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September 01, 1998

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“Projection & Addressing to Beliefs”

“A False Sense of Helpfulness”


Participants: Mary (Michael) and Tom (Malhai).

Elias arrives at 12:31 PM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning! (Smiling)

TOM: Hello!

ELIAS: We meet again, Malhai!

TOM: Pardon me?

ELIAS: We meet again!

TOM: We meet again, yes, and very soon in objective time, it appears! (They both chuckle) Sena sends her greetings.

ELIAS: Ah, and you may extend my greetings also!

TOM: I will do that. She has a couple of questions that she would like to ask you too. One of her questions is: “What is my intent or theme of experiences in this lifetime?”

ELIAS: The intent that she holds moves in the direction of helpfulness with other individuals in the area of instruction to them in a guiding type of manner, drawing from her own experiences and applying these experiences to other individuals’ experiences in helpfulness to their directions. Let me explain that this intent is to be moving into the direction of recognizing similarities in different expressions of experiences regardless of how very different they may appear objectively initially, for within many experiences, they may be translated to be helpful to the identification of other experiences of other individuals, which shall be helpful in the area of their understanding and identification of their own belief systems.

Now; as I have expressed to many other individuals, initially there is great importance in the area of focusing upon self and one’s own belief systems first. Therefore, this action shall be not only helpful to herself, but shall automatically be helpful to other individuals also, in providing her with a clearer understanding of other individuals’ situations, belief systems, and creations within their realities.

It is also important to be recognizing that there is no judgment placed upon the creation of other individuals’ realities, or a separation by viewing that their realities, although different, may be unacceptable. This would be the direction of the intent in an area of healing. This intent is to be offering a remembrance of a natural state with other individuals, and in this it is not merely offering helpfulness in the remembrance of physical elements, but within all aspects of physical focus. And in many areas, as in alignment with her intent, individuals offer helpfulness in this area by offering understanding and supportiveness to other individuals in the areas of their creations, not merely within physical or psychological or emotional areas. Are you understanding?

TOM: Yes I am, and I think that explains it well. Another question she had ... I guess I started thinking about the natural state you were talking about, but I think I’ll tie that into another question.

Another question for Sena is: “I just read a recent session with Sara, and wanted to know if the information you told her about nearsightedness could apply to me, as I am also nearsighted.”

ELIAS: Not entirely, for Sena creates this situation within her own physical vision partially in similar manner, but not entirely, for within her intent also, this is a mirror action of the direction that she moves into with her intent. In this, let me express to her that her vision is mirroring the intent in the focusing upon viewing other individuals closely and viewing simultaneously what you may term to be the “larger picture” as concerning other individuals, therefore offering her information as to which direction shall be the most efficient and effortless to be moving into in the area of helpfulness with other individuals, in instruction to them.

TOM: Okay, that answers that. When you mentioned the natural state, what I thought of was,

we were having a discussion, Lawrence or Vic and several of us in a chat, and I was explaining about using out-of-body to enter other regions or using dreams to work with beliefs, and there seems to be an area where I guess I wasn’t explaining it right. I was wondering if you had any comments on working with beliefs in dreams or from out-of-body, projecting into other regions as Regional Area 2, for instance.

ELIAS: You may be using this out-of-body or projections in consciousness quite efficiently to be addressing to your belief systems, to be identifying belief systems, and also to be offering yourself more information. This would be what you may term to be a stepping stone or a link in the area of merging the objective and subjective awarenesses, bringing both of these areas of awareness into your objective knowing.

Now; let me express that this type of projection moves you into an area that facilitates much action within consciousness, for not only do you move yourself into an area that is more likened to simultaneous time, but you also automatically offer yourself more of a clear awareness of your own inner senses. You do not block your inner senses quite so strongly within these projections in consciousness. You allow yourself to tap into your own abilities of accessing and interpreting your own inner senses. This is an automatic byproduct of moving into the area and action of projection.

This be one of the reasons that I am encouraging of this action, for not only does it offer you the opportunity to view more of your own abilities and therefore offers you the opportunity to be acknowledging of yourself and trusting of yourself, but it also offers you the viewing and the experiencing of your own tapping into the working orders of these inner senses, and as you practice in this area, you also, within your objective state, so to speak, or your objective awareness, become more and more sensitized to these inner senses.

