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Sunday, September 07, 1997

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“Essence Family Counterparts”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), David (Mylo), Gail (William), Norm (Stephen), Bobbi (Jale), Sue (Catherine), and Jim (Yarr).

Vic’s note: This was a very strange session.

Elias arrives at 6:48 PM. (Time was thirteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening. This evening we shall be addressing to essence families and the counterpart interaction that is connected with essence families; but initially, we shall engage your game.

CATHY: Okay, I have one. Sumari, fictional characters, Pinnochio.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: This isn’t really a game question, but I’m just curious. I had a word in a dream the other night. I don’t remember the dream, but I remember the word. It was Milano or Milan. It seemed to be maybe a subdivision name of perhaps the Milumet family.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Milano?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: For Michael: Milumet, amusement park rides, Ferris wheel.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For Joanne: Ilda, personality types, George Carlin.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For Paul: Vold, authors, Linda Dahl.

ELIAS: Less probable.

VICKI: To continue for Paul: Sumari, rock bands, Jethro Tull.

ELIAS: Less probable.

VICKI: Vold.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For myself: Ilda, belief systems, something is better than nothing.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

DAVID: Well, I’ll just jump in with one. Lady Diana with Vold.

ELIAS: Within what category?

DAVID: I don’t know!

ELIAS: Evaluate.

RON: I’d like to enter a new category that was suggested by Margot a while back, of inventions. In that, I would like to connect the telephone with the Ilda family.

ELIAS: One point. (Laughter)

RON: That was a hard one!

CATHY: Well, I thought it was Sumari myself!

VICKI: It’s a twin thing! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

GAIL: I have one. Vold, rock bands, Nirvana.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: Sumari, authors, Gary Zukav.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: Or would he be Sumafi? Closer?

ELIAS: (Grinning) If this is acceptable within Sumari, then you have accomplished!

JIM: Yes! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: This be the point, to be trusting your impressions and not questioning these impressions!

JIM: Thank you. Got it. (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well. We shall begin with our discussion. I shall begin by addressing to the family of Sumafi, and expressing to you that Sumafi engages counterpart action with the families of Gramada, of Ilda, and of Sumari.

Each family chooses to be engaging counterpart action with other families. There is no set amount of counterpart actions. Some families choose to be engaging counterpart action with more families than other families. Some choose less counterpart action.

I also express to you that in like manner to physical focus, one family may hold counterpart action with another family, and this is not reciprocated. It is not automatic that if one family is engaging counterpart action with another essence family, that THAT essence family shall automatically be also counterpart to the first essence family. Therefore, if Milumet is counterpart to Zuli, it is not necessarily stated then that Zuli is counterpart to Milumet, although they are, but this is not an absolute; for some essence families choose counterpart action in one direction with another essence family and this is not returned, so to speak, automatically, for the other essence family holds no need or desire to be engaging counterpart action with the original essence family; just as you in physical focus may hold counterpart action to another individual, and they may not hold this counterpart action in return to you. They may continue the counterpart action in a different manner with another individual, extending this in your terms outwards instead of automatically returning the action to you.

In this, if you are looking to your Milumet family, this family engages counterpart action with Zuli, and also with Tumold, and also with Sumafi.

The essence family of Gramada exchanges within counterpart action to Sumafi, and also with Ilda.

The essence family of Vold engages counterpart action to Borledim, and also to Ilda, and also to Sumari, and also to Tumold.

The essence family of Ilda engages counterpart action to Sumari, and also to Sumafi, and also to Borledim.

The essence family of Sumari engages counterpart action to Milumet, and also to Sumafi, and also to Zuli.

The essence family of Tumold engages counterpart action to Milumet, and also to Ilda, and also to Vold.

The essence family of Zuli engages counterpart action to Borledim, and also to Tumold, and also to Sumari.

The essence family of Borledim holds counterpart action to Zuli, and also Vold, and also Sumari; and fluctuates holding, at times, counterpart action to Sumafi.

