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Saturday, July 12, 1997

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“Extraterrestrials As You”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Drew (Matthew), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), and a new participant, Liza (Ariel).

Vic’s note: This session was held at the Alexandria II bookstore in Pasadena, Ca. It was a small group, but a most interesting session!

Elias arrives at 3:08 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! Welcome to new essence. This afternoon, we shall be discussing extraterrestrials as you. (Grinning)

Previously, I have explained certain experiences that you have allowed yourselves visually. I have offered one explanation for this type of occurrence. There are more than just this one explanation, in actuality.

As you are moving into the action of your shift and allowing more subjective bleed-through and allowing yourselves to be connecting with more aspects of yourself, you experience unusual occurrences. Visually, you may be experiencing certain elements which seem to you to be distorted within your vision. You may also at times feel that your hearing may be distorted. At this present now, these may be indications of your allowance of bleed-through information of other aspects of your essence.

In this, you may at times hear or sense or see elements which are bleeding through from another dimension. This is not to say that you are visually viewing another dimension and objects that are belonging to this other dimension, but your vision or your hearing may become distorted, therefore changing your visual within this reality. In this, objects appear wavy, or they may appear glittery or glow, or they may appear to lose their shapes or [to be] not solid. This is an interaction that you are allowing with another aspect of yourself. Within the lack of a complete mergence of another aspect, you still shall view elements of your reality as elements of your reality, but they shall be colored as an extraterrestrial may view them in your reality.

You are all much more than you believe yourselves to be. You are very multidimensional. All of realities do not appear the same as this reality that you view presently within this one focus. Therefore, as you allow this bleed-through action, you also perceive, temporarily, how another aspect of you shall view your reality through your eyes.

Many individuals have allowed themselves to be connecting with other aspects of themselves, of their essence, by viewing other focuses within this dimension; those which you term to be past or future lives. You do not recognize the interaction that you engage within concerning other focuses and aspects of essence which do not belong to this dimension. These are beginning presently to bleed through more often. You shall also be witnessing more attention presently drawn to this subject matter of “other beings.” They are not other beings! They are aspects of your own self focused in different realities, adding to your experience within this dimension.

As I have stated previously, this shift in consciousness which occurs presently upon your planet is a shift which is limited to only this dimension. Therefore, you may offer yourselves the opportunity to be viewing other dimensions, but their viewing of you is not the same. It is not reciprocal. You allow yourselves the experience to be connecting with other dimensional focuses for a better understanding of all of your aspects. They do not see you!

This is not to say that bleed-throughs will not be continuing to occur physically, for this also is an action quite connected to this shift in consciousness. There shall be an escalation of this activity, although you offer yourselves the opportunity to understand this interaction. You are not being invaded by aliens! (Grinning) You are merely creating an allowance to be speaking to other aspects of yourself, for within your essence you are all-encompassing. There is no division or “part” that is not also part of you. Therefore, the term “alien” is incorrect, for these aspects are not alien. They are you! They may be foreign, but certainly not alien.

This day, I shall offer you the opportunity to be inquiring if you are wishing, and if you are choosing to be focusing your attention within the subject of other dimensions. (Pause)

VICKI: I don’t understand the “they do not see you” part. If you’re interacting with an aspect of yourself that appears as an alien, aren’t they having ... isn’t that aspect having an experience also?

ELIAS: This is a different action. Allow me to clarify. As I speak to you that they do not see you, this would be within the action of your own perception, which alters when you view your reality in what you think of as a distorted element. If you are choosing to be allowing the bleed-through within energy in extreme to actually manifest physically, temporarily, an interaction with what you think of as an extraterrestrial, it shall view you, but it does not view you the same way that you view it. Your vision that you view at those moments that suggests a distortion is in actuality their visualization of your reality. They do not “fit” within this particular dimension.

You shall present yourself with the visualization of a form that you may be comfortable with in certain aspects. Its visualization of you is different. The actual physical sense of seeing, within their perception, is quite different. They do not see the clarity with which you see, for they are transposed into a different dimension. Therefore, their visual also is different. They incorporate their own senses, or lack of, from their own dimension, so to speak, and are inserting those into this dimension as you draw this experience to you. If you are projecting into another reality outside of the context of this shift, your visualization shall not “fit” into that reality either. Therefore, your visual shall be different than it appears within this dimension.