Your attention moves in the direction of “between” and not so very singularly focused in the one area of objective awareness, but allows you to be recognizing more of your subjective communications. Your inner senses of telepathy, of conceptualization, of time differentials, and your empathic sense are much more heightened, and as I have expressed previously, the more that you engage in practicing with these inner senses, the more sensitized you shall become to them, and you shall offer yourself much more of an easement in the identification and use of these inner senses.

Your dream state also is quite facilitating in this area. This, once again, be the reason that I am encouraging of this dream mission, for this is another avenue that may be accessed in merging these two aspects of consciousness into more of an awareness, that you may manipulate within your objective physical focus.

TOM: You explained it well. I was having difficulty explaining it, and how consciousness seems to become more merged objectively and subjectively.

ELIAS: Absolutely, for you may view figuratively these actions of projection as an in-between state. Although I have identified this type of state in consciousness as subjective, there are other areas of subjective awarenesses that appear more removed from your objective awareness than these particular states of out-of-body or dream state, which would be what you term to be your objective in understanding HOW you are creating your reality and WHAT is the communication that is occurring between the focus and the whole of essence.

Now; do not misunderstand and be separating essence from yourself, for I hold the awareness that each time I am expressing in this direction that individuals automatically move into the area of separating themselves as a focus from some type of “cosmic entity” which they refer to as essence. Essence is YOU. But you, being a focus of essence, hold your attention singularly within this particular focus. This is not to say that you do not hold all of essence, as I have expressed numerous times, but you do not always allow yourselves to be accessing all of essence, for your attention is held very singularly within the individual focus.

In this, moving into the direction of practicing with dream state and with out-of-body experiences, projections, you allow yourself what you may term to be an in-between state where you continue to hold an element of objective awareness, but you also loose your hold upon your belief systems and upon your lack of trust and acceptance of self and allow yourselves much greater freedom of movement.

Therefore, within these states, if you are choosing you may also be viewing more efficiently your belief systems and you may access aspects of the belief systems that you hide from yourselves, so to speak, within your objective awareness.

TOM: Yes, I guess I’ve been experiencing a lot of that lately, and I agree, in that accessing all these regions allows us to remember ... more remembrance, as you might say.

ELIAS: Yes. You may access many different elements of self within these states, for you do not block yourselves quite as intensely. You allow yourselves much more freedom within these states of consciousness. Therefore, they are quite advantageous to you in much of your investigations, not only in the areas of accessing other focuses but within your attention of THIS particular focus, in accessing information in regard to this shift in consciousness and accessing information of self and belief systems and behaviors, and also entering into areas of accessing information of other individuals, and in this offering yourself more information that may be helpful to you within your confusions of other individuals and how they are creating their reality.

TOM: Yes, exactly. This has been happening quite a bit this past month since my adventure in physical proximity with Sena, of facing lots of beliefs and belief cages or aspects.

ELIAS: Quite, and in these situations you may be offering yourselves much information in the area of other individuals and their perceptions, which are quite influencing in how they are directing their attention and how they are creating their reality, for their perception also is quite influenced by their belief systems.

You may hold the same belief system as another individual, but your perception may be different from another individual’s perception of the same belief system or of the same aspects of the belief system. There are different angles to each of the aspects of the belief systems. This be another reason that this analogy of the bird cage and the birds seems quite efficient to be focusing upon in the area of viewing and addressing to belief systems, for as you look to each of these birds within the bird cage, you may also offer yourself the concept that you may be viewing one bird, one aspect of a belief system, from the direction of one certain angle. Another individual may be viewing the same bird, but viewing this bird from a different angle. Therefore, their perception of this bird shall be quite different from your own.

In accessing other individuals telepathically and empathically within out-of-body states, you may offer yourselves much more information in the area of which angle another individual is perceiving an aspect of a belief system. In this action you shall offer yourself much more of an understanding, for you shall offer yourself more information.

TOM: Yes, I think that’s been happening quite a bit this past month! It’s tying into a couple of dreams I’ve had too, about transition and being trained in Regional Area 3 for helping people with transition, I think, and a warehouse where instead of bird cages, the people were in the cages themselves with their belief system. (Elias grins) And somehow I was showing some of them different floors to the building rather than the basement, and I was wondering if you had any comments on these dreams, if it is more for transitioning out of beliefs?