Vic’s note: This list seems designed to be confusing. Strange ...

Not all counterpart actions are continuous. Just as within your physical focus, which mirrors essence, you may hold counterpart action for a time framework with another individual, and you may also, within the period of time framework of an entire focus, you may disengage the counterpart action with the particular individual. In this, essence families do this also. At different time frameworks within your history temporarily, essence families choose to engage a temporary counterpart action with one essence family that they may not be engaged with in what you may term to be normally or usually. (Speaking of “usually,” the second sentence in this paragraph displays sentence structure that is unusual for Elias. Strange ...)

There you have your listings of the counterpart actions within the essence families. No one essence family holds only one counterpart action with only one other essence family. Therefore, this may be dispelling of your confusion in expression of this essence that one essence family holds counterpart action with another essence family, and then expressing also that this same essence family holds this counterpart action with a second essence family. They are different actions. There are different actions within the action of counterparts which serve different purposes for the creation of your experiences and the assimilation of your experiences collectively. Therefore, it is not limited to one action; just as within your physical focus, you hold very many counterparts to yourselves, not only one.

You may engage your questions.

RON: A few sessions ago you went through a whole list, just like you just did, only you connected two essence families with each other as counterparts. Was that because they are “more” counterpart, (laughter) or stronger counterparts than the other ones that they’re counterpart with?

ELIAS: In actuality, this be an interesting question, for you are correct. Some essence families hold a stronger connection within counterpart action than other essence families. I may also express to you, be remembering that essence families exchange and may temporarily, within any given time framework, choose to be counterparts to each other quite strongly in a temporary action.

RON: So at that time, that was like the most probable counterpart action?

ELIAS: Occurring within the present now.

RON: Okay.

JIM: What type of counterpart action occurs? Within intent? With the intents of the family of counterpart action?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, you may view certain essence families to be expressing opposite, or what you view to be opposite, intents as counterpart action. Within obvious lines of this situation, you may look to your Milumet and your Zuli families, holding what you view to be opposite intents; but you may also look to your Sumari and your Ilda families, which hold different intents, but not opposite and also not parallel. This would be likened, within our example of our little clouds, as the puffy little white cloud engaging action with the smoke cloud. They are not opposites, but they also are not paralleling. The little rain cloud parallels the more intense storm cloud. The action is different, the intent is different; but they hold a parallel action. The families of Sumari and Ilda are not paralleling, but they also are not opposite to each other. Therefore, they are complementing of each other.

JIM: With Tumold and Milumet, those are complementing each other?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. This would be more likened to the comparison of the little smoke cloud and the little rain cloud. The actions are different, the intents are different; but in this, they hold also very similar actions, but are not parallel.

VICKI: And so in physical focus, are the counterpart actions between essence families more affecting within the family that you are aligned with in that focus, or within the family that you choose within essence?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon which family you are belonging to and which family you are aligning with within an individual focus, for you may be aligning with one essence family within an individual physical focus which holds opposition to the essence family that you are belonging to, so to speak, and not holding counterpart action. In this, the influence would be more heavily exercised by the family that you are belonging to, and the family that you align with in counterpart action would be lessened.

VICKI: So it can all get pretty confusing.

ELIAS: Quite. (Laughter) It is all intermingled. (Pause)

We have held an awareness for what you may term to be a time period that you within this forum are requesting of this information, but hold not a readiness objectively to be accepting this information. You, within your subjective and objective harmony, express a desire for information of essence families and of counterpart action. It is offered briefly to you for this is your request, although it is known that you shall not be entirely connecting with this information within this present now; for although you hold the desire to be “skipping shells,” you do not understand what you request. (Anybody remember requesting this information? Strange ...)

Therefore, for the purpose of your transcribing, you have been presented with the information. Within your understanding, you may be considering this information in length within your understanding. In this, I shall break, and I shall open to your questions in regard to OTHER subject matter. (But no questions in regard to subject matter delivered this evening? Strange ...)

