependent upon the direction that you focus your attention within and how you are interpreting and allowing yourself connection with the communication, for if you are allowing yourself an openness and receiving in objective manner the communication, you shall be receiving through your inner senses – which also may be connecting and in conjunction with your outer senses – and in this, you may be allowing yourself to be receiving the communication not necessarily in the manner of thought process or language, but through shared experience.

Therefore, it is dependent upon your choice of how you are interacting with another element of consciousness, and this also applies to other individuals, not merely to other forms of consciousness that are not necessarily essence, if you are understanding.

JIM: Yes, I believe so. Okay, I shall investigate! (Elias grins)

In the last session, when I asked a question about age in essence, you expressed “twenty-three seven.” Lawrence found that to be quite amusing, and added an element to this. Am I correct? Was that 2307?

ELIAS: Correct. A term futurely! (Chuckling)

JIM: So futurely, and surging into what we view to be the past?

ELIAS: (Laughing) You are allowing yourself a thought process in linear terms!

JIM: Yes!

ELIAS: I have expressed to you that all of these focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, it matters not that you experience this action in what you view to be futurely or pastly. It is occurring now! (Chuckling)

JIM: Very creative! Thank you. I was wondering why you were chuckling when you gave me that answer! (reference #325, 9/27/98)

The multiple sclerosis that I spoke of earlier, that seems to be somewhat of a mass disease. Can you help me with some insight into the expression of that disease within people?

ELIAS: Very well. As in all expressions within physical terms, these are choices for experience.

Now; let me also express to you that I have offered previously [that] some expressions within physical focus given to mass expression are created to be offering a point, so to speak, or to be delivering a message, so to speak, but this is not the rule. As you have viewed with other expressions that are created within physical focus, there are choices of experience that do not necessarily create what you view to be a statement, in a manner of speaking, but are merely a choice of difference in experience.

This is not necessarily applied merely in the direction of what you term to be mental illnesses. You create a separation in your assessments of physical expressions, and you express to yourselves an acceptance, partially, of the expressions of mental illnesses as merely a choice of difference in experimentation with physical manifestation. But as you view physical expressions and what you term to be physical dis-ease or illness, you classify this differently, and you move in the direction of viewing these expressions en masse as a statement of some particular point to be expressed to others of the masses. At times, this is correct. At times, this may not necessarily be the expression.

Now; as always, each individual chooses their own expression in physical aspects of dis-ease for their own expression and reasons, so to speak. They may choose a type of physical expression or dis-ease that moves with a wave of consciousness, in a manner of speaking, that shall lend energy to their individual ease in creating that particular physical expression.

In this, as individuals collectively choose an experience of dis-ease, they may be creating that expression to be lending energy to each other. Therefore, the expression appears quite similar in objective terms – and you label this as a dis-ease – but their individual expression of this particular dis-ease may be quite different.

Some individuals may be choosing to engage this type of dis-ease in experimentation of different physical expression concerning not only energy centers, but of physical manipulation of their physical body form. Some individuals may be choosing to be creating of this type of expression, that it may be influencing of other individuals. As I have expressed previously, these types of expressions are highly individual.

This particular dis-ease has not been created as a mass expression for a point, in a manner of speaking. It has not been created that it is offering a message within the mass populace, in a manner of speaking, but is a choice of experience and is created in mass expression to lend energy in ease to its creation within many individuals, that they may be creating this particular type of expression with an effortlessness, so to speak. But as I have stated, each individual is creating of this for their own individual reasonings.

JIM: That’s interesting. So, within the desire of these individuals to physically feel better ... identifying the issues and emotions and conflicts and so forth that are in their lives, and beginning to let go of that energy to help in their own healing?

ELIAS: Once again, this would be dependent upon their choice and their expression within their individual intent.

At times, individuals may be objectively expressing that they are wishing to be altering of their creation, for this is in alignment with the mass belief systems, that the creation of illness is bad. Therefore, in their alignment with this particular belief system, they objectively may be expressing that this is their “want” also, but underlyingly, their desire may be quite different, and that may be what is expressed in creating of their dis-ease.

Therefore, in your approach to another individual that is creating of a particular dis-ease, it is important for you, as you move in the direction of the expression of healing, to be assessing the intent of the individual and the genuine desire, for in this, in recognizing the expression of energy within mass belief systems and the strength of that energy, there are many individuals that objectively express in conjunction with mass belief systems, but underlyingly, they are expressing in a very different direction.