You are transporting, so to speak, physical form. You are not creating what you think of as a holographic image into another dimension. You are allowing the physical materialization into a dimension which holds different molecular structures. Your reality is different. Your matter construction is different. For your own identification you view, shall we say “on your side,” what you expect to view in your idea of what an extraterrestrial shall appear to be, and you shall hold clarity in your vision. You shall also hold clarity in your hearing and your sense of touch and your understanding. If you are projecting your physical self into another dimension, be remembering: Outside of the context of this present shift, your perception shall alter and appear foreign, for your physical form is unfamiliar in another dimension. The dynamics or structure of another dimension is different. Their matrix is different. Therefore you, within the creation of your physical form, will not “fit” within that reality. This affects your actual structure. This creates a distortion in your physical structure.

Now; I make a distinction in expressing to you “outside of the context of this shift”; for as you are choosing upon this planet within this dimension to be creating of this shift, you also allow and provide for, with yourselves, the ability to transcend other dimensions and not be distorted. It does not occur in reverse, for other dimensions are not offering themselves this particular type of experience and awareness of essence.

NORM: Can you clarify the differentiation between what you are now saying and what we have experienced in our dream state with other dimensions? We don’t project in our dream state. Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS: No. You do project within your dream state, although your imagery that you recall is an interpretation of the action that occurs during this time framework. It is all imagery and symbols, for you do not hold an understanding objectively of the interaction that you engage during your dream state. Therefore, you create imagery that you may understand, or that is at least familiar to you. You would find this very difficult, to be interpreting any of your dream activity within elements of projection, if you are offering images to yourself that are completely unfamiliar to you. You would not hold an understanding, and therefore would not offer yourself an interpretation.

NORM: So the primary difference is that we really are going to experience this objectively, not only subconsciously or in dream states, and the objectivity is going to ... we’ll really see the other realities as they really are.

ELIAS: Yes. They shall not view you as you view yourself within your reality, but you shall view them within the purity and lack of distortion in their reality.

NORM: You qualified a statement “on this earth in this dimension,” and that qualification was because of the fact there are more than this dimension in respect to this earth.

ELIAS: Quite correct.

NORM: And how many are there?

ELIAS: Numberless! There are countless other realities of this planet and this universe within different dimensions. Their reality is not always the same as yours, even visually. Many of them may appear in form to be seeming to be identical to your own, but their reality is quite different. As you may imagine any possible variation of your reality within the confines of your creation of this planet and your species and yourselves and your activities, these are.

NORM: And this particular dimension on this planet is very unique in the fact that we are the only one that is going through the shift. Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: Yes. This dimension has chosen this shift in consciousness.

NORM: We are the experimental guinea pigs, huh?

ELIAS: You are creative and imaginative, and natural explorers!

NORM: Very good! (Laughing) New Columbuses!

ELIAS: Quite!

NORM: But we will never be able to ... will we be able to transpose matter in some manner and occupy other dimensions as the Europeans occupied the Americas?

ELIAS: Temporarily.

NORM: Really?


NORM: Temporarily? Why only temporarily?

ELIAS: For these are not natural states to your creation within this dimension. Therefore, you may insert yourself, so to speak, into another dimensional focus temporarily for the interaction and experience, but you shall not be transplanting yourself into another dimension. This is unnecessary, for you already occupy all other dimensions! (Smiling)

VICKI: And if we chose that temporary experience, they won’t see us?

ELIAS: They shall see you, but their visualization of you shall not be the same as you view yourself within your mirror.

VICKI: Kind of like our typical picture of an alien is probably not how that particular dimensional being views itself?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And when you have this unusual visual experience, you are ... there’s an aspect that is ... I still don’t understand your point!

ELIAS: You are allowing a temporary mergence with another dimensional aspect of yourself, and allowing yourself the experience of that aspect’s visual perception. Therefore, as you are viewing outwardly you may express to yourself, “This is what this extraterrestrial sees if he is viewing physically within this dimension.”

NORM: So we would have to really perhaps protect ourselves from the other environment, like in a protective bubble of some type, when we go to these other dimensions? Is that what we would have to do?

ELIAS: No. This would be unnecessary. You are allowing yourselves to widen your awareness and connect with many more aspects of your essence, within the experience of this physical focus within this physical dimension. In this, your ability to be mobile shall be expanded. It shall be unnecessary for you to physically travel, in your terms, into another dimension. You shall not require a craft to pierce dimensions. You require a craft within your own dimension, to be exploring your own dimension and space arrangement. You may step through the dimensional veil physically, and insert yourself into another dimension sideways from your own.