Vic’s note: This was the strangest presentation I’ve ever seen Elias deliver, in my memory and perception. Interesting!

BREAK 7:13 PM.
RESUME 7:43 PM. (Time was five seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing. Are you wishing of questions?

JIM: I have a question from our recent private session regarding the explanation that you gave me with the incident with the tiger. I believe you said that it was showing me an allowance of expression of energy in accepting? That was the main point of that incident, the allowance? Is that ...

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Could you expand a little bit on allowance, on my need of allowance?

ELIAS: This would directly be connected to acceptance also – the allowance of the action, not the holding at bay of the action, and the acceptance of the action also. Initially, you need be allowing an action to be drawn to yourself in order to be accepting. If you are not presenting yourself, within an allowance, of certain issues or belief systems or actions or events, you shall not be accepting, for you shall not address to these.

JIM: So within that incident, I created an allowance for that. That whole sequence took place, bringing me to this now.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay, that clarifies. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

DAVID: I have a question for a friend of mine in England, London. She recently has been diagnosed with a physical ailment called M.E., something like multi-neuro deficiency or something like that. Anyway, she said that very little is known about it. The doctors really don’t know much about it. It’s quite energy-depleting, and she just doesn’t know what to do. She just wondered if there was anything she could know more about this M.E.

ELIAS: Ah, we be presented with Michael’s issue! I shall be expressing to you, Mylo, that within this area singularly, Michael holds tremendous issues. Therefore, in non-violation of the belief systems and issues held in this area of offering medical information, I am respectful of this; for within this present time period, this would be intrusive to this individual as in connection with this energy exchange. Therefore, this essence, within this present now, does not offer information in this direction; although there is an anticipation held that this issue and belief system shall be addressed futurely and shall be moved through, therefore offering an opening within this blocking area.

This individual physically focused has been chosen in that he allows a great opening and ability for this energy exchange without blocking in many areas in regards to personally-held belief systems, but no individual holds such clarity within energy exchange to be allowing every area to be addressed, for individuals do hold very strong belief systems in certain areas. This is a situation of beyond merely holding belief systems, but also holding tremendous issues personally. Therefore, this creates a block within the energy exchange, for essences are not intrusive. Therefore, within any energy exchange, no essence will be entering areas that are tremendously blocked by the individual physically focused which is engaging the energy exchange.

Vic’s note: This is in reference to Mary’s issues of personal responsibility in the area of Elias offering medical advice.

DAVID: Okay. Can I then ask ... the individual, my friend, she’s decided to work on her diet, changing her diet, and she thinks or feels that this is helping. Is there anything I can say, like “Hey, you’re going in the right direction?” or whatever?

ELIAS: Within the individual’s choice and their belief systems, this may be helpful, although there may not be an affectingness in merely altering diet. I shall express to you, within a general offering of helpfulness to you, that you may suggest to this individual that they may be examining self and motivation and desire; and in this, in examining the desire for continuation within physical focus and not wishing to be incorporating uncomfortableness in physical focus, that they may be affecting of this situation if looking inwardly at actual physical elements of body and visualizing the areas being affected within the physical body expression and addressing to these areas, and suggesting to these areas of physical form that they relax their intensity and allow themselves to return to their natural state.

DAVID: Okay, thank you very much. I’ll send that to her.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

GAIL: I have a question for Lanyah. She wants to know what her connection with Janis Joplin is.

ELIAS: Express to Lanyah that she may be investigating of this herself. (Laughter) She holds the ability!

GAIL: Okay, I will.

NORM: I have some questions about what you were saying in the first part of the forum here. The question is the differentiation between the interconnectedness of essence, and the real need for counterpart action between families of essence. And another question would be, we have a mass consciousness of those that are focused here on this planet. Are there family mass consciousnesses of essence, and are there families of family mass consciousnesses? (Pause)

ELIAS: Addressing to your initial question as to the reasoning for counterpart action, you have chosen within this dimension to be creating of counterpart action in an efficiency for experiencing. This offers you a more efficient direction for experiencing; and in this, each focus, each individual focus, needs not be physically experiencing all of the experiences connected with their individual intent, for the experiences are added to them, so to speak, within the action of counterpart. In this, all that you do within individual physical reality is also a mirror image of what is occurring within essence. Therefore, essence families also engage counterpart action as being more efficient in creating, and in actualizing creativity, and in experiencing collectively.