ELIAS: This would be quite in alignment with this discussion presently, for you have offered yourself a viewing of this same concept: the difference in angles of viewing aspects of belief systems. Now; let me express to you, within this imagery you also offer yourself the identification that not only may you be viewing belief systems in the same location from different angles, but you may also place yourself in different locations, which shall be more influencing of your perceptions, for it shall remove you more from the belief system or from the aspects of the belief system. Therefore, these aspects appear less clear.

If you are viewing the aspect from a different floor, you are much removed from this aspect. You are not viewing from an angle which may be perceived to be close, and you have offered yourself the imagery of obstacles that block the viewing of these aspects. If the bird appears upon one floor and you occupy the space arrangement upon another floor, there shall be a floor or a ceiling between you and the bird. This is not to say that the bird does not exist and occupy the space arrangement upon another floor, but you have created an obstacle that blocks your vision of the bird. Therefore, you may not properly identify what it appears to be.

TOM: Okay, so it’s more of a ... some of what I’ve been doing is to block the view of these aspects rather than viewing all the emotional feelings that they strike in me?

ELIAS: Think of our birds within our cage and offer yourself the visualization of merely one bird, which is one aspect of a belief system. But as you allow yourself the thought process and the visual of merely one physical bird, offer yourself the recognition that this bird may be invoking of many different perceptions dependent upon what you focus upon in viewing this bird.

Are you viewing its feathers? Are you viewing the entirety of its form? Do you look to its feet? Do you watch its wings? Shall it be fluttering its wings, or shall it be still? Do you look to this bird face on, or do you view it from the side or from behind? Are you viewing from above or below? What color are its feathers? How many colors does this particular bird possess? Is it large or is it small? NOW you may understand the complexity of viewing aspects of a belief system, and we are merely speaking of one aspect, not all of the aspects!

Therefore, in this you may also view the efficiency and the benefit of allowing yourselves to access ANY area of consciousness that shall be facilitating of your ability to be not only viewing from your own perspective and not only viewing the birds within your own cage and those birds which you draw your attention to, but to be viewing the birds that other individuals draw their attention to and which angle they are accessing and what they view.

TOM: So in viewing others and their aspects of their bird cages, I would be attempting to clear out my cages?

ELIAS: Absolutely. Now; let me also be reminding you that it is quite easily accomplished with individuals within physical focus to be moving into this area of accessing information of other individuals, and subsequently moving into areas of judgment in expressing to themselves that they view solutions to certain situations with regard to aspects of belief systems, and feel a need, so to speak – quite figuratively speaking – to be offering this information to other individuals to be helpful to them.

(Firmly) This is not helpful! This is justification within self and judgment with another individual. It is NOT your concern to be inventorying another individual’s perception! You may be offering YOURSELF information, that YOU may move more easily into an acceptance and more easily into the area of viewing more of the angles of different aspects of belief systems, but it is not of your concern to be accessing this information to be reflecting the information back to another individual.

TOM: Because this information you may, so to speak, distort through your own aspects, so it is best not to tell the other person of this information, correct? Is that the way I am understanding you?

ELIAS: Partially. Also, each individual shall be accessing information that they move in the direction of readiness to be accessing, and they shall be addressing to their own perceptions AS PER THEIR CHOICE. It is not for any other individual to be moving into the direction of personal responsibility, to be attempting to accomplish this FOR another individual, for you may not accomplish this for any other individual regardless. But this is a very large area that individuals move into in creating much conflict for themselves and for other individuals, for they are not merely accepting of the information and applying this information in areas that may be helpful to themselves, but they move into areas of a false sense of helpfulness, which in actuality is an expression of their own justification and of their own judgment of other individuals and their realities.

Now; this is not to say that you may not be helpful to another individual. You are quite helpful in the area of consciousness, which does not necessarily need be expressed objectively within language. You may be expressing in action, as in compliance with our analogy of the little sapling, but not necessarily in the area of expressing verbally to another individual.

Now; let me also express that at times other individuals may be objectively approaching you and requesting helpfulness. In this situation, I am suggesting that you engage your inner senses, that you may be offering the most efficient manner of helpfulness without allowing yourself to be interjecting your own judgments in your helpfulness.

TOM: Okay, I guess I understand exactly what you’re saying, and we’ve covered a lot there. I guess I have a question. Speaking of the judgment part, I’ve been working on that a lot here because I find it so easy to move with these aspects of judgment birds until their cages are empty, so it’s an area I’ve been watching. But also, I was going to ask you about probabilities that I’ve been viewing, about participating in shaking up mass beliefs within this shift, and something about this tying into staying to experience the totality of the shift in place, if you have any input on that?