NORM: But we essentially, through Framework 2, continually insert ourselves into this dimension using ... can I say wave mechanics to do that? We continually form ourselves and our reality?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And we do it in a fashion of wave mechanics through Framework 2, or similarly?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes; for this is what you have created in this particular dimension and reality.

NORM: And when I want to project myself into another dimension, I use a similar means? I use a different framework?

ELIAS: Yes. This shall be automatic, just as you do not think and explain to your physical form how to function continuously within every moment of your physical existence. You merely hold a desire for movement and you shall move. In this same manner, you shall not be needing of objective communication with your form to be inserting yourself into another dimensional reality. You need only hold the desire. It shall be as easy to you as you now view in moving from one room to another. You merely hold a desire to move from one room into another room, and you execute this action. You do not express to yourselves all of the millions of actions of mechanics which are necessary to physically move you into another room. It is automatically accomplished. In this same manner, you shall hold the ability with ease to move into another dimensional reality temporarily. Your form shall automatically alter its structure to be accommodating another dimension. Outwardly, you shall appear the same as you appear presently, but your structure shall be automatically altered to fit into another dimensional reality.

NORM: What do those consciousnesses and those dimensions consider us to be when this occurs?

ELIAS: The same as you consider your extraterrestrials to be now ... alien! (Grinning)

NORM: For their experience!

ELIAS: And yours!

VICKI: So if you’re experiencing this temporary mergence, let’s say you’re having a visual distortion, what is the experience of the aspect?

ELIAS: Very similar. It may be experiencing an unusual feeling. It may not be altering its visual, for you are altering the visual. Therefore, this aspect’s visual may remain the same.

It may experience strangeness in physical feelings; not necessarily emotional feelings, for not all other dimensional realities incorporate your reality of emotion.

NORM: So if we wanted to, all the other aspects and focuses in other dimensions of each of our entities ... we could, without thinking, see them in their particular dimensions? We can hop from dimension to dimension?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: And have a survey!

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. Except for Shynla! (Laughter)

NORM: Why is that?

ELIAS: For she does not incorporate dimensional hopping! (Grinning)

CATHY: Yet! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well! The challenge stands!

NORM: Tell me, will Liza be able to do this?

ELIAS: Absolutely. All individuals upon your planet shall hold this ability. This is a global shift in consciousness within this dimension. Therefore, each individual physically focused shall hold these abilities.

NORM: Will there have to be any training or changes? There will be changes necessary in your belief system.

ELIAS: This being why you speak with me! (Grinning broadly)

NORM: Right! I agree! I need quite a few, I’m sure! (Elias chuckles) Could I do it now?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing!

RON: Go ahead, Norm!

DREW: We’ll wait for ya! (We’re all cracking up)

ELIAS: Individuals do presently offer themselves this experience quite limitedly, but nonetheless are accomplishing this action presently, as you are already within the action of your shift. They do not always understand what they are experiencing, for they do not hold information to be explaining their experience; but this is not to say that these experiences do not occur!

VICKI: So with people that have had this experience with viewing what we call aliens, they view several different types, shall we say; one in particular that people call the grays. My question is, when people view that particular shape, is that indicative of an interaction with a specific dimension, or do they sometimes create that imagery within an interaction of a lot of dimensions?

ELIAS: This would be an identification of a specific dimensional reality.

DREW: That would imply that this interaction with other dimensions, if people are seeing the same shape and describing it the same way, that there tends to be interaction with a particular dimension more than others, at least one that people recall and place imagery with.

ELIAS: Presently, it appears in this way; for individuals, within a lack of understanding, perceive what they think of as all the same forms. In actuality, what they visualize may be slightly different, but those differences may not appear great enough for their noticing.

DREW: And even slight differences can indicate huge differences in dimensionality?


DREW: There isn’t a--what’s the word--proclivity for us connecting with a particular dimension more than another? And therefore these sightings, if you will, all seem to be similar? They can be very different dimensions that we’re connecting with, but we just don’t notice the subtle differences enough to describe them in our imagery?

ELIAS: At times. Overall or in general, you are offering yourselves an interaction with one dimension more than others. This also is for a reason. You are entering into this activity of your shift. It is unfamiliar to you. Therefore, in reinforcement of each other and an allowance in acceptance of experiences, you choose collectively to be interacting mainly, within the beginnings of this shift, with one other dimensional focus; although many individuals experience interaction with other dimensional focuses, this one being only the most common presently.