As to your question of essence families within essence families and the collective, there are more essence families, so to speak, as I have expressed, in subdivisions, which are collectives inside of collectives in the design of essence families. Visually, you may liken this to a never-ending spiral. (Pause)

NORM: The mass consciousness that we have here on this earth of the focus, is there an equivalent of that with essence?

ELIAS: Absolutely, being that which I have just expressed to you.

NORM: Of the spiral.

ELIAS: Correct. You mirror within your physical focus, individually and en masse, all that you may imagine within essence.

NORM: The efficiency that you were talking about ... the closest I can say is that it’s like a direct telephone connection. That’s probably a poor excuse for the analogy. But in other words, it’s a more efficient connection between essence then, the counterpart action of essence?

ELIAS: It is not more efficient. It flows more easily for it is not bound by your thickness of time and physical matter, but the design of counterpart action is equally efficient within physical focus.

NORM: Well, why is it more efficient then?

ELIAS: It is not more efficient. It merely moves within consciousness more easily, for it is not within the confines of the thickness of time, which is also creating of your physical expressions and matter, which creates a thicker vibrational tone within physical focus. Therefore, there is a slowing, in your terms, of the action of counterparts within subjective movement of physical focus, as in opposition to the flowingness of non-physical energy within essence.

NORM: Okay ...

ELIAS: I am understanding, you are not understanding! (Grinning)

NORM: That’s correct! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you hold counterparts within other dimensions. Therefore, within essence, and also within the actions of essence families, the affectingness in your physical terms figuratively may be viewed as electrical impulses that may move at the speed of light to be connecting with each other, intersecting different elements of essence non-physically and offering the information of experience. Within the movement of energy within the confines of physical focuses and the thickness of time frameworks, which are much more influencing of your reality than you understand, the electrical impulses are slowed considerably, figuratively. In this, if you are viewing within exchanges of physical focus -- as example, from one dimension to another dimension – the action of the transmission of the physical impulses within energy may be slowed to days. Therefore, within essence – be mindful, this is a figurative example – within essence, you may view the same impulses electrically within energy being transmitted at the speed of light, and being received. One focus or one aspect non-physically transmits the impulse of the experience, and it is instantaneously received by another aspect within consciousness of essence. Within physical focus, one focus may be transmitting within electrical impulses in energy the transmission of the experience, and the counterpart may be receiving these impulses within days. Is this clearer? (Staring at Norm) No! (Norm laughs)

One aspect of essence, non-physical -- another aspect of essence, non-physical. There is no time thickness between these aspects. Therefore, one aspect experiences in counterpart action. It transmits the experience to the second aspect. The transmission is accomplished instantaneously, for there is no thickness within time framework. One aspect, one focus physically focused within your dimension, one individual, experiences. Another individual is counterpart. This individual transmits the experience to the other individual within energy. This individual is experiencing angriness within an experience. This individual experiences no angriness, and receives the transmission of the experience from the first individual, within experience, within electrical impulses transmitted in energy in counterpart action, within ...

NORM: Days.

ELIAS: ... days. Therefore, one individual may be experiencing within the same or similar intent as the other individual. The experience is accomplished. The second individual may not be experiencing the same action until a few days later.

NORM: Well, is there a plan to that delay? Is that delay necessary for the action, the interaction here in this focus?

ELIAS: The delay is not consistent. It does not always occur. At times, counterparts may be experiencing similar actions within the same time framework, but they are also similarly creating. As to the delay within your time framework, you have purposefully created your time element, your dimension of time within this particular dimension of physical focus, and it does serve purposefully within your experiences, for you may not be choosing to be receiving all of your counterpart actions within experience simultaneously. This offers you also individual experiences and the opportunity for understanding of your experiences.