ELIAS: Are you inquiring of yourself in your own ideas of movement in stirring the pot, so to speak?

TOM: Pardon me? Of myself?

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: Correct; yes.

ELIAS: You move into a time framework now of acceleration of this shift in consciousness, and in this I am quite encouraging of you – yourself and other individuals – to loose your constraints upon yourselves. Be trusting within yourselves and accepting of yourselves and your expressions, for it matters not how you are expressing or how others view your expressions, for you shall be lending energy to the movement of this shift in consciousness as you are allowing yourself more freedom of expression.

Let me express to you that I am quite encouraging in the area of shouting within a joyful noise, heralding the action of this shift in consciousness, for there are many individuals within physical focus that continue to be lending energy to the element of trauma in the action of this shift, and are quite stirring and noisy in their own areas! You and many other individuals hold the ability to be equally as stirring in your own areas as these individuals are en masse within their areas of perpetuating trauma and devastation within the action within this shift.

(Intently) You gain energy daily in the area of lessening the trauma. Therefore, I am quite encouraging of you in the area of stirring the pot, for this also lends energy for individuals to be turning their attention, so to speak, in new areas and to be occupying their attention in wider areas of awareness.

TOM: Well, thanks for the encouragement. It’s been a strong pull, especially this last week or so, to move in those areas of creating and creativity.

ELIAS: Let me express to you also that I am VERY encouraging of individuals moving into responsiveness of their own pulls, so to speak, within their awareness, in their impressions and impulses. For it matters not which direction you move in within these impressions or what you choose as your expression in these areas, for you are all lending energy to the movement of this shift in consciousness, and all shall be transformed within energy to be facilitating of this shift in consciousness.

You may also view much movement presently, not merely individually, but within mass. This particular time framework is quite interesting in the mass expression and creations in compliance with this shift in consciousness. Look to actions that occur within your society that thwart your established realities, and also recognize the panic that is occurring about you in conjunction with activities that are occurring within your societies presently. These are all objective indications and actions of this shift in consciousness.

TOM: Yes, I’ve noticed a few of those recently that are shaking up some of the mass belief systems a bit.

ELIAS: Quite! Let me also offer to you another bit of information in the area of addressing to belief systems and the aspects within belief systems in regard to the subject matter that we have engaged as of late in the area of relationships, that one very strong aspect of this belief system which is quite affecting and is appearing objectively more and more within individuals’ awarenesses presently is the aspect of expectation.

I express to you that this aspect is quite large, and this particular aspect shall be showing itself, so to speak, more and more presently as individuals bring to their objective awareness more and more instances and situations that shall show this particular aspect in many different situations, and this one aspect may be quite affecting in what you term to be negative areas or the creation of conflict.

TOM: Right, I understand what you’re saying there. That’s one area that’s been in my consciousness a lot lately.

ELIAS: This is also one aspect of this belief system that is quite difficult to be addressing to, for many times this aspect may hide itself, so to speak, upon a different floor and not be so easily viewed, for it may be camouflaged in many different forms, creating much difficulty in viewing how it is being expressed. It is a very, very large aspect and holds much conflict and much difficulty in addressing to this particular aspect. Expectation may not always be so very obvious to you, but may hide itself in many, many insidious manners. Therefore, it is requiring of much attention.

TOM: Exactly. I guess I have been calling it the sneaky bird!

ELIAS: Quite, although it is quite interesting that this very, very large vulture of a bird may be so efficiently camouflaged, and as you express in your vernacular, sneaky! (Grinning)

TOM: Exactly! It is amazing how such a large one can be! (Elias chuckles) I have a couple of other questions on impressions of focuses. I was going to ask you how many focuses Malhai has within this physical dimension, for one thing. The other was that I have the impression that one focus uses out-of-body and the inner senses in a military fashion and is quite good at it, and another is what we would term into magic or witchcraft using out-of-body projections and inner senses, those abilities. Are these impressions correct?

ELIAS: You are correct in your impressions of these focuses. I shall also offer to you that within this particular dimension, you hold four, one ... forty-one focuses within this dimension.