DREW: And we choose that one because ...

ELIAS: To be reinforcing to yourselves and each other that you are not experiencing what you believe to be insanity!

DREW: Well, I understand that for commonality of experience and to give us some way to relate to each other about the experience, we’re choosing this one particular dimension, but I’m wondering why it’s this particular dimension. Is there some ...

ELIAS: This particular dimension, within space arrangement layers of consciousness, you may view as “closer” to you. This is difficult to be expressing to you, for I do not wish you to be imagining that there are many universes physically next to each other, for they all occupy the same space arrangement within consciousness; but some areas of consciousness may be viewed, in your terms quite liberally, to be closer to your consciousness area.

VICKI: Would that be because that particular dimension is very similar to this one, or what?

ELIAS: It is not very similar to this reality. It is very dissimilar to this reality, although this other reality which you identify with holds one similarity to you ... in curiosity.

DREW: And that acts as a doorway, if you will, to allow ...

ELIAS: A catalyst.

VICKI: So what do the gray guys really look like??? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Their form being not as solid as you perceive. Therefore, you may also hold a better understanding of the visualization that you may experience in seeing physically elements of your reality being wavy or sparking or jagged, for this being their perception, as they do not view solidity in the same manner as do you. As they do not view the solidness of objects, they also do not perceive themselves to hold solidity.

DREW: Is it a physical dimension?


NORM: But they are presently now quite transparent, as we were in, quote, “the beginning?”

ELIAS: Not necessarily transparent; merely not incorporating solidness of form. The form mirrors the perception. Therefore, the form may flow less solidly than does yours. You create the imagery of physical matter (banging on the chair) that you may perceive as solid. These other focuses do not create quite so solidly. They do not manifest in what you think of as matter. The energy arrangement within that dimension is different. Therefore, their form is continuously altering, appearing to you to be wavy or jagged or blinking, and not being solid within matter. This is not to suggest that they are transparent; merely more fluid and less solid.

VICKI: They have form, though.


VICKI: They’ve got like a head and two arms and two legs?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NORM: Do they have to eat?

RETA: What is their stress level?

ELIAS: There is a consumption, but it is quite different than your reality of consumption.

RETA: But then you would be able to identify the different objects or the different personages in terms of personality or character?

ELIAS: You also hold the ability quite easily to differentiate between the “beings,” so to speak, which are you, (grinning) and objects of their reality which they create; for the objects of their reality hold different form from themselves, just as your creatures hold different form from you, and you may distinguish between the two. You also may distinguish between objects and aspects of essence physically manifest ...

RETA: (Interrupting) Wouldn’t you think that they would be of the same intelligence level and have the same sort of intents that we do in our families?

ELIAS: These families of consciousness that you identify with are directly relating to and interactive with this dimension. There are other families, so to speak, of consciousness which are connected with other physical focuses. Therefore, the intents shall be different. They shall not hold similarity to you, within intent or families of consciousness.

RETA: So you’re saying to me that they have their own individual families of consciousness, not my essence family, but that dimension has their own essence families and their own intents? In my estimation, our intent generally en masse is to seek knowledge and personal attainment. What would their intents be?

ELIAS: You would not understand, for this being outside of your reality and understanding presently, although futurely you shall allow yourself this experience as a great exploration within your curiosity; these being aspects of actions that you inquire of in regard to your shift. “What shall we find to do? We shall not be occupying ourselves with murderous intents and violent actions, and we shall be bored for being so wonderfully content!” I have expressed to you that you offer yourselves new avenues for exploration. In this, you shall have MUCH to occupy your creativity and your curiosity!

NORM: If one of us were to go to some particular dimension, call it X, how would we communicate to our fellow humans? Can we communicate some kind of a map as to how to get there? (Much laughter) Would I be able to somehow take pictures and project images to others here, such as a camera? (Laughter and chatter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are continuing within your idea that you shall cross dimensional veils through a craft and be needing of a map to be arriving at your destination!

NORM: No, I only need an analogy. How would I communicate to Ron that I’ve been to X, and hey, it’s really great there! You ought to see those people!

ELIAS: In the same manner that you are speaking presently! You shall be expressing, “Hey Ron! (Laughter) I have been to this dimension! I have seen wondrous elements! Shall we move to this area together?” Communication shall remain the same.