DAVID: Would this be similar to a counterpart action to Lady Diana and Mother Teresa?

ELIAS: These are focuses of the same essence. Therefore, you may also view the similarity of differences within time frameworks, as I have been expressing, in that these two focuses are two of six focuses within this present now time element which have all disengaged, but not “within” the same day; for they are disengaging simultaneously as per response to one focus which was the final focus of this essence, but within the thickness of your time element, it translates that each focus disengages upon a different day.

VICKI: So it didn’t have anything to do with counterpart action. Is that correct?

ELIAS: No. These are all focuses of the same essence, and this was the action of the final focus engaging its choice to be disengaging from physical focus, and therefore affecting of the other focuses which continue to be physically focused; and in not choosing fragmentation, each other focus disengaged.

RON: Is there really something to, “they always comes in threes?”

ELIAS: A belief system! (Laughter) The number was six.

RON: That’s three twice! (You’re such a geek, Ron!)

ELIAS: Quite! (Chuckles)

JIM: I noticed, in listening to last week’s session on Diana and the discussion of the group, that the paparazzi did it, she was murdered, she was this, she was that, and leaving out the complete choice of the individual, and accepting her and her own expression. I saw this as kind of left out of the discussion.

ELIAS: You shall be noticing of many more elements, as I have expressed previously, within these mass events occurring presently. There are many aspects of these mass events.

JIM: It’s the choice of the individual. Nobody “did anything” to her. She chose to disengage physical focus.

ELIAS: Correct; in response to another focus, which was the final focus of that essence.

JIM: That being Mother Theresa?

ELIAS: No. That being one of the other four focuses, which were choosing in your terms to be disengaging non-publicly.

DAVID: Was there a statement? Or was this choosing a time frame ... is this part of the shift?

ELIAS: Yes. We have discussed this at length at our session in your yesterday. Therefore, you shall have access to this information, for it has been addressed. (Pause)

BOBBI: I had asked about past-life connections and people, and you told me to investigate and get back to you. I received some more impressions, rather vague. I think I was a man, masculine. One woman in particular was either a wife or daughter. It was a close family connection ...

ELIAS: Daughter.

BOBBI: This makes sense. She called me “Mom” the first time she saw me. I got Pilgrim times, I got a name Salem for a city, and the name Penny, not particularly connected, and also the impression that my entire workplace, where I work now, was also there at this time.

ELIAS: Very good!

BOBBI: I was getting a lot of impressions during that particular time. Also involving the name Oliver, that I was presented with in a dream, being connected to Christie, that was also present ...

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: ... as a father. That was all. I just got the word father.

ELIAS: You are accomplishing quite well! I acknowledge that you are correct in connecting with this other focus. Therefore, you may be encouraging of yourself that you ARE accomplishing!

BOBBI: Thank you. It was really encouraging!

ELIAS: Take note, Shynla! (Laughter)

CATHY: Mylo!

DAVID: Hey, what about the dream? Maybe that was a past focus!

ELIAS: Very good, Jale.

BOBBI: Thank you. (Pause)

RON: Could you look into your crystal ball? (Laughter)

ELIAS: I shall be attempting to be finding this crystal ball ... Ah! It appears before me! Yes??? (We’re cracking up)

RON: I’d like to know if the choice we’ve made in our current book project is the most probable direction?

ELIAS: Most probable, and quite efficient! Therefore, I offer encouragement and acknowledgment. Very good – not waiting upon this essence to be dictating your book!

RON: Do you plan to in the future?

ELIAS: It is a probability.

VICKI: I have some questions for some other people, if it’s appropriate. For Jim, whom we met in Elmira, he is curious about a man named Stephen Gerard who lived in the 1800’s and was born in Bordeaux, France. He would appreciate it if you would have knowledge of or information about this man Stephen Gerard, since in his words, “I believe you had a recent focus in France.”