TOM: Very busy! (Elias chuckles) Now, the impression that I have of this person in the military, I guess I’ve discounted myself sometimes in viewing, but he seems to be rather well-known, and I was wondering if this is correct, but I discount myself on this impression for the humility reasons, I guess.

ELIAS: Ah, humility! This be another interesting belief system!

TOM: Yes, it is! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And quite unnecessary, although it is quite coupled in the area of duplicity with its partner of arrogance! What an interesting pair! (Grinning) I shall express to you that you are correct that this individual holds recognition of many other individuals, in their awareness of him.

TOM: Okay, that’s a correct impression. I will have to be looking at these areas, aspects of humility and arrogance.

ELIAS: Be remembering also that in your viewing of other focuses and your addressing to arrogance or humility, individuals hold many focuses, and although there are many, many essences focused within this physical dimension, there are also very many individuals throughout your globe, throughout your history, that are well-known, so to speak. Therefore, it is very likely that MANY essences focus in at least one physical focus that may be in the area of fame or popularity or well-known in some area. This is NOT unusual. In this, you are not so unique in your choice of creation of a particular focus that holds popularity with other individuals. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to move into the area of the belief of humility! (Grinning)

TOM: Okay, I guess I understand. (They both laugh)

ELIAS: Arrogance also is nothing more than the acknowledgment of self, and I am QUITE encouraging of MUCH arrogance within physical focus! (Grinning)

TOM: That sounds good to me! I thought of another question as you were speaking about ... this focus appears to have died rather young, however, the one we were just talking about, fairly young in our terms of this present now.

ELIAS: Relatively speaking.

TOM: But not so young for that time period, I guess it would be.

ELIAS: Quite.

TOM: Also ... let’s see. I think we’ve covered all my questions. I’ve really enjoyed speaking with you and look forward to another objective meeting. I guess I was trying ... I was going to learn some French so I could speak French to you, but I don’t have anything down objectively. (Elias chuckles)

But I have remembered meeting you at least once since our last objective exchange, at the pond, and getting some great information, great help, and I appreciate....

ELIAS: And is this not interesting imagery that is presented presently in the area of discussion of out-of-body experiences, of projection, and of dream imagery? And within this recent time period, our location of the pond becomes once again a focus of attention!

TOM: Yes, it does! (Elias chuckles) I guess it’s a very, very attractive place to me, and very interesting. Much discussion goes on there.

ELIAS: Quite. It is what you may consider also, in your terms, an energy center, an energy center for exchange of energy with essences.

TOM: Yes, and that makes it very attractive!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And I am quite encouraging of individuals in their visitation to this location of the pond, and I shall be meeting with individuals at this location also, in my acknowledgment of their accomplishment in projection to this location.

I am encouraging of you to be continuing in the areas of projection and in your endeavors to be addressing to aspects of belief systems in this particular state of consciousness, for this offers you more of an awareness within your objective waking state also.

TOM: And I will continue. Thank you for the encouragement, Elias.

Oh, there was one other question about Malhai being a fragment, or a thought of me fragmenting from Malhai. I saw a slight possibility or choice in that area, and I guess I was going to ask you that also. And I am not sure what essence that I see Malhai as fragmented from, if I am saying this correctly?

ELIAS: There is a movement in a direction of probabilities of the focus fragmenting of this essence of Malhai. This is what you are tapping into within your impressions.

TOM: Okay, that’s what I’m seeing then. Okay, thank you very much for that too.

ELIAS: In which situation, the focus, that which you identify as yourself, would be choosing of a slightly different tone, and therefore would be creating of what you would translate to be a different essence name.

TOM: Okay, then that’s what I’ve been viewing. Sena and Malhai are not fragments, are they? They are rather more counterparts.

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: Okay, that’s my understanding of that too. Well, I thank you for answering all my questions.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I offer you much affection this day, and you may offer my regards to Sena, and you may express that I anticipate our interaction within futurely designing probabilities also.

Vic’s note: I wonder what “futurely designing probabilities” means?

ELIAS: To you this day, I am offering much encouragement and energy for your accomplishment, and I am also acknowledging of your pot-stirring and your joyful noise! Go, with my encouragement also and my lending of energy to your expression! (Chuckling)

TOM: Well, thank you very much. I will do that, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

TOM: And I extend my affection also, and regard.

ELIAS: Accepted! To this day, I shall bid you with much lovingness a very fond au revoir.

TOM: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:39 PM.

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