VICKI: So if you realize that you’re experiencing this temporary mergence, that would probably be a pretty good opportunity to take that experience into some other areas. For example, within that mergence, would that be a good opportunity to project and to view?

ELIAS: Yes, it would be an excellent opportunity for Lawrence to be connecting with other aspects which are viewed to be extraterrestrials!

VICKI: Well, I’m just curious. Is it easier within that mergence to accomplish that action or that connection or whatever?

ELIAS: Only within the terms of your allowance. I may express yes, if you are allowing yourself. If you are resistant, it shall hold no more ease than any other “method” that you are choosing to be connecting with; but within this mergence, if you are allowing yourself the opportunity within the experience, you may experience an ease in connecting with another dimension within the recognition of the action occurring.

I shall express a break, and you may continue with your questioning as we return.

BREAK 4:06 PM.
RESUME 4:22 PM. (Time was three seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

NORM: So if I wanted to take off and visit other dimensions, I suppose that the first thing I would have to do is to enter into psychological time? Would that be a requisite?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NORM: Well, can you describe this?

RETA: How about some hints?

ELIAS: It merely requires your desire.

NORM: My infinite desire!

VICKI: Isn’t it a matter of altering or shifting perception?

ELIAS: Presently; but within the accomplishment of your shift, this is not necessary for the accomplishment of the action. As I have stated, literally it shall require no more effort than walking from one room to another. You may express to yourself, as you physically walk from one room into another, “I shall be entering the dimension of my choosing as I move through my doorway within my physical home,” and you shall appear there!

NORM: Have each of us in this forum here arrived at the level of shift that we need to have in order to be able to do this as easily as walking from one room to the other?

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall express to you that you hold the ability within this present now, although you do not believe that you hold the ability! Therefore, you limit your action. I express to you that you, Stephen, may be walking from one room within your home and you may be moving through a doorway and you shall accomplish moving into another room, for you believe that you shall arrive within another room, not another dimension! You may, if you are so choosing, allow yourself within trust to accomplish this moving into another dimension spontaneously, but this is requiring your trust and acceptance of your abilities and a letting go of fear.

NORM: And there’s nothing to be fearful of.

ELIAS: So you say!

NORM: Well, I’m asking the question!

ELIAS: There is no thing to be fearful of. This is not to say that you believe this!

DREW: You said that this is ... in this dimension is another group of essence families. Do our essences not have focuses in this dimension already?


DREW: I do have a focus. Well, not me, because I may or may not by my choosing, but the point being that any of us could have a focus in that dimension if we chose to. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You do!

DREW: We do. Okay. So this is really not ... we’re already there!

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: And to experience that, it seems to me there are several ways to do that. One is just to connect with ourselves in that dimension, either through bleed-through activity or whatever. So when you talk about moving into that dimension from this focus, it really is a matter of doing that? Or is it a matter of actually moving, if you will, a second level of our energy, another one of us, into that dimension? Or is it just a matter of tuning into our focuses already there? (Pause)

ELIAS: You may, if you are choosing, tune to the simultaneous focus which occupies that space arrangement within that dimension, but be recognizing that as this aspect is you, it also is not you; for it is an aspect of your essence, but you are uniquely you. Therefore, the aspect of essence which is you is directed in its attention, and also focused in a concentration of energy and consciousness which is uniquely you. It is always exploring of itself. You are not another aspect, although you are within consciousness, for there is no separation; but that which you identify as you within this focus holds all elements of essence, but does not move into linear motions and repeat focuses.

These are difficult elements to express within your language and within the limitations of your understanding, for you are all of essence. You are not “less than” and you incorporate all aspects of essence, as do all other aspects of essence incorporate you; but as you think in terms of “things,” it is difficult to convey to you the “non-thingness” of yourself. In terms that you may understand, I offer to you that you may temporarily exchange or merge with another aspect of essence. You do not become another aspect of essence, for it also is uniquely itself ... although it is you!

DREW: So the way we would experience this other dimension would be through an exchange or a mergence, not through a projection of a separate being?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

DREW: So there are several ways to do this.


DREW: And the advantage to me not merging but going as myself, if you will, would be that I take my perceptions with me?


DREW: I guess this depends on if we’re talking about pre-shift or post-shift. If it’s pre-shift and I were to do this, the perceptions I bring back would have layers of imagery and things I would understand. If it’s post-shift, I would have a truer picture of what that dimension was actually like. Would that be safe to say?