ELIAS: This essence has held many focuses within this location! (Pause) The connection to this individual is not with this essence, but with the individual themselves ... as another focus.

VICKI: Okay. For Kristin, whom we also met in Elmira, she wants to know essence family and alignment for a French friend of hers named Frederick.

ELIAS: Ah, we are quite focused upon the French this evening! Vive! Family, Vold; alignment, Gramada. Interesting combination!

VICKI: It has to do with that counterpart stuff probably. (Laughing) Two questions for Margot. “When my father came shortly after his death and told me of the type of transition he’d made, he gave me a word for the transition that is both birth into life and birth into death. The word was Tobahnmoka. That’s the way I telepathically understood him to pronounce it. I’ve always felt that this was a word in his essence family language, but never have had that confirmed. If it is, which family is it? If not, then where did he get that word?”

ELIAS: This is a translation in imagery; translating a tone into physical wording. It is not a language of any essence family. It is merely imagery that has been received in symbolism. I express to Jeselle that not all of your imagery shall be interpreted literally into your objective awareness. Some of your imagery that you present yourself with is translatable into objective reality, but much is expressed symbolically within imagery that you may in other means be connecting with; and although the symbols hold their own integrity and their own reality, they may be different than what may be translated into your objective awareness. Therefore, this being merely a connection; offering, from an alternate focus of essence representing the focus in transition, a confirmation that the essence is focused in the area of this transition with this particular one focus of the parent, in offering comfort and acknowledgment that no harmfulness or distress has been occurring. Are you understanding?

VICKI: Yeah, I think I am.

ELIAS: This being offered to Jeselle as she engages this action within physical focus, and the offering is to be encouraging that there be no fearfulness in what she engages.

VICKI: Her other question also has to do with imagery. She’s been having regular kinds of episodes. Her description of it is, “It kind of seizes suddenly, with several funny things happening all at the same time – pounding heart, dizziness, ringing ears, vision clouds, like I’m going to faint, feeling part of me has gone somewhere else. This lasts about ten seconds, then the pounding-heart sensation moves to my head and face, like my blood is doing the pounding. I’m so accustomed to getting these things that they don’t worry me or make me fearful, and I don’t get them regularly. I can go for two or three weeks without them, and then I’ll have a single one, or several during the space of two or three hours. It’s kind of like being revved up or cranked up, like my body pushes a button on some accelerator to make my engine race like crazy.” She’s real curious what this is about.

ELIAS: This also being an action of the engagement of transition; this being translated into physical imagery of the acceleration within movement of the energy within the action of transition. The individual is not visualizing all of the focuses, but is mirroring the action in acceleration physically within body consciousness expressions. Therefore, the body consciousness is responding to subjective instruction, imaging the actions in this manner instead of imaging the action of transition in visualizing many focuses at once. Instead, the action is imaged within many different physical actions; different cells responding cooperatively within body consciousness and expression in the same manner.

VICKI: Okay. The other question is for Carole, who had a dream, who was one of the people who had no objective knowledge of the mass event that we’ve been talking about and who had a dream in spite of that about the individual, and saw herself standing in front of a building in which there were a lot of people inside and outside of the building, and kind of saw the individual that this mass event is about, and she wants to know where she was.

ELIAS: (Accessing) This being not dream imagery, but a projection within consciousness in actuality, allowing the participation at the event of the expression of the masses in bidding farewell to the individual -- the ceremonies which have ensued within your accepted religious designs.

VICKI: So this would basically be an out-of-body experience within the sleep state?

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, the individual projected to the actual physical location within the country, and was witness to the event of that which you term to be your funeral ceremonies.

RON: So does that mean that she had a subjective response to this event? Because she implied that she had no objective response to the event at all.

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause) Very well. We shall be disengaging this evening and I shall leave you to be interacting with each other, and I shall bid you all quite fondly, adieu!

Elias departs at 8:31 PM.

A strange session...

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