As an individual aligning with healing, this would be the area that you would be engaging first – the assessment of the desire and the chosen direction – for it shall not necessarily be beneficial to another individual if you are attempting to be offering healing elements or energy if they are not accepting of this.

JIM: True.

ELIAS: This also, be remembering, is an element of the reason that you have offered yourself so very many examples in your practicing with creatures in relation to their choice, and that as you move in the direction of healing expression with creatures, it may not necessarily be their choice to be complying with healing elements. They have offered this expression to you, that you allow yourself the opportunity to practice.

In this, as you move into connecting with other individuals within your own species, you present yourself once again with similar situations, but now you have offered yourself more information, for you have allowed yourself the opportunity to practice and the recognition that before you are moving in the direction of offering healing, that you allow yourself to be connecting with the individual and understanding what they are creating, and why.

JIM: Yes. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: Understood. In my physical expression, I’m feeling that I’m carrying extra weight a little bit, and the fungal lesions that I’ve given myself on my leg and so forth, is that an expression of non-acceptance of self within duplicity, and not accepting my body in how it wishes to express itself?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, your physical body is not separated from you.

JIM: Right.

ELIAS: Therefore, it is not the situation that your physical body is wishing to be expressing itself in its own manner, but that you, in conjunction with your physical body consciousness, are creating of a certain expression.

Now; you have created a certain expression of physical form that you are not accepting of. Therefore, in not accepting the creation of this physical form, you are also creating an element of physical distastefulness to yourself, expressing outwardly elements that shall be repelling you from your acceptance of your physical form.

As you look to your physical body and you express a disdain for form in weight and HEAVINESS – be noticing of this word – you also express to yourself a disdain and a repulsion of this expression, and your response to this is to be offering energy to your outward layer of your body expression that shall confirm and reinforce this repulsion that you hold. This, yes, IS an expression of duplicity and a lack of acceptance of self.

JIM: Okay. Well, I guess I’ll work on that. (Elias chuckles) It’s going away. And my shoulder, I think I let go of a lot here in the last couple of weeks. My shoulder feels better than it has in the last three years. I feel that it’s kind of an indicator for me in some areas, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. This also is an expression that you may gauge elements of your own movement with.

JIM: Yes. Okay. The essence name – I think it’s an essence name – Nataya – what is that? Is that the name of a Seer essence tone?


JIM: Okay. Is that what I’m fragmented from? Aspect of?

ELIAS: No, but this essence holds a similar personality tone to your essence, and in this, there is an intermingling at times, in a manner of speaking.

JIM: Okay. When I went to the psychic convention, the healers that I saw there, some of them were very interesting. A lot of it is what these people bring to the healer, correct? Their trust, what their expectation is of what they bring to this individual within their own healing? It’s up to them, correct?

ELIAS: This is correct, for as they are moving in the direction of their own belief in conjunction with the healing elements or energy of another individual, they shall be allowing another individual to express energy in a manner that they may construct in a healing aspect with themselves.

Be remembering also that you are creating within your reality in conjunction with your expectations. What you expect, you shall be creating, although this is not necessarily to say that what you expect objectively shall be your creation.

JIM: Okay. I have some game questions, if I may. Shall we on to our game?

ELIAS: You may! (Grinning)

JIM: Are there any rules? Do we get one or two or three, or can we make them up as we go along? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha! As I am recalling, within your previous agreements in conjunction with our game, individuals have chosen to be offering one game entry and one response from myself per each session time framework! (Chuckling)

JIM: Okay. Well then, I’d like to offer a tile, or it might even be two tiles. One is the right palm facing towards you, and one is the left palm facing towards you. They each have an eye going through the center, and the right palm is seeing by feeling, and the left one is touching by thought. I put these in the category of Tumold.

ELIAS: One point!

JIM: Cool! Thank you. (Elias chuckles) I’ll draw those up. Okay, I have more, but we’ll save those till next time!

ELIAS: Very good!

JIM: In session 233, you expressed the responsibility of the information and the abilities that we hold and so forth. That sounded real strong – a Seer intent – and a lot of this is what I feel. Are my feelings in alignment with my Seer Sumafi intent.