ELIAS: Correct. Within this focus, though, you are not experiencing pre-shift; for within this time framework presently, you are within the action of your shift.

DREW: Is there a point at which the shift is kind of like this wave we’ve been talking about, that there’s a certain point where the wave is over? Is there a point where the shift is kind of over and we are in this sort of new consciousness, or will the shift just be forever ongoing?

ELIAS: You shall reach an accomplishment point within the time framework of your coming century. Therefore, as I have stated previously, your viewing of the accomplishment of the action of this shift is merely dependent upon your choice of years that you are choosing to be continuing in existence within this focus. If you choosing not to be disengaging from this focus for one hundred more years, in your terms, you shall witness the entirety and accomplishment of this shift.

DREW: And that would be a period we could refer to as post-shift?


NORM: I had an enjoyable dream a few months ago that we discussed. It was in regard to the crystalline world, wherein I was talking to a rock that had an unusual figure in its surface, somewhat like a brow and two eyes and a nose. When I talked to the rock, the crystalline forms of the rock would blink up and down in conjunction with its communication to me, and you indicated to me that this was a viewing of another dimension.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Is this similar to what I would experience in a projection? Would this be the method that you’re talking of today?


NORM: And I’m curious ... that rock, was that part of my essence?


NORM: It was. Well, he sure had a funny face! I left my mark there too. I urinated! (We’re all cracking up, including Elias)

ELIAS: Quite objectively focused! Interesting imagery!

NORM: But the rock was next to a stone that looked like a place to sit, and maybe that was there just for me. I don’t know. Anyway, it was interesting!

VICKI: So, if one were to view another dimension, doesn’t that imply there would be a mergence with that focus of you in that dimension?

ELIAS: Not necessarily; just as you may interact with another individual within this dimension and this focus. You may be interacting with Ariel presently, and you are not merging.

VICKI: If you were to view this other dimension within a temporary mergence, or you were to view it not within a temporary mergence, would your viewing be the same? And would it also be within a lack of distortion?

ELIAS: If you are merging, you shall be viewing through the perspective of that aspect to which you are merging with. If you are entering another dimension as your own aspect, not in mergence, you shall view from your perspective.

VICKI: Do you get a clearer, less distorted picture within merging?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. If you are visiting another country upon your planet, you may experience the reality, the culture, the individuals, the creations of this country, and your perception is not distorted. It is merely your perception of what you view. It is not another individual’s perception, but it is no less and no more distorted. This would be the same action. You are merely visiting another country within dimensions. (Pause) Enter essence name of Ariel.


ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: You’ve covered the grays. The other types of beings that people say they see are mostly incorporated in vehicles of some kind. Usually they’re in a flying saucer or a starship or something like that. The contact with them would be limited to the phenomenon of that vehicle. You could talk about small individuals within that, but I don’t see how we relate to the vehicle as another dimension, or are we just using that to get to the individuals inside?

ELIAS: This also is an allowance of bleed-through information to you, that you draw to yourselves to be suggesting to you of other realities. Just as you within this particular dimension and reality create crafts, so do other dimensions. This is not to say that they travel physically to your planet. They do not. They bleed through within agreement into your dimension.

You may not physically travel into another dimension via a craft. You may insert a craft temporarily into another dimension. You may draw, within agreement and energy, a craft into your dimension for your viewing and experience and acceptance of reality beyond your own individual creation physically.

RETA: Bring that imagery just to speak my language, to get it so that I’ll accept things. But what of the stories that we hear about, that if you do happen to meet the creatures, that they are only interested in ... or not only, but mostly interested in the concept of your body and your phenomenon of flesh and blood? Is that just another tale, or is that actual?

ELIAS: Partially. There is a misinterpretation of the action which occurs within interaction of these extraterrestrials and yourselves. They display, as has been stated this day, a curiosity also. Therefore, just as you are curious as to their form and their existence, they also hold curiosity of your form and your existence, within the opportunity of meeting within the moment. This, subjectively and partially objectively, is recognized by the individual experiencing the interaction. The identification of similar curiosity is recognized. The interpretation within belief systems of the occurrence, subsequent to the recognition of the curiosity, may be remembered quite distortedly. The action that they believe they have engaged within is not necessarily the action that they have actually engaged in.

RETA: So say that I get to the vehicle and I meet these people and I have a neat experience. You’re telling me it’s because I’m more aware and I have a bleed-through? Is this the same thing that’s happening to them? Are they having a bleed-through of my focus?

ELIAS: Of their own? (Reta nods) In a manner of speaking, although you are not bleeding through into their dimension. They are bleeding through into your dimension.

RETA: But they may not be perceiving this as a bleed-through?

ELIAS: Only within this dimension and their experience. What I am expressing to you is that as you are viewing them here within your dimension, they are not viewing you within their dimension. They are viewing you within your dimension.

RETA: Okay, they’re viewing me within my dimension and I’m having a chat with them.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: And they are not going to be remembering this?

ELIAS: Oh, they shall be remembering! It shall merely be occurring within this dimension, not within their dimension.

RETA: So if it’s occurring within this dimension, are they going to be remembering it through their dream state?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Within their dimension, they do not necessary dream! But they shall recall the experience and hold much confusion of the experience.

NORM: Will we be able to culturally understand their dimensions? You indicated earlier that it may be outside the realm of our normal cultural knowledge. But when we are doing this, will we have the ability to sense their culture?

ELIAS: As you allow yourself to explore; just as you may visit another area of your planet presently that you do not understand. You may acclimate yourself and understand subsequently the elements of their culture and existence.

NORM: Will our belief systems interact with us in that state?

ELIAS: The state of your belief systems shall be different, for you shall be accomplishing acceptance of these belief systems.

NORM: I will be able to project into another dimension. That capability I hold within this dimension, but I am not aware of it. I mean, I’m not directly aware of it. But as we gain the capability of this projection, we should be able to project within this dimension. Is that a true statement? I mean, if I wanted to put a table in front of me right now, would I be able to do that?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing ...

NORM: I could do that.

ELIAS: ... although presently ...

NORM: I don’t believe I can. (Elias shakes his head) I’m sorry!

ELIAS: No. Presently, as you have not accomplished the entirety of your shift, you also are influenced by the mass belief systems, which also do not believe that you may materialize a table!

NORM: So I’m being restrained by the mass belief system?

ELIAS: Presently.

DREW: Can I clarify something? When Reta’s talking about meeting these little gray men and going up in their ship, or anybody talks about an encounter, that’s imagery for an adventure in consciousness, if you will. Is that not correct? When there’s a projection between dimensions, there is not actually a physical manifestation in this dimension, is there? Or is it imagery?

ELIAS: I shall now clarify presently to you. This word of projection is incorrect. You are not projecting. You are physically manifesting. You do not project yourself to another room--you move into another room!

DREW: So these actually are little gray men that these people are seeing? It’s not imagery for something happening in consciousness?

ELIAS: They are material.

DREW: Oh, okay. Hmm! But they can only stay temporarily because the nature of our reality is such that it’s not natural to them?

ELIAS: It does not support their reality. You also, as I have stated, do not allow the energy to physically manifest within this dimension except temporarily, for you are influenced by your belief systems and those en masse, which to your terminology is opposing to this energy materialization.

DREW: Well, that being the case, if I were to move to another dimension, do I just “poof away” in this one temporarily?


VICKI: I’m confused. If the action of the shift is limited to this dimension, and this being part of the action of the shift is to move into areas where we can easily connect with these other dimensions, then it doesn’t make sense to me that they are materializing here, so to speak, instead of the other way around.

ELIAS: You are drawing and pulling energy within consciousness; and within agreement of focuses within essence and shared curiosity, there is an allowance for this pulling. This also serves purposefully; for as I instruct you that you are affecting of all consciousness continuously, you are also affecting physically within other dimensions as you intersect with them; for as you allow yourselves to intersect with other dimensions, you alter their reality. New elements are created and incorporated within their reality.

VICKI: So the fact that we are seeing them and they are not seeing us is because we are creating the shift in this dimension singularly?

ELIAS: They are seeing you.

VICKI: In their dimension?

ELIAS: In your dimension.

VICKI: Right. They don’t ...

ELIAS: They shall hold a memory of the experience, but they are not viewing your crafts in their skies. They are not viewing your forms walking upon their planets.

VICKI: Because they’re not undergoing a shift such as we are.

ELIAS: Correct, but they are remembering of their encounters and experiences, which also is altering of elements of their reality. Just as you create new belief systems with the allowance of your encounters, they also create new belief systems as they encounter, within memory of experience with you.