ELIAS: Correct. This would be the reason that you, in your terms, identify yourself with this responsibility. I express merely that you do not confuse this responsibility and misinterpret this in the area of personal responsibility expressed in the direction of other individuals, for it may be easily confused.

JIM: Yes. So noted. The psychic I saw a couple of weeks ago – first time ever – was quite interesting. She saw with me a tall chief, which was, she said, very, very tall. That was Twylah?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And how was she in her expression? I don’t know if you can pull out your crystal ball, (laughing) but she mentioned that I should be creating quite a bit of movement from now till March, or into March, in some areas, and I was just wondering about her interpretation, and maybe what really is going on.

ELIAS: As I have expressed previously, this is a tapping into probabilities that you are creating within your reality. Individuals allow themselves an openness in this first layer of consciousness in objective terms, and may be offering you information as to their viewing of your own creations of your probabilities.

This is in alignment with not merely your own creation of a line of probabilities presently, but also in conjunction with information that I have offered recently, in the area that within this final year of your century and your millennium, much energy has been lent to this time framework. Therefore, I have expressed to many individuals that much movement shall be occurring within this time framework of this final year.

This is not an expression in the direction of predictions. It is merely an acknowledgment that you have already en masse projected a considerable amount of energy into this particular time framework, with a collective intent of movement.

Therefore, you not merely are lending energy to each other, but also individually are connecting with this energy that has been expressed, and allowing yourselves to draw upon this energy to be accomplishing much movement within this time framework.

You shall be, in conjunction with many other individuals, creating much movement yourself within this year, so to speak, and you begin this now, within a particular line of probabilities that you are creating within this present time framework.

Therefore, the individual that you term to be the “psychic” has merely tapped the information that you have allowed in connecting with probabilities that you are presently creating, and has offered objective confirmation of this to you.

JIM: Okay, understood. Thank you. Feet have been big imagery for me here lately with our horses, and particularly with Borloh and her uncomfortableness in her feet, and mine as well. I was wondering if you could help me with a little insight. I have some feelings about it, but I’d like to hear your perception.

ELIAS: This is also imagery of movement.

Now; as I have expressed that much movement shall be occurring within this time framework of this final year, I am not expressing that all of this movement shall be comfortable, for you engage more and more of your belief systems – and more of the aspects of these belief systems – as you open to more of your movements and as you allow yourselves to be engaging energy waves and moving in conjunction with the momentum of this shift in consciousness.

Partially, there is an engagement of belief systems. Partially, there is also a preparation of the thrust that you are creating within your motion into the time framework of your new millennium, which creates a new dynamic in movement in consciousness as the momentum of this shift in consciousness increases.

Therefore, you also offer yourselves imagery symbolically with that physical aspect of your physical body that is facilitating of physical movement. This be your feet. It gains your attention, for it is suggestive not only of movement, but of the element of uncomfortableness in addressing to this movement that you engage, in the knowing that there may be certain aspects of your own individual movements that you may perceive as difficulties or as uncomfortable, for it is unfamiliar to you.

Be remembering also that these types of expressions offer you two different elements of imagery. Look to your feet and your non-thought in the movement of your feet. These are automatic actions – in your walking or your running or any of your movements involving your feet – that require no thought process, but as you are creating uncomfortableness, your attention shifts and you are drawing your attention to those automatic movements. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes, I am. I’ll have to read over some of that as well, but that does make sense. Let me see. I think that’s pretty well it.

I’ve had a lot of thoughts lately about walking on water. Is that a future focus thing bleeding through?

VIC: No. This is a definite connection with Ron! (Excuse me; I lost my mind for a moment)

ELIAS: No. This is your imagery that you present yourself in the area of what you view to be an impossibility. This is imagery offered in the knowing that what you perceive to be your reality presently is the familiar, and those unfamiliar elements of reality that are beginning to present themselves – and shall be presenting themselves to you more often – may at times appear to be impossible, but they shall materialize in your reality!