VICKI: Those would probably be some pretty interesting belief systems, I would imagine!

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: Just a quick question about merging. So for example, when Mary does a TFE, her awareness of herself as Mary isn’t there, in her perception. (1)

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Is she merging at that point with a focus?

ELIAS: Correct. Her physical body form of Mary is not, but the consciousness is. Therefore, all that you recognize as the psyche or the self or that which is the individual is merged with another focus, being that focus; not entering as Mary within identification, but allowing a temporary disconnection of interaction with body consciousness, similar to this exchange.

CATHY: Does Guin do it too?

ELIAS: Limitedly, yes.

VICKI: So this would probably be a very efficient way to experience another dimensional focus also?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Would it be helpful to enter into a diplomatic relationship with the mass belief system so that I can do what I want to do? (We all crack up, including Elias--Norm was on a roll!)

ELIAS: If you are so choosing!

RON: Put an ad in the paper, Norm!

NORM: It’s quite confusing!

ELIAS: (Still laughing) You are confused!

NORM: I need help! Would it help?

VICKI: You have all us undiplomatic rebels running around out there!

NORM: I want to get an advance ticket on some of this! I’m getting well on in age!

ELIAS: Another belief system, that you hold limited time framework!

NORM: Well, I only have a hundred years more!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah, not much time framework to be accomplishing within! (Laughter) Allow your focus, and your hold upon your focus, to relax! And as you relax your focus, you shall ease into these experiences that you seek. You are pushing, pushing, pushing, and you are merely pushing energy around as air!

NORM: Effortlessness.

ELIAS: Quite. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions?

DREW: I have a game entry.

ELIAS: We shall be accepting this on the morrow. You may offer to another individual to be entering this at your request.

DREW: Okay.

CATHY: I have a TFE question. I did a TFE and Mary put me on the beach, and after I really didn’t go anywhere Vicki went ahead and did a TFE. She asked me if I saw the horse that was in my TFE, and I said no. And then the horse turned into Pegasus and she went off flying, and Margot thinks this is a direct connection to me. Is she correct?

ELIAS: It is a connection within viewing what you may have allowed yourself to be experiencing.

CATHY: So it was there, huh? Didn’t see it!

ELIAS: This being a continuation of the game that Shynla was choosing not to play!

CATHY: Oh. Okay ... (Elias chuckles) Well then, I’ll just ask this other one. Why is Vicki so fascinated with the tone of Shynla?

ELIAS: As another element of the pyramid, why would this individual not be so fascinated?

CATHY: I guess I never thought of it that way.

ELIAS: Also, as this essence of Shynla has chosen dispersement, it is natural that within the exploration of self, you shall be drawn to be exploring that aspect of dispersement also.

CATHY: I do think about it. I just don’t go any farther than that! (Elias chuckles)

VICKI: That experience in that TFE with the horse, it didn’t feel like another-focus experience to me. I’m not quite sure what it was.

ELIAS: This is a continuation of Shynla’s experience, as I have expressed. Therefore, you are not experiencing the same as another focus of self. You are merely allowing the viewing and interaction with an aspect of Shynla’s experience which was not expressed.

Allow me to explain. Shynla holds a ball. Shynla begins to toss the ball in playfulness. Shynla holds the ball, refusing to play, therefore handing the ball to Lawrence. And you shall play with Shynla’s ball!

VICKI: If she would have allowed the experience to continue, would she have felt like she was connecting with another focus?


VICKI: I think I understand, a little tiny bit.

ELIAS: We dare not understand greatly! (Chuckles)

RON: I’ve been having thoughts lately about how there are certain people that you connect with, that you draw yourself to instantly or more dramatically than you draw yourself to other individuals. I know that this has been talked about as far as counterpart actions and fragmentation, etc. Does that also have to do with tone? Does the drama of the attraction have to do with a little bit more closer tone, than say with somebody that you don’t draw yourself to?

ELIAS: Within essences, yes. Within the focuses of essence, this would be correct.

RON: Cool.

ELIAS: The awareness is becoming very wide! (Laughter)

RON: I knew that! (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well. If you are wishing no more questions this day, I shall be discontinuing, and offering to you all great affection and anticipation of interaction. To you all, au revoir!

Elias departs at 5:08 PM.


(1) A “TFE” (trans-focal encounter) is our term for a “past-life regression.”

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