Therefore, you offer yourself physical imagery in an element that you view to be impossible. You may not physically walk upon water ... although you may! And in this, let me express to you that even within your objective terms, if your water is frozen, you may be walking upon it! (Grinning)

JIM: Yes indeed! I’ve even skated on water! (Laughing)

In the area of food and weight, and that certain foods are fat – and you kind of mentioned before that we could be eating dirt and still exist – and that vegetables are good, that’s mainly where the belief system holds in that? You believe that if you eat a big hamburger, you’re going to get fat from it. That’s entirely a belief system? Is there a way of working through those ... accepting that one food is not better or worse than another that you intake?

Vic’s note: Thanks for going back to this subject, Jim. There are many folks, myself included, that have questions in this area, and wonder about how to deal with these types of beliefs.

ELIAS: Let me be reminding you that although this be an actual expression of reality – that it matters not what you are consuming and that your consumption of any element within physical focus is influenced and dictated to you by your belief systems – I remind you that you shall be creating in conjunction with your expectations, which are very influenced by your belief systems.

Therefore, if you are believing that if you are consuming certain foods, you shall be increasing your weight physically, this shall be what you create! And you may stand before your mirror one hundred times and express aloud to yourself, “I do not believe this. I view myself within a different expression of physical form.” And your physical form shall not change, for underlyingly, you DO believe that you shall be affecting of your physical weight if you are consuming of certain types of substances.

In this, your greatest affectingness shall be to acknowledge these aspects of belief systems and not be placing judgment upon them, accepting that you hold these belief systems [and] allowing yourself to move into a temporary expression of this, that you may also allow yourself to let go of some of the energy that you project so very strongly into these aspects of belief systems.

Let me express to you that individuals identify an aspect of a belief system, and subsequently they move into the direction of objectively denying or attempting to move in what they perceive to be an opposite direction of that aspect. In that particular type of expression, they are lending equal amount of energy to the perpetuation of that aspect of the belief system.

But if you are viewing the aspect and allowing yourself temporarily to be moving in conjunction with it, you are also lessening your expression of judgment, and if you are lessening your expression of judgment, you are lessening the energy that you lend to the perpetuation of that aspect, allowing yourself to move more efficiently in the direction of letting go of that particular bird.

Therefore, if you are viewing that a particular food substance shall be affecting in what you view to be a negative manner – of your physical form – as you are consuming it, and you view another food substance as being good and helpful to your state of health, so to speak, my suggestion to you is that you allow yourself to move in this direction temporarily and not be fighting with your energy, creating conflict and therefore also perpetuating the reinforcement of the belief system.

If you are viewing that cheese shall be a helpful expression to your physical form, and if you are viewing that the consumption of beef shall not be a healthy expression to your physical form, I express to you that although in actuality you may consume any element and it matters not, I shall also express to you that you shall be lending less energy to the perpetuation of the aspects of the belief system if you are allowing yourself to be consuming cheese, and in this, not creating the struggle or the conflict in these aspects of beliefs, allowing yourself to move into the expression of the actualization of creating the manifestation of your expectation, and acknowledging to yourself that the reason you have created this certain expression is that you have created in conjunction with your expectations.

In this particular type of creation, as you are expressing it temporarily, you are not lending energy to struggle and you ARE lending energy to more of an expression of effortlessness, which also lends energy to acceptance of self, and as you lend more energy to acceptance of self, you also begin to move into directions that you shall not hold so tightly to these different aspects, and within your linear time framework, eventually you shall loose your hold upon these aspects, and it shall matter not which direction you choose in these areas, and they shall no longer be affecting in the manner that they are affecting presently. Are you understanding?

JIM: I believe so. Once again, I’d like to read over what you’ve commented on, but that made a lot of sense. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JIM: Briefly, we had mentioned before that some of my other aspects or focuses are on this planet presently. One was in New Zealand. Is one in Tibet, China, and one in Scotland? (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And one other here in the United States? (Pause)

ELIAS: No. European.

JIM: I’m sorry; I missed that.

ELIAS: This other aspect would be European.

JIM: European. Okay, I’ll continue to investigate.

Alright! Well, thank you for your time, Elias. Thank you, old friend! That’s about all I have for today, and I appreciate your subjective interaction as well. It’s been noted. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are very welcome. I express great affection to you, Yarr, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. Be accepting of my encouragement in energy to you, and be remembering that I am interactive with you always. I offer much lovingness to you this day, and bid you a very fond au revoir!

JIM: Ditto, and I shall! Good day.

Elias departs at 1:47 PM.

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